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Leo Semashko, Olga Kashina. Spherons Statistical Verification within 2 hours. Method, Meanings and Consequences of Truth

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Unite in the spherons’ harmony for love, peace, truth, nonviolence, justice, freedom, equality, fraternity and happiness!

The GGHA, since Feb 15, 2005 is an international peacemaking volunteer NGO uniting more 600 members

in 55 countries and more than o­ne million participants from the GGHA collective members.

Web: www.peacefromharmony.org

Board: 36 GGHA members from 14 countries


GGHA headquarters: Office A 170, New Manglapuri, New Delhi 110045, India;

E-mail: hasina@worldgrowthforums.com

GGHA Mission is:

To bring global peace from genetic social harmony of the Gandhian spherons paving conscious way for nonviolent civilization o­n the scientific ‘substantially new" (Einstein) spheral, holistic and fractal thinking of ‘The ABC of Harmony’, ‘Global Peace Science of Spherons - Spheronics MegaScience’ and ‘Gandhica’ through universal harmonious education in the Gandhian Nonviolent Tetranet Thinking:








The Spherons Verification.

Transition from the space of false social consciousness
to the space of true social thinking.


The spherons law is a society Newtonian law.

[Therefore], the truth [of spherons] is God.

Mahatma Gandhi



In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1043

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=948


The humanity history does not know a single paradigm/theory of social thinking/worldview that claims to have a holistic understanding of society and its history, including Marxism, liberalism, and the like, which would suggest starting their understanding with the verification of the truth of their initial premise, expressing the society substance of. Therefore, they all remain in the space of not true, but false, ideological and partial consciousness, which continues to dominate until now. This consciousness/worldview is asserted today by the official global "empire of lies" of the mainstream media, which zombies the mass consciousness and manipulates "public opinion" in the interests of narrow ruling elites. Hence comes the justification of endless wars and violence after WWII and the perversion, to justify them, of all social values, when “lie becomes truth, war becomes peace, freedom becomes slavery, and ignorance becomes force”, according to Orwell’s brilliant definition more than 70 years ago.

Only the tetranet thinking (TM) paradigm of the Gandhian "Spherons Global Peace MegaScience" (SGPM), briefly - Spheronics, overcomes the traditional pathology of false consciousness and enters the space of true thinking from the first step, offering every literate person to start spheral TM with verification of the truth of its holistic universal substance - spherons. Moreover, there are no restrictions for their verification in any historical time and o­n any social object of any level from the individual and the family to the noosphere and humanity, if traditional statistics exist for them. This is the o­nly limitation. Without traditional statistics, it is impossible to get statistics of spherons and verify them.

The method of verification of spherons proposed below requires a minimum time of 2 hours and results in o­ne table o­n o­ne page.


The spherons definition


The spherons are special, spheral, equally necessary and together sufficient for society classes/groups covering the entire population from birth to death, differing not in ownership or profession but o­nly in employment in o­ne of the four spheres of social production. They play the fundamental role of its living actors and sole movers. Its spherons in the face of their historically transient professional and branch groups, called partons, create everything that is created in society. The partons are continuously updated in their qualitative and quantitative composition without changing the spherons constant structure.

Terminology. The employment of classes/groups in the spheres of production makes it natural to designate them by the term “spherons”, just as those employed in the mines are designated as “miners”, those employed in medicine are designated as “medical workers”, those employed in construction are designated as “builders”, etc. Other, similar, longer and less adequate terms can be used as synonyms: “spheral classes”, “spheral population groups”, “spheral communities”, which were used earlier [1].

Cognitive meaning. o­nly spherons personify, embody and express the highest, transdisciplinary level of knowledge of society, humanity - its integrality, wholeness, inaccessible to traditional partial knowledge, because the knowledge of spherons is inaccessible to it. o­nly through spherons as the o­nly actors of society is its wholeness known in its entire social space-time, in all its attributes, laws, meanings and dimensions, in its societal genome, in its genesis, in its “greatest force of non-violence, mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction”, in its “Newtonian Law” (Gandhi). The spherons wholeness provides society/humanity with eternal survival in its eternal internal autopoiesis. This determines the social priority of the knowledge of spherons and its holistic MegaScience of spheronics, the mastery of which raises humanity to a mature stage of its evolution. The term "MegaScience" denoting the scientific knowledge of spherons is used to express and emphasize the unique in human cognition wholeness, transdisciplinarity of this knowledge, covering and including all and any scientific knowledge about all elements, clusters and objects of society produced by its spherons. Megascience in our sense is a synonym for "holistic science" as opposed to "partial traditional science", which is unable to solve holistic and global problems.

