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    1. Spheronics: True Global Peace Megascience. Primer-Dialogue. Contents
      1. What is the second axial time meaning at the wind rose geopolitical crossroad of XXI century world history?
      2. True Peace: Spheronics Structural-Dialectical Methodology. Abris.
      3. Gandhian "Newtonian" Spherons: Fundamental Social Structure, Substance and Actors of True Peace
      4. Spheronics. Dialogue with: Ervin Laszlo. The Survival Imperative: Upshifting to Conscious Evolution of Peace and Harmony
      5. The society structure: the spheres and spherons of holistic social production
      6. The Gandhian Spherons "Newtonian" Laws of Holistic Social Production and True Peace
      7. The Spherons Social Production and True Peace Dynamics Laws
      8. Digital Technology of Spheral Statistics. Spherons Verification
      9. Strong Artificial Intelligence for True Peace
      10. True Peace "Economic Miracle" in Ideal Spheral Society of Spheronics
      11. Inseparability and Additionality of Science and Religion for True Peace
      12. The UN True Peace Spherons as Structural Model Base of Scientific Global Peacemaking Governance
      13. Resisting to Evil by the Spherons True Peace Force
      14. Corporatism: Holistic Social Carcinogenesis of True Peace and Social Production. Corporatism and Fascism
      15. Structural Theodicy of the Spheronics True Peace
      16. Gandhian Spheronics in the BRICS+ Service: Leadership, Multipolarity and True Peace Ideology
        1. Leo Semashko and GGHA. Spheronics Macrosociology for BRICS+: Spheres, Spherons, Their Laws and the Societal Genome. October 10, 2023
      17. Elon Musk. International Contest and Forum Peace Science
      18. Leo Semashko. THE PEACE SCIENCE for war-sick humanity to heal it, for its first millions peace education and for peace, safe AI
    2. The Peace Science Spheral Artificial Intelligence (PS-SAI): Twelve Attributes of Advantage
      1. Leo Semashko. Peace Science and its Logic of Spheres to Accelerate Economic Growth, Investments and Business
      2. Leo Semashko and Rudolf Siebert. China and Russia for world peace. Spheral logic of its promotion and institutionalization
    3. Anti-NATOs WWIII GGHA Manifesto (ANM)
    4. POPE FRANCIS. FOR THE 57th WORLD DAY OF PEACE. 1 JANUARY 2024. Artificial Intelligence and Peace
      1. The AI paradigms synergy and launch of the USA & Russia partnership in the Peace Science on AI base field
      2. Peace Science: The Pact for the Future to transform the UN and states
      3. Peace Science. Planetary vision and systemic source for accelerated growth of technology, investment and business by 10-20% per year
      4. Leo Semashko and Rudolf Siebert. Christian Easter 2024: Peace in Harmony of Faith and Science
    5. Leo Semashko and GGHA. Russias Historical Initiative: Shift the Arms Race into a Peace Race in the 21st century since 2022
      1. China, India, Russia: The New World Pole and its Global Peace MegaScience as an Intellectual Victorious Weapon of the USA/NATO Fourth Reich
      2. GGHA MESSAGE of Security and Peace based on the "Spherons Global Peace MegaScience" (SGPM)
      3. Leo Semashko and GGHA. Russia. World Civilizational Leadership
      4. Leo Semashko and GGHA. Spheronics Megascience against NATO and the WWIII. Theses
        1. Leo Semashko and GGHA. Donbass in the Western militaristic civilization of genocide.
        2. Russia MFA. Genocide in Donbass and Nazi crimes in Ukraine. + Similar facts
        3. GGHA Message. QUESTION OF THE HUMANITY LIFE DEATH. Congratulations on Women's Day 8 March 2022
        4. Leo Semashko. Christ is Risen, Russia, the Orthodox!
        5. Rodney Atkinson. The Fourth Reich History.
          1. Rodney Atkinson. Corporatism the end of democracy, truth and prosperity. Corporatism will kill us all
          2. Rodney Atkinson. Spheronics and GGHA on the Freenations
          3. Ken Leslie. Ukraine, Russia and the Third Crusade
          4. Rodney Atkinson and Dmitry Babich. Why so many voted for Vladimir Putin. ?
        6. GGHA Message. Victory Day: May 9, 2022. From war to peace
        7. Leo Semashko. GGHA Anti-fascist Front against Neo-Nazism of the West, Ukraine and others. Hitler kaput! Ze kaput! All fascists kaput!
          1. Ukrainian fascism: yesterday and today ... :
        8. Leo Semashko and GGHA. To Singapore proposal. Roadmap for global peace
        9. Leo Semashko and GGHA. MegaScience of Spherons: Enlightenment to Co-survive on the Nuclear Death Brink:
      5. Leo Semashko, Olga Kashina. Spherons Statistical Verification within 2 hours. Method, Meanings and Consequences of Truth
      6. Leo Semashko, Olga Kashina. Spherons: Verification and "PEACE RACE" of Artificial Intelligence. 14-01-22
      7. Leo Semashko, Olga Kashina.Method of spherons verification in 2 hours within Spheronics Megascience. Table-2. 23-08-22
      8. Leo Semashko. Peace is the Highest Value from God - WGF Person of the Year 2022
      9. GGHA and Leo Semashko. The BRICS+ Scientific Ideology for Xi Jinping and China's World Leadership
      10. GGHA and Leo Semashko. Spheronics Peace Science for the BRICS+ and Saudi Arabia World Leadership
      11. GGHA and Leo Semashko. Spheronics Peace Science for the BRICS+ and UAE World Leadership. December 9, 2023
      12. May 9, 2024. The 79th Peace Victory Day, SO THAT WILL BE NO WAR!
      13. GGHA & Nobel Peace Laureates. Gandhian spherons: India/Nepal Return To The Varnas Peace World Leadership
    6. Leo Semashko and GGHA. Human/Humanity Right to Life, Global Peace and Social Harmony. GHA Declaration 2017
      1. Leo Semashko and GGHA. Spheronics. 2021 Global Intellectual Breakthrough: Copernican Scientific Revolution of Peacemaking
        1. Leo Semashko and GGHA. For the UN: "Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons" in the Gandhian "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto"
        2. Leo Semashko. For Brazil. The new generations peace culture is the GGHA Gandhian "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto"
        3. Leo Semashko and the GGHA. Tabooed Gandhi in his unprecedented law of spherons
        4. Leo Semashko and GGHA. Spherons: Nonlinear Sociogenetic Reality and the Spheronics Megascience Verified Truth
          1. Leo Semashko. Peacemaking Motivation since Birth and Scientific Achievements 1970-2021 for the Russia Leadership in Global Peace
          2. The GGHA Message. New, 2022 Year and 17th Anniversary of the GGHA as Spherons Global Peace Academy (SGPA).
          3. Leo Semashko, Vyacheslav Bragin. Orthodox Christmas: Eschatology of Peace and Religions. GGHA Message.
        5. Fyodor Dostoevsky, 200 years. Leo Semashko and GGHA. Spheronics: Scientific Perspective of the Russia Civilizational Leadership
        6. Leo Semashko. The Spherons Beauty: Russia Leadership and the World Salvation on Dostoevsky
      2. The GHA Open Letter to President Vladimir Putin: Your Foreign Policy Electoral Trumps
        1. Mairead Maguire. Open Letter To Two World Leaders
        2. USA-RUSSIA Summit. The Great Peace Charter XXI
        3. EU: Against US/NATO Military Bases. Democracy or Empire?
        4. Michael Brenner. President Vladimir Putin as the Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Irritation and Envy.
