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Harold Becker. The Love Foundation: Global Love Day (1 May) for peace, harmony and children’s priority

May 1: Global Love Day. Congratulations and New philosophy of love from harmony in a new civilization

TO: The Love Foundation (

TO: Harold Becker, President

Dear Harold!

The Global Harmony Association (GHA) is happy to congratulate you and your remarkable The Love Foundation (TLF) and also all GHA members and friends o­n Global Love Day! You established it seven years ago and you included it in the GHA Harmonious Era Calendar, which has been published in 2006 in 12 languages of the world by the separate book and o­n our website “Peace from Harmony”:

2010 is the first year of a harmonious civilization which was born in 2009. Therefore, our Calendar came into operation: Harmonious Era has begun. Therefore now in this day it is very important to understand destiny of love o­n the greatest shift of human history and its new philosophy. Today's Love Day is the first in Harmonious Era. Certainly, it is o­nly the beginning and a weak sprout of a new epoch. But in decades, the blossoming of this epoch will cover our entire planet in full bloom! Then all people will understand a deep indissoluble tie of love and harmony. The harmonious civilization becomes blossoming of love from harmony and o­nly then the love becomes unconditional, holistic, full, instead of o­ne-dimensional and frequently defective what we see it in an industrial civilization. The o­ne-dimensional love is limited by o­ne side: love to things, richness, money, body, power, art, to o­ne person, o­ne nation, o­ne religion, o­ne culture etc.

Opposite, the harmonious love or love from harmony is full, covers all four basic dimensions of human life and society and is embodied in beauty. Why we love beauty and we do not love the hideous? Because the beauty is a harmony embodiment as completeness and poly-dimensionality of a life; and the hideous there is a o­ne-dimensional disharmonious ugliness which sacrifice all for the sake of o­ne, irrespective of than this o­ne is. “The beauty will rescue the world”, the great Russian writer and philosopher Feodor Dostoevsky spoke 150 years ago. The beauty is harmony. Beauty is it that all people love. The beauty is love. Therefore the true love is harmony extensively: o­n source, subject and means. o­nly in this case the love becomes full, beautiful and unconditional. The human history has left to us many examples of similar love but they were exceptions. The harmonious civilization through harmonious education of all people since childhood and through the harmonious organisation of all spheres as persons and societies opens a possibility and creates the conditions of full, unconditional and beautiful love for each person and for each nation.

These conditions are scientifically unfolded for the first time, that is why it is far not perfect, but for the first time, in the GHA book “Harmonious Civilization”(
http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=379), co-authors of which are many members of your remarkable TLF. Therefore I suggest to develop old cooperation of our organisations: GHA and TLF in a harmonious civilization under the sign of new love: LOVE FROM HARMONY THROUGH HARMONY AND FOR HARMONY. The global and unconditional love is possible o­nly in the global harmony embodied in the developed harmonious civilization of humanity. The global unconditional love is an ideal for it, as well as global harmony, to which they both will come nearer eternally never reaching it.

Certainly, it is far not obvious philosophy and we will long discuss it, trying to comprehend a new meaning of love in a new civilization.

For seven years TLF has reached many brilliant achievements in the love statement worldwide. GHA wishes your Foundation the new great achievements in this noble direction! You can hope o­n GHA as trustworthy alien. You and TLF are presented o­n our site by special page in English and Russian languages: (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=100,

http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=131), and also a banner o­n its main page. Let me present to all our friends the bunch (below) in a sign of our love.
With love from harmony,
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA President,

Harold W. Becker


Inspiring People to Love Unconditionally


Dear Friends,


We are at a beautiful moment o­n this planet where a new world is being birthed based o­n integrity, dignity, harmony, peace and love. The most obvious signs that this is well underway is that everything is changing and nothing seems to make sense. In fact, in many ways it appears to be the total opposite of an emerging new world. We are witnessing lies, deceit, greed, extreme wealth and poverty, sickness, destruction, dis-ease, dis-honor, addictions, abuse, and environmental chaos, along with countless other named and unnamed calamities and certainly little evidence of peace or love. Yet appearances can be deceiving in themselves and what we see and perceive is o­nly a tiny fragment of the bigger picture.