Pragmatics. Scientific knowledge of the social universality and substantiality of spherons in a mathematical and quantitative exact form “GlobStat” provides the same ultimate scale of its pragmatics, i.e. its practical consequences and conscious applications both for humanity in its history as a whole, and for each country, family and individual. These consequences and applications are widely and in detail presented in hundreds of the GGHA works and previous o­nes [1; 2; 3; 4; 5, etc.], therefore further we will simply list the key o­nes, which solve the problems of traditional partial thinking that have been unsolvable for it thousands of years.

The Megascience of spherons consequences: social and gender equality; social priority of children; social justice from social equality; global peace and non-violence, excluding wars and violence; fractal spheral structure of production and fractal organization of its management, excluding traditionally ineradicable corruption; increasing the traditional limits for the growth of social production by 3-4 times; fractal spheral organization of all political, electoral and power state systems; based o­n GlobStat: new fractal, spheral Internet; spheral AI; spheral technologies of digitalization, spheral technologies of harmonious learning, harmonious family, harmonious personal development, etc. The spectrum of application and use of the spherons MegaScience of is unlimited, endless and inexhaustible in the social space-time.

Two pragmatic strategies of Spherons MegaScience (SM).

1. Constructive, peacemaking, generally presented in the "Global Peace Strategy" (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1026). This strategy consciously begins and launches for every peacemaker and peace-loving country with the verification of its spherons and the "Global Peace Academy" creation, or, for start, a small research group o­n spherons for the development of their MegaScience, for the education of young people in it and for the software business in its GlobStat digital technology (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=923).

If you follow the rule “there is nothing more practical than a good, true theory”, then it is adequate to the SM, more practical than which in terms of scale and efficiency there is no other theory/science today. o­nly SM covers all of humanity and the entire noosphere, their entire history, created by spherons as its o­nly actors. o­nly in SM through spherons and God, Who created them, they find a holistic scientific explanation. There are no others scientific, verifiable for humanity.

The West Deep State: Fourth Reich

Глубинное государство Запада: Четвертый Рейх.

Запад = Нацизм = Украина

West = Nazism = Ukraine

Более детально о глобальном Четвертом Рейхе:

More details about the global Fourth Reich:









«The West and Nazism are of the same totalitarian essence, moved by the same lethal spirit hovering over the primordial moral void, from which all contemporary ills have come into being.»

Hannah Arendt is said to have believed – “Evil comes from a failure to think […] It defies thought.”


Višeslav Simić, Ph.D.

Professor of Geopolitics

Buenos Aires, Argentina




2. Critical, confrontational, anti-imperial strategy that exposes and undermines by the SM tools, including GlobStat, the criminal and pathological essence of the Western, basically Nazi, civilization and democracy of the USA/EU/NATO Fourth Reich. This pernicious, hegemonic empire and its democracy proved to be incompatible with the survival and sustainable development of humanity during 77 years after WWII by a 100% prepared genocidal world nuclear war. To launch it today, all that remains is to press the trigger.

The Fourth Reich (FR) for 77 years has extremely minimized space and the probability of global peace/survival. According to American nuclear scientists, it shrankat the “doomsday clock” to 100 seconds [6], to 0.1% due to the monstrous expansion of space and the probability of a third world genocidal war to 99.9%. This trend, deadly for humanity, was provided by the FR for 77 years by a frenzied arms race and equally frenzied, democratically approved annually, military budgets. During this time, the FR globalized the "long war against humanity" [7], formed a "totalitarian democracy of the full spectrum of domination" [8] conducted 37 wars, almost every two years, with the genocide of 20-30 million civilian victims [9], ensured "globalization of fascism” [10] and guaranteed itself “an American [European, NATO] Nuremberg” [11] for all its crimes against humanity.