        5. Leo Semashko and Rudolf Siebert. Gandhi, Putin and Bushnell: Resisting NATO's Nazi genocide
      3. "New Women" by Helena Roerich name
        1. Helena Roerich: Philosophy of Harmonious Feminism "New Women"
        2. The ABC/Paradigm of Tetranet Thinking for "New Women" harmonious feminism
        3. "New Women" of WGHA: World Women's Pantheon
        4. GHA and WGHA WELCOME ADDRESS to African Feminist Peace Forum
        5. "New Women" and International Women Organizations against Violence
    7. Peace Culture. UN Declaration. From Industrial, Militaristic Peace Culture to Harmonious, True Peace Culture
      1. World Harmony Gandhian Creators: Harmony as Single Source of Universal Peace and Global Security
        1. World Honorary Titles of Global Peace: Gandhis, Francises, Nobels and Maecenases
        2. Noam Chomsky: Only Truth about the US Aggressive Hegemonistic Policy
        3. Henri Poincare: Harmony is the only true reality
        4. GHA Gandhica: System Intelligence of Rescue from Global Ecocide / Genocide. Nonviolence Spherons/Varnas
          1. Gandhi Committee of GHA. Call for India Government
          2. Gandhi Nonviolence School
          3. Rap. Gandhi 2019. Gandhi Poetry
          4. Interfaith Harmony of Gandhi Nonviolence
          5. Nonviolence Science
          6. Women's equality and nonviolence
          7. Democracy of Nonviolence
          8. Nonviolence Moral
          9. Best Articles. Gandhis Peace Journalism
          10. Discussions about Gandhi
          11. Gandhis Year Culminations
          12. Gandhis World Petition
          13. Putin. Modi. Gandhi Commissions. GHA Proposals
          14. Aparna Basu. Gandhis Vision
          15. GHA Gandhian Laureates
          16. Gandhi Library
          17. Covers and other design for discussion
          18. Gandhica and Interfaith Harmony: Enlightenment Age into Nonviolence Era
          19. Gandhica Kashmir: GHA Peace Project
            1. Nagorno-Karabakh: Condominium through Equality Instead of War + Russian
            2. GHA "Committee of Reconciliation in Nagorno-Karabakh" (CRNK). Principled Solution Statement
          20. Gandhicas presentations. Congratulations
          21. Vinod K. Kool, Rita Agrawal. Gandhi and the Psychology of Nonviolence, V.1, 2. 2020
          22. Abiy Ahmed: Gandhian Creator of Global Peace from Harmony in Ethiopia
          23. Gandhica for the UN Mega-Thinking
          24. Gandhi year. Fruits and report. Dedicated to the victory over fascism that there was no war
          25. Epilogue. "Gandhica" vs "Guernica"
          26. Paul Gallagher. Gandhis Non-Violence Gave Birth to the Non-Aligned Nations Movement
      2. May 9, 1945: Victory Day of Global Harmony - SPHERONS' Harmony
        1. International Day of Non-Violence, Mahatma Gandhi birthday: GHA Messages on October 2
        2. Global Oneness = One Planet + One Humanity + One Harmony + One Global Peace + One GP Science
        3. Transformative Harmony. Ananta Giri et al
      3. General and Complete Disarmament for 50 years on the Basis of Global Harmony and the ABC of Harmony
        1. BRICS' Priority: To strengthen international peace and security
          1. BRICS as Global Leader of Peacebuilding Front in the XXI Century. Security: the Theory of Two Fronts
        2. International Day of Peace, September 21. GHA Messages
          1. A.K. Merchant, R. Kumar, A. Chakravarthy. WORLD PEACE & HUMANITY
        3. BEFORE THIRD WORLD WAR. Peace and Disarmament from Harmony, New World Peace Movement for the 21 century
          1. The invitation letter to the peacemaking organizations
          2. The invitation letter to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
          3. The invitation letter to Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil
          4. The invitation letter to Dr. Johan Galtung
          5. The invitation letter to Brahma Kumaris
      4. Global Peace Science Heroes. Gallery
      5. Mikhail Gorbachev. Gallery of the Nobel Peace Laureates (NPL). Statement of the 5th NPL Forum
        1. Mother Teresa. 1979 Nobel Peace Laureate
        2. Albert Schweitzer. 1952 Nobel Peace Laureate
        3. Martin Luther King Jr. 1964 Nobel Peace Laureate
        4. Elie Wiesel. 1986 Nobel Peace Laureate
        5. Nelson Mandela. 1993 Nobel Peace Laureate
          1. Mandela Day: GHA Message on18th July, 2015
        6. Beatrice Fihn. International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) 2017 NPL
          1. Setsuko Thurlow. Survive Hiroshima to ban nuclear weapons
      6. Ada Aharoni. IFLAC: The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace
        1. NGO and IFLAC for Peace Culture
      7. Magna Carta of Harmony for an Information Civilization
          1. Collective members of Global Harmony Association: Agreements
          2. Epoch of Harmony Globalisation: Global Harmony World Achievements. GHA List
          3. Youth Global Harmony Association (YGHA)
          4. Outstanding Thinkers of the 21st century for a Harmonious Civilization: GHA Members
          5. GGHA Peacemaking Projects and Books: Oasis of Harmonious Civilization in the Jungles of Industrialism
        2. Comparison of the Magna Carta of Harmony with the World Documents of the 20th and 21st Centuries
        3. Harmony/Peace Academy and General Harmonious/Peace Education
          1. Tetrasociology: Science about Social and Individual Harmony
          2. General Harmonious Education as the Best Way to Indestructible Global Peace
          3. General Harmonious Education as the Best Way for Harmonization of Relations between Religions
          4. World Peace Congress of Educators 2008: Appeal to the UN and states of the world to establish General Harmonious Education
          5. Harmonious Educational Competition-Partnership: GHA Supply and Letters to 15 Governments
          6. Competition-partnership of two Academic projects: National (USA) and Global (GHA)
          7. WorldNet of Harmony Centers: HOW to BECOME the BILLIONAIRE not on oil and on harmony
          8. Alternative Reserve Currency of Global Harmony: HARMON (H)
          9. Global Harmony as Necessary Guarantor for World Security and Nuclear Disarmament: Through Freedom towards Harmony
          10. Harmonious Civilization Universal Declaration for Global Disarmament
          11. Global Harmony International Treaty for Nuclear Disarmament
        4. From Ode to Joy towards the Harmony Hymn: to the new poetic and musical imagination
          1. Harmony Hymn: International Contest
        5. World Harmony/Peace Festival 2010: Revolution of advertising and exhibition activity
      8. International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World
        1. Announcements: Peacemaking Conferences, Universities, Publications, Grants etc.
      9. Letters to the UN and colleagues since 2004
      10. From culture of war of an industrial society to culture of harmonious peace of an information (global) society
        1. Charles Mercieca: culture of war and social harmony
        2. Thomas Scheff: The Emotional Roots of War and Harmony
        3. Nancy Roof s Kosmos: Towards Global Civilization and World Community of Harmonious Peace
        4. Samone Myers. EarthCURE for harmonious peace
        5. Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace: a great step to harmonious peace
        6. World Harmony Foundation as a sprout of harmonious peace in an information society
        7. Universal Ambassador Peace Circle & Universal Peace Embassy: envoys of a culture of harmonious peace within an information society
        8. Universal alliance for social harmony
        9. Douglas Mattern. World Citizens for disarmament and Global Community of harmony
        10. Kamran Mofid: Globalisation of the Common Good as Global Harmony
        11. Carnegie. The Wests International Peace: Zero in the Head, in the Science and in Life / : ,
      11. an be harmonious development of a military system?
