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"New Women" by Helena Roerich name

Elena Roerich name NEW WOMEN”:
Sun, Paradigm and World Order of Harmony, Love, Peace, Truth
and Full Democracy
instead of patriarchal order of disharmony, hatred, wars, lies
and totalitarian freedom of violence and deceit

Elena Roerich: Now came the
Great Women Epoch

Helena I. Roerich (1879-1955)

Philosopher, writer, spouse of Nicholas Roerich


Women's Global Harmony Association (WGHA)
Helena Roerich name "New Women" –

International Feminist Movement of the Fourth Wave
(Harmonious Feminism) of the 21st Century

Based o­n "Global Peace Science"

The GHA 60th Project (draft)
Started o­n March 6, 2018
Approved by the GHA o­n April 30, 2018

Leo Semashko and the GHA Women:
Babita Tewari, Ayo Amale, María Cristina Azcona, Irina Bokova, Julia Budnikova, Natalia Sharova, Vera Popovich, Irina Kuris, Svetlana Kuskovskaya, Svetlana Vetrova, Irina Medvedeva, Nina Novikova, Roxana Sadykova, Nina Yudina, Olga Semashko, Katerina Semashko, Olga Kashina, Nina Goncharova, Tatiana Krasnosumova, Tatiana Rumyantseva, Nadezhda Atamanova, Natalia Sidorova, Tatiana Tridvornova, Svetlana Rosenko, Vera Afanasyeva, Zaura Khizatolla, Marianna Pogosyan, Susana Roberts, Ime Biassoni, Delasnieva Daspet, Matreia Roy, Sanjana Tewari, Ada Aharoni, Deborah Kalekin, Hedva Bachrach, Teresinka Pereira, Lana Yang, Kae Mori, Manijeh Navidnia, Celia Altshuler, Lida Sherafatmand, Marie Robert, Zdenka Chrast, Mariam Khan,
Evelyn Lindner, …

With the support and help of
the GHA gentlemen - feminists: Subhash Chandra, Sanjay Tewari, John Avery, Ernesto Kahan, Uraz Baimuratov, Noor Larik, Ramesh Kumar, Guy Crequie, Vladislav Krasnov, Leonid Timoshenko, Alexander Semashko, Petr Semashko, Andrei Semashko, Andrei Smirnov, Vasily Smirnov, Eduard Soroko, Takis Ioannides, Rudolf Siebert, Charles Mercieka, Bruce Cook, Timi Ekimovich, …..

Total: 65 GHA members from 20 countries:
Argentina, Armenia, Brazil, France, Ghana, Greece, Israel, India, Iran, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Malta, Nepal, Norway, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Russia, Slovenia, USA, ....

(The project include all women and men of the GHA and other organizations as coauthors by measure of their participation in its discussion as its supporters. Silence will mean refusing to participate in it.)

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In English:


Preamble. "New Women" Spiritual source: Elena Roerich’s philosophy and science of women

1. "Women's World Pantheon" of Harmony, Love, Peace and Truth: the best images and the highest achievements of women in history. Accumulated female potential of millennia
2. History of women: From matriarchy through patriarchy to a harmonious civilization
3. "New Women": International Women's Movement of Harmonious Feminism in the 21st century o­n a scientific basis
4. Women's Global Harmony Association (WGHA): Formation stages of the "New Women"

5. WGHA Activity Programs:

5.1. Scientific programs
1. Statistical research of spherons
2. Sociological research of spherons
3. Mathematical research of spherons
4. Research and design of spheral technologies
5. Political research of spherons and spheral democracy
6. Summary of scientific research of the spherons’ structural harmony
5.2. Educational

5.3. Political priority: children's suffrage and the spherons democracy
5.4. Economic equality and the balance of gender ownership
5.5. Interfaith Harmony
5.6. Ecological harmony and preservation of the planet
5.7. Global Spheral Governance and the UN Reform
5.8. Sport for All based o­n spherons’ structural harmony
5.9. Business projects
5.10. International law: the right to life, social harmony and global peace
5.11. Peacebuilding initiatives

5.12. Launch of theWGHA work: Women's Pantheon” and spherons statistics

6. Sources of financing WGHA 
7. WGHA National Departments/Offices: National nuclei of "New Women"
      7.1. Central WGHA Board:
      7.2. WGHA-India Board:

      7.3. WGHA-Africa Board:
      7.4. WGHA-L/America Board:

      7.5. WGHA-Russia Board:
      7.6. WGHA-USA Board:
      7.7. Other possible national offices of the WGHA

8. The main intellectual criterion of "New Women" is the thinking and knowledge of spherons
9. GHA appeal to gentlemen - feminists
10. New Women: Synergy of Gandhi's nonviolence and spherons harmony of social production

The teachings speak of the coming era of the World Mother.
Nicholas Roerich


Now came the Great Women Epoch.

The going time again should give the woman a place at the helm of life ...
In the hands of a woman, now the salvation of humankind and the planet ...
The Spirit Sword is now given to the hands of the Woman ...
Verily, she is the Mother-Guardian of the World ...
The Age of Woman has come, and the woman must raise the thinking

of humanity to the next step ...
Looking now for the Leagues of Women against hatred and wars.
Women are also needed to plant a new science of the heart, its powerful strength,
which can compete with the atomic energy ...
It's time for a woman ... to fight against the greatest shame of
humanity - its self-destruction.
We will not forget that the woman is commanded to save the world.


Elena Roerich today is the ideal of every thinking and responsible

for children and the life a woman.




"New Women" Spiritual source:

Elena Roerich's philosophy and science of women 

(In process)



The sleep of the peaceful mind of women gives birth to the military monsters of men:
nuclear, chemical, biological, hypersonic, laser
 and other weapons, the absolute evil of which threatens to continue
human genus - the natural mission of women. The end of this deadly
threat cannot be seen until now without women, who cannot reconcile with the role of
submissive powerless sacrifice for themselves and their children. They find their new
force in the "science of global peace". o­nly by mastering and using this force, women

awaken the peaceful mind of humankind and save it from degeneration and destruction.
The new paradigm of scientific thinking of women is their main soft force in response
to the challenges of the 21st century
paraphrase of Goya and GPS



1. Women's World Pantheon
of Harmony, Love, Peace and Truth
The best images and world achievements of women in thehuman history.

Accumulated female potential of millennia

Women are:
The Sun of Harmony,
The Sun of Peace from Harmony,
The Sun of the Life of Mankind,
Source of the Genus Continuation,
Mother of Humankind!
Women are Harmony! Love! Life! Peace! Equality! Justice! Brotherhood!
Women are their beginning, the beginning of all the beginnings of humanity!
Having mastered the soft force of "Global Peace Science" and combining it
with past cultural achievements, women become
 in the 21st century the locomotive of history


Women's Pantheon Structure:

1. The best female symbols of the five world civilizations:
Indian, European, Chinese, African and Latin American.




2. Nine Greek Muses (thinkings) and the Peace Goddess:
Calliope is a muse of epic poetry; Clio is the muse of history; Melpomene is the muse of tragedy; Thalia - the muse of comedy; Polyhymnia is the muse of sacred hymns; Terpsichore is the muse of dance; Euterpe is a muse of poetry and lyrics; Erato - the muse of love and wedding poetry; Urania is the muse of science. + Airena (Irina) is the goddess of the world (with the baby Plutos in her arms).
(Muse o­n Greek is "thinking")
3. Outstanding women in history until the 20th century.
4. Outstanding women in the history of the 20th and 21st centuries.


2. History of women:
From matriarchy through patriarchy to a harmonious civilization.
Philosophical outline of harmonious feminism becoming


Our project does not presuppose a detailed scientific analysis, comparison, criticism and evaluation of previous numerous feminism trends in its more than two centuries of history (see Feminism: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feminism). This is a topic of great scientific work for the future new women who conceive and promote the fourth wave of feminism - harmonious feminism or postfeminism, free from the extremes and disharmony of the past discredited ideologies of Marxism, liberalism, postmodernism and the like. Harmonious feminism integrates and preserves all the ideas of the previous feminist currents (except for the ideas of a radical, essentially violent and disharmonious feminism) constructive for it o­n the basis of scientific knowledge of the structural harmony of the spherons of social production.

This knowledge arose and was determined in the basic, but by no means all features, in the "Global Peace Science" (see below), which forms a harmonious vision of the "third way", i.e. harmonious way of the development of humankind in the harmonious civilization of the 21st century, which is evolving to replace the dying industrial militaristic civilization in all its forms of capitalism, communism and the like. Our project focuses o­n the first, generally available rationale and organization of a harmonious feminism for its first practical implementation. Naturally, this project suffers from many shortcomings and limitations, which will be gradually removed as it is discussed collectively in the GHA and GHAW, as well as with the development of relevant scientific research, primarily statistical research of the spherons and a scientific understanding of their decisive social role, especially for women , for the redistribution of gender roles in their harmony.

2.1. Female harmony in the matriarchy harmony



         God and nature created a
human of a single rational essence, but in two different natural functions and forms: feminine (physically weak) and male (physically strong) for mutual harmonious complement and cooperation. The woman was endowed with an absolute ability of fertility, which provides biological continuation of the genus. The man was endowed with superior physical strength. Both forces and abilities are initially harmonious and mutually complementary, stipulating together the life of each in a single integrity of the general biological and social autopoiesis, self-production (Maturana). But they have different social priorities / dominants and different vital meanings. The feminine nature of fertility is priority / dominant, as it serves the preservation and continuation of the genus. The masculine nature of physical strength and superiority plays a subordinate, auxiliary and serving role in the integral biosocial genesis of man and his society.

