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Gandhian Spheronics in the BRICS+ Service: Leadership, Multipolarity and True Peace Ideology

Question to Vladimir Putin at the press conference, 14/12/23.

The Peace Science and the Nuclear Genocidal Civilization Tabooing it


Respected Vladimir Vladimirovich!


You have repeated many times, as a well-known law: there will be no winners in a nuclear war. In the verified Gandhian macrosociological peace science of the spherons, SPHERONICS, the development of which began in 1927, almost a century ago, since the Mahatma Gandhis discovery of Newtonian law of nonviolent varnas/spherons governing humanity, the law of negative dialectics of nuclear civilization is formulated. It scientifically reveals and structures your law, defining the way to overcome it. The nuclear civilization without the peace science, the o­nly o­ne capable to end the world nuclear war threat with the Gandhian spherons scientific knowledge and thinking is doomed to self-destruction, a general acceptable way out of the impasse of which o­nly peace science can offer.

Peace science has stood on the shoulders of giants, integrating the crazy, genius peacemaking ideas of Gandhi, Kant, Einstein, Bernal, King, Mandela, Kennedy, Galtung, the Russian cardiologist and peacemaker Chazov, GGHA and many others. At the same time, since Hiroshima/Nagasaki, the probability of suicide of nuclear civilization has become almost inevitable, having crossed the threshold of 99%, 90 seconds today, according to the Doomsday Clock nuclear scientists conclusion (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=924). John Kennedy, back in 1963, warned: "Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind." Now it has virtually no chances and ways to survive, except for the immediate liberation of peace science from an almost century-old militaristic taboo.

QUESTION. If not you, then WHO, could focus the world discourse agenda to the issue of recognition, development and application of Gandhian peace science instead of the war hopeless narrative o­n the nuclear suicide brink? o­nly this crazy, nonviolent science in integration with other reasonable, scientific ideas can bring a positive, healthy and hopeful alternative, acceptable to all nations to our time doomed militaristic atmosphere. An international contest for the best Peace Science, which could be organized by Russia or BRICS cannot be ruled out here. What prevents this?

If you want, you have strengths and capabilities to make similar radical shift in the world agenda in line with your peace-loving, Orthodox intention. You can remove the age-old militaristic taboo from the peace science as an outcast, both in Russia and at the level of international organizations.

Our question, along with similar questions and proposals to other BRICS+ leaders, is disclosed in more detail in the GGHA project here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152

Thanks for the answer. With deep respect,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President, o­n behalf of its 750 coauthors of the Gandhian Peace Science, Spheronics during 18 years from more than 50 countries.



1. To the President of China: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1163

2. To the King of Saudi Arabia: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1164

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The similar letter to Elon Musk: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1166 


The Elon Musk invitation to the world public recognition mission of the Gandhian peace science:




To the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin


          SUBJECT. Peacemaking and technological leadership of Russian civilization and BRICS+ based o­n the innovative science of global peace spheronics, the BRICS+ development and application of which requires to create its Academy of Peace and Accelerated Growth (APAG) o­n the basis of St. Petersburg State University in 2024 with funding for 40 employees of $2MM. or $1MM for 20 employees. The spheronics is a transdisciplinary Megascience, is the Spheronics Megaproject platform.

          APP, below. The GGHA Project-Message Scientific Ideology to the BRICS+ leaders o­n 15 pages (without drawings and lists) of 32 coauthors in the humanities from 17 countries, with Ela Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi granddaughter participation and with spheronics achievements 18 additions for BRICS+.


Dear Mr. President,


          We are happy to invite you, the great peacemaker, to join the science and ideology of planetary peace, spheronics, launched by Mahatma Gandhi in 1927, with whom you have long wanted to communicate. The Gandhian peace science is o­ne, like arithmetic and any other science; there is no other and cannot be, because it is verified by facts and logic. If you will arm yourself with it and will arm by it the BRICS+ as the humanity majority consolidated peacemaker, then o­nly it and o­nly with its help will be able to put an end to war before war will put an end to mankind (John Kennedy, 1963). By this you will free humanity from nuclear war, o­n the brink of which it has been brought today by the well-known hegemon.

          You will say, This is a crazy idea and mad science, no o­ne knows it! Right. Because, (1), the crazy ideas are the rare but effective way of the science qualitative development, and (2), the mad science have been growing invisibly for centuries, like mole of history (Shakespeare), the appearance of which is stunning in its unusualness, is recorded as crazy but soon become habitual. This is psychology and emotions.

          Our project Gandhian Scientific Ideology for BRICS+ reveals the structural macrosociological laws of equilibrium accelerated growth of the social production spheres. o­n their basis, innovative digital technologies of spheral global statistics, strong artificial intelligence and others with the production unique spheral fractal organization have been created for decades, accelerating its growth by 2-4 times. All of them guarantee, in the end, the BRICS+ triumphs: technological and peacekeeping leadership, prosperity, resolution of acute conflicts, denazification of Ukraine, etc.

          In order to check by your own experience the sociogenetic Gandhian spherons truth and to reasonably and not to judge by hearsay their science of spheronics and its technologies, you could verify them using any example convenient for you. For example, o­n your Administration, o­n the Kremlin personnel or o­n the Moscow population using our methodology [10] ranging from 15 to 50 minutes, no more. This simple experiment would open up to you a fundamentally new, macrosociological worldview, the advantages of which you are not yet aware but which is the future. o­nly it is capable of becoming the structural scientific core of the second culture (C. Snow), reviving socio-humanitarian culture in the BRICS+ countries, including Russia, where it is suppressed by the rampant of chimeric postmodernism, to which there is no scientific alternative and bridging its gap with natural science culture. In addition, without it, it is impossible to ensure a multipolar world order, denazification and many else.

          With these obvious benefits for Russia, BRICS+ and you personally, is there any productive sense to ignore this deep worldview germ in the global trend of the civilizations inevitable reideologization?

            With hope to be heard, deep respect, best wishes for you and with Russia inevitable Victory!

Dr. Leo Semashko, philosopher, sociologist, GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President


Spiritual Culture for Harmonious Civilization

Gandhian Global Harmony Association (GGHA)

Citizens of Earth!

Unite in the Gandhian spherons harmony for love, peace, truth, nonviolence, justice, freedom, equality, fraternity and happiness!

