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FIRST PUBLICATION since January 2014:

Global Peace Science. Front cover

Global Peace Science. Cover

All coauthors of the GPS book, the GHA members, made donations to global peace
for the preparation of its science and for publication of the GPS textbook.


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They created the world's first budget for global peace o­n 2014-2015

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Harmonious civilization

We shall require a
substantially new manner of
thinking if mankind is to survive.
Albert Einstein

Therefore, if mankind is to survive, it
must require from governments of the
recognition, development and
application of the SPHERONS Global
Peace Science (GPS) as a substantially
new manner of social thinking.

Global Peace Science

or Peaceloveology:

First Common Good and Human Right,

Revolution of Social Sciences,

Creating Peace from SPHERONS' Harmony 

and Nonviolent Victory of Peace over War in XXI Century

World textbook for schools, colleges, universities and academies



The GHA 48th Project

Started: March 12, 2013



Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA President, Project Manager, Editor in Chief and 88 coauthors, including the GHA 72 members:

Ernesto Kahan, Andrei Semashko, Julia Budnikova, Surendra Pathak, Heli Habyarimana,Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Mohammad Khan, Ivan Ivanov, Roxana Sadykova, Svetlana Kuskovskaya, Vera Popovich, Dmitry Delyukin, Alexander Semashko, Piotr Semashko, Alexander Subetto, Uraz Baimuratov, Bishnu Pathak, Nina Meyerhof, Adolf Shvedchikov, Tholana Chakravarthy, APJ Abdul Kalam, A.K. Merchant, Maria Cristina Azcona, Susana Roberts, Manijeh Navidnia, Subhash Chandra, Kurt Johnson, David Ord, Laj Utreja, Timi Ecimovic, Roger Haw, Apostolos Paschos, Athanassios Koumouris, Takis Ioannides, Charles Mercieca, Maitreyee Roy, Matjaz Mulej, Anita Hrast, Reimon Bachika, Olga Kashina, Leela Pradhan, Rudolf Siebert, Kanakmal Dugar, Kartar Singh, Igor Kondrashin, Yuri Tsymbalist, Terrence Paupp, Erika Lazarova, Naresh Goyal, Harold Becker, Renato Corsetti, Germain Dufour, François Houtart, Evelin Lindner, Marianna Poghosyan, Leonid Timoshenko, Chinta Yogi, Ammar Banni, Nicolae Bulz, Marcel Stoica, Robert Burrowes, Anita McKone, Anahata Giri, Celia Altschuler, Nina Yudina, Alla Voronova, Leonid Gartsenshteyn, Zaure Hizatolla, Jose Lopera, Guy Crequie, Ada Aharoni, Albert Stahel, Johan Galtung, Amy Goodman, William Blum, Frank Dorrel, Sarah Lazare, John McMurtry, Jon Queally, Tom Engelhardt, Joachim Hagopian, David Swanson, Mairead Maguire, Dennis Kucinich, Eddie Vudburn, Tatiana Vorontsova, DinonysisGeorgakopoulos, Ronald Paul,

From 30 countries: Australia, Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Ghana, Greece, India, Israel, Iran, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, Malaysia, Nepal, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Puerto Rico, Romania, Rwanda, Slovenia, USA, France, Switzerland, Japan

Including co-authors from countries:


Australia,- 3



Russia,- 21

Algeria,- 1



Rwanda,- 1

Argentina,- 2



Romania, -2

Armenia,- 1



Slovenia, -2

Belgium,- 1








Great Britain, -1


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Copyright 2015 Leo Semashko


Publication in languages:

English: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585

Russian: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=606





God created human beings in HIS own image

And gave people reason that they were

Powerful in harmony and harmonious

in power, as HE; that they were free from

the military pathology of mutual kills

and will become capable to solve all problems o­n the Earth

without wars and murders in perpetual peace.



Global Peace Science is created by Gods will,

to disarm the warlords, put

an end to wars, and, as Martin Luther King spoke,

  "shift the arms race into a peace race."



Here the fear should not give a council.



We did as we could.

If you can, please, do better.



If someone feels this book is insufficient as a

Status of a new science (GPS), each, probably, will agree

It is the most profound staging for the question

Of such a science. In any case, it stimulates

its development.



War possesses with science for over 200 years..

Why does science remain superfluous and unnecessary

so far for peace?

Who could say?





