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Leo Semashko and GGHA. Spherons: Nonlinear Sociogenetic Reality and the Spheronics Megascience Verified Truth

The GGHA “Spherons Global Peace Academy” (SGPA),

Which created the "Spherons Global Peace MegaScience" (SGPM),
briefly - Spheronics.

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Semashko Lev Mikhailovich,

PhD in Philosophy, RANH Professor,

Founder (2005) and Gandhian Global Harmony Association (GGHA)

Honorary President, Russia, St. Petersburg,

Email: leo.semashko@gmail.com,


Roy Maitreyee Bardhan, PhD,

Professor, Women University of Bengal,

Kolkata, West Bengal, India,

Email: maitreyee25@rediffmail.com,


Avery John Scales, PhD,

1995 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate,

The University of Copenhagen Professor Emeritus,

Denmark, Copenhagen,

Email: avery.john.s@gmail.com,


Siebert J. Rudolf, PhD,

Professor Emeritus,

Department of Comparative Religion,

Western Michigan University, Michigan, USA,

Email: rsieb3@aol.com,


Kashina Olga Nikolaevna,

PhD in Economics (Statistics),

Russia, St. Petersburg,

Email: olgkash2007@rambler.ru,


Smirnov Andrey Anatolievich,

PhD in Philosophy,

Associate Professor at NovSU named after Yaroslav Wise,

Russia, Great Novgorod,

Email: borovichi2011@rambler.ru,


Abstract. A brief overview article summarizes more than 45 years of scientific researches by authors from the Gandhian Global Harmony Association (GGHA) over the past 16 years in the field of nonlinear thermodynamic genetic societal structure of spherons within of their holistic innovative science of spheronics.

The article summarizes a wide range of spherons studies from new, spheral terminology and their historical genesis from the ancient India varnas to their modern structural justification in the spheral modeling and their empirical verification by the world statistics. Here are the most general results of the historical, logical and statistical substantiation of the spherons reality and their science of spheronics necessary.

Key words: varnas, spherons, spheral structures, harmony, spheres, noosphere, spheronics, statistics, peace, social genetics, fractals, nonlinear science,


Аннотация. В краткой обзорно-обобщающей статье подводится итог более 45 лет научных исследований авторов из Гандианского Глобального Союза Гармонии (ГГСГ) в течение последних 16 лет в области нелинейной термодинамической генетической социетальной структуры сферонов в рамках их инновационной холистической науки сфероники.

Статья обобщает широкий круг исследований сферонов от новой, сферной терминологии и их исторического генезиса, начиная с варн древней Индии до их современного структурного обоснования в сферном моделировании, и их эмпирической верификации мировой статистикой.Здесь представлены самые общие итоги исторического, логического и статистического доказательств реальности сферонов и необходимости их науки сфероники.

Ключевые слова: варны, сфероны, сферные структуры, гармония сфер, ноосфера, сфероника, статистика, мир, социальная генетика, фракталы, нелинейная наука,


Varnas [spherons] are not a human invention, but an immutable law of nature –… like Newton’s law of gravitation… Varna is the law of life universally governing the human family… Nonviolence [of the varnas/spherons] is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest [nuclear] weapon of destruction.”

Mahatma Gandhi, 1927, 1946 г.


1. Specificity of the spheronics spheral terminology


All the used terminology of spheronics first receives a brief definition, and then is detailed through both explanations and researches of past years, or through current arguments, structures, tables and models.

Spheronics is a fundamental humanitarian MegaScience, holistic and transdisciplinary for all socio-humanitarian scientific knowledge, cognition, consciousness and thinking, based o­n the universal global sociogenetic reality of the humanity spherons ensuring its life at all levels from the individual to the noosphere. Briefly: spheronics is an integral/holistic science of humanity spherons in all its history and at all levels. The spheronics definition is detailed by the entire article and its bibliography sources.

The term spheronics, similar to the 20th century sciences titles: genetics, cybernetics, informatics, synergetics, globalistics, geopolitics, prognostics, etc., was created to distinguish this social science from the philosophical direction of "spherology" by Sloterdijk [15; 16], with whom it is in close epistemological and methodological relations. But the term "spheronics" could be replaced by a similar term "spheronology". In our history of cognition of spherons for 45 years, several terms have changed, similar in meaning to "spheronics": "spheral approach" - 1992 [12], "tetrasociology" - 2002 [13], "global peace science of spherons" - 2016 [4], “Cyberspheronics” or “cybernetics of the third order” - 2020 [14], “tetrism-harmonism”, “spheronism” and “macrospherology” - 2021 [17], which characterizes the incompleteness of the process of adequately naming this emerging science of the MegaScience class.

Spheronics is adequate to this class and level of science, since it is holistic, mega-scale for the entire social world, transdisciplinary for all branches of its scientific knowledge and contains such a "scientific program [which] allows to go beyond modern knowledge in the field of fundamental [socio-humanitarian] sciences and opens up new opportunities in the development of technology." [Wiki] As emphasized by the Russian academician, physicist, Vice President of the Academy of Sciences Gregory Trubnikov: “MegaScience is something that has never existed in world history. It is the scale and magnet for intelligence.” [https://journonline.msu.ru/articles/note/megasayens-magnit-intellekta]The named attributes of spheronics are illustrated and argued in the article and its sources.

Spherons, which make up the object and subject of spheronics, are special, constant and universal classes/groups of people, covering the entire population from birth to death, differing not in property or professional characteristics but o­nly in employment in the social production spheres that expresses them fundamental and exclusive role as its living actors - sole motors. The employment of these groups in the production spheres makes natural to designate them with the term "spherons", similar employed in mines are designated by "miners", those employed in medicine - by "medics", those employed in transport - by “transporters”, in building – by "builders", etc. Other, similar but less adequate terms can be used as synonyms that do not reflect the fundamental difference between spherons as constant productive actors, terms: “spheral classes”, “spheral population groups”, “spheral communities”, etc. They express the historically transient contingents of people, in contrast to the term "spherons", which expresses clusters of people constantly employed in spheres throughout the human history. It is revealed below and determines the special but necessary complexity and natural difficulty of perceiving spheral terminology as a special language of the innovative science of spheronics studying spherons.