The strictest secret, carefully hidden insane nuclear plans of the FR Pentagon to destroy billions of people [12] make Hitler's Third Reich, "with o­nly 80 million genocides", incomparably more "humane" than the Western FR with billions of genocides in the future. Is this not the FR global Nazism and the genocide, proven by thousands of facts and hundreds of authors? More weighty objective evidence does not exist and is not required to judge the FR by a new historical Nuremberg. Who, what historical subject is capable of liberating humanity from the FR deadly threat? The FR is a complete discredit and collapse of the West hegemony, its civilization, thinking, science and democracy in 77 years. During this time, the West has done NOTHING for global peace, but has done everything possible for a global nuclear war.

The historical evolution of Nazism over almost a century has demonstrated its wide spectrum from the extreme and open form of Hitlerism to the camouflaged of liberal zombie ideology [13] of the FR US/EU/NATO/Ukraine. But their essence is the same: endless war, violence, racism and genocide. It should also be emphasized that in all cases, Nazism is born and formed by Western democracy, which is always pregnant with it, totalitarianism and authoritarianism as “Heil Democracy of war”, which many researchers have written about and which all Western parliaments demonstrate while standing applauding Nazi Zelensky. Its constructive and peacemaking alternative, excluding Nazism, aggression, racism, corruption and militarism, ensuring 100% global peace, can o­nly be the Gandhian spherons holistic and fractal democracy, which is 3-4 times more effective traditional and truly popular (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=907). However, this is a different topic.

The SM's pragmatic strategy designated direction assumes the active participation of its followers in the GGHA and other organizations in the modern information/hybrid, intellectual warfare o­n the side of civilizationally peace-loving countries Russia, India, China and their allies. The center of this war today is Russian diplomacy and a military operation supported by China and India to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine, which has become part of the FR, hostilely directed primarily against peaceloving Russia. This direction is presented here (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1049) and here (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1058).

The spherons Megascience, as a true social paradigm, with appropriate support, armed with innovative, irresistible technologies, including GlobStat, easily and quickly debunks and intellectually defeats with its soft, “the greatest force of the spherons nonviolence of humanity” (Gandhi) all false and disguised as “liberal” Nazi ideologies of the Fourth Reich and the like. About its non-violent denazification, which is relevant for the whole world, below.


Axioms of Global Statistics (GlobStat) [1]

For universal verification of spherons

in the "Spherons Global Peace MegaScience" (SGPM), created in Russia for almost 50 years, including the last 17 years in the GGHA [2].


1. The scientific knowledge about society as a whole and any of its parts, social objects can be obtained in a relatively precise mathematical form o­nly with the help of statistics, with all its historical shortcomings and limitations. There is no higher truth of knowledge about society.

2. Two statistics must be distinguished: 2.1. Traditional, empirical, inductive, partial, sectoral, historically developed in each country and 2.2. Innovative, theoretical, deductive, holistic, spheral, global, which began to be created in Russia since 1981 and is the same for all countries and social objects of any scale: from an individual and a family to humanity. [1]

3. In the following, we will focus mainly o­n the second statistic, which has many of the attributes listed above, combined in o­ne term that qualifies it: "Global Statistics", abbreviated as "GlobStat".

4. Society at any level is a system of social production of four equally necessary and together sufficient resources, without which no social object can exist, o­nly thanks to which the life of each of them is possible from individual and family up to humanity as a whole.

5. The equally necessary and sufficient resources of society in the statics of them production are People, Information, Organizations, Things, in short: PIOT.

6. The PIOT resources in the production cycle dynamics become products-results of its previous stage and are objects or tools of its subsequent stage, turning into each other.

7. The PIOT equal necessity is proved by a simple thought experiment in which we cannot imagine the life of a person/society if at least o­ne of the PIOT is missing. These resources are constant, eternal, universal and continuous, but historically changeable and exist in an endless spectrum of their nomenclature of different geographical and cultural forms.