Foreword. Global Peace Science: Development and Conclusion of the ABC of harmony

Global Peace Science (GPS): Terminology and Abbreviations

Preface. Need, Intent and Conditions of GPS Creation

Introduction. Global Peace Science (GPS): Methodology of Description and Expression


PART 1. Opening a Peaceful Era of Human History from Harmony: Global Peace Science, SOCIONOME and SPHERONS of Harmony

PART 2: Completion of an Era of Military Human History: End of Military Science and Peace from War



Global Peace Science: Development and Conclusion of the ABC of Harmony


Global Peace Science (GPS) is the application, continuation and development of the ABC of Harmony (2012) [1]. It opened the science of social harmony. Its key philosophical conclusion, as a platform of GPS, is as follows.

Harmony is the best state and condition for life of nature, society and the human. Harmony (measure and consent) is the goal of any whole and its parts at all levels. NOTHING IS BETTER THAN HARMONY IN GODS PERFECT CREATION. NOTHING BETTER HARMONY DO NOT EXIST IN NATURE. All blessings and spiritual values ​​are the aspects of harmony. Similar ideas have been expressed by the greatest thinkers of humanity for more than three thousand years: Egyptian Priests, Buddha, Pompilius, Confucius, Pythagoras, Heraclites, Laozi, Empedocles, Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, Ashoka, Erasmus, Kepler, Montesquieu, Leibnitz, Shaftesbury, Russo, Kant, Comte, Smith, Marx, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Danilevsky, Weber, Jung, Gandhi, Montessori, Sorokin, Toynbee, Parsons, Einstein, King, Roerich, Braudel, Freire, Marcuse, Fromm, Bourdieu, and many others.

Social harmony provides the most favorable conditions of all possible and the most fruitful possibilities of all imaginable for life and development of each part of humanity, every nation and every human, as well as humanity as a whole. Therefore, all of the parts spontaneously seek harmony, and where it ends - there ends the existence and life. What could be better for the life of society and person than harmony? We have not found the answer to this question. We assume that the answer to this question does not exist.

 All values ​​and benefits of humanity are derived from harmony and impossible without it and beyond it. Life, love, peace, faith, justice, freedom, equality, brotherhood, happiness, humanism, human rights, sustainable development, survival and prosperity of mankind, of all its parts, nations and persons, - are consequences and attributes of social harmony. Their measure is determined by theit degree of social harmony and they live o­nly in the framework of this measure.

This measure is presented for the whole of humanity and for all levels in the social genome of harmony - SOCIONOME, which defines its fundamental actors - harmonious spheral classes - SPHERONS. Social harmony becomes conscious and most effective when they will transform from spontaneous to conscious actors that begin with the creation of scientific knowledge of social harmony, its SOCIONOME and SPHERONS in the ABC of Harmony.

Thinking spheres and SPHERONS within SOCIONOME create a qualitatively new way of thinking that determines the revolution of social thinking and breakthrough in social science. Along with this new knowledge arises global peace science. It expresses the scientific revolution of social thinking and a breakthrough in social knowledge,which retains and consolidates all previous peacemaking achievements, raising them to the level of innovative science of the 21st century.

The principal value of the ABC of Harmony is the beginning of global peace science and source of its revolutionary thinking. But this was anticipated by Confucius, Buddha, Jesus Christ and many other prophets and thinkers of humanity. What Abdul Kalam wrote o­n the first of them, can be said about each of them:

The wise sage Confucius said,

"When there is beauty in the character,

There is harmony in the home"

The enlightened o­ne, the Buddha added,

"When there is harmony in the home,

There is order in the nation,

When there is order in the nation

There is peace in the world".

Abdul Kalam [2]


This is the most accurate definition and most brief formula of global peace from harmony at all levels from the individual to the whole world:

beauty (measure)

harmony (consent)

order (coherence)

peace (prosperity).

The source of global peace is measure and harmony in all spheres of humanity and the relevant order into its social, spiritual, political and economic life.

GPS spiritualizes this formula of global peace from harmony through 2500 years by discovering and unfolding the essence of its universal and eternal actors - harmonious spheral classes, SPHERONS. This is its innovation and scientific revolution, to which this book is dedicated.


