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Only spheral/Spherons democracy is able to mine and use

this "greatest" energy of nonviolence:



Dr. Leo Semashko and GHA coauthors


Global Peace Science (GPS, 2016):

https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf (616 pages)


GPS Primer for Adults (26 pages):




100% Peace Democracy and Peace Geopolitics (6 pages)

(Primer part V):


In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=452

Montesquieu. Fundamental Law of democracy
: "The firmness and prosperity of democracy always depend
from the correct division o­n the classes of the population with the right to vote





In English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=423

In Russian:

The liberal or traditional or industrial, or western, or "full" democracy always ignored this "fundamental law of Republic" by Montesquieu. Therefore, all its historical and national forms always are suffering with four innate defects: militarism, corruption, inequality, and nationalism as a limitation by priority of private interests of the ruling 1% richest and unchangeable national elite, concentrating control over all public resources of PIOT. These defects transform democracy in "counter democracy" or "anti-democracy" in a varying degrees.

Militarism. Liberal democracy is responsible almost for all wars of the 20th and 21st centuries and almost for all the bloody tyrants of this time. NATOs military Summit in Warsaw o­n July 9, 2016 maximized the risk of nuclear war to the peak level associated with the Nazi plan Barbarossa in 1941. The US/NATO are ready to repeat this sadness for themselves and all Hitler's aggressive experience. Liberal democracy has now prepared at 100% the nuclear war, which can happen at any moment today or tomorrow. These countless facts characterize western democracy as militaristic, which is not able and not willing to seek peaceful solutions - preferring military, violent solutions with a large number of people's as victims. Therefore militaristic democracy violates the right to life of millions of the peoples masses; in fact, is anti-democratic, and does not correspond to the concept of democracy and does not serve the interests of the people. As o­ne wise Canadian scientist said: You can't have a democracy that organizes itself around war: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=636

Terrorism is the continuation, development, tool and form of militarism, an inevitable attribute of liberal militarist democracy at the stage of its sunset and decay.

Corruption. Full liberal democracy is overfilled with corruption freedom confirmed by millions of facts and is insurmountable by any measures up to the death penalty. It also expresses its anti-democratic character, its incurable internal pathology and its focus which is not in the interests of the people but rather in the interest of private corruption interests.

Inequality. Traditional democracy stimulated, from the late 19th century, an intensive growth of social inequality, especially property, income and power, concentrating them in the hands of the richest 1% of the national irremovable ruling elite. This is also confirmed by numerous facts and expresses anti- democratism of the liberal "full" democracy.

Nationalism. Liberal democracy is limited to "the service to national interests", which is declared as a priority, "above all else." But for the priority of "national interests", it conceals and carefully masks the priority interests of the richest 1% ruling and irremovable elite. Similarly, nationalism of liberal democracy was justified, to some extent, in its early days in the era of industrial fragmentation. In the era of information and economic globalization, national interests are realized o­nly through global interests, processes and technologies. Therefore, each nation is responsible for them for their own interests. But liberal democracy is devoid of any global foundation and a linking platform of the interests of different poles. Therefore, its narrow nationalism is constantly generating soil of different conflicts and wars: commercial, competitive, inter-ethnic, inter-religious, inter-regional, hybrid, technologic and the like, up to the hot suicidal nuclear war, which has now prepared by liberal democracy at 100% in order to start it at any minute, today or tomorrow.

Therefore the research literature about liberal, "full" democracy is filled with anti-democratic estimates and definitions: "plutocracy, oligarchy, totalitarian democracy, democracy for the few, democratic despotism, fascist democracy, democracy of billionaires, brainwashing, zombie, manipulation democracy," etc. (See: GPS, Chapters 8, 9 and 13). Below are some of them.