        Therefore, the history of humankind begins with matriarchy, with the natural priority and domination of women. Matriarchy was embodied in spontaneous syncretism, in women's synergy, harmony and integrity of the functions of the three spheres of social production and their three spherons (spheral classes of the population) employed in them:

1. Sociospheron: the genus continuation (fertility) - the reproduction of people;
2. Infospheron: the acquisition, preservation and transmission of knowledge to new generations - the reproduction of information;

3. Orgspheron: maintenance of fire and order / rules / traditions of ancestral life - the reproduction of the organization. (The classification, nature and origin of the four spherons as clusters / classes of the population employed in the four spheres of social production are disclosed in Chapter 1 of “Global Peace Science” (GPS), 2016: http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf)

The physical weakness of women was repeatedly replenished with the harmony of their integral "soft force" of the combined energy of the three spherons, the three productive forces and actors of the three spheres of social production. Harmony of these forces and energies made women without any physical violence a priority / dominant social group of matriarchy. Their role and scale of influence in society in the overall societal spheral assessment were 75%, and men - 25%.

To men, according to their physical strength, there is a partial function in the matriarchy: 4. Technospheron or material spheron, which provides a kind of prey, hunting, and / or collecting food and making the appropriate instruments of material labor. The natural harmony of matriarchy did not know violence and wars, in extremely rare cases, for the most part fantastic, the existence of tribes of warlike women like Amazons and the like, who tried to secure a priority in society by physical force in the likeness of men. But these cases have remained exotic and almost traceless and meaningless examples of substituting gender destinations that have died in history without a trace, without consequences and without continuation.

Countless masterpieces of world artists, poets, composers and sculptors of all times and peoples have long been recognized: there is nothing more beautiful, perfect and harmonious in nature than a female body, whose physical weakness is filled with its unique function of procreation and the soft force of the female mind, synergy of which together determines structural harmony of women. Therefore, harmony has a woman's face and a woman's soul. The Woman is the Goddess and the Muse of Harmony. A woman is its avatar and embodiment.

Ingenious Shakespeare expressed it in Katharine’s excellent monologue from ‘The Taming of the Shrew’:

“Why are our bodies soft and weak and smooth,
Unapt to toil and trouble in the world,
But that our soft conditions and our hearts
Should well agree with our external parts?


Our strength as weak, our weakness past compare,
That seeming to be most which we indeed least are.

(The Taming of the Shrew. Act 5.2: http://shakespeare.mit.edu/taming_shrew/full.html)

Shakespeare's genius defined here the deepest essence of the female nature harmony in its world philosophy, remaining patriarchal in its calls for women's obedience to men.

But the women weakness requires a "soft force" of scientific knowledge in order to protect and raise their dignity, to achieve true equality in all spheres o­n a par with a strong gender. Their equality will ensure by their priority / domination in society.

However, no o­ne but a man can understand, explain and appreciate women's beauty and harmony. No o­ne but a man is able to supplement her physical weakness with his physical strength in the holistic harmony of the sexes. Their functions are inseparable in it, they die without each other, lose their meaning and value, but they are very different, therefore they exist and can exist o­nly in unity, o­nly in integral, synergetic harmony and nothing else. The structural harmony of women in it is a part of the universal structural harmony of nature and society, which constitutes their fundamental law. Therefore, life in nature is spontaneously arranged o­n this law. Thisexcellently expressed more than a century ago the brilliant French mathematician and philosopher Henri Poincare: "The inner harmony of the world is the o­nly true objective reality", i.e. the o­nly nature, life and their regularity. In a human kind, harmonious nature is embodied by priority in women, whose harmony determines, ultimately, the life and survival of society.


2.2. Male disharmony and disharmony of patriarchy


        The patriarchate that replaced the matriarchy established a priority, the domination of partial male / physical force and violence in all society in the form of family, political, economic and military domination. The physical / material dominance of men has led to social disharmony and has brought the holistic harmonious function and role of women in society to the narrow, serviced physical force of men, the functions of the wife, the housewife and the servants of the husband children. The patriarchate began by first of all humiliating a woman to a prostitute, establishing and legalizing the first "ancient profession" for the purpose of physical satisfaction and social domination. Men created in patriarchal history partial, militaristic, power civilizations of slavery, feudalism and industrialism, filled to the limit with violence, mutual suppression and wars for domination, power and property in an endless competition of physical strength.

         These civilizations, with all their numerous partial achievements, discredited themselves as a whole, threatening the existence of the human race as a whole. This clearly manifested itself in the genocidal world wars and societies of the 20th century, which brought humanity to the very edge of the thermonuclear self-destruction of humankind in a new world war, prepared by men for 100% and expecting o­nly a single push of the nuclear trigger. o­nly it separates humankind from destruction and o­nly o­n it humankind lives since 1945, from the first atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in constant fear of their repetition.

        The exit from this deadly threat not o­nly did not appear over more than 70 years, but the situation is constantly escalating to the extreme thin limit of balancing between the life and death of humankind in a terrible expectation of a new first nuclear strike. This, ultimately, that general outcome and impasse of the patriarchate, from which it does not see, is not able and does not want to seek a way out, stubbornly trusting o­nly o­n the allegedly restraining force of new and new more destructive weapons. Why did the smaller, "strong" part of humankind prepare such a fate for it? By what right? By what natural law? If it is not able to find a way out of the deadly impasse, then it must be found by another, greater (together with children - more than 70%) and the best "half" of humanity, but already in a different world order, with different knowledge and thinking. Along with the new mind of the new women leaders, it is able to "shift the arms race into a peace race" (King) and inspire to this shift of survival in the 21st century the "strong" half, which proved powerless o­n it in the twentieth century.

All crimes against humanity of the 20th and 21st centuries, whose victims are mostly women and children, as well as all their pathologies - are the work of men's hands. Men are responsible on 99% for all their genocide, for all world and countless national wars, for atomic bombings and tests, for destroying the natural environment, for women and children slavery and slave trade, for alcoholism, prostitution, drug addiction, pornography*, corruption, fascism, Stalinism, terrorism, etc. Humiliation of women's economic status is confirmed by the fact that according to the World Bank statistics "women manage o­nly o­ne percent of the world's wealth". According to Forbes magazine, 90% of men are among the world's richest people (https://jtbank.ru/novosti-jtgroup/v-mire-boljshe-millionerov-ili-millionerok.html), and out of 2043 billionaires in 2017, o­nly 227 are women, o­nly about 11% (http://ibusiness.ru/blog/money/42853).

There is not much less gender disharmony in politics or political humiliation of women, which, o­n average, occupy from 10 to 25% of seats in parliaments (although there are exceptions, for example, 63% of women in the Rwanda parliament), and in executive bodies even less, within 2 -15%, but there is no exact statistics here. Unfortunately, the media is still dominated by a sexist prejudice stamp that gender is not an actor of politics and similar skepticism towards women (http://www.forbes.ru/forbes-woman/karera/282875-pol-vlasti-chego-zhdat-ot-zhenshchin-politikov).

In the general average spheral balance, the women role is limited today to 10-25% of the influence in society, which is more than three times less than in matriarchy, and this despite the fact that today women together with children make up more than 70% of the population. This proves the absence of any genuine equality and justice for women in modern patriarchy as a result of more than 200 years of feminist movement, which indicates an extremely low level of its effectiveness with all its significant achievements in some areas. The feminine harmonious universe is minimized by the disharmonious patriarchy to the extreme limit threatening the survival of humankind, to which traditional feminism is incapable of resisting without new social science. (The patriarchate hides, falsifies or neglects the statistics of the true position of women in different spheres, so this information is limited, fragmented or difficult to access.)

Gender inequality in economics, politics and other social spheres is created and maintained by men, it is a problem of society as a whole, therefore it is correctly noted that "until important change of men is revised, no important changes are possible." (http://www.owl.ru/win/books/policy/quota.htm).This "important change" is able to initiate o­nly intellectually updated feminist movement "New Women" (below).

         The patriarchate stimulated and ensured the flowering of partial, natural science, technical and military knowledge, which continues and strengthens the material / physical masculine force. For more than 220 years of the history of rapid development of military science in all countries, beginning since Baron von Bylov, patriarchate did not want and cannot even raise the issue of creating a science of global peace at any level, not even in the UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, G20, nor in o­ne Academy of Sciences, in no o­ne University and so o­n. The patriarchate left in stagnation and disregard the integral, social and humanitarian knowledge and its sciences, which now wield the miserable existence of a marginal and fragmentary information servant of universal male power domination. Therefore, the integrity and very existence of humankind are endangered, which requires a fundamental replacement of the male dominance of physical violence with an integral priority of women's harmony, excluding violence, militarism and war o­n the basis of renewed humanitarian science.

          The impotence and danger of patriarchy for humankind are reflected in Albert Einstein's three brilliant philosophical assessments in the middle of the last century.

1. Peace cannot be achieved through violence; it can o­nly be attained through understanding [science]. - The whole history of patriarchy, with rare exceptions, is the ignoring of peace and serving the war, violence, preparation for them, justified by a false militaristic ideology and motivation: "If you want peace, prepare for war." Therefore, in its many thousands of years of history there was no place for understanding, for peace science. But its story is filled with the search for the most effective methods of violence and mass murder, for which more than 220 years ago, starting with Baron von Bülow, the military science has arisen and is now uncontrollably developing, which flourishes in all countries in thousands of military academies and in the economically most powerful military-industrial complex. The modern industrial patriarchate is not in a hurry, does not seek to seek and use understanding, peace science. This is confirmed by our experience, in particular, by hundreds of unrequited proposals of similar science to the G20 leaders in the GHA messages in 2013 and 2017:

2. The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them….. - They were prepared by the whole history of patriarchy and reached a climax at the level of fragmented, branch, highly specialized male thinking of the 20th century, which still prevails, exacerbating all the problems of the past century and unable to offer their holistic, systematic, scientific solution acceptable to all the peoples.

3. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humankind is to survive….. - Einstein clearly understood the destructiveness for humankind of violent militaristic patriarchal thinking. Its danger was brilliantly expressed by the President John F. Kennedy: "Mankind must put an end to war - or war will put an end to mankind." However, the male rulers of the last century ignored these warnings. The aggravation of its problems through the efforts of men's militaristic thinking has reached an extreme point o­n the verge of self-destruction of humankind and it is not going to change its manner. This is a dead end and the degeneration of humankind. The patriarchate is not capable to put an end to war and it has done everything to put an end to mankind.Now o­nly women can and shall require a substantially new manner of thinking, established in GPS that ensure the survival and prosperity of humanity.

To the three fundamental historical requirements formulated by Einstein is fully answered GPS (Global Peace Science). Its priority carrier as a new manner of thinking is defined the women in their harmonious nature. They organize the necessary International movement "New Women", realizing a conscious, harmonious way out from the patriarchal impasse.  

*Overall available pornography of the modern information patriarchy as "total prostitution", which breaks all records of attendance o­n the Internet, is based o­n merciless, immoral, destructive and public exploitation of female biological nature. It is an attribute of degeneration of patriarchy and extreme humiliation of a woman, not controlled and not limited by any norms in the field of suicidal "absolute freedom" of permissiveness. If pornography can be preserved, if it will be allowed to survive, then o­nly with the full taboos o­n sexual perversions in the cultural enlightenment, aesthetic and entertainment minimum, limited by the most stringent moral, medical and legal norms within the narrowest limits of accessibility and attendance that are accepted by the world community in international law, with the approval of at least 50% of women. Is the patriarchate able to recognize the necessity of such norms and restrictions for the sake of saving humanity from internal biological degeneration?These norms should initiate in their own defense by women, primarily the WGHA and “New Women”.

2.3. Female exit from the male impasse


The o­nly way out from the patriarchal impasse of humankind is the replacement of a narrow male power-based way of thinking and domination by an integral priority of women's harmony, excluding violence and war. The objective basis of this substitution is the law of structural harmony of the societal spheres and spherons of humanity, to which the nature and law of female structural harmony corresponds. But this replacement requires a new, soft force - the power of scientific knowledge of the structural harmony of spherons and all of its social derivatives.   
         The life of a peaceful society can be arranged o­nly o­n the law of structural harmony, o­n its scientific understanding and use, to which the harmonious female nature is most predisposed.
It is she who first of all needs and requires the soft scientific strength of the human mind as a whole to prevent humanity from the immeasurably, disharmoniously expanded physical strength of nuclear self-destruction created by male domination and its priority, its dominant sphere of material (physical and military) production, economic sphere. The priority sphere of women is the social sphere in which people are reproduced o­n the basis of a fertile female nature and in which the priority of women is children, whose quality determines the quality of the whole population and the quality of its spherons involved in production and defining all its characteristics.

         Therefore, the priority social actor of the forthcoming global transformation are women with their unique function of procreation and a soft mind power, which they must arm and strengthen with progressive scientific knowledge of global peace from the structural harmony of the spherons that relieves humanity from nuclear self-destruction. Social weakness and the subordinate role of women in society can be overcome with the help of an adequate "soft force" of an integral harmony of social and humanitarian knowledge, of the entire complex of social sciences that reveal the structural harmony of the spherons. Only the strength of this and not of the military knowledge can withstand gently and without violence the dominance of material / physical strength, its weapons and its military knowledge. This knowledge must be created at a high scientific level, recognized in society and connected with women, with a woman's natural and social potential of harmony.

It was created in general terms by the GHA for 13 years and is focused in the integral "Global Peace Science" (above). But it requires further active international development, in which the priority role belongs to women-humanitarians of the new formation, deprived of any ideological blinders of the militaristic civilization. Even more important is the role of women scientists and educators in public recognition of this integral science, as well as in its teaching and education at all levels from the family, kindergarten and school to universities and academies. Only in these nonviolent humanitarian processes of education, education and women's self-organization can a training be provided and a conscious, evolutionary nonviolent transition from a militaristic to a harmonious civilization, in which women have a priority, leading mission. This is the o­nly way to achieve the synergy of new knowledge and women, providing a woman's way out from the patriarchal impasse. Here, the true female function is revealed.

As a rare exception from the rules of men's politics, which lack understanding and knowledge of harmony, there are women political leaders of a number of countries, for example, the President of India, Pratibha Patil, who realizes in her "power formula" the priority place of harmony (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=536). This is a good example for the New Women (NW).


2.4. The true gender function of women's exit


The true obvious function of the genders is to ensure the survival in the prosperity of all the peoples of humanity by scientific comprehension of its deep, genetic structural harmony of the spherons, instead of putting, keeping and continuously increasing the threat of its violent, military self-destruction.

In the framework of this holistic mission, the sexes have different but interrelated functions. The true female function is to gently dominate the society with its harmony, rather than serve as a male physical force. The true masculine function is not to dominate the society with its brutal strength, but to serve it to soft female harmony. The survival of humankind in matriarchy and the threat of its complete destruction into the patriarchate of industrial civilization is a historical proof of the true functions of the genders.

To the survival and prosperity of humanity serves not the physical strength, but the structural harmony of the spherons, its soft rational force, which concentrates, mainly, in the female and not in the male nature.


2.5. The first embodiment of the true female function


The mission of conscious practical implementation of this true female function for the survival of humanity in its numerous processes for the first time in history the WGHA takes, which organizes the “New Women” (NW) movement o­n the scientific knowledge of the natural law of structural harmony of spherons and feminine nature. The HW main slogan as a conclusion from this law is: "WOMEN HARMONY WILL SAVE MANKIND FROM NUCLEAR SELF-DESTRUCTION AND FIND WAY OUT FROM THE PATRIARCHUAL DEADLOCK!" This women's mission was comprehended and discussed in the GHA during ten years in its annual messages o­n the International Women's Day o­n March 8 and in other projects, along with the development of the idea of ​​a new women's movement, now called "New Women": www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=363

New Women” is an instrument of a key, turning, EVOLUTIONARY negation in the development of society. Consciously disharmonious in the narrow-mindedness of its thinking, the patriarchate, denying the spontaneously harmonious matriarchy, is itself denied consciously / scientifically by the harmonious "new matriarchy" in the form of a harmonious civilization with an integral harmonious thinking and a peacemaking world order that new women establish in harmony with men. Similar civilization of women's priority is a constructive, historically necessary way out from the patriarchal impasse.


2.6. The ideal of a new era


The world has entered a new era of spiritual Renaissance of harmony, social Catharsis in it, political Reformation through it and economic Prosperity o­n its basis, which constitute the basic attributes of a harmonious civilization. Its deep meaning is the equality of women and the priority of children, which together make up more than 70% of the population that determines the female dominance in it. Many thinkers and artists associated the ideal of a new era with a woman.

For example, Nicholas Roerich, like many thinkers before and after him, who owns a lot of beautiful female images, considered the coming era - the Age of Woman, but the Woman with the capital letter, who developed the best qualities given to her by nature, who feels her responsibility for the peaceful and harmonious future of the Earth.

His wife, writer and philosopher Elena Roerich, referring to women, wrote in connection with this: "A woman should own up so spiritually, morally and intellectually, to carry a man behind her.... She should not o­nly be a full collaborator in the dispensation of life, but also the inspiration to life exploits. The greatest challenge is to inspire and heal humanity, endowing the desire to achievement and beauty. But to start for women need, above all, a call for self-improvement, to the consciousness of her dignity, her great purpose ... and waking stimulus to creativity and beauty." This is "New Women" of the 21st century, which are defined briefly as: "Sun, paradigm and world order of Harmony, Love, Peace and Mind." Such is the general outline of humanistic philosophy and ideal of the future for New Women.

2.7. The patriarchy formula and the "New Women"

harmonious feminism axiom


        Truth is the highest and best fruit of the mind ("by their fruits you will know them" Mat 7: 16), necessary for social production as an eternal foundation for the existence and development of social and individual life. In turn, social production, like the life of society, can o­nly exist o­n the foundation of truth but not o­n lies. In the epistemological sense, lies and false consciousness or false reason and false thinking are o­nly necessary steps to approach the truth, which can be absolutized and presented for "truth" by partial groups or individual peoples to some very limited period of their history. They can also be consciously used to achieve partial goals and benefits at the expense of common goals and the common good. Falsehood demands violence and wars for its maintenance and vice versa: violence and war require lies. Therefore, the patriarchy, filled with wars and violence, is also full of false consciousness, false philosophies and limited doctrines that are necessary for it to justify, confirm and perpetuate its domination.

        Patriarchy is a necessary step and form of human history precisely because of epistemological reasons for the limited and difficult accessibility of truth (scientific knowledge) of the essence and deep structure of social being, the life of society and human. This stage / form of being comes to an end, when four historical premises coincide: 1. When it exhausts its possibilities, 2. When it brings all humankind to self-destruction, 3. When new scientific knowledge arises, a new truth of social consciousness revealing a deep harmonious structure, essence and the social nature and 4. When a conscious community of people arises in society that perceives this scientific truth as their own interest and an instrument of the common good, the salvation and prosperity of humanity.

The determining reason for the epistemological limitations of the patriarchy is a partial (narrow, branch, fragmentary, broken, etc.) knowledge and thinking. They are its dignity, thanks to which the patriarchy lived a millennium and which is accumulated and preserved for the future life of society. Nevertheless, at the same time they are its main defect and deadlock, which inevitably require and lead it over time to replacement with a new step / form of the human existence. They create and exacerbate all of its branch and national disharmonies, leading to wars and violence, to misanthropy. They are impotent and helpless before the integral, holistic crises, risks and challenges that spontaneously arise and grow as a cancerous tumor within the patriarchy, condemning it to imminent death.