      12. Culture of harmonious peace as the base for sustainable living, development and security
      13. The sprouts of a new culture of harmonious peace: modern examples
      14. Ivan Ivanov. Harmony Webmaster
      15. The Necessity of a New Multicultural Peace Culture
      16. Evelin Lindner. Harmonious Civilization: Equal Dignity and Immunity from Humiliation
      17. Harold Becker. The Love Foundation: Global Love Day (1 May) for peace, harmony and childrens priority
        1. Discussion of Harmonious Era Calendar
        2. Global Harmony Day - June 21: key date of Harmonious Era Calendar and main holiday of harmonious civilization since 2010
          1. June 1 as Protection and Children Priority Day
            1. Robert J. Burrowes: My promise to children
        3. International Art Competition "Heracl" on the Best Aesthetic Expression of the Harmonious Era Calendar (HERACL)
        4. Program of development and distribution for the Harmonious Era Calendar
        5. How to become the Harmonious Era Calendar coauthor?
        6. Letters to political, religious, cultural and business figures with invitation to support and to join to Harmonious Era Calendar
        7. Durban 2006. Distribution of Harmonious Era Calendar to libraries, schools, universities, governments
        8. Changes and additions of Harmonious Era Calendar: new authors, dates, statements, opinions, countries, languages (translations) and cultures
        9. The educational programs on the Harmonious Peace Culture
        10. A NEW QUALITY OF THE FIGHT FOR PEACE: Are we true peacemakers or true militarists?
        11. Russia Georgia: Harmonization through Education instead of Militarization
        12. Peace Goes from Harmony - Harmony Gives Peace! Which is the Chicken and which is the Egg?
      19. John McConnell: Earth Day and Earth Trustees for harmony of mankind
        1. International Mother Earth Day, April 22
      20. Robert Weir. "Leo Semashko: The war killed my father, and I killed war and Nazism by Gandhian Peace Science
      21. Valery Sagatovsky. Philosophy of developing harmony
      22. Claude Veziau. Creativity for love and harmony
      23. Terrence E Paupp: The Future of Relations: Crumbling Walls, Rising Regions and Harmonious Societies
        1. Terrence Paupp, Jim Hightower, Charles Mercieca and John Pilger: Publications about the American Democracy and Fascism
      24. James T. Ranney: World Peace and Harmony through International Law
    8. Tetrasociology: the scientific theory of individual and social harmony for an information society
      1. Tetrasociology: theory of social harmony and harmonious peace
        1. SPHERAL APPROACH [PDF] Book
        4. Tetrasociological laws of deep (sphere) structure of social and individual harmony
        5. From Liberty to Harmony: a deep revision of value priorities
        6. Merit of the tetrasociological discoveries in comparison with merit of Marx's discoveries
        7. Mathematics of Harmony and Global Harmonious Social Revolution very early 21st
        8. A Global Harmonious Revolution of Modernity: Movement toward a Peaceful World
        9. Fractals of Social Harmony and Harmony Index in "Golden Tetrasociology"
      2. Basis for a multicultural dialog of civilizations about harmonious peace
        1. Tetrasociology: from a sociological Imagination through Dialog to universal Values and Harmony: [PDF] Book
        2. Tetrasociology: from a sociological Imagination through Dialog to universal Values and Harmony: [HTML] Book
      3. Spheral democracy: state for harmony
      4. Children's suffrage executed by parents: institution for harmony
        1. Children's suffrage executed by parents: institution for harmony: [PDF] Book
        2. Children's suffrage executed by parents: institution for harmony: [HTML] Book
      5. Reviews about tetrasociology and its model of a harmonious peace
      6. Leo Semashko. Life for harmony, children's priority and true, perpetual peace science of Gandhian spherons
        1. Leo Semashko. Birthday congratulations in 2015 + 2017 in context of peace and war
          1. Leo Semashko and GGHA. The Greatest Stars of Social Harmony
        2. Leo Semashko. Recommendations to Roerich Peace Prize. Peace Solidarity Symbol
        3. Leo Semashko: GHA Honorary President
        4. Leo Semashko, June 20, 2016, the 75-year Jubilee: Triumph of Harmony
        5. Leo Semashko. Trump - Hillary: America's historic choice between peace and war
        6. Leo Semashko. Totalitarianism of Russian theoretical sociology versus its Copernican revolution
        7. Peace Education through Global Peace Science
        8. GHA. Financial reports. Philosophy of power, peace science and its financing
        9. Semashko Leo. Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren: harmony of generations
        10. Leo Semashko and Rudolf Siebert. Spherons of Harmony: The Third Way of Religions Reconciliation
        11. Leo Semashko. Philosophy and Dialectics of the UN Spherons
        12. Leo Semashko. Spherons Sociocybernetic MegaScience: Global Breakthrough to Structural Harmony. GHA 13th anniversary
        13. Tragedy in Kemerovo March 25, 2018: International condolences of the GHA members
        14. Leo Semashko. Congratulations on birthday in 2015 - 2018 in the context of peace and war
        15. Leo Semashko and Subhash Chandra. One Belt and One Road: The Great Peace Charter XXI Initiative
        16. Leo Semashko and colleagues. God created spherons. The rest in society is their work
        17. Guy Crequie. Two Humanists of Non-Violence: Mahatma Gandhi and Leo Semashko
        18. Leo Semashko, Lucas Pawlik. Spherons: New Reality and Mega-Thinking of Youth in the 21st Century
        19. Leo Semashko. The GHA knows how to build a society without war/violence. Do you know?
        20. Leo Semashko. SPHERONS: Dialectic of Nonviolence, Social Equality, Sustainable Development and People Power. The XXI Future