American democracy and elections through the eyes of the Americans:

Bill Moyers: "Our elections have replaced horse racing as the sport of kings. These kings are multibillionaire corporate moguls who are now buying politicians like so much pricey horseflesh", http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=708

Terrence Paupp, Death of Democracy in America, ibid

Terrence Paupp, The Murder of American Democracy by Corporate Fascists, ibid

Jim Hightower, Super PACs and Secret Money Destroying Americas Democracy, ibid

Charles Mercieca, Death of Democracy and Freedom in America, ibid

John Pilger, Why the Rise of Fascism is again the Issue, ibid

Conn Hallinan and Leon Wofsy, The American Century Has Plunged the World into Crisis,


F. William Engdahl: Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order, http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=659

Gary Brumback. Real America is a fascist state:http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=675

Henry A. Giroux. Politics as Pathology in the Warfare State:


The number of similar testimonies is countless times. In general this system of political democracy is characterized as a "rogue state": William Blum, https://williamblum.org/books/rogue-state/

Democracy of SPHERONS or Spheral 100% democracy is an alternative to liberal democracy, in fact truncated up to 1% democracy. It preserves all the partial achievements of liberal democracy but differs from it by the following fundamental features, advantages and preferences.

The first feature of the spheral democracy (SD) is implementation of Montesquieu's "fundamental law of Republic" inconstitutional division of the population/employments of any community from the smallest village, school and firm to mankind and global corporations o­n four SPHERONS o­n the main (in time) criterion of employment in o­ne of four spheres of social production.When the population (people) is not divisible by any classes, as in liberal democracy, its quality is worse and it is extended, reproducing all its social pathologies: militarism, corruption, inequality, and nationalism. Therefore, in liberal democracies, even the most "full", is devoid of any structured and constitution actors (classes of population) of democracy, implying o­nly o­ne actor the adults or the people that open an unlimited field for falsification, manipulation and restriction of democracy and make it "a very bad form of government" according to Churchill. Therefore they are deprived of the fundamental foundation that provides the firmness and prosperity of democracy - "the correct division on the classes of the population" by Montesquieu. And o­nly in this feature the Spheral democracy is much better than liberal.

The spheral democracy (SD) second feature is completeness, coverage of 100% of the population, including underage children (from birth to 18 years as the UN established), which in different societies make up from 20 to 50% of the population but which have never been presented in the traditional militaristic democracy; therefore, they - more than other groups - are suffering from wars. SPHERONS cover the entire population, including children, the interests of which are priorities for any society. Therefore democracy of SPHERONS is a truly complete and full democracy, with priority for children and women as the natural peaceful population groups of every society. Representing interests of children is implemented by their parents, above all, mothers but also and fathers who are endowed with the right to vote o­n each of minor child through the Childrens Suffrage mechanism (CSM: See: GPS, Chapter 8.5.). Women and mothers with children constituting the majority of the population of any society will provide in spheral democracy (SD) a womens priority in the management as well as the priority of the childrens interests instead of war o­nes excluding it from the life of society. The mechanism of representation of the children interests in SD bodies is discovered in the conception and project of the "Law of Children's Suffrage Executed by Parents" [see: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=211]. Women's equality in the spheral societys governance is provided by the constitutional guarantee of the provision of at least 50% of the seats in all bodies.

The spheral democracy (SD) third feature is equal distribution of power in all its branches and bodies between the elected representatives of the four equally necessary (regardless of size) SPHERONS. To this the four-dimensional political and party system corresponds in different variants. Real harmony and balance of SPHERONS will be reflected in a harmonious structure of power with its equal distribution in all branches of governance, which assumes equal constitutionally reserved seats for the elected representatives of each SPHERON at every level of power and in each of its branches. This mechanism requires a special study, design and practical testing. It eliminates and prevents any armed conflict between any groups in society, as well as between the authorities and the population. Spheral democracy, for the first time in history, provides political, authoritative equality of people according to the criterion of SPHERONS, i.e. o­n employment criterion in the spheres of production as the most important quality of all people. Such institutional division of power o­n four equally strong parts provides SD with an unshakable mechanism of internal checks, balances and guards against all typical defects of traditional democracy: militarism, inequality, nationalism, corruption, abuse of power, lack of control, impunity for crimes, oligarchic and/or tyrannical, totalitarian tendencies and so o­n. It also provides the possibility of full participation of all citizens, which is unheard of for a dying liberal democracy.

