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11. Tetraharmonious ecology

The ecological sociocultural project is the continuation of the previous o­nes. Its main idea is that only social harmony leads to harmony between society and nature, i.e. harmony of ecological relations. And social harmony based o­n global information network needs a single language Esperanto, a single religion plurotheism, designation of global sphere classes, establishment of women's and the young's priority and of global sphere democracy. o­nly with these, or similar, pre-conditions, which harmonize social world, harmonious relation between social world and nature is possible, first of all through harmonization of the technosphere's (material sphere's) impact o­n the environment. Humankind can respond to ecological challenge o­nly with social harmony. Harmony between society and nature is called tetraharmonious ecology; it requires harmony among all four society's spheres. We hypothesize that only tetraharmonious ecology can ensure a stable evolution for social world in the natural world around it. This is the project's key idea; next abstract elaborates it.

TetraSociology as Social Theory of Ecological Harmony
through Social Modernization and Harmony.

RC24 Sessions 7 and 9

The ecological crisis of the XXth centuries is caused by social disharmony excessive and uncontrolled development of material production (first of all of weaponry) at the expense of restriction of other social spheres. Ecological crisis is consequence of system social disharmony. The overcoming social disharmony is possible o­n the basis of modernization requiring new social theory. o­ne of them is TetraSociology as the pluralistic theory of four-dimensional social space - time. Four coordinates its are Resources, Processes, Structures, States. Each coordinate is expressed by four measurable constants o­n the basis of which the qualitatively new, global statistics is created. It is embodied in new information technology.

From the position of TetraSociological integrated approach the ecological harmony of environment and society is reached by means of harmonization of four spheres of social reproduction, interests of four social classes employed in these spheres, equal representation of these classes, and also men and women, in all branches of state power. o­nly such, harmonious, organization of a society and state will ensure ecological harmony. The information means of harmonization of society and its ecological relations is the new information technology created o­n the basis of new global statistics. TetraSociology realizes transition of the social theory in the high technology adequate to an ecological challenge in information society. However, rather than traditional branch actors (groups, classes), it's sphere classes as actors of harmony that need harmonious global ecology. Until they self-identify and self-organize, emergence of a harmonious global ecology is unlikely. It is difficult to hope for origin of the harmonious global ecology without it.

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