Global Peace Science (GPS): Terminology and Abbreviations


This book contains many new concepts. Thus is natural for a new science: none of them is impossible without new terminology. Any of them need it to express distinctive qualities. Therefore, each new science creates its own terminology and its new conceptual apparatus. Such is Global Peace Science, the basic concepts which, together with their modifications and reductions - abbreviations for their use are given below.

-Global Peace Science GPS;

- Peaceloveology is a brief emotional synonym for GPS as its rational name. GHA recognized this term for GPS as the most preferred synonym over some others: peaceharmonology, tetrapeaceology, irenology and others. The main advantage of term "peaceloveology" is that it aims this science at peacefulness, the lack of which (at all levels from the individual to global) is the source of all wars and any violence. GPS is the science which first defines how this deficit of peace love can be made up from scientific theory of harmony through reason. They complement each other well. However, this choice leaves open the search path for better names for GPS.

- Global Harmony Association GHA, the GPS first conscious creator.

The different abbreviations for the book title - "The ABC of Harmony for World Peace, Harmonious Civilization and Tetranet Thinking":

- The ABC of Harmony for Global Peace,

- The ABCs of Harmony,

- ABC;

- SOCIONOME - social genome of society, global harmony and global peace. It brings together 16 fundamental spheral elements of society, ensuring its constant production, life and development as a whole. SOCIONOME is The ABCs of Harmony quintessence as a science of global harmony. Therefore: SOCIONOME of global harmony is the SOCIONOME of global peace and vice versa.


Peace Structures/Spheres:

- Social Sphere Sociosphere, S;

- Information Sphere Infosphere, I;

- Organizational Sphere Orgsphere, O;

- Technical (material, economic and environmental) sphere Technoecosphere or Technosphere, T;

- SIOT Structures/Spheres. They produce PIOT resources. These spheres but in another terminology were defined by Karl Marx in "German Ideology" in 1845 [3];


Peace Resources:

- Human resource - People, P;

- Information resource Information, I;

- Organizational (managerial, financial, political, legal) resource - Organizations, O;

- Technical (material, economic and environmental/natural ) resource Things, T;

- PIOT Resources. These resources were first identified Alvin Toffler in 1980 but in a slightly different version [4];


Peace Actors:

- Social Class - Socioclass, (Humanitarian Class), S-class;

- Informational (Creative) Class Infoclass, I-class ;

- Organizational (managerial, administrative, political, ruling) class Orgclass, O- class;

- Technical (material) class Technoclass, T- class;

- SIOT-classes;


- Spheral Classes of the Population* - SCP or SIOT-classes or SFEROCLASSES or SPHERONS employed in SIOT structures (spheres) by production of PIOT resources;

- SOCIOSPHERON - Socioclass, INFOSPHERON - Infoclass, ORGSPHERON - Orgclass, TECHNO(ECO)SPHERON - Technoclass;

- Spheral or SPHERONs belonging it is belonging, participation of the human to SPHERON, to spheral class, employed in o­ne of the spheres;

(* The term "class" is associated with antagonism, enmity and war of the traditional classes. The spheral classes are deprived of these qualities and are o­nly the actors of harmony, consent and peace. Therefore, to get rid of inadequate past associations, this new science - GPS - uses new terms, clean and free from distorting associations termed SPHERONS to express harmonious spheral classes of the population, ensuring global peace. This term is most often used in this book compared to other synonyms. SPHERONS in general are the world actors employed in harmony. They basically cannot be engaged in war they have never been and cannot be actors of war but their historical parts - separate groups, nations or partial classes are frequently encountered in wars and armed conflicts. This is explained in the book. SPHERONS of GPS not confuse with spherons in physics).

- *PARTONS are the private groups and classes of people employed in various sectors of public activity and constituting the certain branch parts of SPHERONS. (*PARTON is from the English word - part. PARTONS of GPS not confuse with the partons in physics).

- The concept of "dual peace" or "two peaces." It expresses the coexistence in human history a reality of "two peaces." The first peace is the eternal, global, natural, but intuitive and spontaneous peace from harmony of SPHERONS. This peace was discovered for the first time in GPS together with the opening of SPHERONS. The second peace is a temporary, local, but military peace from war, deliberately provided by the principle: "If you want peace - prepare for war", which acts throughout history until now. The second peace limits, complements and illustrates the insufficiency of spontaneous state of the first peace, expressing the need for its transition from spontaneous to conscious state o­n the basis of relevant scientific knowledge - GPS. O­nly in this case will be solved the historic contradiction between the "two peaces" in favor of the first, which eliminates, prevents and makes the second, militaristic and bloody peace from war unnecessary. In fact, the GPS entire book is devoted to this concept and solving contradictions of "two peaces."

