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Ammar Banni
My Dear LEO and Friends hello,
With the modoste gesture, the least participation ,I thinks than can can arrive at Universal harmony of the peace . I would be far, but I divide you the ideas.My engagement is promised.
Best regard

Ammar Banni
Universal Ambassador of Peace/Prf of french-poet-writer/Algeria

Kathy J. Ward
New York City
Dear Leo:

Your e-mails and beautiful work for peace is like fresh holy water to
the world. I love the contents of your e-mails and your vision for a
better world. Thank you for keeping my name on your mailing list.

I am too a Universal Peace Ambassador a president of WEL, World Elder
Land, a non-profit that keeps me very busy but very happy as well.

My third book was published yesterday, Reflections and Poems For A
Better Life. As you read poems and chapters of meaningful information
to nurture wellness of the physical body, the mind and the spirit, you
learn too how by nurturing your wellness you also help and nurture the

Peace be with you!

Kathy J. Ward, MA, CTRS, ADC, CALA, CGP
Universal Peace Ambassador
President of WEL, World Elder Land - Spokane, New York City
E-mail: WEL@WorldElderLand.com
WEL Blog: www.kathyjward.com/blog
Websites: www.elderrecreationtherapy.com

Kostas Konstantinidis
Greece, Athens
The world is before its most serious crisis. Let me have another approach more practical for Peace and Harmony, a little different from those espressed at the http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=132 . I think that Peace and Harmony can be obtained if we make a better international society with: Freedom, Direct Democracy(equals before the law, equals before the state (as citizen), equals to speak, equals to take decisions and finally to establish the People's Domination (and not that of plutocracy , theocracy, clergy , masonery , nepotism and beaurocracy that govern now), Justice(social and law justice), Dignity and Respect of the Human Rights , Tolerance , Free Mass Media and True Information, Respect of the Ecological Environment, New Philosophical Way of Thinking (having the human beings at the center instead of the profit and the gods ) etc . The key is how to activate the international society and how to make our words practice. It is the more difficult task, since the "Globalization" forces control the whole Wealth, Mass Media and the Establishment. However we are the Majority and they are the desperated Minority. The technological revolution and the human NEED push forward for Peace, Knowledge and Cooperation. It's the Harmony

Huntsville, Alabama, USA
This project is very timely. Its importance is unquestionable. We need to purse it by all means and have it diffused in every single country across every continent. I would like to encourage all those working for peace to become an integral part of this vital work.

Dr. Leo Rebello
Bombay , India

Dr. Leo Rebello

Leo Semashko
Dear Olga,

Thanks for your sensational news: CHINA: HARMONY INSTEAD OF DICTATORSHIP!!! It is a really epoch-making step to harmony but natural for Chinese (Confucian and Buddhist) culture, for which a value of harmony always was central. When I was in Beijing in 2004, I saw in the Forbidden city of the Chinese Emperors (like our Moscow Kremlin) some temples of harmony (The Chinese distinguish some levels of harmony), which were are created by 6-5-4 centuries back. More surprisingly that on this step has decided the CCP, as the harmony is incompatible not only with dictatorship of the proletariat, but and with materialistic (economic) monism, and with class struggle, and with managing role of the sole CCP. But if the Chinese could come on a throat of alien for their culture materialistic (Marxist) ideology (as their culture are pluralistic and founded on the basis of philosophy of FIVE elements) they, with their persistence and cultural adherence to pluralistic harmony (monistic does not happen!!!), sometime will be released from others pernicious (disharmonious) consequences of monistic Marxism. Sometime they will find and apprehend from it a harmonious STRUCTURAL beginning of the EQUALLY NECESSARY four spheres of social reproduction and appropriate, harmonious, instead of antagonistic, FOUR SPHERE CLASSES of the POPULATION, including children. Sphere classes of the population and their harmony is not Marxism but conclusion of Tetrasociology (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=145 ) from four spheres of Marxism.