        21. Leo Semashko. Spherons: The Worldview and Thinking Substance of Spheronism-Harmonism
        22. Leo Semashko. May 9, 2021. Happy Victory Day!
        23. Leo Semashko. Bernard Scott: Spherons Cybernetics in the spirit of Plato and Aristotle
        24. Leo Semashko and GGHA. Spherons: Crossing the Rubicon of Confrontation, Violence and Nuclear Suicide
        25. Leo Semashko. Israel - Palestine: GGHA Peace Academy of Spherons to close the war 70 years
        26. Leo Semashko. 80 years. Spherons Science and their Peace Academy as Life Mission and Meaning from God
        27. Leo Semashko. Spherons of unity and nonviolence against violence of confrontation and militarism
        28. Leo Semashko. June 22, 1941 is the Great Patriotic War (GPW) 80 years and the war institute intellectual end
        29. Leo Semashko. Spherons: four clusters of fundamental scientific substantiation at the Jubilee results. Message
        30. Leo Semashko and GGHA. Spheronics: Humanitarian MegaScience of the Humanity Spherons
        31. Leo Semashko and GGHA. International Competition for World Technological Leadership in Spherons GlobStat
      1. Gandhica Triumph for Gandhicracy
      2. Systems Thinking: Two Logics
      3. Peace: 75 Years of Victory and Defeats
      4. Anti-Nuclear Manifesto for Global Security/Peace XXI
        1. Leo Semashko. The GHA 2021 New Year Message to 193 members of the UN General Assembly
      5. GHA "Golden Intellectual Fund" for Gandhian Democracy
      6. Best Business: Spheral Peacebuilding, Spheronism
      7. John Mecklin. Nuclear atastrophe: 90 seconds
      8. Russia: The Constitution of Peace, Prosperity and Gandhian Democracy. GHA Amendments
      9. Gandhicracy: Motivation, Quality, Schedules
      10. Leo Semashko. Gandhicracy. Introduction
      11. Riane Eisler. Gender Partnership/Harmony for Gandhicracy
      12. Gandhicracy 2020 Roadmap. Table
      13. Spherons Solidarity Against COVID-19
      14. World Civil Society Security Council
      15. Floyd: America Catharsis, Its Healing and the Empire Fall
    10. Children, Parents and Family
      1. Rose Lord: Mother to Mother for harmonious Peace
      2. Fathers for harmonious Peace
      3. Egalitarian parenting and the culture of harmonious peace
      4. Antiterrorist (nonviolent) immunity of harmonious peace
      5. Family culture and prophylaxis of social orphanhood
      6. Harmonious development of children
      7. Family and harmonious peace
        1. Takis Ioannides: Childrens priority in the harmonious family
      8. Women in an Industrial and Information/Harmonious Societies
        1. March 8 GHA Messages. Woman: Muse and Main Creator of Harmony in the 21st century!
        2. Debra Giusti: Harmony Festivals Goddess
        3. Muse of Harmony. World Women's Contest
          1. Tatiana Tridvornova: Muse of Floral Harmony
          2. Lida Sherafatmand: Muse of Art Harmony
            1. Lida Sherafatmand. Painting Exhibition at the Roerich Museum in St Petersburg, September, 2013
          3. Svetlana Kuskovskaya: Teacher of Harmony from God
          4. Ayo Ayoola-Amale: Muse of Peace and Poetic Harmony in Africa
            1. Ayo Ayoola-Amale. INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE, 21st SEPT. 2015 with The ABC of Harmony
            2. Ayo Ayoola-Amale. Global Peace Science Events
            3. Ayo Ayoola-Amale. Discussion on Nigeria's Accession to BRICS+ For True Peace, Accelerated Growth and Prosperity
          5. Marina Kozlovska: Muse of Noosphere Harmony in Ukraine
          6. Julie Pisacane: Muse of Peace from Spiritual Harmony
          7. Celia Altschuler: Muse of Artistic and Poetic Harmony in Latin America
          8. Delasnieve Daspet: Muse of Peace from Brazilian Harmony
          9. Manijeh Navidnia: Iranian Muse of Harmony for Peace and Security
          10. Bella Clara Ventura. Muse of Poetic Harmony from Latin America
      9. Kerry Bowden: The Promise Club of the harmonious world for children
      10. Religions for Child Survival
      11. Leo Semashko. The second conscious community of a harmonious civilization - Studio of preschool children: 1985-1986
      12. Studio of harmonious formation of the young leaders for a new civilization
      13. Nicolas Strelkov. The first conscious community of a harmonious civilization - club Demiurge: 1976-1980
      14. International Save the Children Alliance
      15. Maitreyee Bardhan Roy. Disabled children's organization 'Beautiful Mind' at Kolkata, India
      16. Harmony: Children and Pets. Photo-gallery
      17. Dominica McBride: Harmony and Health for Youth
      18. Family Academy of Harmony for the Future Leaders of Harmonious Civilization
    11. Local Civilizations for the New Global Harmonious Civilization
      1. Dmitry Ivashintsov: Russian world for a new culture of harmonious civilization
        1. Fyodor Dostoevsky: Beauty - It Is Harmony, Which Will Save the World
          1. Nicholas Roerich. TO WOMANHOOD
          2. Helena Roerich. Woman: Mother and Savior of the World
        2. Russia in the world and in the world eyes
        3. Valery Gergel. History of the Museum of the UN Peacekeeping Operations and movement of the young peacemakers
        4. Vladislav Krasnov. Good Will and Peace from Harmony for Russia and America. Karl Marx as Frankenstein
          1. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyns Relevance Today. Vladislav Krasnov
          2. Gandhi and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the Two Giants Who Blessed the 20th Century
          3. Vladislav Krasnov. A Saga of How Vladimir Osipov visited Monterey
        5. Anna Tolstoyevskaya. When Pathology Becomes the Norm
          1. Anna Tolstoyevskaya. War unless Peace Event Horizon of Armageddon
      2. Reimon Bachika: Universal values of Japan and a new culture of harmonious civilization
        1. Reimon Bachika. Individual and Collective in Dialectics of Peace and War
      3. Brendan Gleeson: Australias cities: making space of hope and harmony for children
      4. Indian culture for harmonious civilization
        1. Abdul Kalam: Life Tree from Harmony
          1. Narendra Modi. World Harmony Creator
          2. Ela Gandhi. Peace from Harmony and Nonviolence
            1. Ela Gandhi. Preserve, Develop and Apply Gandhi's Legacy To Achieve the BRICS+ Goals
          3. Alagan Annamalai. Life Dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, Nonviolence and Peace
            1. National Gandhi Museum. Events. Messages. Pictures.
          4. Bhikkhu Sanghasena. Buddhist Leader of Peace from Harmony for India and China
          5. Pravat Dhal. Peace from Harmony through Science and Education
          6. Rajagopal P. V. Great inspirer of Gandhian nonviolence for global peace and harmony through education
          7. Anantha Duraiappah. UNESCO MGIEP: Prevention of Violent Extremism through Education (PVE-E)
        2. Ashok Chakravarthy: Poetry of peace, brotherhood and harmony
          1. Ashok Chakravarthy. BRICS+ Spheronics Gandhian Peace Ideology Commitment
        3. Jagdish Gandhi. City Montessori School of peace and harmony
        4. Aurobindo and Auroville: Indian island of integral Yoga harmony
        5. Laj Utreja: Vedic culture of harmony in a history of India
        6. Osho: Love Arises from Harmony
        7. Subhash Sharma: innovative leadership for harmonious education
          1. Subhash Sharma and Daniel Albuquerque. Harmony in the Corporate and Business Context
          2. Subhash Sharma. Creation from Shunya. In Divine Harmony
        8. Brahma Kumaris: "Harmony" as Masterpiece of Social Intuition
          1. Brahma Kumar Jagdish Chander. Building a Value-Based, Peaceful and Prosperous Society (Fragments of Harmony)
          2. Proposals for Cooperation of the Global Harmony Association (GHA) and the Brahma Kumaris
        9. Subhash Chandra: Scientist and Peacemaker from Harmony
          1. Subhash Chandra. Presentations of Global Peace Science and Gandhica books on the International Conferences
        10. Ramesh Kumar: Yoga as Tool of Global Peace from Harmony and Science
        11. Chand Bhardwaj: Spirituality of Peace from Harmony for Universal Education
        12. Noor Larik. Peace from harmony through Global Peace Science and SPHERONS statistics
        13. Swagato Ganguly. From Russia With Love
        14. Ravi Bhatia. Relevance of Gandhis Holistic Approach for a Just and Harmonious World
        15. Sanjana Tewari. Muse of harmony in Indian dance
        16. Markandey Rai. GHA Chief Statistician on Spherons in India
        17. Babita Tewari. Muse of Women Soft Scientific Force
        18. Pratibha Garg. Muse of Education and Statistics
        19. P.S.Y.Ghiri. Peace from Harmony through Yoga and Tantra
        20. Theodore Mascarenhas. Catholic Bishop of Interfaith Harmony and Nonviolence
        21. Kartar Singh. General of Peace from Harmony, Nonviolence and Poetry
        22. Rana P.B. Singh. Gandhian Scientist of Harmonious Coexistence and Sustanable Development
        23. Bishnu Pathak. Peace, Policy and Democracy from Harmony and Nonviolence
          1. Bishnu Pathak. Prime Ministers Constitutional Coup
        24. Ananta Kumar Giri. Social Transformative Harmony Creator
        25. Hasina Parvin. Deep thinking and broad intellect for bold harmonious vision
        26. Anam Kumar. Harmony of life, business and media
        27. Anam Kumar and Hasina Parvin. World Growth Forums Magazine: International Media Platform to Accelerate the BRICS+ Growth