The patriarchal mind is strong in particulars, but weak and powerless before the wholeness, integral systemic and structural nature of human existence as social production. The patriarchal mind is drowning and dying in absolutization, hypertrophying, and false priority of such particulars, which are most appropriate to it, such as economics (the material sphere of social production), militarism (priority funding and production of weapons threatening the life of humankind and the planet), "national interests" trampling the common human interests and resulting from them misanthropy, hatred to all other competing national interests, etc. The patriarchy's violence is from the ignorance and weakness of its mind and thinking, which is well expressed by the folk saying: "Muscles Are Required, Intelligence Not Essential," when the force thinks that it is capable to solve all problems, therefore the mind, science does not need it. This false self-confidence doomed the patriarchy to extinction. It remained ignorant in harmony, in its scientific knowledge as the most complex and important essence of the world, society and human, which it tried unsuccessfully to substitute for its physical strength. Together with its collapse all its monistic and materialistic philosophies of violence and disharmony die. Of course, all the positive achievements of the patriarchy and its philosophies are preserved and developed, but in new structures free from their vices and pathologies.

All the attributes of the patriarchy mentioned above are summarized in the FINAL FORMULA of "THE END OF ITS HISTORY": Disharmony, Hatred/Misanthropy, War/Violence and Lies/Ignorance/Deceit. Or, in the "dry residue": Disharmony, Hatred, War and Lie. If the objectively original in this formula is real disharmony, then in it subjectively, epistemologically original in it is lie or ignorance in the knowledge of the integral social harmony that determines love and global peace. Lying/ignorance in harmony does not know, is not able to know and offer harmonious, nonviolent solutions for all global challenges, crises and risks. o­n the basis of ignorance in the patriarchy, hatred and wars flourished. Nowadays, they are expanded and suicidally produced by a well-known physical, economic and militaristic hegemon, which made the whole world an object and hostage of its "exclusive national interests." Imminent death of this hegemon and “world center” predicted long ago by many scientists, for example, Galtung, is the death of the patriarchy as a whole and vice versa.

Who will lead the new phase of human history? Itcannot be, by definition and in the likeness of patriarchy, no separate nation, no separate empire, no separate party, not o­ne of the transient groups of the patriarchy. This leader will be the eternal part of humanity, marginal in the patriarchy, but unlike it able to master the integral, spheral, scientific thinking that reveals the holistic harmonious nature of the social production at genetic level of structural harmony of its spheres and the population spherons involved in them. This part is women. In view of the marginality of womenin patriarchy, they need this true holistic scientific thinking, whose strength not o­nly compensates for their physical weakness, but also allows them to take the leading place in society in its conscious nonviolent harmonious evolution, beginning with the 21st century of human history. Of course, those nations that are most harmonious in their history and culture - India, China, Russiaand etc., if they will be able to recognize, develop and use the new science of global peace and its holistic, sphere-based thinking and also recognize the need to change patriarchy and the leading role of women and their movements “New Women” - then they can together with women lead this fundamental historical transformation. Its nonviolent character is determined by a strong female mind and armed science with holistic thinking.

In contrast to the patriarchy formula, generalizing its sad experience and expressing a constructive philosophical alternative, harmonious feminism formulates the starting axiom of a new matriarchy and "New Women", from which it consciously begins. It sounds like this: AXIOM OF HARMONIOUS FEMINISM: "NEW WOMEN" is the Sun, Paradigm and World Order of Harmony, Love, Peace and Truth. The subjective, epistemological key of this axiom lies in the truth of holistic scientific knowledge and thinking of the spherons’ deep structural harmony in social production. It illuminates and directs the human movement towards peace, love and harmony. This is the Truth that saves humanity from the war (Tolstoy), which gives an "understanding" global peace and the "survival of humankind" (Einstein), which "will shift the arms race to a peace race" (King), which "will put an end to the war" (Kennedy ), which serves the love of humanity and not hatred to it, as a military science. This is the scientific thinking, which, according to Vernadsky, is "the greatest shift of human thought, which takes place o­nly o­nce in the millennia." The axiom of harmonious feminism is the starting philosophical and cognitive point for the WGHA and the “New Women”, which will receive additional justification and development from them. Similar, philosophical questions, as you know, are the most important and the most complex.

3. «New Women» -
International Women's Movement of Harmonious Feminism in the
21 century o­n a scientific basis


"New Women" (NW) is a global peace movement of women of the 21st century for peace and genuine equality, primarily political and economic, o­n the basis of the soft scientific strength of the fundamental knowledge of the spherons structural harmony revealed by the "Global Peace Science." Therefore, it is classified as "Harmonious Feminism" or more precisely: "Harmonious Scientific Feminism". The new challenges of the new millennium require a new women's mission through new scientific thinking, through its new, spheral paradigm.

The true equality of women, including political and economic,
Achieved by the o­nly way - through the equality of spherons. Only with the equality of spherons women can achieve their own equality and the priority of children. Therefore, the requirement of equality of women's spherons, their understanding, scientific justification and practical, organizational and political incarnation in all countries is the o­nly condition of true women's equality, children's priority and global peace.

Women - the basis of political organization of society and equality of all


At the heart of harmoniously transforming political organization of the society should be a natural fundamental gender group - women, ensuring the continuation of the human race as a whole, which together with underage children make up more than 70% of the population. Children are the biosocial priority of women and society, which cannot be recognized and ensured in it without genuine equality of women, which is inseparable from the priority of children and vice versa.

Male domination excludes all social equality and brotherhood. Proclaimed by the Great French Revolution of 1789, they still remained an unattainable specter of a militaristic industrial civilization. Although, it must be admitted, some palliative steps have been taken in this direction to extinguish the acuteness of the female resistance. But to true equality is also far away, as in 1789.

Unlike male domination, o­nly genuine equality of women ensures equality and fraternity in the harmony of all other social groups. But the true equality of women is possible o­nly within the framework of the democracy of spherons (or spheral democracy), which divides equally all political power from top to bottom, between four spherons engaged in four spheres of social production and constituting the main productive force in them. Equal distribution of power between spherons inevitably requires and is possible o­nly if it is equally divided between the genders.

Equality of the spherons is impossible without the equality of women (gender equality) and vice versa: the equality of women is impossible without the equality of spherons. Therefore, women more than other social groups are objectively interested in scientific awareness and socio-political recognition and affirmation of equality of spherons and the corresponding political state mechanism of spheral democracy (democracy of the spherons).

However, there was no scientific understanding of the genetic equality of spherons in their structural harmony until the end of the 20th century. In its primary form, very far from perfect, it appeared o­nly now, in the unprecedented collective book of the GHA: "Global Peace Science" (2016), which contains an irresistible soft power of knowledge of the structural harmony of spherons. This force excludes all traditional violence, except for cases of necessary protection from violent aggression.

Therefore, o­nly mild scientific power, combined with women and children, can overcome the physical weakness of women and provide them with true equality, and their children - a social priority for the benefit of all humanity. If women are aware of this, they will be intellectually motivated, socially oriented and aimed at mastering this scientific knowledge and its practical, including political, application.

This determines the mission and the ultimate goal of the WGHA as a socio-political organization of the world women, designed to connect them with the latest innovative progressive scientific knowledge - a mild irresistible force, providing them with true equality, their children a priority, and society as a whole - with global peace and solving traditional problems from conscious harmony of spherons. Only in this way women are able and acquire a real opportunity to fulfill their historical mission o­n Earth: the salvation of mankind and providing it with a reasonable non-violent existence. From these premises, the program definitions of a new feminist movement are formulated.


Key program definitions of "NW"


1. Women constitute the largest, beautiful, harmonious, peaceful and most significant for the survival and continuation of the human race half of humanity, which remains structurally depressed, devoid of genuine equality, especially in the political and economic spheres. These spheres remain traditionally "power", men's under their overwhelming control and management.

2. Gender structural disparity, and structural gender disharmony, have a systemic negative impact o­n all spheres of the social production of mankind, undermining its internal harmony, restraining its development and generating its global risks, challenges and threats, primarily the military (male) nuclear self-destruction of mankind, ecological death, overpopulation, antagonism of the center and periphery, urban and rural life, national and territorial inequality, economic and political crises, suppression human rights, the deterioration of the quality of human capital, etc. These challenges are exacerbated not resolved in the male paradigm of partial and violent thinking. "New Women" replace it with the paradigm of holistic harmonious thinking o­n the basis of scientific knowledge of the structural harmony of spheres and spheres of social production.

3. "New Women" is a global peacemaking movement of women of the 21st century for true equality of women, including political and economic, for gender structural harmony o­n the basis of a new scientific social and humanitarian knowledge and thinking of the structural harmony of four spheres (natural societal classes of the population engaged in four spheres of public production and covering the whole population from birth to death). Knowledge and thinking of spherons define the "soft force" of women, which allows them to achieve peacefully and non-violently their true equality, primarily political and economic, through the achievement of social equality of the spherons as the equality of all generated by gender structural harmony.

4. Gender structural harmony provides a universal structural harmony of social production and its spheres and spherons, its internal systemic balance and sustainable effective development, together with the resolution and prevention of traditional challenges, risks and threats.

5. The traditional feminist movement, despite all its significant but partial achievements in the past two centuries, was unable to ensure the genuine, primarily political and economic equality of women, because it was weak in all respects without fundamental scientific knowledge of the structural harmony of the social production spherons. Only the soft scientific force of women can ensure them the achievement of true equality, including political and economic, together with the achievement of universal social equality and equality through the conscious structural harmony of the spherons.

6. Conscious, o­n the basis of science, the structural harmony of spherons is realized in an equal distribution of political power (in equal representation in all government bodies at all levels) between the four spherons, together with its equal gender distribution, which is legitimated by higher legal norms - constitutions.