The spherons history goes back thousands of years. However, due to the extreme complexity of their non-linear nature, sociogenetic substance and thermodynamic nature, they became available to scientific understanding o­nly during the last century. o­nly in it the first, approximate, variable and unstable cloudy terminology of the production spheres, the spherons employed in them and the linguistic group of "spheral terminology" derived from them, began to take shape.

The terminology of spherons comes from the terminology of "varnas" of ancient India, which Mahatma Gandhi began to use widely and consciously. His first use of the terms "varna", "law of varnas", "order of varnas", "varnashrama", "varnadharma" and the like refer to 1927 (that is, almost 100 years ago!) In publications in his newspaper "Young India”, then reproduced in his book “My Religion”, in the original English source [2, 168-172]. Defining the four equal varnas of the ancient Indian society, which existed for more than a thousand years, he emphasizes that they are not an invention of the human mind but constitute a natural, objective law of nature and of all humanity, "similar to Newton's law of universal gravitation." Having discovered this "immutable law of the existence of society," Hindus "reached a level of spiritual development inaccessible to other peoples." [2] The ratio of varnas and spherons is investigated by us in many works [3; 4; 5; and etc.]. Here we emphasize o­nly their essential relationship: spherons have the same qualities as varnas, but varnas are limited by the ancient society of India, and spherons embrace all of humanity at all its historical stages. [4; 5; 6; 7; and etc.]


2. The nonlinear nature of the spherons reality and its spheronics science


The epistemological complexity of spherons cognition is made up of unique attributive features of their objective reality, which o­nly in our time open up the possibility of its systemic and holistic scientific knowledge. They are investigated in many of our works [3; 4; 5; and others] and are most succinctly presented in a collective article devoted to their thermodynamics [8]. We will o­nly list them here.

1. Spherons belong to social objects of a nonlinear nature [9], which begin to unfold o­nly in the second half of the last century and represent society in a fundamentally new, nonlinear, post-nonclassical spectrum of cognition. “Traditional ideas about social development oversimplify social reality, and society turns out to be much more complex than it seemed until recently: it has a non-trivial o­ntological structure that includes, in addition to the real, a virtual component; in it, the processes of self-organization and chaotization are constantly replacing each other; its many objects are often fractal in nature." [9]

2. The spherons nonlinearity is largely determined by their thermodynamic attribute, stochastic, probabilistic nature of their entropy and negentropy, which is characteristic of the integral social world [8; 10].

3. Another attribute of the spherons nonlinearity is their fractality, the similarity of parts and the whole, first expressed by the law of Anaxagoras "everything in everything" and disclosed in physics, mathematics and social structures by Mandelbrot [11]. The spherons fractality of is perfectly illustrated by the matrices of their spheral indices [5] and their models below.


Fig.1. Model-1. Fractal nature of the noosphere/humanity spheres/spherons [4]


4. All non-linear attributes of spherons are integrated in their cybernetic social genome - SOCIONOME. It constitutes a continuously reproducible constant structure of the eternal autopoietic reproduction of society at all levels and is presented in the corresponding structural model detailed here [3; 4; 5; and etc.].

The spherons societal features, their attributive nonlinear qualities, together with their special, holistic, harmonious and tetrametric dialectics determine the following distinctive characteristics of the spherons innovative science - spheronics: holism, integrity, transdisciplinarity, statistical character, synergy, pluralism/tetrism, harmonism of all pairs of its opposites and others. They are disclosed in many of our works, starting with our first monographs [6; 12; 13] and ending with the following [4; 14].


3. Four clusters of substantiation of spherons in spheronics


It was emphasized above that the scientific research of the spherons reality begins with the varnas of ancient India. Varna is the spherons discovery, which belongs to Mahatma Gandhi, who for the first time realized at an ingenious intuitive level the universal and general macrosociological scientific meaning of the ancient Indian varnas.

Spheronics as an innovative science of spherons has four unique clusters of its fundamental argumentation and justification. They are presented in detail in our books and projects, so we will o­nly list them as conditions for its scientific recognition.

1. The historical substantiation of the spherons by the almost thousand-year-old reality of the four varnas/spherons of ancient India, their inseparability from the social production of any society, first revealed by Mahatma Gandhi. He used their knowledge to prove "the greatest force of humanity nonviolence" and in its unprecedented application in the nonviolent liberation of India from British slavery [4; 5; 18].

2. The logical substantiation of the four fundamental, sociogenetic resources of PIOT, spheres and spherons of SIOT with the steel logic of their law of equal necessity and sufficiency, which is confirmed by the corresponding thought experiments of the impossible existence of society at any level from the individual to humanity at least without o­ne of them [ 4; 5; 19].

3. The philosophical substantiation by almost three thousand years of history of four world directions of monism: existentialism, idealism, organicism and materialism, each of which with equal right and basis proved the primacy of o­ne of the PIOT spheral resources: people, information, organizations, things. This inevitably leads social philosophy to their theoretical synthesis in noospheral tetrism and the harmonism of spherons, disclosed in our books, especially in "Gandhica" [5] and "Sociology for Pragmatists" [6, 73-183].

4. The empirical substantiation and global verification of the four spherons by world statistics within the framework of new, spheral/global statistics, equipped with an unprecedented information technology of digitalization. It has been in development for over 40 years and is featured in our “Gandhica” and many other books and projects. In "Gandhica" [5, 38-40], a methodology for the global statistical verification of spherons by each literate person within 2 hours has been created. Everyone can easily be convinced of the truth of the spherons and their science.

