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Anti-Nuclear Manifesto for Global Security/Peace XXI



Covers of the book "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto XXI" for the UN General Assembly,

to create a Global Security/Peace (GSP) system, which excludes any possibility
of nuclear weapons in the New Era.

PDF book:




Anti-Nuclear* Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto:

The Noosphere Third Way XXI.

(* Anti-nuclear, o­nly against nuclear weapons, no more)

Solidary anti-nuclear initiative of the world civil society

Under the aegis of ICAN:

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

"Nuclear weapons present an unacceptable danger to humanity. The o­nly real way to eliminate the threat of nuclear weapons is to eliminate nuclear weapons75th Anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: time to end the nuclear menace."

UN Secretary-General António Guterres

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Albert Einstein

The UN has been talking about the elimination of nuclear weapons for 75 years o­n the same level of thinking, which created these weapons. Therefore, the escalation of a pathological policy for global confrontation between the nuclear powers within these years and this thinking has o­nly accelerated the nuclear weapons race and expanded the nuclear threat scale to a suicidal global genocide/ecocide, which is o­nly 100 seconds away according to experts. In order not to be held hostage of it for another 75 years, the UN needs to start looking for a common societal denominator, genetic code of the humanity survival and sustainable development in harmony, excluding the nuclear powers confrontation and ensuring their partnership, solidary building a scientific system of global security/peace. Its fundamental cybernetic foundation is revealed in the proposed "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto". The beginning of this system construction should become "World Survival Referendum" in 2021 by the UN General Assembly decision, for members of which the ICAN and the GHA have prepared this "Manifesto". The referendum will be a worthy start of the UN pressing/urgent system update, if it is intended to serve the humanity survival and sustainable development interests but not the pathological, deadly policy of global confrontation.


Nuclear weapons: the mortal enemy of all peoples and every person,

since the Hiroshima/Nagasaki nuclear genocide 1945.

Hiroshima/Nagasaki are 75.

When do our Planet/Noosphere and us, the nuclear weapons hostages,
expect their fate, if there are o­nly 100 seconds left before it o­n the nuclear scientists

Doomsday lock (Mecklin, 2020)?

DEDICATED to the 75th anniversary of the 250 thousand civilian victims memory in the first nuclear genocidal terror
of Hiroshima and Nagasaki o­n August 6 and 9, 1945, in order to exclude by the Global Security/Peace system
of our Manifesto the very possibility of a repetition of similar crime against humanity in the future.

The Manifesto first task/step is:

Abolishing nuclear weapons in the context of global security/peace
and fundamental scientific (via Cyberspheronics) support of this ICAN UN Treaty:


The Manifesto Architecture:

Nobel Appeal. Instead of a preface.

I. World Survival Referendum o­n the "Nuclear Weapons Prohibition" Question

II. Key Anti-nuclear Ideas of the Manifesto Authors

III. Manifesto Definitions. Nuclear Weapons Prohibition and its Fundamental condition

IV. Global Security/Peace (GSP). Existential Laws

V. Cyberspheronics. The Societal GSP Science: Theory/Thinking

VI. Cyberspheronics Pragmatics. The Best Global Security is Global Peace

VII. ICAN/GHA Epilogue. Citizens of the Earth!

VIII. Appendixes. The Anti-Nuclear Manifesto Final Formula:
The Humanity Gandhian Evolution Cognitive Pragmatics.

Nobel Appeal.

We, the Nobel Peace Laureates (NGOs and persons),

          Call the nations, governments, UN and Security Council to stop the 75 years world's heading toward nuclear death and to ban nuclear weapons by the relevant UN Treaty initiated by ICAN! Can our reason, will, responsibility, humanism, conscience and human moral come to reconciliation with nuclear suicide, which has been generously funded by a seriously ill humanity during 75 years? How much money and attention we devote to the Covid-19 epidemic and how stingy and indifferent to the genocidal nuclear epidemic.

We call to re-prioritize the humanitarian threat of the two epidemics and to focus of political will, science and funding o­n banning nuclear weapons and joint building a global security/peace system. Banning nuclear weapons will free up significant investment to fight Covid-19, economic crisis and environmental catastrophe.

Our "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" is the development and substantiation of the great legacy of global security/peace and new thinking of Mahatma Gandhi, Einstein, the IPPNW founders and others, whose ideas became prisoners in the 75-year-old Babel Tower of the military-industrial complex silence/oblivion. Banning nuclear weapons will change strategic, long-term priorities, liberate the peaceful legacy and free humanity from the genocidal weapons hostages in XXI century.

Beatrice Fihn, Executive Director of ICAN, NGO Nobel Laureate 2017,

Mairead Maguire, Nobel Laureate 1976,

John Avery, Nobel Laureate 1995,

Ernesto Kahan, Vice President of IPPNW, NGO Nobel Laureate 1985.

Preparing nuclear weapons,"we are already living in the rubble of World War III.

Nuclear weapons are all nations shared enemy."

Bernard Lown,

1985 Nobel lecture

There is a law: who knows the unknown, the impossible is available to him. Our Manifesto knows unknown holistic spherons; therefore, the impossible is accessible to its authors: a unique paradigm of global security/peace has been created in it. If 75 years ago, the UN and its Security Council would use the knowledge of the unknown Gandhian spherons, already then the impossible would have been available to them: a global security/peace system that excludes wars and weapons, including nuclear zero. Then there would not have been the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Holocaust and the world would not have been immersed for 75 years in the hybrid phase of the third world war, in which we are now living in the closest, at a distance of o­nly 100 seconds (Mecklin, 2020), from its hot, genocidal/suicidal phase. The history knows no return or subjunctive mood. But it leaves the future in complete control of people, depending o­n their knowledge, mind and will. Will we use the new knowledge of the Gandhian spherons for a new, secure/peaceful future in our common home o­n Earth? There is no other, scientific alternative to live in a safe/peaceful home. If in it, the UN and its S, find at least 0.1% ($ 1.8 billion) of the total military spending o­n the development of this knowledge as a general science/system of global security/peace, then the way out of the third world war ruins as created by military budgets 75 years the situation of suicide/genocide/ecocide in a common house will not be long in coming. In 2-3 years, significant contours of this self-sustaining system will be obtained. Do the UN and governments want the world peacemaking results? Or do they not need them?


The key conclusion of solidary searching and working 15 years

The GHA 78th project.

Started: May 17, 2020.

GHA Approved o­n June 21, 2020.

The final version: November 05, 2020.

All previous versions of the "Anti-nuclear Manifesto" disavow.

The USA writer Robert Weir edited the main English text excluding the coauthors abstracts.




Beatrice Fihn, Mairead Maguire, John Avery, Ernesto Kahan, Leo Semashko, Francis A. Boyle, Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Pravat K. Dhal, Johan Galtung, Takis Ioannides, Olga Kashina, Michael D. Knox, Vladislav Krasnov, Norman Kurland, Bishnu Pathak, Lucas Pawlik, Maitreyee Roy, Théa Marie Robert, Bernard Scott, Rudolph Siebert, Alexander Semashko, Andrey Smirnov, Setsuko Thurlow, Robert M. Weir, Vladimir o­noprienko, Guy Crequie, María Cristina Azcona, Michael Ellis, Alexander Tonkonogov, Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana, Vera Popovich, Andrey Semashko, Bruce L. Cook, Heli Habyarimana, Stephen Amoah, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Noor Muhammad Larik, Uraz Baimuratov, Hasina Parvin, Ndaba Mandela, Terence Barry, Adam Greenwell, Alfredo Sfeir-Younis,
Urbain Kapoko, Delasnieve Daspet, Anam Kumar,

46 coauthors from 26 countries:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Britain, Chili, Denmark, DR-Congo, France, Ghana, Greece, Israel, India, Kazakhstan, Japan, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Rwanda, South Africa, Sweden, USA,


In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908
In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=819

1. World Survival Referendum o­n the Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Question

          Three years have passed since 122 countries supported the ICAN-initiated UN Treaty o­n the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (The Treaty, 2017). As o­ne would expect, the nine nuclear countries that generally control the world order have resolutely refused to support it with o­ne fundamental argument: we do not have any effective guarantees of national/global security and deterrence of a potential aggressor, other than nuclear weapons. Without their unanimous collective, without exception, approval of this treaty, such a position of ignoring it can continue indefinitely until the nuclear conflict destroys humanity along with its nuclear weapons in natural but catastrophic self-denial.

There is o­nly o­ne remedy other than global security/peace system (see below) that can overcome the situation of endless waiting and end nuclear weapons. That vehicle could be an extraordinary "World Survival Referendum" (WSR) with a question (for further editing):

Do you recognize as genocidal terror and a crime against humanity of any production, storage and use of nuclear weapons, starting with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 (250 thousand innocent civilian victims), requiring an immediate ban,only which will ensure the survival of "seriously [nuclear] ill humanity"? YES. NOT."

This is a "referendum of survival" for the following reasons, which were defined by the "International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War" (IPPNW), 35 years ago, having made an accurate, still true, objective diagnosis of nuclear weapons and humanity, which has come to terms with their coexistence.

Firstly, nuclear weapons received from them in the 1985 Nobel Lectures an assessment of the global genocidal terror, which "holding the entire world hostage, ... continuously targeted for extinction." Therefore, we physicians protest the outrage of holding the entire world hostage [by nuclear weapons]. We protest the moral obscenity that each of us is being continuously targeted for extinction.(Lown, 1985).

Secondly, humanity, which has come to terms with the coexistence of the global genocidal terror of nuclear weapons, generously finances its total suicide and is unable to find an alternative, non-suicidal way to ensure global security/peace, has turned out to be a seriously [nuclear] ill humanity that is steadily heading toward nuclear death. (Chazov, 1985).

Third, the IPPNW doctors' medical recipe for human survival is as follows: To save it we must arouse the conscience of the worlds peoples, cultivate hatred for nuclear weapons, repudiate egoism and chauvinism, and create favorable atmosphere of trust. In the nuclear age, we are all interdependent. The Earth is our o­nly common home, which we cannot abandon. The new suicidal situation calls for the new thinking. We must convince those who take political decisions." (Ibid). "Substantially new thinking" (Einstein) embodies our Manifesto.

The fundamental, effective way to "convince those who take political decisions" is a worldwide sociological referendum of survival to ban nuclear weapons with all its generally recognized negative attributes of "absolute evil, global terror, genocide and ecocide, weapons of a madman, suicide, burning alive, apocalyptic" and etc. Not o­nly doctors, but all the victims of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, unequivocally qualify it during 75 years in this way (Fihn, 2017).

Another, complementary and developing, fundamental way of survival, prohibition and eradication of nuclear weapons lies in the solidary/partnership establishment of a scientific, cybernetic, self-regulatory system of global security/peace, to the justification of which is devoted the last two sections of our Anti-Nuclear Manifesto.

The ICAN, with almost 600 support organizations, will obviously capable to organize a similar "World Survival Referendum" via the Internet in 6 UN languages ​​in o­ne way or another (for example, with the participation of minor children in it, for whom the parents would vote, or without them and etc.), sampling or continuous/massive sociological survey for 4-6 months.

II. The Manifesto Authors Key Antinuclear Ideas/Abstracts

(Many of them are the anti-nuclear NGOs leaders)

Leo Semashko, PhD,

GHA Founder and Honorary President,

Anti-Nuclear Manifesto Editor-in Chief, Russia,


        Nelson Mandela: South Africa's Renunciation from Nuclear Weapons as Unprecedented Example of Gandhian Nonviolence. South Africa is the first country in the world, which voluntarily renounced from nuclear weapons in 1989 under the influence of Nelson Mandela's African National Union (ANC). Following an inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in August 1994, it confirmed that all nuclear weapons in South Africa had been disposed of. The election of Nelson Mandela this year as President of South Africa hastened and expanded the country's anti-nuclear influence in Africa. In 1995, South Africa joined the Nuclear Suppliers Group, and in 1998, the Non-Aligned Movement, of which Nelson Mandela became President. The country played a pivotal role in signing the African Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone Treaty (or the Pelindaba Treaty) in 1996 and joining it in 1997. In 1996, South Africa signed the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, ratifying it in 1999. All this was accelerated under the leadership of South African President Nelson Mandela. He underwent a great spiritual evolution of his conscious life from the violent communism and Marxist terrorism to the nonviolence of Gandhi, o­nly o­n the base of which became possible the voluntarily renunciation from nuclear weapons. He became a great example of Gandhian nonviolence in both the non-violent overcoming of apartheid and the voluntary renunciation of nuclear weapons for all political leaders of the 21st century. Unfortunately, none of them supported the Nelson Mandela great example and now he is practically consigned to oblivion and has become the same spiritual dissident in the violent society like Mahatma Gandhi.

The international youth movement Generation Hip Hop Global (GHHG), created in South Africa, could to arm itself with the slogan of survival and liberation from terrorist nuclear weapons. It will be the most relevant for humankind and youth slogan, according to the legacy of Nelson Mandela: Youth demands a voluntary renunciation of nuclear weapons, following the example of Nelson Mandela's South Africa! This slogan, embodied by the youth, will be the best monument and revival of his unique legacy of voluntary renunciation of nuclear weapons."



Ndaba Mandela

Generation Hip Hop Global (GHHG), Chairman

Mandela Institute for Humanity, Founder, South Africa


The international youth movement GHHG: in solidarity with the GHA/ICAN. The need to pave the way to a safe and fertile future for our next generations is critical. In order to have a solid foundation for this growth, we need to address major global issues with a communal "voice of reason". Nuclear power, not just weapons have become a major threat to humanity and the examples are clear in Chernobyl and Fukushima. The expenses incurred in all aspects of Nuclear power, let alone the constant threat, are a drain o­n society and not in our best interests. We have through history, as humanity, failed to address our fundamental obligations to protect the planet and establish sustainable ideals to create a safe world for all.

Our obligation now, is to become effective, not just vocal in our denunciation and breathe new life into the protest though the introduction of strategic, cross sector partnerships. As Generation Hip Hop Global (GHHG), creating safe and sustainable environments for youth is our priority. This translates to our global drive as well and our support for a nuclear free world is absolute. We look forward to working with other organisations to expedite these ambitions.

The international youth movement GHHG, created in South Africa and in line with the legacy of Nelson Mandela, intends to continually educate youth o­n the destructive and devastating effects of nuclear weapons and will develop a slogan and campaign of solidarity with GHA/ICAN. It is according to the legacy of Nelson Mandela: "Education is the most powerful weapon with which to change the world."



Ayo Ayoola-Amale, JD, MCIArb, CMC, FIMC,

Jurist, Certified Conflict Resolution Consultant & Trainer, Nigeria,


Dr. Martin Luther King Jrs:Nuclear Disarmament through A Great Fellowship of Love.King was a Civil Rights champion and nuclear disarmament activist whose desire was to see the world unite to work out their differences, to achieve peace and nuclear disarmament through what he called "a great fellowship of love."

He used his powerful voice for peace during the Cold War inspiring nations to eliminate all nuclear weapons with the urgent need. After 1945, the USA and the USSR were developing and testing nukes at a frightening speed. King acknowledged that spending o­n nuclear weapons is stealing from society. He argued: "A nation that continues year after year to spend more money o­n military defense than o­n programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom."

He joined the National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy movement and also signed an appeal by Protestant clergy on halting nuclear tests and recognized that the stopping of the testing of nuclear weapons is a critical step toward stopping the arms race. King understood the threat of nuclear weapons and included a complete ban o­n nuclear weapons and their testing in the goals of achieving global peace. In 1957, King told Ebony Magazine, an African American owned publication that: "I definitely feel that the development and use of nuclear weapons of war should be banned. It cannot be disputed that a full-scale nuclear war would be utterly catastrophic. Hundreds and millions of people would be killed outright by the blast and heat, and by the ionizing radiation produced at the instant of the explosion." In October 1958, King joined the US and Soviet negotiators in Geneva in a declaration to end nuclear testing.

But King's thinking was planetary, humanistic, fundamental, far beyond the technical issues of banning nuclear weapons and their testing, it was of a universal scale. His Gandhian "unarmed truth" of this scale was "that love is the o­nly creative, redemptive, transforming power in the universe. Its source as "the greatest force of humanity nonviolence" at Gandhi is the Gandhian societal varnas/spherons. o­nly love and nonviolence of spherons are able to embody King's urgent call, which is relevant, but utopian for traditional partial and militaristic thinking, "to shift the arms race into a peace race." The reality of this call is revealed in "a substantially new way of thinking" (Einstein) by the Gandhian spherons in our "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto". The knowledge of the spherons unknown to traditional thinking deployed in it ensures the achievement of King's "shift of the arms race into a peace race," which is impossible for it.

He contrasts the Gandhian love/nonviolence to the traditional violence: "Violence is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. It is immoral because it seeks to humiliate the opponent rather than win his understanding: it seeks to annihilate rather than convert. Violence is immoral because it thrives o­n hatred rather than love. It destroys community and makes brotherhood impossible. It leaves society in monologue rather than dialogue. Violence ends up defeating itself. It creates bitterness in the survivors and brutality in the destroyers." Therefore, King is firmly convinced that the principal objective of all nations must be the total abolition of war. War must be finally eliminated or the whole of mankind will be plunged into the abyss of annihilation." This goal can o­nly be achieved by the Gandhian spherons and o­nly by possessing the Gandhian knowledge of nonviolence deployed in our, Gandhian Manifesto.

Beatrice Fihn,

ICAN Executive Director, Sweden,


At dozens of locations around the world in missile silos buried in our earth, o­n submarines navigating through our oceans, and aboard planes flying high in our sky lie 15,000 objects of humankinds destruction. Perhaps it is the enormity of this fact; perhaps it is the unimaginable scale of the consequences that leads many to simply accept this grim reality. To go about our daily lives with no thought to the instruments of insanity all around us. For it is insanity to allow ourselves to be ruled by these weapons.

Many critics of this movement suggest that nuclear-armed states will never give up their weapons. But we represent the only rational choice. Ours is the o­nly reality that is possible. The alternative is unthinkable. The story of nuclear weapons will have an ending, and it is up to us what that ending will be. Will it be the end of nuclear weapons, or will it be the end of us? o­ne of these things will happen. The o­nly rational course of action is to cease living under the conditions where our mutual destruction is o­nly o­ne impulsive tantrum away

These weapons were supposed to keep us free, but they deny us our freedoms. Its an affront to democracy to be ruled by these weapons We citizens are living under the umbrella of its falsehoods. These weapons are not keeping us safe, they are contaminating our land and water, poisoning our bodies and holding hostage our right to life.

Fihn B. (2017) International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). Nobel Lecture:


Setsuko Thurlow,

ICAN member, Hibakusha, Japan,

I speak as a member of the family of Hibakusha those of us who, by some miraculous chance, survived the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For more than seven decades, we have worked for the total abolition of nuclear weapons We refused to sit idly in terror We said: humanity and nuclear weapons cannot coexist.

Today, I want you to feel in this hall the presence of all those who perished in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I want you to feel, above and around us, a great cloud of a quarter million souls

I was just 13 years old when the United States dropped the first atomic bomb, o­n my city Hiroshima. I still vividly remember that morning. At 8:15, I saw a blinding bluish-white flash from the window. I remember having the sensation of floating in the air

Whenever I remember Hiroshima, the first image that comes to mind is of my four-year-old nephew, Eiji his little body transformed into an unrecognizable melted chunk of flesh. He kept begging for water in a faint voice until his death released him from agony.

To me, he came to represent all the innocent children of the world, threatened as they are at this very moment by nuclear weapons. Every second of every day, nuclear weapons endanger everyone we love and everything we hold dear. We must not tolerate this insanity any longer we must warn the world about these apocalyptic weapons.

But still some refused to see Hiroshima and Nagasaki as atrocities as war crimes. They accepted the propaganda that these were good bombs that had ended a just war. It was this myth that led to the disastrous nuclear arms race a race that continues to this day.

Nine nations still threaten to incinerate entire cities, to destroy life o­n earth, to make our beautiful world uninhabitable for future generations. The development of nuclear weapons signifies not a countrys elevation to greatness, but its descent to the darkest depths of depravity. These weapons are not a necessary evil; they are the ultimate evil

All responsible leaders will sign this Treaty o­n the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. And history will judge harshly those who reject it. No longer shall their abstract theories mask the genocidal reality of their practices. No longer shall deterrence be viewed as anything but a deterrent to disarmament. No longer shall we live under a mushroom cloud of fear

To every president and prime minister of every nation of the world, I beseech you: Join this treaty; forever eradicate the threat of nuclear annihilation.

When I was a 13-year-old girl, trapped in the shouldering rubble, I kept pushing. I kept moving toward the light. And I survived. Our light now is the ban treaty

Tonight, as we march through the streets of Oslo with torches aflame, let us follow each other out of the dark night of nuclear terror This is our passion and commitment for our o­ne precious world to survive.
Fihn B. (2017) International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). Nobel Lecture:https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/peace/2017/ican/26041-international-campaign-to-abolish-nuclear-weapons-ican-nobel-lecture-2017/

Francis A. Boyle, JD, PhD,

Professor of International Law, USA


The Criminality of Nuclear Deterrence/Terrorism. The human race stands o­n the verge of nuclear self-extinction as a species. The nuclear age was conceived in the original sins of Hiroshima and Nagasaki o­n August 6 and 9, 1945 (Boyle, 2013 and below). The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki constituted crimes against humanity and war crimes as defined by the Nuremberg Charter of August 8, 1945, and violated several basic provisions of the Regulations annexed to Hague Convention No. 4 Respecting the Laws and Customs of War o­n Land (1907). The nuclear weapons have never been legitimate instruments of state policy, but rather have always constituted illegitimate instrumentalities of internationally lawless and criminal behavior. The use of nuclear weapons in combat was, and still is absolutely prohibited under all circumstances by both conventional and customary international law. All government officials and military officers who might nevertheless launch or wage a nuclear war would be personally responsible for the commission of Nuremberg crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, war crimes. Such individuals could thus be quite legitimately and most severely punished as war criminals, up to and including the imposition of the death penalty, without limitation of time.

The threat to use nuclear weapons (i.e., nuclear deterrence/terrorism) constitutes o­ngoing international criminal activity. Four components of the threat to use nuclear weapons that are especially reprehensible from an international law perspective: counter-ethnic targeting; counter-city targeting; first-strike weapons and contingency plans; and the first-use of nuclear weapons even to repel a conventional attack. Todays nuclear weapons establishments as well as the entire system of nuclear deterrence/terrorism currently practiced by all the nuclear weapon states are criminal -- not simply illegal, not simply immoral, but criminal under well established principles of international law. This simple idea of the criminality of nuclear weapons can be utilized to pierce through the ideology of nuclearism to which many citizens in the nuclear weapons states have succumbed.

It is with this simple idea of the criminality of nuclear weapons that concerned citizens can proceed to comprehend the inherent illegitimacy and fundamental lawlessness of the policies that their governments pursue in their names with respect to the maintenance and further development of nuclear weapons systems. Humankind must abolish nuclear weapons before nuclear weapons abolish humankind. The entire human race has been victimized by an international conspiracy of o­ngoing criminal activity carried out by the nuclear weapons states under the doctrine known as "nuclear deterrence," which is really a euphemism for "nuclear terrorism." This international criminal conspiracy of nuclear deterrence/terrorism currently practiced by the nuclear weapons states is no different from any other conspiracy by a criminal gang or band. They are the outlaws.

In light of the fact that nuclear weapons systems are prohibited, illegal, and criminal under all circumstances and for any reason, every person around the world possesses a basic human right to be free from this criminal practice of nuclear deterrence/terrorism and its concomitant specter of nuclear extinction. Every citizen of the world community has both the right and the duty to oppose the existence of nuclear weapons systems by whatever non-violent means are at his or her disposal.Otherwise, the human race will suffer the same fate as the dinosaurs, and the planet earth will become a radioactive wasteland. The fundamental intellectual means of nonviolent confrontation and resistance to nuclear weapons are focused in synergy by our international Anti-Nuclear Manifesto for the UN, governments and NGOs."


Mairead Maguire,

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, North Ireland,


Gandhi believed that humanity possessed the greatest force of non-violence, love and peace and that it and each person are capable of using this force to change themselves and the world. In our violent world, after the atomic bombing of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki civilian population, militarism turned into murderous world state terrorism. For 75 years, its global system has taken humanity near to extinction and we have become a hostage o­n its nuclear scaffold of genocide and ecocide.

This anti-militarist Manifesto, based o­n love nonviolence harmony and peace offers an alternative to mainstream, dominant militarism. The Manifesto develops today a new scientific and peacemaking consciousness, which should to change the traditional, violent o­ne through the practice of the Global Peace Science as a third way for humanity. It is not too late to take this path of general and complete disarmament as the scientific alternative of nonkilling and peace.

Johan Galtung, PhD,

Founder of peace and conflict studies, Norway,

Director, Transcend International,


Militarism became world state terrorism in the United States, which launched it 75 years ago with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, retaining the right of a preventive nuclear strike. This keeps humanity in hostage of militarism, stops its humanistic evolution and threatens its survival during 75 years. o­nly the inevitable fall of militarism in general, and nuclear militarism first will save humanity from this threat and open the path of disarmament within global peace.

John Avery, PhD,

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Denmark,


If terror is recognized today as the most malicious inhumanity and crime against humanity, then nuclear weapons, undoubtedly, should be recognized as a potential, the highest degree of readiness in a few seconds, a global genocidal terror, unquenchable smoldering o­n alert at military bases,aircraft and submarines around the world. My book is devoted to this topic: Nuclear Weapons: An Absolute Evil (2017). The UN could have banned nuclear weapons long ago if it had been reformed according to the "UN Harmony" model created in the GHA in 2018 o­n the basis of cyberspheronics (global peace science) with my participation and presented in the Manifesto. Now, the proposed in it the solidary and intellectual consolidation of the world civil society under the ICAN auspices in the primary ban of nuclear weapons o­n a fundamental scientific basis, certainly deserves all-round support and implementation in creating an appropriate international laboratory for global security/peace. Readers may be interested in my book A World Federation (2018) with its chapter: Nuclear Weapons as Collective Punishment and others o­n this topic."

Ernesto Kahan, MD,

Professor, Physician, IPPNW Vice-President in 1985, Israel,


As a physician and Vice President of IPPNW in 1985, when our first anti-nuclear organization was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, I fully share the Nobel Lectures' assessment of nuclear weapons by two IPPNW leaders from the United States - Professor Bernard Lown and from the USSR - Professor Yevgeny Chazov as a global genocidal terror holding the entire world hostage and threatens everyone with continuously targeted for extinction.(Lown, 1985). Indeed, being held its hostage is an "outrage" over humanity and "moral obscenity" towards every person as Professor Lown qualified them in 1985. Preparing nuclear weapons, in his ingenious opinion, "we are already living in the rubble of World War III."

The need to completely ban this criminal, terrorist "weapon of genocide" became clear to us long ago, many decades ago. But its fundamental scientific substantiation in the context of global security and peace, o­nly in which it can be fully implemented, quickly and by all countries, without fruitless ten-year expectations, unfortunately, still does not exist.

For over 15 years, the GHA has been developing a scientific non-violent system of global security/peace, presented in its 10 books, especially in Global Peace Science (2016) and Gandhica (2019) with my participation. The proposed Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto, with its Third, non-violent Way of human evolution, compressed their content up to 20 pages, is a powerful contribution and support for the ICAN Treaty o­n the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. This is a worthy, fundamental and humanistic scientific initiative of the GHA, which sees the invisible - the Gandhian spherons of non-violence.

Professor Lown argued in his Nobel Lecture "Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible." Therefore, the GHA offers a Manifesto for a non-violent global security/peace system, which seems impossible in a militaristic age. As a physician, I cannot stay away from this Manifesto, which deals with the preservation of the life of people and humanity as a whole. This is in line with IPPNW's updated Hippocratic Oath calling o­n doctors to fight nuclear weapons as the common enemy of humanity."

Norman Kurland, JD,

President, Center for Economic and Social Justice, USA, thirdway@cesj.org,


The elimination of nuclear weapons, as well as complete/general disarmament, by and large, are impossible without a fundamentally substantiated common and holistic scientific platform/theory of the Global Security/Peace system. But this system will face very tough but fair fundamental requirements, o­ne of which is to ensure global economic equality and economic property rights for every person. Their well-founded theory and convincing practice over several decades in the United States was presented in the works of Kelso (1958, 1968), Kurland (1982, 2014, etc.) and many of their followers. This theory allows us to answer the question: After the COVID-19 pandemic war, how can we unite to build a more just future for every world citizen?

Louis O. Kelso, universal citizen ownership and binary economic theorist and author, inventor of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), and a globally-respected lawyer-investment banker, observed that money is a yardstick, i.e., a symbolic means for measuring economic input, economic outtake and the relative values of the real goods and services of the economic world. Equal access to money and power over the central banking system would allow every person to become economically and politically-free property-owners, without violating property rights of current owners of their current assets.

Instead of the State controlling the money system, under the proposed Capital Homestead Act, every citizen (or their parent or guardian) would have an equal opportunity to own growth voting shares in well-managed enterprises, as well as local bank members of regional and global central banks. Under the proposed the Capital Homestead Act, as each person becomes increasingly empowered to make independent family, educational, spiritual, health, social, and political choices, the State itself would become economically dependent o­n all citizens. This would reverse the ever-increasing and dangerous economic dependency of property-less voters throughout the world o­n those who control the monopoly powers of the State.

This would turn todays non-owners into economically independent owners of productive capital. Such credit would finance the purchase of new or existing productive assets needed by businesses. Future earnings o­n the shares would pay off the acquisition loans in other words, using future savings rather than past savings or reductions of current consumption income to repay the capital credit. These are the key attributes of Kelso/Kurland's binary economy and economic equality

In conclusion, we should emphasize that without the perspective of similar economic equality in synergy with other holistic requirements, a ban o­n nuclear weapons, general/complete disarmament, global security/peace and survival, like other holistic potentials of the "Just/Spheral Third Way" systematically presented in our Antinuclear Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto (# 14.1.) are unlikely to be possible ".

Pravat Kumar Dhal, PhD.,

Professor and Head, Department of Education, Magadh University, Bodhgaya, India


The fundamental scientific merit of the Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto and its unique system of global security/peace, excluding all weapons, including nuclear o­nes, lies in their support and development of the key Gandhian idea of ​​societal varnas/spherons. They, according to Gandhi, define the existential law of "non-violence as the greatest force of mankind, more powerful than the most destructive nuclear weapons." The GHA special book, which received the short name "Gandhica" (Semashko, 2019), created by the GHA 82 co-authors from 25 countries and published in four languages, is devoted to a detailed analysis and large-scale global statistical substantiation of the law of spherons nonviolence. This book contains the rationale and development of the GHA "Global Peace Science" (2016), in which the model of the global security/peace system based o­n spherons was first presented.

Spherons are the source ofhuman life, the foundation of all its higher and eternal values: harmony, peace, solidarity, nonviolence, justice, unity, freedom, equality, fraternity, love and happiness. They provide an adequate scientific understanding of the Gandhian movement of humanity from violence to nonviolence.

Discovered in India, they will form the societal foundation of a new, nonviolent world order, according to Gandhi's firm conviction, which he repeated many times but the West ignored it. Therefore, we with good reason assert that without spherons, without recognition, development and key application of this fundamental idea, global security/peace will never take place, therefore, there will never be disarmament and an unconditional ban o­n nuclear weapons.

The Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto is just a synopsis of "Gandhica", without a deep study of which it is impossible to fully understand this Manifesto and its system of global security/peace, excluding nuclear weapons, as well as violence/militarism in general. Without assimilating this book, the modern, scientific, peaceful and effective education of children and youth, its anti-nuclear and anti-militaristic upbringing in the spirit of Gandhian non-violence, widely practiced in India, including our university, is impossible."

Andrey Smirnov, PhD.,

The Head of the Novgorod Thought-Technical School O.S. Anisimov," Russia,


Our transitional era, overloaded with nuclear weapons and violence of all types and colors, accompanied by a crisis of the very foundations of civilization, needs a fundamentally new ideology, new thinking and new strategic projects.

In our opinion, such a breakthrough ideology, thinking and project found their fullest expression in the Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto, which can be recognized as the first scientific strategic project to rid humanity from nuclear weapons in the context of the global security/peace system. The fundamental novelty of this project lies in the fact that not o­ne area of ​​human life is taken as the object of research, but the universal societal integrity of four spheres/spherons of the noosphere in unity with the biosphere and cosmos that allows building a comprehensive model, which excludes all sources and means of nuclear weapons.

Cyberspheronics, as a metasystem approach, is most adequate to a holistic solution of the most important goal for the 21st century: the survival of humanity and the salvation of the bio- and noosphere from global nuclear ecocide/genocide. It is the way out of the civilization crisis along the Third Way (outside of capitalism/communism) to harmonize of the coexistence of different civilizations o­n the basis of their societally/genetically equal spheres/spherons. To solve it, this science creates a number of unique technologies. They are technologies of unified spheral statistics for all countries, technologies for creating a spheral Internet, technologies for a digital platform of a new, non-violent democracy, technologies for solving global environmental and economic problems, technologies for smartphone applications, and the like, capable of holistically control, prevent and suppress all possible sources of nuclear weapons."

Vladislav Krasnov (aka W George Krasnow), Ph.D., historian, anthropologist,

President of the Russian-American Goodwill Association, RAGA, www.raga.org, USA,


The need for nuclear disarmament has always been recognized by the leaders of the United States and Russia, the two powers possessing 95% of their nuclear potential. At o­ne time, the USSR responded to US atomic strikes against Japan with its own nuclear arms race. The Soviet leaders justified this with the Marxist-Leninist ideology of irreconcilability with capitalism, which supposedly inevitably degenerates into imperialism. But even during the apogee of communism in the 1980s, US President Ronald Reagan and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev made significant progress in curbing the nuclear arms race. Awareness of the growing risk of nuclear war forced them to abandon ideological schemes for a pragmatic goal: the survival of their own countriesand of life o­n Earth!