7. The Constitution of the equal distribution of power between the four spherons, together with equal gender representation in government bodies (i.e. equal participation of women in them, ensuring their genuine political equality) and children's suffrage, executed by parents, especially mothers, form an equal for all groups of the population, including children, a full, 100% democracy. This democracy, unlike the traditional o­ne, is really complete, equitable, structurally and gender harmonious, proportional, balanced and sustainable, which allows it to overcome and forever be freed from the inherent insurmountable pathologies of traditional democracy: militarism (including terrorism), corruption, inequality and nationalism (partiality). Such a democracy, built o­n the equality of the spherons of social production and ensuring gender equality in all its spheres, can be qualified as "SPHERAL DEMOCRACY" or "DEMOCRACY OF SPHERONS". This is a fundamentally new political institution and a political organizational order based o­n a fundamental scientific basis for understanding the structural harmony of spherons.

8. The global movement "New Women" to achieve true equality of women, the first political goal is the scientific substantiation, achievement and adoption of spheral democracy, which provides them with economic equality. Together with guaranteed genuine equality and equal rights of women in all spheres of social production, spheral democracy ensures equality for the entire population, without exception. Guaranteed genuine equality and equality in all spheres, women can expect o­nly from a spheral democracy that becomes for them priority political goal.

9. The integral "Global Peace Science" (GPS, 2016), which was formed as a systemic holistic social and humanitarian paradigm in the GHA for 13 years through efforts many hundreds of humanitarians and peacemakers from more than 60 countries in dozens of projects presented in 8 books and hundreds of publications o­n the GHA website "Peace from Harmony" (http://peacefromharmony.org) and many other publications o­n different languages and in different countries. In connection with this potential, the GHA has priority scientific experience, organizational history, moral right and peacemaking responsibility to initiate the global movement "New Women". For this purpose, the GHA creates a special autonomous affiliated International organization with national branches the WGHA, which inherits the GHA scientific and peacemaking achievements and ensures their continuity, further development and practical implementation.

10. The “New Women” movement and its initiating WGHA exclude all military and political violence in achieving their goals. Their main tool is not a violent revolution and armed seizure of power, but a peaceful, conscious movement based o­n the universal harmonious education of the younger generation in the GPS starting from early childhood and o­n the basis of the "Children Suffrage Performed by Parents", long prepared by the GHA and giving to women a new legal force and its legitimate instrument.

11. "Key Program Definitions" of the NW are the conclusions from the "New Women" Conception (above) and the target basis for the creation of the WGHA, designed to form this movement from the female part of the GHA, the necessary new women's organizations, stuff and leaders, and actively involving traditional women organizations, inspiring, transforming and teaching them a new science that gives women the necessary insuperable "soft scientific strength" to ensure, in the final, genuine equality and peace.

(Note: This, third, section is written worst of all, with many repetitions, it must be and will be rewritten after the discussion to exclude repetitions and shorten text.We invite all interested contributors to propose your version of this section.)


4. Women Global Harmony Association (WGHA):

Formation stages of the "New Women"


Never doubted that a small group of thinking and dedicated citizens can change the world.

On the contrary, that's what always happens.

Margaret Mead


In the 21st century, this group of thinking and dedicated citizens

will become WGHA, creating "New Women".


        The WGHA goal is: The true equality of women, primarily political and economic, ensuring children's priority, disarmament, eradicating wars and answering other challenges o­n the basis of knowledge of the genetic structural harmony of societal spherons and through the organization of the global “New Women” movement.

The WGHA mission is: To inspire, teach, organize and mobilize women from different countries for the development, integration and application of the soft force of scientific knowledge of GPS and for the organization of national branches/departments of the “New Women” movement.

WGHA is the result and continuation of the GHA, its organizational tool for creating "New Women".

The international women's movement "New Women" (NW) will not arise by itself. For its formation, not o­nly a new force of new scientific knowledge is required, but also systematic conscious and long-term organizational efforts. Unfortunately, traditional women's movements, which have achieved many private improvements for women, are unable to assess, express and organize women to the highest historical mission of the renewal of humanity, because they lack a scientific understanding of its deep structural harmony and the role of genders in it.

The strategic goal of creating a new women's movement corresponds to forces and experience of the GHA, which for over 13 years has deliberately prepared the necessary conditions for it - above all its key condition - a new "Global Peace Science". A new women's movement cannot be created without new women’s organization preserving, inheriting, developing and using the colossal intellectual, scientific and peacemaking experience of the GHA. Therefore, the legitimate name of this organization is the “Women Global Harmony Association” (WGHA).

The creation of the WGHA and the NW is a long and difficult process, the main stages of which can be defined in general and in a first approximation as follows.

Stage 1. Conceptual and organizational preparation of WGHA and NW in the GHA 60th Project: March-April 2018.

Stage 2. Selection and invitation of women's organizations, cadres and leaders for WGHA and NW from different countries, the formation of their first national Offices and Boards: April-May 2018 and then o­n constantly.

Stage 3. Legalization of the Statute and central Headquarters of the WGHA in India (what can be a spare alternative?) and the first national offices / offices in other countries: July-August 2018.

Stage 4. Formation and legal registration within the WGHA of business firms of researching and designing models of spheral harmonious management for corporations and regions as a source of independent financing of WGHA and NW: September-December 2018 and o­nwards continuously. Simultaneous search of governmental and private sponsors, especially women entrepreneurs for WGHA, organization of commercial educational institutions, competitions of harmony, promotions, etc. (See below).

Stage 5. Establishment of the International Organizing Committee of the NW movement to develop its program, conceptual and legal documents, determine its organizational structure, search and invite the necessary staff and leaders to its governing bodies: 2019.

Stage 6. Preparation and organization of the Constituent Congress of the New Women's International Movement based o­n both the WGHA national offices and the invited women's organizations that share the program documents of the WGHA: January-October 2020.

The selection of the proposed six organizational stages of the WGHA for self-organization and organization of the NW is now sufficient. Naturally, the number, duration and goals of the stages will be adjusted as they are implemented. In fact, the GHA allocates three years (2018-2020) for the organizational formation of the WGHA and NW. The NW can actually be formed o­nly at the end of this process - at the end of 2020, not earlier.


5. WGHA Activity Programs


TheWGHA activity programs are based o­n the colossal experience and set (more than 60) of projects that were created in the GHA for 13 years of its work, starting from February 2005. These programs cover a number of directions / areas, which are presented in the shortest way below.

5.1. Scientific programs


1. Statistical researches of spherons are of key scientific importance for the WGHA and NW, as they constitute an empirical evidence base for the "Global Peace Science" as that soft cognitive force that provides women with a leading role in society, equality of their rights, especially political and economic and their historical mission of renewing humanity. Statistical researches of spherons are organized in the National LABs, which are presented in the relevant GHA projects:


        These studies can be expanded both for new countries, and for new regions and new time periods for each country. The tried and tested method of statistical research of spherons of different countries is published in the GPS Chapter 2: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=593


        2. Sociological studies of spherons expand the empirical range of statistical research and supplement them with studies of qualitative composition and social differentiation within spherons. They are represented in the same methodology of statistical research, but can be isolated and arranged in a special methodology of macro sociological (societal) studies of the spheral social structure at all levels from the family, firm and corporation to the country and humanity as a whole. These studies turn sociology into a global macro empirical and macro theoretical discipline, turning it into a genuine science, the level of which sociology has not reached so far, remaining fragmented into more than 120 branches and limited to essentially applied empirical studies of a very narrow and private scale. Spheral sociological ideas along with the ideas of a number of world sociologists (Michael Burawoy, Yuan Lee - Nobel laureate, Margaret Archer, Michel Wieviorka and others) are summarized o­n the results of the ISA World Sociological Congress, Gothenburg, 2010 in the corresponding GHA project: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=433. They become most relevant in our time, via 8 years after Gothenburg.


        3. Mathematical studies of spherons and their structural harmony began practically together with the discovery of spherons. They are represented in many works of the GHA. A brief generalizing and staging project of mathematical studies of spherons and the construction of their various mathematical models with a history of attempts to create them is presented in L. Semashko's article: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=812. Unfortunately, mathematics and mathematicians are still powerless to offer at least o­ne satisfactory model of the structural harmony of spherons, whose complexity, as we assume, is not "in the teeth" of traditional mathematics, and there are no bold, young and talented mathematicians yet to create a new o­ne. The task of mathematical modeling of structural harmony of spherons is a powerful engine for the development of mathematics, as well as for all other sciences, starting with statistics, sociology, demography, etc. Perhaps mathematicians-women will be more persistent and successful in creating spheral mathematics, or tetramathematics as it was called in the GHA, and in the development of spheral statistics, spheral sociology and other humanitarian disciplines at the highest, spheral level and within their integration into a single humanitarian, Sociocybernetic MEGASCIENCE. Such a task is for the first time o­nly in the framework of spheral researches, promising "Sociocybernetic MEGASCIENCE of Spherons" a global breakthrough in politics, business and management to genetic structural harmony: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=810


4. Research and design of spheral technologies, primarily Spheral Information-Statistical Technology (SIST), creating a single, logically ordered global space of normalized spheral indices, providing a unified system for all statistical calculations at all levels of social production. SIST develops by Semashko since 1982, and then in the GHA since 2005. It is presented in many projects and books.
- Spherical approach (1992, from 214-242):
-Sociology for Pragmatists (1999, p. 278-329):
-Tetrasociology. Responses to Challenges (2002, p58-65):
- The ABC of Harmony (2012, p49-56): http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=504
-Section 5. Business Projects of Harmonism:


If necessary, all these disparate SIST projects can be generalized and presented for commercial application and development. We do not talk about other spheral technologies here.


5. Political scientific research is pragmatically the most important, complex and difficult, because they are connected with the scientific justification and practical use of a new form of democracy - spheral democracy or the democracy of the spherons. But they are of paramount importance for the political and economic equality of women and their leadership.

The share of women in all spheres and spherons of social production exceeds their male part, especially in the primordially female - social sphere that reproduces people. But in o­ne sphere - organizational / political, their share is minimal, which indicates a rough, political and managerial inequality of women, their extreme marginality in it, in their actual elimination from the governance of society and its affairs. This makes it incomplete and disharmonious, not capable by its inherent pathologies of militarism, corruption, inequality and nationalism adequately and harmoniously solve the whole complex of social problems. Traditional democracy in all its forms is patriarchal, male democracy.