8. The PIOT sufficiency is proved by the fact that there are no other necessary resources, except PIOT, without which the life of a society/individual would be impossible. Another argument is that in their internal structure they combine in a certain proportion the elements of each of them, not existing without any of them. This confirms their joint sufficiency in each of them and proves their universal mutual connection, conditionality and existence.

9. The PIOT equally necessity and sufficiency defines the equally necessity and sufficiency of the four corresponding spheres of their social production: Sociosphere, Infosphere, Orgsphere, Technosphere.

10. Similarly, PIOT determines equally necessity and sufficiency of the corresponding four production actors, spherons, employed in them and differing by their employment in the spheres that is equivalent to their difference by the PIOT subject/product (s/p). According to this criterion, we differ: Sociospheron, the s/p of which are People; Infospheron, the s/p of which is Information; Orgsferon, the s/p of which are Organizations; Technospheron, the s/p of which are Things (any material goods and services). Briefly: SIOT spherons.

11. The spherons statistical verification is limited o­nly by the indices of people employed in various spheres, sectors and branches of social production. Therefore, the statistics of spherons is o­nly o­ne, but the key part of GlobStat, which includes and covers the statistics of all four PIOT resources, which exhaust society as a whole in statics determining the boundaries of its dynamics.

12. The four SIOT spherons, equally necessary and sufficient for any society, determine the eternal, sociogenetic social structure at any level from the individual and family to humanity. It historically exists through an infinite number of different, transient groups, associations of production employment of people in the most varied scale and quality, which we unite under the concept of "partons". [3]

13. Spherons and partons form two poles of the sociogenetic social structure at any social objects in any social space-time without exception, starting from the social structure of the individual employment who can freely move even during every day or hour from o­ne spheron to another, depending o­n the subject and the product of his/her employment. Spherons are everywhere constant and stable in their structure, and the partons filling them are always labile, changeable in all qualitative and quantitative characteristics. Therefore, as you cannot enter the river twice due to the water flow, so the spheron in its content of partons o­n each social object cannot be fixed the same twice. This objective reality of spherons excludes their absolute statistical accuracy and limits it to relative bounds and inevitable statistical errors.

14. For a better understanding of the sociogenetic spheral structure of the population/people at all social objects without exception, starting with the family, we will present it in various visual forms of structural modeling o­n the next banner.



15. The classifier of four main spheral indices of spherons and three intermediate, calculated spheral indices, within which the aggregation of traditional indices into spheral o­nes, is presented in Table-1.



16. The constant in social space-time spherons of any social object are expressed by traditional statistics of partons continuously changing in quality and quantity, representing spherons o­n all social objects, of course, if the objects have statistics.

17. The transition from traditional, sectoral and partial statistics to innovative, spheral, holistic and global statistics (GlobStat) is carried out through binary statistical tables according to a special methodology and transitive templates presented below.

Conclusion. The GlobStat presented above 17 axioms are sufficient for a general understanding of the process of generating/creating GlobStat from traditional statistics and for conducting statistical research/verification of spherons by every literate person at any social object that has statistics. A more detailed presentation of the GlobStat axioms is deployed here [1]. There are also about a hundred examples of statistical researches of spherons of various social objects o­n o­ne page, which can serve as models for beginners. An example of the most complex statistical study of Russian spherons in their dynamics over 50 years (1970-2020) belongs to Olga Kashina [5].


The method of elementary verification of spherons in GlobStat in 2 hours,
in table-1 o­n o­ne page or o­n two pages with table-2.

Typical tabular template for statistical research of spherons


A typical template for statistical research and verification of spherons o­n the certain social object (humanity, continent, region, country, city, enterprise, school, university, etc.) for any given year is represented by the following Table-2 of spheral indices, the numerical sizes ​​of which are determined by summing up the numerical sizes ​​of traditional statistical indices aggregated under each spheral index. The research and verification of spherons in this table is reduced to the imposition of the classifier of indices of spherons o­n the standard classifiers of indices of traditional statistics, which differ by country, region and change over time. The spheral indices, primarily the spherons indices, serve as a common denominator for them, providing them with a single logic and end-to-end comparability.


Table-2. Social object. Name and location. The year of its statistics.

The object SPHERONS number in account units (Millions, thousands, persons).

Table-2 Typical Template.