GGHA was founded o­n February 15, 2005; initiator and founder is Leo Semashko.

GGHA unites more 600 members in 55 countries.

GGHA was nominated for the creation of the Gandhian Spherons Global Peace MegaScience - spheronics to the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013, 2017 and 2020: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1000

Web: https://peacefromharmony.org, more than 19 million views in 18 years

Board: 36 GGHA members from 14 countries


GGHA headquarters: Office A 170, New Manglapuri, New Delhi 110045, India;

E-mail: hasina@worldgrowthforums.com

GGHA Mission is:

Global peace/security from harmony of the Gandhian equal spherons o­n the Spheronics substantially new" (Einstein) tetranet thinking through their universal harmonious education: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848

The India President in 2002-007, Dr. Abdul Kalam, about Spheronics as "the dawn of a first harmonious vision of peace and prosperity for all the Earth nations" in 2012: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=489

Formula: PEACE goes through spherons, their thinking and education in spheronics




The XVI BRICS+ Summit Declaration Framework 2024.

Declaration: BRICS+ Gandhian Spheronics Scientific Ideology: Structural Laws of Accelerated Growth, Leadership, Prosperity. True Peace and Multipolarity."

Abbreviated: Declaration of BRICS+ GSSI, DBG,

or BRICS+ Ideology Synopsis, or in short: BRICS+ Ideology..

(The terms: BRICS+ Scientific Ideology, BRICS+ Gandhian Spheronics and all combinations derived from them are identical in meaning.)

The Declaration Authors,

BRICS+ 11 Countries Leaders:

Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa,

Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Kazan, April-August 2024 [1]

The BRICS+ first flagship project


The GGHA 86th Project-Message for BRICS+:

BRICS+ Ideology

Started: August 22, 2023

Approved: November 04, 2023

Without innovations there is no progress anywhere, including politics and ideology.

Innovative BRICS+ requires an innovative scientific ideology in the reideologization world trend. Its adequate groundwork for discussion in the BRICS+ national teams is offered in our project BRICS+ Ideology.


The Project Authors:

Leo Semashko, editor-in-chief and the GGHA 31 coauthors from 17 countries, whose contributions are most important for BRICS+ out of the GGHA 750 coauthors total number of spheronics contributions during 18 years since 2005:

From the BRICS countries:

India: Ashok Chakravarthy, Hasina Parvin, Anam Kumar, Maitreyee Roy,

Pravat Kumar Dhal,

Brazil: Delasnieve Daspet,

China: Rosa Dalmiglio

Russia: Leo Semashko, Olga Kashina, Ivan Ivanov, Yulia Budnikova, Irina Medvedeva, Vera Popovich,
Alexander Konanchuk, Piotr Sergienko,

South Africa: Ela Gandhi, granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi;

From the Global South:

Ghana: Steve Amoah,

Nigeria: Ayo Aola-Amale,

Rwanda: Heli Habyarimana,

Pakistan: Noor Larik,

Nepal: Bishnu Pathak,

Mexico: Viseslav Simic

From other countries:

USA: Rudolf Siebert, Matt Meyer, Francis Boyle,

Britain: Rodney Atkinson, Kenneth Leslie,

Germany: Helga LaRouche, Jimmy Gerum,

Greece: Takis Ioannidis

Israel: Ernesto Kahan,

France: Marie Roberts

Personal data of all coauthors is published o­n the GGHA website: https://peacefromharmony.org
and opens o­n its Contents page in a name search.



In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1050


Sent to the BRICS+ leaders of 11 countries.

In Russia:

To the Russia President, Vladimir Putin,

To the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov,

To the Organizing Committee Chairman for the BRICS Summit 2024 preparation, Yuri Ushakov,

To the Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin,

To the President of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov,

To the Minister of Economic Development, Maxim Reshetnikov,

To the General Director of Rosatom, Alexey Likhachev,

The Russian State Duma Committee o­n International Affairs Chairman, Leonid Slutsky,

To the Rector of St. Petersburg State University, Nikolai Kropachev,

To the BRICS Research Institute Executive Director, George Toloraya and its members.


There is nothing more practical than a good [true, scientific] theory

Ludwig Boltzmann

Spherons Truth Alone Triumphs, Whose Newtonian Law Governs Humanity.

Mahatma Gandhi

All Countries Spherons Nonviolence Law: Violence Deprives The Right To Life Not o­nly Of The Victim, But Also The Rapist, Leaving Them The o­nly Way To Live In Peace And Cooperation Of Genetically Nonviolent Spherons.



The BRICS+ Ideology project contents for the XVI BRICS+ Summit Declaration
with its first ideological triumphs in 2024


1. The world community first question to the BRICS+ leaders in 2024

2. The BRICS+ Ideology GGHA project mission and purposes

3. The Gandhian spheronics as the BRICS+ scientific and sovereign ideology

4. Two meanings and measurements of spheronics: objective and subjective

5. The spheronics 12 structural macrosociological laws value o­n the BRICS+ service

6. The project pragmatic proposals for BRICS+. First triumphs in 2024

7. The BRICS+ Ideology project Roadmap

8. BRICS+ Ideology: Peace roadmap for Palestine and Israel in 2024-2025

9. BRICS+ Ideology: The spheronics soft but deadly force in the Ukraine denazification
10. The BRICS+ Ideology project 18 additions list

11. GGHA faith and hope for BRICS+ as a new, honest and true peacemaker

12. Bibliography


1. The world community first question to the BRICS+ leaders in 2024


          In conditions of extreme military tension o­n the new world war brink, to the new union of 11 countries in BRICS+ [2], the world community will inevitably have the first obvious question for its leaders: WHAT CHARACTER IS YOUR UNION: MILITARY OR PEACEMAKING? Moreover, if it is a peacemaker, then what is its distinctive feature, banner, ideal, and with whom will it start its peacemaking? From scratch, from a clean slate, or from a historical fulcrum, from Mahatma Gandhi's unrivaled ideal of nonviolent peacemaking, from his unprecedented peacemaking achievements and discoveries that have remained dead and unused for more than a century? Only to the Mahatma Gandhis peacemaking name from history can be the full trust.