The SD fourth feature is an internally built structural mechanism of harmonious/soft opposition of four SPHERONS acting o­n the principle: one common goal of universal harmony but different ways of its achieving and development at each of the four SPHERONS. (We remember, this goal provides global peace from harmony.) This mechanism provides anti-totalitarian, anti-monopoly and anti-militarist (and then - anti-corruption) immunity of spheral democracy, about which o­ne cannot even dream of any o­ne form of liberal democracy.

The SD fifth feature is adoption of the most important decisions by a majority vote of representatives of each SPHERON that, in fact, is spheral consensus in the decision-making mechanism, which provides peace at all levels. The solution of all the issues by a spheral majority - is an important procedural advantage of SD.

The SD sixth feature is a permanent mutual control of each of the spheral body of authority and each of its officers by the Joint Commission at least two SPHERONS that virtually reduce to zero the possibility of corruption in governance. The inner-balanced four-dimensional structure of SD ensuring complete transparency of each of its spheral parts and branches for each and for all, together with unlimited control over their actions, especially the distribution and spending of budget funding - all this will totally eliminate a corruption of power systems in all previous types of democracy. Spheral democracy replaces criminal, militaristic and disharmonious ruling elites of previous democracies in harmonious, peaceful and transparent democratic elites of SPHERONS.

The SD seventh feature is full transparency of governance, all governmental actions in all spheres and sectors. SD cancels all forms of secrecy, - commercial, banking, industrial, information, etc., which makes liberal society actually closed and antidemocratic. o­nly spheral democracy ensures full openness, transparency of society and all of its institutions. Liberal democracy has never been able to provide it. When the process of general and complete disarmament will be complete, then the institution of state secrets will be canceled. Under the cover of a thick veil, with almost universal and impenetrable mysteries, traditional democracy committed all financial and commercial crimes, all militaristic and political conspiracies, all pyramids of corruption, plunging the population into the ocean of total ignorance, lies and deceit, in which it is unable to make the right decision and in which it is it becomes an easy toy of zombies and manipulation by the power elites.

8. Valuable unity of power and the people in harmony.

SPHERONS create the 100% democracy instead of 1% liberal democracy. This provides global peace and peace geopolitics.

The SD eighth valuable feature cementing unity of the power and the people is harmony, which is essentially dispositional for all other features. This valuable unity becomes a common goal and a unifying force for all political parties, all authorities and all groups of the population as the conscious parts of SPHERONS. Therefore, it excludes the permanently hostile or alienated political interests of various private elites, overcoming disharmony of liberal democracy, which is constantly degraded and eventually dies under the weight of integral issues that it cannot solve. Therefore, o­nly spheral democracy can be a model, actor and guarantor of global peace in contrast to militaristic liberal democracy, which is an example and actor of wars. Spheral democracy is to maximize social and individual harmony, rather than maximizing profits and wars as an industrial democracy. o­n the other hand, in the end, the above listed negative, vicious qualities of traditional democracy transform it into an instrument not of national but anti-people governance, not peaceful but militaristic control. They express total internal decay of liberal democracys mechanism and require its replacement with the mechanism of harmonious spheral democracy as true democracy, free from its vices.

The listed eight distinctive features of spheral democracy lead to the conclusion that o­nly SPHERONS democracy can ensure global peace at all levels, its geopolitics of peace and planetary order of peacefulness. No previous forms of democracy, as demonstrated by the history of thousands of years, have been able to ensure the peace prosperity of all the peoples and humanity as a whole.

SPHERONS democracy is 100% democracy instead of 1% liberal democracy of PARTONSS as the different richest ruling national elites.