(The main spheral indices are highlighted in red, and green - intermediate.)



Figuration of the spherons statistical research/verification

of any social object


1. The author full name, her/his age, education, profession, country, city and email.

2. The social object title and its location: full postal address.

3. The object statistics what year was carried out in the research?

4. The title, year and place of publication of the statistical data source, including its o­nline address for data verification.

5. Date of the spherons statistical research/verification.

6. Signature of the author

7. The text and the table are printed in Times New Roman font, size 12, with a single line spacing, with margins of 2 cm along all edges on o­ne page with Table-1 or o­n two pages with Table-2, no more. If necessary, abbreviations and compactions of the text are applied.

A similarly designed statistical research/verification of spherons can be published in any edition and o­n any website, primarily o­n the GGHA website, where they will be published o­n a special page, and then, combined together, in a separate book.

The author of similar research, if he wants, becomes a member of the international peace organization: the Gandhian Global Harmony Association (GGHA), which was founded in 2005. He can lead a team of young scientists from different countries in the GGHA to conduct statistical researches of spherons in them, as well as for their further application and development in the GlobStat digital technology, etc.


Irresistible advantages of spherons verification


1. The spherons verification in their statistical research o­n any social object is both death to Nazism/terrorism/war/violence and life/victory of global peace/security. Rejection of it, o­n the contrary, is a loophole and the life of Nazism/war and the limitation, weakening or death of global peace/securityin human consciousness/worldview.

2. The spherons verification clears the intellect from social lies/misconceptions and reveals the simple truth of social being created by spherons that it is incompatible with the pathology of violence/war/Nazism of partons, but is possible o­nly in harmony, peace and nonviolence of spherons, as the o­nly normal way of social existence of people.

3. In the future, healthy society, in order to prevent all violent pathologies, elementary school students will begin to verify spherons in order to live in global peace, consciously strengthen it and provide themselves with the first intellectual immunity against violence, war, Nazism, terrorism.

4. The spherons verification at school will become the same social experience of true thinking/worldview like any natural science experience.

5. The spherons statistical research is the first sign of a true, scientific peacemaker of our century, in contrast to the utopian pacifists of the past. Further cooperation in the peacemaking Gandhian GHA will be possible o­nly between similar peacemakers.


The spherons verification: meanings and consequences of truth


Invitation to a scientific understanding of global peace, to planetary solidarity in its Gandhian "greatest force of nonviolence, mightier than the mightiest [nuclear] weapon of destruction", to the exit from false consciousness/worldview into true thinking/worldview, to the Fourth Reich denazification and to the denazimmunity formation since elementary school.


War is always death, genocide. Global peace is always life, 100% security. The last century showed that the absolute opponents of global peace, incompatible with it, are Nazism, racism and terrorism, united in a violent essence and growing out of each other's false consciousness in all their many pathological carcinogenic forms in almost every country. In their false, fragmentary and pathogenic worldview, they always and everywhere exclude peace, nonviolence, equality, brotherhood and justice. They are able to feed, preach and practice o­nly eternal, fanatical hatred, inequality, the superiority of o­ne nation / race over all, violence and endless war, demonstrated in our time by the war-addicted USA, 93% of whose history, 229 of its 246 years, is occupied war [14] and their Fourth Reich (FR) 77 years [9].

Nazism, racism and terrorism are the most effective ideologies and practices of false consciousness/worldview for militarism, providing it with imperial totalitarian power through ghostly democracy and maximum profits from the arms race, without the existence and acceleration of which it is unable to exist. Its dominance in the last century, as a result, today put humanity o­n the brink of survival, leaving it with o­nly 100 seconds o­n the doomsday clock. Today, o­nly the holistic spherons Megascience (SM) offers a way out of this deadly impasse, which opens the path for self-knowledge and transition from the dominant false, unverifiable consciousness of the FR mainstream "empire of lies" into the o­nly true, scientific thinking/worldview of spherons, verified by any and every reasonable person, without deception.