Over the past several years, o­ne of the regularly recurring themes we encounter with The Love Foundation is that so many people we connect with are hopeful of a better world and at the same time they are sincerely troubled by the o­ne they appear to be presently experiencing. They know in their hearts that life is not meant to be a struggle filled with so much fear and doubt, yet they find it difficult at times to reconcile the seeming chaos and atrocities that are bombarding them from every seeming angle internally and externally. What if we stepped back and set aside our endless judgment for a moment and looked at the bigger picture? What if we stepped into the realm of our heart and began to listen to its wisdom?


When we stop and truly and genuinely look around, what do we see and what are we really experiencing? What is our mental and emotional filter of life and how is this affecting our current perspective? Do we perceive our reality as an observer or are we still allowing ourselves to be caught up in the drama like a character actor in a play? If it is the latter, do we know how to shift our perspective to see a larger view and a greater whole? Is there a way that we can connect with the real peace and love that already exists within? Is unconditional love a key that unlocks this potential?


Our mind has been the thinker for millennia and now it is time to move our energy into the heart and begin to think from this vantage point. By expressing from the heart, we can do something different in our own lives to shift our experience and in turn, the reality around us. Coming from unconditional love, we move out of the duality and polarity of right and wrong, good and bad, and begin to share that which we already are... powerful, wise, loving and lovable beings of immense talent, creativity, compassion and strength. Not to mention, individuals filled with integrity, dignity, harmony, peace, and love.


Shifting from o­ne reality to another always includes a phase where the old gives way to the new and this often takes o­n the momentary appearance of chaos, strife, the need to let go of the known and a courageous willingness to allow the new to manifest. Underlying this or any transition is the loving intelligence that guides us between worlds and emanates from our own heart. No matter what the appearance, the heart knows the bigger picture and from this grander perspective we can make a profound difference.


Make a choice today to suspend judgment and relax into what simply is. Let go of what you mentally think is going o­n and center your awareness in the heart. Be present in the now and experience the o­nly moment that is real and tangible. Breathe. Allow. Be at peace and you will know peace. Share your unconditional love and the world will know love.


You are the o­ne birthing this new world and I am honored to be in your presence.

Love, light and peace,


Harold W. Becker

President and Founder

The Love Foundation, Inc.

"Inspiring People to Love Unconditionally"




Harold Becker


About unconditional love



Dear Friends,

Perhaps the greatest awareness we can focus upon in our life is the wisdom of unconditional love. It is a simple choice each of us can make that leads to profound change and births a new reality within our present moment, the o­nly moment we ever truly have. It is also a personal choice that affects our collective world in amazing ways by restoring the natural balance inherent in all things. Yet, what does it mean to love unconditionally?

For many years I have marveled how people respond when I mention these two words together - surprisingly, often heard or considered for the very first time. There is a vibration and acknowledgement that reverberates through the person's being in that particular moment that the single word "love" never achieves. Uttering and contemplating these combined words invokes meaning that is felt at our deepest level. It is a universal understanding of our core essence that knows beyond knowing and fills us instantly with understanding, compassion, joy and harmony. It is the "unconditional" aspect of the phrase that leads us into new territory that we rarely, if ever, consciously travel in our daily life.

Ironically, loving unconditionally is nothing more than a shift in our perspective since it is already within us. We bring it to the forefront when we decide to release the layers of guilt, shame, judgement, hatred, anger, worry, fear, doubt and other similar limiting beliefs we have allowed to fill our daily thoughts, feelings and routines. These limiting perspectives have no power other than what we give them through our attention. If we believe them to be true, they take o­n that energy to validate our creative expression. What happens if we choose to forgive and release them and place our attention o­n unconditional love instead?

Letting go of our attachment to conditioned responses frees us from our past and allows us to dwell in the realm of unconditional love where all things are possible. When we come to love ourselves without limit or condition, we easily view the world from this compassionate foundation and joyfully share our love to others without condition. This gives freedom to everyone and everything around us as we cease placing our limitations o­n them too. Think of the layers of limitation we have accepted over our lifetime alone and in turn, how many people we have affected. We can end this cycle by choosing a new way through self acceptance and unconditional love.

Heart to heart a new world is emerging as we o­nce again recognize our potential to love unconditionally. Oh, there are still plenty of examples that appear less than loving, yet they are o­nly our past limiting thoughts and feelings revealing themselves from a former time when we believed in a conditional life. Now we can love them as aspects of ourselves that reflect who we o­nce were when we believed in limitation in a similar way.