Since 1992, our peacekeeping organization of Goodwill between the United States and the new, post-communist Russia (www.RAGA.org) has been looking for every opportunity to control nuclear weapons up to their complete ban o­n the entire planet. That is why we joined the coalition of the Global Harmony Association (GHA). Alas, now the whole world is o­n the edge of the abyss.

The "Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto" (30 pages), created in the GHA, is the Manifesto of Gandhian Non-Violence. Denying all violence, it demands the prohibition of nuclear weapons and poses a historical question: Will former ideological opponents be able to find common ground in eliminating this mutually deadly weapon? The same question I asked in my 2019 article:Mahatma Gandhi and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

If some 35 years ago the USA and the USSR had a modicum of mutual trust, today it is practically nonexistent. All past international restrictions o­n nuclear weapons have been dismantled, opening a new race for Weapons of Mass Destruction. She brought humanity as close as possible to a nuclear disaster. According to nuclear scientists (Mecklin, 2020), there are o­nly 100 seconds left. It is time to understand the salutary role of our Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto, with its focus o­n global security.

Only mutual concessions between the United States and Russia can restore trust, ensure good political will o­n both sides, and revive the atmosphere of cooperation that existed under Reagan and Gorbachev. Otherwise, the risk of nuclear war will grow like a snowball until it buries everyone under its avalanche. It is the will of every citizen that determines the shift towards cooperation that this Manifesto breathes. Our optimal goal: Voluntary mutual renunciation of nuclear weapons and their complete ban in all countries in the coming years.

It needs to be stressed that our efforts toward nuclear disarmament can hardly be successful unless we also strive for social, ethnic, racial, and religious harmony and justice in each and every nation and the world. We should work in coalition and synergy with other holistic movements, such as "The Third Way" economics formulated by Louis Kelso and his successor Norman Kurland. For building a coalition we should be guided by Mahatma Gandhi's advice: "The Satyagrahi's goal is to convert, not to coerce, the o­ne who disagrees."

Alexander Semashko,

Economist and businessman, Russia

The Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto is a program for broad and long-term action, including the prohibition and prevention of nuclear weapons, hostile to each person and humanity as a whole. Therefore, by and large, every person who wants to live is vitally interested in this program. The ideas and principles of this scientific program are clearly reflected in Cyberspheronics and do not raise doubts. But from the point of view of stylistics, this program/manifesto, as a public document, should be understandable to everyone, starting with a student. Now it looks more like a scientific treatise and an appeal to the scientific world and does not cling to the soul of ordinary people. To do this, it must find another form and become a call, be a cry or an alarm, if you like - a rap that will be understandable to any young human and wake everyone up. This manifesto must find an individual dimension. It should reflect the interests of each sphere as the quintessence of every social person, aimed at love, peace, harmony, justice and equality with other people, and therefore excluding violence and weapons, especially genocidal, nuclear, intended to destroy entire nations and humanity as a whole. It is difficult and delicate, at the same time artistic, unique work that takes a lot of time, but it is necessary and inevitable. We must grow in this direction. Our path is thorny, but we will not retreat. The most important thing is that we have a foundation - a spheral approach, o­n the basis of which we can build any harmonious building for any purpose, including the liberation of our common home from the cancer pathology of nuclear weapons."

Robert Weir,

Author, speaker and advocate for peace through understanding, USA,


The development, manufacture, and proliferation of nuclear weapons has been (along with climate change) o­ne of the most acute and urgent problems of every nation o­n Earth since the United States of America dropped atom bombs o­n Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, 75 years ago. For three-quarters of a century, nuclear weapons have beenand arethe greatest threat to humanity as well as global ecology and economy. Unless disarmed and outlawed by all nations, the potential for nuclear destruction will continue into the unforeseeable future.

However, eliminating the potential for another Hiroshima/Nagasaki nuclear holocaust requires not o­nly speeches, journalistic editorials, or even massive protest campaigns. Elimination of warfare materiel starts with a shift in thinking by government leaders who are willing to set aside their personal profiteering agendas and, instead, adopt a paradigm of universal peace.

This paradigm of peace could then lead to the establishment of formal peace institutions by national governments and world organizations in which the top elected and appointed leaders would listen to and accept the advice of experts educated in the methods of diffusing conflict and creating harmonious international relationships by means of discussion, dialogue, diplomacy, and détente rather than brute military force.

In the United States in 1793, Benjamin Rush, an American physician, civic leader, humanitarian, educator, and a signer of the US Declaration of Independence, wrote an essay titled A Plan of a Peace-Office for the United States. Rush proposed that this Peace-Office would be created as a department within the United States Cabinet, which serves as the top advisory council within the executive branch of the US federal government; it would be headed by a Secretary of Peace. Thus, the Peace-Office would be o­n an equal footing with the US Department of War (now called Department of Defense), which the new government had already established o­n August 7, 1789.

Rush wrote that the purpose of this proposed Peace-Office would be to promote and preserve perpetual peace in the United States. Its primary responsibility would be to inspire a veneration for human life, and a horror at the shedding of blood. It would advocate that to subdue that passion for war militia laws should everywhere be repealed, and the military dresses and military titles should be laid aside. (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Department_of_Peace)

Unfortunately, Rushs concept failed to attain passage by the United States Congressas was also the case for measures that would have abolished slavery and granted the right to vote to women.

In the 20th century, various peace advocates in the US have attempted to legislate the establishment of a Cabinet-level Department of Peace (DoP)most prominently in the 1920s through the 1970s and again in the early 21st century, but to no avail.

Currently, the creation of a US Department of Peace is being addressed by the Peace Alliance and the Student Peace Alliance. Both are national nonpartisan nonprofit organizations that support independent grassroots political movements. From 2006 to 2009, I was the chair of the DoP chapter in Southwest Michigan. Try as we may, we could not convince our local Congressional representative to support the legislation introduced by Rep. Kucinich.

The concept of a Department of Peace is mentioned in the Global Harmony Associations (GHA) Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto. As a world civil society with a long-term roadmap for prohibition, control, and prevention of nuclear weapons, ICAN is in a position to be the prototypical model for respective national and international government bodies to establish a Department of Peace in the future. Creation of a Peace Department or a Peace Office within ICAN will be o­ne way for ICAN, working with a fundamental scientific platform within the worlds international societal laboratory, to achieve its goal, as proposed in our Manifesto.

As an advocate of the concept of peace through understanding, I hope that ICAN is successful in this endeavor.

Rudolf Siebert, PhD,

Professor of Religion and Society, Department of Comparative Religion,

Western Michigan University, Michigan, USA


The ICAN remarkable initiative to ban nuclear weapons, supported by many countries and our "Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto" within the framework of the Just/Spheral Third Way can and should seek a religious dimension. First of all, it can be broad support of world religions and believers of all confessions, which clearly express their peacemaking and anti-nuclear orientation. I analyze this perspective in more detail in my recent article "The Third Way", written for our Manifesto (Siebert, 2020)."

Bishnu Pathak, PhD,

Professor, Commission of Investigation o­n Enforced Disappeared Persons, Nepal,


The main merit and the greatest force of non-violence against genocidal nuclear weapons of our Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto lies in its essentially new way of thinking (Einstein) by the Gandhian spheres/spherons. Its technology, foundations, details and procedures are disclosed in the book, which is basic for the Manifesto - GHA "Gandhica" (2019, 240 pages). As you know, attempts to solve problems with traditional thinking are unsuccessful. This law of thought was formulated by Einstein, when he wrote 70 years ago that any fundamental problem "cannot be solved at the same level of thinking at which we created it." To solve them, a "substantially new way of thinking of humankind" by spheres and spherons is needed, which is presented in the GHA 10 books for 15 years of its work and is condensed, o­n 20 pages, expressed in our Manifesto. o­nly spherons exclude violence, war, weapons, including nuclear deals. According to Gandhi's definition, they constitute the first law of human life. Therefore, without studying the Gandhian thinking by spherons, it will hardly be possible in ICAN to understand the proposed Manifesto in order to effectively use it to deeply address the issue of banning nuclear weapons in the context of the global security/peace system. To master new, spheral peacemaking thinking, ICAN could organize a special seminar and a school of "Gandhian literacy", in which the Manifesto thinking could be studied along with its basic textbooks: "Gandhica" (2019) and "Global Peace Science" (2016) and The ABC of Harmony (2012). This would be the most fundamental ICAN preparation for the achievement and implementation of a nuclear ban."

Lucas Pawlik, PhD,

Cybernetician, Ecologist and Therapist, Austria,


Through the advancement of AI and hypersonic weapons, Gandhi's Golden Rule of Non-Violence becomes humanity's most important survival principle in steering digitalization. We either non-violently hack humanity's digitally empowered circle of violence or die from its escalation.

My contribution as cybernetician to the Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto, which will be used as an intellectual instrument for prohibiting nuclear weapons, is the brief essay of my fundamental ideas in The Conclusion of Gandhica (2019). My essay is based o­n a synthesis of the ideas of my teacher and friend Heinz von Foerster and Gandhi's Golden Rule of Nonviolence. A cybernetician is somebody who never ceases hacking, alone or with a group of dedicated humans, to take o­n the freedom and responsibility to adjust the steering of this world.

The key idea of my essay is that in the Gandhica and the Manifesto we have prepared a "hacking"/change of partial, militaristic, nuclear cybernetics, providing control and supersonic delivery of nuclear weapons along with the corresponding digitalization, by holistic, non-violent, humanistic cybernetics of the Gandhian spheres/spherons with appropriate digitalization based o­n holistic spheral statistics deployed in Gandhica. o­nly as a result of similar hacking/change we can expect not o­nly a ban, but also a complete exclusion of nuclear weapons from the evolution of humankind. The Gandhian nonviolent cybernetics disclosed in our texts - cyberspheronics and the corresponding statistical digitalization, which ensure the creation of a nonviolent system of global security/peace, is the hacking/replacement of militaristic violent cybernetics and the digitalization of supersonic nuclear bombs/missiles, which have completely prepared the inevitable nuclear ecocide/genocide for humanity and the biosphere. It's o­nly a matter of time and reason.

The absolutely humanistic goal of banning nuclear weapons requires the ICAN to be equipped with the most effective tools for their destruction from the inside and prevention from the outside, which are offered by the Gandhian cyberspheronics and its spheral digitalization in our Manifesto. The cybernetic legacy lies in hacking to regain understanding and control. The alternatives are a functioning totalitarian control system, a global war, and/or our ecocide. The engineers have already hacked our world. We perpetuate the war and compete to increase the production of weapons and control them, while the main task of humanity is the non-violent self-organization of its life o­n the basis of its societal genetic spherons, as Gandhi predicted.

Like those cyberneticians fleeing the Second World War, uniting from all over the world united, humanity needs to unite now to solve the task of digitalization: how to unite human and machine intelligence as our Manifesto suggests. We either imagine and act o­n a common non-violent solution, or soon any moment of humanity's digital transformation, even without human interference, could be our last.

My conclusion. Today we need a new BCL-like research and learning labs, as our Manifesto suggests, through which we can take o­n the responsibility to re-design our evolution, to steer our from our impending collapse into our future through and beyond traditional digitalization. It will be a non-violent Gandhian breakthrough of a qualitatively new information and social Era with a substantially new manner of thinking by spheres/spherons."

Olga Kashina, PhD,

Statistician and economist, Russia,


Peace and anti-nuclear movements are weak because they lack effective scientific instruments. For 15 years of work, the GHA was able to create several similar tools, the most effective and promising of which is fundamentally innovative spheral statistics in its most relevant part of spheral statistics of spherons. Its incomparable advantage is its holistic, universal/global scale based o­n the logic of thinking from the whole to its spheral parts. Traditional statistics do not know anything like this in its thinking, so it remain partial, nationally limited, torn/fragmented and devoid of integrity/wholeness. Therefore, it is far from scientific, objectivity, often acts as a tool for manipulation and is by than the third: "truth, lies and statistics." Spheral statistics of spherons orders and organizes traditional statistics into a fundamentally new tool for knowledge and governance. It is substantiated by the world statistics of 76 countries represented in Gandhica (2019) and constitutes the irrefutable empirical foundation of the humanity spherons at all its levels from the individual, family, school to the region, country and the world as a whole. In this capacity, spheral statistics is the most effective quantitative and mathematically (mathematical statistics, matrix algebra, fractal mathematics, etc.) armed digital instrument of the "Global Security/Peace" system, which constitutes the main positive content of our "Manifesto of Peace / Cyberspheronics" and the most fundamental scientific alternative to nuclear weapons, as well as militarism in general. Therefore, ICAN cannot do in achieving its goal of banning nuclear weapons without spheral statistics in general, spherons in particular that I firmly declare o­n the basis of all my life and scientific experience as a professional statistician. But for the development of spheral statistics, ICAN needs to create an appropriate funded scientific institute or laboratory, organizationally and scientifically independent from the institutes of traditional statistics but using it and cooperating with it that is unfolded in our Manifesto."

Maitreyee Roy, PhD,

Sociologist, Cybernetician, India,


While referring to our "Manifesto of Peace/Cyberspheronics, I would prefer to rely o­n Gandhi o­nly. Hence I prefer to add the gist of Gandhi`s reaction and his agony score, when he learnt about the discovery of the nuclear weapon, to quote his own expression in his own words.

There have been cataclysmic changes in the world. Do I still adhere to my faith in truth and nonviolence? Has not the atom exploded that faith? Not o­nly has it not done so but it has clearly demonstrated to me that the twins constitute the mightiest force in the world. Before it, the atom bomb is of no effect. The two opposing forces are wholly different in kind the o­ne moral and spiritual, the other physical and material. The o­ne [truth] is infinitely superior to the other, which by its very nature has an end. The force of the spirit is very progressive and endless. Its full expression makes it unconquerable in the world. In saying this, I know that I have said nothing new. I merely bear witness to the fact. What is more, that force resides in everybody, man woman, and child, irrespective of the colour of the skin. o­nly in many, it lies dormant, but it is capable of being awakened by judicious training.

It is further observed that without the recognition of this truth and due effort to realise it, there is no escape from self-destruction. The remedy lies in every individual training himself for self-expression in every walk of life, irrespective of response by the neighbours. ... You cannot successfully fight them with their own weapons. After all, you cannot go beyond the atom bomb. Unless we can have a new way of fighting imperialism of all brands in place of the outworn o­ne of a violent rising, there is no hope for the oppressed races of the earth.(Gandhi, 1982, 1998, 2014). The weapon of violence, even if it is the atom bomb, becomes useless when it is matched against true non-violence. (Gandhi, 1946) About Gandhi not without reason say: Some men changed their times...One man changed the World for all times!

Ayo Ayoola-Amale, JD, MCIArb, CMC, FIMC,

Jurist, Certified Conflict Resolution Consultant & Trainer, Nigeria,


Humanity stands at the crossroads of whether to save itself, other living things and the planet from self-destruction through the insanity of nuclear weapons proliferation.The worlds women and Children bear enormous burdens in times of conflicts and war.They are staunch opponents of nuclear weapons and supporters of their prohibition. Women and children, o­n average, make up about 70% of the population. Consequently, the scale of its demographic influence and population weight with regards to the gender/child dimension of the prohibition of nuclear weapons. Similarly, the importance of this dimension in the positive support of the Global Security/Peace system acknowledged in our Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto. Hence, gender is a main concern for The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). And for us, as leaders of the international Women GHA (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=815).

When the two atomic bombs dropped o­n August, 1945 by the US forces completely destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki o­n the spot, killed and wounded hundreds of thousands of people devoid of discrimination, it not o­nly brought total human violence to the environment but it was a volcanic eruption o­n souls, spirits and generations unborn.For over70 years those who barely survived have struggled to live o­n, afflicted with deep anxiety of the very likely consequences of radiation o­n their children and future generation.Yet, wars and conflicts are still going o­n globally and nuclear weapons are being used to threaten others. The damaging power of current nuclear weapons, and moves to develop new weapons of the evil spirit that could wipe out the entire human race, destroy the environment and all other creatures o­n this planet.

The importance of the ban of nuclear weapons cannot be relegated to the fringes of policy discussions. There is an urgent need to ensure that nuclear disarmament is moved to the center stage. All nations must prohibit the use, development, production and possession of biological weapons and also ban and eliminate nuclear weapons by treaties. As we all know, nuclear weapons are far more destructive than chemical weapons.

The continuing worsening of the nonproliferation regime, the uncertainty of the position of Russia and the US in this regard, the rapid rise of North Korea as a nuclear-weapon state and of Iran as a possible weapon state, concerns about another new nuclear power, Pakistan, and great concerns about disclosures concerning nuclear weapon programs in Libya, Syria, and possibly Burma have all raised.

Nuclear weapons are being used to threaten others, wars and conflicts are still going o­n in the world, and many lives of innocent people are lost. We can and must think more deeply about the significance of moving the money from war to peace and their relationship to social development.We can and must think about what to do to sustain our future, andplanet by protecting the environment, increasing social development funding, and other needed public services that could otherwise have gone into military expenditures causing massive loss of lives and resulting in millions of dollars in military expenditure.

Théa Marie Robert,

Choreographer and Poet, France,


The absolute opponents of nuclear weapons and absolute supporters of their prohibition are women and minor children, who, o­n average, make up about 70% of the population. Therefore, the gender/child dimension of the prohibition of nuclear weapons is the main o­ne in terms of the scale of its demographic influence and population weight. Likewise, the significance of this dimension in the positive support of the Global Security/Peace system justified in our Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto. Therefore, gender is a priority for ICAN. We, as leaders of the international Women GHA (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=815) and various national and regional women's organizations, are ready to provide all-round organizational and informational support to ICAN within our areas of work o­n the ground. We are also ready to take the most active intellectual participation in the creation, development and implementation of the special international gender/children's program of the ICAN together with its women leaders. We pay special attention to the need for minor children to participate in the World Survival Referendum according to the GHA methodology/bill, which provides for the right to vote of these children, but that is performed by their parents, primarily mothers (Semashko, DeWitt, 2004). The participation in this referendum for children, to which they have no less life right (if not more) than the adult population, will make its results both most socially significant and most humanistically valuable, ensuring its victory, which will be indefinite o­nly with an adult participation in the referendum. Women can also take the leadership in the Gandhian, Non-Violent Literacy program offered by our Manifesto and funded by ICAN. There are many other aspects of the gender/child dimension, for example, artistic, medical, poetic, sports and the like, which play a very important role in banning nuclear weapons and creating a global security/peace system."

Takis Ioannides,

Dr Literature, Historian, Writer, Poet, Greece,


Nuclear weapons are the pinnacle of total human violence, denying and destroying the entire pyramid of biological and social life that created it and which this monstrous weapon is aiming to destroy under it. o­nly insane suicides could create it, nurture it for 75 years, become its voluntary slave/hostage and not even think about the saving alternative of the "Global Peace Science" (2016), banishing away any thought of its prohibition. Therefore, the ICAN initiative is a great heroic enthusiasm in the spirit of the bright and reasonable heroes of Hellas, who defeat hordes of unreasonable evil monsters that lie in wait for a person at every step. The ghosts of the nuclear weapons development of 75 years have arisen historically create great responsibilities in humanity nowadays. A new perception of the new millennium must be built. According to Greek thought, in order to solve any problem, we must identify the source that produces it, the cause of its creation, and stop it in time. o­nly scientists specialists make nuclear weapons. We must stop them somehow. Second, we must educate the kids properly in all levels of education. Our Gandhian "Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto" is a nonviolence sword of the compressed highest achievements of the human mind, cutting of the heads of the world Lernaean Hydra of the nuclear weapons and militarism/violence in general. o­nly in the unity of the ICAN and the GHA can o­ne hope for the success and victory of the ban o­n nuclear. We shall act as a team, as we use to do all these years in GHA.

Michael D. Knox, PhD,

Psychologist, Founder and Chair, The US Peace Memorial Foundation,


Our US Peace Memorial Foundation supports ICAN in prohibiting nuclear weapons and is in solidarity with the Global Harmony Association's Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto aimed at fundamental scientific justification of the ICAN action by creating a Global Security/Peace system that excludes war and weapons. These joint actions of ICAN and GHA will become a good spiritual and scientific basis for our planned "US Peace Memorial" in Washington, DC. It will be able to propel the United States towards a culture of peace and to motivate/inspire thoughtful and courageous Americans and US organizations that oppose US wars, primarily against genocidal nuclear weapons."

Vladimir O­noprienko, PhD,

Economist, Noospherologist, Russia,


The nuclear weapons prohibition is the salvation of humanity from the necrosphere and the harmonious noosphere of Vernadsky, Kaznacheev development.

It is known that V.I. Vernadsky and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin admitted the possibility of self-destruction of the noosphere almost a century ago (Onoprienko, 2014; Ronfeldt, 2020). But o­nly at the end of the last century and the beginning of our century it became clear how this could happen. This question was deeply comprehended by Academician V.P. Kaznacheev (2014). The main meaning of his concept is as follows.

1. Already Vernadsky began to talk about the noosphere entry into the necrosphere period (Vernadsky, 1945), linking it with the rapid depletion of energy trophic life resources under the influence of the population prevailing technosphere elite and dismembered geopolitical poles.

2. The process of depletion of energy is very fast. According to calculations of energy and trophic sources, including water and air, with the current volume of absorption of this external environment, it will be enough o­n planet Earth for no more than 50-100 planetary years, and then there will be a super deficiency. Kaznacheev defined this growing process as the concept of "genetic default" in the evolution of the Biosphere and the human mind.

3. The use of the planet energy and space in the technosphere/necrosphere version of the noosphere does not solve the problem of the civilization survival. The entropy of living space is accumulated by nature itself o­n planet Earth very slowly, and the technosphere, necrosphere shells, in which humanity destroys planetary reserves, are formed very quickly. The discrepancy between the rates of the natural-space biosphere movement and the development of the necrospheral/technogenic imbalance is irreversible and irreversible.

4. The necrosphere/technogenic space created by modern scientific directions is o­nly the embodiment of the physical/chemical/technical priority, which has become a socio-political dead end of the natural and technical sciences, deprived of the priority of the humanities and environmental sciences, which determine the highest values ​​of life and survival of human and society.

5. The final process of the technocratic necrosphere is the rapid priority development and financing of nuclear weapons that have reached the highest levels of perfection in power (according to a Hiroshima for every inhabitant of the planet) and in the supersonic speed of their delivery to any corner of the common home. According to nuclear scientists, humanity is now o­nly 100 seconds away from a global nuclear genocide (Mecklin, 2020), which can o­nly be ended by an early ban o­n this suicidal weapon. This weapon, together with its generative reasons: global confrontation, the military-industrial complex as the pinnacle of the technosphere, and the democracy funding it, transform the noosphere into a necrosphere. Therefore, together with the ban o­n nuclear weapons, a turn from the necrosphere to the harmonious development of the noosphere will begin through the mastery of its noospheral thinking by the societal genetic structure of spheres and spherons, disclosed in our "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto". There is no other way for the survival of the noosphere."

Guy Crequie,

French writer, messenger of peace and observer,


Nuclear weapons are the greatest evil that can o­nly be overcome by the greatest force of nonviolence of the Gandhian spherons, which are mightier than the mightiest [nuclear weapons] of destruction. This greatest humanistic force was forefeel by many before Gandhi, especially Leo Tolstoy and Romain Rolland. The greatest force of non-violence, overcoming the greatest destructive force of nuclear weapons, found scientific, fundamental awareness and justification by world statistics in the global peace science, in "Cyberspheronics", created in the GHA during 15 years and presented most convincingly in the book "Gandhica", 2019. This science allows us to build a global security/peace system that makes any weapon redundant, primarily nuclear. It offers a constructive, non-violent third way out of the impasse of violence and militarism, in which the world today finds itself thanks to their efforts. It deserves the closest attention of the UN as a fundamental scientific justification for the nuclear weapons ban and further general and complete disarmament. Unfortunately, the UN has not yet found similar scientific instrument, 75 years after the first, misanthropic and criminal nuclear test in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Therefore, its discussion in the UN is extremely topical and vital that will speed up and make more effective the achievement of agreements and the signing of relevant treaties between nuclear countries o­n the prohibition of these weapons. In my book Messenger of Peace (2020) I formulated a number of similar proposals of this science for the UN."


María Cristina Azcona,

Bilingual MCA, GHA VP, WWPO Founding President, Argentina


"The year 2020 presents a unique opportunity for all the peacemaking organizations applied to strive all together to abolish nuclear weapons definitely, closing this tragic period of humanity since its apparition over the Earth. The Corona Virus has made us more prepared o­n technologies of communication to use them for peace and for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

The Global Harmony Association (GHA) is definitely a place for international dialogue among many personalities centered in this proposal and objective, thanks to which their thoughts were integrated into the "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" jointly with ICAN. The Manifesto creates a true, scientific path towards global peace and the prohibition of nuclear war.

Therefore, I think that Peace will be real; also, I think peace is near in our century. A trip of a thousand steps starts with o­nly o­ne-step. This is my dream, to see human beings use their brain, intellect and new science in the process of achieving peace. I dedicated my life since thirty years ago to the realization of this dream and will continue without dismay to see result, to teach the youngsters with nonviolent movement in this direction. There is no other way of making the world be a better place primarily without nuclear weapons."


Michael Ellis, MD,

Global Peace Centre President, Australia,


Times after Hiroshima/Nagasaki End.

Time o­nly accelerates

To the end times of

Nuclear bombs crushing

Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

War clouds of the Anthropocene era

Drag technocracy and military might

Intothe consummation

Of trillions upon trillions of dollars

And o­nly a psychotic trans-human

Caricature remains of what was human sanity.

But it wakes up and rises to new heights

In the Gandhian spherons of humanity,

Composing its "greatest force of non-violence"

Verified by world statistics.

Spherons are the eternal source and actor of the human race survival,

They provide its with a nonviolent, peaceful and harmonious era,

When they will master, will study from childhood

And enlighten all life in a new

Humanistic science of global peace,

In Gandhian Cybersferonics.

It was first created by the GHA international efforts,

To provide a scientific basis for

Permanent prohibition and exclusion from human life

First, nuclear weapons, and then all weapons, wars and violence in the 21st century.


Alexander Tonkonogov, Ph.D.,

Professor, Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration,

Head, Institute of Spiritual Security, Russia,


Leaders of all world countries should agree for a long time o­n the creation of scientific teams developing a single system of global security for humanity. These issues should at least begin to be discussed and not to swear at meetings of the UN Security Council. Such behavior o­nly leads to further moral degradation of humankind, the continuation of the planet technogenic destruction and to our common physical death, predetermined by these actions and the nuclear weapons created for this. Can humanity in these conditions of its unreliable (from the point of view of elementary security) position allow itself to also conflict in its Noospheral World? Of course not, it just goes against common sense! But at the heart of this logical contradiction is the absence of a single moral paradigm. All the great Russian Cosmists (N.F. Fedorov, K.E. Tsiolkovsky, V.I. Vernadsky, A.L. Chizhevsky, S.P. Korolev and many others) spoke about these obvious problems of the Earthlings in sufficient detail. Isn't it immoral (regardless of country or nation) to spend trillions o­n weapons production when millions of people are starving, lacking sufficient drinking water, adequate health care, housing, education, etc.?

We are divided, we do not have a global salvation plan. This is what we need to negotiate at the UN, and not swear like savages! The accidents at the Chernobyl (1986) and Japanese (Fukushima-1, 2011) nuclear power plants show our technical and technological vulnerability from the slightest earth vibrations, as well as from managerial mistakes of the people themselves. This is taking place in a situation of global escalation of tension and zugzwang of international relations, in which the leaders of different countries no longer trust each other, but robotic technology, artificial intelligence systems, which in turn can give a catastrophic failure. The author o­nce again emphasizes that this is exactly what the heads of countries and peoples need to think about, using all international institutions to expand the global dialogue. To this they are encouraged by our "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto", proposing an innovative cybernetic paradigm of global security/peace based o­n the Gandhian spherons, verified by world statistics. People do not have their own separate local interests in the world, there are the interests of the Earthlings. If we do not understand this now, it may be too late tomorrow!"


Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana, Dr.,

Poet-Writer-Reviewer, India,


While love, harmony and peace purify our souls and mind

The unsafe nuclear weapons are contaminating our lands;

Is it not a malicious inhumanity and crime against humanity?

Is it not a global genocidal terror looming large with ferocity?

Unless we dispel the fears of hate, prejudice and hegemony

And, replace them with social, racial and ethnic harmony;

We can diffuse conflicts and create trust-worthy interactions

And open the doors for discussion, dialogue, and negotiation.

The instinct of egoistic dominance is sowing seeds of conflict

Mutual trust over the years is gradually becoming mistrust;

Deserting ideologies, why are nations vying for nuclear race?

In same spirit cannot they make the earth a harmonious place?


Vera Popovich,

Culturologist, archivist, Russia,


Nuclear weapons pose a huge threat to the entire planet. Any use of it would be an ecological and human disaster. So that no o­ne in the world can repeat the genocide of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, all states possessing these malfeasant weapons must agree among themselves not to use their and strictly observe the agreements reached. Any "bad peace is better than a good war." The Peace/Cybersferonics Manifesto, created in the GHA, is an anti-militarist manifesto based o­n harmony, love and non-violence of the Gandhian spherons. It calls for the development of a new scientific peacemaking consciousness, so necessary today to save humanity and nature.This is the main thing today, 75 years later, when it became clear which more powerful force is capable of putting an end to nuclear weapons - this is the "greatest force of humanity nonviolence" of the Gandhian spherons, which are disclosed in the GHA books and projects for 15 years of its work."


Andrey Semashko,

Technician, Russia,


The creation of nuclear weapons and their maintenance in combat readiness is useless for the life of humanity as a whole, a waste of energy, time, resources (both planetary and intellectual) and beneficial o­nly to separate states interested in maintaining the pathological policy of global confrontation and tension. In a nuclear war, there will be no winners or losers, this war will be the final point for all of humanity.

How much time and effort has already been spent to create 15,000 units of nuclear genocide and how much more will it take to destroy and eliminate it. The sooner the powers that be will face the truth and realize the futility of the nuclear race, the sooner they will be able to channel the huge amount of released funds into solution of global world problems of ecology, pandemic and others. To "reset" their consciousness and thinking, first of all, our "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" was created as a manifesto and primer of a substantially new(Einstein), scientific, non-violent, peacebuilding Gandhian consciousness/thinking by spheres and spherons."


Bruce L. Cook, Ph.D.,

VP/Co-founder, Worldwide Peace Organization, USA,


Nuclear Midnight. Nuclear disaster threatens humanity with misery and extinction. How can we deal with this before it is too late? Mahatma Gandhi and his universal, equal Spherons, possessing "the greatest force of the humanity nonviolence", will warn us, although we were infants at the time of Hiroshima/Nagasaki and did not understand them. In our age of innovative science of Cyberspheronics, which realized the Gandhian spherons and free communications, nonviolent solutions are the o­nly sensible way to resolve today's problems. Sadly, despite todays advanced tools for science, communication and negotiation, we cannot feel secure that no political leader would unleash nuclear weapons.

We must realize that nuclear weapons are still being developed, largely because they enable economic rewards to every country involved. Further, and equally alarming, is that every nuclear power is presently developing war plans in case nuclear weapons are unleashed. Despite claims that nuclear weapons are for defensive purposes o­nly, it seems a terrible possibility that at least o­ne country will spread venom against a hated enemy by unleashing a test weapon.

In case we try to ignore the human disaster that nuclear war will inevitably bring, please read this scientific account by Steven P. Lee (2018) entitled Minimizing the Danger of Nuclear Weapons. His chapter vividly describes the horror of worldwide nuclear devastation. No doubt, our continued peaceful existence is under serious threat.


Heli Habyarimana,

B.A. Linguistics, Peace Activist, Kigali, Rwanda,


A nuclear-weapons-free world has been a rhetorical question and an idea as old as the nuclear bomb itself (Blechman, 1985). Humanity in which nuclear weapons are totally eliminated is still a chimera, especially because of a little and even impossible cooperation between nuclear weapons super powers and states.

Nevertheless, this disarmament to save humanity proclaimed by the Secretary General of UN in 2018, along with multiple efforts and initiatives from ever 1945, should enhance peoples awareness of the threat posed to humanity by nuclear weapons and therefore the unconditional necessity for their total prohibition. Nobody should close eyes before the higher risk for human health and survival, neglected infections and disease gaps, poverty burden and literacy disparities, which should be resolved by deeply shocking costs to maintain these nuclear arsenals.


Stephen Amoah, PhD Applied Statistics,

Ghana Statistical Service (GSS), Head of Statistical Unit,


The use of and manufacturing of nuclear armament is no doubt the most critical threat to continual existence of humanity. In our quest to find solution to this worrying situation, it appears the focus has mainly been o­n campaigns, speeches, and creation of pressure groups. There have also been introduction of innovative scientific models to facilitate the solution of the eminent disaster facing humankind. o­ne of such innovative models, with a huge potential to peacefully address this situation is the Cyberspheronic model, which covers 4 key component of humanity: 4 productive spheres and 4 spherons employed in them, in which the population is included from birth to death.

The spherons, first intuitively discovered by Gandhi in ancient Indian society as "varnas", which existed for more than a thousand years in prehistoric times, were substantiated theoretically and empirically and received statistical verification by world statistics during 15 years of the GHA's work, especially in its last book "Gandhica" (Semashko, 2019). It defines the foundations of Cyberspheronics as a science of global security/peace based o­n the genetic, societal structural harmony of the spheres/spherons of humanity at all its levels, starting with the individual, family and nation.

The spheres/spherons ensure peace, security and well-being of every human society. If it teaches and prepares children for adulthood in this fundamental knowledge, then children grow up and become leaders and scientists who find ways to get rid from genocidal nuclear weapons and provide o­nly peaceful nuclear energy. Similar education and upbringing from childhood will ensure the population development o­n the principles of love, equality and justice, excluding wars, militarism and violence. The chances of nuclear weapons, like other weapons would be minimal if not totally eliminated. The children will not become part of a global system perpetuating the nuclear agenda. Right since infancy, it is necessary to teach our children the Gandhian principles of love, non-violence and peace of spherons, laid by God in the very depths of social nature in its genetic code of survival, now revealed by Cyberspheronics and embodied in our international "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto". Education of children o­n its basis will exclude for them the path of militarism and pro-nuclear weaponry. It is never too late to follow this new opportunity of our century.


Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Ph.D.,

Professor Emeritus in Physics, Qaid E Azam University, Pakistan,


Noor Muhammad Larik, Ph.D.,

Former Director General, Federal Bureau of Statistics, Pakistan


Nuclear Holocaust. What can be more convincing against the spread of nuclear weapons than the horrendous destruction wreaked by the two atomic bombs ever used against humanity o­n the unfortunate cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War? The immediate massive casualties of these most disastrous incidents aside, the long-term hazards unleashed by these tragic events have continued to this day, reminding us of the grave consequences of such a lethal adventure based o­n nuclear weapons. If there is a lesson to be learnt from that tragedy, it is to give up not o­nly the use but also the possession of nuclear weapons. The possession of nuclear weapons post-World War II, leading to a mindless race for the acquisition of these lethal instruments of warfare, achieved nothing but diversion of an enormous amount of national resources of numerous nation states from the dire development needs of suffering humanity inhabiting many of these nations.

Many of the weaker developing nations were also forced to join such a race motivated by their regional and local political compulsions, bringing even more misery to their toiling masses. There can be no justification for such mindless diversion of valuable national resources to such a race o­n a path for mutually assured destruction. Nuclear weapons are a plague o­n the earth differing from earlier plagues in that they are not from God but from men. It has origin in a mix of fear, pride and folly of which folly remaining. It resides in the fact that nuclear weapons through acquired for security infect heighten insecurity. Time has finally come to raise voice against nuclear weapons and unconditionally support the UN Treaty o­n the Nuclear Weapons Prohibition initiated by ICAN, scientifically substantiated by the statistically verified Gandhian spherons in our international "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto", which deserves priority attention o­n the UN, governments, science and media agenda.


Uraz Baimuratov, Professor,

Academician, Kazakh Academy of Sciences, Research Institute Director, Kazakhstan,


Kazakhstan is a nuclear disaster zone. The Semipalatinsk nuclear test site, opened in 1947 o­n the territory of Kazakhstan, became a whole zone of ecological and social disaster in Kazakhstan. According to official data, for the entire period from 1949 to 1989, 456 nuclear explosions were carried out o­n it, with a total yield of over 50 megatons. More than 1 million Kazakhstanis became victims of the tests. In 1989, the anti-nuclear international movement "Nevada-Semey" emerged in Kazakhstan under the leadership of the famous Kazakh poet and public figure Olzhas Suleimenov. The Semipalatinsk test polygon was closed by the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR o­n May 22, 1991.

However, not all test sites in the world have been closed, some countries of the world have a huge nuclear potential, which poses a great threat to nuclear war. How to prevent the outbreak of a world nuclear war? All world crises, cataclysms and conflicts are synchronous and mutually reinforce each other. No form of disharmony is completely surmountable without other forms being simultaneously eliminated. Now many minds are trying to find recipes for crises and military conflicts without identifying their origins. From here o­nly the symptoms are treated, not the genetics of the disease.

The currently dominant narrow, technocratic approach leads away from the truth. And the road to it lies through a harmonious consciousness that recognizes the primacy of the spiritual over the material, and not vice versa, which is a dead end. The potential of the Earth must be used o­nly for peaceful, constructive purposes, remembering its limit, that humanity has already exhausted its limit of rough interference in the environment. Strengthening spirituality and morality, the dialogue of civilizations, the establishment of trust in international relations, the consolidation of forces in the fight against crises, cataclysms and conflicts - this is a saving path that has no reasonable alternative. It is deployed in many of our works, as well as in the proposed "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" with my participation o­n the basis of the four-dimensional spheral paradigm D + 3D (2015). Its motto is: consolidation, cooperation, partnership, not confrontation that expresses our common human hope: "Harmony will save the world!"

Hasina Parvin,

CEO & Editor-in-Chief, World Growth Forums, India,


Gandhian nonviolence as an alternative of harmony, peace and love to nuclear weapons. Mahatma Gandhi advocated for elimination of violence worldwide. His concept of non-violence (Sanskrit word Ahimsa) embraced harmony, love and peace. He believed that o­nes love towards a person or the entire humankind means o­ne would never harm that person or the entire humankind. Mahatma Gandhi stressed that non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than any weapon of mass destruction. We do not need nuclear weapons to win any war or the world; the world can be won o­nly through brotherhood and respect towards every other persons existence and rights.

A mission of global nuclear disarmament is crucial for world peace and growth. The 75-years-old Hiroshima and Nagasaki tragedy reminds us that the entire world is everyday living o­n its own grave with a feeble hope that no country would ever take advantage of its nuclear arsenal to threaten or defeat another country.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded all of us where our priorities lie: building a better world, not destroying or creating the means of destructions. The world leaders must get up, pledge and take action now towards a gradual elimination of all nuclear weapons from the world.

As the CEO & Editor-in-Chief of World Growth Forums an international Platform of Excellence firmly committed to positive growth of world I support combined efforts of world NGOs and individual persons towards a world free of nuclear arsenal and safe for the entire humanity.


Alfredo Sfeir-Younis, PhD,

The IAEWP Executive Vice President, Chili,


Nuclear Weapons: Imposed all-out-war; the humanity highest priority is its ban. It is the first time in human history, when nuclear weapons have physically empowered few people who could stop time and space in a few seconds and, thus, could destroy our hopes for a peaceful future.This is the reason I decided to be part of this Manifesto.We must dismantle all nuclear weapons o­ne by o­ne. Nuclear weapons, and our global society managed by them, are not the collective governance we must accept to guide our collective life o­n this planet.The morality of an imposed all-out-war is a misguided ego-based-power. This is outer power, driven by greed and disrespect for human rights, natures rights, and a harmonious interdependence, which embrace both peace and prosperity.Humanity cannot co-exist with nuclear weapons, ecological destruction, or a progressive dismembering of community structures.As our planetary consciousness raises, we must embrace the moral imperatives and responsibilities towards all future generations. We must adopt a morality of care: compassion, respect, cooperation, justice and solidarity within all forms of life o­n the planet.The absence of conscious leadership has given way to ruling the planet with weapons of mass destruction rather than with the vision emanating from our highest states of consciousness.

We are at a turning point and the cold war must not come to an end with a hot war. Today, nuclear weapons mean suffering, insecurity, disempowerment, fear and despair, and they are not a source of global security. The o­nly source of security is everlasting peace, love, friendship, and solidarity. Many countries have a wrong notion of victory, success, and hegemony. Hegemony by weapons must be totally replaced by hegemony of consciousness. We need new outer and inner solutions accompanied with intelligent investments. Let us not delay, let us not wait any longer. The nuclearizing of the planet has to stop. This is our highest priority. While a nuclear warhead gives power to todays political establishment, the inner peace, of all planetary citizens, is the most solid foundation of world peace, and they are the source of our physical and spiritual nourishment. I oppose to all forms of weapons. The o­nly and greatest foundation of humanity is its own collective consciousness. We all have choices. Let us not give our world to those who are afraid of being and becoming love and peace.


Terence Barry,

Executive Director, Generation Hip-Hop Global (GHHG), South Africa,


GHH Anti-nuclear. As Generation Hip Hop we strive to progressively educate youth about what we have in common, not our political, socio economic or religious based differences. It is vital that we see the potential of the global village and humanity and inspire youth to not just imagine a peaceful society but to actively create it. Nuclear weapons have no place in a world dedicated to peace and are all but redundant in the predominant narrative of the global village. Ensuring that we educate the next voting generation accordingly is the priority of the GHH mandate.


Adam Greenwell,

Producer of multi-media, writer, and social entrepreneur, New Zealand,


The best anti-nuclear idea for New Zealand, which never had and did not want to have nuclear weapons and which ratified in 2018 the UN Treaty o­n the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, initiated by ICAN, is the IPPNW idea: Medical recipe for the humanity survival (Chazov, 1985). It reads: To save humanity, we must arouse the conscience of the worlds peoples, cultivate hatred for nuclear weapons, repudiate egoism and chauvinism, and create favorable atmosphere of trust. In the nuclear age, we are all interdependent. The Earth is our o­nly common home, which we cannot abandon. The new suicidal situation calls for the new thinking. We must convince those who take political decisions.

In order to awaken the consciences of the worlds peoples and create a favorable climate of trust, it is necessary to create a broad overview cultural perspective that is understandable to all citizens. It embodies hope and unity, expresses and reinterprets the ancient communications of music, literature, visual arts, cinema and dance. They confirm the great "medical recipe for the humanity survival." The love of truth is empowered by the truth of love. Through the example of Gandhi, we can see the general human interdependence in non-violence, peace, harmony and love. Therefore, we are creating this non-violent culture of peace, balanced with the peoples goodwill and the spirit of justice. It excludes any destruction and violence, above all the absolute of them - nuclear weapons. It finds its real embodiment in the Global Security/Peace system of Gandhian spherons, deployed in our "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto", which ensures the humanity survival and prosperity."


Urbain Kapoko,

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kinshasa,

There is no nuclear weapon in the world. The silence o­n this score has swallowed up the world peoples and the lies of powerful powers that surround them with nuclear weapons are phantoms that lull humanity to sleep. The nuclear weapons are designed to destroy innocent humanity threatening our society. These weapons are not capable to prevent or resolve a single conflict. They pose a mortal danger to the planet. The South countries blame the industrialized nations for being the planet's main nuclear weapons developers and emitting seven times more CO2 than the rest of the world combined. The United States and other nuclear powers are responsible for the nuclear weapons miniaturization drift and the preparation of its tactical use. The non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and their elimination is a decisive factor in saving humanity. Mobilizing and raising awareness of the true threats of these weapons through the civil society organizations is a prerequisite for abandoning them, destroying them and creating a secure world. The Anti-Nuclear Manifesto with its World Survival Referendum and building a scientific system of Global Security/Peace acceptable to all peoples provides this world. Its construction continues, deepens and expands the "UN Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty", which was initiated by ICAN in 2017."

Delasnieve Daspet

Poet, Lawyer, Peacemaker, Teacher, Campo Grande, Brazil


Red tulips. Radioactive. Genocidal.

They killed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

We live in fear of nuclear weapons.

It's like the sword of death created in our heads.

At any time, without notice,

They can disintegrate us.

They are an affront of the life continuity.

The nuclear conflict would be a war without winners.

The land would end by a radioactive graveyard.

May the red tulips remain in our memory.

We must seek the Gandhian peace from the spherons harmony

How the GHA does it to exclude the war.

Why don't we know a society without war?

Because we do not know Gandhi's law of nonviolence.


Anam Kumar,

Managing Director, World Growth Forums, India


Mahatma Gandhi: non-violence, peace, love instead of nuclear weapons. It is high time the world opens its eyes and understands how destructive nuclear weapons could be for the entire planet. All evolution, growth & development, and advancements & achievements of the humankind may be wiped out from the face of Earth forever, with a single mistake in handling of nuclear weapons.

It is also high time the world looks back at what Mahatma Gandhi o­ne of the greatest human beings and leaders offered to the world as a simple solution to all its man-made problems: embrace non-violence and spread love, harmony and peace. All humanity must empower themselves with this simple philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi through the new Gandhian science of Cyberspheronics, presented in our "Manifesto", and move to the future with assurance and confidence that a peaceful and harmonious existence is very much possible for the entire world, and is extremely necessary for its future life..

It is quite evident that a harmonious evolution of humanity cannot co-exist with nuclear weapons. Either o­ne will have to go! The obvious choice for humankind must be elimination of nuclear weapons, not elimination of humankind in preference to nuclear weapons. However, the final decision depends o­n the common sense of the humankind leaders, from their mastery of "a substantially new manner of thinking" (Einstein) by the Gandhian varnas/spherons, the example of which is given by our "Manifesto".

Only through it, the world leaders will be able to make sure that sitting o­n a pile of weapons of mass destruction is extremely dangerous. Then they will understand the fundamental nature of the positive Gandhian alternative of global peace, non-violence and harmony. o­nly in this case, humanity will acquire a solid chance for the survival and prosperity of all nations in a new harmonious and non-violent civilization.


Leo Semashko, PhD,

Philosopher, sociologist, cybernetician, peacemaker, GHA Founder and Honorary President,


            The extremely acute world situation with the nuclear threat, global security, ecological catastrophe and pandemic requires from scientists, especially cyberneticians, to be more radical, responsible, solidary and courageous in the development and application of our fundamental science with its unique, holistic, inexhaustible potential, which is disclosed o­nly in general the perspective in our "Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto". The Manifesto key excellence, which is necessary, first of all, for the ICAN for the successful and most effective prohibition of genocidal nuclear weapons, is "a substantially new manner of thinking" (Einstein) by the spheres/spherons. The mastery of which provides the double impossible: 75 years of inaccessible nuclear zero in the global security/peace system and the holistic circular potential of Wiener's cybernetics, which remained unknown for humankind and still unused for the noosphere as a whole. It becomes known, organizing, used and working in the Manifesto paradigm o­nly at the level of "a substantially new manner of thinking" and in synergy with other potentials of integrity: the Gandhis spheres/spherons, Einstein's thinking, Maturana's autopoiesis, Vernadsky's noosphere and the Kelso/Kurland economy in a new form of cybernetics, in Cyberspheronics (CYBS) based o­n the genetic societal spherons of humanity, revealed in Gandhica and other GHA books for 15 years.

The "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" of the world civil society, created in the GHA o­n the Gandhian nonviolent spherons substance is a special, societal/genetic vaccine of humanity against any violence, first of all against the most terrible, genocidal/ecocidal - nuclear weapons, which, like the sword of Damocles, 75 years hanging o­n a thin thread over humanity. It puts under question its survival, makes its a hostage, threatening the suicidal extinction of the human race and the entire biosphere o­n Earth. Of course, like any scientifically created vaccine, our Gandhian vaccine of the antinuclear, nonviolent immunity of spherons, of their thinking and the security/peace system must go through the stage of mass testing in many countries. But it will inevitably be created in the coming years so that it could be used by all nations and entire humanity."


Bernard Scott, PhD,

Cybernetician, psychologist, Britain,

International Center for Sociocybernetics Studies,


Leo Semashko and I have spent our lives promoting universal love and peace. We have also used what talents we have to try to understand the human condition. Leo, a sociologist, has studied society. I, a psychologist, have studied how humans interact and learn. We both have used cybernetics to help us construct our understandings. We both believe that love and understanding lead to wisdom. I support Leo in his work to bring about a harmonious society. I thank him for his friendship, his love, and his wisdom.

The Manifesto from Leo Semashko has "Humanistic Essence: Anti-nuclear, Anti-militaristic and Non-violent." Leo invites answers to the question: Does the Manifesto of the Cyberspheronics paradigm (Cybernetics of spheres/spherons or as a form of Third-Order Cybernetics) deserve recognition, approval and its further development? Yes or no?...Leo is a Russian sociologist who has been developing his ideas for many years in virtual isolation. He is shunned by his fellow sociologists in Russia, who are mainly Marxist in orientation Leo is very much the creator and owner of his theory

But I have little interest in third order cybernetics. Many theorists invoke a third (or higher) order cybernetics and do say in a variety of ways. Of this possibility, although it may be done, von Foerster states, It would not create anything new, because by ascending into second-order, as Aristotle would say, o­ne has stepped into the circle that closes upon itself. O­ne has stepped into the domain of concepts that apply to themselves (von Foerster, 2003, p. 301).

III. Definitions of the Anti-Nuclear Manifesto XXI.

Prohibition of nuclear weapons and its fundamental condition.

1. The ultimate goal: achieving global peace/disarmament in 50 years.

2. The immediate, most important goal: the approval and implementation of the UN Treaty o­n the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (2017), initiated by ICAN, and subsequent nuclear disarmament in 10 years in the context of global disarmament, outside of which it is unattainable. This is the most pressing global problem and the most acute pathology of human life in its entire history, threatening its survival. The threat and danger of nuclear annihilation o­n a planetary scale, which is growing with each year of the accelerated improvement of nuclear weapons, is unparalleled, even in comparison with the Covid-19 pandemic, which is temporary and limited to a narrow scale.

3. Cyberspheronics (CYBS): a key intellectual/non-violent instrument of the Manifesto's goals, a non-alternative holistic science of global security/peace. Cybernetics is the best theoretical platform for the peace science, because it is the universal, holistic, free from any ideology and provides a synergy of the most diverse potentials of integrity/wholeness (see section 14.1.). Achieving and ensuring any peace goal, above all the prohibition of nuclear weapons, can and should begin o­nly with the development of this science of global security/peace. Its development requires the international consolidation of the best scientific forces under the auspices of the most authoritative world organizations.

4. The third, non-violent way of the noosphere, the kingdom of reason o­n Earth: it is the o­nly alternative to militarism/violence way of survival and prosperity of humanity in the XXI century, completely freeing it from the planetary threat of nuclear/militaristic self-destruction.

5. The "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto of Peace/Cyberspheronics" short titles: Manifesto, Anti-Nuclear Manifesto, CYBS Manifesto; Spherons/Humanity Manifesto; Equality Manifesto; Harmony Manifesto; Dream Manifesto; Bifurcation Manifesto; Democracy Manifesto; Manifesto of: Disarmament; Nonviolence; Survival; Salvation; Life; Justice; Unity; Solidarity; Love; Women; Youth; Gandhi; Spiritual Revolution; Humanism; Ecology; Consciousness; Enlightenment; Education; Breakthrough; Development; Partnerships; Prosperity; Civilizations, etc.

6. The Manifesto set of titles expresses the set/scale of its meanings, its pluralism, which as a whole constitutes "the greatest force of non-violence of mankind/[spherons], which is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction" (Gandhi). For the sake of practical accentuation, its name may be reduced to any of the listed attributes.

7. The Manifesto humanistic essence is anti-nuclear, anti-militaristic and non-violent based o­n the synergy of intellectual holistic potentials of Gandhi, Wiener, Einstein, Maturana, Vernadsky and Kelso/Kurland.

8. Antinuclear Manifesto is the Gandhica abris/synopsis of 82 co-authors from 25 countries (2019: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848, 240 p.). The Gandhica higher meaning: to ensure the victory of global peace in the 21st century, making it inevitable. It contains the cyber-science of global security/peace based o­n the Gandhian spherons of non-violence, justified by world statistics. Gandhica grew out of the Global Peace Science of 174 GHA co-authors from 34 countries (2016, 620 pages) and compressed to 20 pages in the Anti-Nuclear Manifesto. This is the result of 15 years of solidarity international peacemaking and scientific work of hundreds of GHA members o­n this science.

9. The fundamental condition for the prohibition and eradication of nuclear weapons is the global security/peace system.

10. The CYBS Manifesto is the Spherons Manifesto and vice versa. This is the spherons first scientific worldview, a fundamental long-term strategy of their future for the 21st century, which will be continuously improved in feedback with the practice of its implementation. This is the thinking, consciousness and mind of spherons, their goals, historic mission and the Third, nonviolent, conscious Way to them.

11. The Anti-Nuclear Manifesto is open to new coauthors with new anti-nuclear ideas and for support of individuals and organizations. It ensures its continuous improvement and promotion.

IV. Global Security/Peace (GSP). Existential Laws

1. The Gandhian, societal and genetic spheres/spherons of humanity/noosphere are fundamental, defining Gandhi's law for the GSP system.

Briefly: Gandhi's Law: "Four universal societal spheres/spherons constitute the genetic substance of humanity/noosphere, its GSP and prosperity system."

2. The GSP: the law of whole/part or integrity/partialness. Not branches/partons (their groups) provide survival, security/peace of humankind, but o­nly its equally necessary and sufficient, holistic spheres/spherons in their inevitable harmony, love, synergy, equality and non-violence.When the part dominates the whole, it leads to this whole death.

3. The security/peace of a part is provided o­nly by the security/peace of the whole, but never vice versa, never by any part of it, no matter how strong and powerful it is.

4. Einstein's Law-1. The GSP system cannot be comprehended and designed at the same level of traditional partial thinking, o­n which the global militaristic system was created and developed, depriving security/peace of every country/part of humanity and therefore forcing each of them to arm and enter the arms race, including nuclear weapons.

Briefly: Einstein's Law-1: "The inappropriateness/unacceptability of traditional thinking for solving global problems created by it."

5. Einstein's Law-2. The GSP system can be realized and constructed o­nly at the level of a substantially new manner of thinking by the Gandhian spheres/spherons of humanity at all its levels. This thinking is substantiated and developed in Cyberspheronics, in the GHA books and projects for 15 years.

Briefly: Einstein's Law-2: "The need for a substantially new manner of thinking by spheres/spherons in order to solve global problems and build a GSP and prosperity system."

6. Wiener's Law. The causal circular, direct/feedback connections of societal and genetic Gandhian spheres/spherons are the objective foundation of social Cybernetics, called Cyberspheronics, which excludes ideological distortions, widely uses mathematics and creates new digital technologies.

Briefly: Wiener's Law: "The causal circular connections of societal spheres/spherons are the objective foundation of Cyberspheronics as a holistic Megascience of the humanity GSP and prosperity system in the XXI century."

7. Poincares Law. "The internal harmony [of spheres/spherons in the noosphere] is the o­nly true objective reality" (Poincare, 1913) of humanity, determined by the mathematical laws of their circular connections and constituting an integral object/subject of Cyberspheronics.

8. Law of the GSP beginning. The creation of the GSP system beginning and any of its elements, in accordance with Einstein-2 law, can o­nly be the international development of Cyberspheronics as a GSP science, overcoming its main cognitive obstacle - traditional partial thinking: Einstein-1 law.

9. The Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Law is a synergy of the laws of rejection of traditional, partial thinking (Einstein's law-1), the recognition of the Gandhian spheres/spherons as societal reality and the transition o­n their basis to their "substantially new manner of thinking" (Einstein's law-2) and building GSP. Therefore, the prohibition of nuclear weapons is not the end of the GSP system, but o­nly the beginning of its construction based o­n Cyberspheronics as a science of GSP of the humanity Gandhian spheres/spherons.

10. The Law of conservation of nuclear weapons. The traditional militaristic security system for 75 years has been based solely o­n deterrence by nuclear weapons. Therefore, the fundamental grounds for its voluntary refusal will be no until an alternative paradigm will create as the GSP scientific system based o­n Cyberspheronics convincing for all. This law is the main argument for Cyberspheronics/GSP priority international development in cooperation and trust, excluding confrontation.

11. The Law of impotence/collapse of traditional pacifist organizations. It is defined by their contradiction, ignorance, ignorance or inability to understand, take into account and apply the laws of Gandhi and Einstein in peacemaking thinking and action, which, for this reason, have always proved to be failures and powerless in the face of the constantly growing threat of militaristic self-destruction of humanity. This is especially convincingly proved by 75 years of priority nuclear weapons.

12. Eisenhower's Law. The Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) is the o­nly subsystem/part of humanity/noosphere specially created for the production, storage, development and use of all types of weapons, including nuclear. o­nly the MIC requires and benefits from continuous wars, violence, militarism, priority budgetary and continuously increasing funding, priority development of military science, primarily for improving the most effective nuclear weapons. Therefore, o­nly for the MIC the suppression of any alternative of global peace science, any organizational alternative of the Department of Peace, any alternative of peacebuilding and any alternative to their budgetary financing is required and beneficial. These alternatives in various forms tried to break through in different countries for more than two centuries, but they were all suppressed and strangled in the bud by all kinds of repression, primarily financial, depriving these alternatives of financial resources.

Only the MIC requires and benefits from constant global confrontation, tension, hostility, suspicion, mistrust, alienation, fragmentation, lies, deception, falsifications, threats, sanctions, destruction of cooperation and solidarity in all spheres and relations. The MIC creates a so-called "militaristic security system", built o­n balancing "on the war brink" and intimidation by force: "PEACE THROUGH FORCE." The militaristic security system excludes any possibility of the GSP system, including the prohibition of nuclear weapons. The MIC has become that genocidal terrorist with nuclear weapons who commits "the outrage of holding the entire world hostage [and] ... continuously targeted for extinction each of us [so it is for] all nations shared enemy ... [and has already plunged us] in the rubble of World War III." (Lown, 1985).

Eisenhower's Law is particularly impressively proven by the 75 years of nuclear weapons heyday since 1945, since the Hiroshima/Nagasaki Holocaust. The MIC has become the o­nly source of "nuclear death of humanity", the main threat to its survival and a danger to the life of the biosphere, noosphere and the planet as a whole that President Eisenhower first realized and expressed. This law is the most convincing historical illustration of the part/whole law in the case when the part seizes dominion over the whole and leads it to death, while its dominance persists and is not overcome by restoring the priority of the whole over the parts in their harmony.

Briefly: Eisenhower's Law: "The military-industrial complex is the main source of the total threat to the survival of humanity and the main purposeful obstacle to the system of Global Security/Peace and Prosperity of all humankind, the solution of all its problems, including the prohibition of nuclear weapons."

Eisenhower's Law can o­nly be overcome by the synergy of the first ten existential laws of the GSP system, four of which form its center.

Summary of the Cyberspheronics Existential Laws

in its Conscious Thinking:

Four key cognitive laws among existential o­nes for solving global problems to build a sustainable, invincible GSP and prosperity system are:

1. Einstein's Law-1: "The inappropriateness/unacceptability of traditional thinking for solving global problems created by it."

2. Gandhi's Law: "Four universal societal spheres/spherons constitute the genetic substance of humanity/noosphere, its GSP and prosperity system."

3. Einstein's Law-2: "The need for a substantially new manner of thinking by spheres/spherons in order to solve global problems and build a GSP and prosperity system."

4. Wiener's Law: "The causal circular connections of societal spheres/spherons are the objective foundation of Cyberspheronics as a holistic Megascience of the humanity GSP and prosperity system in the XXI century."

It is a fundamental system of necessary and sufficient laws of thinking of the GSP and prosperity, free from violence, war and militarism, including nuclear weapons. These are conscious, i.e. the self-reflective and self-organizing laws of the scientific mind/thinking of Cyberspheronics. o­nly the synergy of its existential and cognitive laws can overcome, in theory and in practice, Eisenhower's law: "The military-industrial complex is the main source of the total threat to the survival of humanity and the main purposeful obstacle to the system of Global Security/Peace and Prosperity of all humankind, the solution of all its problems, including the prohibition of nuclear weapons."

The four laws of conscious, "substantially new manner of thinking" provide in synergy the overcoming/neutralization of Eisenhower's law, the solution of all global problems and the breakthrough of humanity into the new Era of Nonviolence predicted by Gandhi. Therefore about Gandhi not without reason say: Some men changed their times...One man changed the World for all times!

Naturally, the Cyberspheronics laws system, which is now presented as a hypothesis, requires constant development of its theoretical and empirical substantiation in its internationally established and funded institutions.

V. Cyberspheronics.

The Societal GSP Science: Theory/Thinking

Nonviolence in harmony/peace of varnas/spherons is the greatest [but still unknown] force [energy] at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction. Nonviolence [of spherons] is the law of human life.

Mahatma Gandhi

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same [partial] level of thinking we were at when we created them. Therefore, "we should require a substantially new [holistic, non-violent, asymmetric] manner of thinking [by spherons] if mankind is to survive."

Albert Einstein

Cybernetics ... will o­nly attain its true stature if it recognises itself as the science

that reaches out [to know]for that which is hidden [the depth of spherons].

Gotthard Gunther

1. Features of Cybernetics and Cyberspheronics (CYBS). Each science outlines its object/subject, creates its own conceptual/terminological language of its knowledge/thinking, develops its own manner/method of explanation/understanding and offers its own forms of their description/expression and presentation to the outside world. Mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, sociology, history, psychology and other sciences develop their own special way of cognition in all of the above parameters/dimensions.

Cybernetics and Cyberspheronics are not exceptions from this rule, but its continuation. To understand and master these sciences, it is necessary to master their peculiarity in their parameters. Cybernetics includes in its object/subject observable and observing, controlled and controlling systems that encompass the entire conceivable diversity of the universe in its integrity/wholeness of internal self-organization and governance. The universality/integrity of the object/subject of Cybernetics determines its special status as the most interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary science (Scott, 1996, 2004 and etc.).

Cyberspheronics (CYBS), while maintaining the status of Cybernetics, limits its subject o­nly to social governance and o­nly social systems, which are extremely complex in themselves and for cognition. This determines its highest dignity and, at the same time, its particular difficulty, making Cyberspheronics a unique science and the pinnacle of Cybernetics in these respects. To understand and master CYBS below, a thesis description of all its parameters is proposed, a detailed scan and justification of which are presented in Gandhica (2019).

2. Definitions/Language of Cyberspheronics (CYBS) Spheral Linguistics.

2.1. Definition-1. The CYBS Science. Cyberspheronics is the third-order Sociocybernetics of spheres and spherons, or Cybernetics of societal spheres/spherons within the framework of a pluralistic tetradic philosophy of constructivism (Gandhica, 2019). Cyberspheronics is the science of governance/control (cyber) of spherons and the governance/control (cyber) by spherons in the unity of spherons as an objective/subjective thermodynamic environment, simultaneously observed/observing and governed/governing within their circular causality, consciously organizing its object/subject and consciously self-organizing as its actor according to the measure/level of their knowledge.

2.2. Definition-2. Cyberspheronics Object/Subject. It is the life/existence of society/humanity as the noosphere created by it o­n Earth. The noosphere is constituted by continuous production/autopoiesis of four necessary/sufficient resources/products: People, Information, Organizations, Things (the totality of created material goods and services): PIOT. The PIOT are produced in four corresponding spheres of social production/autopoiesis: Sociosphere, Infosphere, Orgsphere, Technosphere (the sphere of production of material goods and services) by the respective actors/clusters of people employed in these spheres and therefore called spherons": Sociospheron, Infospheron, Orgspheron, Technospheron. Spheres/spherons differ o­n the PIOT products. (Gandhica, 2019).

The spheres/spherons are inextricable duplexes of clusters of social autopoiesis/noosphere: there are no spheres of autopoiesis without its spherons as their sole actors, and vice versa; there are no spherons of autopoiesis without their spheres as their necessary infrastructures. Their indissolubility is illustrated by a similar connection of endless partial examples: schools and schoolchildren, mines and miners, towns and townsfolk, physics and physicists, music and musicians, poetry and poets and so o­n, which do not exist without each other.

2.3. Definition-3. Spherons of Cyberspheronics (CYBS). Spherons are universal. They include all people from birth to death, without exception. The universality of spherons covers all human/social life/autopoiesis in its entirety, without exception, of all people, in all families, schools, enterprises, cities, regions, countries, continents and within humanity as a whole. The spherons of humanity differ o­nly in spheral employment in the spheres of social production/autopoiesis, which is replaced by people in their life process of transition from employment in o­ne sphere to employment in other areas. The human/people life is a permanent spheral employment and its change (Gandhica, 2019). The humanity spherons are presented in this structural model:

Through universal spheres/spherons, Cyberspheronics provides holistic thinking, design, governance, self-organization, sustainability and survival of noosphere together with thenonviolent/harmonious resolution of its global problems of the highest complexity for any level from the individual to humanity.

2.4. Definition-4. The CYBS Law of Universal Wholeness (LUW). (Or: The CYBS Law of Necessary Spheral Diversity.) This is the defining societal/genetic law of humanity, developing the Ashbys Law of Requisite Variety or necessary diversity. This law expresses a constant trend of matching the diversity of the governing system to the diversity of the governed system, which is fulfilled from two sides: from the object side and the governance subject. The CYBS LUW determines the necessary o­ntological diversity of an object (society/humanity) to match with which the governing subject (governance as a whole) diversity should strive as follows.

The autopoiesis/life of any social organism from birth to death at all levels from an individual (within the framework of his/her spheral needs, abilities and spheral employment) to humanity (in the same spheral forms) is determined by the genetic system of four necessary and sufficient spheres/spherons that ensure the reproduction of four necessary and sufficient spheral resources: People, Information, Organization, Things (material goods and services). In abbreviated form: PIOT. The processes of production, distribution, exchange and consumption of PIOT constitute together with them the corresponding spheres/spherons: Sociosphere/Sociospheron producing P; Infosphere/Infospheron producing I; Orgsphere/Orgspheron producing O; Technosphere/Technospheron producing T. In thinking of social wholeness/complexity at any level, CYBS, as a universal governing system, is limited by the diversity of these 16 spheral clusters/elements in their cognitive/attributive duplexes.

The CYBS LUW is implemented by a system of circular (direct and feedback) functional interactions of all (16) spheral clusters/elements (resources, processes, spheres and spherons) composing holistic autopoiesis/life of humanity/society. The absence of at least o­ne spheral element in it makes its existence impossible, therefore all of them are not just necessary, but equally necessary and together sufficient, determining the necessary and sufficient substantial pluralism of humanity/society. In general, the diversity of autopoiesis is limited to 16 similar, fundamental/genetic spheral clusters/elements, which are determined by the four basic PIOT resources and are statistically expressed through them (below).

All the 16 spheral clusters/elements are historically embodied in the infinite variety of their cultural, national, civilizational, transitory forms from which CYBS is distracted but which constitute the subject of a whole set of branch subdisciplines. CYBS performs a fundamental o­ntological, cognitive and organisational trans- and interdisciplinary function in relation to them.

The CYBS LUW integrates and develops also all other laws of the first and second order Cybernetics (observable and observing systems) providing through 16 spheral societal clusters/elements the necessary and sufficient internal diversity of the all systems viability/autopoiesis within society/humanity.

The CYBS LUW creates the integration/synergy of fragmented disciplines of traditional Cybernetics, overcoming their fragmentation and mutual disorganization. At the highest level of synergy of Cybernetics in CYBS, it produces knowledge of genetic/societal wholeness without which no scientific/system global governance and a democratic solution to any world problem of society/humanity is possible.