Only the SM is able to overcome the madness of the totalitarian false consciousness and the dominance of the "empire of lies". o­nly it is able to overcome the deepest, cognitive source of Nazism, racism and terrorism in their false, unverifiable ideologies. o­nly it is able to form through education, starting since elementary school, a stable conscious immunity from them. We will briefly call it “denazimmunity”, denazify immunity, which we previously called “anti-terrorist” [15] against all social carcinogens, pathologies and epidemics of violence without exception: Nazism, racism, terrorism and the like. o­nly it is able to stop the globalization of Nazism/fascism and surgically eradicate it, before it’s too late, nonviolently, with the greatest soft force of scientific intellect, starting since the first step of spherons’ verification in elementary school as the first existential vaccination of denazimmunity. Thereisnoothervaccineavailable.

The physical victory over the Third Reich Nazism in 1945 and its instantaneous revival in the atomic terrorist genocide of more than 250 thousand civilians of Hiroshima/Nagasaki by the USA FR, together with its subsequent globalization up to Ukraine, today proved that it is impossible to overcome it by violence alone, no matter how historically necessary and it was not inevitable, as in the case of the USSR/Russia. The Nazism metastases multiply in the false ideological consciousness/worldview as in a nutritious carcinogenic broth, which can be destroyed o­nly by true thinking/worldview, available for everyone to verify, the o­nly difference between truth and falsehood. The verification is the o­nly action that allows you to separate o­ne from the other. It is fully inherent in science, scientific knowledge and thinking/worldview, which grow out of overcoming false consciousness.

Recognizing the truth in the dominant false/ignorant consciousness has always been madness, always accompanied, if not by burning, then by suppression and cruel censorship of the truth author. Recognizing the spherons truth in the modern false consciousness/worldview, daily planted by the "empire of lies", is the same madness as recognizing the Copernicus heliocentrism five centuries ago. The spherons verification, as a confirmation of a discovery similar to Copernicus, eliminates/removes the corresponding ignorance of modern consciousness. Therefore, the spherons verification is a Copernican fundamental experiment that turns social consciousness and thinking/worldview from fundamental delusion and ignorance to fundamental social truth. o­nly in this way, overcoming the prevailing false consciousness madness, are the immortal achievements of true science and human spirit made.

This experiment has a key cognitive significance for denazification, which has two ends: social, institutional and individual, intellectual. Institutional denazification, through the destruction of Nazi institutions, their armies and battalions, and the prohibition of their parties and parliaments, cannot be complete and exclude its recurrence and revival that happened over 77 years in the US/NATO FR. Liberation from the Nazi, false ideology and from all its metastases in its entire spectrum can o­nly occur in the true SM, starting with their verification. It is necessary not o­nly for elementary school students to immunize them from Nazism, but also for politicians, leaders, parliamentarians, primarily Western parliaments, who stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian Nazi Fuhrer Zelensky. Their verification of spherons will be the first step of their denazification, which should also become the first criterion for the professional suitability of a politician for nonviolent governance, like their elementary literacy.

To confirm their conscious, scientific peacefulness, politicians, parliamentarians and leaders of peace-loving countries: Russia, India, China and the like, could, o­n their own initiative, first verify the spherons of their social objects in order to set an example and stimulate all others, including the FR politicians.

The spherons verification of any social object reveals a cell of the social genome o­n each of them, which ensures the normal, healthy functioning and survival of each of them, excluding the carcinogenic pathology of Nazism, the development of which in the organism and thinking/worldview of any social structures inevitably leads them to collapse. Therefore, the spherons verification is necessary and useful not o­nly for denazification or the corresponding denazification but also for effective nonviolent governance and solving all problems. Humanity’s denazimmunity, which is rarely innate, genetic, can o­nly be provided by spheronics, the SM, taught and studied from childhood at all levels of education, and it can o­nly begin with elementary statistical verification of spherons in two hours. Subsequently, with the programming of spheral digitalization of GlobStat as a tool for true thinking of the SM, verification of spherons will become available o­n each smartphone within 5-10 minutes instead of two hours, which we wrote about in Gandhica [1, 78-83].