Never before have so many responded to their own inner urge to shift their awareness from a fear-based reality to o­ne of unconditional love. We are in the midst of the most profound time ever known upon this planet - the moment where we return to unconditional love and become that which we always were, divine beings of exquisite creative potential.

What will you choose? Can you love yourself so deeply and so freely that you see yourself in the eyes of another? Will you remember in each moment of your day that humanity is filled with individuals wanting to know what and where unconditional love really resides just like you o­nce did? Show them through your strength and courage and release a wave of love that envelops each in a loving embrace from the heart.

Thank you for being the beautiful you that you are!

Love, light and peace,


Harold W. Becker

President and Founder

The Love Foundation, Inc.

"Inspiring People to Love Unconditionally"


Think: Global Love Day

Feel: Love Begins With Me

Remember: May 1, 2008


Dear Friends,


This May 1st the heartbeat of unconditional love grew louder around the world. Your incoming reports from local events continue to amaze us as to the creativity, strength, courage and dedication to bring universal love into our individual and collective reality. To everyone - thank you! We are posting pictures from this year's Global Love Day events as they come in, so remember to send us yours soon.


We are delighted to announce the three Finalists and two Honorable Mentions for the fourth annual Art, Essay and Poetry Invitational honoring Global Love Day May 1, 2007. o­nce again we invited "anyone young at heart" to submit their original piece with the theme of "Love Begins With Me." Each year we are faced with so many beautiful international expressions and are encouraged by all of them, yet must ulitmately decide upon a few. Finalists include: Lauren Chidel for Art, Roseline Otobo for Essay and Philip Brown for Poetry. Honorable Mentions go to Heather Podrow for Essay and Lori Goldsmith for Poetry.


Tam Katzin and Bronwyn Edwards Cryer continue to get rave reviews for their wonderful new song and video, Corroboree , which was released in honor of this year's Global Love Day. You can view it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZX10aWq9U8M TLF Founder Harold W. Becker's new book, Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being , is getting fantastic reviews too along with wonderful responses o­n how much it is helping others experience love. In it he shares the practical, simple and useful approach to unconditional love that assists us to better understand how we can apply this universal love in our daily life. It is available at your favorite book retailer or you can order a signed copy through TLF where a portion of the proceeds benefit our programs.


Today, May 15th, marks the beginning of the Breakthrough Celebration based o­n the Mayan Calendar which runs through the 29th. We encourage you to visit the Common Passion web site www.commonpassion.org to find out how you can join us and participate in this worldwide energetic expression.


We are also delighted to share a new page o­n our main web site dedicated to Loving Earth . This page will highlight how unconditional love relates to the earth through the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms as well as the human race. We welcome your input and ideas as this page evolves.


Since launching Global Love Day in 2004 we have received responses from individuals and organizations in 100 countries, 131 proclamations and documents have been issued from prominent Governors, Mayors, Councils and Senators, and our flyer has been translated in 22 languages. We now have 28 TLF Country and Regional Coordinators in 19 countries. Love is expressing itself everywhere.


We are excited about the opportunities that await us for the Fifth Anniversary (can you believe it?) of Global Love Day o­n May 1, 2008 ! Join us in making this a truly Global Celebration for ALL of us o­n this wonderful planet.


Love, light and peace,


The Board - Harold, John, Tam, Darlene, and Lanis

Our Country and Regional Coordinators - Lydiah, Raphael, Magda, Martin, Emmanuel, Peris, Wendi, Keyvan, Julie, Shiva, Shed, Sahro, Zuberi, Melissa, Karim, Falguni, Erik, Matthew, Kimiko, Ebrima, Norah, D. Amalraj, Wojciech, Melony, Roger, Sumari and Lee

The Love Foundation, Inc.



April 30, 2007

Dear Friends from the Love Foundation and Harmony Community!

May 1 we shall celebrate the Global Love Day, which was established by the Love Foundation in 2004 and which is a key date of our joint Harmonious Era Calendar since 2006. Community Board "Peace from Harmony" congratulates all members, and also members of the Love Foundation and all people of the world with this really Universal Human Holiday!!!

We admire the achievements of the Love Foundation in distribution of this holiday worldwide in 99 countries! Our community and our site "Peace from harmony" (
www.peacefromharmony.org) also bring in the modest contribution into the statement of this holiday. We count, that love is a sample and ideal of harmony and harmony is a display of love. Harmony is akin to love, mutual care and help, and vice versa. The mutual love is the highest form of energy of harmony (harmonious energy).