Synonyms of the first peace from harmony are: world-wide, universal, eternal, perpetual, continuous, harmonious, non-violent, sustainable, stable, durable, lasting, real, planetary, true, and etc.

Synonyms of the second peace from war are: local, partial, temporary, discontinuous, disharmonious, militaristic, violent, unsustainable, shaky, wavering, brief, illusory, false, traditional, and etc.

The simultaneous growth of both opposite trends with the perspective of either winning the first through GPS or military destruction of human and Earth is characteristic for modern humanity.

                 Peace Processes

- Production of PIOT Resources, - Production, P;

- Distribution of PIOT Resources, - Distribution, D;

- Exchange (Market) of PIOT Resources, - Exchange, E;

- Consumption (Use) of PIOT Resources, - Consumption, C;

- PDEC Processes. These processes for the material production were first identified by Adam Smith in 1776 [5];

- Self-production or autopoiesis is o­ne of the key terms of the theory of social harmony and GPS expressing life time employment of every human by production of himself in all aspects from birth to death in such processes as sleep, rest, food, communication, training, etc. Any other, - labor (industrial and economic) employment is part of self-production as life employment. The term autopoiesis was first introduced by Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela (1973) [6] for theoretical biology to describe the self-reproduction of living cells. The human, as a cell of the social organism, also possesses a fundamental quality of similar social self-production. This concept was later borrowed by Niklas Luhmann in sociology in 1990 [7] as autopoiesis of human communication as a key element of the social system. The term of self-production or autopoiesis was borrowed from these theories but has in GPS and the theory of harmony its own meaning: it expresses production (upbringing) of the human himself in a peaceful or military spirit in harmony or disharmony, etc. It also differs from the corresponding narrow economic concept as individual production.


         Other terms:
-Tetranet thinking, - four-dimensional holistic harmonious network thinking.

- Military-Industrial Complex, - MIC. Together with armed forces and infrastructure, MIC creates Military Arsenal and Potential, - MAP. It is the system of 16 fundamental elements of war and its preparation. They are the SOCIONOME elements, the parts of which are used for military purposes to conduct and prepare wars. Now they are about 11% of world GDP: [8]. But this represents costs o­nly to the armed forces. Expenditure o­n MIC amounts to 2-3 timesmore; however they are a state secret and are not reflected in budgets disguising themselves in its other articles. To these must be added the costs of production of handguns (personal weapons). The governments understate military spending as they all are provided by taxpayers, i.e. almost the entire population. Therefore, the true costs for MAP are largely unknown, but they are several times higher than official military spending and account for approximately 30-40 % of the worlds gross domestic product. This is not the 11%. MAP characterizes as the extent and degree of military disharmony prevalent is military pathology of human society in a whole today. (See more o­n military expenditures in more detail the special article below.) Military elements are labeled: MIC or MAP, or "war" and etc. War as any pathology of the social organism cannot be included in its constitution.


Preface. Need, Intent and Conditions of GPS Creation


Industrial civilization of the fragmented nation-states with hegemony of the strongest world military power led in the late 20th century to its self-denial in the globalization [9]. This civilization is unable to solve their generated and constantly escalating global problems of humanity in all spheres within a unified framework of global harmony and national interests of 250 countries including the UN 193 states-members. Globalization has put the question of change of industrial civilization in continuous global economic, financial, political, ideological and socio-demographic (ethnic) crises, which are insoluble in the wars as a traditional industrial method to overcome the problems. Replacement of industrial civilization in globalization coincides with the renunciation of war and hegemony of a militaristic strongest power and from o­ne polarity. Along with this trend is a growing simultaneously spontaneous harmonization of all the spheres, which focuses in the search for a harmonious common denominator of national and global interests. Harmonization allows freeing primarily from wars and ensuring global peace for all nations, instead of military hegemony of o­ne state, as happened recently in the Crimean crisis without a shot. But it is a spontaneous process, which requires scientific awareness in GPS.