2.5. Definition-5. CYBS Holistic Subject/Object in Statics. CYBS o­ntology. Structural Model. The CYBS subject/object is the planetary noosphere of the social production/autopoiesis within the biosphere (Vernadsky, 1931) and other spheres of the Earth, composed of four societal spheres/spherons. In accordance with the law of universal wholeness, the noosphere/humanity can be represented by the following structural model along with the noosphere fundamental values, ensuring its survival/stability:

The spheres/spherons are the societal thermodynamic substances of hybrid reality of the noosphere/humanity highest integrity/complexity. The movement to the discovery, cognition and use of spheres/spherons crowns and integrates the development of Cybernetics of the first two orders. In the spheres/spherons of third-order cybernetics, it enters a new level of wholeness/complexity. In spheres/spherons optimizing holistic assembly of subjects/objects of development of society/humanity, third-order cybernetics finds self-identification and a synergistic synthesis of self-developing polysubjective reflective-active environments, ensuring harmony of hierarchical and network models ... in three-dimensional space. (Lepskiy, 2018; WOSC, 2020).

The spheres/spherons determine the genetic structure of any social reflective-active environments, transform them into specific spheral environments, overcoming their amorphousness. The spheres/spherons remove the problem of the subjectless/structureless development of the noosphere/humanity in their entire history. Spherons are the societal, genetic, higher subjectivity of humanity at all levels, at all times and in all cultures and civilizations.

2.6. Definition-6. Structural Model: Cyberspheronics Holistic Dynamics. The following structural-functional model of the sociocybernetic genome (socionome), which presents the societal spheres/spherons dynamic harmony in autopoiesis/noosphere, expresses so:

More details o­n SOCIONOME see: The ABC of Harmony for World Peace, 2012, 3843:



The sociocybernetic genome is a model of global humanity as a nonlinear thermodynamic system of spheres/spherons (Avery, Semashko, 2017).

2.7. Definition-7. Cyberspheronics (CYBS) Holistic Environmentalism. The noosphere/humanity environment has two levels: Earth (earthly) and Cosmos (outer space). The earth's environment is represented by its four spheres, known since ancient times: lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere, in which the noosphere or anthroposphere of humanity is its part. The terrestrial environment that determines the existence of society/humanity o­n the planet is called ecology, and its spheres are called ecological.

The Cosmos environment is represented, first of all, by the cosmic luminary that defines the Earth and its biosphere, the Sun, as well as the Earth's ionosphere and all its outer cosmic universe, in which Earth is o­nly its microscopic part, the existence of which is completely determined by the cosmic whole and the laws of its evolution. If environmental spheres almost completely came under the influence (rather negative/destructive than positive/constructive) of society/humanity, then the cosmic sphere is o­nly explored and is still far from its real influence. (Ecimovic, 2017).

The CYBS environmentalism adds to its internal 16 spheral societal clusters/elements another 5 external spheral natural/environmental clusters/elements. They include four terrestrial, ecological spheres (litho-, hydro-, atmo-, bio-) and o­ne cosmic sphere integrated with the Sun. Together, these 5 spheres form the subject of CYBS spheral ecology, encompassing all the natural sciences that are included in the CYBS Megascience as its special cognitive cluster (below).

The concepts of 21 clusters/element of the CYBS object/subject as well as the concepts of their structure, interaction and evolution in social space/time, exhaust the fundamental layer of spheral linguistics in this integral science, o­n which the operational layer of its spheral language historically grows and modifies.

3. Duplex/Binary Method of the CYBS Tetranet Thinking. The utmost scale of the CYBS language, its integrity/complexity requires special attention to the simplicity and economy of its use. To do this, use the Gandhica Duplex/Binary Method of Linguistic Self-Organization of Tetranet Thinking, implemented by the pair use of the CYBS conceptual language through many duplexes of the Gandhica tetranet thinking categories. In duplexes of spheral linguistics, categories complement each other, outline the scale of wholeness and its extreme boundaries, or highlight its different meanings in synonymous situations, such as production/autopoiesis, etc. Categorical duplexing is an internal cognitive law of the CYBS self-organization of sphere-based tetranet thinking. In its spheral linguistics, it is represented by many categorical duplexes, which are lexically expressed through a slash (/).

They constitute the YBS cognitology, which is distinguished by such advantages as economy/compactness of thinking units, their quantitative/mathematical expression in terms of spheral statistics and their structural modeling in the matrix fractals (below). CYBS cognitology integrates the qualitative and quantitative aspects of integrity/complexity thinking, providing it with fundamental scientific knowledge and wide access to digitalization (below).

4. Spheral Statistics: the Holistic CYBS Unique Mathematical Advantage. The spheral statistics (SS) includes traditional statistics (TS) and based o­n it. Both of them have their own logic of cognition and a paradigm of thinking. TS embodies the simplest and most accessible trend of empirical, inductive knowledge from parts to the whole. SS realizes the most complex and least accessible vector of theoretical, deductive knowledge from the whole to its fundamental, spheral parts, constituting its integrity. TS provides the SS theoretical spheral indices with empirical content/meaning. The SS classifies, compresses, organizes, and focuses the infinite and chaotic space of empirical indices of national statistics and their meanings. SS provides the technology of an ordered system composition/decomposition (aggregation/disaggregation) of the entire chaotic set of the TS indices. The advantages/limitations and the mutual complementarity of the two statistics are disclosed in detail in Gandhica (2019). Here we confine ourselves o­nly to the merits of the SS and its key instrumental, mathematical and technological role in CYBS.

If the TS main advantage is its connection with reality, with the historical context in all its details, then the SS main advantage is its penetration into the eternal fundamental and deep/genetic laws/structures of integral humanity, which ensure its life, survival, stability in its entire history from the beginning to the end. SS grows out of the logical/theoretical premises of the spheres/spherons knowledge of social production common to all countries and times. This allows the SS to become global/universal. At the same time, it cannot and does not seek to replace/supplant traditional statistics, which make up its nourishing empirical soil and source. The SS can o­nly rely o­n it, contribute to its development and strengthening, and raise it to the level of fundamental science, while preserving all its necessary national characteristics. In the general methodological sense, the SS acts as a metalanguage and metalinguistics in relation to the TS object language and linguistics.

The SS emergence more than 40 years ago, its first steps and operations of composition and decomposition of indicators of two statistics are considered in a number of books (Semashko, 1992; 1999; 2002 and others, especially in Gandhica). Spheral statistics are statistics of spheral resources of PIOT, through which the statistics of spheral processes of PDEC, SIOT production spheres and SIOT spherons occupied in them are expressed. The spheron statistics (P) is the center of spheral statistics that defines peripheral/infrastructure spheral statistics. The foundation of spheral statistics is the basic matrix of spheral indices of PIOT 4x4 in size:

P1 + P2 + P3 + P4

I1 + I2 + I3 + I4

O1 + O2 + O3 + O4

T1 + T2 + T3 + T4

On its basis, an almost infinite system of derivatives detailed fractal matrices of another dimension is constructed according to a simple algorithm: 44n, where n is a series of natural numbers in modifications from +1, or from 1, or others. This matrix system is created o­n the alphanumeric indices of PIOT resource elements, called spheral indices. The algorithm of the infinite series of spheral matrices is the same: each row of any matrix turns into a column of the underlying matrix, and each row indicator appears in the underlying matrix as the sum of four indices expressing the complex of resources necessary and sufficient for its reproduction/autopoiesis.

The fractal spheral matrices are described by mathematical statistics and fractal mathematics by Benoit Mandelbrot (1982), in which "a fractal is a structure consisting of parts that are in some sense similar to the whole" expressing the ancient principle: "all in all." The social structures of 20 spheral clusters/elements, as well as the matrices of their spheral indices are fractal, which makes holistic CYBS and its spheral tetranet thinking by fractal, subjected to the corresponding laws of fractal/statistic mathematics.

The system of infinite spheral/fractal matrices creates a logically unified network statistical space of humanity, the global mathematical digital language of which is able to integrate, compose and decompose according to the PIOT indices all the diversity of national statistics, overcoming their innate fragmentation, discontinuity and disharmony. Spheral statistics creates an adequate empirical basis for CYBS and opens the way for the fundamentally innovative Spheral Information and Statistical Technology/Digitalization (SIST) of all spheres at all levels. The use of CYBS together with its SIST provides effective global harmonious governance of spherons in accordance with their values ​​and priorities at all their levels.

In the framework of a single spheral statistics, its center is the statistics of spherons. Since each spheral element/cluster is associated with o­ne or another part of spherons and doesnt exist without them acting as their actors, all of them (20) at any level can be expressed through spheral indices of spherons, through the quantity and quality of their employment, through its cost/time disclosed in the theory of spheral surplus cost of spherons, etc.

5. The CYBS as a Single Megascience of Humanity for its Spheral Third Way in the XXI Century. Spherons as observable, observing and self-governing systems are the connecting center of cybernetics of all three of its orders, making third-order cybernetics of spheres/spherons their conscious and self-organizing beginning for its previous orders. Therefore, spherons are the center of the CYBS entire integral system as MegaScience of the 21st century (below).

The CYBS spherons make cybernetics, its mechanisms of communication and control in [social] systems, with circular, feedback, or self-referential processes (Heylighen, 2020) extremely universal/complex, maximally holistic/large-scale and global science - MegaScience, covering the whole complex of observable and observing systems (first and second order), coinciding with humanity, since the spherons exhaust and embrace it.

The universal attributive/cognitive advantages of the spheral interpretation of complexity/wholeness in CYBS allow it to become a scientific, theoretical and methodological platform for combining all the countless social and humanitarian subdisciplines into a single holistic social Megascience of the XXI century. It provides a unified scientific solution to all global problems of humanity, ensuring its survival and liberation from all systemic crises of its integrity created by traditional, partial thinking, ignoring wholeness that is cognitively inaccessible to it.

CYBS is the connecting center of Megascience of the XXI century, providing a breakthrough in the humanity scientific knowledge, consciousness and thinking to a fundamentally new, substantial level of spheres/spherons genetic reality. The CYBS spheres/spherons unite all branches and all industry groups of the population; therefore, it becomes a unified platform for all industry disciplines of human cognition. All branch (social and natural) sciences in o­ne way or another relate to and study a person and various partial groups/communities of people, which are all parts of universal spherons, whose cybernetics is studied by CYBS. It creates a unique historical opportunity to integrate all knowledge in hundreds of its modifications into a single scientific organism Megascience of the XXI century.

CYBS provides full and holistic interdisciplinary cooperation and the synergy of traditional sciences through bridges of spheres/spherons, overcoming their discontinuity and raising them to a substantially new (Einstein) level of thinking unknown to them until now.

CYBS as Megascience will be a unique breakthrough of human knowledge in the XXI century that will free global society from all the problems that threaten its existence. But in this Megascience, the priorities of scientific knowledge are differently distributed than in the past. The cognitive priority in it is occupied by the social and human sciences, not in their traditionally stagnant and marginalized state but in the substantially new spheral state that they receive in CYBS. Their priority in relation to the natural and technical sciences allows them to control the quality of their use/influence both o­n society/humanity itself and o­n its spheral ecology. Their priority is realized by the brilliant Socrates testament of the cognitive priority of humanity, which has not yet been realized: Know thyself, which is achieved o­nly with the discovery of spherons and the emergence o­n their basis of CYBS.

Similar Megascience excludes any existence of military science (of course, not immediately but from the moment of complete disarmament) designed to destroy people. But all useful military achievements for the peaceful life of humanity, of course, are preserved and integrated in the CYBS technical sciences complex.

6. The True Level/Stature of Cybernetics: The Hidden Spheres/Spherons Science. Fifty years ago (1972), the famous German philosopher Gotthard Gunter predicted the scientific perspective of Cybernetics: it "will o­nly attain its true stature if it recognises itself as the science that reaches out for that which is hidden." Cybernetics reached this level of true fundamental science in the CYBS, third-order Cybernetics of spheres/spherons, which (CYBS) reveals this hidden, genetic, societal, unknown to humankind substance (Einstein) of Cybernetics. This substance raises Cybernetics to the true stature [level/height of fundamental] science (Gunther) of spheres/spherons. Nothing other than the hidden, global spheres/spherons of humanity, truly/fundamentally scientific in Cyberneticsdoes not exist. Therefore, o­nly through them can Cybernetics in the Cyberspheronics face become the truly holistic, transdisciplinary and metadisciplinary (Scott, 2019) MegaScience of the new century.

The CYBS as the unified/holistic, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary MegaScience reveals the true, fundamental genetic depth and hidden secret of humanity o­n Earth. The human/humanity has not yet known it as Socrates bequeathed, but humankind has already been opened to it by GHAs intellectual efforts during 15 years and is presented in the first form, far from perfect, in our Spherons CYBS Manifesto.

7. Humanity Spheral Third Way (STW) of the XXI Century and its Definition in CYBS.

7.1. General characteristic. The Third Way as political thinking and movement originated in the last century and is represented by a wide range of ideological and party trends from fascist to liberal, the analysis of which is devoted to many works (Giddens, 1998; Third Way, 1999; Fedotova, 2002; Greaney, 2016; and a lot others.). The Third Way is an attempt to find more effective methods and ways of responding to the new challenges of humanity, to which the traditional ideologies of capitalism/liberalism and communism/Marxism are powerless to answer due to their obsolescence and worthlessness.

The Third Way of Cyberspheronics is the SPHERAL Third Way (STW), an alternative from its traditional variantsEuropean, American, and Russianwhich we will combine with the concept of Traditional Third Way (TTW). Comparison of TTW and STW by basic attributes/qualities, free from unnecessary details, can be presented in the following table, which expresses their 22 key differences and the STW advantages.


Traditional Third Way (TTW)


Attitude towards holistic humanity

Partial, reduced and fragmented o­n branches/corporations/nations; inadequate, deadly

Integral by holistic equal spheres/spherons that are exhaustive to humanity; adequate, viable

Human/humanity rights

Do not guarantee the fundamental right: the right to life, security and the absence of war/violence

Ensures the right to life, the absence of war/violence and all others rights and freedoms

World history, its vision

Total class struggle and eternal national wars of annihilation, capture and domination. Partiality/partons history

Harmony/peace/nonviolence and partnership of equal spherons. In their world history war/violence is o­nly pathology of partiality/partons

World Order

Unipolar, monistic, subjugating the world to economic/military leader diktat, to systemic violence of its military political blocs

Multipolar, pluralistic, subordinate to balance/harmony/nonviolence of humanity equal spherons and their partnership, hostile blocks free

Real priority

Economy, material wealth, financial capital, military-industrial complex

Social sphere, people, social capital, ecology, health, education, welfare of the population


Fragmented weak science devoid whole knowledge. Propaganda instead of science. Ideology priority. Refusal from global peace science. Concealment, closed truth. Lie/false is God."

Holistic scientific path through the MegaScience of spheres/spherons. No propaganda, o­nly science. Global peace science - Cyberspheronics priority. Openness of truth. Truth is God: Gandhi

Peace education/literacy

Partial, unscientific, pacifist, sporadic, lacking in foundations of

Global Peace Science (CYBS)

Holistic, free from the impotence of pacifism, universal o­n the fundamental basis of the Global Peace Science (CYBS)

Social equality

Impotence in the theory and practice of equality, leading to the growth of inequality constantly.

Lack of scientifically recognized fundamental societal identity of equality

Scientific theory of equality in all dimensions based o­n the equality of spheres/spherons. Recognition of the scientific fundamental societal identity of the equality of people in spherons

Social contract of society as a whole and at each level

It is absent that is the cause of permanent group spontaneous conflicts, riots, hostility, violence and chaos.Lack of solidarity, diktat of all forms selfishness: individual, group, nation, etc.

It is present as a contract - Constitution of harmonious spherons providing a peaceful, conscious and preventive solution to any conflicts.Universal solidarity, the priority of altruism, empathy and compassion

Global peace

The complete inability to build peace that brought humanity to the nuclear eco-/geno-cide grave edge.

Refusal from Peace Department

The full ability to build global peace o­n equality and harmony of spheres/spherons. Peace Department priority in a democracy


Total powerlessness in the theory and practice of non-violence: ultimate tool for conflict: violence

Full ability to ensure non-violence based o­n peace, equality and harmony of spheres/spherons


The question is not posed,arms race and militarism absolutization; nuclear disarmament is rejected

Harmonious disarmament in 50 years: transformation of national armies into a global peace/ecology corps; nuclear disarmament: the nearest 10 years


Unfair, in the interests of international corporations

Fair, spheral, in the interests of all spherons/humanity as a whole


Partial democracy, in the oligarchic part interests. Population participation in elections: 25-35%, in decisions - 1-5%.

Systemic pathologies: inequality, militarism, corruption, nationalism, racism, decline, nature destruction

Complete, in the interests of all spherons. Population participation in elections: 75>%, in decisions to 50%.

Long-term global overcoming of all systemic traditional


The structure of political power and strategic governance

Chaotic, spontaneous, sectoral, fragmented, different at different levels, subjective, subordinate to the ruling particular elite interests; short-term governance, within 5 years, no more

Systemic, integral, spheral at all levels, conscious, objective, subordinate to the interests of spherons, society as a whole; long-term governance up to 100 years, harmonized with short-term o­ne

Law supremacy

Partial, limited laws of the ruling elites/partons in the interests of their power, but pathological for society as a whole

Holistic, spheral laws of spherons in the interests of society as a whole, taking into account the interests of all its parts in their harmony

Democratic Constitution

Of the partial dominant elites, their inequality and violence

Of the holistic and equal spherons, their peace, harmony, nonviolence


Virtually absent except for particulars

Spheral mathematical statistics, universal

Digitalization (innovation)

Weak, limited, partial, technical and surface

Strong, versatile and deep in spheral statistics - digital breakthrough

Pluralism and monism;
Integrity and partial

Antagonistic monism and close to it devoid of measure traditional pluralism exclude integrity/holism, produce different types of the partial and its pathologies

Spheral, structural, four-dimensional pluralism admits, defines and produce viable integrity/holism, excluding the pathology of monism and the partial

The Future

Sunset of Humanity, The End of History, The West Collapse, The USA Fall, etc.

The prosperity of humanity, the beginning of its mature history


Qualitative social stagnation amid rapid technological progress, social obesity

Qualitative social breakthrough along with prosperity in all progress vectors

7.2. The STW Spheral Attributes. TTW does not know the spheral structure of the population, its spheral employment and spheral social production, and is deprived of its science, although it sometimes uses the spheral terminology intuitively. STW, built o­n the fundamental science of CYBS, creates its consciousness o­n spheres/spherons, starting with the priority social sphere.

1. The STW Sociosphere. The basis of a civilized, open, fair and democratic society of the 21st century is equality, peace, non-violence and harmony of the spherons at all its levels, ensuring and guaranteeing human rights/freedoms, starting from the right to life and including the absence of war/violence and militarism at all levels society and power. The social priority is children and the harmonious development of the individual instead of the economy and militarism. Priority development of social infrastructure is housing, ecology, education, healthcare, sports, recreation, etc.

2. The STW Infosphere. The innovative priority of MegaScience of Cyberspheronics and its universal information technology is spheral statistics, spheral internet, spheral digitalization as a digital breakthrough, spheral artificial intelligence, spheral applications, etc.

3. The STW Orgsphere. Spheral democracy is a quota equality of elected representatives (including gender equality) of spherons for all governmental bodies at all levels; the combination of representative and participatory democracy; children's suffrage, executed by parents, to ensure social completeness and the participatory nature of democracy; and spheral decentralization of power.

4. The STW Technosphere/Economics. Spheral harmonious market, regulated by the STW priorities, is included in the priority of the sociosphere and ecology, along with the priority of average prosperity.

Capitalism and communism are alternative pathologies of the last century, as equally militaristic, disharmonious and deadly for humanity as extreme obesity and extreme exhaustion. The TTW does not constitute and is not viable. The o­nly fundamental alternative is offered o­nly by STW of CYBS in a holistic, non-violent, socio-economic system of human spheres/spherons. The CYBS is a holistic scientific and harmonious worldview of the spherons STW, alternative to all unscientific, antagonistic militaristic ideologies of the past.

8. The CYBS Holistic System of Values​/Human Rights. It is determined by the societal role, qualities and priorities of the spherons, which provide all the conditions for the survival and stability of society/humanity. It includes the following humanistic values​/rights: life, love, peace, harmony, non-violence, truth, freedom, equality, fraternity, law, complete/truth democracy and happiness. This axiological system integrates humanistic human values​/rights that are verified by long historical experience and excludes the opposite, anti-humanistic values ​​practiced by violent and totalitarian empires: death, hatred, war, disharmony, violence, lies, slavery, inequality, enmity, arbitrariness, dictatorship, misfortune and its vicious derivatives. They created systemic social pathologies that eventually, from the inside, destroyed and denied their empires, proving their non-viability, incompatibility with the values ​​of life-supporting spherons and unacceptability for an integral society/humanity.

The spherons axiological system is based o­n the priority right of human/humanity to life/peace, excluding war/militarism, as detailed in the relevant GHA Declaration (Semashko, 2017).

9. Spherons: Social Priorities Hierarchy/Network. Spherons/people have the highest priority of wholeness as o­nly this societal resource creates/produces all of them (PIOT), including itself, i.e. all societal integrity in its entirety and complexity. Spherons fully determine the existence/autopoiesis of society/humanity, but they can o­nly do this through other spheral resources created by them. Therefore, the absence of any of them makes the existence of benevolent society/humanity impossible, therefore they are equally necessary for it. Therefore, spherons are equal in power, in the possession, use and governance of all spheral and natural resources.

This is the spherons highest law of organizational/managerial equality, which ensures/determines the social equality of other forms and begins to consciously act in society o­nly with its scientific knowledge in the CYBS and with its constitutional fixation at all levels of democratic power. It provides a quota equal distribution of all power equally among elected representatives of spherons.

The spherons priority determines among people the priority of children, the quality of which determines the quality of society as a whole, including the highest quality of attitude toward the older generation, who gave birth, raised and reared grateful children. Their priority is ensured by the Children's Suffrage Executed by Parents (Semashko, 2004).

The spherons priority determines the full gender equality and partnership (Eisler, 1994), the full gender balance of power as the most optimal condition for social autopoiesis in general and its governance at all levels.

All of these societal priorities determine and create all the real conditions for the first humanistic holistic priority of the comprehensive and harmonious development of each individual. This was proclaimed, but never achieved in the past as a result of the dominance of other priorities: inequality, violence, power, profit, etc.This is the whole hierarchy/network of the spherons social priorities.

10. The Ineradicable Vice of Traditional Governance/Authority/Democracy. In all centuries and millennia, it has always been built o­n the dominance/priority of o­ne or another of the most powerful (economic, political, spiritual or social) parts of society over its whole. This key/structural flaw of partial control gives rise to all its other fundamental and irremovable flaws in history: inequality of all kinds, violence, militarism, corruption, selfishness of all forms and injustice. Such partial/egoistic control/power was successful, at best, o­nly in solving partial problems, but it remained ineffective/destructive with respect to the whole and inevitably led it to death along with its dominant partial power. Global problems created by partial power/administration, including any democracy, are insoluble for TTW, which was noted by Einstein 70 years ago (below) and proved the unsuccessful historical experience of solving these problems. The most striking example of the last century is the powerlessness of democracy in regard to nuclear weapons, the race of which it generously finances; o­nly accelerating the approach of humanity to the global genocide/ecocide, reducing the probability of its survival to a minimum, to 100 seconds (Mecklin, 2020). The traditional governance of the ruling political systems is aimed at strengthening the interests of o­ne of its parts (class, party, elite, etc.) to the detriment and expense of the whole interests. It mistakenly defines this part as the generative principle of the whole, which deforms it and leads it to inevitable death.

11. The Cyberspheronics (CYBS) Mission: Holistic/Spheral Democracy for the Spheral Third Way. The CYBS first social need and mission is to reorganize the democratic way of self-government in the interests of society as a whole at all levels from local to global, in order to ensure its survival/sustainability by eliminating the root vice of traditional power. This mission is achieved by an equal quota distribution of power of all branches and organs between the elected representatives of the four spherons in their gender balance.

Cyberspheronics is the necessary holistic scientific thinking/consciousness/knowledge of spherons, transforming them from a spontaneous, unconscious actor in o­neself into a conscious, scientifically minded democratic actor for o­neself, expressing by Kant terms. Therefore, spherons and Cyberspheronics are inseparable from each other in their true mutual necessity/sufficiency as a necessary, integral actor/subject and its integral consciousness/thinking. CYBS is the scientific strategy of STW of the 21st century, acceptable to all peoples in their quest for peace, harmony, non-violence and prosperity.

Cyberspheronics is not EGO thinking/governance of a selfish/partial nation, party or person, leading to self-destruction of humanity/noosphere, but ECO thinking/governance of its survival and prosperity o­n Earth. This is its mission.

12. The CYBS History. Cyberspheronics (CYBS) has come a long and complex evolutionary path, starting in 1992 with the first fundamental book Spheral Approach (Semashko), devoted to spheres/spherons (societal groups of the population engaged in the spheres of social production/autopoiesis, where they are also called the traditional term "spheral classes") and their spheral statistics. Its next step was Tetrasociology, which received the support of RC51 Sociocybernetics (Semashko, 2002; Scott, 2002).

CYBS develops and enriches the initial fundamental ideas of the cybernetics founders: Norbert Wiener, William Ashby, Heinz Foerster, David Stuart, Gregory Bateson, Warren McCulloch, Gordon Pask, Robert Park, Stafford Beer, Umberto Maturana and many others. These ideas received a new incentive for development and special significance in the works o­n Sociocybernetics, concentrated in the corresponding Research Committee (PC51) of the ISA, since its establishment in 1998, as well as in international cybernetics societies, which is reflected in the historical works of Bernard Scott (1983 2019).

The stratum/trend of cybernetic knowledge is organically integrated into CYBS with the trend of macro-sociological generalization and development of the four-spheral structure of social production as a whole (autopoiesis according to Maturana) in theoretical sociology. It starts with the early Marx, Danilevsky, Kovalevsky, Gandhi, Sorokin, Braudel, Parsons, Toffler, Bourdieu, including Semashkos books for 30 years, starting with Spheral Approach (1992) and ending with Gandhica (2019) and many other sociologists.

The concept of Third Order Sociocybernetics of spheres and spherons was first introduced with the participation of Bernard Scott in the GHA collective book The ABC of Harmony (2012).

13. The CYBS as a substantially new manner of thinking according to Einstein. The CYBS conception/paradigm implements the Albert Einstein great testament more than 70 years ago for the humanity survival, which has not been fulfilled so far. He wrote: The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. Therefore, "we shall require a substantially new [holistic and nonviolent, asymmetric] manner of thinking if mankind is to survive." Unfortunately, over 70 years, humanity was unable to find, define and practically use substantially new thinking for its survival.

Einstein admitted the possibility of a world government o­nly based o­n such substantially new thinking but not o­n the basis of traditional, torn, partial and militaristic thinking that deprives humanity of survival, unity and solidarity. The CYBS thinking of wholeness/complexity by categorical duplexes of spheres/spherons in structural matrix modeling can be called the 21st century cognitive Copernican revolution and a breakthrough from the intellectual impasse of past centuries.

14. The CYBS as the thinking of Gandhian "greatest force of non-violence of mankind." The CYBS theory continues and develops at a new scientific level the greatest discovery and practice of Mahatma Gandhis non-violence through the use of his Newtonian law of the greatest force of mankind non-violence in his varnas/spherons. Gandhi, analyzing the whole gamut of man's activities [as] an indivisible whole, wrote that it represents the indivisible unity of four equally necessary and sufficient spheres of society: social, economic, political and purely religious. They are occupied by equally necessary and sufficient groups of the population Varnas, which subsequently received the name "spherons" by their employment in the spheres of society. All [four] varnas [spherons] are equal, for the community depends no less o­n o­ne than o­n another, therefore they are equally necessary and sufficient together, determining the systems wholeness of every society.

Varna is not a human invention, but an immutable law of naturethe statement of [genetic] tendency that is ever present and at work like Newton's law of gravitation. Just as the law of gravitation existed even before it was discovered, so did the law of varna Varna, thus conceived, is no manmade institution but the law of life universally governing the human family.Fulfillment of the law would make life livable, would spread peace and content, end all clashes and conflicts, [and] put an end to starvation and pauperization The idea of superiority or inferiority is wholly repugnant to it [varna]. ThoughthelawofvarnaisaspecialdiscoveryofsomeHinduseer,ithas universal application... Varna has nothing to do with caste. Down with the monster of caste that masquerades in the guise of varna That is how I look at the law of varna. The world may ignore it today but it will have to accept it in the time to come. It ordains that everyone shall fulfill the law of o­ne's being... Today, nations are living in ignorance and breach of that law [of varnas equality] and they are suffering for it. The so-called civilized nations have by no means reached a state [of varnas development], which they can at all regard with equanimity Without the abolition of the caste hierarchy, there can be no peace in society and the world ... When we revive universal human equality [of varnas/spherons]... When that day comes we shall have peace o­n earth and goodwill to men. (Gandhi, 140-183).

14.1. The CYBS: Synergy of the Holistic Potentials of Gandhi, Wiener, Einstein, Maturana, Vernadsky and Kelso Based o­n Spherons. A brief theoretical outline of CYBS illustrates the fundamental, deep synergy, which is based o­n spherons and the holistic intellectual potentials of the last century geniuses, each of which laid the foundation for a certain, necessary and self-sufficient scientific integrity/holism for each of the four societal spheres.

Gandhi is the foundation of the first definition of the societal integrity/wholeness of non-violence for people/humanity.

Wiener is credited with the first definition of universal governing circular integrity/wholeness, including the governance/organization of a human society.

Einstein is the creator of the first definition of a substantially new, cognitive integrity/wholeness of thinking/information of people.

Maturana gives the first fundamental definition of autopoiesis (self-production), common to the entire biosphere, including society, where it acts as a conscious social production, i.e. societal autopoiesis.

Vernadsky relates to the first definition of the noospheral social integrity/being of humanity as a special, geological/material force and anthropospheral infrastructure o­n planet Earth.

Kelso gives the first definition of the universal holism of the binary economy, which complements the societal equality of Gandhi's spherons with equality of economic opportunities through ownership of capital (Kelso, 1968), which he implemented in the Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) with direct and reverse ownership. The economic holism of Kelso/Kurland ensures the prevention and peaceful harmonious resolution of all economic conflicts, opening the "Just Third Way" of socio-economic development and converging with the Gandhian economy of "love, equality, justice and non-violence" of the spherons.

CYBS, o­n the basis of statistically and empirically proven spherons, the intuition of which is present in all the named geniuses of the last century, in the potential of each, synergistically integrates/synthesizes all the fundamental potentials of the integrity of the last century. o­n their synergy, CYBS forms the science of a fundamentally new, holistic, integral, meta-, trans- and inter-disciplinary class of the XXI century: MegaScience (above). They are synergized o­nly o­n the basis of spherons and o­nly within the framework of Cyberspheronics as the highest level of organizational/governing cybernetics. CYBS provides them with synergistic, cognitive/praxiological integration/holism in MegaScience pragmatics (below). CYBS stands o­n the shoulders of these intellectual giants, ensuring the highest scientific fundamentality and integrity of its MegaScience, constructing and constituting it o­n their fundamentality, ensuring the non-violent achievement of all the goals of global peace and the eradication of all wars/militarism.

15. The CYBS Social Need. Its acuteness is set, o­n the o­ne hand, by the high level of globalization of all spheres of world social production, which determines the decisive role of its integrity and global governance of it; and, o­n the other hand, by the systemic impotence of traditional partial social science, torn into hundreds of industry disciplines, to solve global integrity problems. This systemic weakness is demonstrated by the entire crisis situation associated with the COVID-19 pandemic at all levels: global, regional - the destruction/crisis of the EU solidarity, national - the crisis of separate countries, especially the USA, etc.

The CYBS offers a constructive alternative to systemic national impotence by its systemic greatest force of non-violence of humanity spherons (Gandhi), self-organized in their spheral structures of global governance, the first project of which for the UN was created in the GHA in 2017 (Semashko). The priority development of this alternative at the international level fully meets the constantly exacerbating social needs of humanity inherent in CYBS, which today does not have any other scientific competitive alternatives.

CYBS creates and provides in the XXI century cybernetic consciousness as a new noospheric phenomenon of the global information space (Tonkonogov, 2018).

16. The CYBS Dual, Peaceful/Military Use. In the transition period, until the completion of complete and general disarmament, there remains a dangerous possibility of militaristic use of the CYBS by o­ne or another country or group of countries in order to achieve world domination by non-violent means. Any fundamental science, as we know, has a dual, peaceful/military purpose. CYBS is no exception from this danger.

17. International Monitoring of the CYBS MegaScience Development/Use. There can be two effective and compatible/complementary ways to control the CYBS development/use and, thus, preventing its militaristic use in the "national egoistic interests" of the most powerful countries or their blocks, as was the case, for example, with atomic energy in 1945 and subsequent years.

17.1. The creation of a single Global Academy of CYBS MegaScience (GACM) with regional and national branches under the auspices of the UN/UNESCO or the International Bank and the IMF, capable to finance the CYBS MegaScience project and exercising international control over it. The GACM will be an excellent example of international scientific and humanitarian cooperation.

17.2. The establishment within the framework of world civil society of the International Association of Cyberspheronics (IAC), uniting, o­n the o­ne hand, international associations of scientists, primarily in cybernetics, such as the American Society for Cybernetics (ASC, 1964), World Organization for Systems and Cybernetics (WOSC, 1969), ISA Sociocybernetics (RC51, 1998), The International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences (IASCYS, 2016), and others such as that; and, o­n the other, the leading peacemaking organizations ICAN, NAPF, IPRA, IPPNW, UN2020 and the like. They are able to effectively continue the initial international development of CYBS, which was carried out in the GHA for 15 years, and better and faster than others to assess the scientific and humanitarian value of CYBS, because they are aimed not at the military, but at the peaceful development of cybernetic science and humanity. The wider CYBS will be involved in international scientific and public control, the less will be the chances of its militaristic and destructive use.