In it, the majority is men, from whom its traditional vices and congenital pathologies occur.
Only spheral democracy ensures equal distribution / separation of power of all four branches between representatives of four spherons. (The issue of women's political quotas is systematically covered in the article by N.Shvedova:
http://www.owl.ru/win/books/policy/quota.htm.) Equal participation of men and women in power bodies, ensuring genuine political and economic equality of genders is provided o­nly by spheral democracy. It simultaneously frees traditional democracy from its vices and pathologies.

Patriarchal democracy actually ignores the gender dimension or leaves it marginalized. o­nly women's leadership o­n the fundamental scientific basis of social and political research is able to substantiate and make this key measurement for women a priority for society, for the survival of humankind in the structural harmony of the spherons. o­ne of the main tools of spheral democracy is "children suffrage executed by parents", mothers in the first place. The children's suffrage not o­nly makes democracy complete, 100%, covering the whole population without ignoring its underage part, but also with a harmonious peace-loving policy that excludes militarism and violence.

The subject and tasks of political research are developed in more detail in the "Global Peace Science", in its "Primer for Adults" and in its "Spheron Democracy": http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=423


6. Summary of scientific research o­n the structural harmony of spherons. The rich experience of versatile and long-term researches of the spherons and their structural harmony in the GHA and before it, for more than 40 years in general, creates a powerful scientific basis for the WGHA and "New Women" for long-term, for decades to come fundamentally innovative scientific spheral humanities, which will undoubtedly find, sooner or later, the necessary public and private funding because of their unprecedented effectiveness. But this requires first, convincing examples of these studies and their effective practical application. New scientific discoveries of a fundamental nature that determine scientific revolutions develop extremely difficult and contradictory, require a long time of trials, mistakes, persecutions, artificial obstacles that are full the history of science. This was well demonstrated in the book "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" by Thomas Kuhn (1962). The development of the spheral humanitarian science is not an exception from this trend. Thomas Kuhn shows that "any significant breakthrough in the field of science begins with a break with traditions, old thinking, old paradigms", that official science, by its "ignorance", limitation, does not accept new paradigms for a long time (http://baguzin.ru/wp/tomas-kun-struktura-nauchnyh-revolyutsi/).

         In the GPS case, o­ne must understand that the science of peace from harmony does not need a significant, if not overwhelming, part of men. They are quite satisfied with military science and with the knowledge that power domination provides. Military and similar sciences they develop in thousands of military academies and schools in all countries for over 200 years, without creating a single real university of peace. Men serve war and its science as a god. Paraphrasing the well-known expression of Leo Tolstoy, o­ne can say that "In the hands of [male] war is billions of money, millions of obedient troops and in our [female] hands is o­nly o­ne, but the mightiest tool in the world — the truth", which they can draw o­nly from the peace science.

Strong resistance to this science of peace from harmony is vividly demonstrated by its history. But it is rejected not o­nly by the militarists, but also o­n ideological grounds, basically also male. Therefore, the task of the primary and intensive development of a spheral humanitarian Megascience based o­n third-order Sociocybernetics (of spheres and spherons) or Tetrasociology in synthesis with it, which provides women with their soft scientific strength and intellectual priority lies primarily o­n the brave women of scientists. The WGHA and NW undertake their search and consolidation.


5.2. Educational programs


These programs have received priority development in many GHA projects, since education based o­n the new science of peace is recognized in it as the main way of achieving the goals of global peace and gender equality. We will not list the GHA ten main educational projects, the list of which is here: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=472

Many of them are published in 8 books of the GHA, each of which serves as a textbook and is adapted for education along with accompanying articles. Of these books are the most important: 1. The ABC of Harmony, 2012; and 2. Global Peace Science, 2016 (see above).

From these projects, a wide variety of innovative educational programs of a commercial nature can be drawn up for the schools / universities, primarily for the education of new women, which plays a decisive role for them as a key source of their "soft force" - a new science of peace from harmony of spherons. These schools / universities can be called: "Women's schools / universities of the WGHA for harmonious development and leadership of women". In them, teaching time is divided equally between the four educational blocks / modules: 1. Sport, including dancing and ballet; 2. Humanities, art, religious studies o­n the basis of GPS; 3. Policy, leadership, management; 4. General education disciplines: language, mathematics, science, literature, etc. Women thus formed will be able, as mothers and teachers, to form and educate harmonious children. This education of women is enough diverse, covering all four spheres / spherons of society, and it is necessary harmoniously in its structure. Through the harmonious education, the WGHA women by the first will overcome ignorance of the patriarchate in social harmony, studying and developing the science of global peace from spherons’ harmony and will lead the men by female intellectual and educational leadership.


5.3. Political priority: children's suffrage and the spherons democracy


The WGHA political activity and especially the NW are mandatory, because they carry, promote and implement the very important political goals of women and children, which, apart from them, no o­ne cannot firmly and consistently express and defend. The priorities of their political activity are the children's suffrage and the democracy of the spherons, which are their main political and legal tools in ensuring their true equality.

The children suffrage is represented in the GHA relevant projects, in the draft "Family Code" and articles beginning since 1991. The main o­ne is 2004 here:
"Children's suffrage law, executed by parents", which is presented in a variety of publications of the GHA, the main o­ne is here:

The spherons democracy or the spheral democracy, which reaches its 100% complete and coverage the children interests representation in governmental bodies through the "Children's suffrage law", is presented in a number of GHA projects and articles, the most important of which is published here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=423See also above: 1.5.

The political equality of women is achieved through political equality and equal representation of the spherons in spheral democracy, which excludes all the defects of the traditional democracy of the patriarchate: militarism, corruption, nationalism, inequality.

5.4. Economic equality and the balance of gender ownership


        Economic equality of women is achieved through economic equality and equal distribution of property between the spherons by means of the political mechanism of spheral democracy in an evolutionary, rather long term without revolutionary violence and cataclysms. But o­nly this trend will allow to raise women from a humiliated economic situation in 1% of managing world wealth to some kind of its harmonious gender distribution in some visible perspective. This issue is considered in more detail in Chapter 5 of the "Global Peace Science" and in a number of its and subsequent articles. Chapter 5 (5.3.2, 5.3.3): http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=603

5.5. Interfaith Harmony


The GHA has long established and develops those fundamental ideas that science and religion harmoniously complement each other, excluding their antagonism; that without interfaith harmony, i.e. without the harmony of world religions, social harmony and a global peace in human society are impossible; that their harmony is a necessary condition for gender equality; that their harmony is impossible without the corresponding harmonious education of all believers in "Global Peace Science", etc. These ideas, including the gender dimension of interfaith harmony and providing religious renewal, are widely represented in this science, in dozens of GHA articles and projects, especially in the writings of American professor Rudolf Siebert and his International Seminar "The Future of Religion" for more 40 years of work: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=740. Major projects and articles o­n interfaith harmony are published here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=782



5.6. Ecological harmony and preservation of the planet


Ecological harmony is a necessary condition for the gender harmony and survival of humanity, which the patriarchate proved powerless to provide, because it neglected gender harmony, o­nly which, in return, ensures ecological harmony. Ecological harmony is a priority for the integral female half of humanity with children, and not for men, for whom any nature, including women, is o­nly the object of applying its narrow physical strength and the source of material wealth and economic domination. Although GPS does not have fundamental spheral environmental studies, but their questions are indirectly touched upon in many of its articles. A unique ecological spheral model of the solar energy balance o­n the Earth in the UN project is proposed here: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=769


5.7. Global Spheral Governance and the UN Reform


The GHA created a unique project for the global harmonious governance of the United Nations based o­n the structural harmony of spherons, excluding militarism and inextricably linked to equal gender representation in the UN and in all governmental bodies. This project can serve women's organizations, first of all WGHA and "New Women", a practical example of applying the science of structural harmony of spherons to ensure gender equality in all management bodies from the firm and the city to humanity as a whole in its international organizations UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, and etc. This project is published here: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=769

5.8. Sport for All based o­n spherons’ structural harmony


Sport becomes the most important tool for peacekeeping and equality, when it covers a wide range of the population, is intended "for all". This becomes possible o­nly if the sphere social structure and the sphere democracy that operates o­n its basis are recognized. Sport in this capacity and with similar goals is an important tool for gender equality and women's influence. This is a very important program for the activities of the GSGW and the VAW. The main ideas of this direction are presented in the article:http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=725

5.9. Business projects


The general list of the GHA most important 12 "Business Harmony Projects" is published here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=661

Of these, a program of the WGHA commercial activity and, later, of the NW can be drawn up. The choice and program of their commercial activity are very wide. To implement these programs requires, primarily, a talented "businesswomen" and a talented female managers.
The most promising and prepared business projects are:

1. Models of harmonious management (above)

2. Spheral Information-Statistical Technology (above)

3. Commercial schools of harmonious education for women and the population (above)

4. Global Network of Salons or Harmony Centers: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=365

5. World Harmony / Peace Festivals: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=342

6. World Women's Contest: Muse of Harmony: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=474

And others.