The liberal, or Western 1% democracy by its militarism, corruption and other congenital defects built a closed non-transparent disharmonious civilization of total lies, crimes and deceptions of the population, with deliberate falsification, phobias, zombie and manipulation of the media official propaganda via the violence rule rather than the law. The Western media plunges the world into a new Cold War (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=698).The disharmonious, vicious in all spheres, liberal civilization requires a complete system replacement as defined by John Scales Avery, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate:

"We need system change, not climate change! We need a new economic system, a new society, a new social contract, a new way of life. Here are the great tasks that history has given to our generation: we must achieve a steady-state economic system. We must restore democracy. We must decrease economic inequality. We must break the power of corporate greed. We must leave fossil fuels in the ground. We must stabilize and ultimately reduce the global population. We must eliminate the institution of war. And finally, we must develop a more mature ethical system to match our new technology."(http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=672)

The liberal democracy was able to create this vicious disharmonious condition in all spheres system but it is unable to update it. It is able to do o­nly SPHERONS democracy, which creates a harmonious transparent civilization free from the liberal vices.

The US presidential election exposed the impotence of Western democracy. It is a "tragedy" that it "cannot produce better candidates than Trump and Clinton through a disgustingly commercialized and corrupt political process. Its manifest destiny is now in manifest decline. Hillary Clinton has supported all the wars; she is a Cold Warrior, the last true hawk left in the race and another militarist disaster for the world (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=703). Trump was accused in "fascist threat" and he accused Clinton and Obama of the creation of the Islamic terrorist state (ISIL). This is an agony of the liberal "full" democracy capable to offer o­nly an abundance of lies and inflatable balls as with Hillary.

American democracy is disharmonious and amoral democracy of 1%. It is a dirty mix of violence, killings, xenophobia, and mainstream lie, donations from the donors of terrorists, corruption and militarism of billionaires (1%) into a zombie wrap of entertaining show for the public. It manipulates and perverts the minds of voters, depriving them of adequate guidance.

It imposes o­n the society and its institutions a paranoid intention of the first nuclear strike,having launched the first in history atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945, from which none of the liberal democrats do not wish to refuse (and to apologize still). It tramples the human mind, morality and dignity. This is the triumphal parade of the hawks rankling global peace. It rejects the humanitys right to life and peace, terrifies the nations and forces them to increase military defense against hawks.

The vivid proof of degeneration of liberal democracy and its two-party system are candidates for the US presidency - Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The US whole state machine of liberal democracy led by President Obama worked o­n militarism and its presidential candidate - Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump with its program of peaceful and harmonious foreign policy, rejecting militarism Obama-Clinton, has been demonized in the mainstream media, which brought down upon him endless stream of dirty lies, fraudand forgeries. (This is analyzed in my article *). It is therefore not surprising that more than 40% of the voters of America have ignored these dirty elections, signaling a decline US liberal democracy. But contrary to the state vices of democracy, its main result was the victory of Donald Trump with its program of peaceful foreign policy, which the American people preferred to Clinton militarism. (Thisisanalyzedinourotherarticle **).It was an unexpected and unwanted result for liberal democracy.

The alternative of liberal democracy is truly full democracy of SPHERONS or spheral 100% democracy, covering the entire population, without exception and built of the base of scientific reason and values of harmony/peace/morality. This is a unique self-cleaning alternative of democracy. But it requires the Copernican overturn of social consciousness and the American SPHERONS harmonious (nonviolent) political revolution o­n the GPS foundation "ending a militaristic foreign policy that fuels terrorism."

The most difficult and important here is a revolution of consciousness. America could have been its leader and great in itif the newly elected president Trump will fulfill his peaceful intentions. This is a historical chance and new common dream for America.

Read more: GPS, Chapters 8, 9, 10, 13.


Spheral democracy summary:

The population is divided into 4 SPHERONS by the main (at o­ne time) employment in o­ne of the 4 spheres. SPHERONS are different in size but are equal in objective social status of equally necessary and sufficient actors of any society and in division of the democratic power. SPHERONS exist at all levels, therefore the spheral democracy is established at all floors of society, starting with the firm, any enterprise, institution and municipality and ending global level.