Real social need for global peace without war occurs together with the beginning of globalization era in the late 20th century and increases with its development, expansion and deepening. However, we must not forget the dream of world peace has always lived since ancient monuments of literature in all local civilizations. But it remained a dream until humanity remained fragmented along national borders of society. "The policy of national interests" in the era of globalization, does not work or is too bad and this demonstrates that growing global challenges, crises and diseases cannot be resolved within narrow national interests. This era requires from 200 nation states the world politics of global interests, which cannot be other than the politics of global harmony and global peace without war. Alternatives for it do not exist. The representatives and actors of global interests are SPHERONS, spheral classes of the population, covering the whole of humanity and every country. They constitute the main subject of GPS disclosed in this book.

National interests are natural within the boundaries of the nation state but their priority is beyond these boundaries is fraught with conflicts and wars. Therefore, the o­nly natural priority of global interests beyond national borders is to determine which requires a special scientific instrument SOCIONOME (social genome of global peace). o­nly within this is it possible to understand the discovery and role of SPHERONS as actors of global peace and agents of global interests. SOCIONOME and SPHERONS form the core of this book (see details below), and provide a common scientific platform or theoretical paradigm for a coordinated policy of global interests for all nations. This policy defines the best measure of the national interests for each country.

But this policy remains terra incognito, because humanity is still unknown to two sciences: global harmony and global peace, and this can o­nly be a reasonable common ground for all people and states of the world in their new policy of global interests. These sciences have been made possible thanks to two fundamental discoveries in social science - SOCIONOME, social genome of global harmony and SPHERONS, harmonious spheral classes of the population. The first versions of these sciences through these discoveries was created in GHA in the ABC [1, 35-46] and in this book, which opens broad prospects for further development of this knowledge for the governments and peoples as a common basis for policy of global interests. The first versions of these sciences are the first response to these corresponding global social needs and challenges and allow us to understand them clearly. The named scientific discoveries provide an opportunity to create a harmonious common denominator of national and global interests, excluding any military global hegemony [10], [11] and any war.

The idea of ​​creating GPS originated in the GHA in its inception in 2005. It has gone through many stages of approximation and implementation, expressed in seven previous books and 50 projects for almost 10 years (see bibliography).

The resources for GPS creation were virtually nil, so the conditions of its creation were extremely unfavorable. But GHA for nearly 10 years created independently two main resources for it:

1. Scientific theory of social harmony, which is a theoretical and information platform for GPS (it is most fully expressed in the ABC of Harmony [1]).

2. A small international group of enthusiasts-peacemakers (about 200-300 people) devoting ideas for peace. Of this group, an international team of the GPS authors (40-50 people) is formed.

Two other resources remained essentially zero:

3. Financial resources, except the meager donations of GHA members (see list of donors and their donations), and

4. Material resources, except for limited technical support of the GHA members.

Despite these adverse conditions, the GHA is pleased to present to the court of world community, international organizations and national governments a new, vital concept necessary for all people - the science of global peace in this book.



Global Peace Science (GPS): Methodology of Description and Expression


The human history o­n the Earth, from the foggy beginning to the foggy end, is divided into two very unequal parts. The first, in a few tens of thousands of years is a historical era of the growing wars within number, replacing each other, local and temporary disharmonious civilizations. It concludes with self-negation in the industrial militaristic civilization that brought wars and generated social disharmonies to their logical end. The second , in the future in a few billion years, as there is the planet Earth - is a historical epoch of peaceful global harmonious civilization of united family of nations, the collective mind which found a conscious harmonious scientific way, devoid of wars, for endless social development in harmony, for harmony and from harmony. The passionate turning point from the first to the second era would have been Global Peace Science (GPS) in the early 21st century, in 2014. GPS will initiate the permanent system development of peace mind and peace thinking. This science had tens of thousands of steps preceding its historical approach and search in the first epoch and it will have millions of climbing steps and improvement in the second period of history.

However, GPS itself has been compressed into two years, contradictory history of its creation within the GHA. Previously the GHAs 8 years were a time of its search and training in the published 7 collective books and 50 projects of global peace from global harmony. The ten-year history of the GHA, which now brings together more than 500 individual members from more than 60 countries, is a collective passionate rise and unprecedented spiritual breakthrough of humanity to science of global peace. The beginning of this breakthrough relates to 1976, nearly forty years ago [1, 118-119]. Conscious global peace was impossible without GPS in the past. It will be possible in the future thanks to this science, which will be a motor of human spiritual renewal. GPS like Janus is facing both sides of the time: it is the result and end of the military past and at the same time - the opening and beginning of a peaceful future. But where to begin presentation and expression of GPS in the world textbook designed for the new generations and a new, harmonious civilization? Since is its historical past, or since logical inference of this long, difficult and contradictory history?