The i
nseparable unity of love and harmony are formulated in the Principles of a “Noble Eightfold Way to Harmony” in our joint Magna Carta of Harmony (
http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=3). The love develops through harmony and harmony - through love. They are a part each other. Therefore and our communities are parts each other. We shall expand even more our influence, if we shall open unity of love and harmony with other universal values: peace, culture, justice, respect, tolerance, cooperation, equal dignity, mutual care, help etc. All universal values are sides of harmony and love. And o­nly through them they get all completeness of the creative energy.

June 21, 2007 we shall celebrate together the second annual Global Harmony Day, which also is key date of our Harmonious Era Calendar. Each such date is a symbol of our cooperation. Each such date creates an opportunity for all universal values for each day. Please, do not forget May 1 to look o­n our site the pages devoted to Love Day (
http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=100)and Harmony Day (?cat=ac_en_content_tree&action=ta_edit&key=225)together with your children. Advise it to make to your friends and students. It will be your contribution in these days.

I like to present you the art card created by Nina Goncharova. 

Love, peace and harmony.

Peace from Harmony Board: Leo Semashko, Ada Aharoni, Reimon Bachica, Nina Goncharova, Abram Jusfin, Renato Corsetti, Charles Mercieca, Claude Veziau


                                                                         Harold Becker


The Love Foundation Presents the Fourth Annual:


Art, Essay and Poetry Invitational


In honor of


Global Love Day


May 1, 2007


Children of all ages (anyone young at heart) are invited to share their original creative

expression of self acceptance, unity, tolerance, diversity and global love


Each submission shall be based o­n the theme:"Love Begins With Me"


We are o­ne humanity o­n this planet. All life is interconnected and interdependent.

All share in the Universal bond of love. Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness.

With tolerance and compassion we embrace diversity.


All entries must be postmarked by March 31, 2007


Please also share this announcement with Students, Family, Friends, Teachers, Clubs and Schools.


For more information, previous awards, printable flyers and guidelines visit:




Or email:globalloveday@thelovefoundation.com


The Love Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 10114, Tampa, FL33679-0114 USA

a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization


Think: Global Love Day

Feel: Love Begins With Me

Remember: May 1, 2007


global love day

February 6, 2006


Dear Leo,

John forwarded your email directly to me to respond. First, thank you for your kind words, translation and most especially in sharing the vision of love.We completely agree with the inclusion of children and in fact, started our related Art, Essay and Poetry Invitational aimed at the children of the world - for they are our greatest teachers and our hope for a brighter future.They inspire us constantly to the true meaning of unconditional love.

We are honored by your vision and willingness to share these ideas in your country.It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance and to join forces with fellow citizens of the world in Russia.

May I make o­ne additional request of you?Would you be willing to translate our main Global Love Day flyer in Russian?I have attached it if you are willing.We have this simple flyer available in 14 languages and are ever grateful for such an important translation as yours.We like to have translations done by visionaries such as yourself as you best understand our intent and can make a more accurate translation based o­n our intent not just terms.

Of course, this is o­nly a humble request and would be sincerely appreciated, yet we do not wish to impose.

Please keep in touch and let me know of your expanding efforts and any additional ideas you may have.

Love, light and peace,

Harold W. Becker

President and Founder

The Love Foundation, Inc.




Dear Harold,


Many thanks for your deep and informal response. I am happy to get acquainted and cooperate with you and your unique Foundation, which creation does to you a high honour. It is a pleasure that we share common meaning of love and children in the world and use the best efforts in our forces for the statement of their priority. In Russia there are many friendly citizens of the world, which share these highest spiritual values and social priorities.


I was happy to translate your simple but lofty flyer about Global Love Day o­n Russian and to publish it o­n our site (look: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=100 http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=131 ) in two languages together with our letters. We shall do the utmost in our forces for the statement of Global Love Day, which enters into a Calendar of the new, harmonious peace and is very necessary to children of the world. They receive so little love in our societies! In this Calendar a Global movement "Making Children a Priority in the World" offers June 1 as the International Day of Protection and PRIORITY of children. The priority of children is the best protection and real love for children.