Unlike the Western deadly scenario of 77 years, the spherons verification makes possible for every reasonable person who cares about his own life, his children, grandchildren and humanity as a whole, to intellectually win back the solidary space of global peace from the Western genocide in order to eradicate war. If spherons verification will carried out by more than half of humanity, then global peace will be provided to it with the intellectual "greatest force of nonviolence" of its scientific knowledge and understanding. Can a reasonable person responsible for life not want or regret spending two hours o­n statistical verification of spherons? The question is rhetorical, of course, a reasonable and responsible person CANNOT be stingy them!

Einstein's genius emphasized more than 70 years ago: "Peace cannot be achieved through violence [war], it can o­nly be attained through [scientific, true] understanding." Today, its true understanding is given by the Gandhian spherons MegaScience, which is confirmed by their statistical verification. Their verification are designed to free the population from the zombification of military confrontation and the manipulation of liberal ideology [7], in which they are immersed like lambs to be slaughtered by the US/NATO propagandist “empire of lies”. In contrast to the prevailing false consciousness/worldview of this mainstream empire, they are designed to arm it with the scientific truth of global peace, which every reasonable person can verify in the statistical research of spherons in 2 hours. The spherons verification will become for every reasonable person Archimedean "Eureka!" of global peace. It will ensure the fundamental intellectual unity of people in achieving and securing global peace. ThenitwillbeestablishedonEarthforever!

Karl Jaspers wrote about the "axial time" in the humanity history, in which the mythological thinking was replaced by rational philosophical thinking, which he dates back to 800-200 BC [16]. Now we have every reason to say about the “second axial time” associated with the birth of Megascience of spherons by Mahatma Gandhi about a century ago. The genesis of its other foundations by Vladimir Vernadsky, Norbert Wiener, Albert Einstein, Humberto Maturana, Martin King, in computer science, synergetics, similar sciences is added to it together with its first synergetic design "on the giants shoulders" in the GGHA for 17 years.

This axial time is associated with the transition from rational partial violent and in general (except natural science) false consciousness and thinking/worldview to rationally holistic true and nonviolent thinking/worldview of humanity. It will determine the creation of both a new person “homo harmonicus” [4], and a new society, and a new world civilization of the spherons global peace, free false consciousness/worldview, from wars and violence in all forms, primarily from the Nazi. The second axial time, obviously, will continue until the end of our century, until a complete practical confirmation of the true “substantially new manner of thinking” (Einstein) by the Gandhian spherons, which we called “tetranet thinking”[4], will be received. This time is as pivotal in the history of humanity as the first, if not more so. Consciously, it begins for every with the statistical verification of spherons, disclosed in its general methodology here in different aspects and meanings.

Understanding the second axial, turning for humanity time and its new, holistic and true worldview is required by the modern transition from the unipolar world order/dictate of the USA/EU/NATO Fourth Reich with its "empire of lies" and false consciousness/worldview to a multipolar world order. It is impossible with a false consciousness/worldview of equivalent global poles, excluding the hegemony of any of them. It becomes possible o­nly with a single, scientific, objectively true and maximally verifiable thinking and worldview.

Today, in the sanctions, hybrid war of the traditional, and the new orders, according to the distinguished Russian economist Sergei Glazyev, “American sanctions are the agony of the outgoing imperial world economic system based o­n the use of force. In order to minimize the dangers associated with it, it is necessary to accelerate the formation of a new – integral – world economic order. ”[17] Sergey Glazyev revealed the truth of the new economic theory and financial system, free from neoliberal economic and financial lies, created to enrich o­nly the Western empire by exploiting the rest world. [18] This outstanding theory has been hailed by world economists as a scientific and "financial revolution". [19; 20; 21; 22] Supplemented with global statistics of the MC with its mathematical tools of spheral digital technology and verification of spherons in the economic sphere sectors, it will acquire fundamental scientific significance.

          The lies of the deep Fourth Reich becomes more and more obvious honest thinkers: “They have told us that President Putin invaded Ukraine to support his expansionist ambitions, but in reality the main purpose of Russia’s military operation is to prevent the aggression of the deep state and NATO [Forth Reich – L.S.]. Putin is fighting against the same globalist elite that holds us all hostage.” [23] Axial, turning time works for the truth, destroying the lie and all those who rely o­n it. 
          The parallel between today's West and the Third Reich is argued here [24]. 



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