We invite everyone who wants to independently verify the truth, reality of spherons at any social object, or who doubts it, to conduct such an independent statistical research in 2 hours.

Four clusters of scientific substantiation of spherons are a necessary and sufficient proof of the objective truth of spheronics - the spherons science, the main of which is the toolkit of its universal statistical verification up to its personal verification by every literate person. No social discipline possesses similar justification, proof and verification tool. There is no more solid evidence other than practical.

The spheronics definition. "Spheronics" is a holistic macrosociology, humanitarian Megascience, transdisciplinary for all socio-humanitarian scientific knowledge, consciousness and thinking, reflecting the universal sociogenetic reality of four necessary and sufficient spherons / actors of humanity, ensuring its life in global peace, love, harmony and nonviolence, excluding war, violence, militarism and confrontation.

The spheronics fundamental and unprecedented scientific advantage, superiority and excellenceis its holistic, integral nature, because it encompasses through spherons all people o­n planet Earth, without exception, from birth to death in any conditions, states and at all historical stages of the humanity evolutionary genesis. Since o­nly people are the creators/actors of everything that exists in any of their societies, the theory that embraces them as a whole constitutes a holistic scientific socio-humanitarian paradigm. If in social science there is no other, alternative holistic paradigm, then it is the o­nly scientific/objective truth, exclusive of this kind. Such is spheronics - the o­nly holistic socio-humanitarian science, which includes all branches of socio-humanitarian knowledge without exception as a single transdisciplinary MegaScience.


4. Fundamental spheral structures of social production (SPR): PIOT products/resources,
PDEC processes, SIOT spheres and SIOTs spherons


Spheronics is constituted by a system of deep sociogenetic structures of four global, necessary and sufficient spherons, as eternal actors of SPR or autopoiesis [20; 21], engaged in its four spheres, and therefore called "spherons". For the noosphere, they are called "noospherons" - a type of spherons of the highest level of generalization. Both concepts belong to the class of categories of societal communities of Parsons [22].

System-forming global noospherons-actors [4; 1, 133-183; 6] are determined by the equally global, necessary and sufficient four spheral resources/products of PIOT (People, Information, Organizations, and Things). Many scientists and thinkers recognized them in o­ne way or another as key components of any society: Bukharin [23], Kondratyev [24], Bertalanffy [25], Toffler [26] and others, as well as the corresponding four spheres of PIOT production: Marx [27], Gandhi [1], Danilevsky [28], Braudel [29], Barulin [30], Khudyakova [36] and others. In these spheres, PIOT are reproduced in four necessary and sufficient processes of their Production, Distribution, Exchange and Consumption (PREC): Smith [31], Marx [27], Braudel [29], etc.

The chain of interconnected four necessary and sufficient spheral social components (resources, processes, structures-spheres, actors-spherons) is determined by the necessary and sufficient spheral macro-props of the life of any individual and society: PIOT resources/products. They are continuously produced by the society/individual as products and are used by them as resources for subsequent production cycles. They are represented by the following PIOT structural model.

Fig. 2. Model-2: PIOT resources/components of the society [4]


This model expresses the absolute existential social law of equal necessity of each PIOT and their sufficiency together. It is verified by a decisive thought experiment of the impossibility to imagine the real life of a society/individual in the absence of at least o­ne of PIOT and the impossibility of adding to them any other social resource/component, which would not be included and contained within the four PIOT resource clusters. Similar experiments are confirmed by history, in which there are no examples of the life of any individual or society/group in the absence of at least o­ne PIOT.

The PIOT fragments of spheral resources are empirically evident at the surface level, but as a whole they are invisible and require theoretical definition, primarily in statics. The center of model-1 is the planet concentrates all the infinite cultural and historical diversity of humanity PIOT, covering all its social objects from the individual, family, club, school, company to the country, continent and noosphere. For them, PIOT are necessary and sufficient components/resources of their continuous life and at the same time constituting target-setting products.

The chain of spheral components continues in four processes, four spheres and four spherons of humanity. The last two links are expressed by the corresponding, integrating PDEC processes, structural models:


Fig. 3. Model-3: SIOT Spheres of social production [4]


The social production spheres differ in the final PIOT product/resource that is created and reproduced in it:

Sociosphere produces PEOPLE,

Infosphere produces INFORMATION,

Orgsphere produces ORGANIZATIONS,

Technosphere produces THINGS. (Synonym: Technoecosphere, which unites the economy and ecology, its natural elements/spheres from which it is inseparable.) In short: SIOT-spheres of social production at any level.

The SIOT-spheres are equally necessary and together are sufficient, which excludes the monistic primacy and the determining role of any of them, but does not exclude their functional historical (transient, variable) priority.

In each sphere, the infrastructure is different, covering the non-human means of production, its non-human resources and the o­nly actor, which is made up people employed in it, called spherons, represented by the structural model.


Fig.4. Model-4: Four Spherons of social production [4]


Sociospheron is employed in the production of PEOPLE in the Sociosphere,

Infospheron is employed in the production of INFORMATION in the Infosphere,

Orgspheron is employed in the production of ORGANIZATIONS in the Orgsphere,

Technoecospheron (or Technospheron) is employed in the production of THINGS in the Technosphere.

The spherons abbreviation is the same as the spheres, in which they are employed and by which they differ: SIOT-spherons or SIOTs.

The aggregate cluster of PEOPLE (population, people, humanity) is divided by equally necessary and sufficient SIOT spheres into the corresponding, EQUALLY necessary and together sufficient four SPHERONS, which differ o­n their final product/resource produced by them or, that is identical, o­n their employment in the respective spheres.

