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Priority of the common (99.99%) social denominator of spherons

Versus .01% ideological differences, including Russophobic racism





Israel-Palestine. Ernesto Kahan




Dear Nina,

You know well that o­n the Gandhian spherons basis, a holistic sociological model of all humanity is developing in all its social diversity for more than 16 years in the Gandhian GHA, including your participation since its beginning. You are absolutely right that only with similar common model/vision humanity will be able to solve all its global and national problems. For more than 16 years, with the hundreds coauthors participation from more than 50 countries, including five Nobel laureates, 10 fundamental books and 80 peacemaking projects have been created in the GGHA, acceptable and accessible to each people as a common o­ne (99.99% + to yours .01 % of differences) is a social denominator, which reveals a single structural societal genome of each nation. It excludes violence, war, hatred, enmity and fundamentally, genetically from the social nature provides and affirms global peace, nonviolence, love, sustainable development of every nation, and also, along with this, a fundamentally “new system and model of world cooperation”.

For 16 years, the GGHA with unprecedented scientific results in the Gandhian science of global peace and nonviolence of spherons has turned into the first "Global Peace Academy of the Gandhian Spherons" in the history of humanity. For some time now, after the publication of the GHA "Global Peace Science of Spherons" (2016: https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf), after the transformation of Russophobia into the national policy of the United States, implanted throughout the world, you moved away from the GHA and "forgot" your cooperation in our Global Peace Academy of Spherons (GPAS). Is this your voluntary decision? Or it was ideological pressure exerted o­n you too? Do you have a chance to return to the interrupted Gandhian scientific collaboration in GPAS?

This is a question for all honest and courageous scientists and humanitarians of the West. If you still retained your scientific courage, then let us actively cooperate in our international GPAS. Why should we, o­n the nuclear suicide verge in 100 seconds (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=924) neglect Mahatma Gandhi's unprecedented experience of a united nonviolent humanity and its more than 16-year continuation in the GGHA, which raised this experience to the level of fundamental science, verified not o­nly by the thousand-year experience of the Ancient India varnas/spherons but also by world statistics in our book "Gandhica" (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848)?

We, at the GGHA GPAS, have created a simple methodic that allows every person who knows arithmetic in 2 hours to make sure of the true spherons in their statistical study of any country, city, corporation, school or any other social object. Why should militaristic Russophobia prevent you from testing, checking, recognizing and using the Gandhian science achievements, created over 16 years in the GGHA? Could you or o­ne of your colleagues answer this question of the mysterious disregard for these GGHA unique verified scientific and peacemaking achievements? I am pleased to send you a draft of our new article o­n these key issues of humanity. Could and would you like to join it, complementing it with your ideas? “May we emerge from this moment in time with the understanding” this greatest Gandhian truth of the spherons. For Gandhi, as you know, this "truth is God."

Let's overcome those false and temporary ideological/confrontational differences, which force us to hate and "slaughter each other." Why did I, for these ideas of the Gandhian spherons of nonviolence and peace, become a dissident both in Russia, since 1975, and in the West, since 2015? Why are these ideas equally brutally suppressed and not published and here and there? In the first case - because of the rejection of the Marxist violent ideology, in the second case - because of the discrepancy and denial of the violent liberal ideology of Russophobic Western racism. Who will overcome this false but gainful to the militarists o­n both sides confrontational antinomy?

With respect, best wishes for health and global peace from the spherons harmony,






Broken hearted to know o­ne Humanity with o­nly .01 % differences can slaughter each other. May we emerge from this moment in time with the understanding that all is interconnected and interdependent. COVID, climate crisis, poverty and more o­nly can be dealt with if we consider a holistic model of all as o­ne. Now is the time for emergence of new systems and collaborative models. Thank-you,


Nina Meyerhof ,

www.coeworld.org, www.onehumanitybakery.com, www.onehumanity.institute

A new wave of bloody violence between Palestinian Muslims and Israeli Jews


In these moments of war and clashes between Palestinian Muslims and Israeli Jews, with such significant global repercussions, the interpretations and positions of each of the parties, which attempt to explain the causes and trends, are full of arguments presented as "truths". Unfortunately, the tribalism factor is hardly mentioned as the main actor in the conflict. I am sure that from the moment I pronounce this ideological position, accusations of anger will be brought against me or against this sociological position.


Linda Schlegel, in her November 26, 2019 article titled “Premodern Tribalism in a Postmodern World: How Tribal Impulses Can Lead to Radicalized Views”. https://eeradicalization.com/es/el-tribalismo-premoderno-en-un-mundo-postmoderno-como-los-impulsos-tribales-pueden-levar-a-opiniones-radicalizadas/, comments that “In the middle of the Growing cosmopolitanism, we are seeing the rise of nationalism, as well as racism and extremist tendencies around the world and across the political and religious spectrum. As external conditions seem to become more modern and interconnected, some individuals and subgroups are moving towards polarization and returning to the tribalism that has shaped human history for centuries "and concludes that" a cycle of mutual radicalization of opinions and major divisions began. If this trend continues, it is quite possible that there will be more extremism everywhere. "


Almost certainly, political and economic needs and circumstances will result in some sort of ceasefire and societies will return to an ever-transitory routine of coexistence until the passions and tribal interests inflamed by fanatical rulers reactivate their hate politics, triggering the triggers of the crime. violence.


Homo "sapiens" in its tribal sense, whether it belongs to customs, languages, religions, skin color, geography, etc. is very violent, and the more irrational it is. It is therefore no coincidence that the wars of religion were and continue to be so fanatic and bloody.


It pains me that it is so hard not to see in science, in my beloved medicine, in the awe-inspiring astronomical progress, etc., the higher values ​​of humanity, instead that such differences are their interests, which incidentally biologically not o­nly make no sense, but are based o­n ignorance.


Nietzsche, by asserting that "God is dead" understands that religion has never claimed to speak the truth; in fact, he fell into the same metaphysical error, claiming to be transcendent and the supernatural world. I think that in reality God as a faith - belief lives in the minds of believers just as much as religions live in "sacred" temples and among their worshipers. When religions “die”, the greatest factor of ignorance and fanaticism in the postmodern scientific, technical and democratic globalized world will provide a new opportunity for peaceful human-to-human coexistence.


How much incongruity and narcissistic vanity do earthlings have, thinking that their gods and the all-powerful humanized o­nes are the motives of the universe and the cosmos!


I remember the great writer Stefan Zweig when he and his wife committed suicide in Brazil, due to the powerlessness of democratic governments in the face of growing Nazi-fascist power in Europe.


Today, I feel powerless not to be able to influence peace and love between humans, and taking refuge in my poetry, I deliver this poem to you: New genocidal Homo "sapiens". *


*A lo largo de la documentada historia,

el nuevo Homo “sapiens” en sus garras

de dominio, en sus dogmas inmutables

y en el ejercicio de su auto

título de “embajador de Dios”.

Quema, mata, subyuga y destruye…


¡Ah, Oscurantismo y barbarie!


Su intolerante ignorancia,

falta de respeto por sus semejantes

y hasta con la propia casa,

- el ambiente natural-

Lo induce a generar limpiezas étnicas,

holocaustos y migraciones forzadas…


Sus manos, hieren a la ya en extinción, natura,

Intoxica aire y agua y hiere a la tierra.

¡Ah!, en su mira, asesina a las

otras hablas, religiones y culturas!

Y es intolerante genocida…

¡Ah!, con sus garras de alambre de púa.

¡Ay, por su apetito insaciable!



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