          The BRICS+ peacemaking will be very strange and dubious if it keeps in oblivion the nonviolent peaceful achievements of Gandhi as the past militaristic age of world and ubiquitous wars did and is not armed with the name, achievements and discoveries of this unique apostle of nonviolence in world history.

          But the Gandhi name and his nonviolent peacemaking does not mean for BRICS+ a rejection from the natural law of self-defense, of countering violence with violence, of resisting any violent, military threat with adequate violence. Mahatma Gandhi himself recognized and demanded it as a necessary, inseparable and natural element of his nonviolent peacemaking. In any case, our project excludes any unilateral disarmament contrary to Gandhi's law. Our project assumes in the future only joint and mirror disarmament, when history comes to it.

         A detailed response from BRICS+ to similar fundamental and inevitable question from the world community is offered here [3].


2. The BRICS+ Ideology GGHA project mission and purposes


          The GGHA initiative project BRICS+ Ideology is intended for the BRICS+ new geopolitical peacemaking subject/actor, consolidated in August 2023 [2]. Therefore, BRICS+ does not yet have its own, sovereign ideology to realize its goals. In this BRICS+ ideological vacuum, which requires priority elimination at its first summit in Kazan, in 2024 [1], our project has been prepared for the purpose of its expert discussion in the national BRICS+ teams as the frame/core of the summit ideological Declaration.

           Another goal of our project is the proposal to create our working group of 3-4 GGHA specialists in the summit preparation Organizing Committee in accordance with the decision [1].


3. The Gandhian spheronics as the BRICS+ scientific and sovereign ideology


          The BRICS+ Gandhian scientific ideology of the spheronics [3] is its innovative, first-ever scientific and sovereign ideology, which for the first time systematically expresses the fundamental, macro social interests of humanity: survival, true peace, prosperity, accelerated growth, sustainable development, justice and multipolarity, equally necessary and acceptable to all nations and civilizations, except for the golden billion traditional hegemon.

          The spheronics macrosociological science is based o­n the Gandhian discovery of nonviolent and peacemaking spherons of humanity, whose Newtonian law governs humanity [4], develops, substantiates and verifies it, therefore it deservedly received the name of Mahatma Gandhi. It also proposes this name for the BRICS+ scientific sovereign ideology. This is the best spiritual banner of nonviolence for the BRICS+ ideology. This is its intellectual beacon and historically proven true, nonviolent and breakthrough ideal, inspiring all nations and attractive to all people without exception. The history has nothing better than this banner, ideal and beacon for the BRICS+ ideology, for the unity, motivation and peacekeeping mobilization of peoples in the long-term, strategic perspective. Nothing better than it can separate the innovative, scientific ideology of BRICS+ from the traditional, confrontational and violent, generally false and unscientific ideologies that ultimately brought humanity to the nuclear genocide brink. They, for the most part, o­nly zombify the population for their violent, selfish and propaganda purposes [26]. BRICS+ cannot follow similar bankrupt ideologies; it must create its own, sovereign and scientific ideology spheronics, the theoretical core of which is presented in the project below and here [3].

          All conceptual, scientific issues of this BRICS+ ideology are discussed in its special segment o­n a separate page here [3] in the following contents:

1. Explanation of the project name: Gandhian scientific ideology of spheronics

2. The priority task is to create the scientific ideology necessary for BRICS+

3. Epistemological quality of spheronics

4. Twelve macrosociological structural laws of spheronics: Strategic agenda for creating the BRICS+ scientific ideology in its innovative humanitarian Academy.

Their pragmatic, o­nly ideological meaning for BRICS+ is revealed below.


4. Two meanings and dimensions of spheronics: objective and subjective


          Our project of spheronics as the BRICS+ scientific ideology has two dimensions, two different, but mutually conditioned and inseparable meanings, vectors:

          1. The objective, real, scientific and true meaning of spheronics as a transdisciplinary macrosociology (megascience) of humanity in its twelve laws, the content and verification of which are revealed here [3].

          2. The subjective, ideological meaning of spheronics, which is determined by the expression of the subject fundamental interests, the BRICS+ historical actor goals. It is revealed in this text below, in the spheronics macrosociological laws interpretation not in their objective essence but in their importance and benefit for BRICS+.


5. The spheronics 12 structural macrosociological laws value o­n the BRICS+ service


          The spheronics each law general meaning and benefit disclosure for the BRICS+, for the most effective achievement of its goals accompanies each of these laws below, defining their organizing, directing and motivating ideological functions, in contrast, but based o­n, their explanatory, scientific function. This part of our project constitutes its main segment, the ideological core, which determines its ideological value and effectiveness for BRICS+.

Definitions of society, its laws and their key attributes.

          1. Society is a balanced, harmonious system of enduring and transitory components/parts of the social products/resources production for its life o­n the basis and within the framework of natural resources. The social production (SP) is a way of the society existence therefore, they are identical. The society is the social production and vice versa.

          2. The spheronics structural macrosociological laws are the objective laws of equally necessary and together sufficient (ENTS) integral, societal and enduring/constant spheres (spheral components, spheral parts) of any society for its life at all its levels from the individual and family to humanity as a whole. Similar, structural fundamental laws of the ENTS components constitute the natural sciences: planets and luminaries - astronomy, atoms and their particles - physics, molecules - chemistry, cells - biology, etc. Sociology still remains as a pre-science, it does not exist as a science, because it does not know the society ENTS components laws. o­nly spheronics with its structural macrosociological laws of the ENTS societal spheres and components opens it.

          3. The SP holistic, societal and enduring/constant spheres, spheral components/parts are structural organizing associations of its historically transient partial, sectoral and sub-branch components, segments, products, which are objectively deprived of the ENTS attribute for the life of the individual and society.

          4. The absence of any of the ENTS enduring components in the composition of any social object makes its existence impossible that is proven by its history, social genetics and logic. Therefore, spheral components constitute the enduring/constant essence of society and all its social objects. Philosophically speaking, the spheral parts are the society substance, its essence and their sectoral/branch components are a transitory accident of society. These issues are discussed not o­nly in a special addition [3] but also in a number of sources for more than 30 years, since 1991, when the possibility of their publication opened.

The spheronics structural macrosociological laws in the BRICS+ service.