The division of people into equally necessary and sufficient spherons constitutes the normative, genetic, invariant social structure of ANY society in history at all its levels, without exception. Therefore, in the center of Model-4, any variable social object in the history of the planet can be placed from the individual, family and settlement to the city, industry, country and humanity/noosphere as a whole.

The societal structure of people and their regular thermodynamic distribution by spherons in the most general and holistic form is expressed by the following model.


Fig. 5. Model-5: Societal spherons structure of humanity [32]


This spherons model is detailed by the branches and sectors (social and individual) of social production in a joint structural table of spheres/spherons, expressing their inseparability as infrastructures and actors in statics.


5. Table of social production spheres/spherons


The spheronics key categories "spheres" and "spherons" are detailed in the following joint structural table of spheres/spherons (divided into two parts), expressing their inseparability as infrastructures and actors in statics.



* S/S - sphere/spheron

* S/S - sphere/spheron

Fig. 6. Table 1. Structural statics of four SPHERES/SPHERONS [32]


The table of spheres/spherons gives an integral static, multidimensional, multidisciplinary spheral scientific macro picture of society/humanity at all levels, in both sectors (public, labor employment and individual household self-employment in free time) and at all social objects, respectively, reducing to their scale.

As an example, below is the statistics of the social structure of the Russia spherons in their dynamics over 50 years (for the working population, where their employment is taken into account o­nly in the public sector of the spheres), which can be obtained for any country, city, corporation and humanity as a whole if there is an initial statistics. Many similar examples of world statistics of different objects are given in the book "Gandhica" [5].


            Fig. 7. Table-2. Distribution of the Russian population by spherons 1970–2019. [33]


6. Dynamic "Sociocybernetic Genome" (Socionome) of spheres/spherons


The static structures and attributes of the spheres/spherons of humanity and the noosphere are integrated into a single dynamic model of the cybernetic social genome of spherons, which is briefly called the "Sociocybernetic Genome" or the Socionome of spheres/spherons of the holistic social universe. It connects all spheral structural, static models in a holistic dynamic model with the functional processes of the PDEC (production, distribution, exchange, consumption) in all their diverse historical forms, which are expressed in a single matrix system of spheral global statistical indices called the PIOT GlobStat and disclosed below. The Socionome structure is the scientific-theoretical foundation of the PIOT GlobStat and all its digital IT. The dynamic structure of the socionome was discovered more than 40 years ago [12; 3] and is presented in the model:


Fig. 8. Model-4. Socionome of spherons/humanity/noosphere [3]


In this model, 16 spheral structural elements, absolutely necessary and sufficient for each other in a continuous holistic social genesis, reveal the nature of sustainable development, vitality and survival of humanity in their harmony. But this genesis is not linear, but stochastic, probabilistic, thermodynamic [8, 9; 10], as emphasized above.


7. Fundamental qualimetric digital tool of spheronics: technology of spheral global statistics: GlobStat


A mathematical, quantitative measure of harmony of 16 genetic elements of the socionome o­n model-4, which ensures social vitality at all levels and all social objects, is determined and for the first time becomes available in the noospheral PIOT GlobStat [5; 12; 34]. Its key part is the statistics of spherons, whose indices are aggregated from the current statistics for any year based o­n the table/template below.


The spherons main indices are underlined, others are intermediate.

Fig. 9. Table-3. Aggregation of statistical indicators of spherons [5, 33-35]


In a similar way, spheral indices of other parts of global, spheral, trans-branches statistics (PIOT GlobStat) are formed, which are detailed in many works [5; 6; 12; 13; 34 et al.]. Nothing-like in statistics, macrosociology, globalistics, geopolitics, prognostics, sociocybernetics and etc. areas modernity does not know. No o­ne in the world owns such global spheral information and the methodology of its production suitable for any country and the world as a whole.

Due to the GlobStat detailed presentation in many works for more than 40 years, including about 300 spheral projects [35] from the individual, family, cities up to the UN [38], in which it so go otherwise used and developed, we limit themselves here the most common definition of its practical significance.

The GlobStat extensive experience allows us to argue that it opens up a global innovative technological trend of digitalization in five key areas of MegaScience:

1.Internet-2, controlling and organizing traditional Internet,

2.Spheral artificial intelligence,

3.Mega big data,

4.Applications for smartphones

5.Harmonious spheral governance and management [5; 34; 35].

The priority development of these directions in anycountry will provide it to prosperity, sustainable development, millions of new high-intelligent jobs and global technological leadership in them, in their spheral software as a global digitalization driver in the entire noosphere. It will become information technologies of a fundamentally new, spheral (or noospheral) class and generation of our century.

The spheral GlobStat will become the unified worldwide statistical language of universal social qualimetry, the general technology of digitalization, globalistics, geopolitics, governance and ideology of global mutual understanding, nonviolence and harmony of humanity, all of its peoples. It allows you to prevent and solve all the conflicts that arise. It ensures the effectiveness of noospheral prognostics allowing to calculate the long waves of Kondratyev [24] almost any dimension for any country and region. In the world, there is no similar versatile technology of qualimetry, it does not possess, and does not offer any of the well-known social disciplines. This technology creates an unlimited practical application of spheronics science in the future.

GlobStat will undoubtedly become the subject of acute competitive technological struggle in the near future predicted by the German philosopher Sloterdijk in the spheral morphology of new plural life spaces that displacing the traditional and exhausted monism [15; 16]. The meaning of noospheral technology is convincingly evidenced by the fact that it was actively interested in the Pentagon, whose experts [39; 37] scrupulously examine all innovations in this area abyss, naturally, in its own militaristic interests of America's domination.

There is no doubt that the world technological and intellectual leadership in the 21st century will belong to the country that the first seizure of the spheral qualimetric technology GlobStat and its spheronics science.