Since 2013, a year after the publication of the ABC of harmony as a theoretical source of GPS, when GHA began discussing the idea of ​​new book o­n GPS, there emerged a strategy of description and expression from the past to the future, from war to peace, from military science to peace science, from military mind to peace mind, from peace from war to peace from harmony. This strategy was approved GHA in March and November 2013 in two different versions, which was reflected in the sequence of two parts of this book:

PART 1: Past Military History. Military Mind and Peace from War. The End for Era of Military History.

PART 2: Future Peace History. Peace Mind and Peace from Harmony. Opening Peace Era of Human History.

But a year later, after intensive discussions of various aspects of articles and book chapters, author team of the GHA came to the conclusion that the inverse logic of GPS expression is required. It should go from the future to the past, from peace to war, starting with the highest inference almost 40 -year history - a theoretical discovery of natural spheral classes of the population, SPHERONS within the GPS system Center - SOCIAL GENOME (SOCIONOME) of global peace from harmony.

Opening harmonious spheral classes began in 1976 and the opening of SOCIONOME as a o­ne harmonious system of necessary and sufficient conditions for these classes relates to 1980. But its system substantiation was presented in 2012, in the fundamental book the ABC of harmony [1, 40-41] by 76 coauthors of GHA. The ABC of harmony is the science of global social harmony, the theoretical center and consolidating core which is SOCIONOME. It is a methodological cognitive axis of GPS, consolidating into o­ne indivisible whole 16 fundamental elements of global harmony disclosed in ABC [1, 22-81]. Among these 16 elements a key role is played by spheral classes, SPHERONS as the deepest cause of global peace - harmony of the social whole.

Through SOCIONOME in GPS discloses and explains also the deepest source of wars - disharmony of private groups of people, PARTONS: separate nations, classes, estates, castes, etc. War for these groups is the o­nly way to overcome their acute disharmonies because of their ignorance and lack of knowledge of scientific harmonious solution of social problems. SOCIONOME explains the most profound causes of war and peace and its SPHERONS determine their central and key position in GPS. Its expression starting with SOCIONOME and its SPHERONS defines a revolution of peace thinking not o­nly in its content but also in its modus. Most succinctly SOCIONOME is presented in the following scheme:


SOCIONOME: Social Genome of Global Harmony and Global Peace:

Eternal Structure of the Society Spheres and their Constant Spontaneous Harmonization by Spheral Classes of Population at every Level: Global, Regional, National and Local Including the Human that Provides Natural Global Peace and its Objective Priority

More details o­n SOCIONOME see [1, 38-43] and Video: http://youtu.be/hbxY5lREOeA

Note. o­ne of the important applications of SOIONOME is its use as an information, statistical/economic and mathematical simulation model at all levels of society from family and school to the country, continent and the world at large. A comparison of these models shows a measure of harmony and disharmony between these objects and levels in their dynamics that provide a harmonious management, without which it is impossible to harmonize their fundamental elements consciously. Their conscious harmonization is a source of peace and it overcomes the most serious disharmonies as causes of wars and armed conflicts. See the special paragraph in the book about it below.

SOCIONOME is explained in detail and is used to resolve the social problems and issues of conscious, practical-building global peace throughout our book and at each article and paragraph in some measure and in some of its aspects. It integrates the contributions of co-authors in a coherent collective monograph.

The integral essence and central theoretical place of SOCIONOME and SPHERONS in GPS defines the logic of deployment of this science in a spiral of all its parts, sections, chapters and paragraphs in the book. This logic begins with the GPS at its center and goes from unknown to the known, from the understanding of peace to the understanding of war, from the future to the past.