          First Law. The sociogenetic inseparability of the spherons* social production (SP) and its state of true (eternal, global, just) peace of spherons* (TPS) as two ENTS ways of life of society/humanity at all its levels. The war of partons* is o­nly its way of death, self-destruction progress.It constitutes its long-term but transient pathology of the spherons social inequality genetic trauma in past history, with rare exceptions, for example, the ancient India "varnas".

          (*The spherons-partons categories are central, paired, macrosociological categories of spheronics, which were defined in detail earlier here [3] and again below. In short, the partons are variable and transitory, evolutionary social parts of the constant, enduring spherons as eternal and genetic social structure.)

          Importance for BRICS+. Without relying o­n this fundamental law, the BRICS+ thinking and peacemaking practice will not rise above unfounded, superficial pacifism and will forever remain at its level. This will make the BRICS+ goal of peace unattainable, just as it has remained unattainable for centuries for the unscientific pacifist ideology of various political actors. o­nly the understanding that the true peace keys, instead of the false peace temporary truces lie in the SP structure and quality, are inseparable from it and coincide with it can ensure the global peace effective achievement along with the SP prosperity and accelerated growth. There has not been and cannot be any other, real and successful peacemaking strategy. Any deviation from it will plunge BRICS+ into endless peacemaking utopias, which will o­nly discredit it. o­nly similar peacemaking ideology and BRICS+ strategy will be able to ensure the trust and support of the broadest masses of the population, inspire, organize and direct their energy to achieve the peace key goal.

          Second Law. The humanity SP constantly reproduces four equally necessary and together sufficient (ENTS) spheres of PRODUCTS/RESOURCES for the life of society and human: PEOPLE, INFORMATIONS, ORGANIZATIONS, THINGS (material goods and services) and abbreviated PIOT. The absence of any sphere of them makes the life of society and human impossible as the whole history and thought experiment proves.

           Importance for BRICS+. If true peace can o­nly be the SP state and function and nothing else, as the spheronics first objective law of macrosociology defines, then all its subsequent laws reveal for BRICS+ the SP fundamental structural mechanisms scientific understanding for its ideology. Their objective logic necessarily leads BRICS+ to accelerated growth, peace, leadership, prosperity, sustainable development and a multipolar world organization of fundamental spheres, civilizations and countries of humanity for their equal and most mutually beneficial planetary cooperation in the global division of labor and employment. This SP structural law is fulfilled with similar mission for BRICS+ countries, which is the same for humanity as a whole. It frees the BRICS+ ideology and thinking from the fundamental error of reducing the SP four ENTS spheral resources of PIOT to o­nly o­ne, primary and defining resource in it that deforms the SP true understanding of its objective structure and minimizes its growth and efficiency. Similar reduction makes the ideology false, gives rise to many structural pathologies/defects of the SP and excludes the possibility of building true peace. With a primary economy, there cannot be prosperity, accelerated growth and true peace as all past history proves. If BRICS+ wants to avoid this traditional trap, the neck noose its ideology must be armed with this law of spheronics, as well as subsequent o­nes. The PIOT resources primary is excluded by their ENTS.

          Third Law. Each sphere of the PIOT products/resources has unique attributes and specific laws of existence that are irreducible to each other, therefore they require four different technologies, special but ENTS the SP SPHERES, which differ in the subject/product of their production.

These are: 1. SOCIOSPHERE, it reproduces the PEOPLE of society.

2. INFOSPHERE, it reproduces the INFORMATION of society.

3. ORGSPHERE, it reproduces the ORGANIZATIONS/ORDER of society.

4. TECHNOSPHERE, economy, it reproduces the THINGS (material goods and services) of society. They are abbreviated in their system as SIOT-spheres of society. The ENTS PIOT products/resources of society determines their natural necessity and sufficiency.

          Importance for BRICS+. It is similar to the ideological meaning of the previous law. It is added o­nly an understanding of the balance and harmony measure determining role among the SP four spheres, constantly reproducing the PIOT four spheres of social resources. o­nly o­n this basis BRICS+ can develop a scientific and ideological understanding of the fundamental, spheral sources of accelerated growth in depressed or stagnating economies of many countries of the global South, the task of which is set as the BRICS+ primary goal [2]. Without solving this problem, achieving peace and prosperity for both the BRICS+ countries and others is excluded. This law will allow BRICS+ to understand and formulate in their sovereign ideology the accelerated economic growth source, summarizing the historical experience of the economic tigers, especially China [5], avoiding the fatal mistake and naive simplification [6] of the primary economy traditional socio-economic ideologies. This law consequence is: the SP accelerated growth in general and the economy first of all is a function from the accelerated and harmonious/balanced growth of non-economic spheres and their priority investment. This consequence will be the BRICS+ holistic economic policy&strategy core. They will ensure to its countries achieve economic leadership in the near future, exceeding the level of well-being in them compared to highly developed countries, i.e. prosperity, without which peace is impossible.

          Fourth Law. Each PIOT product/resource goes through the four ENTS spheres of their SP processes: PRODUCTION, DISTRIBUTION, EXCHANGE, CONSUMPTION, in short, PDEC processes.

          Importance for BRICS+. It is similar to the previous laws ideological meaning.

          Fifth Law. The spherons are four spheral groups/communities of people, ENTS actors of the SP and its true peace, who are employed in the SP four SIOT spheres in their PDEC manufacturing processes. These groups of people are called by SPHERONS and differ according to the SP spheres, in which they are employed. Spherons cover the entire population from birth to death at all levels of society, constitute its fundamental social structure and differ o­n the subjects/products of their employment in the relevant SIOT spheres.

1. SOIOSPHERON, employed in the production of PEOPLE in SOCIOSPHERE.

2. INFOSPHERON, employed in the production of INFORMATION in INFOSPHERE.

3. ORGSPHERON, employed in the production of ORGANIZATIONS in ORGSPHERE.

4. TECHNOSPHERON, employed in the production of THINGS, all material goods and services of society in TECHNOSPHERE.

         Together, in their dialectical system, they are designated as SIOT-spherons of society. The natural need and sufficiency of the SIOT spherons is determined by the ENTS PIOT products/resources of society.

          The spherons constitute the humanity constant sociogenetic structure at all its levels, which is historically embodied through many variables, transient social structures (estates, classes, communities, etc.) united in spheronics by o­ne category - partons, paired with the category spherons [3].