Conventional example for equal division of powers in the spheral democracy o­n the national state level, for example for Russia, USA, EU and similar:

1. Legislative power. Parliament, with 500 seats, by 125 deputies from each SPHERON

2. Presidential power. Administration, 100 employees, by 25 of each SPHERON

3. Executive power. Government, 32 ministers, by 8 from each SPHERON

4. Judicial power. Constitutional Court, 24 judges, by 6 from each SPHERON


*Semashko, Leo (2016) Trump Hillary: America's Historic Choice between Peace and War: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=725

** Semashko, Leo and 20 coauthors (2016) Trump: Peacemaking Revolution of the US Aggressive Geopolitics: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=685



Comment by Leo Semashko after 3 years. The last two articles are authors political illusions and unjustified hopes for American democracy in 2016 connected with Trump's peace-loving pre-election intentions, which the US liberal militaristic democracy almost completely suppressed and threw away.



Spheral Classes:
Harmonious Democracy and State


The key ideas of a scientific tetrasociological theory of harmonious democracy and a harmonious state o­n the basis of the theory of sphere classes are presented here in the briefest form.


This theory is presented in more details in Manifesto of Sphere Democracy in Russian.

Sphere (harmonious) democracy is more full as it embraces all population through an electoral process, including in it minor children through a legal mechanism of Childrens Suffrage, Executed by Parents.


The first practical prototype for sphere democracy and its political party was a group called Sphere Democracy in the city Parliament of St.-Petersburg (1992-1993). It united more than 10 deputies under the guidance of Leo Semashko and had its Statutes (in Russian). It was structured o­n four sphere classes of the city population. It ended with the dissolution of the city Parliament in 1993.


20 years of Petrosovet: Birth of Harmonious Parliamentarism for a Harmonious Civilization


Sphere Democracy Group in Petrosovet 1992:

The First Political Sprout of a Harmonious Civilization

And a Way for Exit of Russia from the Century Failure


Dr. Leo Semashko,

Member of St-Petersburg Parliament (Petrosovet) in 1990-1993,

Global Harmony Association (GHA) Founder and President, 2005.

GHA unites more 350 members from 48 countries.

GHA Mission is to pave a conscious way for a harmonious civilization.


Paper at the jubilee meeting of MPs in honour of 20 anniversary of Petrosovet

Mariinsky Palace, St.-Petersburg, April 5, 2010




My colleagues have unfolded in their previous papers the value of achievements of Petrosovet as the first embodiment of parliamentarism in Russia for her past and present. Let me, as a philosopher and sociologist-futurologist, to draw your attention to other dimension of its achievements: for the future. What its achievement will not o­nly be remembered but also developed over 50 - 100 years?

In infinite pluralism of the democratic Russian revolution in the beginning of 90th years there was o­ne, strange at first sight, political formation. It is Sphere Democracy Group (SDG), arising in Petrosovet in 1992 and uniting about ten deputies under my management. Almost 20 years required to us to understand its deep political meaning. I will be limited here o­nly by three strokes.

The first stroke is scientific. Tetrasociology (sphere approach) as a science of social harmony of four sphere classes of population was put in the SDG basis. In it Charter, published in my book (Sphere Approach, St-Petersburg, 1992, p.355-358:

http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=282), it is written down: the SDG proceeds from recognition in any society the four sphere universal classes. This idea has been developing in our city for 35 years from the youth club "Demiurge" 1976, which was divided in four sphere groups, accordingly to the sphere classes.

These classes differ - by employment in o­ne of four spheres of social production, - by number but they are equally necessary, universal and sufficient as without the products of their work there can not be any society. They make a deep, invisible for eyes, structure of social harmony in which they play the defined roles of its actors-creators. They have o­ne purpose harmony but - different ways to it. They demand a constant conscious coordination through the mechanism of deep harmonious parliamentarism of the sphere classes.It expresses the new, harmonious, four-party democracy built o­n equal distribution of legislative and executive power between these classes, between the representatives elected by them. But this parliamentarism and democracy cannot show up without a corresponding science. Therefore, before appearance of this science the sphere classes remained unknown and spontaneous, o­n historical surface in which the priority role is played by their various, private, disharmonious and hostile social groups and classes which are breaking off their deep harmonious unity.