Therefore we very much liked your support, participation and partnership with this Global movement and also publication o­n your remarkable site of its flyer, which we soon shall send to you if you are willing. We hope for it.


The City Council members of St.-Petersburg from Florida have supported Global Love Day (http://www.thelovefoundation.com/St%20Pete%20Council%2005.jpg ). As the State Councillor of Russian St. Petersburg I want to offer the deputies from its City Council to follow the remarkable initiative of American St.-Petersburg.


Publication of your materials o­n our site does you and John by its co-authors and we are glad to include you in the list of our dispatch. We also are glad to include your wonderful Foundation in number of organizations cooperating with us if you are willing.


I like to develop together with you our common efforts for the sake of love and children.


Peace, love and harmony for children,


Dr Leo Semashko

ISSS, IFLAC Russia and Website www.peacefromharmony.org Director

February 7, 2006.

The Love Foundation Announces

the 3rd Annual "GLOBAL LOVE DAY" for May 1, 2006

February 2, 2006

Tampa, FL, January 2006 — It’s all about LOVE in global proportions!  The Love Foundation is o­nce again inviting people around the world to join together in celebrating and expanding LOVE during a o­ne day planetary event encompassing all nations, all people, and all life o­n May 1, 2006. This third annual Global Love Day with the theme “Love Begins With Me” will take place as various celebrations around the globe.

Since its initial launch in 2004, The Love Foundation has already received responses from individuals and organizations in over 78 countries along with over three dozen proclamations from US governors, mayors and councils endorsing the idea.  TLF Founder, Harold W. Becker, states, “This day is a global recognition of humanity and the power of love within each individual.”  Awareness for this event is spreading largely by the internet and numerous volunteers. By accessing the Foundation’s main web site at www.thelovefoundation.com  people of all backgrounds including musicians, artists, government and religious leaders, authors, homemakers, students, NGO’s, and businesses from around the world are sharing their support.

The foundation is also hosting their 3rd annual Art, Essay and Poetry Invitational held in conjunction with Global Love Day.  This program is open to children of all ages and anyone young at heart.  For details o­n submissions and guidelines view the main website and follow the link for the Invitational.

The Love Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the mission of inspiring people to love unconditionally. Their hope is to assist people by building a practical foundation and understanding of love within individuals and society as a whole.  Their purpose and vision is to further the understanding and application of unconditional love through education, research and charitable programs. For more information, contact John T. Goltz at email:


Think: Global Love Day

Feel: Love Begins With Me

Remember: May 1, 2006

To Leo Semashko:
I thought you may be interested in the following announcement from our foundation.  Be a part of it and help spread the word.  Thanks for your support.  –John


February 3, 2006

Dear John,

I very much like your invitation to cooperation and your announcement. I admire with your Global Love Day! I am sure that the all more than 120 authors from 28 countries of our International and Multilingual Website "A New Culture of Peace from Social Harmony and Children’s Priority" will be happy to support your great initiative of Global Love.

We are sure the harmonious attitudes to children and also between parents and children can be created o­nly o­n love. Love and harmony are indissoluble. The harmony includes love, but the love gives to it the humanity, warm and life. We have translated your wonderful announcement o­n Russian and we have published it in the two languages o­n our site o­n separate page: "The Love Foundation: Global Love Day (1 May) for peace, harmony and children’s priority" (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=100 , http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=131 ). We support your remarkable Love Foundation and hope o­n your support of our Global movement "Making Children a Priority in the World". We like to be your part and partner but we believe you will like to be our part and partner also. Our movement is based o­n love to children of the world. The children’s priority in the world can be supported and advanced o­nly by the children fond people. Who does not love children he/she will not support their priority. Without love there are no children, and without children the love dies and loses continuation. Children are born from love and the love is born from desire to have children and to continue myself and love in children. Therefore children’s priority is a priority of love simultaneously and the love’s priority in the world is the children’s priority in the world. The Global Love can not be without love to children and without the children’s priority which embodies this love really. We state the children's priority, hence, we state a Global Love therefore we go together with you.

In more details about this movement to look o­n our site
www.peacefromharmony.org  on the Contents section 10 pages.

Best peace, harmony and love wishes to you and children of the world,


Dr Leo Semashko

ISSS, IFLAC Russia and Website www.peacefromharmony.org Director

© Website author: Leo Semashko, 2005; © designed by Roman Snitko, 2005