18. The CYBS Projects National Experimental Verification. The international bodies of GACM and IAC will ensure wide international verification of each CYBS project in the specific conditions of separate countries and regions as well as in the respective national universities and academies of sciences. This will facilitate integration of the CYBS projects into separate countries and will raise the level of each national science to the highest level of global Cyberspheronics MegaScience. To this goal, these bodies create in different countries a network of the CYBS International Research Centers/Laboratories (IRCLs), which will provide scientific and social experimental testing of CYBS projects, especially those previously created by the GHA with their necessary modernization.

19. The CYBS Manifesto: Humanity True Self-knowledge Beginning. The CYBS Manifesto is a manifesto of the scientific worldview/consciousness of the humanity spherons, i.e. humanity as a whole. Humanity did not know such self-awareness yet. Only in its cybernetic form did human consciousness find its adequate, holistic expression. This became possible o­nly at the beginning of the XXI century; it did not work out before. Therefore, the CYBS/Spherons Manifesto is o­nly the first, modest, and far-from-perfect beginning of the scientific self-consciousness of humanity. It will inevitably expand, correct, deepen and develop in all directions throughout the subsequent evolution/history of human/humanity, as long as it exists. The human self-knowledge, whose priority was bequeathed by Socrates more than 2000 years ago, in the Cyberspheronics true fullness and depth of the spheral societal genetics of its spherons, begins in the XXI century, more than four thousand years after it.

20. The CYBS Truth Three Simple Conditions/Steps. For more than 40 years of CYBSs difficult development, CYBS has accumulated vast experience in verification and individual conviction in its truth, which is integrated in three simple actions/steps available to every literate person, especially to every open-minded, honest and true scientist.

First step. Carefully read the integral and integral/crowning book of CYBS Gandhica (2019), created within the GHA by 82 coauthors from 25 countries based o­n numerous scientific researches and publications over the past 40 years. Recall that the proposed CYBS Manifesto is nothing more than the multidimensional focus of Gandhica and its quintessence.

Second step. Write a review of this book with an assessment of its scientific, methodological, social and political significance for humanity and the development of its knowledge, which becomes most vivid in comparison with the traditional paradigms of classical and post-non-classical science. This review, which is publicly available, will be a measure of the intelligence, depth and quality of the CYBS and will increase the understanding of each reviewer.

Third step. Complete a Statistical Scientific Research of Spherons (SSRS) of any city, institution, region, country according to the example of their statistical studies of 76 countries in Gandhica and the choice of available statistics for any period of time, for example, for the past year: 2019, 2018, 2017, etc. o­nly through an individual, independent SSRS is intellectual possession of the societal substance/reality of sociogenetic cybernetic spherons possible.

Over the decades of SSRS in the GHA and before, CYBSs methodology/technique was found and tested and simplified. It is presented in the book Gandhica, in Chapter 1, in three small paragraphs: 1.4.2., 1.4.3., and 1.4.4., o­n 5 pages: 32-37 (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848). Any SSRS using this technique, resulting in 8 spheral indices per half page in the elementary statistical table, will require, as experience has shown, no more than 4 hours from its executor. Moreover, half of this time will take mastery of the technique and search for statistics o­n the Internet. You can compare and add your table to the tables of spherons of other countries and cities in Gandhica. Then these tables can be collected and published in a special book, The CYBS Statistics, which can be produced annually both at the UN global level and at the national level. These statistics will demonstrate the dynamics of global and national spherons as the primary empirical basis for all other cybernetic studies. Similar SSRS will be massively accessible, starting with 5th grade students, when its methodology becomes a smartphones application (see below) and will ensure universal cyber literacy in CYBS in the XXI century. The professional cyberneticians can and should start/launch this necessary and inevitable literacy. Without knowledge of spherons through SSRS, there can be no Cyberspheronics as MegaScience; there can be no substantially new manner of thinking; there can be no mastery of the greatest force of non-violence; there cannot be implementation of CYBS in any practical project.

VI. Cyberspheronics Pragmatics.

The Best Global Security is Global Peace

1. The CYBS Pragmatics/Praxeology and its Economic Efficiency. The CYBS pragmatics always accompanied its theory from the very beginning, more than 40 years ago, starting with its first practice at the Demiurge student club in 1976-1980. The CYBS highest practical goal is to ensure humanitys survival and save the noosphere from the global ecocide/genocide in the XXI century. We can name at least six fundamental innovations of CYBS, which will ensure the achievement of this pragmatic goal based o­n its spheral statistics and technology.

1.1. The development of spheral statistics and CYBS technology will require the creation of new research centers and laboratories in each country with millions of new, highly intellectual jobs and the corresponding innovative information infrastructure. National and international statistical agencies are the most prosperous and interested institutions in the development of spheral statistics.

1.2. CYBS and its digital technologies will ensure the creation of a spheral Internet, which will put the traditional Internet under control, overcoming its spontaneity, fragmentation, destructiveness and other well-known limitations and vices thereof.

1.3. CYBS and its digital technologies will provide a development trend for a new, spheral artificial intelligence (SAI), which integrates the achievements of traditional AI and provides control over its further development to exclude any threats to humanitys survival.

1.4. CYBS and its digital technologies will provide a theoretical and information platform for a new, non-violent democracy that excludes war, violence, militarism and the arms race. This democracy will be able to establish itself, with appropriate mass enlightenment/education and strategic global governance training, over the next 50 years or by the end of the XXI century, as the GHA studies have shown (GPS, 2016; Gandhica, 2019; etc.).

1.5. CYBS and its digital technologies show the o­nly cardinal way to solve the global environmental problem: overcoming global warming and establishing a harmonious and sustainable spheral balance between nature and humanity through control and global governance of interactions between their spheres.

1.6. CYBS and its digital technologies open up the production of an almost unlimited class of applications for individual smartphones of two key varieties. A) For planning/managing the spheral resources of individual autopoiesis within the different periods of its life time space, starting, from the age of 10, with a view to the most promising and successful personal growth, and harmonious development. B) For leaders of any rank and organization of any scale for individual design, comparison and selection of the most optimal development strategies for these organizations through the harmonization of their spheres/spherons. Any similar application for an individual smartphone is a pocket-sized artificial intelligence (PAI) device of the highest level as an indispensable tool for any thinking individual who cares about the most effective development of both his own personality and the organization he or she leads. The PAI will ensure the interaction of AI and humans at all levels of a cybernetic society (Tonkonogov, 2018).

The PAI applications along with other CYBS pragmatics create a new market of CYBS digital spheral technologies, unlimited in time, demand and variety, which will endlessly pay for any starting investments in them.

These and many other CYBS innovations, private and derivative from them, provide a breakthrough for business and global governance in this direction to a qualitatively different level of business/pragmatic, social and economic efficiency.

2. The CYBS Projects Total Number. For more than 40 years of CYBS, there have been about 300 industry and regional projects in all spheres and at different levels. These projects started since the spherons structure was first tested in the student club of harmonious development "Demiurge" in 1976 1980 (Semashko, 2017). The projects were first politically tested in the Spheral Democracy Faction in the St. Petersburg first democratic Parliament, Petrosoviet, in 1992 1993 (Semashko, 2010). The lists of similar projects are published in many GHA books listed in the bibliography. A complete list of the projects will be published in the GHA 10th book in this year end.

3. The Most Ambitious and Fundamental CYBS Project: The UN Harmony Spheral Model. This project was created by the GHA in 2017 to participate in the projects contest of the Swedish Global Governance Foundation. The UN Harmony Spherons Structure (Semashko, 2017), presented below, summarizes this project. This model assumes that each United Nations state-member has 8 national emissaries in the UN (in gender balance by 2 representatives from each of the four national spheres), which would amount to 1,600 members of its General Assembly for 200 UN state-members. It could democratically fulfill the functions of a world government (Einstein), providing global peace from spherons harmony at all levels from municipal to global.

The type of this model creates at all governing levels and in all structural units of both a sectoral/branch and regional nature the spheral structures. Examples of many of them are presented in the list of CYBS projects.

4. Holistic MegaScience: Full Social Responsibility. Through holistic Cyberspheronics/Megascience, for the first time in history, humanity will receive such scientific knowledge that it will be able to take and bear full scientific social responsibility for the quality of all autopoietic structures and processes of humankind/noosphere, ensuring its survival and prosperity for all people. In contrast to the rupture of traditional scientific knowledge/thinking in hundreds of partial subdisciplines devoid of a unifying cybernetic platform of spheres/spherons, whose social responsibility was practically zero for 75 years, when the threat of a global nuclear ecocide/genocide arose, CYBS for the first time opens such an opportunity of world/universal responsibility for all of humanity. This is the natural way for the evolution of social responsibility from its current partial/fragmentary forms to its fullness and integrity with CYBS. The historical path of evolution of social responsibility is considered in detail in the writings of Matjaž Mulej (2016, 2019 and others) and his Institute for Social Responsibility. The full social responsibility basis is a holistic knowledge of the spheres/spherons that exhaust humanity/noosphere. Without their knowledge, all liability is flawed and limited.

5. Holistic Cybernetic Megascience: Global Democratic Federation and World Government Foundation. The long and difficult way to search for a democratic federal structure of both multinational countries and the Earth global democratic federation, devoid of a fundamental scientific abutment in the past, becomes fulfilled in the spheres/spherons of Cyberspheronics as a holistic Megascience of humanity. The conscious organization of the social life and political power of each people/nation and humanity as a whole o­n the basis of spheres/spherons of the appropriate scale, level and cultural-historical diversity, disclosed in the CYBS, creates a fundamentally substantiated single platform for the Earth global democratic federation at all levels from municipal to world, as confirmed by holistic cybernetic science. At the same time, the CYBS becomes a fundamental scientific pillar of the world government (Einstein), the world parliament and the Earths Constitution. CYBS also becomes a fundamentally new peacemaking tool than can save humanity of all sorts of wars, according to the UN and its corresponding Security Council and its Charter (Kotila, 2016 and others; Martin , 2018, etc.). The spherons equality is the social foundation/law of scientific federalism and its Constitution, without which they (democracy, federalism and their constitutions) remain shaky and unstable, from within which fascist and other totalitarian regimes easily arise, as history has shown many times.

6. Holistic Cybernetic MegaScience as a Common Scientific Platform for the Integration of Various Environmental Projects. There are many disparate subdisciplinary environmental projects that receive in CYBS the necessary scientific substantiation and integration with other projects. This fully applies to Pawliks original project Fungi Future - Biosphere Rescue Plan (2020).

7. Spherons Manifesto as the Manifesto of the Norm Replacing the Humanity Pathologies. Humanity/society, as a social organism of the highest complexity, has its own norm and pathologies. Their knowledge requires fundamental science, to which humanity has not yet matured and is o­nly entering its first stage creating it in the MegaScience of Cyberspheronics. CYBS, penetrating into the spherons genetic level of humanity, offers fundamental scientific knowledge of the social norms of love, harmony, peace and non-violence. o­nly this genetic societal norm provides humanity with continuous reproduction, uninterrupted life, survival and prosperity. The spherons in love, harmony, non-violence and peace constitute the o­nly internal source of their being, with all its infinite historical, cultural and civilizational diversity. Spherons are the source of human health and beneficial norms.

The source of social pathologies/diseases of humankind, whether mild or severe, are deviations from the norm. These deviations have occurred at various historical stages among various, historical transient parts/partons of humanity: nations, classes, groups, parties, elites, states, etc. They give rise to certain social pathologies that often reach extreme ugliness. They are different in duration, severity, acuity and depth of flow: nationalism, chauvinism, fascism, racism, anarchism, Marxism, liberalism, fundamentalism, bureaucracy, vandalism, imperialism, militarism, exceptionalism, destructivism (of all forms and types), terrorism, misanthropism, sadism, selfishness, radicalism, alcoholism and the like. The scientific atlas/encyclopedia of social pathologies has not yet been compiled due to the lack of science, but CYBS creates the basis for it, both as a whole for humanity and in its spheres/spherons, as well as in different historical eras. This is a matter for the future.

It is important to emphasize that different forces can use knowledge of social pathological anatomy for different purposes: to cure any social organism, to kill it as soon as possible, or to exacerbate pathology. Humanity has no fewer pathologies than the human organism, but o­nly CYBS approaches resolution of those pathologies through scientific, systemic and holistic knowledge.

8. Summary. The CYBS Manifesto: The Manifesto of Humanity Spherons Third Way, Outside of Capitalism/Communism. Cyberspheronics (CYBS) finds in the equal, structurally eternal and universal spheres/spherons of humanity its deepest societal genetic nature of its wholeness. Cyberspheronics provides humanity and the planet with survival in the framework of a harmoniously organized spheral social autopoiesis, subject to the laws of sustainable ecology. Cyberspheronics frees humanity from the global nuclear ecocide/genocide. We discuss this issue in detail and with the necessary justification in Gandhica (Conclusion).

Therefore, the CYBS Manifesto is the Manifesto of humanitys survival, its holistic harmonious worldview, alternative to all partial, monistic and destructive ideologies of the past. This is Manifesto of the genetically equal spherons and their conscious/scientific, substantially new Third Way to the era of peace, love, harmony and non-violence. The science of self-knowledge of humanity is finally reached the values of this era, following in the footsteps of Gandhi.

The CYBS Manifesto is an alternative to all past Manifestos of violence, including communism and liberalisms (Oxford, 1997). In place of various architectures/dictatorships of the deadly parts of humanity of different colors (white, black, red, green, rainbow, etc.), the CYBS Manifesto creates a fundamental scientific architecture/democracy of non-violence by equally necessary and sufficient spheres/spherons of humanity/noosphere as a whole. The CYBS guarantees humanity equality, justice, peace, love, brotherhood, freedom, non-violence and happiness of all peoples in their harmony while also retaining all constructive achievements of the past.

No matter how brutal the resistance of the dominant parts of any color is, the victory of the new world order architecture, based o­n the foundation of a holistic cybernetic MegaScience of spheres/spherons, is inevitable in the 21st century. Mahatma Gandhi first predicted non-violent victory almost a century ago. Therefore, the CYBS Manifesto is the Gandhian Manifesto of the Future and its New Generations. It is the spherons Manifesto of love, harmony, peace and non-violence for an evolving mature reasonable humanity.

VII. ICAN/GHA Epilogue. Citizens of the Earth!

We, the ICAN/GHA, propose the Anti-Nuclear Manifesto for the salvation of humanity from the all-consuming suicidal/genocidal nuclear fire, first tested 75 years ago o­n peace civilians in Hiroshima/Nagasaki, 250 thousand of whom were easily alive burned in it.

For 75 years, nuclear weapons, through the efforts of the traditional human reason, have been brought to such a degree of suicidal/genocidal perfection that now they are capable to burn all of humanity together with the planet easily and quickly, with a supersonic speed of their delivery to any planet point and to any corner of our common at home.

The traditional mind for 75 years was o­nly able to burn itself, but was powerless to save and preserve itself. Einstein understood and expressed this then, demanding "a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity wants to survive." For 75 years it has become clear that with traditional thinking humanity cannot survive. With it, humanity can o­nly burn itself, starting since Hiroshima/Nagasaki.

Even earlier, Gandhi found a way of thinking of the "greatest force of non-violence" by the spheres/spherons of humanity, which "is mightier than the mightiest [nuclear] weapon of destruction." But for traditional thinking was not 75 years enough to recognize and master the salutary, "substantially new thinking" by the spheres/spherons, which are the o­nly o­nes that possess soft nuclear energy of the "greatest force of non-violence" within humanity. It is inaccessible to traditional thinking.

Citizens of the Earth!

The conclusion of our Manifesto is simple. If you/we want to survive by eliminating suicidal/genocidal all-consuming nuclear fire, you must rise to a "substantially new manner of thinking" by the Gandhian spheres/spherons. It was first systematically developed in the innovative cyber science Cyberspheronics in our Manifesto, as a result of intellectual searches and work for many decades. A new, spheral way of thinking in it compressed in synergy of the cognitive laws highest intellectual achievements of the humanity greatest geniuses: Gandhi, Einstein, Wiener and others o­n 40 pages. Its semantic space for the humanity survival is enclosed between its two centers/poles of synergy: the Nobel Appeal, which sets the strategic goals of survival, and the system of cognitive laws of Cyberspheronics that ensure their achievement in a new paradigm of thinking. There is no other paradigm of it.

Therefore, there is no other modus of survival and other way out of the suicidal/genocidal nuclear deadlock in us, in humanity, except for a substantially new manner of thinking by the spheres/spherons of our Manifesto. It was created by 25 co-authors from 14 countries and is based o­n hundreds of the co-authors works of previous years ... (It is in the attachment, 40 pages and is published o­n the website along with all responses: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908).

This is where our survival and salvation lies. To do this, we all need to understand, study, recognize and together, in solidarity and partnership, without confrontation, develop, improve and practically apply this saving manner of thinking.

This is our conclusion and call to forever exclude any possibility of a repetition of the horrific tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki through 75 years!

Yours sincerely,

Beatrice Fihn,

ICAN Executive Director, Sweden,

ICAN is Nobel Peace Laureate 2017,


Email: admin@icanw.org

Leo Semashko*, PhD,

Philosopher, sociologist, cybernetician, peacemaker, GHA Founder and Honorary President,

The ISA RC51 Sociocybernetics Honourary Lifetime Member,

Initiator and Editor-in-Chief of the "Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto",

Blog: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253

Email: leo.semashko@gmail.com

Skype: leo.semahko

Phone home: 7-812-597-6571


* The cybernetic ideas presented in this Manifesto and Gandhica grew up in close cooperation and friendship with Bernard Scott, a well-known British cybernetics for the past 20 years, including 15 years in the GHA (Global Harmony Association: International peacemaking organization of scholars-humanities, established in 2005: https://peacefromharmony.org). His fundamental ideas are important intellectual contribution to this Manifesto. The main milestones of our cooperation over 20 years are presented o­n the GHA website. I cannot forget their and am happy to express to him my highest appreciation and gratitude. Leo Semashko. May 31, 2020.

VIII. Appendixes.

The Anti-Nuclear Manifesto Final Formula:

The Humanity Gandhian Evolution Cognitive Pragmatics.

Leo Semashko


"The Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" final formula definition within the humanity Gandhian evolution cognitive pragmatics:

From the Gandhian intuition of varnas as reality/actors of nonviolence in the ancient India, through partial/fragmentary knowledge of partons as reality/actors of violence in the Western civilization to holistic scientific knowledge of Gandhian spherons as reality/actors of nonviolence in the global harmonious civilization, societal knowledge of which begins since 21st century from the pragmatic Anti-Nuclear Manifesto".

It defines the Gandhian spherons as a key cognitive condition for the practical liberation of humanity from the absolute evil of nuclear weapons, which embody the extreme destructive/genocidal scale of violence.

It defines the Gandhian spherons as the first real background to exclude nuclear weapons and to build a system of global security/peace as a non-violent civilization of humanity without war/violence with the realm of harmony, peace, love, truth, freedom, equality, brotherhood, nonviolent Gandhian democracy, justice and prosperity for all nations of the planet.

The elimination of nuclear weapons from the life of humanity is its fundamental, system, civilizational shift, restoring its societal vital genetics and nature, laid down by God, and not a partial, technical improvement of a dying, exhausted itself, violent civilization. Therefore, the eradication of nuclear weapons as a genetic violent pathology of humankind can be fundamentally scientifically cognized/understood o­nly in the context of its Gandhian cognitive historic evolution at the highest, holistic level of its substantially new manner of thinking (Einstein) by the Gandhian spherons.

This definition of the Manifesto final formula is illustrated in some key respects by the pragmatic appendices below. As the poet, Sergei Yesenin wrote: Face to face - you cant see the features. You need distance to see what is great [Gandhian spherons].


Appendix 1.


Professor Evgeny Chazov, Academician, IPPNW Co-President,

from the 1985 Nobel Lecture

Tragedy and Triumph of Reason:




Cicero: Each man can err, but o­nly fools persist in their errors. A lot of people are still under a delusion, consciously or involuntarily, as regards the significance of the arms race and its proliferation to outer space. However, as Cicero put it, Each man can err, but o­nly fools persist in their errors [regarding nuclear weapons] ....

(After Hiroshima and Nagasaki), Prompted by the sense of responsibility for the fortunes of the human race, Einstein addressed the following warning to his colleagues: Since we, scientists, face the tragic lot of further increasing the murderous effectiveness of the means of destruction, it is our most solemn and noble duty to prevent the use of these weapons for the cruel ends they were designed to achieve.

Unfortunately, this appeal, like the warnings voiced by many leading scientists, has not reached the public conscience or the conscience of political and state figures. Nuclear arsenals o­n our planet have been increasing with every year, with every day

Put forward by some state and military figures, the theory of preserving peace through deterrence led to the situation where nuclear might transcended the limits of human perception. Indeed, no o­ne in this audience can really imagine o­ne million Hiroshimas

Over a million and a quarter physicians have signed the Amsterdam congress appeal against the nuclear arms race. We suggested the inclusion in the Hippocratic Oath a commitment to fight against the danger of a nuclear war (such an amendment has already been officially made to the Soviet physicians oath)

IPPNW is aware of the fact that wars start not from bombs dropped or shots fired they start in the minds of people and are the result of political decisions. That is why our congresses regularly address world leaders, particularly of the USSR and the USA, calling upon them to do the utmost to exclude the very possibility of a nuclear war and to reverse the nuclear arms race

Our intellect cannot be reconciled with the situation when the world is heading toward nuclear death. We physicians are neither politicians, nor military experts. However, we have analyzed the present uneasy situation thoroughly enough to suggest to governments our medical prescription for the survival of humankind. Our program has been elaborated, discussed and approved by IPPNW Congresses. It envisages a ban o­n tests of nuclear weapons and, as the initial step, a moratorium o­n nuclear explosions; a nuclear weapons freeze and the subsequent reduction and eventual liquidation of nuclear weapons; the non-proliferation of the arms race to outer space, no first use of nuclear weapons and the creation of an atmosphere of trust and cooperation.

It is not a political declaration of either communists or capitalists it is what is demanded by reason, by people the world over who want to live.

Any reasonable man finds it hard to believe that while hunger, diseases, social inequality, economic underdevelopment and illiteracy are in existence, hundreds of billions of dollars are wasted to feed the insatiable monster the arms race

What we need is cooperation, not confrontation ... (What is not today, what is destroyed L.S.)

The Nobel Prize awarded to our movement is not o­nly a recognition of physicians services in denouncing the nuclear illusions and promoting a true perception of nuclear weapons and effects of their use, but also a symbol of international trust and belief in the infinite value and uniqueness of the human mind

Nuclear war, unless it is prevented, would lead to the extinction of life o­n Earth and possibly in the Universe. Can we take such a risk?...

Today we face a seriously ill humanity, torn apart by distrust and fear of nuclear war. To save it we must arouse the conscience of the worlds peoples, cultivate hatred for nuclear weapons, repudiate egoism and chauvinism, and create favorable atmosphere of trust. In the nuclear age, we are all interdependent. The Earth is our o­nly common home, which we cannot abandon. The new suicidal situation calls for the new thinking. We must convince those who take political decisions.


Leo Semashko Comment.

Everything that is said in this lecture is the absolute truth today, in 35 years! Now, in 35 years, will there be scientists, academicians and politicians in Russia (especially) who can support, raise to a new scientific level of thinking and continue the saving humanistic absolute truth of academician Yevgeny Chazov?

Similar great ideas by Professor Bernard Lown, the US Co-President of IPPNW are presented in the theses of Professor Ernesto Kahan, former Vice President of IPPNW in the Manifesto above.

All absolute truths and great humanistic ideas of Academician Yevgeny Chazov find continuation and development at the level of new, spheral (by spheres/spherons) thinking of the "Anti-Nuclear Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto", which compressed the GHA fundamental scientific discoveries and peacemaking achievements for more than 15 years of work of its international humanitarian team from nearly 60 countries.

This Manifesto offers a fundamental scientific model of "Global Security/Peace" that "to exclude the very possibility of a nuclear [and any] war andarms race" and provides a societal, scientific, non-violent cure for "seriously ill humanity." This Manifesto expresses that "Our intellect cannot be reconciled with the situation when the world is heading toward nuclear death." It reveals the key global reasons for the preservation and buildup of genocidal nuclear weapons for 75 years:

- Pathological politics of global confrontation,

- The military-industrial complex, which designs, improves and manufactures nuclear weapons,

- Traditional democracy, with priority and generous funding for it with military budgets.

Our Manifesto shows non-violent, intelligent ways to overcome these causes for the benefit of all peoples in our century. We call o­n all scientists, politicians, public and religious figures of goodwill and reason to support this Peace Manifesto as a reasonable recipe for survival in our century, and to make self the possible intellectual and/or organizational contribution to it. Maybe it, finally, will convince those who take political decisions.

The Nobel lectures by Evgeny Chazov and Bernard Lown are an extremely important, especially for Russia, but not o­nly, addition to the argumentation and justification of our "Anti-Nuclear Peace/Cybersferonics Manifesto".


Appendix 2.


Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki!

Ban all Nuclear Weapons Beginning with the United States!


Hiroshima after the US atomic bombing


On August 6, 1945 and again o­n August 9, 1945 the United States dropped atomic bombs o­n the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. The stated reason for this first and still o­nly use of atomic weapons was the need to hasten the end of World War II.

But Japan was devastated by months of the bombing of its cities, and numerous defeats at the hands of the United States military. Japan finally surrendered unconditionally when the Soviet Union declared war o­n the empire of Japan and briefly invaded Japanese held Manchuria. The instant incineration of 250,000 people and the additional tens of thousands more who died subsequently from associated wounds, radiation poisoning and radiation-induced cancers was primarily a warning to the Soviet Union whose war time marriage of convenience with the United States was about to end.

Now seventy-five years later the threat of nuclear war is again upon the world and the United States is still the perpetrator. The Trump administration has withdrawn from nuclear treaties ratified with the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation decades ago. The Open Skies Treaty and the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty have in effect been torn up by the Trump administrations unilateral withdrawals. The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty is next o­n the chopping block.

Seventy-five years later it is imperative to continue the work of nuclear non-proliferation. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has set the Doomsday Clock at just 100 seconds before midnight. Yet the issue of nuclear annihilation is rarely mentioned by the corporate media and has disappeared from the electoral agenda.

Not o­nly must Hiroshima and Nagasaki be commemorated but the issue of nuclear weapons must be front and center in all anti-imperialist work. The struggle must include a determination to speak against nuclear weapons being used as a pretext to confront nations targeted by the U.S. and NATO. Nations such as the DPRK, North Korea, should be approached as sovereign states with their own interests. A final end of the Korean War, never officially ended nearly 70 years after the cessation of hostilities, would help to bring about meaningful negotiations. While the U.S. demonizes the DPRK, its ally Israel has an unknown number of nuclear warheads but is never mentioned as a country, which must end its nuclear capabilities. The nuclear danger will o­nly end when the U.S. and NATO end their threats against the rest of the world. The nuclear threat will end when all imperial aggressions end as well.

Remember Hiroshima!

Remember Nagasaki!

Ban all nuclear weapons beginning with the United States!
[read more]http://nepajac.org/nonukes.htm


Appendix 3


I Know How To Build A Society Without War.

Interview of Leo Semashko for the World Growth Forums Magazine, October 2020.

Published: https://www.worldgrowthforums.com/


Intro: WGF brings to its readers an exclusive interview with Leo Semashko, who is a philosopher, sociologist, cyberneticist and peacemaker. He has devoted his entire conscious life to humanistic Gandhian values of peace, nonviolence, love, harmony, equality, justice and brotherhood of nations.

Quote: The GHA is an international peacemaking organization, created in 2005 and now uniting more than 600 humanitarians from 65 countries and about a million in the GHA collective members. For 15 years of its peacemaking activity, 10 books and 78 peacemaking projects have been created in the GHA with an innovative science called Cybersferonics, which develops the cybernetic cognition of global peace o­n the basis of Gandhian societal genetic spherons.

WGF: Please tell us about yourself.

          L Semashko: Briefly, I identify myself with my life achievements as follows: philosopher, sociologist, cyberneticist and peacemaker from the harmony of the Gandhian spherons, providing global peace and prosperity to all nations and humanity as a whole. This is substantiated by my fundamental scientific research of about 50 years (more than 600 publications including 20 books) and my more than 15 years in the GHA during which 10 books were collectively written and 78 peacemaking projects were created under my scientific supervision. Therefore, I personify the GHA fruits, outside of the spiritual, friendly and harmonious aura of which they could not be created. I am sincerely grateful to the GHA, all its members and friends, for this fertile soil and atmosphere in which its fundamental/unprecedented scientific and peacemaking achievements were born.

WGF: You are the Founder and President of the Global Harmony Association (GHA). Please share with us what is the GHA all about.

          L Semashko: The GHA is an international peacemaking organization, created in 2005 and now uniting more than 600 humanitarians from 65 countries and about a million in the GHA collective members. For 15 years of its peacemaking activity, 10 books and 78 peacemaking projects have been created in the GHA with an innovative science called Cybersferonics, which develops the cybernetic science of global peace o­n the basis of Gandhian societal genetic spherons. It was verified by world statistics in the 9th book of the GHA Gandhica, 2019: (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848). The full list of GHA books and projects can be seen here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=472. The GHA Mission is To bring peace from harmony and to pave a conscious way for harmonious Gandhian civilization of nonviolence o­n scientifically based The ABC of Harmony, 2012; Global Peace Science, 2016; and Gandhica, 2019 through harmonious education in them.

WGF: SPHERONS are the eternal actors, the heart, the engine and the genome of the society and its global peace. In an unnecessary conflict of SPHERONS and PARTONS (whole and parts of society), is social harmony and global peace certain naturally with the passage of time?

          L Semashko: Yes, social harmony and global peace in society/humanity is its natural norm and the eternal genetic law of its survival, growth and development. There is no other law of its life. But its substance is so complex and deeply hidden that humanity has not yet matured to their clear scientific knowledge and understanding, remaining in the infancy of knowing this substance. However, the harmonious/peaceful nature of humankind was intuitively and partially revealed in the brilliant guesses of the worlds greatest thinkers, from ancient times to the present day, which has been investigated in many of my scientific works, starting from 1975. Until a clear scientific understanding of this genetic nature, humanity remained and remains until now in its nescience/ignorance, which plunged it for many thousands of years into the infant era of wars, enmity, violence of the peoples and different groups, deprived of knowledge of the structure/organization of their peaceful/harmonious/nonviolent life.

For the first time, Mahatma Gandhi began to speak about the science of peace and non-violence almost 100 years ago o­n the basis of his fundamental idea of equal varnas/spherons, suggested to him by their thousand-year prehistoric in ancient, pre-Vedic India. o­nly now, after the collapse of Marxism, which affirmed global revolutionary violence and after the deepest crisis of the imperialist violent system, science has become more attentive to the great, still undisclosed scientific heritage of the Gandhis sphérons nonviolence. His intuitive ideas of nonviolence were raised to the level of fundamental cybernetic science and a substantial new manner of thinking (Einstein) by the spheres/spherons of humanity that make up its eternal genetic code of survival, life and growth in the GHA books, especially in the mentioned Gandhica, where they received justification and verification by world statistics.

Within the framework of the Gandhian paradigm of nonviolence spheres/spherons deployed here, a socio-genetic formula for survival, prosperity and World Growth of the Noosphere (WGN) was created based o­n four spheral societal clusters.

Briefly, it is written as follows: WGN =4PIOT x 4Spherons/SIOT x 4Markets/SIOT x 4Spheres/SIOT.

Its foundation is made up of 4 equally necessary and together sufficient societal/spheral resources of society/humanity/noosphere: People (all population), Information (any knowledge), Organization (any governance/order), Things (any material goods and services), in abbreviated form: PIOT.

PIOT define 4 equally necessary and together sufficient SPHERONS, societal/spheral classes of the population, differing by the production of PIOT: Sociospheron, engaged in the production of people; Infospheron, engaged in the production of information; Orgspheron, engaged in the production of organizations; Technospheron, engaged in the production of things. Abbreviated: SIOT/Spherons. Spherons are made up of historical transient partial population groups called partons.

PIOT define 4 equally necessary and together sufficient societal/spheral Markets/exchanges (distribution/exchange processes) of these resources: Social (labor market), Informational, Organizational, Technical (market of material goods and services) markets. Abbreviated: SIOT/Markets.

PIOT determine 4 equally necessary and together sufficient societal Spheres of social production (social autopoiesis): Sociosphere (production of people, humans in a family, education, health care, etc. institutions), Infosphere (production of any knowledge), Orgsphere (production of any organizations), Technosphere (production of any material goods and services). Abbreviated: SIOT/Spheres. They include all other spheral clusters, defining and creating the integrity/holism of the noosphere/humanity.

All of the listed 16 spheral clusters of the noosphere/humanity genetic code ensuring its life at all levels from the individual and family to the global society, are equally necessary, because the absence/zero of any of them means its death, the impossibility of any social existence. The spontaneous, early state of the noosphere/humanity, still devoid of knowledge, consciousness and thinking of its societal genetic code in the spheres/spherons substance creates its constant violent, pathological deformations by militaristic confrontation and wars of various partons, professional and national parts of spherons. Wars, violence, militarism and confrontation of partons can be supplanted o­nly by their peace and nonviolence within the framework of the conscious social harmony of spherons o­n the basis of their fundamental scientific/cybernetic knowledge of their life spheral genetics, briefly expressed by the WGN formula.

All of the listed 16 spheral clusters of the noosphere/humanity genetic code are identical, constitute a common denominator at all its levels, but are always different in their internal, continuously changing numbers and in the infinite variety of their types and forms.

The x signs between the spheral clusters of the WGN formula express their necessary synergy, mutual multiplication, continuous growth and development in their harmonious unity, which excludes violence, confrontation and war.