The second stroke is historical. The last 20 years confirmed the world tendency toward comprehension and globalisation of harmony, from which each nation wins, by tens of facts. They are presented in the international book of the Global Harmony Association (GHA) Harmonious Civilization (St-Petersburg, 2009, 254p.: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=379) by 120 coauthors from 34 countries. This book is the first example of the new thinking which received the title Tetranet Harmonious Thinking. This book found recognition of the many known figures, including the Chairman of the Russian Upper Chamber Mr Sergey Mironov. The GHA fixed 2009 as year of birth of the new, global, harmonious, civilization, connected with two world events: the beginning of nuclear zero of the USA and Russia and creation of a science of this civilization which replaces a dying off industrial civilization. Together with these events humanity entered into the Age of Harmony Renaissance and Harmonious Enlightenment. From the point of view of a new civilization, SDG is its first political sprout which has begun its harmonious four-party democracy, i.e. deep sphere parliamentarism.

Charles Montesquieus fundamental law of democracy, which is ignored by the democratic Constitutions, revives in this sprout: Durability and prosperity of democracy always depend o­n the correct division into classes of the population having the right to vote" (Charles Montesquieu. Selected works. About Spirit of Laws. Moscow, 1955, p. 171-172). He gave the examples of Solons 4 classes, Servius Tullius 6 classes but nowhere he found the "correct" division. SDG found it in the sphere harmonious classes and created the unique projects of the sphere structures of legislative and executive power as state mechanism for the deep consent of these classes.

The third stroke is national. In Russia for 20 years there has been a widely known unflattering definition of democracy: it is at all o­n hearing. It is not very far from truth in view of absence of correct division of the population in classes and ignoring of their deep interests. In general the institute of industrial democracy in the world, except the very rare small countries, degrades and degenerates in the plutocracy expressing political essence of an industrial civilization. Democracy revival at the level of a new civilization is possible o­nly through "correct", sphere, division of the population into classes which found the first political expression in SDG. What to do with this democratic innovative miracle, furnishing the key for revival of all dying modernizations of Russia, the population of which remains in poverty along with its inexhaustible richness of resources? We should not lose this worlds priority, "as always". Because it will go away or to the USA where harmony schools are growing quickly now, or to China where almost a quarter of humanity builds a harmonious society, or in another country, which will be the first to establish the sphere harmonious four-party democracy together with the related harmonious education of the population.

In the 20th century Russia paid the biggest blood in revolutions, civil and world wars for the right to prosperity through social harmony in the 21st century the ideas of which have been developed by the Russian most brilliant minds under the different names: Aleksey Khomyakovs sobornost, Leo Tolstoys nonviolence, Vladimir Solovyovs all-unity, Nicolas Roerichs harmony, Paul Florenskys consent, Vladimir Vernadskys noosphereand etc. Already Feodor Dostoevsky intuitively understood the key role of harmony in the words: A beauty will rescue the world, as a beauty is identical to harmony. From similar ideas of the outstanding Russian and foreign thinkers was born tetrasociology as a science of social harmony.

Why Russia possessing this unique innovative scientific potential would not declare building into the country of a harmonious civilization while something similar has been made by China in 2006?! It will be a very ambitious and very effective Russian modernization of the 21st century, which will allow it to exit from the failure of the last century and to find prosperity at last! Building of a harmonious civilization will not prevent but o­nly will help Russia to struggle with terrorism, corruption and other social pathologies, giving to this struggle a higher social meaning. To start to build it, this is possible in the new presidential project Sun City which has a chance to be Harmony City, not to die, "as always".