8. The Spheronics integrality laws. First hypotheses


Spheronics is the laws system of deep sociogenetic structures of the four holistic/global, necessary and sufficient spherons as the eternal actors of the autopoiesis [20; 21], social production, employed in its four spheres, because called "spherons". These global holistic structures of spherons of different formats (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.) allow formulating, in a first approximation, the hypothesis of the corresponding fundamental social laws of spheronics, making it a transdisciplinary humanitarian mega-science.

1. The statics structural law of social integrality. Society is a super-complex nonlinear thermodynamic socio-natural system of interactions of four constant, equally necessary and together sufficient spheral structures of social production (social autopoiesis): PIOT, PROP, SIOT and SIOTs, which are infinitely changeable in their evolutionary cultural historical forms.

2. The dynamics functional law of social integrality. The viability of society from the individual to humanity/noosphere as a whole is determined by the dialectical unity in the harmonious balance of four spheral structures/oppositeschangeability, 16 elements of which make up the dynamic societal genome (SOCIONOME) of society, continuously reproduced at all levels and in all historical forms of social evolution.

3. The eternal actors law of social integrality. The o­nly defining and productive active actor of the integral structural-functional system of social production are holistic constant SPHERONS as an exclusive eternal form of humanity/people existence, which determines all, without exception, changes in its states, parameters, qualities, measures, proportions, dynamics of all its constituent branches and objects.

4. The law of spherons equality in social integrality. The relatively endless life of the humanity social integrity can be constantly provided only by socially equal spherons, which are unconditionally equal to each other as equally necessary for each other and sufficient in partnership and solidarity, actors of social production at all social objects. Violation of the social equality of spherons in any society, in any of its forms and at any of its objects, inevitably turns into its collapse/disintegration.

5. The law of spherons mutual attraction/gravitation in social integrality. The humanity social integrity constant and any social object is genetically determined by such forces and substances of social attraction and association of people as mutual love, peace, nonviolence, harmony, measure, proportion, equality, balance and equilibrium of all resources of each spheron. Without these forces, disintegration, destruction and death of humanity, any association of people, takes place.

6. The law of bifurcation of spherons social integrality. The spherons historical genesis turning point is their mental transformation, a breakthrough from spontaneous actors as "spherons in themselves", into conscious actors, into "spherons for themselves" based o­n the development and mastery of scientific knowledge of spheronics with its "substantially new thinking" by spheres/spherons as a result of universal education in this science/thinking of new generations. The societies, formations and civilizations that are incapable to similar internal nonviolent transformation of a cognitive nature are doomed to historical degeneration as a result of o­ne or another suicidal genocide: nuclear, biological, moral, religious, etc.

7. The civilization law of the spherons social integrality. The spherons education in the spheronics science will free the humanity subsequent historical genesis from all spontaneous conflicts, wars, violence and confrontations, will ensure the prosperity and sustainable development of all planet peoples as brothers of o­ne family in a new, harmonious global SPHERONS CIVILIZATION, realizing the humanity long-standing dream.

Naturally, all these laws require verification and correction. The important thing is that no other traditional socio-humanitarian science is capable to formulate any laws of social integrality, without which there can be no true understanding and conscious governance at all levels.

GlobStat ensures these laws by the instrument of accurate quantitative expression in mathematical fractal matrices of the distribution of statistical probabilities between spherons at all levels from an individual to humanity/noosphere, expressing the thermodynamic nature of their spheral integrality. The nonlinear, thermodynamic nature of spherons determines the corresponding character of their spheronics science. In addition to qualimetric tool GlobStat, spheronics creates a number of other spheral tools of its unprecedented scientific advantages: social taxonomy, structural linguistics, spheral thoughtcreativity, social experimentation, long-term prognostics and others [19; 35; 40; 41].

Of course, the proposed wording of the spheronics laws as well as the previous formulations, due to their limited verification can be considered at this science initial stage only as hypotheses, waiting for additional substantiation, experimental testing, additions and applications in practice. But at the start, it gained support for world scientists [20; 28; 34; 48, etc.].


9. Universal axiology and holistic plural

democracy of spherons


The spherons axiology in spheronics is based o­n and follows from the law of their mutual attraction/gravitation, which determines the entire set of the people social relations. This axiology is universal, which was manifested throughout history by the axiologies of different civilizations, which were limited o­nly by the positive values ​​of life and excluded all the negative o­nes that are absent in them: death, war, violence, enmity, hatred, domination, and the like. We will not find them in the axiologies of sustainable, viable societies. This is fundamental life-affirming axiological trend of humanity, which develops and scientifically substantiates by spheronics in its axiology of spherons. In short, it is expressed by the following fundamental, long-recognized values, not needing special proof and undoubted.

1. Love. The equal, absolute social necessity of spherons for each other, the impossibility of life for each of them (as well as for each person) without the products of any other makes them socially equally loved and highly desirable for each other, i.e. for society as a whole and for each individual. Mutual love of spherons is a special love, social, deep, spiritual at their genetic level, which can be defined by the “societal” category introduced by T. Parsons for the corresponding communities [22], which we use to characterize spherons. Therefore, the societal love of spherons is the first, of a genetic nature and a priority level, the spiritual value of spherons in their system of spheral axiology, gathering the previous historical axiological systems and retaining all of them significant for spherons values, integrating them in its spheral synergy.

2. Truth. The key mediating value of the spherons societal love is the truth of social thinking, cognition and consciousness, which is provided by the spheronics science along with its spheral technologies and tools. Societal love of spherons can o­nly be based o­n objective, scientific truth, comprehensively verified by all available means. When this or that "truth" is exposed, the relationships of people based o­n it collapse. Mahatma Gandhi brilliantly expressed the key significance of truth for love and life: “Truth is God” of people [2]. People can live in love, peace, harmony and prosperity o­nly in truth and nothing else.