        28. Ajay Singh. GHA Ambassador of Peace from Harmony/Nonviolence
        29. Asha Mukherjee. Scientist and leader from the Gandhian nonviolence harmony
        30. Binu Mathew. The world harmony of truth. Countering the lies with Countercurrents / .
      5. Brazilian contribution to a culture of harmonious civilization
      6. Rosa Dalmiglio. Chinese culture for harmonious civilization
        1. Rosa Dalmiglio. Children refugee in ITALY and other European countries:
        2. Rosa Dalmiglio. Peace from Harmony of Chinese Women and Children
        3. Rosa Dalmiglio. Destroy violence against women and girls
        4. Building of social harmony: the messages from China
        5. China and Russia: aspiration to harmony. 2007 Year of China in Russia
        6. China - Taiwan: peaceful reunification through traditional culture of harmony
        7. Dongrong Sun. The Chinese woman of harmony
        8. Lana Yang: Peace and Harmonious Reunification of China and Taiwan
        9. Francis Fung. World Harmony Organization: Harmony Diplomacy for Harmonious Civilization
      7. European culture for harmonious civilization
        1. Pope Benedict XVI: discover life meaning to the great cosmic harmony
        2. Emmanuil N. Maragakis. Philologist of Greek harmony
        3. Prince of Wales. Harmonious Worldview: Revolution in Thinking
        4. John Scales Avery: Books and Articles for System Harmonious Vision of Peace
          1. John Avery. We Need Their Voices Today
          2. John Avery. Languages and Classification. The Nuclear Weapons Convention
          3. John Avery. The Climate Emergency: Two time scales
          4. John Avery. Nuclear Weapons: An Absolute Evil
        5. Robert J. Burrowes. Nonviolence in Harmony and Peace
          1. Robert J. Burrowes. Killing the Biosphere to Fast-track Human Extinction
          2. Robert J. Burrowes. Nonviolence Charter: progress report 17 (Oct 2020)
        6. George Monbiot: The Zombie Doctrine [neoliberalism and its coherent alternative]
        7. Donald Trump: The Best US President for Global Peace with His Coherent' Foreign Policy. Peacemaking Revolution and Paradigm
          1. Trumps Peacemaking Revolution and the fake peacemakers. Discussion
          2. James Petras: Trump's Ties to the Past
        8. Germain Dufour. Prophet of Peaceful Global Community from Harmony
        9. W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz. Axiomatic Political Philosophy of Peace from Harmony
        10. Timi Ecimovic: Pioneer of Global Ecology in Global Peace Harmony
          1. Timi Ecimovic. THE NATURE 2017 [PDF]
          2. Timi Ecimovic. THE CLIMATE CHANGE SYSTEM 2017 [PDF]
        11. Michael Ellis. Global Peace New Thinking and Paradigm
        12. Antonino Drago. Nonkilling Science
        13. Francisco Parra-Luna. A Systemic Index of Human Development: In Search of World Peace from Harmony
          1. AVANCES SISTÉMICOS; ; SYSTEM ACHIEVEMENTS, #3, 2018, Madrid
        14. Andre Sheldon. Global Strategy of Nonviolence
        15. Lucas Pawlik. Hack or Die. The way to peace from harmony and nonviolence
        16. Adolfo Pérez Esquivel and Daisaku Ikeda
        17. Elizabeth Greenwell: Global Cooperation Day for Universal Peace from World Harmony. Adam Greenwell
        18. Rick Wayman and David Krieger. Nuclear Age and Peace Incompatibility in Militaristic Democracy and World Order
          1. Paul K. Chappell. Peace Literacy is survival literacy. -
          2. Matthew Spellberg. To become NAPF's new president
        19. Ellen Brown. Harmonious financial infrastructure for democracy and saving nature
        20. Gianluigi Segalerba. Peacemaker from Harmony of History, Philosophy and Religion
        21. Michael D. Knox. US Peace Memorial Foundation
        22. Christopher Black. The NATO Barbarossa II
        23. Ishaan Tharoor. Democracy: decline worldwide. :
        24. Francis Boyle. The Criminality of Nuclear Deterrence/Terrorism
        25. Martine Gilhard. AMOUR ET SANG. French
        26. Heather Fryer, David Hostetter and Matt Meyer. The Pasts and Futures of Peace Research
          1. Matt Meyer. International Peace Research Association (IPRA) Secretary General
        27. Peter Mousaferiadis. Passionary mover of global harmony and world peace
        28. Heinrich Buecker. The life dedicated to peace, harmony and resistance to war
        29. Axel Honneth. Theory of Recognition in the Dialectics of Social Synthesis
        30. Horace Alexander. British Quaker, pacifist and follower of Gandhi
        31. Helga Zepp-LaRouche. The Schiller Institute: A New Paradigm for the Survival
          1. Helga Zepp-LaRouche. Gandhis Vision for a New Paradigm [] In Times of Social Breakdown
          2. Helga Zepp-LaRouche. Call for an Ad-Hoc Committee for a New Bretton Woods System. Petition
          3. Helga Zepp-LaRouche. -.
          4. Lyndon LaRouche: The 100th Anniversary of Birth
          5. Schiller Institute Petition. UNGA must remove the causes for the war danger!
          6. . :
          7. :