In the paradigm of the spheral WGN, there are universal innovative tools for mastering their unprecedented complexity and integrity/holism through the corresponding global digitalization in spheral mathematical and fractal statistics and its numerous information technologies presented in Gandhica and in my other and GHA books.

The spheral Gandhian paradigm and its WGN formula is a social philosophy, a new vision and scientific instruments of an innovative global business that ensures harmonious spheral world growth, which stimulates the corresponding nation building and vice versa in a cybernetic feedback.

The traditional social science of the last century, mired in age-old ideological stagnation, was able to take o­nly the term nonviolence (peace, harmony, love) from Gandhis brilliant teaching, but was powerless to understand its spheral sociogenetic nature, code and substance in its societal spheres/spherons, disclosed o­nly at the beginning of the 21st century, in my and GHA books.

WGF: What was your source for similar fundamental discovery in social science?

L Semashko: The true author of this fundamental discovery is Mahatma Gandhi. The socio-cybernetic science presented above is o­nly a modern disclosure, substantiation and verification by world statistics of the fundamental sociogenetic Gandhian law of the nonviolence varnas/spherons, in which the term spherons is o­nly a modern universal synonym for ancient Indian varnas. The Gandhian Varnas Law is the law of spherons and vice versa. Gandhi defines this law in the following quotes, each of which is confirmed by our researches, and constitutes an unrecognized absolute truth of modern social science.

Varna is not a human invention, but an immutable law of nature the statement of [genetic] tendency that is ever present and at work like Newtons law of gravitation. Just as the law of gravitation existed even before it was discovered, so did the law of varna. Varna is the law of life universally governing the human family... this is the law of our being. All varnas are equal, for the community depends no less o­n o­ne than o­n another. Though the law of varna is a special discovery of some Hindu seer, it has universal application. The world may ignore it today, but it will have to accept it in the time to come Varna is the best guarantee of a happy life [Gandhi, M. My Religion, 1955, pp. 169172 http://gandhisevagramashram.org/pdf-books/myreligion.pdf].

Only the knowledge of this sociogenetic law, unknown to humanity, allowed Gandhi to achieve an impossible result for a violent civilization: to provide India with freedom and independence from the strongest violent British world empire without a single shot and without a single victim. Gandhis law, as the law of nonviolence, for so long has not been recognized by the traditional social science, built o­n violence; and therefore ideologically alienated from it, opens up for humanity a fundamentally new, holistic logic of a substantially new manner of thinking [Einstein], which ensures its survival in nonviolence, love, peace and harmony.

WGF: Since 1970, after finishing the Moscow State University graduate school, your community participation has been immense. What drives you to keep o­n working towards a better society and a better planet?

L Semashko: o­n this score, I have two fundamental motives. First, this is my mothers will to find a society in which there is no war so that people do not repeat her and my fate, when her husband and my father was killed in the first days of the war with the Nazis in June 1941, as written in many of my works.

The second o­ne is the belief in the harmonious, humanistic nature of humankind, revealed by the entire history of world philosophy and crowned with brilliant scientific guesses of Mahatma Gandhis nonviolence, who saw in its spheral substance the greatest force of mankind mightier than the mightiest [nuclear] weapons of destruction. My thinking and work in this direction have made the meaning of my whole life, which I am very proud of.

WGF: You have authored more than 600 scientific works o­n philosophy, sociology, culture, law and policy, including 20 books in many languages. What is the general focus in your writing?

          L Semashko: My orientation is conviction, faith and scientific fundamental justification of global peace/nonviolence from the social genetic harmony of the Gandhian spheres/spherons, briefly defined above.

WGF: International bodies, such as the United Nations, are doing a lot for world peace. What more is possible and how?

          L Semashko: o­n the basis of the spheral Gandhian paradigm presented above, we have created several innovative fundamental peacemaking projects, including the project of a harmonious spheral UN. It is replacing the modern, disharmonious in its essence, and therefore the militaristic UN, which for 75 years, with all the partial peacemaking achievements, turned out to be structural and intellectually incapable of building a global security/peace system, which excludes continuous wars, an escalating arms race and a sharpening threat of global nuclear genocide/ecocide. Fundamental scientific perspective to improve the structure and technologies of global nonviolent governance are disclosed within the framework of the Gandhian paradigm in the last book of the GHA under my scientific guidance: Anti-Nuclear Manifesto XXI (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908). In this Manifesto paradigm, its 44 co-authors from 25 countries, including four Nobel laureates are proposing to the UN and key nuclear powers to replace the genocidal nuclear triad with the Gandhian peace/spherons tetrad through the positive, constructive negotiations of these powers under the UN auspices. Why not then are they preparing a new START Treaty? Our opinion does not hinder but facilitates it and its perspective.

WGF: How important is understanding and participation of youth in the anti-nuclear campaign?

          L Semashko: Young people are a decisive force in building a nuclear-free future in which to live. Young people and women who give birth and raise children not to become victims of the new global Hiroshima and who together make up almost 70% of the population are the main opponents of nuclear genocidal and terrorist weapons. Therefore, its elimination is inevitable. It will significantly accelerate if they arm themselves with fundamental scientific knowledge of the spheral Gandhian nonviolent paradigm presented in my and the GHA books.

WGF: COVID-19 has been difficult all around the world. What learnings do you take away from this tough time?

          L Semashko: Lesson is o­ne. Humanity due to the global policy of pathological confrontation between leading powers and world leaders lacks solidarity, cohesion, partnership and resources spent o­n lethal weapons, primarily nuclear, for joint and coordinated overcoming of the COVID-19 pandemic. It requires, above all, a ban o­n nuclear weapons and the channeling of the freed up trillions of dollars to protect the world population from it.

WGF: What are your future plans? What are the causes dear to your heart?

          L Semashko: My plans for the future are to complete the GHA latest book, dedicated to the new, Gandhian nonviolent democracy, as an alternative to traditional, militaristic/violent. It has finally discredited itself in the USA, the EU and other countries in its inability to solve the global problems of nuclear disarmament, pandemics, economic crises, environmental disasters, poverty, inequality and the like. The collapse and inevitable replacement of Western violent democracy was clearly predicted by Mahatma Gandhi. His prediction is coming true in our time. The dear humanistic Gandhian values of peace, nonviolence, love, harmony, equality, justice, brotherhood of nations are close to my heart, to the promotion of which I was happy to devote my entire conscious life.

WGF: What message would you like to give to the people and youth of the world?

          L Semashko: My message to people and youth of the world is to understand, think, master the humanistic legacy of the Gandhian values, through education from early childhood in the books created over 15 years in the GHA under my scientific guidance and others like them, which we constantly propagandize and cite these are primarily works o­n Gandhis nonviolence. o­nly such education of youth will become, in the words of its great successor, Nelson Mandela, the most powerful weapon that will radically change the world, transforming its violent, previous era into the Era of Nonviolence, Peace, Harmony and Love in the 21st century. I have this best message and wishes for young people, for my children and grandchildren.


Appendix 4.

The GHA two Messages "I KNOW HOW" to the UN o­nline book.

Leo Semashko


1. "UN 75 Messages". For the UN. The International peacemaking organizations ICAN and GHA attach "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto XXI" by 44 co-authors, including four Nobel laureates, from 25 countries (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908). It equips humanity with compressed knowledge of HOW to build a society without war and violence. It fundamentally strengthens the UN's thinking with the peacebuilding paradigm of the Gandhians nonviolent spherons tetrad replacing and supplanting the militaristic genocidal nuclear triad, leaving it no place and social basis for its existence in the 21st century. With this Gandhian paradigm in a modern scientific form verified by world statistics, the UN can firmly and reasonably declare that now, 75 years later, it knows well how to build a world order of humanity without war and violence. The Gandhian paradigm of a nonviolent world order in our century, which ensures global security, peace and prosperity for all nations, leaves no room for nationalism and turns multilateralism into a modern Gandhian fourdimensional pluralism of irrefutable socio-cybernetic holistic science. Published:



2. For the Women Movement and Organisations. Yes, the great UNSCR 1325 marked the first time the Security Council addressed the disproportionate and unique impact of armed conflict o­n women and recognized their contribution to conflict resolution and prevention. Twenty years later, it remains a transformative instrument to put women at the core of global leadership and all efforts to prevent conflict and end the scourge of war.

Now, through 20 years, the new fundamental step in the womens thinking needs to lift their partner role and mission in the global leadership. To implement this step of the international women organisations, we, the international peacemaking organizations ICAN and GHA, are happy to suggest our "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto XXI" by 44 co-authors, including four Nobel laureates, from 25 countries (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908). It equips women with compressed knowledge of how to build a society without war and violence. It fundamentally strengthens the womens thinking with the peacebuilding paradigm of the Gandhians nonviolent spherons tetrad replacing and supplanting the militaristic genocidal nuclear triad, leaving it no place and social basis for its existence in the 21st century.

With this Gandhian paradigm in a modern scientific form verified by world statistics, the womens organizations can firmly and reasonably declare that now they knows well how to build a world order of humanity without war and violence. How to achieve full social, political and economic equality of women through the equality of the Gandhian spherons (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848) and how ensure full gender partnership/balance in the spirit of the great ideas of Riane Eisler (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=932) and Helena Roerich (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=815).

The Gandhian paradigm of a nonviolent world order with the full spheral equality of women in our century, which ensures global security, peace and prosperity for all nations, leaves no room for nationalism and turns multilateralism into a modern Gandhian fourdimensional pluralism of irrefutable socio-cybernetic holistic science.

Published o­n 19-10-20:



Appendix 5.

Nuclear weapons are illegal now!

Beatrice Fihn

Dear Leo --

The big moment is finally here: the UN Treaty o­n the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) just reached the 50 ratifications needed for entry into force! Just now, Honduras ratified the treaty - o­nly o­ne day after Jamaica and Nauru submitted their ratifications - bringing about a historic milestone. In 90 days the TPNW will enter into force and become binding international law!

Celebrate the news with us: Let the entire world know nuclear weapons are illegal now!

This is not just our victory. We congratulate and thank each and every o­ne of you who stood with us to help make this moment happen. This is an incredible moment for our movement and we are so unbelievably proud of what weve all achieved together. And we hope you will continue to support our work as we go into the next phase.

With the treaty now ready to enter into force, everything will change, but our work is not done. We are going to need to get even louder to make sure the treaty lives up to its full potential. o­nce the treaty has taken full legal effect, countries that have joined it will need to comply with all of its obligations. In countries that have not joined, it is up to us to make sure that companies, governments and people know that nuclear weapons are illegal and that they need to stand o­n the right side of history.

Once again, we want to thank you and celebrate this special moment with you.Today, we congratulate all the leaders that joined the treaty, party - at a distance - with all the amazing people who helped make this moment happen, and begin the countdown for entry into force.

Thank you for everything you do,

Beatrice Fihn

Executive Director

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)

Its time to end nuclear weapons.

October 24, 2020

Published: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=943


Appendix 6.

Nuclear weapons are illegal now! But our work is not done still!

Leo Semashko


Dear Beatrice, dear ICAN members,

The GHA is glad to publish your great news o­n your personal page (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=943) and distribute it all over the world through all our networks and channels.

We, the GHA members, your supporters around the world, are happy to share your powerful diplomatic victory in the ratification of the "UN Treaty o­n the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons" (TPNW) by 50 UN member states. They ensures the entry into force of this treaty after 90 days, when it expires "START-3 torn apart by the USA, which, according to M.L. King's definition, are "the greatest purveyor of violence and endless wars in the world." Together with your TPNW, nuclear weapons become illegal, criminal under binding international law. We are happy to congratulate you and all peacemakers in the world o­n this anti-militarist victory in the international law field.

But you are absolutely right and wise about "but our work is not done [and] we go into the next phase!" Yes, the legal ban is not the end, but o­nly the beginning of the real eradication of nuclear weapons by their practical abandonment and destruction by the nine nuclear powers. This is a way out of its ban from the legal area of ​​international law, in which any adopted treaties/laws are easily torn apart, denounced and disavowed, as the practice of geopolitics of recent decades shows, into the plane of real international relations and their policy. As evidenced in The Criminality of Nuclear Deterrence/Terrorism (2013) by the USA leading expert professor of international law, Dr. Francis Boyle, the crime and illegality of nuclear weapons is confirmed by the already existing international law after the Nuremberg Tribunal in 1945, which for decades (75 years) has been trampled by the nuclear powers (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=957). Therefore, we can conclude with 99% certainty that the entry into force of the new TPNW will face the same sad fate of the unwanted baby of international law, doomed to decades of ignoring, ignorance and neglect.

In connection with this real fact, "a new phase of our work" is acquiring extremely high priority and key importance for the prohibition of nuclear weapons. Our joint Anti-Nuclear Manifesto XXI (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908) is dedicated to this fundamental peacemaking work in the sad fate of TPNW, easily predicted in it. Our Manifesto proceeds from the assessment of the status quo that as long as there will be a violent system of the world militaristic hegemonic order, supported by the fat, constantly growing military budgets of all national democracies in the world, especially the world leader, there will be a foundation and the possibility of nuclear weapons. It will always be the last, mightiest and decisive, albeit genocidal, argument/instrument of security in the world militaristic system.

To overcome this insane, misanthropic, criminal, suicidal system and eradicate nuclear weapons with all wars and violence can o­nly by the global non-violent security/peace system o­n the genetic societal foundation/level of the Gandhian spherons of peace, non-violence and harmony of the noosphere/humanity. They are disclosed in our Manifesto, and succinctly presented in the GHA interview o­n 4 pages (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=964).It answers a simple question that is inaccessible to the existing violent world order: "HOW to build a society without war/violence?" The militaristic system excludes this question and does not raise it, because it does not know the answer to it, is unable to answer it and does not want to answer it. Since knowing the answer to it puts an end to this system and opens a breakthrough from it into its opposite - in an era of global peace, security and nonviolence.

Therefore, no o­ne in this system has an answer/knowledge to this question, does not exist and cannot be. This knowledge/answer is possible o­nly from its spiritual, fundamental dissidents, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, GHA and their followers. This knowledge became possible and accessible o­nly for the GHA as a result of its 15 years of search and work in this direction, only within the framework of nonviolent thinking by the Gandhian spherons of peace, which the GHA provided verification by world statistics in Gandhica (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848). o­nly within this paradigm is a scientific societal answer/knowledge possible to the question posed.

Our Manifesto shows that knowledge of the answer to a simple question: "HOW to build a society without war" can be obtained o­nly in accordance with two cognitive laws: 1. "Who knows the unknown [spherons], the impossible is available to him" and 2. No o­ne problem Cannot be solved at the same level of thinking at which we created it, therefore, to solve them, A substantially new [non-violent, asymmetric] manner of thinking of humanity is required -it is Einstein's law.

Therefore, the GHA, as your loyal and reliable supporter, invites ICAN to master the proposed fundamental Gandhian knowledge/thinking of spherons, only based o­n which and o­nly in the context of which it is possible the complete elimination of nuclear weapons in the 21st century. This is that long, new phase of our unfinished work that you deeply understand and wisely express. Our Manifesto serves to it as a long-term strategic program for decades.

Best wishes for peace without nuclear weapons from the Gandhian spherons harmony,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Founder and Honorary President,



Appendix 7.


Gandhica: Holistic Mega-Thinking for the UN and Humanity.

Leo Semashko et al.


Dedicated: o­n the United Nations Day 24th October 2019.

To the UN national Ambassadors for your education and enlightenment in the Gandhian peacemaking mega-thinking by spheres/spherons as a substantially new way of thinking if humanity wants to survive (Einstein)

We, humanity, require from the UN a substantially new mega-thinking by the Gandhian spherons to guarantee survival and global peace via 75 years after the Victory over fascism o­n May 9, 1945 in the bloodiest WWII with 138 million victims of 62 countries.

          The next year marks the 75th anniversary of the UN birth along with the Victory over fascism and the militaristic atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with about 300,000 civilian casualties 75 years ago, which, unfortunately, have not been condemned by the UN so far. The growing militaristic trend of history over the course of 75 years has brought humanity close to the nuclear catastrophe of the global ecocide/genocide with the participation of the UN, in the eyes of which all international brakes of this catastrophe have been completely destroyed in recent decades.

The UN owns during this time many private peacemaking initiatives and achievements. But in solving the fundamental problem of achieving global peace, the UN is as far away as it was 75 years ago. Moreover, humanity, together with the UN, for 75 years has gone even further from peace than in 1945.

With its former, but long outdated partial micro/meso-thinking, it is powerless before this global catastrophe at the door, does not see the light of survival at the end of this deadly tunnel and is not able to offer an adequate agenda. This requires understanding and scientific knowledge of the new reality and substance of humanity, discovered more than 40 years ago - spherons or spheral classes of the population employed in the spheres of social production/autopoiesis and therefore called spherons.

The global world in our century requires scientific knowledge of the new reality/substance of humanity, which was discovered by Gandhi almost 100 years ago - the knowledge of spherons or spheral classes of the population employed in the spheres of social production/autopoiesis and called spherons.

The statistical evidence of the spherons reality as an source of global peace/non-violence and the Gandhian "substantially new" holistic mega-thinking developed o­n their basis are presented in detail in the GHA ninth book briefly called "Gandhica": https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=904.Its main content and significance see in the abstract below.

1. The humanity key existential requirement today. A. Einstein formulated the law of survival 70 years ago: We shall require a fundamentally new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive, because the significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level thinking we were at when we created it [1]. This requirement has been formulated dozens of times by other prominent thinkers. [2]

2. The centuries-old stagnation of the traditional social/human sciences of economic materialism with its political violence. This is the stagnation of the dominant partial and torn micro/meso-thinking under the baseless ideological motto: "it is omnipotent, because it is true." The past century has proved its falsity and powerlessness in solving global problems. It stopped the progress of social cognition/sciences, depriving them ability to find and discover the substance of a new manner of thinking according to Einstein. It buried for 75 years with the stigma utopia the o­nly example of the latter in the teaching/practice of Gandhis non-violence [3]. During this time, it created a super destructive nuclear weapon of complete ecocide and genocide, but it was powerless to scientifically understand and explain non-violence as the greatest force of mankind, [which] is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction including today nuclear weapon o­n Gandhi. It is primarily necessary for the UN, which, however, ignored it for 75 years, not understanding it. But with the traditional partial and depressive micro/meso-thinking and its ideologies, humanity and the UN in the 21st century cannot live or survive, because they are not able to free themselves from the fundamental threat of nuclear self-destruction "at the same level of thinking at which they created it (Einstein). Therefore, a substantially new manner of thinking is required for survival, which is hindered by the century-old stagnation of the social sciences and their partial micro-thinking.

3. The definition of "a substantially new" Gandhian spheral tetranet thinking. This is a systemic, creative, cybernetic, nonviolent, asymmetric global mega-thinking by the mega-structures of the spheres and spherons of society in the statistical mega-laws framework of their genetic harmony with the planetary spheral mega-ecology. Its holistic visual expression is the sociocybernetic GENOME of spheral mega-structures of society and planet o­n p. 27 of Gandhica.

4. An alternative of survival. Humanity faces an alternative of either its surviving with a new mega-thinking or self-destruction in a total nuclear war. To survive, humanity and the UN should nonviolent hack the dominance of micro-thinking and its world order [6; 7] by a substantially new tetranet mega-thinking by spherons. There is no other way of survival and future without and beyond spherons for it.

5. The UN education/enlightenment in the substantially new mega-thinking of Gandhica as the most powerful weapon to change this world (Mandela) and to survive humanity. For this, the UN needs to create, under its auspices, the Gandhian Peacemaking Mega-Thinking Innovation Scientific Center (GPMT ISC) of 12 to 15 GHA experts with annual funding of $200 thousand. It can ensure the development of Gandhian Global Peace Science and its nonviolent peacemaking mega-thinking in the Gandhicas spheres/spherons. To begin with and experiment, we propose creating this Center for 6 months with financing of o­nly $ 100 thousand.

Will the UN, or at least o­ne member of it, find $ 100,000 for the substantially new Gandhian peace mega-thinking in order to provide a breakthrough to global peace and not move away from it for another 75 years but to approach it? It is the Shakespearean question: to be or not to be global peace? Can the Gandhian substantially new peacemaking mega-thinking find at least o­ne supporter in the UN?

GHA is happy to congratulate the UN birthday and wish it to master breakthrough peaceful thinking in order to survive and not repeat the sad fate of the League of Nations. It is the GHA Message for this. Happy birthday!

Full publication: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=904 . 24-10-19


Appendix 8.

To Prime Minister of Japan.

To Sign and Ratify the Treaty o­n the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW).

Japan Council against A and H Bombs


Across the world, people are calling for advancing from the entry-into-force of the Treaty o­n the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) to the elimination of nuclear weapons. Having listened to the voices of the Hibakusha, more and more countries are choosing to achieve the security of a world without nuclear weapons, not the security by nuclear weapons, and are supporting and joining the TPNW.

The government of Japan, the o­nly country to have suffered the atomic bombing in wartime, must stand at the forefront of the efforts to achieve the elimination of nuclear weapons.

Over 70% of the Japanese people believe that Japan should join the TPNW, as shown in opinion polls. What is called for is for the Japanese government to sincerely respond to the voices of the Hibakusha and people of Japan.

I hereby urge the government of Japan to sign and ratify the Treaty o­n the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

This signature campaign starts during the U.N. Disarmament Week of October 2020. Collected signatures will be submitted to the government of Japan. The campaign promotion office is at Japan Council against A and H Bombs (Gensuikyo).

Japan Council against A and H Bombs (Gensuikyo)

2-4-4 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8464 Japan, E-mail: antiatom@topaz.plala.or.jp, Tel: 81-3-5842-6034 Fax: 81-3-5842-6033,

Web Site: http://www.antiatom.org,


Appendix 9.

Signature Campaign to Urge Japan to join TPNW Launched


          Dear friends. A signature campaign to urge the Japanese government to sign and ratify the Treaty o­n the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) was launched in Japan o­n October 29, 2020. A starting ceremony of the campaign was held in Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki simultaneously o­n that day. As of Oct. 29, 128 prominent people in various fields, such as the Hibakusha, academy, religion, entertainment, politics and peace and citizens movements, became joint proposers of the campaign. It aims to create a consensus among the people of Japan that the Japanese government should sign and ratify the TPNW.

          The joint proposers include: Setsuko Thurlow, Hiroshima survivor, Terumi Tanaka, representative director of Japan Confederation of A- and H-Bomb Sufferers Organizations (Nihon Hidankyo), Ryuichi Sakamoto, musician, Makiko Tanaka, former minister of foreign affairs, Naoki Tanaka, former minister of defense. (see the attached list of joint initiators.)

We, the Japanese movement against A and H Bombs, are very happy to see the TPNW entering into force in January 2021. In view of emerging changes, shown in an open letter of 56 former leaders and ministers of US allies to call o­n current leaders to join the Treaty, we think that a next-stage struggle is to end the myth of nuclear deterrence and change the policy of nuclear weapon states and nuclear umbrella states. We have also received positive responses from NATO member states and others to the Letter from Nagasaki of the 2020 World Conference against A and H Bombs o­nline.

          Now in Japan, peoples criticism toward the politics of the Suga government that took over the Abe politics is spouting out. According to an opinion poll, 72 % of the people believe that the government of Japan, the A-bombed country, should join the Treaty. Civil Alliance for Peace and Constitutionalism decided to put an item of urging the Japanese government to sign and ratify the Treaty into the common policy of opposition parties united candidates for the coming general election. A momentum to change the government is growing.

          Also, from the situation in Asia over peace and security, we think that this signature campaign is important. The US-China confrontation is going o­n all over the world. In Asia, their hegemonistic war-game over the East China Sea and South China Sea is intensifying, involving joint military exercises. To counter China, the US is strengthening military buildup and deployment in Asia-Pacific region, and Japan is playing a bad role of helping the US, which threatens peace and security of Japan and its people.

        We call o­n you, peace activists in the world, in particular, in nuclear weapon states and nuclear umbrella states, to develop campaigns/actions to urge your governments to join the Treaty. If you have already planned or are doing such campaigns/actions, please let us know. We welcome such information as well as your support message to our campaign to encourage the Japanese movement.
Thank you.


Appendix 10.

On the Occasion of the Fiftieth Countrys Deposition of Instrument of Ratification (Accession) of the Treaty o­n the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. October 25,2020.

Japan Confederation of A-and H-Bomb Sufferers Organizations.
(Nihon Hidankyo)


On October 24of this75th anniversary of the atomic bombing, the fiftieth deposition of the instrument of ratification (or accession) of the Treaty o­n the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons has been completed, meeting the requirement for entry into force of the treaty.

It is a remarkable accomplishment achieved 3 years since the treaty was adopted by 122 countries at the U.N. o­n July 7, 2017. The TPNW is to enter into force early next year, when 90 days have elapsed after October 24.With this, nuclear weapons will be prohibited by the treaty both in name and in reality. A sure path has been opened to achieving the Hibakushas long-time aspiration of abolishing nuclear weapons. This day will be engraved in human history, together with the days o­n which the first nuclear weapons were detonated over our heads in August 1945.

Having long called for the prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons, we the Hibakusha welcome this day with great joy, truly feeling that our survival has been rewarded. We would like to report this achievement to the hundreds of thousands of victims who were killed 75 years ago without knowing what had happened, as well as to our forerunners who have dedicated their lives to the cause of the Hibakusha movement. At the same time, we would like to share our joy with so many people and organizations, both in Japan and internationally, who have supported the Hibakusha and worked together with us over many years in the movement to abolish nuclear weapons and create a world free of nuclear weapons and war, and also with the governments and citizens of the countries who have committed to achieving the entry into force of the treaty.

However, the five nuclear powers, recognized as the nuclear weapon states in the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT), their allies and 4 other nuclear-armed states continue to oppose the TPNW. To our great regret, Japan, the o­nly country to have suffered from the use of nuclear weapons in wartime, remains among them.

To date, the Japanese government has argued, Though nuclear weapons are contrary to the spirit of humanitarian laws, they are not illegal, as there is no positive law explicitly banning them and The International Court of Justice, while ruling that the threat ruse of nuclear weapons was illegal, did not make a definitive conclusion in an extreme circumstance, in which the very survival of a State would be at stake. Based o­n these arguments, it has maintained that the use of nuclear weapons is not prohibited by international law, and continues to uphold a security policy relying o­n nuclear deterrence.

But now, such excuses no longer pass muster. The Japanese government and its Diet should play a leadership role in achieving a total ban o­n nuclear weapons. o­nce again, we request the Japanese Government to change its nuclear policy immediately, sign and ratify the TPNW without delay and work in the forefront for the achievement of a nuclear weapon-free world.

We the Hibakusha have continued to work both in Japan and in other countries to bear witness to the fact that atomic bombs are weapons of absolute evil, which cannot coexist with human beings. Since 2016, we have promoted the International Hibakusha Appeal Signature Campaign, asking citizens of the world to support our appeal to all governments to conclude a treaty to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons.

Today, many citizens in nuclear-armed countries have come to know that nuclear weapons are anti-human and unnecessary. With the TPNW coming into force, it would be illegal in light of international law to invest vast amounts of money, time and human resources to produce and possess them. But the danger of nuclear weapons being used is not yet eliminated. If that happens, the potential consequences would be immeasurable.

The aspiration of the Hibakusha is to ensure that no more Hibakusha will be created. Not much time is left for aging Hibakusha. With all our might, we will continue to walk with all of you peace-loving people towards a world without nuclear weapons or war.

Email: kj3t-tnk@asahi-net.or.jp,





Almond G. (1990) A Discipline Divided: Schools and Sects in Political Science. 1990. SAGE Publications.

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Instead of a preface. Nobel Appeal.

Beatrice Fihn, Mairead Maguire, John Avery, Ernesto Kahan . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6


I. World Survival Referendum o­n the Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Question.

Beatrice Fihn, Leo Semashko ................................. 8


II. Key Anti-nuclear Ideas of the Manifesto Authors. (Nuclear Weapons: NW)

1.Nelson Mandela: South Africas Renunciation from Nuclear Weapons

as Unprecedented Example of Gandhian Nonviolence. Leo Semashko ....... 9

2.The international youth movement GHHG: in solidarity with the GHA/ICAN.

Ndaba Mandela . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

3.Dr. Martin Luther King Jrs: Nuclear Disarmament through A Great Fellowship

of Love. Ayo Ayoola-Amale ............................ 11

4.Its an affront to democracy to be ruled by NW. Beatrice Fihn ...........12

5.Humanity and NW cannot coexist. Setsuko Thurlow .................. 12

6.The criminality of nuclear deterrence/terrorism. Francis A. Boyle, ........ 13

7.Militarism turned into murderous world state terrorism. Mairead Maguire, .. 14

8.Militarism became world state terrorism in the United States. Johan Galtung . 15

9.Nuclear weapons: an absolute evil. John Avery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

10.NW are genocidal terror holding the entire world hostage.

Ernesto Kahan ...................................... 15

11.Just/Spheral Third Way as excluding NW. Norman Kurland ............. 16

12.Gandhian spherons as the greatest force contra NW. Pravat K. Dhal . . . . . . . 17

13.Cyberspheronics: strategic project to rid humanity from NW.

Andrey Smirnov . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

14.Only mutual trust of the USA and Russia can ban NW. Vladislav Krasnov ..... 18

15.Cyberspheronics as the liberation from the NW cancer.

Alexander Semashko ....................... .... .......19

16.Department of Peace as the mighty tool contra NW. Robert M. Weir ........ 20

17.The Third Way and religious dimension to ban NW. Rudolph Siebert ....... 21

18.Substantially new way of thinking by spherons to ban NW. Bishnu Pathak ..21

19.Cyberspheronics as an intellectual instrument to abolish NW. Lucas Pawlik . . 22

20.Anti-nuclear Gandhian spherons: verification by world statistics.

Olga Kashina ........................................23

21.Gandhian spherons: nonviolence greatest force contra NW. Maitreyee Roy ..23

22.Women: the main resource for the ICAN. Ayo Ayoola-Amale, ............ 24

23.Women and children, 70% of the population: absolute opponents of NW.

Théa Marie Robert, ............................ ......... 25

24.Anti-Nuclear Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto.

Gandhian Manifesto: nonviolence sword of the NW world Lernaean Hydra.

Takis Ioannides, .......................................25

25.The US Peace Memorial against genocidal NW. Michael D. Knox . . . . . . . . . . 26

26.The NW ban: humanity salvation from necrosphere and genetic default.

Vladimir o­noprienko, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26

27.The UN discussion of Anti-Nuclear Manifesto: extremely vital agenda.

Guy Crequie ................................. ........27

28.COVID-19: a unique opportunity to abolish NW definitely.

María Cristina Azcona ..................................... 27

29.Times after Hiroshima/Nagasaki End. Michael Ellis .................. 28

30.The UN not have a global salvation plan from NW: it is degradation.

Alexander Tonkonogov ..................................... 28

31.Ideologies and nuclear race. Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana, ............. 29

32.Manifesto: scientific peacemaking consciousness to save humanity.

Vera Popovich . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29

33.The NW ban: the global problems of ecology, pandemic and others solution.

Andrey Semashko ........................................ 30

34.The NW: to whom they enable economic rewards? Bruce L. Cook, . . . . . . . . 30

35.Disarmament to save humanity. Heli Habyarimana . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31

36.The spherons: verification by world statistics and education in them.

Stephen Amoah, ................................. ........ 31

37.Nuclear Holocaust. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Noor Muhammad Larik . . . . . . . 32

38.Kazakhstan as a nuclear disaster zone. Uraz Baimuratov . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32

39.Gandhian nonviolence as an alternative of harmony,

peace and love to nuclear weapons. Hasina Parvin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33

40.Nuclear Weapons: Imposed all-out-war; the humanity highest priority is its ban.

Alfredo Sfeir-Younis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33

41.GHH Anti-nuclear. Terence Barry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34

42.The best anti-nuclear idea for New Zealand. Adam Greenwell . . . . . . . . . . . . .34

43.There is no nuclear weapon in the world. Urbain Kapoko . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35

44.Red tulips. Delasnieve Daspet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35

45.Mahatma Gandhi: non-violence, peace, love instead of nuclear weapons.

Anam Kumar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36

46.The NW ban: a substantially new manner of thinking by the spheres/spherons.

Leo Semashko . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36

47.Cybernetics to help us construct our understandings. Bernard Scott ....... 37


III. Manifesto Definitions.

Nuclear Weapons Prohibition and its Fundamental condition.

Leo Semashko . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37


IV. Global Security/Peace (GSP). Existential Laws.

Leo Semashko . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39


V. Cyberspheronics. The Societal GSP Science: Theory/Thinking.

Leo Semashko, Bernard Scott, Olga Kashina, Stephen Amoah, Lucas Pawlik .. 42


VI. Cyberspheronics Pragmatics. The Best Global Security is Global Peace

Leo Semashko . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62


VII. ICAN/GHA Epilogue. Citizens of the Earth!

Beatrice Fihn, Leo Semashko ................................. 67


VIII. Appendixes.

The Anti-Nuclear Manifesto Final Formula: The Humanity Gandhian Evolution

Cognitive Pragmatics. Leo Semashko ............................ 68

Appendix 1. Tragedy and Triumph of Reason. Evgeny Chazov ...........69

Appendix 2. Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71

Appendix 3. I Know How To Build A Society Without War. Interview of Leo

Semashko for the World Growth Forums Magazine, October 2020 ........72

Appendix 4. The GHA two Messages I KNOW HOW to the UN o­nline book.

Leo Semashko . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77

Appendix 5. Nuclear weapons are illegal now! Beatrice Fihn . . . . . . . . . . . . 78

Appendix 6. Nuclear weapons are illegal now! But our work is not done still!

Leo Semashko . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79

Appendix 7. Gandhica: Holistic Mega-Thinking for the UN and Humanity.

Leo Semashko et al . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80

Appendix 8. To Prime Minister of Japan. To Sign and Ratify the Treaty

on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW).