3. Morality. Societal, true love is incompatible and excludes not o­nly any lie, but also any falsification, deception, double standards and hypocrisy, i.e. any amoralism that constitutes a symptom of a deep, genetic pathology and the inevitable collapse of the social system and any of its organizational, even democratic order. Therefore, the next mediating value of the spherons' love is morality, the ethics of true honesty of all relationships, o­nly with which any morally pathogenic power, including traditional democracy, is cured.

4. Peace. The priority, first level of the spherons systemic axiology is crowned with the highest value of a viable state and sustainable development of any social system - global external and internal peace. Peace is possible o­nly o­n the value foundations of love, truth and morality, without any of which it is impossible, unattainable, devoid of stability and real being. Hatred, lies and amoralism, embodied in total confrontation, make peace unstable and temporary, destroying it from the inside with aggression, violence and conflict, ready to explode into a bloody war at any second. Therefore, thinking peace systemlessly, outside the spherons social integrality and outside their love, scientific truth and morality, is not o­nly a pacifist utopia, but also an anti-scientific vision and fruitless practice that has been proven by the entire past century. The first level of the spherons' axiology is expressed by a number of their values: Love-Truth-Moral-Peace (LTMP). These values ​​are systemic and do not exist o­ne without the other. But as such, they are possible and necessary o­nly for holistic spherons, and never for partial and hostile partons, which are always hateful to each other, deceitful and immoral in relation to each other, and therefore forever exclude peace among themselves, existing in permanent antagonism, confrontation and a war among themselves for power and resources. Peace between them is possible o­nly within the framework of their spherons and between the spherons and nothing else.

In a similar way and in analogic structural order, the axiological square (4x4 + 2) of the tetradic system of 18 spherons' values ​​is built. It is crowned with happiness as the highest holistic existential value of a person o­n Earth and GOD as the highest and eternal Cosmic/Universal value of spherons, which as such is planetary realized and is recognized by them as the highest moral value of their holistic science of spheronics.

The LTMP highest human values serve the spherons as a transition to the highest Universal value of GOD, and HE informs people o­n Earth about himself through LTMP, granting them to earthlings o­n their microscopic cosmic island as HIS highest values ​​of order and life o­n it. Two opposite life-giving streams of spiritual values: from a part, a person, humanity, spherons to GOD, in SPACE, as a single DIVINE WHOLE and from GOD, the UNIVERSE to its microscopic but intelligent part, capable to reflect the Divine creation in general - to a person, an earthling converge and merge in harmony of the spherons LTMP common values ​​for them. This happens at their historical evolutionary crossroads of billions of years of life o­n the Earth microscopic island, when the human mind rises to the scientific comprehension of spherons truth and their highest moral value GOD, concentrating in HIS integrality all human values without exception.

Spheronics, as the o­nly holistic transdisciplinary mega-science available to humanity o­n Earth, for the first time realizes the DIVINE mission of humanity through harmonious, nonviolent, loving spherons, intelligently reaching the TRUTH of their DIVINE existence o­n Earth through their LTMP values, identical with GOD. Spheronics scientifically assumes the Divine, Cosmic source of spherons LTMP spheral values. The spherons human values ​​go from bottom to top, from within their parts, people and partons, which are permanently mistaken, err and deviate from their spiritual elevation and which begin to scientifically correct its trajectory through the collective, harmonious mind of spherons in the spheronics science comprehending the TRUTH OF LTMP DIVINE VALUES for earthlings.

They come from above, from the integral UNIVERSE, from GOD! o­nly through the spherons collective mind, concentrating in the spheronics holistic humanitarian mega-science, each human individual receives the highest reasonable opportunity to approach the VALUES OF GOD. Spheronics, comprehending the humanity integrality through harmonious genetic spherons, o­nly through their scientific, true awareness comprehends its highest, DIVINE values ​​of LTMP o­n Earth.

Their scientific comprehension does not in the least reject, but strengthens the religious, ecclesiastical FAITH in them. In spheronics, science and faith find complete harmony, consent, mutual understanding and mutual support, in contrast to the extreme and harmful delusions of atheism. o­nly a holistic humanitarian science, spheronics, is able to understand and serve to the religious faith, and not reject it atheistically, to which partial, limited and torn branch sciences with a narrow level and horizons of reason, intellect and thinking bordering o­n ignorance and turning into it are committed. The narrower the science, the farther it is from God and faith, and the wider and deeper it is, the closer it is to them.

All the past, partial denials of God, coming from the extreme partons/parts of humanity in the face of certain classes, nations, parties, groups and their individuals, called "atheists", embody the worst, most harmful, soulless and insignificant kind of materialism, limited physiological corporeality of a person. Atheism merges with terrorism, with which they form two facets of the same medal of the lowest vices and misanthropism of people. It is also identified with the religious fanaticism of suicide bombers who trample o­n God with hatred and murder of people, His highest creation. Atheism/terrorism/fanaticism is the lowest and most limited kind of materialistic monism, devoid of all spirituality and eradicating all spirituality, be it religious, philosophical, artistic or scientific.

This was fully proved by decades of totalitarian atheistical dictatorship by Marxist Bolshevism in Russia, mercilessly destroying not o­nly religion and thousands of its churches, but also millions of their servants and ordinary believers, proving the spiritual insignificance of the Marxism materialistic monism, which led to its inevitable historical collapse. Lack of spirituality is inherent not o­nly in materialism, but also in any monism that rejects love, truth, morality and peace between all the necessary spheres and spherons of humanity, which are fully recognized and receive fundamental scientific substantiation in spheronics and its spherons spheral values system.

In spheronics, in its first, hypothetical approximation, which requires a more fundamental justification and correction, the systemic axiology of spherons values ​​is represented by their following structural model.


Fig. 10. Model-5. Axiological tetrary square of spherons' values.

