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Spherons are the Gandhis Nonviolence greatest force.

Only spheral/Spherons democracy is able to mine and use

this "greatest" energy of nonviolence:



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100% Democracy and Peace Geopolitics


Montesquieu. Fundamental Law of democracy: "The firmness and prosperity of democracy always depend from the correct division o­n the classes of the population with the right to vote".





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The liberal or traditional or industrial, or western, or "full" democracy always ignored this "fundamental law of Republic" by Montesquieu. Therefore, all its historical and national forms always are suffering with four innate defects: militarism, corruption, inequality, and nationalism as a limitation by priority of private interests of the ruling 1% richest and unchangeable national elite, concentrating control over all public resources of PIOT. These defects transform democracy in "counter democracy" or "anti-democracy" in a varying degrees.

Militarism. Liberal democracy is responsible almost for all wars of the 20th and 21st centuries and almost for all the bloody tyrants of this time. NATOs military Summit in Warsaw o­n July 9, 2016 maximized the risk of nuclear war to the peak level associated with the Nazi plan Barbarossa in 1941. The US/NATO are ready to repeat this sadness for themselves and all Hitler's aggressive experience. Liberal democracy has now prepared at 100% the nuclear war, which can happen at any moment today or tomorrow. These countless facts characterize western democracy as militaristic, which is not able and not willing to seek peaceful solutions - preferring military, violent solutions with a large number of people's as victims. Therefore militaristic democracy violates the right to life of millions of the peoples masses; in fact, is anti-democratic, and does not correspond to the concept of democracy and does not serve the interests of the people. As o­ne wise Canadian scientist said: You can't have a democracy that organizes itself around war: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=636

Terrorism is the continuation, development, tool and form of militarism, an inevitable attribute of liberal militarist democracy at the stage of its sunset and decay.

Corruption. Full liberal democracy is overfilled with corruption freedom confirmed by millions of facts and is insurmountable by any measures up to the death penalty. It also expresses its anti-democratic character, its incurable internal pathology and its focus which is not in the interests of the people but rather in the interest of private corruption interests.

Inequality. Traditional democracy stimulated, from the late 19th century, an intensive growth of social inequality, especially property, income and power, concentrating them in the hands of the richest 1% of the national irremovable ruling elite. This is also confirmed by numerous facts and expresses anti- democratism of the liberal "full" democracy.

Nationalism. Liberal democracy is limited to "the service to national interests", which is declared as a priority, "above all else." But for the priority of "national interests", it conceals and carefully masks the priority interests of the richest 1% ruling and irremovable elite. Similarly, nationalism of liberal democracy was justified, to some extent, in its early days in the era of industrial fragmentation. In the era of information and economic globalization, national interests are realized o­nly through global interests, processes and technologies. Therefore, each nation is responsible for them for their own interests. But liberal democracy is devoid of any global foundation and a linking platform of the interests of different poles. Therefore, its narrow nationalism is constantly generating soil of different conflicts and wars: commercial, competitive, inter-ethnic, inter-religious, inter-regional, hybrid, technologic and the like, up to the hot suicidal nuclear war, which has now prepared by liberal democracy at 100% in order to start it at any minute, today or tomorrow.

Therefore the research literature about liberal, "full" democracy is filled with anti-democratic estimates and definitions: "plutocracy, oligarchy, totalitarian democracy, democracy for the few, democratic despotism, fascist democracy, democracy of billionaires, brainwashing, zombie, manipulation democracy," etc. (See: GPS, Chapters 8, 9 and 13). Below are some of them.

American democracy and elections through the eyes of the Americans:

Bill Moyers: "Our elections have replaced horse racing as the sport of kings. These kings are multibillionaire corporate moguls who are now buying politicians like so much pricey horseflesh", http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=708

Terrence Paupp, Death of Democracy in America, ibid

Terrence Paupp, The Murder of American Democracy by Corporate Fascists, ibid

Jim Hightower, Super PACs and Secret Money Destroying Americas Democracy, ibid

Charles Mercieca, Death of Democracy and Freedom in America, ibid

John Pilger, Why the Rise of Fascism is again the Issue, ibid

Conn Hallinan and Leon Wofsy, The American Century Has Plunged the World into Crisis,


F. William Engdahl: Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order, http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=659

Gary Brumback. Real America is a fascist state:http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=675

Henry A. Giroux. Politics as Pathology in the Warfare State:


The number of similar testimonies is countless times. In general this system of political democracy is characterized as a "rogue state": William Blum, https://williamblum.org/books/rogue-state/

Democracy of SPHERONS or Spheral 100% democracy is an alternative to liberal democracy, in fact truncated up to 1% democracy. It preserves all the partial achievements of liberal democracy but differs from it by the following fundamental features, advantages and preferences.

The first feature of the spheral democracy (SD) is implementation of Montesquieu's "fundamental law of Republic" inconstitutional division of the population/employments of any community from the smallest village, school and firm to mankind and global corporations o­n four SPHERONS o­n the main (in time) criterion of employment in o­ne of four spheres of social production.When the population (people) is not divisible by any classes, as in liberal democracy, its quality is worse and it is extended, reproducing all its social pathologies: militarism, corruption, inequality, and nationalism. Therefore, in liberal democracies, even the most "full", is devoid of any structured and constitution actors (classes of population) of democracy, implying o­nly o­ne actor the adults or the people that open an unlimited field for falsification, manipulation and restriction of democracy and make it "a very bad form of government" according to Churchill. Therefore they are deprived of the fundamental foundation that provides the firmness and prosperity of democracy - "the correct division on the classes of the population" by Montesquieu. And o­nly in this feature the Spheral democracy is much better than liberal.

The spheral democracy (SD) second feature is completeness, coverage of 100% of the population, including underage children (from birth to 18 years as the UN established), which in different societies make up from 20 to 50% of the population but which have never been presented in the traditional militaristic democracy; therefore, they - more than other groups - are suffering from wars. SPHERONS cover the entire population, including children, the interests of which are priorities for any society. Therefore democracy of SPHERONS is a truly complete and full democracy, with priority for children and women as the natural peaceful population groups of every society. Representing interests of children is implemented by their parents, above all, mothers but also and fathers who are endowed with the right to vote o­n each of minor child through the Childrens Suffrage mechanism (CSM: See: GPS, Chapter 8.5.). Women and mothers with children constituting the majority of the population of any society will provide in spheral democracy (SD) a womens priority in the management as well as the priority of the childrens interests instead of war o­nes excluding it from the life of society. The mechanism of representation of the children interests in SD bodies is discovered in the conception and project of the "Law of Children's Suffrage Executed by Parents" [see: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=211]. Women's equality in the spheral societys governance is provided by the constitutional guarantee of the provision of at least 50% of the seats in all bodies.

The spheral democracy (SD) third feature is equal distribution of power in all its branches and bodies between the elected representatives of the four equally necessary (regardless of size) SPHERONS. To this the four-dimensional political and party system corresponds in different variants. Real harmony and balance of SPHERONS will be reflected in a harmonious structure of power with its equal distribution in all branches