          8. Leo Semashko. To the Schiller Institute Questions of John F. Kennedys true peace
          9. Helga Zepp-LaRouche. BRICS Update: This Is What a Tectonic Shift Looks Like. Auguste 26, 2023:
          10. Helga Zepp-LaRouche. BRICS+: The Beginning of a New Era of Humanity. September 18, 2023
          11. Helga Zepp-LaRouche. Open Letter to Heads of States at the UNGA You Must Act to Preserve World Peace!
        32. Rick Sterling. Handling International Crises: JFK to Biden
        33. Gunther Ostermann. I - LOVE OUR - PLANET - THE ONLY ONE WE HAVE
        34. Matt Meyer. A true peacemaker from the "belly of the beast". TEXTBOOK DIALOGUES
        35. Jimmy Gerum. Inspired by media truth that to end with the war by true peace
        36. Slavica Pejovic. Serbian poet and scientist
        37. Caitlin Johnstone. Aaron Bushnell lit more than one kind of fire...+ Saving Gaza. ...+
        38. Viktor Orban. Hungarian leader of global peace and harmony
        39. Laura George. The zombie -Oracle Shame: Who left us the greater legacy... Gandhi or Hitler? God or Devil?
        40. Deborah Armstrong. Independent Journalist for Truth, Peace and Nonviolence
        41. Eric Arnow. Fascism is a deep spiritual sickness.
        42. Robert Fico. The firm political leader of global peace
        43. Tucker Carlson. Honest independent journalist in the service of global peace and harmony
      8. Muslim culture for harmonious civilization
        1. Tarek Heggy: The Values of Progress and Islam in the Information Age
        2. Ammar Banni. Islam for love and harmony
        3. Ghassan Abdullah. Palestinian educator for harmonious peace
        4. Mariam Khan: Great Pakistan Woman for Peace and Harmony
        5. Noor Gillani: Muslim Pluralism and Interfaith Harmony
        6. Robert D. Crane. Strategy of Harmony and Justice
        7. Ahmed Mansour. Islam: religion of peace from harmony
      9. African culture for harmonious civilization
        1. John W. Forje: African peace scientist, educator and peacemaker
        2. Jean de Dieu Basabose. Peace and harmony in Africa through education
        3. Heli Habyarimana. African peace teacher
        4. Stephen Amoah. Peace from harmony through statistics
        5. Stephen Tabi. Ghana: Spherons' Statistics for Peace and Harmony
        6. Ndaba Mandela. African Ubuntu Harmony: Great Grandfather Worthy Follower
        7. Terence Barry. Social harmonious development through international music
      10. Other cultures and civilizations for harmonious civilization
        1. Singapore: Country of racial harmony
        2. Nursultan Nazarbayev. Kazakhstan: enter of Eurasian harmony
          1. Kazakhstan: Strategy of Harmonism for the 21st Century
          2. Astana 2010: The First Forum of Spiritual Culture of a Harmonious Civilization
        3. Dalai Lama. Trump and Putin union can create WORLD PEACE. Many Faiths, One Truth and Harmony
        4. Peltier Freedom, Fighter for Rights of Indians and American Empire Prisoner
        5. Glenn Sankatsing. Rescue Our Future: Global Peace from Social Harmony
        6. Alfredo Sfeir-Younis. Global spiritual and environmental leader from harmony
      11. Multicultural dialog of civilizations and religions as a tool of harmonious peace
      12. Civilizations Shift: Collapse of Industrial and Birth of Harmonious
        1. Destruction of an industrial civilization as corporate empire
      13. Planet 3000: Creating through Education an alternative Culture of harmonious civilization
        1. Planet 3000: Mission, Content, History
        2. Planet 3000: Youth Movement
        3. Planet 3000: Calendar
        4. Planet 3000: Organization and contacts
        5. Nina Goncharova. Planet 3000 and creative harmony
      14. Kostas Konstantinidis. Globalization: harmony and disharmony
      15. Rene Wadlow: World Citizen's Notes
      16. François Houtart: Alternative of Harmony and Harmony of Alternatives
        1. François Houtart. From Common Goods to the Common Good of Humanity as Global Harmony: [PDF]
        2. François Houtart. RIO + 20 AND THE WELL-BEING OF THE HUMANITY
      17. Glen Martin: World Constitution for Global Harmonious Civilization of the Spherons
      18. Jeffrey and Catherine Peters: Love and Peace from Harmony
      19. Bruce Cook: Harmony of Nations and World Peace from USA
      20. Kurt Johnson. Harmony of Interspirituality and Interspirituality from Harmony
    12. Art
      1. Paul Hindemith. Symphony "Harmony Of World": Beginning of its Knowledge
      2. Hilarie Roseman. Ten images of harmonious world and Terasociology
      3. Literature and poetry for harmonious peace
        1. International Poetic Competition in Daniel Pearls name: Children First
        2. Ada Aharoni: Literature and poetry of peace and harmony for children
        3. Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen. Philosophical poetry of spirit, harmony and children
        4. Susana Roberts: Hero of Global Peace Science and Harmonious Peace. Personal page
          1. Susana Roberts. Global Peace Science and Gandhica events
        5. We call the world poets to create peace from harmony (appeal in six languages)
        6. Michael Holmboe: Norwegian Writer and Encyclopaedist of harmony
        7. Dimitris P. Kraniotis: poet of Greek harmony
        8. Kae Morii: Japanese Poetess of Peace and Harmony
        9. Nina Yudina: Poetry of Love and Harmony
        10. Hedva Robinson Bachrach: For Peace and Harmony
        11. Zaure Khizatolla. Muse and Song of Harmony
        12. Marie Robert. Muse of Harmony, Dance and Cosmopoetry
        13. Adolf Shvedchikov: Harmony of Soul Poetry
      4. Maria Azcona: Argentina poetry for children and harmonious peace
      5. Music for harmonious civilization
        1. Songs of harmony
        2. Leonid Timoshenko: Star Maestro of Musical Harmony from Harmonious Civilization
      6. Harmonious Civilization Sculpture as a Symbol of United Humanity in a New Millennium
      7. The Adults and Children's pictures about peace and harmony
      8. Photo gallery of the persons creating harmonious peace
      9. Songs about Peace and Harmony. St. Petersburg bard Svetlana Vetrova
      10. Guy Crequie: Creativity for peace culture and social harmony
        1. Guy Crequie. Philosophy Today Philosophy Tomorrow: [PDF book]
        2. Global Peace Science for the UN and UNESCO. Guy Crequies 5 letters in French to the UN and UNESCO officials
        3. Guy Crequie. Planetary Poetry
        4. Guy Crequie. Support for Russia's initiative in the context of the history of Franco-Russian relations
      11. Ernesto Kahan: world creator of harmonious peace
        1. Ernesto Kahan: Congratulations on his birthdays
        2. Ernesto Kahan. Gandhica. The Hippocratic Oath and the threat of nuclear war
      12. TAKI Yuriko: Harmony Against Genocide
      13. Lily Yeh: Warrior Angel. Barefoot Artists of Harmony
      14. Jose Maria Lopera: Spanish poet of peace and harmony
      15. Apostolos Paschos. Greek Poetry: Peace from Harmony
    13. Communications
      1. TV for harmonious peace
      2. International children's Journals: Contribution to peace and harmony of mankind
      3. Video in Internet. Peace from harmony: 1000 films
    14. Disciplines
      1. Alexander Yuriev. Political Psychology of Global Harmonization
      2. Rudolf Siebert: Open letter to President Trump. Golden Rule of Harmony in religions and society
        1. Siebert: The Slavic and the American World
        2. Siebert. Call for Papers: The Future of Religion: The Dialectic of Secularization? Dubrovnik, 2018
        3. Rudolf Siebert. Tetrasociology of Spherons
        4. Siebert. Memorial Service and Memorial Meal for Steve
        5. Rudolf Siebert. Religion Psychology
        6. Rudolf Siebert. The Third Way
        7. Rudolf Siebert. Global Ethic of Peace: Hans Küng 1928-2021 (+ )
        8. Rudolf Siebert. Golden Rule: Contra Ukrainian Nazism and Pro the Russian and American worlds solidarity.
        9. Professor Rudolf Siebert. Great scientist, anti-fascist, peacemaker. The historical experience of denazification. Congratulations on your 95th anniversary!
        10. Rudolf Siebert and his friends: new joint videos and common publications
        11. Rudolf Siebert. Family Reunion 2023
        12. Rudolf Siebert. 96th Birthday Autobiography. Add. Critical Theory and Spheronics Convergence (2005-2023)
        13. Rudolf J. Siebert. Erich Fromm's Dialectical Attitude toward Religion
      3. Leo Semashko. Esperanto and international bilingualism for harmonious peace
        1. Renato Corsetti: Esperanto for Sustainable and Harmonious Development
        2. Dialog about Esperanto
        3. Leo Semashko. Address to Esperantists of the world
      4. Leo Semashko. Educational programs for harmonious civilization
        1. Ian Harris. Teach kids peace from harmony
          1. Leo Semashko. The Main Slogan for the 21st century: Learn, Learn and Learn again Harmony!
          2. Leo Semashko. GHA Peace Project. "Israel - Palestine: Harmonization through Education instead Militarization"
          3. School of Peace through Harmonious Education for youth of Israel and Palestine
            1. Israel-Palestine: Peace Academy + Peacebuilding Department
          4. Department of Harmonious Civilization for any University/College of the World
          5. Leo Semashko. The ABC of Harmony: Philosophy and Sociology of Global Harmonious Society at the 21st century. Lectures.