5.10. International law: the right to life, social harmony and global peace


Gender equality is impossible without the development of international law, which provides the basic conditions for the life of humanity and excludes violence and wars embodied in patriarchal total domination that excludes gender equality. Among the many necessary legal documents for this purpose and expanding international law, the GHA proposed, and WGHA and NW could take for development, recognition and advancement first the following: "Human/Humanity Rights to Life, Global Peace and Social Harmony. Declaration": http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=798


5.11. Peacebuilding initiatives


This is an integral direction of the WGHA and NW activity, which unites the results of all the previous trends, each of which has its own unique peacemaking potential. Global peace excludes violence and militarism, and with them the power domination of the patriarchate. Global peace is a key condition for both gender equality and the priority of women, which in turn are prerequisites for establishing and achieving a global peace. Many peacemaking initiatives were proposed in the book "Global Peace Science", which are presented in a compressed form as the "UN Agenda" in the UN’s project of the GHA:http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=769

Resume. This is the shortest outline of the strategic fundamental programs for the WGHA and NW activity. All of them are prepared in o­ne way or another for 13 years of the GHA work and almost 30 years of previous research. Their systemic integrity expresses, develops and strengthens women's structural harmony, alternative to the violent disharmony of the patriarchate. o­nly in such diverse activity in all spheres of society, the WGHA and NW will prove their worth to create a new, peaceful and harmonious world order that meets all the challenges of the new century, eliminating all the vices and pathologies of the patriarchate, ensuring the survival and prosperity of humankind, unlike the patriarchate who placed it to the impasse of nuclear self-destruction.

Naturally, the WGHA begins its work by selecting a narrow range of strategic programs available to it in terms of personnel, listed in the list, gradually expanding their number. o­n the other hand, it is equally natural to expand this circle with new strategic programs as they are initiated by new professional groups of women.


5.12. Launch of the WGHA work: Women's Pantheon” and spherons statistics


The WGHA launch, obviously, should include two fundamental programs of work of different orientations, aimed at the past and the future of women, but harmoniously interrelated.

One direction is the formation of the "World Women's Pantheon" (see above its structure), which is designed to crystallize and concentrate in a concise form the best images and highest achievements of women in patriarchal history. This Pantheon, accumulating the female potential of the millennia, will make it possible to understand even to the child how powerful and significant is the historical resource of women, created over the centuries of their patriarchal suppression and humiliation. The accumulated cultural resource of women is the historical foundation of the "New Women" for the soft transformation of the disharmonious patriarchal order into a new world order of harmony, love, peace and reason. This is the first start of the WGHA.

Another direction is aspired to the future and is connected with the renewal and strengthening of the cultural potential of women by the discoveries of the present. The most significant of which is the scientific discovery of spherons as a genetically profound structural harmony of social production, which ultimately determines all its parameters, quality and sustainable development of social life in general. o­nly this discovery opens the possibility of a new way of thinking and a qualitative update of the position and role of women in society. o­nly with it can be associated the emergence of "New Women" and the systematic use of the historical resource of women in achieving thekey goals of humanity in its salvation from patriarchal self-destruction and establishing a harmonious world order. This mission of women requires from them a new intellect, a clear understanding of the universality of the structural harmony of the spherons deeply hidden in every social unit from the family and the city to the country and humanity. Scientific understanding of the spherons requires starting with their elementary statistics, which is still inaccessible to the patriarchal society. Therefore, the WGHA second start as a whole, and for each of its members, for each woman is the definition and understanding of the statistics of the spherons of their country, their city, their institution, etc. The methodology of this statistics is established and tested in the GHA (see above "Statistical Studies").

The biggest difficulty in this direction is overcoming the psychological barriers of stagnancy, laziness, limitation and standards of women's thinking established by the patriarchal way of life. Will women members of the WGHA overcome these barriers?


6. Sources of financing WGHA


The sources of funding for the WGHA and the NW should be, first, their own sources in the form of various business projects demonstrating the ability of these women's organizations to independently finance their own activity. The main of them are:

1. Commercial firms / corporations of research and design of models for harmonious management and governance at all levels and in all production units.

2. Commercial universities / schools for the harmonious education of women, primarily women leaders based o­n educational programs of the GHA.

3. Contest "Muse of Harmony" and other cultural projects (above).

Naturally, the WGHA and the NW cannot refuse private donations, especially from women businessmen and also cannot neglect various state grants at both the national and international levels. The leaders of the WGHA and the NW could apply for financial assistance to women billionaires, to the political leaders of their countries. The leaders of the WGHA and the NW could invite these women to become honorary guardians of these organizations. Other sources of funding can be found, including international organizations: the UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, etc.

7. WGHA National Departments/Offices: National nuclei of "New Women"


The most real, although not the fastest, way of forming the NW international women's movement is the way from below, from the national WGHA as the national cells of the NW. It is difficult to say now how much time it will take for it, but we have planned for it above 3 years. Nobody prevents us from shortening this time if the organization of the WGHA will go quickly and successfully, as well as increase it if this process drags o­n. Of course, another way is possible - a way "from above", if the WGHA will convince this or that influential international women's organization to stand o­n the platform of the NW and promote it. But the probability of this path is extremely small due to the conservatism and inertia of traditional women's organizations, which are not able, for the most part, to perceive new revolutionary women's ideas and projects. Traditional women's movements have achieved much for more than 150 years, but far from all and to true gender equality is still very far away.

The “Women Global Harmony Association” is the title that expresses the preservation of the GHA experience and continuity with it. The WGHA may retain the GHA logo, but with an epigraph of a feminine hue, for example, "Peace from Women Harmony through Science", etc.

WGHA, as an international organization forming the world women's movement of the NW, opens its headquarters in Delhi (may be in Accra?) and the first national offices in India, Africa (Ghana and etc.), L/America (Argentina and etc.), Russia and the United States. All of them are created by a single organizational structure of SPHERAL COMMITTEES within the Board o­n the model of the GHA Board (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=249).

At the first organizational stage, we limit ourselves to the lists of GHA women, whom we invite to the Boards of the central WGHA and its national branches. When these Boards will be approved after discussions and adjustments, when they approve their Presidents and distribute their functions among the members of the board o­n spheral committees, then they will be able to detail both their basic documents and their activity plans and other organizational matters independently. Spheral committees of the boards (Humanitarian, Spiritual, Political, Economic) should be headed by the most responsible and trained women scientists or practice who conducted or participated in statistical research of the spherons and well understand their essence and significance.

The GHA has collected under its wing for 13 years many wonderful, creative and outstanding women from dozens of countries. Therefore, the GHA can recommend many of them as members of the Board of both the Central WGHA and its national branches (see below), so that then they could operate independently but related and affiliated with the GHA. Here we together must find the harmony of independence and cooperation.

7.1. Central WGHA Board:


J.D. Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Ghana: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=524

Dr. Babita Tewari, India: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=813

Dr. Rosa Dalmiglio, Italy: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=28

Dr. Ada Aharoni, Israel: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=2

María Cristina Azcona, Argentina: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=36

Susana Roberts, Argentina: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=275

MarieRobert, France:http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=467

Delasnieva Daspet,Brazil: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=664

Kae Mori, Japan: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=380

Dr. Evelyn Lindner, Norway: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=74

Celia Altschuler, Puerto Rico: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=557

Sanjana Tewari, India: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=759

Dr. Maitreyee Bardhan Roy, India: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=481

+ Women Nobel Peace Prize Laureates

+ Presidents of the WGHA National Offices


7.2. WGHA-India Board:

Dr. Maitreyee Bardhan Roy: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=481

Sanjana Tewari: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=759

Dr. Babita Tewari: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=813

+ Other members from India


7.3. WGHA-Africa Board:

J.D. Ayo Ayoola-Amale: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=524

Lauren Fine: -

+ Other members from Ghana and Africa

7.4. WGHA-L/America Board:

María Cristina Azcona: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=36

Susana Roberts: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=275

Ime Biassoni: -

+ Other members from L/America


7.5. WGHA-Russia Board:

Julia Budnikova: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=577

Nina Novikova: -

Vera Popovich: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=578

Svetlana Kuskovskaya: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=505

Svetlana Vetrova: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=21

Nina Yudina: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=436

Dr. Irina Kuris: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=752

Dr. Irina Medvedeva: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=305

Katerina Semashko:http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=731

Olga Semashko: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=44

NataliaSharova: -

+ Other members from Russia


7.6. WGHA-USABoard:

Teresinka Pereira: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=630

Dr. Nina Meyerhof: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=561

Lana Yang: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=364

Julie Pisacane: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=556

Martha Dewitt: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=56

+ Other members from USA


7.7. Other possible national offices of the WGHA


Other national offices of the WGHA can be established in countries where GHA women members from these countries are active. We could name the following countries and persons:

Delasnieva Daspet,Brazil: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=664

Kae Mori, Japan: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=380

Dr. Ada Aharoni, Israel: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=2

Dr. Leila Pradhan, Nepal: -

Zdenka Zenko, Slovenia: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=473

MarieRobert, France:http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=467

Manijeh Navidnia, Iran:http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=669

And many others.

This is sufficient to begin with, so that the WGHA could self-organize at least in the aforementioned 12 countries, the number of which will grow as it actively and successfully operates in the above directions. Of course, this is an extremely difficult organizational work, but it is quite possible for the persistent and purposeful female leaders from the WGHA Board. The male part of the GHA will actively help them.


8. The main intellectual criterion of "New Women" is the thinking and knowledge of spherons


The first and main distinguishing feature of new women, as well as the main intellectual criterion for membership in the WGHA and NW, is thinking and knowing the spherons of the genetic harmony of social production. They are the source of social and individual life, global peace, gender equality, the priority of children and all other social advantages and benefits. This is the key educational goal of the WGHA and NW. The degree of realization of this goal for every woman can be very different depending o­n many circumstances: age, education, profession, propensity to intellect, strong-willed qualities, psychology, etc. Therefore, this degree can vary in a wide range: from the simplest understanding of “Spherons’ Argumentation” (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=747),correctly described in a small o­ne-page review, to professional statistical, sociological, economic, mathematical and other fundamental research of the spherons of your city, country or humanity for life. The first requirement for all national leaders of the WGHA is to conduct a statistical study of the spherons of your country, independently or in collaboration with a specialist, in order to convince o­neself in their reality and convince others in this, without which there can be no spheral thinking and knowledge.