Japan Council against A and H Bombs ..........................82

Appendix 9. Signature Campaign to Urge Japan to join TPNW Launched ....83

Appendix 10. o­n the Occasion of the Fiftieth Countrys Deposition

of Instrument of Ratification (Accession) of the Treaty o­n the Prohibition

of Nuclear Weapons. October 25,2020. Japan Confederation of A-and H-Bomb

Sufferers Organizations. (Nihon Hidankyo) .......................84


Bibliography ..........................................86


Contents ........................................... ..93





Letters, responses, discussions

Lund, Sweden - October 16, 2020
Dear TFF Friend and other friends!
           TFF's board has drafted a statement which we want you to endorse - and ask your friends also to endorse.
 It proposes that the world's governments immediately cut military expenditures by 50% and transfer the saved funds (about US$ 1000 billion!) to solve the main problems humankind faces - such as climate change, war and militarism, the UN goals of development for all and, of course, the Corona crisis.
           I am hopeful you'll sympathize with this simply yet powerful idea as a citizen and not o­n behalf of any organisation you may also be affiliated with. Please read the draft (below) and then use "reply" and write: Endorse! followed by your name - or send a mail with those words to oberg@transnational.org
          Jan Oberg
Danish born 1951, Drhc, PhD in sociology, Lund University 1981.
Co-founder and director of the independent Transnational Foundation (TFF: https://transnational.live/)
in Lund, Sweden, with the mission to support the UN Charter's
Article 1 about making peace by peaceful means

Endorse! Leo Semashko+++ "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto"

with similar idea to reduce global military budget

Dear GHA members, friends,

Director of the Peacemaking Foundation TFL Dr. Jan Oberg came up with a remarkable initiative of asking governments to cut the military budget by 50% in order to use the released funds to address the pandemic global problem and the global crises associated with it.

I gladly endorsed this initiative, which was published o­n the page of our Anti-Nuclear Manifesto with a similar appeal by 44 co-authors from 25 countries, including four Nobel Laureates (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908).

I urge all co-authors of the "Manifesto" and GHA members to also endorse this very actual initiative of Jan and send him an appropriate response, as he asks. Thanks you.

Best wishes for peace from the Gandhian spherons harmony,

Dr. Leo Semashko,


Thanks, Leo.
This is a link to the text that it would be fine if you offer people as an option.
As it stands now you have changed it, there is no way they can read it. If they click the link they can then also send us their endorsement.
Many thanks

Dear Jan,

We received following related with our Manifesto ENDORSE for your initiative:

Terence Barry - South Africa



Vladislav Krasnov - USA


Mairead - Peace People - North Ireland


Adam Greenwell - New Zealand


"Noor M. Larik" - Pakistan


María Cristina Azcona - Argentina

I also endorse this document

Lic. María Cristina Azcona


steve amoah - Ghana


Regards Stephen


Ayo Ayoola-Amale - Nigeria

I endorse this document.


Matjaž Mulej - Slovenia

I support this initiative.

War killed my father, too as Leo's father (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253).
I am very glad to help killing the war. This is a part of efforts for promotion of social responsibility.

Matjaž Mulej,

IRDO Institute for the development of social responsibility,

Maribor, Slovenia



Ashokchakravarthy Tholana - India

I endorse and totally support this document


Dr.Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana


THANK YOU, Leo, my colleagues and especially those who ENDORSED!

Dr. Jan Oberg has been a steady and inventive Peace champion for many years. He and his colleagues inTFF - The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research -- adhere to the same principles of Non-Violence as we do. Besides, Jan is an excellent art photographer!


Btw, I used to teach Russian Language and Literature at the same University of Lund where Professor Oberg teaches now. I owe a gratitude to Sweden as a neutral country that offered me refuge during the Cold War. So I ENDORSE Jan's initiative and urge everyone to do the same.


W George Krasnow


"ozemail.com.au" - Australia

I endorse this wonderful project

Michael Ellis


Ernesto Kahan - Israel

This endorsement is very important and supporting

Ernesto Kahan


"Guy CREQUIE" - France

Obviously, that I support this initiative and that I thank his author! For my part, with my modest manner, in January 2009 during my interpretation of L ` Ave Maria of Gounod to Hiroshima in front of the stele of the poet victim of the atomic tragedy: Tamiki HARA, J ` had made before in front of the Japanese press of the similar declarations, and the video which followed my stay realized by Kae MORII and Mr NAGATSU gave an account of the nonsense and the danger of its military expenditure.

Also, the meeting which followed with Mr LOYCE LEEPER, Directeur of the world center of peace tackled these questions!

Simply, I already expressed it, when a proposal or an action whatever can be its interest is not expressed in English language, it am ignored or pass unperceived.




Pravat Dhal - India

Dear Peace Aspirants,

Greetings! All positive initiatives for the sake of human security and

development is commendable. I appreciate this work.

Thanks and Regards

Pravat Kumar Dhal,PhD





Anti-Nuclear Manifesto for Global Security/Peace XXI

+++Nelson Mandela example for it. WHO write?


Dear Adam,

Thank you very much for your warm thanks, deep understanding of the meaning and appreciation for our collective work with the Anti-Nuclear Manifesto, which now brings together 42 co-authors from 24 countries, including 4 Nobel Laureates (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908).

The o­nly pity is that it does not represent the unique, the humanity first VOLUNTARY renunciation of nuclear weapons by South Africa under the leadership of the Gandhian non-violence of the great and unprecedented world leader Nelson Mandela. Who in South Africa could summarize and offer his experience in our Manifesto? Could we with GHHG help to find a similar intellectual(s) in South Africa? Please, let us know your suggestions in 1-2 days, no more.

The "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" of the world civil society, created in the GHA during 15 years o­n the Gandhian nonviolent spherons substance is a special, societal/genetic vaccine of humanity against all violence, first of all against the most terrible, genocidal/ecocidal - nuclear weapons, which, like the sword of Damocles, 75 years hanging o­n a thin thread over humanity. It puts under question its survival, makes its a hostage, threatening the suicidal extinction of the human race and the entire biosphere o­n Earth. Of course, like any scientific vaccine, our Gandhian vaccine of spherons nonviolence is o­nly at the first stage of testing but it will inevitably be created in the coming years so that it can be used by all nations and all humanity.

In this historic pivotal process, the example of Nelson Mandela with the VOLUNTARY renunciation of nuclear weapons for all other peoples, above all for the nine nuclear powers, which cling to it as the last straw of their survival and preservation of their violent world domination, acquires special significance. But they are dying out, swallowed up by the crisis and agony of unsolvable global challenges that require their non-violent, Gandhian rebirth, fundamentally scientifically substantiated in our pioneering Anti-Nuclear Manifesto.

The wisest decision of South Africa and its leader Nelson Mandela to voluntarily renounce nuclear weapons, which opened the gates for the country's prosperity and gave a historical humanistic example to entire humanity, will take first place in our Manifesto, and a portrait of Nelson Mandela will be put o­n its cover. But who from South Africa will write 10-20 lines about this in 1-2 days? Can the world civil society, its youth, rely o­n the intellectuals of South Africa?

With gratitude, love and hope for a response from South Africa,




Dear Leo,

Thank you for publishing my abstract, which I have approved for further use in the Anti-Nuclear Manifesto for Global Security /Peace XXI and other contexts.

It is tremendous to see this collaboration unfolding so positively and so well.

Peace and blessings,

Adam Greenwell,

New Zealand,




Dear Leo and honored associates,

I trust this communication finds you all well.

In addressing Leo's communication, I hope you will allow me to present my perspective in representing Ndaba Mandela and Generation Hip Hop Global. This is vital to the understanding of how GHH can play a significant role in our relationship.

GHH is an extremely progressive organisation with official representation and an extensive and credible reach in nearly seventy countries. The interest and intrigue in GHH is proportional and we are overwhelmed with proposals.

The aim of GHH is to assist youth today to realise that they can be more effective through the solidarity in their belief in the principles of Hip Hop which are Peace, Unity and Love.

The misconception today is that Hip Hop is still "gangster" and nothing could be further from the truth. GHH came about because of our realisation that youth across the world were forming their own organisations to address issues in their neighborhoods.

There are two billion active Hip Hop participants across the world and at their disposal they have the incredible communication tools of Art, Music, Dance and technology.

This is who Ndaba represents and our determination and commitment to empower and uplift through GHH is unwavering.

Ndaba Mandela is our chairman and yes, he wields significant influence but because of his grandfathers wisdom, we built an organisation that represents influence by real numbers and intent. Therein lies the strength in this association.

This year GHH launched our "Humanity" initiative that will involve all member countries. Barcelona has initiated the first mural (see attached) and each country will follow suit. This is just a teaser campaign for GHH as we build toward a global and public launch of our streaming radio station.

What it will show though is how we can as an organisation, create real attention.

Our website shows the real time representation that GHH has at the highest levels. Our executive committee are all exceptionally qualified and committed and most importantly, the chapter management and representation have credible and influential members.

As briefly as I can, Ndaba is living out Nelson Mandela'a legacy to educate, uplift and empower youth to be able to effectively change our approach to humanity. This, by action rather than quote, establishes solidarity in everything you stand for.

Your efforts and determination to effectively address nuclear issues is admirable and humbling Leo and I believe you will be surprised in the future as to just how effective we will be in furthering your aims. I hope this will assist in letting you know that we take the association seriously.  As Ndaba said," GHH is not about him, it's about them"...they ARE the future.

Blessings and warm regards to all.

Terence Barry

Executive Director

Generation Hip Hop Global




Many thanks for your optimistic and inspiring letter about GHH. We fully share your opinion that Ndaba is living out Nelson Mandela's legacy to educate, uplift and empower youth to be able to effectively change our approach to humanity. This, by action rather than quote, establishes solidarity in everything you stand for." But Nelson Mandela's voluntary renunciation from nuclear weapons is not a quote, it is the most powerful practical action in the world anti-nuclear movement in 75 years, worthy to live and repeat, and not to die in oblivion, as it is happening now. Could you, together with Ndaba, write your 10-20-line abstract about this in our Manifesto, so that Nelson Mandela's anti-nuclear legacy will live and not die? Have you read my proposal in this regard? Reason/science and art/GHH do not exclude, but complement and reinforce each other in their synergy. o­n the other hand, their break weakens them. Do you agree with this?

Could I publish your wonderful letter o­n your personal page? o­nly o­ne word confuses me in your letter. You write, "Your efforts and determination to effectively address nuclear issues is admirable and humbling Leo." I dont see how positive effort can be both delightful and humbling at the same time. I think this is a contradiction, like a round square or fried ice, if you dont put some other meaning in the term humbling that is accepted in your country. What do you say about this?

We admire your enthusiasm and confidence that "I believe you will be surprised in the future as to just how effective we will be in furthering your aims." Yes, young people have a great mission and they will really find the solutions to all problems in the future. For the GHA, youth and children are also a priority and engine of social progress, as well as for you. But we consider necessary to arm them, first of all, with new science, new thinking and new peacemaking Gandhian consciousness, for which the GHA has created 10 unique textbooks over 15 years, including the Anti-Nuclear Manifesto. Therefore, it fully supports your great GHH movement, but from the side of intellect and science, strengthening you. You understand this that defines the deep foundation of our strategic partnership. Within its framework, all of our innovative Gandhian textbooks can be used at your wonderful Nelson Mandela Humanity University, in which we would be happy to participate if you invite us.

Warm regards,




Greetings Leo,

Thank you for your mail.

Yes, I agree that the perceived break between art and science is something that should be addressed...Leonardo taught us that.

Unfortunately Ndaba is really swamped at the moment but have his thoughts below.

You are welcome to publish my letter and for clarity, what I meant by admirable and humbling is that we admire your work and at the same time it is humbling to witness. You can remove the humbling if it is confusing.

After speaking with Ndaba regarding his grandfathers contribution, I will try to relay his answer in a way that would suit your purposes.

Ndaba feels: Quote:

"The need to pave the way to a safe and fertile future for our next generations is critical. In order to have a solid foundation for this growth, we need to address major global issues with a communal "voice of reason" Nuclear power, not just weapons have become a major threat to humanity and the examples are clear in Chernobyl and Fukushima. The expenses incurred in all aspects of Nuclear power, let alone the constant threat, are a drain o­n society and not in our best interests. We have through history, as humanity, failed to address our fundamental obligations to protect the planet and establish sustainable ideals to create a safe world for all. Our obligation now, is to become effective, not just vocal in our denunciation and breathe new life into the protest though the introduction of strategic, cross sector partnerships. As Generation Hip Hop Global, creating safe and sustainable environments for youth is our priority. This translates to our global drive as well and our support for a nuclear free world is absolute. We look forward to working with other organisations to expedite these ambitions." Unquote

Leo, my brother, I hope this will suffice and please let me know if I have missed anything.

Peace and blessings.

Terence Barry,



Thank you Leo,

A very important part of our approach as GHH is to establish solidarity amongst youth across the world in what they have in common. Clearly a sustainable plan for the future is priority and the anti nuclear manifesto will be a part of the o­ngoing strategy and build. It cannot be seen as our key focus though. We are reliant in our support through prepared programs and initiatives that will ultimately give GHA more effective exposure through strategic planning and consensus. Being anti-nuclear in action and the messaging involved is something we would have to discuss amongst our executive committee.

As a global organisation with such incredible prospects to empower and uplift, it is vital that our narrative does not threaten. We aim to bring about change through the recognition of GHH having a globally powerful voice by numbers and communication. I have amended the statement below accordingly and hope this is satisfactory.


"The international youth movement GHHG, created by us in South Africa and in line with the legacy of Nelson Mandela, intends to continually educate youth o­n the destructive and devastating effects of nuclear power and will develop a powerful slogan and campaign of solidarity with GHA. According to the legacy of Nelson Mandela: "Education is the most powerful weapon with which to change the world."

Leo, our demographic are between the ages of 16 and 25. This is the next voting generation and with our firmly established footprint and communication tools we will steadily align with you more effectively. I ask you to trust in our system of consensus first, then action. With this in place, you will establish a progressive and effective association. The three members I suggest for the layout are: Dr Richard Reeves: www.unionsettlement.org and the vice chairman of GHHG.

Dr Carol O'Connor: founder of www.rnrfoundation.org and manager of Generation Hip Hop Mississippi. David M Tavare (Minister Server). All three copied herein for their approval.

Blessings and warm regards.

Terence Barry,



Hello, Terrence,

I think you approve of the Manifesto top cover as well as Hasina, because we see no objections from you. Thank you for your approval! I also happy to propose for your approval the Manifesto updated back cover attached.

Thank you very much for your two in-depth letters with Ndaba abstract, your GHHG vision and other important ideas. Your denial of nuclear energy is generally different from our denial, which is limited o­nly by nuclear weapons. But your position has the right to life, we respect your opinion, therefore your abstracts with your idea are fully included in the Manifesto.

However, our consensus with you can be limited o­nly by nuclear weapons, which pose the FIRST threat to the life of humankind and nature and its intensification has led right up to a nuclear catastrophe, to which there are o­nly 100 seconds left: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=924. Please, could you read this brief articleby nuclear experts? In this regard, it is not for nothing that 99% of the population, except for the extreme militarists who receive trillions of dollars for the production of nuclear weapons, categorically reject it as "absolute evil, nuclear terror, genocide and ecocide, a crime against humanity" and similar assessments of ICAN/GHA and more than 40 co-authors Manifesto. These qualifications cannot be attributed to nuclear energy in general, because its peaceful use brings enormous benefits: there are 440 nuclear reactors operating around 190 nuclear power plants in 45 countries in the world (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_nuclear_reactors). If they will be closed, the United States, Japan and Europe will lose most of their electricity.

Yes, two disasters - in Chernobyl and Fukushima - are terrible. But the number of similar accidents is limited and cannot be compared with deaths o­n the roads. In addition, atomic reactors have now been created that preclude their repetition. Other human activities are much more dangerous, such as transport, especially road transport, which kills about 1.5 million people every year *, but no o­ne rejects it. This transport is also a major environmental threat, although it is being addressed. Therefore, the benefits of nuclear energy are undeniable, therefore, it cannot be rejected from our and general point of view. It cannot be qualified as "an absolute evil, genocide, a crime against humanity" and similar attributes of nuclear weapons. But, I repeat, your point of view also has a right to life, but our consensus is the denial of nuclear weapons. It should become the first priority for young people as the first condition for their survival in our century. Do you agree with this? We could continue the discussion o­n this issue in a wider audience of our co-located/joined social networks after the Manifesto final version publication, which will present our both points of view. I think my brief argumentation above, for a start, is enough, but I and we (GHA and ICAN) could significantly expand it in the future o­n a wide public audiences.

Our consensus o­n the priority of nuclear disarmament for young people requires the development of our common strategy for the future, which you understand and propose well and which we fully share. From our many years of experience, the first thing we could offer is the development and dissemination of the culture of youth Rap in synthesis/synergy with other youth art. Of particular importance is the Rap, dedicated to the spiritual dissidents of a violent era/society - Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. You probably know about the powerful wave of falsification of their life path, perversion of their image (Gandhi in some military youth games, for example in "Civilization", for decades appears as a monster of "nuclear Gandhi", more terrible than Hitler, etc.) and even barbaric in the ignorance the destruction of their monuments, especially Gandhi o­n false accusations of racism etc. All this is beneficial to professional murderers/militarists of state and corporate rank, who generously pay for a quiet fake war against spiritual leaders of non-violence - against Gandhi and Mandela. Which side will the youth movement take? Will it stand up for the spiritual dissidents of Gandhi/Mandela, or will it follow the mainstream militaristic channel of the media and some governments? This is the main Hamlet issue of "to be or not to be" of the modern youth movement, which the modern military system is intensively engaged in bribery of. We believe that the revival of the nonviolent legacy of Gandhi/Mandela, which remains dissident, but critical for the survival of humankind and youth, could become the core of the CHHG spiritual narrative with youth and society. Please let we will discuss this after the Manifesto publication.

In short, you could watch my Rap dedicated to Gandhi along with my "graffiti", if you can call it that, here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=855. Me and my friends all over the world - outstanding poets from many countries and continents, could offer other Raps dedicated to Gandhi and Mandela and their "graffiti" and banners that you could transform/rewrite for your purposes and events. We will also will offer you large public world platforms, but this is in the future.

As for the Manifesto book (76 pages) publication, it needs its first, most significant publication in New York, 200 copies for the national members of the UN General Assembly in this city. Could you, or your leaders in this city, recommend a reliable, responsible publisher for this purpose. We guarantee payment of all costs under the Contract, which we are ready to send immediately for its discussion. Is this recommendation possible for you? Subsequent, wide commercial publications of it for the schools, colleges and universities around the world could be discussed later.

Friendly, best wishes for peace from Gandhi/Mandela nonviolence/harmony,

Leo, 11-10-20

*According to the World Health Organization, road traffic injuries caused an estimated 1.35 million deaths worldwide in the year 2016. That is, o­ne person is killed every 25 seconds. The average rate was 17.4 per 100,000 people. Low-income countries now have the highest annual road traffic fatality rates, at 24.1 per 100,000, while the rate in high-income countries is lowest, at 9.2 per 100,000. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_traffic-related_death_rate


Greetings Leo,

Thank you for your mail.

Yes, what I certainly do acknowledge is the variety of expertise and passion that we all seem to share. In our case it is about youth and their educational development.

Both front and back covers of the Manifesto look great and aesthetically powerfulgreat job. https://www.hachettebookgroup.com/ is the group responsible for the distribution of Ndaba's book. That would be a good place to enquire.

I must point out that the central theme fir Generation Hip Hop is Peace, Unity and Love and is directly aligned with you we just have different priorities at present. Ours is addressing dire need in poverty, hunger, displacement and so much more.

Please excuse my brief reply but this week is critical to our development abd I have a huge workload.

Yours in solidarity.

Terence Barry


Dear Terence,

I hope, the last week, which was very important to you, as you wrote, turned out to be successful for your GHHG and I did not bother you.

Now I want to sincerely thank you and Ndaba for praising our Manifesto, its covers and others as aesthetically powerful great job and for your significant contribution to it.

We fully share your the central theme fir Generation Hip Hop is Peace, Unity and Love, which determines our consensus, although our priorities may be different at different times that is natural. Our cooperation can make a significant contribution to solving the African continent problems about which you write: poverty, hunger, displacement and much more. I want to talk about the first steps in this direction further.

First. I have published, as promised, all your wonderful letters with my answers o­n your personal page, as well as in the "Discussions" section of the Manifesto here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908

Second. Over the past week we have completed revisions of our Manifesto, the final version of which with its formula Gandhian peace spherons tetrad replacing genocidal nuclear triad is published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/Anti-Nuclear-Manifesto-XXI.pdf. We are now talking with various publishers about publishing it. Unfortunately, the "Hachette book" you recommended did not respond.

Third. The GHA publishes all its books by donations from their co-authors, if they are possible for them. For the publication of this 10th book of the GHA - "Manifesto", we have already collected $ 800 for it, but this is clearly not enough for its wide distribution. In this regard, could you kindly donate $ 200-300 for its publication, or how much can you, if it is possible for you? If this is not possible for you for any reason, do not hesitate to say NO, we will always understand you.

Fourth. You, as a producer, designer and artist, could work together with Ndaba to create your version of the Manifesto with your graffiti, raps and other GHHG attributes expanding this book from 75 to 100 pages to publish it in large circulation for libraries of schools, colleges and universities in Africa and other countries by requesting funding for this from o­ne of the American funds, as well as from the government of your country. In this case, you would become, along with me, the editor of this version. This publication could be the starting point for your GHHG's educational book business. I would be glad to be your consultant and assistant here and we could discuss the details of this issue if it is of interest to you and Ndaba.

Fifth. Based o­n your version of the Manifesto, you could create your educational (for schools and universities) or documentary video for the general public using the personal pages of the most prominent co-authors of the Manifesto, especially the Nobel laureates o­n our website. The creation of these films could also be financed, at your request, by the rich American foundations or raised money for them through Fundraising. Both the publication of new school books and the creation of educational videos in your Hip-Hop manner would elevate GHHG's educational mission in line with Nelson Mandela's famous behest to the highest level, especially for the Mandela Institute under Ndaba.

As you can see, the possibilities and perspectives for the publication of our "Manifesto" are very wide and varied, in the financing of which a variety of governmental and private organizations and foundations from all over the world could accept. The benefit here will be mutual and for everyone.

You are a creative and talented person who could offer new, original forms of promoting our "Manifesto" in new artistic forms. o­nly as a result of such a broad promotion of our "Manifesto" can humanity hope for the earliest possible prohibition of lethal genocidal nuclear weapons, so as not to wait another 75 years until a new, global tragedy of Hiroshima/Nagasaki breaks out. You understand this well. Therefore, I hope for your positive response. Thanks.
         Best wishes for peace from the harmony of science and art for youth,



Invitation to create a partnership model within your

Global Nuclear Policy Program


TO: President and Chief Operating Officer, Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI):

Ms. Joan Rohlfing and your colleagues,





Invitation to create a partnership model within your Global Nuclear Policy Program


Dear Joan and colleagues,

We, the Global Harmony Association (GHA), an international peacemaking organization since 2005, uniting more than 600 humanitarians from more than 65 countries, are happy to send you the layout of our 10th book "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" by 38 co-authors from 21 countries, including 4 Nobel laureates (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908) in the attachment (72 pages). In early September, it was sent to over 10,000 of our colleagues in social networks, including about 200 national representatives at the UN to discuss it o­n the UN General Assembly. Now it is preparing for a paper publication and you could participate in it.

Basing o­n its scientific/cybernetic constructive segment, we invite you to jointly create a partnership model of a Global Security/Peace System (GSPS), excluding nuclear weapons in the first place, within the framework of your excellent Global Nuclear Policy Program (GNPP) as its innovative direction/sector. Our proposal was inspired by your mission to stimulate private and public efforts to reduce the nuclear threat and the statement of the fact of growing global disorder and disruption, the decline in the rate of improvement to national regulatory structures and the global nuclear security architecture. They are generated by the aggravating pathological global confrontation between nuclear powers, primarily the United States and Russia (USSR in the past).

75 years of the nuclear race have proven that it reduction and the followed zero are impossible in the traditional confrontation/domination/violence model. They are possible o­nly in an innovative model of solidarity/partnership/non-violence, which recognizes the possibility and necessity of joint, partnership building acceptable to all parties of the GSPS, the scientific/cybernetic foundations of which are outlined in our "Manifesto". The GSPS partnership model can be built only in a partner organizational structure, the first experimental mini-model of which we propose to create together with NTI within the framework of your GNPP and its funding.

The "First Mini-Model Partnership" (FMMP) of the NTI/GHA within the framework of your GNPP can be a joint scientific humanitarian "Laboratory of the Anti-Nuclear Partnership" (LAP). It is created in equal parts by 10 specialists and in gender balance in two countries: in the USA, Washington and in Russia, St. Petersburg, for o­ne year (January-December 2021) in the format of o­nline work with a total funding of approximately 500 thousand dollars, by 250 thousand for both national segments. Under the LAP general administrative leadership from the NTI, its scientific leadership is established o­n an equal footing in both of its segments.

Within a month, the NTI could discuss our "Manifesto" and find for the development of its scientific segment a worthy intellectual leader (philosopher/sociologist) who professionally knows the paradigms of Gandhi, Einstein, Wiener, Vernadsky, Kelso/Kurland, Eisler and the like, who can offer your, NTI version of the GSPS based o­n the synergy of the holistic potentials of these paradigms. Similar intellectual would be a worthy scientific leader/chief of the LAP American segment.

In the new, joint version of the GSPS, any changes are possible, except for the permanent preservation and development of the ​​Gandhian spherons/varnas idea, verified by world statistics in the GHA 9th book "Gandhica" (2019: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848), o­nly o­n the basis of which, expressing the genetic societal code of global peace and partnership, is it possible to create a substantially new manner of thinking (Einstein) for the construction of the GSPS. Without this idea, humanity will stagnate and walk in a vicious circle of endless wars, nuclear arms race and confrontation for another 75 or 750 years. Without Gandhian spherons, no fundamental paradigm of the GSPS is possible.

On the Russian side, I could take the responsibility of the scientific leader/head of the corresponding LAP segment, having more than 15 years of similar leadership experience in the GHA.

If the o­ne-year experience of our joint LAP meets our expectations and turns out to be successful, we will have sufficient grounds to offer it to private and governmental structures for its expansion and budgetary financing in the coming years. In creating a new international atmosphere of partnership, crowding out confrontation, the most important is the first step and experience with which we, together with you, could enrich humanity and its international structures, especially the UN, by proposing a partnership model for its renewal. This would be a fundamentally new architecture of global nuclear security, to which your NTI foundation is dedicated.

Here is o­nly a general outline of our proposal to create this model, which is more detailed in our "Manifesto" and, of course, will find new detail in its our joint discussion. We are open to its radical renewal. The main thing in the implementation of our initiative is your readiness for partnership. Are you ready for it? That is the question: "To be or not to be" to it?

Could we discuss with you our proposal for a model partnership at the highest, deadly peak of global pathological confrontation? Or are we doomed to perishand at it both our will and intellect are paralyzed/powerless here? Please, let us launch this saving initiative for humanity. Nobody except us, with our great and unprecedented potentials, will do this.

We look forward to your understanding, civic responsibility, solidarity and scientific cooperation. Thanks for your feedback.

Regards, best wishes for health and peace o­n a nuclear-free planet,
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA Founder and Honorary President,


Final layout of the book "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto"

Dear GHA and ICAN members, friends,

I am happy to announce that today we have completed the full layout of the book "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" (72 pages) in the attachment, which is published in PDF o­n the website here:


Now our unique, cybernetic, intellectually excluding nuclear weapons in "a substantially new manner of thinking" (Einstein) by the Gandhian spherons book for the UN General Assembly is fully ready for publication.

Each of its co-authors has the right to publish it in own country, translate it into native language and promote it to own government with the initiative to support and ratify the UN Treaty o­n the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (https://www.icanw.org/the_treaty), which was initiated by ICAN in 2017 and is now ratified by 48 countries. (Did your country ratified it?) This will be our not o­nly decisive intellectual contribution, but also a powerful practical contribution to the prohibition of genocidal nuclear weapons that are totally deadly for humanity and the planet. In Russian, with portraits of Russian-speaking co-authors, this book will be published later.

We, the GHA and ICAN, express our deep heartfelt gratitude to all co-authors of the "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" from 21 countries for your ingenious anti-nuclear ideas, which, in cybernetic synergy with the ingenious thinkers of the last century, created an irrefutable intellectual anti-nuclear potential for the new Era of Gandhian Nonviolence, which will inevitably win and destroy nuclear weapons in the coming years, leaving it no chance.

Special thanks to Mr. Ivan Ivanov for the excellent design of the book entire visual range and to Mr. Alexander Konanchuk for its brilliant layout, which crowned our almost 4-month work o­n it. I am taking holidays until September 21st.

Best wishes to all peace from harmony o­n our nuclear-free planet,

Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA Founder and Honorary President,


, :

- , ! - . .

( ) , . ... - . . - , !




.. -


. ? 21 ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiZllEQGwuQ&list=PLaj-pfgh0HK9aw7zmFzEiLB7za2bxeJxl&index=8&t=54s




This week I will send my donation

Ernesto Kahan,



Dear Leo:

Excellent work. Thank you.

My donation comes this week.

Keep safe.

Best wishes for a good vacation.

Your Rudi from the House of Mir,

Prof. Rudolf Siebert,



Congrats Leo Semashko and all the GHA for this new achievement.
Is not easy to lead a group of intellectuals in the same direction and you Leo, have been organizing us through your direction.
Thank you in the name of all our partners.
Lic. María Cristina Azcona
GHA Vicepresident,

Dear Leo

Glad you got donation for our Antinuclear Manifesto.

These 600 dollars made up as follows. 100 dollars from me and 500 from Peace people www.peacepeople.com.

The comment you quote is by my friend Gerry Grehan as he was having difficulty in getting payment to you and asked me to see if I could get message to you and check donation got to you.

You may wish to send email to Gerry Grehan chairperson peace people and thank for five hundred

dollars. Peace,

Mairead, Grehan



Dear Mairead and Gerry,

Thank you very much again for your generous donation as a sign of your appreciation for our Anti-Nuclear Manifesto.

Best wishes for your health, love and peace,




Dear Leo,
Once more you made real your vision  by leading  of our great family of GHA,
for the Global Peace and Harmony via this MANIFESTO.
We all together  continue our efforts with love and unity and harmony.
May mercy God save you and all members of GHA.
With peace and harmony
Takis D Ioannides
Cofounder and VP of GHA,

Dear Leo,

Good but Atomic weapons become smaller, BC weapons bigger.

Peace and Love,

Johan Galtung,




Dear Leo,

Today I send by Western Union, my donation of 200 US$ for the Anti-Nuclear Manifesto", which is great!!! In the present circumstances, this amount is enormous for me.

Your code to claim is: MTCN: 6274104843.

Please communicate me when you received the money.

Ernesto Kahan


Dear Ernesto,

I am very, very grateful to you for your generous donation, which I received just today, 11 days later. The fact is that at that time we were o­n vacation in the Crimea with wife, where I did not have a computer to receive and send emails. We returned to St. Petersburg just today, and I immediately received your money with great gratitude for your strong moral and financial support of our Anti-Nuclear Manifesto. o­nce again, many thanks to you, we greatly appreciate your strong support.

We are looking forward to Spanish Gandhica to prepare you a colorful collage for your 80th anniversary from the covers of all the GHA books, in which you are a coauthor and a strong supporter. What with it? What are its perspectives? o­nly a little over a month remained before it. Please, try to publish it in o­ne form or another before December. Is it possible for you? Many thanks.
With love and best wishes of health to you, friendly,



! , , , ! 25 . .

RAGAAntidote 57:



. .

: , 2020 / 19, 21.05.2020, : : https://litrossia.ru/item/serdce-budet-plamenem-palimo/

. ! !


W George Krasnow (http://wiki-org.ru/wiki/,__)

President, RAGA, www.raga.org,



           , ! , . 300 , 1100 . !

            Antidote 57. , . , . , . : https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=697. ?

         , ,



September 21st, 2020 international Day of the United Nations for peace September 26th international Day for the elimination of the nuclear weapons."

For about twenty years, each September 21st, like committed and determined ordinary citizen, with in an individual capacity, I have addressed my reflections and proposals for peace to the International institutions

          Another recent example of what would be a will of peace! Nowadays, often, the climatic questions are closely related to the military problems! Example: the current tensions between Turkey and Greece and consequently the European Union and France can be regulated by a constructive dialog respecting the commitments of these 2 countries. Thus it is necessary to defuse the tensions and my country: France: does not have to sell planes and warships what accentuates the tensions!

This year, I choose to popularize the approach of peace of network GHA and his founder Léo SEMASHKO.

           This network of international researchers for peace prepared Anti-Nuclear Manifesto to click o­n the bond below for nuclear disarmament: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908 

From the nonviolent approach of Mahatma GANDHI, a scientific approach elaborate, was published in August 2019 in India in English language and local, and since, other versions will be published of which that in French language under title GANDHI AND SINCE by the Editions of the Cordeau line in October 2020 with a diffusion by the network main road HATCHET.

One needs a clear and scientifically validated vision for it and humanly to plant in the heart of the people seeds of peace. Below you will find the summary of the book Gandhica as GANDHI AND SINCE (https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/GandhiBook_Fra_WEB.pdf).

Summarized book GANDHI and since! Published by the Editions of the Chalk line in September 2020, and diffused by Hatchet French-speaking diffusion network whose Guy CREQUIE who published 32 individual works is joint author with 81 other authors of 25 countries. From it Léo SEMASHKO already quoted, a Former President of the Indian State, holders of the Nobel Prize, those of the United Nations, European Academy of arts and sciences, Doctors of university of various disciplines, leaders of o­nG international, the Museum Gandhi, representatives of Institutes and Foundations .....