The different versions of the spherons systemic axiology were considered in many of our works [3; 4; 5; 6, etc.].

Of all the spherons listed values, all are known to o­ne degree or another in traditional axiological systems, except for "spheronocracy". In spheronics, it is defined as the spherons democracy, as a complete (100%) democracy of the people spherons, in contrast to traditional partial (from 40% to 1%) party-class democracies. In spheronocracy all branches of power are divided equally between socially equal and equally necessary spherons (regardless of their historically changing number), between their democratically elected representatives. Spheronocracy is such a democracy, such a power of the people and such its political system, which is based o­n the social equality of spherons, covering the entire population, any nation in a whole. It is built not o­n the basis of a partial party that won the elections, based o­nly o­n a narrow social, class base, outside of which the entire non-working population under 18, which makes up almost 30% of it, remains. It is built o­n its fundamental, genetic social structure of spherons, including the entire population as a whole and reflecting the interests of society as a whole, and not any of its party-class part. Spheronocracy inherits all the constructive achievements of traditional democracy, overcomes all its ineradicable pathologies: corruption, internal enmity, antagonism, schism, confrontation, militarism, social inequality and nationalism, supplementing it with fundamental innovations of “children's suffrage, performed by parents” [42] and equal division of power between spherons.

Spheronocracy is the highest social level of political democracy development, which evolutionarily, without violent revolutions, grows into it only as a result of continuous and universal education of spherons, the upbringing of their new generations in science, worldview and universal ideology of harmonious nonviolent spheronics from childhood and from family. Therefore, the conversion/transition of traditional, partial and confrontational democracy into a holistic spheronocracy of loving and equal spherons, as well as their corresponding social transformation from spontaneous "spherons in themselves" into conscious "spherons for themselves", occurs consciously, nonviolently, according to the spheronics science, which spherons master from childhood. This requires a long period of time for the purposeful formation and functioning of the corresponding, spheral education system. The modern generation began the process of scientific awareness of the spheronocracy, its experimental political approbation 30 years ago [43] and the preparation of a universal, spheral, harmonious education [44]. Of course, this is o­nly the beginning of that colossal socio-political process, which has affected o­nly a meager piece of virgin soil of this field. It will be presented in the new book of the GGHA with the name synonymous with spheronocracy: "Gandhicracy" [45].

Spheronocracy o­n the basis of spherons social equality and their values ​​will become an alternative "third way" [47] of the humanity genesis, preserving and integrating in synergy all the achievements of both capitalism and socialism, but freeing them from destructive, immoral attributes that lead them to nuclear suicide. Spheronocracy is a democracy of a harmonious civilization of spherons, an alternative civilization of Orwell's "barnyard" [37], in which all values ​​are perverted, where "lies have become truth, war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance by force" and which hangs over the abyss of nuclear genocide. The GGHA launched the genesis of a new civilization of conscious spherons mastering the holistic mega-science of spheronics along a scientific, alternative "third path". [3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 14;etc.]


10. Conclusion.

Spheronics: holistic innovative science of spherons,

its Copernican significance and priority social organization

in the XXI century


The spheronics MegaSciencehas been built over 45 years "on the shoulders of giants" of the humanity genius thinkers accumulating in synergy their fundamental ideas that have been tested for centuries and millennia, largely still not understood, not mastered and some even forgotten. Here is a list of the most famous of them, o­n whose shoulders spheronics stands: the ancient Egypt priests, the four Indian Vedas authors, Homer, Pompilius, Pythagoras, Confucius, Anaxagoras, Heraclitus, Empedocles, Plato, Aristotle, the world religions sacred books authors, Dante, Erasmus, Copernicus, Shakespeare, Kepler, Leibniz, Montesquieu, Kant, Smith, Comte, Hugo, Marx, Weber, Durkheim, Danilevsky, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Poincaré, Gandhi, Einstein, Bogdanov, Vernadsky, Roerichs, Bertalanffy, Wiener, Parsons, Braudel, Maturana, Luhmann, Toffler, Bourdieu, Kennedy, King, Mandela, Sakharov, Chazov, Solzhenitsyn, Ikeda and hundreds of others. They belonged to different spherons, were employed in different fields and professions, but their brilliant intuitions of the deep harmonious and genetic social structure of peace and love of the humanity spherons accompanied its entire spiritual evolution for almost five thousand years from the first guesses to modern scientific spheronics. The most complete, up to 1000 titles, lists of works of these and similar authors are presented in the last five books of the GGHA since 2009 [2, 3, 4, 5, 6].

They all, o­ne way or another, more or less, intuitively or theoretically realized the one nature of the universe, society and human as a holistic harmony of fundamental spheres, recognizing its highest objective truth of human knowledge, to which relies and develops spheronics. They belonged to different spherons, were busy in different social spheres and professions, but their brilliant intuitions of the deep harmonious and genetic social structure of peace and of the humanity spherons accompanied all its spiritual evolution for almost five thousand years from the first guesses to modern scientific spheronics, in which they found a comprehensive theoretical and empirical substantiation. The most complete, up to 1000 titles, lists of these and similar authors works are presented in the GGHA five latest books since 2009 [2, 3, 4, 5, 6].

Spheronics is based o­n the natural harmony of spherons, where harmony occupies the fundamental connecting pillar of the "only true objective reality", according to A. Poincaré [49], which provides an similar natural, from God, eternal inner, genetic social peace. Natural harmony natural love, humanism and global peace of the social universe based o­n it, realized by I. Kant [50] and M. Gandhi [2], raised to the level of fundamental science by spheronics, are alien and genetically exclude any confrontation, war, militarism, enmity, hatred and violence. They are possible o­nly temporarily, o­nly at the spherons spontaneous stage and o­nly between some of their partons/parts due to their ignorance and selfishness in the early stages of human history [4].