Your news me especially is pleasant, what still in 2003 I published, and in 2004 brought in Beijing on the IIS Sociological Congress a small, strange on the first look, article with title
"Communist Multi-Party of China" (to act with it to me have not given by the plausible pretexts), in which I wrote about a theoretical opportunity of PEACE transition from Communist dictatorship and totalitarianism, through a stage of Communist Multi-Party, to a SPHERE HARMONIOUS SOCIETY of an INFORMATION CIVILIZATION (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=166 ). Similar in 1989 I offered and for Communist Party of the USSR, that it rejected and was lost together with its USSR, to give place to, as now write in our newspapers, "marauding, oligarchic, corruption, gangster, antiliberal" etc. capitalism, i.e. we were rejected to middle of the 19th century on quality of the socio economic development. Chinese Communist Party is wiser than Soviet (more precisely - Russian) and it (CCP) could understand, in what strategic direction (in direction to harmony) it is necessary to use the own powerful organizational resource, instead of to destroy its, on - silly, "to the basis". It is a way to harmony from communism, which can be an example for movement to harmony from capitalism.

Global vector of social evolution last two decades is expressed so: "Harmony of diversity instead of dictatorships, monopolies, oligarchy, fascism, one-polarity and other social one-dimensionality as disharmony". It is the modern positive alternative and response to global challenges.


Olga Ushakova
Dear Leo,

Do you heard about an epoch-making step to harmony of the most numerous nation on the Earth? Yesterday (October 27) on the TV informed about the decision of the China Communist Party with title: China Communist Party has cancelled dictatorship of the proletariat.... Plenum of this Party announced that the country will build a new society of social harmony". That this such is not clear yet. But it is known: first step on this way is a cancellation of the tax on a yield, against which the peasants struggled 2 thousand years. Simultaneously CCP refuses to preserve a regime of "proletariat dictatorship", which is replaced by way on building of harmonious society. So now you have else one powerful ally. http://www.1tv.ru/owa/win/ort6_main.main?p_news_title_id=95408

Olga Ushakova

Hilarie Roseman
Dear Leo,

Congratulations on all the wonderful work you are doing. Thank you for giving the Calendar such a world wide framework. Perhaps different people
could write papers around a Calendar date of their choosing which would keep the whole thing alive and moving on with all the new things that are happening.

I am working to get a political resolution through a third
women's conference - asking for a Minister for Children's Affairs to be
appointed by the Federal Government in Australia I am also preparing a letter which hopefully will be sent out to parents' groups, mothers' groups, schools, kindergartens, child care centres etc. to ask them what the most
immediate and important "child" issues are from their experience. So much work to do....to make children a priority in one's family, community, country, world.

Thank you again Leo, love Hilarie

Pierre Fosséprez
Dear Leo

I had a look on your Harmonious Era Calendar. Leo, may I say
to you? I'm near crying! It's amazing! All my congratulations from the deepest of my heart for what about you succeed too! I understand we apparently thoug too the same things. And that idea of university is so giant! It makes years I thing on a school, but I didn't never thing on an
university! An university in the UNO, YES! I'm going on! This is the
greatest idea I eared since a long time! If you need a teacher, I have some years of experience I would be so happy to share! It makes 30 years I listen to people and 13 years may be, I teach about happyness, peace and harmony,
but I never did it in a work frame, only "on my way" and for free, even if some people I teached came from canada or australia!

May I share with you my own last idea? In that work frame of the creation of the Peace World Cup, wich do represent a bit the same idea than your calandar, I was thinking on a other idea, three weeks ago. This morning, I
thought: "Why would this be unpossible?" I would like to organize a Peace Festival, into Gaza, with all international stars we could find for a free prestation. What about the risk of bombing, will you ask? It will be no risk! Because of peace in our heart, nothing bad could happens. When people have enough peace in their heart, you can be sure that even a nuclear missile could not touch them! This is not a joke but something I did learn from my own life.

But, anyway, I do really have no money and no idea about the way to take in hope to get that idea a reality.

So happy to know you as more and more of the same peace workers familly member.

All my best wishes,

Pierre Fosséprez

Universal Peace Ambassador
Poétas del Mundo
Peace World Cup founder

Dr Maitreyee Bardhan Roy and Dr. Subir Kumar Bardhan Roy
We are moved by seeing the book.It a splendid idea of exchanging of opinion and in building opinion .Its a means of exchange of minds too.Its interesting to think that the authors here do not know each other by face but we are very close to each other by heart.All of us are united because we want world peace and harmony,we want to see no war around us ,no pain also no conflict amongst us, no matter where we are .Our mission is same and that is why we are same.Lets hope that the message of peace initiated by Leo should inspire the people of the world to bear the banner of peace to the Universe
Thank you Leo and thanks to all.
Maitreyee and Subir

Will Hoonaard
Dear Leo:

I am delighted that you can add the text and am pleased that you
can send me the book Harmonious Era Calendar. I shall show it to a variety of people in this area as an illustration of what one person's idea can accomplish, to make
this a better world for its most important citizens, the children.