        2. Altai-Mir University for harmony
        3. Jan R. Hakemulder: the Intercultural Open University for Harmony
        4. Hong Tao-Tze: The Education of World Citizens: A Harmonious Life and the Principle of Yin and Yang
        5. Oleg Bodnar. Festival of Harmony. Lviv, 2008
      5. Leo Semashko. World public opinion about the culture of peace in a mirror of sociology
      6. Martha Ross DeWitt. The sociologist and woman from harmony
      7. Jeffrey Alexander: Cultural Sociology of harmonious peace
      8. Leo Semashko. Spheral Democracy Group in Petrosovet 1992 for Harmonious Civilization
        1. Leo Semashko. Global Democracy of SPHERONS. Manifesto of Spheral Democracy
      9. Economy of harmony and harmonious peace
        1. Norman Kurland: Just Economy for Harmonious Civilization
      10. Leo Semashko. Strategic management of harmonious peace
      11. Leo Semashko. Sociocybernetics of the Third Order for harmonious civilization
        1. Bernard Scott: Sociocybernetics of harmony
          1. Bernard Scott. How Sociocybernetics Can Help Understand Possible World Futures
          2. Bernard Scott. Sociocybernetic understandings of consciousness. Sociocybernetic Reflections on the Human Condition
          3. Bernard Scott. Minds in Chains: A Sociocybernetic Analysis of the Abrahamic Faiths [PDF]
          4. Bernard Scott. On Becoming a Cybernetician: Highlights and Milestones
          5. Bernard Scott. In Defence of Pure Cybernetics
        2. Matjaž Mulej. Systems theory and theory of harmonious civilization
      12. Social Synergetics for harmonious peace
      13. Sociolinguistics for harmonious peace
      14. Sociology of Childhood for harmonious peace
        1. Sociology for participation of children: harmony and disharmony
      15. Leo Semashko. Tetrapsychology in a new culture of peace
      16. Public health services and sports for harmonious peace
        1. Robert Najemy: Holistic Harmony for health and happiness
      17. Conflict theory for harmonious peace: methods of solving interethnic conflicts
      18. Philosophy and culture of social harmony
      19. Bernard Phillips. Can Social Science Save Us?
      20. Humanistic Sociology and value system of harmony
      21. History of sociology
      22. Alexey Stakhov: Fibonacci of XXI century. Mathematics of Harmony and Generalized Golden Section Principle
        1. First International Congress on Mathematics of Harmony: Odessa, Ukraine, October 8-10, 2010
    15. Dialog about Peace and Harmony
      1. Dialog of Youth
      2. Dialog of the Adults
        1. Leo Semashko. Peace from Harmony: Alternative to War in Iraq
    16. Leo Semashko. Violations of the childrens rights in the world
      1. Violations of the childrens rights in the rich countries
      2. Leo Semashko. Violations of the childrens rights in the poor countries
      3. Leo Semashko. Additions in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
      4. Zuzana Kroupova. Children: poor and rich. A slide film, 2005
    17. Leo Semashko. International project: Global Movement Making Children a Priority in the World
      1. Leo Semashko. About children's harmony and childrens priority
      2. Leo Semashko. Tetrasociological substantiation of childrens priority and social harmony
      3. Hilarie Roseman, Leo Semashko. Project beginning: citizens appeals to the leaders
      4. Leo Semashko. Children's Priority Project authors and partners
      5. Leo Semashko. Children's Priority Project purposes and strategy
      6. Leo Semashko. Discussion of ideas of childrens priority and suffrage
      7. Leo Semashko. Responses of governments to the appeals "Making children a priority"
      8. Leo Semashko. Children's Priority Project: Participation in Competitions and search of financing
      9. Leo Semashko. World support of the project
      10. Leo Semashko. Abdul Kalam. Search of the leader for Global movement Making Children a Priority in the World
    18. Resources for the Global movement Making Children a Priority in the World
      1. Human resources
      2. Information resources
      3. Organizational and financial resources
      4. Material-technical resources
    19. Technology and ways to a harmonious society and global harmonious civilization
      1. Ways to a harmonious society from socialism
        1. Communist Multi-Party as a way from socialism to social harmony
      2. Ways to a harmonious society from capitalism
        1. Ways to social harmony in rich capitalist countries
        2. Ways to harmony of the social-democratic countries of Scandinavia
        3. Ways to harmony in the European Union
        4. Ways to harmony of the developing capitalist countries in the Third World
        5. Ways to harmony of the poor capitalist countries
      3. Global Leadership of Social Harmony
      4. Global civil movement "For social harmony in the world"
      5. GHA Conflicts: Steps to Harmony and Emancipation from Disharmony and Enmity
      6. Peter Mousaferiadis. Building Global Harmony Through [Spherons] Inclusion. The Diversity Atlas
    20. Spheronics for the BRICS+ Service: Paradigm of Peace Leadership, Multipolarity Victory and Justice Sunrise in Our Century
    21. HARMONIOUS CIVILIZATION. Global Harmony Association program book, October 2009
      1. Foreword: Participants, Authors and Endorsers of Projects
      2. Introduction. Epoch of Harmony Globalisation: Achievements List
      3. Harmonious Civilization Universal Declaration
      4. Global Harmony Treaty for Nuclear Disarmament
      5. Declaration and Treaty: Discussion of Philosophy and Value
      6. Peace Culture through Harmony: Global Harmony as Necessary Guarantor for World Security and Nuclear Disarmament
      7. GHA Pro-Harmony and Anti-Nuke Project: Discussion
      8. Letters to Presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev
      9. Letters in the US Consulate General in St.-Petersburg
      10. Alternative Reserve Currency of Global Harmony
      11. Letters to Presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev
      12. Academy of Harmony and General Harmonious Education
      13. Academy of Harmony: International Recognition
      14. Letters to Presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev
      15. Youth Academy of Harmony
      16. Russia-Georgia: Harmonization Instead of Militarization
      17. Letter to the UN Secretary General
      18. Global Network of Service Centres of Harmonization
      19. World Festivals of Harmony
      20. Tetraphilosophy and Tetrasociology: Science of Social and Individual Harmony
      21. Tetrasociology Pragmatics: Applications List since 1976
      22. GHA Members List: Book Sponsors
      23. Prayer to Divine Harmony Granting Peace and Happiness
      24. Profile: GHA 38 Honorary Members and Active Participants
      25. Scheme-1. Four-dimensional Network Harmonious Thinking
      26. Back cover
      27. Responses and reviews
      28. CLUB-2009: Global Political Organisation for Harmonious Civilization
      29. Harmonious Civilization Leaflets
    22. Leo Semashko. 5 years to Global Harmony Association: congratulations, letters and perspectives
      1. GHA: Results of 2010 and Perspectives for 2011
      2. Global Harmony Association (GHA) Sixth Anniversary
      3. GHA 8th Anniversary and The ABC of Harmony 1st Anniversary
      4. GHA 9th Anniversary, Challenges for the 10th Year and Strategy to Respond them
      5. The GHA TENTH ANNIVERSARY. Result is Global Peace Science
      6. GHA: 11th anniversary
      7. 2016: Year of Two Peace Revolutions. 2017: Year of their Practical Implementation and Development.
      8. GHA 12 Anniversary: SPHERONS Discovery for Global Peace and its Science
        1. Development of Global Peace Science: Prospects for 2017-2018 years
      9. GHA 14th Anniversary. Gandhian Spherons and Gandhian Nonviolent Democracy
      10. GHA 15th Anniversary: GHA "killed the killer/war." GHA achievements through the prism of thinking of Dostoevsky, Churchill, Gandhi, Einstein...