          Importance for BRICS+. This is the spheronics central, key law defining the SP o­nly eternal actors/drivers/creators, its true, global peace and general security, the awareness of which determines the BRICS+ fundamental ideological advantage. The equality of spherons, according to their objective ENTS, determines the social, SPHERAL equality of the population in all countries and civilizations provides the basis, the key and opens the way to solve this most complex problem, insoluble for millennia, including for the past ideologies. Therefore, this law is the BRICS+ core of its scientific ideology. It provides the BRICS+ ideology not o­nly with sovereignty, independence and uniqueness compared to traditional ideologies but also endows the BRICS+ political parties with an insurmountable ideological, cognitive and political advantage of the spherons population social equality, with which they will always win the electoral competition at their opponents with the past ideologies. This law equips BRICS+ with the most important political asset to ensure their parties continuously maintain their strategic influence in their societies. BRICS+ does not have any other scientific laws and ideologies for this and cannot get them from anywhere. However, this requires the further scientific, theoretical and statistical [7; 8; 9; 10, etc.] researches of spherons in each BRICS+ country that is impossible without the corresponding scientific Academy creation in each of its country (see below, pragmatics).

          Sixth Law. The structural laws/pillars of spheronics in their systemic unity of four dialectical, societal tetrads form the eternal social genome (SOCIOGENOME) of their 16 ENTS spheral components of the SP humanity at all its levels and the society "cell" in all its sociogenesis.

          Importance for BRICS+. It is similar to the ideological significance of previous laws. This law o­nly strengthens their ideological importance for BRICS+, especially the peacemaking role of equal spheres, their genetic incompatibility with the war. The war, from this law perspective appears to be a genetic pathology and injury but historically transient, which does not have a social necessity and has no place in the society societal genetics at all levels. War is a deviation from a genetic social norm, a deadly carcinogenic threat to humanity, but quite scientifically overcoming that is first proved by the BRICS+ scientific ideology. In it, this key, social advantage importance is difficult to overestimate.

          Seventh Law. Knowledge (science) and faith are two different, but equally necessary, complementary and at the same time sufficient ways of harmonious intellectual mastery of humanity over the social and natural worlds. Their subjects are different but they complement and reinforce each other.

          Importance for BRICS+. It is similar to the ideological significance of previous laws. This law o­nly strengthens it for BRICS+ firm knowledge of the inadmissibility of any discrimination of world religions and the corresponding contingents of believers, which, like scientists, are the vanguard of peacemaking spherons. The scientists and believers in their harmony and cooperation will always support and actively participate in the implementation of the BRICS+ scientific ideology strengthening it.

          Eighth, cognitive-methodological Law. The law of the unity of two ENTS methods of rational thinking, harmoniously complementing each other in spheronics: disciplinary, partial and spheral, holistic. In their mutual complementarity, they constitute, define and raise rational thinking to a substantially new level of theorizing.

          Importance for BRICS+. It is similar to the ideological significance of previous laws. This law o­nly strengthens it for BRICS+ in the extremely important aspect of the update of the BRICS+ scientific and ideological thinking paradigm, its dialectical rise (sublate, supersede) to the level of the holistic, substantial new manner of thinking (Einstein, Vernadsky, etc.) of the SP spheres, spherons etc. This method of thinking will free BRICS+ from the irresistible vices of past ideologies in their disciplinary narrowness and the torn traditional thinking, for which global problems, especially peace, ecology and inequality that it created is insoluble. This confirms the last century up to the present day.

          Ninth Law. The source of accelerated economic growth is located in non-economic spheres: the sociosphere (education, healthcare, etc.), the infosphere (science, design, culture, media, etc.), and the orgsphere (policy, governance and organization of the SP at all levels). It consists in their accelerated growth through priority investment.

          Importance for BRICS+. It is similar to the ideological significance of previous laws. This law o­nly strengthens it for BRICS+ in another extremely important aspect of understanding the key source of accelerated economic growth, the o­nly o­ne that leads the BRICS+ to prosperity, the population highest level of quality of life and to world economic leadership. The BRICS+ does not have another way to it, without which it is not feasible and the goal of true peace. The BRICS+ already o­n the threshold of its birth well aware the goal of accelerated growth as a key to achieve all others [2]. But ie still does not have a clear understanding of its key reason, which this law reveals, protecting it from the primary economy defect, which deprive it (economy) the source of its accelerated growth [5; 11]. o­nly o­n the basis of this spheronics fundamental law and the Academy embodied it (below), BRICS+ will be able to overcome the international financial system dictatorship of the Golden Billion countries [12] by the International Financial System of Harmonious, balanced accelerated economic growth and non-economic spheres. The China President spoke about this also [13].

          Tenth Law. The accelerated growth of non-economic spheres, as well as the economy, requires an accelerated growth in the number and quality of professional personnel for them, their training in educational institutions at all levels, from schools to universities and training academies.

          Importance for BRICS+. It is similar to the ideological meaning of previous laws. This law o­nly strengthens it for BRICS+ in another extremely important aspect of understanding education and improving the quality of personnel training, i.e. the spherons main, working part as the SP first source of accelerated growth. It overcomes the education general depression, especially the peace education stagnation and its total peacemaking ignorance.

          Eleventh Law. The accelerated growth of the economy and non-economic spheres requires a structural, organizational and governance restructuring of the entire SP system, a transition from the traditional and depressive branch/sectoral organization and governance to the SP spheral fractal organization and its governance/management.

          Importance for BRICS+. It is similar to the ideological meaning of previous laws. This law o­nly strengthens it for BRICS+ in another extremely important aspect of understanding the organizational and political sphere as another necessary source of accelerated growth in all SP spheres, especially its economy. By proposing the SP spheral fractal organization and its management, it frees it from the shackles of the branch, sectoral organization, which reduces its efficiency and labor productivity in it several times. This is the most complex and politically most difficult issue of the SP adequate organizational restructuring, which has not been resolved for centuries. It plays a decisive role in the spheral restructuring of traditional, also sectoral democracy, which impedes this restructuring, the understanding of which in the BRICS+ scientific ideology provides it with insurmountable political and democratic superiority.

          Twelfth Law. The planetary spheral multipolarity of human civilizations of XXI century is a harmonious, nonviolent world order of prosperity and true just peace, which is created by societal spherons, who have mastered universal technologies (below) for accelerated balanced growth of the SP economic and non-economic spheres.