War and the military past of mankind constitute a fact well known to all people from the history of their nations and of world history textbooks. It is known that "for the 5500 years, there were more than 15,000 wars, in which up to 3.5 billion people were killed. We can say that humanity has always fought in its history. For past 5500 years, people could live in peace o­nly a paltry 300 years, that is, it turns out that in every century a human civilization lived in peace just a week"[12]. Military science has developed in the last 200 years; it has reached the astounding achievements that can destroy humanity in a few minutes just in the last 50 years. Nevertheless, the human mind is still working mostly o­n war and more intensively. War takes the first place in the world, in human minds, as shown by our monitoring (see below). Peace will never be established until it has become a priority of consciousness. Therefore in GPS it is put in the first place. Still, it remains inaccessible to science and Cinderella in society. Its causes and actors diffuse in the dim and foggy consciousness. People are constantly dreaming about peace but feeling it from different sides. Like blind men, they create thousands of scrappy private images which are poorly interconnected and do not answer the main question: what are the ultimate causes, sources, guarantees and actors of global peace?

The answers to these questions are designed to give place to GPS and its theoretical core - SOCIONOME, which is a key discovery of social science and yet totally unknown to most people. So the answer to the question: where to start GPS expression - with a description of the long-known history of wars or from the core of global peace, to be created - is obvious. The most social and educational value today is future global peace, building of which is impossible without its uniform scientific knowledge for all mankind - GPS. Therefore, GPS and its theoretical center - SOCIONOME - is a historical precedent in modern scientific knowledge. Therefore the expression of GPS should not begin with a description of wars, and with the center of global peace, with its social genome, the driving force and energy of which constitute SPHERONS and o­nly they.

Analogically, the expression of modern chemistry does not begin with writings of the alchemical quests and with Mendeleevs Periodic Table of Elements as the center of chemistry. Similarly, expression of human biology does not begin with the description of its different bodies, and with its biological/genetic code and the human genome as a center of this science. SOCIONOME is a holistic theoretical center of social science in general and GPS in particular, similar to the respective centers of chemistry and human biology.

 Therefore, the methodology of expression elected for in the GPS book was from peace, from its theoretical center - SOCIONOME and SPHERONS (spheral classes) - to the periphery, from the logical conclusion to the practical beginning, from the theoretical output to empirical justification, from the whole to the parts, from the knowledge of holistic harmony of global peace to the knowledge of harmony of its parts. Based o­n this, we have identified the following parts of GPS:


PART 1. Opening Peaceful Era of Human History from Harmony: Global Peace Science, SOCIONOME and SPHERONS of Harmony


PART 2: Completion of Era of Military Human History: End of Military Science and Peace from War


This books structure examines GPS and its expression by looking to the unknown future and not to the known past and thereby avoiding truisms and presenting the truly innovative and revolutionary character of GPS. Global peace is unknown unlike war as the known, which is passing and completely unnecessary in the future.

It is interesting and important primarily as the result of science and its practical value, not a research process that led to it, which is important and interesting o­nly to a small group of experts and professionals. GPS is needed, first of all, by the broad masses of the population in terms of practical results. Therefore, GPS must begin with SPHERONS as abstract, logical inferences and go to their historical and empirical justification of practical theory for peace and contra war.

GPS in any form, as true, or as an intermediate knowledge directed to the truth (as is the most appropriate option) will be socially useful, stimulating social scientists who share its origins and purpose to develop it further, and scientists who reject its foundations to create new conceptions and alternative it and to be able to compete with it in theory.

Opening SOCIONOME in social science is equivalent to the discovery of the Periodic Table in chemistry and human genome in biology. Therefore it is the greatest scientific and practical interest for humanity representing a revolution in peace thinking from the social harmony of SPHERONS and this is an logical grain and adequate start for GPS. This approach from the future to the past in life is called "take the bull for the horns", which is the most appropriate for GPS as a revolution of peace thinking.

SPHERONS, as a fruit of prior history of social cognition, crystallizes and constitutes a new, integrated, social science - the science of global peace that combines almost all of the social sciences in a new quality with the definition of "global": sociology, statistics, demography, economics, politics, finance, computer science, history, cultural, humanistic, education and so o­n. They are integrated into a unified framework of holistic science of global social harmony, formed in the ABC of Harmony [1, 22-81]. In this book, these sciences are integrated in the creation of the most important social science - the science of global peace (GPS) or peaceloveology. This science provides conscious global peace as the first common good of humanity, which is essential to survival, development and prosperity in the new historical era. GPS gives new universal quality to global social science in general - peacekeeping or peace-loving to all named its organic parts, raising them to a new historical level of human knowledge. GPS received life from SPHERONS, outlining theory and objective logic which it opens. In this textbook, we deliberately repeat in different terms some of the GPS key ideas, remembering that "repetition is the mother of learning."

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