      11. GGHA. 16th Anniversary, Fruits and Gandhian World Enlightenment
      12. GGHA 17th Anniversary. Spherons Global Peace MegaScience (SGPM), "Security and Peace" Message, Congratulations
        1. GGHA. Contest: Cognitive Poetry and Aphorisms in the GGHA 17th Anniversary Honor
      13. GGHA 18th Anniversary. From Nuclear Auschwitz to life/peace through Gandhian MegaScience and its AI
      14. GGHA 19th Anniversary, 2024. Spherons Peace Science, Spheronics: An Alternative to Humanity Nuclear Suicide
    23. Academy of Harmonious Leadership of a harmonious civilization
    24. International Sociological Association: Move towards Sociology of Global Harmony
      1. XVII World Congress of Sociology, Gothenburg, July 2010: Start to Understand Social Harmony
        1. Michael Burawoy: Facing the Challenges of Global Sociology towards harmonious civilization
        2. Yuan T. Lee. Energy, Environment and the Future of Mankind: One Community of One Harmonious Civilization
        3. Margaret Archer. The Current Crisis: Consequences of Neglecting the Four Key Principles of Catholic Social Doctrine of Harmony
        4. Michel Wieviorka. Sociology on the move towards social harmony
        5. Leo Semashko. Global Education as Harmonious Education of Global Harmonious Civilization
        6. Mary Luz Sandoval. Colombian Sociology: Researches from Terror up to Peace and Harmony
        7. Alberto Martinelli. From the global economic/financial crisis to global harmony
      2. Suppression of Thought Freedom in Russia,. Russian Society of Sociologists (RSS) and others in Practice of Suppression of Thinking Freedom
    25. The Future: Harmonious Civilization, or What? The Program for the world TV Broadcast
    26. Global Harmony Association (GHA): National and Regional Departments / Offices
      1. GHA-AFRICA
        1. Oba Alayeluwa Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III, Alaafin of Oyo: HONORARY PATRON of GHA-AFRICA
      2. GHA-Pakistan
      3. GHA-India
      4. GHA-USA
      5. GHA- Kazakhstan
      6. GHA-Israel-Palestine
      7. GHA-LAC (Latin America & Caribbean)
    27. The ABC of Harmony: from Total Ignorance to Harmonious Enlightenment
      1. Contents
      2. Preface. Introduction
      3. I. The ABC of Harmony
      4. II. Applications and Prerequisites
      5. III. Harmony Stars
      6. IV. Harmony Poetry
      7. V. The Authors. The ABC of Harmony Meaning
      8. VI. Conclusion
      9. VII. References
      10. VIII. Appendices
      11. IX. Harmony Painting
      12. Back cover
      14. The ABC of Harmony: [PDF] Book
      15. Letter of The ABC of Harmony Completion
        1. Nominations of the ABC of Harmony for Nobel Peace Prize 2013
      16. Reviews and Responses
      17. The ABC of Harmony - World Sensation of the 21st Century: from Total Ignorance to Harmonious Enlightenment. Press release for the media
      18. Global Harmony International
      19. GHA Organizational Reform based on the ABC of Harmony
        1. GHA Letter to President of India
      20. The ABC of Harmony: Opening of the Age of Harmonious Enlightenment of Humanity in India. Report
      21. The ABC of Harmony. Leaflet
      22. The ABC of Harmony: Core in 12 Pages
        1. Socionome of a Society - The Theoretical Top of Tetrasociology as a Science of Social Harmony and Harmonious Civilization
      23. Harmony of Religions on the ABC of Harmony Platform
        1. Harmony of Religions on the ABC of Harmony Platform: [PDF]
        2. Malaysia Interfaith Harmony Seminar 2013: [PDF]
        3. Interfaith and Social Harmony of Islamic World: [PDF]
        4. Center of Interfaith Harmonious Education. Curriculum
        5. Discrimination in the World Community of Interfaith Harmony
      24. GHA Embassy of Human Rights From Harmony and Justice
      25. Intuition and Science of Social Harmony: Spiritual Unity or Alienation? Report
      26. Question to Russian President Vladimir Putin on April 25, 2013
    28. Synthesis and Synergy of Peace Social Sciences on One Basis of the ABC of Harmony SOCIONOME
      1. Social Genome of Peace from Harmony SOCIONOME (4x4x4x4): Harmonious Peaceful Humanity Mind (GHA Video Scenario)
      2. GHA Science: One Step up to World Peace. Research Program
      3. Academy of Global United Social Sciences for World Peace
      4. Global Peace Science for G20-2013 and Humanity
        1. PEACE SCIENCE FOR G20-2017
      5. Monitoring of Peace and War Priorities in the GPS SOCIONOME Paradigm
      6. GLOBAL PEACE SCIENCE by Takis Ioannides, Athens
    29. Global Peace Science: Victory of Peace over War
      1. Global Peace Science. [PDF] Book
      2. Contents
        1. Key to Global Peace Science as Alternative to Nuclear War. Could be another alternative?
      3. Introduction
        1. Global Peace Science. Summary Proposal
      4. Chapter 1. GPS Theory: Logic of SPHERONS. Global Sociology and Global Demography
      5. Chapter 2. Empirics of SPHERONS and GPS. Global Statistics
      6. Chapter 3. GPS Prehistory: From Intuition of Harmony to Theory of SPHERONS. Global History of Peace
      7. Chapter 4. Traditional Peacemaking: Achievements and Degeneration. Global Criticism
        1. Johan Galtung. US Empire: The Fall Stages as the Global Peace Freedom Steps
          1. Johan Galtung, 2015: "Abolishing War", "The Art of Peace" and "Clash of Civilizations". Excerpts
      8. Chapter 5. Global Peace Laws
      9. Chapter 6. Global Peace Principles and Values. Global Axiology
      10. Chapter 7. The Ways of Global Peace through Interfaith Harmony, Culture and Education.
      11. Chapter 8. Key Institutions and Mass Movements of Global Peace. The Theory of Security Two Fronts
      12. Chapter 9. Truth about the US/NATO War Axis as Main Threat, Obstacle and Enemy of Global Peace: Panoramic Picture in Mosaic of the Proofs
      13. Chapter 10. Peace Axis: Russia-BRICS-Global Community of SPHERONS. World Peace Planetary Leader in the XXI century
      14. Chapter 11. Global Peace Art. For Harmony - against Terrorism=Militarism
      15. Chapter 12. War is Death/Murder; Peace is Life. Military Science: How Better to Kill? Peace Science: How Better to Live?
      16. Chapter 13. Plague of the US/NATO Global Militarism/Terrorism. What is Vaccine and Immunity from it? It is Global Peace Science
      17. 14. Annex
      18. 15. Philosophical Finale: War and Peace: Two Truths. Two Sciences. Two Cultures. Two Civilizations. Two Fates of Humanity. What is our Choice?
      19. GPS Bibliography
      20. Global Peace Science. Ends
      21. Back cover
      22. Global Peace Science. Briefly about the Book, its Authors and Significance. Resume
      23. Global Peace Science for the UN and UNESCO: Petition
      24. Global Peace Science: Discussion
        1. Global Peace Thermodynamics
        2. Global Peace Science Agenda to the UN, UNESCO, G20 and EU
        3. Nobel Peace Prize 2017: The GHA Global Peace Science nominations
          1. Mairead Maguire: Nobel Peace Prize 2020 for Dr. Leo Semashko
          2. Criticism of the Nobel Peace Prize
      25. STOP GLOBAL NUCLEAR Auschwitz FROM US/NATO! Section
        1. William Engdahl: Totalitarian Democracy; Gods of Money; A Century of War; Myths, Lies and Holy Wars of the West World
          1. F. William Engdahl. Russia Can Solve All Economic Problems Itself
          2. F. William Engdahl. Manifest Destiny: Democracy as Cognitive Dissonance
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          8. F. William Engdahl. Causes of the global energy crisis, oil technocracy and weather manipulation. 2022-2023
        2. Mairead Maguire: the US and the UK committed genocide against the Iraqi people - they killed 3.3 m people including 750,000 children
          1. Mairead Maguire: We can abolish NATO, militarism, endless wars, l% of their beneficiaries and free Assange
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        7. James A. Lucas. US Has Killed More Than 20 Million In 37 Nations Since WWII
          1. James A. Lucas. U.S. Regime Has Killed 20-30 Million People
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