          Importance for BRICS+. It is similar to the ideological meaning of previous laws. This law o­nly strengthens it for BRICS+ in another extremely important aspect of understanding the world order global organization, its restructuring from unipolar to multipolar, which can o­nly be successful o­n the basis of the BRICS+ spheronics scientific ideology. It equips BRICS+ with an understanding of scientific multipolar globalization, which surpasses and should surpass the spontaneous unipolar globalization of the golden billion violent hegemony [12; 13]. The BRICS+ ideology cannot deny globalization of multipolarity denying globalization of unipolarity. It o­nly provides their scientific interpretation, showing the fundamental scientific difference and advantage of o­ne, spheral, from another, traditional, unacceptable for BRICS+. Globalization to globalization is different. They cannot be cut with o­ne brush, depriving o­neself of its scientific version and thereby weakening o­neself. Spheronics, as the BRICS+ scientific ideology in this law integrates all scientific developments of multipolarity [14] in their scientific and ideological sense that is adequate for it.

          This concludes a brief systematic presentation of the ideological significance of the twelve macrosociological laws of spheronics as the BRICS+ scientific ideology. It is inseparable from its scientific meaning, disclosed here [3], where conclusions common to the spheronics two functions (scientific and ideological) are formulated, which we do not repeat in this text. But we reproduce their final model:

Model-1. The Spheronics Scientific and Ideological Laws in the BRICS+ hands


          The faith and love of God, science and technology (below) of the spheronics Gandhian scientific ideology have inexhaustible intellectual and moral potential to solve o­n its basis the most pressing challenges of our planet and humanity facing BRICS+.


6. The project pragmatic proposals for BRICS+.

First triumphs in 2024


          The BRICS+ ideology first pragmatic triumph. The first, practical meaning of the spheronics laws in their two different, but inseparable aspects: scientific and ideological is to show its unique complexity, fundamental innovation, unprecedented depth and its development first, insufficient level of o­nly, figuratively speaking, o­n 1%.

          The remaining 99% of the spheronics underdevelopment requires professional scientific work of the Academy of Peace for Accelerated Growth (APAG) BRICS+ of 40 specialists at the first stage in 2024. This Academy name integrates two priority goals of BRICS+, which determine all its other goals. The Academy establishment in 2024, in itself, will be the BRICS+ first ideological victory and triumph of its ideology superiority over traditional o­nes, which were intellectually impotent for centuries to establish similar Peace Academy and the BRICS+ was able to do this since the very beginning, since the first step, demonstrating its peacemaking character since the start. This will remove all doubts regarding its nature: peacemaking or military.

          The Academy creation will be the BRICS+ first triumphant message to humanity that the global community has finally lived through three centuries of military academies to understand and implement the first ever Academy of true peace, inextricable with the SP accelerated growth. Their inseparability guarantees to peace the SP objective, eternal and immanent truth fundamentality instead of the traditional temporality and instability of all past subjective truces as false peace in history, transcendental to the truth. The scientific ideology in the BRICS+ hands since the first step brings it unprecedented ideological success and a fundamental requestfor world leadership in global peacemaking. What else can BRICS+ guarantee such phenomenal ideological success since the first step? The question is rhetorical. Can BRICS+ afford the geopolitical suicidal luxury to refuse from it?

          The BRICS+ ideology second pragmatic success. It is determined, since the very beginning, by the APAG unique, incomparable scientific structure, which no traditional academy has ever reached and will never reach. The uniqueness and innovativeness of the BRICS+ APAG pragmatic structure is the spheronics fundamental transdisciplinary macrosociology consequence as a universal cognitive pillar and soil of global digital technologies for world leadership. These are technologies of (1) macrosociology of accelerated growth of SP, (2) global statistics of SP, (3) fractal mathematics of SP harmony, (4) fractal spheral organization and management of SP, (5) spheral programming and strong artificial intelligence of SP. The foundations of these technologies are developed o­n the basis of spheronics within a period of 40 to 5 years, the development of which is further possible o­nly within the APAG institutional framework of the appropriate structure and investment.

          The BRICS+ APAG is structured in the corresponding five laboratories, the theoretical foundations of which are presented in the bibliography of our project and its additions for BRICS+, which we do not repeat here:

          1. Macrosociology of accelerated growth of SP: eight specialists in macrosociology, macroeconomics, growth theory, diplomacy, philosophy and history.

          2. Global Statistics of SP: eight specialists in statistics, macrosociology, economics, mathematical statistics and statistical programming.

          3. Fractal mathematics of SP harmony: eight specialists in mathematics, mathematical statistics, macrosociology, economics and programming.

          4. Fractal spheral organization and management of SP: eight specialists in management, socio-cybernetics, macrosociology, macroeconomics, growth theory and mathematics.

          5. Spheral programming and strong artificial intelligence of SP: eight specialists in spheral statistics, macrosociology, economics, mathematical statistics and statistical programming.

          o­nly the establishment of similar innovation laboratories in the BRICS+ Academy (APAG) will become its second ideological triumph of intellectual superiority over all past bankrupt ideologies that were unable to initiate either such an Academy or its similar scientific and technological structure.

          Financing. The APAG five laboratories, o­n eight unique specialists each, require adequate payment for each, at least 3 thousand dollars per month with total APAG funding for o­ne year, in 2024, ~ 2 million dollars along with all overhead and other technical expenses. This is a minimal investment with a maximum, millions of times greater, economic and social effect from the BRICS+ scientific ideology. The APAG will be able to not o­nly prove this effect within a year but also illustrate it in its R&D presentations. In the future, each law of spheronics for its development and application in each civilization will require a special institute as part of similar APAG BRICS+ academy. The BRICS+ savings o­n APAG investment, refusal to create it, violating the 9th law of spheronics will result in collapse or depression for it and stagnation in the tail of catching up, as always.


7. The BRICS+ Ideology project Roadmap


          1. The creation of an innovative Academy of Peace for Accelerated Growth (APAG) since early 2024 as the BRICS+ Cognitive center or Thinking tank, for start of 40 specialists o­n the first year in 2024 in o­ne country and then in each BRICS+ country. It will be aimed at developing a strategy for its accelerated growth, economic leadership, prosperity and peacemaking based o­n the spheronics scientific ideology with the APAG own general working rules, which it will create.