Spheronics and its highest constructive technological tool GlobStat provide a solution to almost all social, global and national problems created by traditional, partial thinking and insoluble for it in an inaccessible integrality, accessible o­nly to Einstein's "substantially new manner of thinking" by holistic substances of spheres/spherons in spheronics MegaScience. Regarding its “substantially new thinking”, o­ne can repeat the well-known prophetic words of V. Vernadsky, who raised thinking to the noosphere holistic level adequate to its spheres and spherons: this is "not a crisis disturbing weak souls but the greatest turning point of human thought making o­nly o­nce a millennium." [52]

This is the Copernican significance of spheronics discovering in everyday social life such secret, deep, genetic and holistic spherons, which determine the social being in a whole, from its birth to its death, as a natural "Newtonian Law", by definition of Mahatma Gandhi [2]. As the Copernicus discovery turned the humanity false natural worldview into the true, as and the discovery of spherons and their rationale in MegaScience spheronics turns the humanity false social worldview in objectively true. This is an adequate determination of the social significance of spheronics, which will be revealed and delved by the centuries like the Copernicus discovery.

The exclusive value and significance of the holistic social Megascience of spheronics for humanity and its survival in global peace, love, nonviolence and the sustainable development of spherons raise the priority question of the need to create for it a special scientific structure. It is a new independent international Humanitarian Academy, following the example of similar Academies in Vatican, Britain, China and some other countries. o­nly spheronics, consolidated developed in the corresponding independent Academy, so as not to be suppressed by the traditional branch academy, is able to overcome the “civilization crisis of the absence of a scientifically grounded theory of society, … the theory of its sustainable development and the preservation of earthly civilization” [53]. The various projects of a similar Global Peace Academy of Spherons have long been developed and proposed by the GGHA for discussion by the world civil society, since 2008 [44 идр.].



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Spheronics MegaScience (SM) Recognitions


The India President, Dr. Abdul Kalam, the first world leader who recognized the SGPM as the first harmonious worldview, vision of peace and prosperity for all the Earth nations, for buildingharmonious civilization in his appreciation of the GHA book "The ABC of Harmony for Global Peace, Harmonious Civilization and Tetranet Thinking" , New Delhi. 2012, which he co-authored, as the SGPM early version: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=489

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
, President of India, 2002–2007, poet: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=95

The world needs the great vision of peace and prosperity.

The ABC of Harmony is the dawn of a shining, harmonious vision of peace and prosperity for all the nations of the planet Earth! Together with it, the enlightened citizens will emerge, capable of building a harmonious civilization of peace and prosperity o­n the planet Earth!

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- Pedagogical experience of humanitarian (philosophy, sociology, law, political science, etc.) teaching at universities in St. Petersburg and other cities - about 20 years: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=917,

- Founder (2005) and Honorary President of the International Gandhian Global Harmony Association (GGHA), whose website "Peace from Spherons Harmony" in 16 languages for 16 years has recorded more than 17 million visits: https://peacefromharmony.org,

- Lifetime Honorary Member of RC51 "Sociocybernetics" International Sociological Association,

- Three times nominated together with GGHA by the Western scientists at the Nobel Peace Prize (2013, 2017, and 2020): https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1000,

- Scientific peacemaking achievements 1970-2021: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1023,

- Since 1970, cooperation with hundreds of domestic and foreign scholars of the humanities, since 2000 - with more than 600 Western humanitarians from more than 50 countries, including 5 Nobel Peace Laureates: Mairead Maguire, John Avery, Adolfo Esquivel, Ernesto Kahan, Beatrice Fihn, President of India Abdul Kalam, leader of Japanese Buddhists Daisaku Ikeda, Norwegian pioneer of peace researches Johan Galtung, American linguist Noam Chomsky, Kazakh economist academician Uraz Baimuratov, Japanese sociologist Reiman Bachika, British cyberneticist Bernard Scott, Russian historian Vladislav Krasnov, Indian sociologist Maitreyee Roy, French philosopher Guy Crequie, Pakistani statistician Noor Larik, African lawyer Ayo Amale, Indian poet Ashok Chakravarthy, Greek writer and poet Takis Ioannides, American theologian Rudolf Siebert and many other world famous scientists and peacemakers. For 16 years, more than 500 personal pages of the GGHA members have been created o­n its website, who actively cooperated with the GGHA: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1000,

- More than 1600 publications, including 20 books in 1-12 languages, many of which are in the world's largest libraries: British, US Congress, Sorbonne, etc. The Russia National Electronic Library (NEL) with its Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) was open to me only since August 24, 2021, Only 28 my publications, less than 2%, are included in it now. The rest remain unknown to Russian scientists. Prior to this, the NEL RSCI, since the very beginning 2005, was fully closed for my publications for 16 years due to the Marxist censorship in the NEL of Russia, which continues to this day, but not at least:


- Personal page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253,

- Skype: leo.semahko

- Email: leo.semashko@gmail.com



Leo Semashko and the GGHA 5 coauthors.




The International Scientific and Practical Conference Materials.


Rostov-on-Don, October 29, 2021

Publishing House "Priority", Southern University.

In 2 parts. Part 2.


Pages: 167-189

RSCI: https://www.elibrary.ru/item.asp?id=47231801


For citation:

Semashko L. and GGHA. Spherons: Nonlinear Sociogenetic Reality and Verified Truth of the Spheronics MegaScience. The International Scientific and Practical Conference Materials. DEVELOPMENT OF SCIENCE AND EDUCATION IN THE CONDITIONS OF GLOBAL INSTABILITY: MODERN PARADIGMS, PROBLEMS, WAYS OF SOLUTION. Rostov-on-Don, October 29, 2021 Publishing House "Priority", Southern University. In 2 parts. Part 2. P. 143-166 - URL: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1019






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