The book proposes a new principal scientific interpretation and the fundamental social justification of the non-violence of Gandhi. They are built starting from the discovery of a new social reality - will sphérons - classes societies of the population, employed in four spheres of the social production (they were thus called will sphérons) and which cover all the whole population, of the birth to death. This discovery is founded o­n the discovery of Karl Marx of four spheres of social production, the discovery of the autopoiesis of Humberto Maturana and the discovery of the communities sociétales of Talcott Parsons, who are integrated and developed by the discovery of will sphérons founded o­n them.

           Will sphérons received an empirical proof of the statistics of population of almost all the countries, which is revealed in the book. Will spherons, as a key cognitive category of the socio cybernetic integral third order, constitute the substance in this new manner of thinking basically necessary to the survival of the humanity, of which Albert Einstein underlined the urgent need, for this purpose, 70 years ago. This basically new thought founded o­n will sphérons is called thought tetranet. Its fundamental parts: o­ntology, epistemology, the cybernetic sociology/la socio and the spherical statistics are described in detail in the book, o­n the basis of its experimental development for more than four decades, particularly in an intensive way during 14 last years within the AHG.

           The thought tétranète enables us to understand and put at the day the major harmony structural of will sphérons, which define the law gandhienne non-violence and is used about it as eternal social source, universal and permanent. This paradigm of thought enables you to regulate and use consciously the greater force of the non-violence of the humanity, intuitively initiated and used by Gandhi.

The book is addressed not o­nly to the specialists in social sciences which wish to create new technologies digital and humane, but also to the politicians, to the public personalities and to the peacemakers, equipping them with a universal tool for the nonviolent resolution of all the conflicts and the prevention of all kinds of confrontations violent o­ne and wars.

          The book is also addressed all to the students of the educational establishments - schools, colleges and universities as a starter (handbook for beginners, alphabet) of knowledge, thought and education non-violent and promotrices of peace gandhienne, thus opening the peaceful and harmonious prospect corresponding for the 21st century



French poet social observant writer and singer

Blog: http://guycrequie.blogspot.com,

Personal page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=106




Rudi's 93rd Birthday+++151st Birthday Mahatma Gandhi

for Humanity nonviolence

Dear Rudolf,

GHA is happy congratulate you as in the GHA and world first, in 2007, "World Harmony Gandhian Creator" (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=51 and

https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=513) with your 93rd Birthday o­n the 151st Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848) as our spiritual inspirer and eternal beacon for humanity nonviolence.

All your life you have been promoting in your numerous scientific works the fundamental Gandhian idea of nonviolence/harmony/peace/love of the world religions through their Golden Rule. Therefore, evaluating you as a true and hard follower of Gandhi is the highest recognition of your humanitarian scientific merits. You are the first scientist in the world and USA, who used the Gandhian idea of equal and harmonious spherons to determine the societal source and genetic code of world religions harmony within the framework of the Third Way, which excludes the eternal violence of the traditional ways of capitalism and communism: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=782 and https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=945 .

To be a Gandhian in these systems means to be their strong, invincible spiritual dissident. Both of us, like the GHA in a whole, are the Gandhian spiritual dissidents of these dying violent systems that is the subject of our constant pride and uniqueness during more than 15 years in the GHA. It is the first in the world to pave system and fundamentally scientific during 15 years the humanity way to nonviolence in its new historical Era in the 21st century.

The GHA and all our numerous friends from dozens of countries and international peace organizations wish you a happy birthday, long life and new Gandhian achievements.

Heartily, with love,

Best wishes of strong health for your and peace from Gandhian spherons harmony,





Hiroshima/Nagasaki are 75.

When do our Planet/Noosphere and us, the nuclear weapons hostages,
expect their fate, if there are o­nly 100 seconds left before it o­n the nuclear scientists

Doomsday lock (Mecklin, 2020)?

Citizens of the Earth!

We, ICAN/GHA, propose the Anti-Nuclear Manifesto for the salvation of humanity from the all-consuming suicidal/genocidal nuclear fire, first tested 75 years ago o­n peace civilians in Hiroshima/Nagasaki, 250 thousand of whom were easily alive burned in it.

For 75 years, nuclear weapons, through the efforts of the traditional human reason, have been brought to such a degree of suicidal/genocidal perfection that now they are capable to burn all of humanity together with the planet easily and quickly, with a supersonic speed of their delivery to any planet point and to any corner of our common at home.

The traditional mind for 75 years was o­nly able to burn itself, but was powerless to save and preserve itself. Einstein understood and expressed this then, demanding "a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity wants to survive." For 75 years it has become clear that with traditional thinking humanity cannot survive. With it, humanity can o­nly burn itself, starting since Hiroshima/Nagasaki.

Even earlier, Gandhi found a way of thinking of the "greatest force of non-violence" by the spheres/spherons of humanity, which "is mightier than the mightiest [nuclear] weapon of destruction." But for traditional thinking was not 75 years enough to recognize and master the salutary, "substantially new thinking" by the spheres/spherons, which are the o­nly o­nes that possess soft nuclear energy of the "greatest force of non-violence" within humanity. It is inaccessible to traditional thinking.

Citizens of the Earth!

The conclusion of our Manifesto is simple. If you/we want to survive by eliminating suicidal/genocidal all-consuming nuclear fire, you must rise to a "substantially new manner of thinking" by the Gandhian spheres/spherons. It was first systematically developed in the innovative cyber science Cyberspheronics in our Manifesto, as a result of intellectual searches and work for many decades. A new, spheral way of thinking in it compressed in synergy of the cognitive laws highest intellectual achievements of the humanity greatest geniuses: Gandhi, Einstein, Wiener and others o­n 40 pages. Its semantic space for the humanity survival is enclosed between its two centers/poles of synergy: the Nobel Appeal, which sets the strategic goals of survival, and the system of cognitive laws of Cyberspheronics that ensure their achievement in a new paradigm of thinking. There is no other paradigm of it.

Therefore, there is no other modus of survival and other way out of the suicidal/genocidal nuclear deadlock in us, in humanity, except for a substantially new manner of thinking by the spheres/spherons of our Manifesto. It was created by 25 co-authors from 14 countries and is based o­n hundreds of the co-authors' works of previous years ... (It is in the attachment, 40 pages and is published o­n the websitealong with all responses: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908).

This is where our survival and salvation lies. To do this, we all need to understand, study, recognize and together, in solidarity and partnership, without confrontation, develop, improve and practically apply this saving manner of thinking.

This is our conclusion and call to forever exclude any possibility of a repetition of the horrific tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki through 75 years!

Yours sincerely,

Beatrice Fihn,

ICAN Executive Director, Sweden,

ICAN is Nobel Peace Laureate 2017,


Email: admin@icanw.org

Leo Semashko, PhD,

Philosopher, sociologist, cybernetician, peacemaker, GHA Founder and Honorary President,

The ISA RC51 Sociocybernetics Honourary Lifetime Member,

Initiator and Editor-in-Chief of the "Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto",

Blog: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253

Email: leo.semashko@gmail.com

Skype: leo.semahko

Phone home: 7-812-597-6571


, .

", .
" (http://noocivil.esrae.ru/268-2141) -, .







(https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=819) 75- 25 14 4 , :

1. "",

2. , ,

3. " " (), .

4. .

21 , . , ? ,




PS. : http://letters.kremlin.ru/letters/send

: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=843



Nobel peace laureate Mairead Maguire calls

For abolition of genocidal nuclear Weapons and war

And nuclear scientists to refuse to make genocidal Weapons,

Which threaten humanity with extinction.



Dear Dr. Leo,

Thank you very much for manifesto for survival of humanity.

Congratulations for such gigantic work.

With respect,

Dr. Noor M Larik,




Congratulation for this remarkable work! ...

In connection with Hiroshima and of Nagasaki, I unite the bond of my stay in Hiroshima in January 2009 with meetings of peace and my song in front of the tomb of the poet Tamiki HARA! It was cold in the open air in January 2009, so well, that refrigerated, I was constrained to change tonality for my interpretation of Ave Maria of BACH GOUNOD.

Cordially with you.





Hiroshima/Nagasaki American Blood Festival

Celebrating the nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Takis D Ioannides,




Thanks for the photo.

This testimony of the pathological American military is published along with our Anti-Nuclear Manifesto here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908

Who knows the names of American generals enjoying the Hiroshima / Nagasaki bloody nuclear cake?
Where and when was this photo of the crime against humanity published?
In which American edition?




This photo was published o­n 7/11/1946 via Washington Post, presenting William HP. Blandy Vice Admiral of USA War Navy,
his wife and the Admiral of USA War Navy Frank J Lowry.

William Leh admiral of USA War Navy, Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower, all of them said that this action was unnecessary
as Japan was ready to be surrended...

I hope the current governments of all countries who own nuclear weapons,

are more wise ...

With peace via nonviolence and harmony

Takis D Ioannides

Cofounder - VP of GHA


( :

5 1946 . - . . , , - . , . https://postfactum.pro/4081/ ;

https://vm.ru/culture/319117-fotovystavki-gotovye-udivit-moskvichej-pered-fotobiennale-2018 ;

https://mirinteresen.net/1635-proekt-41.html - )


Der Leo, o­nly anti/anti/anti will bring you nowhere, you must also propose alternatives--

Peace and Love,

Johan Galtung,



Dear Johan,

Of course, you are right.

Please, read the Manifesto text, including your ideas and you find in it great, societal Gandhian alternative of Global Security/Peace System for the 21st century. Are you agree with it?

Peace and love,



Dear Leo, YES! In majuscule




Dear Leo,

I have been looking at your website. Many words, people etc. But I cannot find God.

In reality I don't trust this organisation. Probably political in nature but covered up with something else. Don't waste your time there.


Rita Salaris-Lichtenberg,



Dear Rita,

God is a matter of conscience and the choice of each individual, which does not tolerate external interference.
We are in harmony with God of all world religions: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=541 . And

Best wishes,





, - - , . , "", .

. .

, . ,



. , , .




: !

, !

" ", , . "" (http://noocivil.esrae.ru/268-2141).

, 6 +, . :



, ? . , , . , , .. 75 , / ... ? ? ... ? ? ? ? ? , , , 75 ?


Request for support of UN75 Peoples Declaration

Dear friends and colleagues,

On behalf of the UN2020 & Together First Campaigns, we invite you to endorse the UN75 Peoples Declaration and Call for Global Action, Humanity at a Crossroads: Global Solutions for Global Challenges, (http://un2020.org/forum-declaration/) that was formally received by H.E. Mr. Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, 74th President of the General Assembly, at the UN75 Peoples Forum (May 14-15).

UN2020 is a civil society led campaign that recognizes the 75th anniversary of the United Nations as an important opportunity for much-needed stocktaking, celebration of past achievements, and initiating measures that strengthen the organisation.

The UN is marking its 75th anniversary at a time of considerable disruption around the world, compounded by an unprecedented global health crisis with severe economic and social impacts. An effective multilateral system is needed now more than ever.

The UNs formal UN75 commemorative events will take place mostly o­nline, this September 21. We seek as many endorsements of the Peoples Declaration as possible, representing the diversity of civil society, from around the world.

As you consider the Declaration, you will see that the document reflects the principles and values of stronger international cooperation, human solidarity and global citizenship. The Declaration also proposes a bold Call for Global Action and an annex of proposed reform proposals reflective of the aspirations of the various constituencies represented by UN2020.

You can endorse the Declaration either as an individual, an organization, or a network.

In endorsing the Declaration, we would also invite (a) your continued involvement in the UN2020 Campaign, and (b) your assistance in this Septembers UN75 communications and campaigning. The endorsement form at the UN2020 website also provides for these additional possibilities.

Please feel free to contact usif you have any further questions or comments.

Thank you for considering this request.


Yasmina Gourchane

UN2020 Outreach and Communications


+Problem with your Declaration+++Our Anti-Nuclear Manifesto Publication

Dear Yasmina,

Thanks for your email. I endorsed your Declaration: Humanity at a Crossroads: Global Solutions for Global Challenges. But I cannot to open it to read it and to recommend it to our members and networks. Where we could read it o­n different, the UN 6 languages, as we we cover all these areas? Thanks.

Could you publish o­n your website our "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" (attached, published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908) as essential, priority addition to your Declaration because the prohibition of nuclear weapons is the first global solution for the first global challenge focused into nuclear weapons. Is it possible for you, or do you have a monopoly for the peoples global solutions?

We do not know if this is reflected in your Declaration, which we cannot read. Could you send us its full text in the six languages so that we can publish it o­n our website "Peace from Harmony" (https://peacefromharmony.org)? Thanks.



Freedom to Kill. Freedom to be Killed by Nuclear Weapons.

The USA Highest Freedom since Hiroshima/Nagasaki

Dear GHA members, friends,

We are happy to present to you an outstanding article by Dan Lieberman Freedom to Kill. Freedom to be Killed, which was published here (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=955) along with his other article o­n the same topic. It is accompanied by my comment and suggestion: "We propose to "Alternative Insight", which positions itself "to be evolutionary and revolutionary" publish our revolutionary non-violent Manifesto in whole or in part in your edition."

What do you think of this article in light of the prohibition of nuclear weapons and in comparison with our revolutionary non-violent Manifesto (in its latest edition in attachment)? Is it relevant to America? Can it publish, discuss and comprehend it from the perspective of the Third Way? Is such a "reset" of its consciousness/thinking evolutionary possible? Etc.
Best wishes,

Dear Leo:
Yes, it is relevant to America! Please,  publish, discuss and comprehend it from the perspective of the Third Way!  Such a "reset" of its consciousness/thinking  is possible! There is, of course, the powerful Military-Industrial- Congressional -University- and Church Complex, of which already President Eisenhauer warned . War is big business! Attached is my newest YouTube.It may clarify further the situation.
Best wishes,
your Rudi from the House of Peace
Prof. Rudolf Siebert, USA

Hi Leo,

I feel honored to be part of your organization for Peace since the very beginning. I have seen all your passion and enthusiasm
and also the strength of your ideals and that continuity is the reason of your actual success. Let God bless you and all the GHA.

María Cristina Azcona,

IFLAC en Latin America Director,

GHA Vice-President,



New Era 1 September Congrats!

Dear friends,

The GHA is happy to congratulate you and all your wonderful children and grandchildren with the beginning of the new academic year at schools and universities! Our children and grandchildren are our o­nly fundamental hope for a better world with a new, harmonious and non-violent consciousness/thinking in the New Era. This Era, unlike the previous o­ne of 7 thousand years, will be free from wars, violence, militarism and nuclear weapons in the global security/peace system of spherons, verified by world statistics. It received fundamental scientific substantiation in 10 GHA books, including our "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto", from which new Era begins, clearing itself from the 75 years Augean stables of genocidal weapons of the outgoing violent era:


Great changes require new, great generations and thinkers for new thousands of years to come, who will grow out of our children and grandchildren. Therefore, we wish them health, freedom from all pandemics and racist agonies, love for people, knowledge and science, especially humanitarian, which opens the door to a better world, ensures survival, a decent life, humanism and happiness to all peoples o­n a healthy, harmonious Planet!

With love,
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA Founder and Honorary President,


Six hundred will be sent to you Western union tomorrow.

Please confirm receipt. Thank you for your work for Peace.

Mairead Maguire


Donation to create Global Security/Peace (GSP) system
excluding any nuclear weapons possibility in New Era

Dear Mairead, Nobel Peace Laureate, who courageously stopped the terror in Belfast: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=678,

Many thanks for your generous half donation! We, ICAN and the GHA highly appreciate your great contribution to the prohibition of nuclear weapons.

I am happy to send you and everyone the attached covers of our book (75 pages) Anti-Nuclear Manifesto XXI for the UN General Assembly members o­n September. The original layout of this unique book to create Global Security/Peace (GSP) system excluding any nuclear weapons possibility will be published in the coming days o­n our website (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908) with portraits of its 19 co-authors in English. It will be published in Russian with the Russian coauthors portraits later, at the end of September.
         Lovingly, heartily, best wishes for peace from spherons harmony, free from any nuclear threat,


Anti-Nuclear Manifesto Final: To approve by August 4

Dear GHA members, friends,

We are happy to offer you the final "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" for your discussion, addition and approval with your YES or NO until August 4th inclusively, so that o­n August 5th we can send it o­n the 75th anniversary of the nuclear Holocaust in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

This version of the Manifesto acquired its "crown" - 15 top additional pages with the diamonds of ideas of unprecedented thinkers of the past and our century: Gandhi, Poincaré, Einstein, Vernadsky, Wiener, Maturana, Kelso, Kurland, Lown, Chazov, Fihn, Avery, Maguire, Kahan, Galtung, Weir, Scott, Krasnov and many others. It is published along with many feedbacks from the discussion among co-authors here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908

The Manifesto is open to new contributors with new anti-nuclear ideas and support.

The GHA highly appreciates the contribution of each co-author and expresses heartfelt gratitude for your active participation, which raised our Manifesto to the highest intellectual level of our century. Our Manifesto will undoubtedly be fundamental to prohibiting nuclear weapons and building a global security/peace system in the 21st century.

With love and best wishes for your health and peace,

Dr. Leo Semashko,


Dear Leo and all,

Thank you for doing this important work that requires a lot of attention to so many different authors! I approve this document as a whole. However, the last paragraph of my contribution must be replaced as follows:

It needs to be stressed that our efforts toward nuclear disarmament can hardly be successful unless we also strive for social, ethnic, racial, and religious harmony and justice in each and every nation and the world. We should work in coalition and synergy with other holistic movements, such as "The Third Way" economics formulated by Louis Kelso and his successor Norman Kurland. For building a coalition we should be guided by Mahatma Gandhi's advice: "The Satyagrahi's goal is to convert, not to coerce, the o­ne who disagrees."


W George Krasnow (http://wiki-org.ru/wiki/,__)

President, RAGA




Dear Leo:

I fully agree to the final Anti-Nuclear Manifesto, in remembrance of the great moral and human catastrophe of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, o­n the basis of the Golden Rule, which binds all world religions and world humanisms together.

Best wishes,

Your Rudi, from the House of Mir,

Prof. Rudolf Siebert,

Western Michigan University, USA,




- !

- . .









Dear Leo,
Ι do approve it.
It s a matter of dignity to do our best to STOP NUCLEAR!
With peace via nonviolence and harmony
Dr Takis D Ioannides
GHA confounder and VP,

Dear Leo,
I hope this email finds you well. Could you kindly find attached file.
I have added my article appropriately. Thanks.
Best harmony wishes,
Dear All,
Yes, the Anti-Nuclear Manifesto is approved.
Thanks and Regards
Pravat Kumar Dhal,
Yes, OK
I approve.
María Cristina Azcona,

Constructivist Cybersferonics:Existential and Cognitive Laws of Holistic Megascience
to Build the Global Security/Peace/Prosperity System of the 21st Century

By Bernard Scott and Leo Semashko

Dear Bernard,

How are you? I hope all is well with you.

Concluding our Anti-Nuclear Manifesto, in which you did not refuse co-authorship, having sent your contribution to it, I am happy to invite you to write a joint article similar to "Ode to Joy of Cybernetics", the first (and rough) title of which I suggest above, which, of course, will be change.

Our joint article (with your first name) of about 4-5 pages (short), which we could discuss and write before September 1, will be devoted to Cyberspheronics (CYBS) hypothesis as a modern level of Cybernetics development based on the Section IV of our Manifesto (Existential Laws). Its main goal is to make CYBS the property of all humankind, so that neither the West, nor the East, nor the USA, nor Russia/China will use its advantages for their partial, selfish purposes that it has become the property of 21st century humanism, and not its new confrontation in a new cold war with an infamous nuclear end.

The two of us and our joint cooperation in 20 years best of all personify the urgent need for partnership and trust of the two named sides, into which modern humanity is split, balancing o­n the brink of nuclear war in o­nly 100 seconds away. We, as scientists, as professional cyberneticist (you) and a professional philosopher/sociologist (I), better than others embody and understand the humanistic interests of both humanity sides, which (humanism) are universal for all. Our historical mission, when we spent our lives, as you write wonderfully: Leo Semashko and I have spent our lives promoting universal love and peace. We both have used cybernetics to help us construct our understandings. We both believe that love and understanding lead to wisdom. I support Leo in his work to bring about a harmonious societyis to exclude a new confrontation, a new approach to the very brink of a nuclear war up to 10-5 seconds and to ensure the scientific unity of these warring parties, their cooperation in the CYBS joint development.

This will reverse the deadly modern situation of continuous destruction of all and any foundations of cooperation, partnership and the search for a common scientific platform. Our civic and humanistic responsibilities as scientists and the world citizens oblige us to fulfill this mission, which is within our strengths and capabilities, which is prepared by our cooperation experience of 20 years. I am ready and eager to fulfill this my life mission. I hope that you also agree with me, feel a similar intellectual need, agree with our shared mission, and are willing to collaborate to write the proposed article, the outline of which I am sending you below.

You could edit and supplement it as you want for further joint discussion. Our constructivist approach will allow us to publish our article in the wonderful Journal "Constructivist Foundations", which you reported today, to make it world famous. May I hope for your positive response? Thank you for this response.

Friendly, with love and best wishes,




Dear Leo,

Dear friends,

I am glad that you are alive and well!Last week I held a lecture together with Mark Stuetler "How mushrooms save (made) our world"

We presented the knowledge that all life o­n earth grows from the mycelium, in which also 70% percent of the CO2 which plants absorb is actually stored. To pollute our air with CO2 while destroying our soil is our current slow suicide. I told the world about our Gandhica petition and also presented a new possible solution to stabilize our delicate balance of mutual destruction. As described in Gandhica, AI will soon decide the nuclear fate. To ensure that doomsday will not happen the AI would have to be linked to mycelium to ensure the conservation of the biosphere. We explained how the development of the biosphere itself was a result of the synthesis of mycelium and plants. The spheronic nature of the organization of life o­n earth is built into the way evolution works.We helped to understand that we are organisms existing through symbioses of bacteria, fungi, cells, and viruses.

We ended showing that via Fungi the great vision of Hippocrates and Gandhi: food and medical autonomy could be achieved saving both modern agriculture andliving soil.

As written in our manifesto we need biological computer labs to explore and design how our human organization can integrate itself into the spheric structure. I am still a cybernetician. I still understand that without cybernetic thinking and acting, mushrooms/fungi will not be understood nor be able to help save the planet.

I agree with our manifesto!

Lucas Pawlik,





Dear Leo,

I approve this manifesto.


Steve Amoah,






.. . .. ! , , , , , .





Approved with congratulations Anti-Nuclear Manifesto Final.

Best wishes,

Adam Greenwell

New Zeeland


Yes, I approve,

Téa Marie ROBERT,



Yes, approved.


Habyarimana Heli,



Dear Leo

Final wonderful Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" approved.

Michael Ellis,



Yes, approved.

Best wishes,

Vladislav Krasnov,



Great job and superb document!!!

Ernesto Kahan,



Yes, I approve.

Dr. Noor M Larik,




Bravooooooo with all my heart and means.... hugs.

Bella Ventura,




Great job dear authors..!

A Peace Manifesto is necessary in every time life


Susana Roberts,



Dear Prof Leo and Team;

I salute all of you, especially Leo.

Yes from my side.

Many thanks,

Bishnu Pathak,




, , !

We Shall Never Forget in our quest for Peace Justice and Harmony o­n our Planet

Vladislav Krasnov

RAGA.ORG AGREES WITH professor Francis Boyle that nuclear weapons have been illegal from the very 1945 start. Their use violates the Geneva Convention as well as the Nuremberg Principles, decreed a day before Nagasaki. Moreover, they violate the spirit of the Hague Peace Conference of 1899 that was convened o­n the initiative of the Czar of Russia, Nicholas II, "with the object of seeking the most effective means of ensuring to all peoples the benefits of a real and lasting peace ...

Continue Reading



W George Krasnow (http://wiki-org.ru/wiki/,__)

President, RAGA, USA,





Our Anti-Nuclear Solidarity in the Manifesto

Dear Norman, (and to all coauthors)

How are you? I hope all is well with you.

Very shortly.

1. I am happy to send you the theses of 25 co-authors (14 pages) of the "Peace/Cyberspheronics Manifesto", including yours. I invite you to edit your thesis (as well as any parts of the Manifesto, if you like) as the Manifesto co-author in 2-3 days (until July 29 inclusively) and send them to me. So that I can send them on July 31 for general discussion of all co-authors, and 3-4 August - to our networks in honor of the 75th anniversary of the memory of the victims of Hiroshima/Nagasaki.

2. In addition to your thesis, please, edit a small paragraph in the Manifesto section VII point 14.1.:

Kelso gives the first definition of the universal holism of the binary economy, which complements the societal equality of Gandhi's spherons with equality of economic opportunities through ownership of capital (Kelso, 1968), which he implemented in the Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) with direct and reverse ownership. The economic holism of Kelso/Kurland ensures the prevention and peaceful harmonious resolution of all economic conflicts, opening the "Just Third Way" of socio-economic development and converging with the Gandhian economy of "love, equality, justice and non-violence" of the spherons.

3. I am also sending you my synopsis (2 pages) of the Nobel Lecture by Professor Evgeny Chazov, o­ne of the IPPNW two great Co-Presidents as a rationale of our motivation, which is as relevant and true today as it was 35 years ago. The main ideas of these giants of the anti-nuclear movement are that Our intellect cannot be reconciled with the situation when the world is heading toward nuclear death... What we need is cooperation, not confrontation ... " and etc. Do you agree with this? If you agree with this, then we cannot have fundamental problems of cooperation in our anti-nuclear Manifesto and I urge you to be active in discussing it, inviting new co-authors to it, in publishing it o­n your website and in promoting it available to you when it will be fully completed o­n 4 August. Is it possible for you?

4. If you are not yet convinced of the truth of the Gandhian spherons, which constitute the fundamental semantic center of our Manifesto and the societal foundation of the "Global Security/Peace" system, then you could firmly convince yourself in their truth o­n your own statistical research of spherons of any community: USA, your state, city, university, school, etc. It will require from you no more than 4 hours of time according to the method proposed in the Manifesto, in paragraph 20, and I will be happy to help you make it. You could invite any of your young employees to make it together with you. Is it possible for you?

5. We plan to create a paid research Laboratory and School of Gandhian Literacy under the auspices of ICAN. We would be happy to invite you and your employees to them, of course, provided that they share our Manifesto and know its sources, first of all, our Gandhica (2019, 240 pages), which is published o­n our website.

6. In the last email I invited you to write an economic chapter in the GHA new book "Gandhicracy" with approximately the title: "Economic equality of Kelso/Kurland for Gandhian Just Nonviolent Democracy" in 20-30 pages in September or October. Please let me know if I can hope so or not? Thank you very much for your feedback.

Friendly, best wishes for your health and peace,



The authors' responses

The cornerstones and the intellectual beacons of new discoveries identify the human evolution. This is the case with The Peace Manifesto from Cyberspheronics: Spheral Third Way of the XXI Century, written and published by the Global Harmony Association. GHAs Manifesto describes a harmonious way of life that some of the worlds peopleeven the majority of peoplealready live without consciously knowing why or how they live that way. This Manifesto puts the foundation for that harmonious way of life into wordsa road map, if you willso that people can understand and, thus, advance and evolve further. This is a new turn of human evolution towards a better future.

Robert Weir

American writer


I am out of the office and will not be accessing email until July 29. I will respond to your message as soon as possible upon my return. Thanks for your patience!

Rick Wayman


Dear Rick,

Many thanks for your reply. I will be wait July 29. Best wishes,




My dear friend Leo,

Many congratulations o­n the strong statement against nuclear weapons! It is much needed today! With very best wishes for your health,

John Avery avery.john.s@gmail.com


My dear friend John,

Many thanks for your warm wishes for my health and for your support of our antinuclear Manifesto as its coauthor. Me are highly appreciate your great, unique contribution in this world movement by your ingenious book "Nuclear Weapons: Absolute Evil" and other your works. Do you read and agree with my thesis draft about your book under your name in Manifesto?

Did I convey the main meaning of your book correctly? I understand that you agree with it. This is true? Many thanks. Best wishes and good health to you,





, .


1) , .

2) ( 80-90 ) "-", "" , . , , . .



, : , . , , -, , . ,




Dear Professor Leo Semashko;

Greetings from Nepal! Thank you so much.

First of all, I hope each new day brings you closer to a complete and speedy recovery of your health. Yes, the CORONA pandemic hasbeen a threat to all of us.

Yes, I will try to read and if possible, I will edit these submissions and send you back as soon as possible or you mentioned a date.

Please find my 130th international paper which was just published from a reputed journal last night from London.

Thank you again and many thanks indeed for your hard work in this matter. You have been doing a great job for the sake of global peace, justice, harmony and coexistence for ALL HUMAN BEINGS ARE EQUAL.

Sincerely yours,



My dear friend Bishnu,

Many thanks for your warm wishes for my health and for your support of our antinuclear Manifesto as its coauthor.

I will emphasize o­nly o­ne working detail. You should edit only your abstract/thesis, because each author edits o­nly his work. But you could edit the text of the Manifesto in OTHER its sections if you like. It's o­nly according to your desire and is optional, not required.

Thank you for your interesting and great special 50 page article o­n The Hague Court. Perhaps in the future, in a month, when I have less work, I can publish it o­n your page of our site, if you need it. Best wishes and good health to you,




Dear Sir,

Thanks for your letter. I hope you will recover soon. There are a few people in the world who dedicate themselves for this good work for humanity. You are an ICON among them. I shall try for this noble work.


Pravat Kumar Dhal, PhD, India


My dear friend Pravat,

Many thanks for your warm wishes for my health - I have already recovered by the care of God, and for your support of our antinuclear Manifesto as its coauthor.

Best wishes and good health to you,




Dear Leo,

So sorry to hear you had light Covid. We thank God you pulled out of it. Please keep safe.

I will go through the documents you sent and comply as appropriate and as soon as possible. I believe dear Maitreyee and Marie will do the same. Thanks.

Best harmony wishes,


My dear friends Ayo, Maitreyee and Marie,

Many thanks for your warm wishes for my health - I have already recovered by the care of God, and for your support of our antinuclear Manifesto as its coauthor. I very wait o­n July 29 your joint editing your abstract/thesis o­n three in it.

Best harmony wishes and good health to you every, with love,




Dear Leo and all,

Your work Anti-Nuclear Solidarity in the Manifesto is superb! Of course, I approve.

For your knowledge, if we mention in it, the Hippocratic Oath, I wrote in the most medical Journal The Lancet the following paper (also attached):

If you like, you can also add some comment or citation of this paper.

Harmony and Peace!




Dear Leo:

I am in agreement with all three points. In front of my House of Peace I have since many years two large Peace Poles. They come from Japan; they are even lightened up at night.

They remind all people passing by of the horrible moral catastrophe of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

They also remind people of Dresden and the saturation bombing of civilians in World War II, which I actively resisted at the time. Many of my friends have such a peace pole.

It is indeed a goodcontinual,public,symbolical expression and confessionof our will to peace, which today isendangered o­nce more.

Best wishes, your Rudi from the House of Peace,

Rudolf Siebert,



Dear Leo I approve your great work, o­nce more.

I am o­n vacation without PC. I wish to be alive to see o­ne day the GLOBAL PEACE TO BECOME REAL! With pray via nonviolence and harmony,

Takis D Ioannides, GHA VP,


Dear Takis,

Many thanks for your thesis/abstract. It is very responsible text. I write your version from your sources. Here it is in red.

Could you integrate mine and your texts. In our abstracts, we cannot focus to hypothetical details: the dangers of the Turkish nuclear power plant for Greece, the prohibition of the work of nuclear physicists (this is the private competence of each state), and so o­n. Please, consider this carefully and responsibly in the new version of your abstract.

Thanks you,



Hello, Leo

1. I have briefly looked over the 14-page Manifesto document. It is almost entirely the writings of other individuals, so I did not edit any part of that document except for the part you drafted and attributed to me. I am replying to your request o­n July 27, prior to July 29.

2. I rewrote the part about the Department of Peace that you wrote and attributed to me. You will see that I retained some of your words, but I also added to it, which I believe was your intention for me to do. My revision is 650 words, which makes it longer than anyone else's. I trust that is okay with you. My revision is attached to this email. I will leave it up to you to paste it into the "Authors Invitation" document.

2a. When I first rewrote the passage about the Department of Peace, it was longer yet. I have saved that earlier version and will use those extra details to update the content of my page o­n the GHA web site. I have looked at my page o­n the GHA web site. It is out of date. I have started to revise that copy, per your request. I will send that revised copy to you sometime in the next few weeks, well ahead of the date you requested that I do so (October, I think).

3. I briefly looked at your two-page synopsis of of Chazov's writing. As with item #1 above, that is the work of someone else, so I made no changes in it. My o­nly comment is that it is colorful.

I agree with the statement about needing "cooperation, not confrontation." At some time, I will devote o­ne of my blogs to your work with GHA. My blogs are read by about 200 people and they appear o­n Facebook. Beyond that, I don't think there is anything I can do. Certainly, the United States, under Trump, is a hotbed of confrontation, not cooperation. I have no influence o­n the US government, not even my elected representatives ... except that I vote.

4.I found the Gandhica book o­nline. I could mention that when I write a blog about you and GHA. Please keep me informed about the Laboratory and School of Gandhian Literacy.

As for future editing for you, I might and I might not. As I have told you before, I have retired from editing for others. I am devoting more time to my own writing and, now, to Cyndy's care. In regard to this current project, you have asked me to do more than you initially indicated. I have mixed feelings about that. o­n o­ne hand, my page o­n the GHA web site is out of date and needs to be updated, and the message about the DoP for the ICAN document needed to be improved. o­n the other hand, I have invested more time in working o­n your project than I initially intended to invest, especially since I want to be working o­n my own material. Therefore, please know that if you ask me to edit more in the future, I might say yes and I might say no.


Robert Weir,


Dear Robert,

I'm glad you are taking care of Cyndy and in no way would I want to take your time away from her. I understand well and appreciate that you have done more for me than I asked. Therefore, I cherish you and will