Warmest regards,


Will Hoonaard
Dear Leo:

You are to be commended for this heroic effort to bring the plight of
children to the attention of G8 participants. Your level of energy in this matter astounds all of us.

Warm regards, Will
Will C. van den Hoonaard
Professor of Sociology
University of New Brunswick

Muhammad Iqbal
Pakistan Narowal
Dear Dr. Leo Semashko and Dear All
I agree with the Calendar. Let me take me the opportunity to say my cordial thanks to all of you that are working for a safer world to give it an unprecedented gift Peace. I have immense pleasure to find you doing so nice efforts and struggles. I think every person of the world should encourage and coordinate your work. I am of the view that we should meet together around the globe to become an Ante-Thesis of war terrorism, violence and the other evils in the world. One day a majority of the people will become adamant to all wrong doers. Righteousness is stronger than evil.
We must care of our children. They are the right part of our future. The teachers are very important to do so. Childrens priority is very good idea. The world is becoming more disastrous than ever before. Kings, PMs and Governments can do nothing to change and make it the safer. Its masses who can develop it and make it better. So we should change the system of education globally to prepare such masses and generations. It ,s particularly bad and dangerous if we sleep at the movement. We should prepare communities to address the issues of the world. The communities that can bring us closer to settle our own disputes that are very dangerous for us all and make us ruins.
I hope that Semashko will find such world one day !

Sunniest Regard

P.S:- I am looking for the persons who write for global issues.Please contact me.

Robert Weir

Your Harmonious Era Calendar is a grand idea. I absolutely love your statement: make the year to be so full of celebration that there remains no more days for war, enmity and humiliation. I am delighted to know you. I told you that I am among the many United States citizens who are
working to establish a high-level Department of Peace within the U.S. federal government. I think we can make it happen not soon, but eventually. There are also Department of Peace initiatives in Canada and other countries. Perhaps, we will be able to add a Department of Peace Day to your calendar.

Robert Weir

Writer, Speaker, Communications Consultant

Author of Star of Hope: The Life and Times of John McConnell, Founder of Earth Day. An article that I wrote about John McConnell is now on my web site:

Ramkrishna Singh
Dear Leo,

The calendar is a great contribution. I wish We could devote more time to Peace activities.

Ramkrishna Singh
Poet, Professor

Dr Mona Gamal El-Dine
Paris, France
Dear DR SEMASHKO, dear Friends!

I am very happy to celebrate the Global Harmony Day June 21, thank you very much for your efforts to Global Harmony Day to save children all over the world. I am Universal Peace Ambassador and I hope be between your list of authors, perhaps member 13

Congratulations for You, Children and all our Friends!

Dr Mona Gamal El-Dine,
Universal Peace Ambassodor, Poet

Monica Willard
New-York, USA
Dear Leo,

Thank you for your message. Happy Global Harmony Day. You might be interested to know that a friend of mine, Margo Lazaro is with the Global Harmony Foundation today (June 21) in Washington DC to ring the Global Harmony Bell at Capitol Hill and to take a Minute of Peace.
I will share your work with her and hers with you. May best to you and Ada.
May Peace Prevail on Earth,

Monica Willard

Jan Hunt, M.Sc.
Sunriver, Oregon, USA
Congratulations on this important work.

I invite you to our Natural Child Project at http://www.naturalchild.org. "Our vision is a world in which all children are treated with dignity, respect, understanding, and compassion. In such a world, every child can grow into adulthood with a generous capacity for love and trust. Our society has no more urgent task."


I am very happy that Mr. NOUCHI, and the association of the universal ambassadors of peace grants to Leo SEMASHKO, who the work distinction deserves like as organizer of an international site, which place the dignity of the child and become it in the center of its humanistic concerns.
Welcome with the new ambassador of the peace which makes honor at this worthy institution.

With my friendship and my respect.


Congratulations with Léo for this colossal and so important work for the future generations. So that the children open out, affirm their specific personality, one needs for it a home environment, school, and a respectful policy of the States of their human dignity being. It is while opening to us with the universality of mankind like citizens of the world that we will contribute to create values facilitating symbiosis between civilizations, the sexes and the generations.
For this purpose, I offer to you my poem with my brother, synonymous with the respect and the love universal.


Writer, Poet,

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