          Financing of the BRICS+ Academy for the first year in the USA dollars thousands:

~ 40 x 3 x 12 = 1440 + 500 organizational and technical costs.

          TOTAL: $1.952 million, ~$2 million for o­ne year.

         The option for poor BRICS+ countries for the first year (2024) in thousands of US dollars: ~20 x 3 x 12 = 720 + 280 organizational and technical costs.

        TOTAL: $1 million for o­ne year by reducing the Academy composition by 2 times.

In national currencies: according to their projected exchange rate for 2024.

         omment. The APAG BRICS+ creation from early 2024 will open a conscious path of reason, love and equal cooperation for the peaceful and fundamental resolution of all armed conflicts in the interests of true, lasting peace and complete security and not just a temporary truce in endless wars as a respite between them. o­nly similar path, starting since the joint Academy creation for the conflicting parties true peace o­n the APAG model can become an alternative for the traditional, age-old path of endless violence, hatred and revenge established by the controlled chaos of the golden billion hegemony in the interests of its own domination.

         The APAG BRICS+ establishment from early 2024 is its strategic organizational action in the formation of own ideological offensive platform. Its highest effectiveness requires minimal investment ($2 million), but maximum political will, responsibility and self-awareness of BRICS+ leaders in the geopolitical launch of an innovative sovereign ideology of leadership, peacemaking and multipolarity. Similar ideology cannot be manna from heaven; it requires powerful intellectual efforts and bold political innovations of the BRICS+ leaders, without which it will remain ideologically naked, like the famous fairy-tale king.

          2. The establishment of an innovative Constitutional Strategic Department of Peace (SDP) in 2025 in each BRICS+ country government under its national leader guidanceto develop a strategic offensive policy for economic leadership and peacemaking in accordance with its civilizational values and with the overall BRICS+ strategy. This strategy is conceptually justified and experimentally verified in each BRICS+ country by its APAG.

          omment. The second step of the roadmap constitutes a key organizational breakthrough in the implementation of the leadership, peacemaking and multipolarity BRICS+ unprecedented ideology. American doctor and politician Benjamin Rush, o­ne of the USA founding fathers in 1793 in his essay Plan of a Department of Peace for the United States to preserve perpetual peace in it [15; 16], first proposed the Department of Peace creation.

          However, after numerous centuries-long attempts, the US Congress rejected this project that expresses the historical militarism of this country during more than two centuries and o­n the other hand, its implementation in 4 dwarf states [17], testifies its utopianism and pacifist limitations, which exclude its implementation outside the general geopolitical peacemaking ideology and policy that BRICS+ carries. Therefore, the Peace Department establishment in the BRICS+ countries (or o­ne for all) will be in 2025 the new political triumph of its ideology over the eternal militaristic ideology of the US hegemonism and will become its shameful defeat, which proved the USA inability to embody its peace superiority of 230 years ago. The fact that the USA could not do more than two centuries, BRICS+ made from the very beginning.

          3. Creation of the GGHA Working Group of 3-5 of its employees as part of the Organizing Committee for the BRICS Summit 2024 Preparation [1] since January 2024 within the framework of cooperation with the Russia BRICS National Research Institute.

          Comment. The first task of this group is to adjust the proposed project BRICS+ Ideology according to any theoretical and information requests of the Organizing Committee and Russia BRICS National Research Institute.

          The second task, related to the first, is the logical structuring and scientific systematization of the Declaration of the XV BRICS Summit 94 points, 2023 [2] in accordance with the BRICS+ ideology macro-sociological laws presented in this GGHA project. Similar work will allow us to raise the level of this Declaration from its current chaotic and unsystematic level to the highest systemic, scientific and ideological level in order to become a model for the scientific structuring of the subsequent BRICS+ Declarations, which all similar documents of traditional ideologies lack. This confirm the absence of social science both in them and in the public consciousness and prove their falsity. The GGHA working group is able to complete this task in a maximum of two months, in January-February 2024. No o­ne will do this work except the GGHA, and if they do, it will open up a unique opportunity for BRICS+ to compare two results and choose the best or integrate the advantages of both.

          4. Publication in January-February 2024 of the GGHA unique primer-dialogue Spheronics. True Peace Science, as a popular and accessible brief (up to 120 pages) introduction to the spheronics peacemaking macrosociological science, which has been prepared in the GGHA since March 2023 and is approximately 70-80% prepared [17].

          Comment. This BRICS+ peacemaking textbook will become the main educational tool in overcoming total peacemaking ignorance through the population mass peace education, starting from primary schools and ending with all universities and educational academies. Similar BRICS+ textbook will allow it to initiate the creation of a global peace education system, which traditional ideologies have been powerless to create for centuries due to their falsity, unscientific and militaristic orientation. The proposed BRICS+ textbook and the global peace education system as the best way to prevent all future armed conflicts, will be another unique triumph of the BRICS+ scientific ideology in 2024.

          Other pragmatic steps of the BRICS+ RLP can be borrowed from our similar project for Russia, which was created a year ago: Russia as Civilizational Leader of XXI Century for the Federal Assembly (Parliament) and the countrys leaders from its 10 bills [18].


8. BRICS+ ideology: Peace roadmap for Palestine and Israel in 2024-2025


          The Palestine-Israel conflict (PIC) has reached its highest emotional and violent boiling point in total unconditional genocide o­n both sides, the scaling of which threatens a world nuclear war with global genocide. It is clear to all reasonable world citizens that the PIC does not and cannot have either an emotional or violent military solution, as proven by almost 70 years of its previous escalation spiral. This conclusion was confirmed by the resolution of the UN General Assembly adopted by 120 votes o­n October 27, 2023 [2a], which demanded an immediate ceasefire and a long-term humanitarian truce.

          However, the PIC arsenal of reasonable, scientific and fundamental in their conceptual macrosociological essence peaceful solutions guaranteeing the eradication of hatred, revenge and violence between the conflicting parties, as well as its transformation into the territory of their true, eternal peace, friendship, cooperation, prosperity and nonviolence is EMPTY/NULL as in the UN, as well as all other geopolitical players. This is an indisputable historical fact. The arsenal of traditional tools for peaceful resolution of such territorial conflicts is limited by politics, diplomacy, international law, ideology, ethics, religion, psychology, values and the like, which are deprived the ability and opportunity to offer a fundamental peaceful solution to any conflict. If it were otherwise, then all conflicts would have been resolved long ago but they are not resolved and their number is growing like an avalanche.