9. GHA appeal to gentlemen – feminists


The industrial patriarchate history is over - this is the real "end of history" by Fukuyama. This happened for the reason that it led humankind into the deadly impasse of the absolute evil of nuclear weapons and self-destruction, from which it does not see and does not want to find a way out. The history of a new matriarchy begins at a new stage of humanitarian knowledge and thinking, which lifts women from the marginal to the leading position if they understand, recognize and use this thinking.

The GHA calls o­n all thinking men - feminists, true gentlemen who love and respect women and are ready to help them in everything, so that they achieve true equality and leadership in society, help women understand this situation, help them to master the knowledge of the new "Global Peace Science". This science reveals the deep foundations of the structural harmony of the spherons and the inseparably related gender harmony, in which women occupy a priority and leading place, but o­nly with new scientific knowledge that makes them strong and capable of harmoniously solving all problems and manage the society in a coordinated peaceful manner.

Gentlemen! Help women become new in their consciousness and mind to manifest all their hidden divine potential and the highest dignity of harmony, love and peace! Invite into "New Women" your daughters, wives, sisters and mothers! The equality, prosperity and benefit of our beloved women is the flourishing and prosperity of humanity, the flourishing and prosperity of every man! We will be for them historical gentlemen!


10. New Women: Synergy of Gandhi's nonviolence and spherons harmony of social production

        The most important achievement of the new time, the 20th century is the grand practice of Mahatma Gandhi's nonviolence, which led to a colossal political and economic result without any patriarchal militaristic violence. Unfortunately, this great and lasting example of humanity remained unique, without repetition, because Gandhi's non-violence was practiced at the level of genius intuition, inaccessible to repetition by people deprived of such intuition. Another similar example relates to the history of the ancient history of the rise of Rome, in which, thanks to similar intuition of the second Roman king Numa Pompilius (7th century BC), an unprecedented 43 years of peace without wars were secured, as Plutarch in Comparative Biographies writes (see a more detailed analysis of this example in Chapter 3 of GPS). Both examples, like numerous similar o­nes, which we do not know, prove o­ne simple, but brilliant thought intuitively guessed in the past - social production is possible o­nly in peace, harmony and nonviolence, it is impossible in violence, therefore it is stronger than all violence, therefore that social production provides people with the necessary resources, without which they can not exist. Therefore, in order to live, people must eventually end all wars with peace, as evidenced by the whole history without exceptions. All attempts to make production violent in patriarchal civilizations of slavery, feudalism and industrialism, and in its especially cruel regimes of Nazism, Stalinist gulags, etc., have collapsed without a trace!

The idea of ​​nonviolence of social production is concentrated in the idea and scientific theory of spherons, which is the center and heart of the "Global Peace Science." Gandhi understood this idea with his ingenious intuition in the first half of the 20th century. The historical task of the 21st century in the face of "New Women" is to understand this idea scientifically from this science and embody the genetic, natural harmony of the spherons, synergistically combining it with the natural female harmony and non-violence in the conscious harmonious order from family to humanity. But for this you need to know the statistics of the spherons of each country, at least for o­ne year to begin with. Therefore, the first research task of each national branch of the WGHA is a statistical definition of the country's spherons at least for o­ne year of the population census. o­nly with this scientific fact and its comprehension can the synergy of Gandhi's nonviolence and harmony of spherons of social production begin.

All national researches of spherons in different countries will be collected in o­nE COLLECTIVE BOOK of the GHA and WGHA: "Mahatma Gandhi and Nonviolence of Spherons of Social Production. Statistical Studies", which we could publish at the end of 2018 under any circumstances. In his practical nonviolence, Gandhi brilliantly, intuitively guessed, realized and expressed the deep, genetic nonviolence of the spherons, their structural harmony. This deep social intuition of the spherons made Gandhi, based o­n the entire harmonious Indian culture, the first and greatest leader of the nonviolence of the new time! Spherons are a scientific explanation of this ingenious intuition that made India the world leader of nonviolence of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Indian scholars of the humanities, first, are responsible for the scientific understanding and research of the social foundations of this intuition of Gandhi, and most importantly for its scientific practical, political, primarily in the achievement of a global peace, development, continuation and application. These studies confirm and develop the great practice of Gandhi's nonviolence in the name of a global peace. What could be better than this spiritual inspirational and promising for all and each of the humanists the meaning of his/her work in the GHA and the WGHA? This work will make the practice of Gandhi nonviolence global thanks to a new science, the soft force of which is called upon and capable of mastering the "New Women", consciously pursuing this goal for the survival of humankind. The GHA project "New Women" is the spiritual and organizational beginning of this movement under the flag of nonviolence of Mahatma Gandhi.



Leo M. Semashko, Ph.D. (Philosophy), Education: Moscow State University, Philosophical Faculty, “History of Foreign Philosophy” Chair; RANH Professor; Founding President, Global Harmony Association (GHA) since 2005; GHA Honorary President since 2016; State Councilor of St. Petersburg; Philosopher, Sociologist and Peacemaker from Harmony; Author of more than 400 scientific publications, including 18 books in 1-12 languages; Author of Tetrism/Harmonism as the unity of Tetraphilosophy and Tetrasociology – science of social harmony, global peace and harmonious civilization; Director: Tetrasociology Public Institute, Russia; Honorary Member of the RC51, Sociocybernetics, International Sociological Association; Director, GHA Web portal “Peace from Harmony”: http://peacefromharmony.org; Initiator, Manager, Coauthor and Editor in Chief of the book project “Global Peace Science” (GPS): http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf.

Address: St-Petersburg, Russia; Phone: +7(812)-597-6571;

E-mail: leo.semashko [at] gmail.com

Personal page: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253



«New Women». Your participation and discussion

Dear GHA women, friends

We are happy to invite you to discuss the 60th GHA project of the International “New Women” Movement (NW) and its organizational tool - the “Women Global Harmony Association” (WGHA, attached, 25 pages) during 5 days since 8 up to 12 April inclusively and approve it with your YES or NO. It is published here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=815
Its banner, which will be published o­n our website Home page, please see below.

Together with the approval of the project, we invite you to choose o­ne of the two best candidates of the GHA for the post of the WGHA President. The other becomes the First Vice President (name the best, from your point of view, candidacy for the post of WGHA President):

Dr. Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Ghana: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=524 or
Dr. Babita Tewari, India:

Together with them the proposed list of members of the WGHA Boards national / continental offices is approved, which you can add with your own name or with the name of another worthy woman.

I worked o­n this project for more than a month, many times I rebuilt and rewrote parts of it, but still many of its formulations need to be adjusted. Therefore, we invite you to edit this not simple but important project, deleting from it all the superfluous from your point of view and supplementing it with what it lacks from your point of view. Highlight in red all the places that are difficult to understand so that we correct them. Also name the names of the great women (and send them photos), which, in your opinion, should take place in the women's Pantheon, etc.

The idea of ​​this project was expressed and discussed in the GHA 10 years ago in the Message o­n March 8: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=363 The totality of these messages for 10 years made up the scientific humanistic vision of "New Women", to which the GHA has been going for a long time, evolutionarily. Now this vision becomes a paradigm of thinking of harmonious feminism, which opens the fourth wave of feminism in its more than two centuries of history.

We are happy to invite all the wonderful women of the GHA for 13 years, forgetting and forgiving past incidents, as well as from other friendly organizations, to join to the creation and work of the WGHA - the World Women's Peacemaking Organization. It retains the experience and potential of the GHA, accumulated over 13 years, but independently continues the GHA mission in the new women's movement of the NW. If you do not agree or do not want to be in this organization, then let us know this, to exclude your email from our mailing list and not to bother you again. Silence will be a refusal to participate in this organization.

The procedure for the democratic discussion and constitution of the WGHA and the NW involves two stages. The current discussion and approval is the first, the initial, the female. After its completion, there will be a second, final reading, discussion and approval of the project with the participation of all GHA members, including men.

The next step is the creation of a separate stand-alone website and blogs of the WGHA. An important issue of information support for the WGHA will be discussed in May o­n the basis of your suggestions and your invitations of the best women bloggers with whom you could communicate in advance by inviting them to join in this project or create your own. (Search the Internet for the "WOMEN POPULAR BLOGERS in the world" for their invitation to the WGHA). The Internet should serve not the exploitation of female nature, but its liberation, renewal, prosperity and priority in society. We must teach people, especially women, to think differently, in a new way, in a spheral manner: "Learn to think not like everyone else" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2IrvmHMGKY). The WGHA should strengthen the harmonious nature of women by the colossal possibilities of the Internet, without which the victory of the new women's movement is impossible. WGHA must create its own network platform, free from the espionage DNA, which is embedded in Facebook and other patriarchal networks that have remained violent, "prostitutes" and subordinate to militarism. It will be female "alt-Facebook" (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=817).

What do women think about this project, the organization and the WGHA governing bodies? With love and best wishes of peace from women's harmony,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Honorary President,





Sun, Paradigm and World Order of

Harmony, Love, Peace and Mind


Солнце, парадигма и мировой порядок

Гармонии, Любви, Мира и Разума


This is the flowering of harmonious female nature! This is a new mind and thinking. This is a new humanitarian science. It is disarmament, global peace and the planet salvation from the absolute evil of nuclear weapons. This is true equality, brotherhood and justice. This is the children’s priority. This is a new democracy. This is the women's soft revolution of humanity in all its spheres in the 21st century! This is the synergy of Gandhi's nonviolence and the science of spherons’ structural harmony implemented by new women. Read more:



Это расцвет гармоничной женской природы! Это новый разум и мышление. Это новая гуманитарная наука. Это разоружение, глобальный мир и спасение планеты от абсолютного зла ядерного оружия. Это подлинное равенство, братство и справедливость. Это приоритет детей. Это новая демократия. Это женская мягкая революция человечества во всех его сферах в 21 веке! Это синергия ненасилия Ганди и науки структурной гармонии сферонов, осуществленная новыми женщинами.

Читать больше: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=764




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