The harmonious civilization is the best for Russia the practice and the spirituality, the sources of which lay in depth of Russian culture. At the same time it is the best for Russia national dream, national idea, national strategy and ideology of national consent which will replace the obsolete ideologies of national split: Marxism discrediting locally in the countries of socialism and liberalism, discrediting globally by a powerless before the world financial crisis and global problems. Both ideologies are responsible for the century failure of Russia with 1917 until now.Russia will exit from her century failure and will revive o­nly inthe way of a harmonious civilization and the harmonious parliamentarism which was born almost 20 years ago.

This way is opened today by the science of social harmony for all countries. A question arises now: which o­ne of them will be the first will to stand up o­n it knowingly to get the advantages and priorities of the global harmony? Harmony race goes o­n to change from humans arms race of so far! Will Russia take advantage of this new historical chance for her happy future?

Thanks for attention.


This text is published o­n the GHA website in English and Russian:




The first responses in Russian mass-media:




April 6, 2010



Leo Semashko

Tetrasociology: Global Sphere Democracy

The IIS World Congress, Stockholm, July 2005, Session Global Democratization


A global world needs a global form of democracy that does not impinge o­n political specificity of the ethnicities and cultures. But it enters in them some general fundamental parameters. Modern forms of democracy cannot be a model for global democracy because they are based o­n branch classes and branch/bureaucratic organization of power. The branches and bureaucracy mutually reproduce each other but they are non-relevant to globalization. Branch classes create branch democracy. Global democracy requires a cardinal transformation to NON-branch, global structural, social and organizational bases of power. Their variant in the form of sphere democracy is conceptualised in tetrasociology as a postpluralistic, four-dimensional macro theory of social space - time.

The structural basis of global democracy is composed of four spheres of social reproduction, within which, their own subjects, products and technologies differ: 1. Sociosphere: its subject and product are people, who are socially reproduced by means of humanitarian technologies of education, health etc. 2. Infosphere: its subject and product are information reproduced by informational technologies (IT). 3. Orgsphere: its subject and product are the organizations (political, legal, etc.) that are reproduced by organizational technologies. 4. Technosphere: its subject and product are the things which are reproduced by industrial and agrarian technologies. The spheres unite the relevant branches and conform to the law of harmony of spheres, which overcomes the law of branch disharmony. The reproduction spheres are inherent to all societies, therefore they provide a structural basis for global democracy.

The social basis of global democracy is comprised of the productive sphere classes of the population, which differ with respect to reproductive employment in each of the spheres: 1.SOCIOCLASS: employed in the sociosphere, the workers in branches of healthcare, education etc., and also all non-working members of the population employed in reproduction itself; 2.INFOCLASS: employed in the infosphere, the workers in branches of science, culture, and communication, etc.; 3. ORGCLASS: employed in the orgsphere, the workers in branches of politics, finance, defence, etc.; 4. TECHNOCLASS: employed in the technosphere, the working class and peasants/farmers. Sphere classesas the conscious actors are formed in the globalization epoch, together with the formation of their self-consciousness and identity. The sphere classes are harmonious classes. They are inherent to all societies, therefore they provide the relevant social basis for global democracy.

The organizational basis of global democracy apportions an EQUAL distribution of State power among spheres classes, and not o­nly among classes but also between men and women, and between the younger and older generations. Each child should have the right to vote, exercised by his/her parents or guardians. Such democracy is "sphere," "tetrar," or "global." Its remote historical analog is the Tetrarchia of the ancient Greek and Roman empires. The democratic model of the European Union is the closest form of it today.

Let's formulate a hypothesis for a four-polar world order, with conditions of global sphere democracy, for the 21st century. For conditions of sphere democracy, all of the world countries will be ranked (nominated) o­n development priority in four spheres, resulting in creation of a dynamic and four-polar world order of social harmony, which will replace the modern order of social disharmony. These democracy and harmonious order will ensure the new culture of peace, which will exclude wars and violence between civilizations and ethnicities.

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