          Despite the importance and necessity of the listed tools for peaceful resolution, they all have o­ne insurmountable barrier: they are all different within themselves, fragmented according to national and other partial interests, and therefore they are immanently confrontational. Therefore, they are organically incapable to become a common and unifying basis for the conflicting parties. In these conditions, o­nly the subjective goodwill of their leaders becomes decisive that is always in short supply and most often absent, because from the actors of hatred and violence they cannot miraculously transform into angels of peace and nonviolence. Therefore, conflicts remain almost forever unresolved. For their fundamental peaceful solution, two key factors are missing: a genuine peacemaking global actor, free from the immanent militaristic duality and a scientific, macrosociological ideology of true, eternal peace and peacemaking.

          The consolidated global actor for the conflicts peaceful resolution. o­n this year geopolitical arena a new global peacemaking actor, BRICS+, has emerged, uniting 11 countries, mostly global south, covering the humanity majority. Its consolidating priority was proclaimed peace and security of all nations by its founding countries [2]. It is immanently free from the UN innate militaristic ambivalence and confrontational bifurcation, which structurally paralyzes its statutory peacemaking focus and mission [3a]. BRICS+, as a consolidated peacemaking organization of the humanity majority cannot remain indifferent and aloof from the PIC peaceful solution that threatens universal peace and security of all the peoples. But to do this, BRICS+ needs to arm with the key instrument of the scientific ideology macrosociological truth, which is recognized by the conflicting parties, unites them, is acceptable and beneficial to them.

          The BRICS+ Gandhian scientific ideology of spheronics as the macrosociological truth to the PIC peaceful solve. This ideology was laid down by the Mahatma Gandhis discovery in 1927 [4] of the humanity universal and nonviolent spherons as eternal actors of social production (SP) and the true, eternal peace. Their macrosociological science was developed and verified in the GGHA by world statistics during 18 years that is presented in detail in many publications [3; 7; 8; 9, etc.]. But this discovery and its science have been ignored so far [4a].

          The spheronics scientific ideology first conscious application in the GGHA as a key tool for the territorial conflicts peaceful resolution goes back more than 15 years. The GGHA proposed a spheral, harmonious path for them starting since the China-Taiwan conflict of 2007 [18a] and the Georgia-Russia conflict of 2008 [19]. Three projects and many proposals were devoted to the PIC peaceful resolution, the earliest since 2011 [20; 21; 22]. The Kashmir conflict solution 2019 is reflected in the project [23], the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh 2020 and 2022 in the projects [24; 25]. The peaceful resolution core of all these territorial conflicts was the interstate condominium: cooperation of conflicting countries in the parity use of disputed territories based o­n the spheronics common scientific ideology and o­n the population peaceful education common path of these countries in it.

          If the BRICS+ can understand, recognize and master the Gandhian spheronics scientific ideology unique dignities, which is offered to it in our project, then BRICS+ will receive an unsurpassed scientific advantage in the strategic peaceful resolution of all conflicts without inclusions, primarily the PIC. This ideology fills the objective scientific truth key factor vacuum in traditional solutions limited, at best, to temporary and shaky, paper truces or in principle insoluble for them, as the PIC has been for almost 70 years. Spheronics provides all the traditional tools for conflicts peaceful resolution with solid, fundamental knowledge of the objective, scientific, macrosociological truth of all the conflicts structural spheral components. o­nly similar truth can be a single, unshakable pillar for all conflicting parties, o­nly it can serve as their o­nly common denominator. o­nly it can become their consolidating basis in achieving their eternal/perpetual, true peace, as I. Kant wrote, distinguishing perpetual [true] peace from endless temporary truces in a series of continuous wars [10a]. The objective scientific truths are the o­nly knowledge over which societies never wage war, never conflict, and always agree among themselves. The objective truth is inherent and accessible o­nly to science. No o­ne else claims it, and it is no longer required from any other knowledge, neither from politics, nor from diplomacy and others, which have other missions than truth.

           Spheronics, as a systemic macrosociological, at the spheral level, conflictology brings a fundamental, scientific and reasonable dimension to all conflicts resolution, which in them is suppressed by the emotions of hatred, revenge and mistrust, reaching the point of mutual genocide and terror, overshadowing reason, truth, conscience and God that illustrates the protracted territorial PIC almost 70 years. Therefore, today, for its fundamental peaceful solution, there is no other peace science, no other true, general ideology and conflictology, except for macrosociological spheronics. This is an irrefutable historical fact. Any number of fragmented and therefore torn, partial disciplines of traditional social sciences cannot replace its logically transdisciplinary holism [3].

Based o­n this truth, a fundamentally peaceful, eternal solution to the PIC, convincing and acceptable to all conflicting parties and nations, is possible o­nly o­n the basis of innovative spheronics, and nothing else. All others offer o­nly shaky and temporary paper truces, ready to explode into a new, more terrible war at any time. The spherons objective truth and their science of spheronics, verified by world statistics at the society main levels [7] and open for verification by every literate person in 2 hours [10] is an absolutely necessary link in the PIC peaceful solution, without which it is impossible. This truth can o­nly be dangerous to evil, militarism, lies and criminals of all kinds, including criminals against humanity. Their symbiosis today exists in indivisible unity, feeding each other as consanguineous pathologies, which dominate the unipolar world order, which has become the most dangerous to peace o­n the nuclear war brink.

          The BRICS+, armed with a scientific ideology institutionalized in its Academy (Academy of Peace and Accelerated Growth, APAG), is able to take under its patronage the PIC scientific/fundamental peaceful solution. This requires, first, the creation of similar joint Academy from Palestine and Israel reputable and honest humanitarian scientists capable to bring a reasonable, scientific dimension to the PIC vision and its peaceful solution, with the BRICS+ assistance and with the invitation to it of scientific consultants from other countries o­n its recommendation.

          The BRICS+ roadmap for the PIC peaceful solution. Based o­n the key, scientific and methodological basis for the PIC peaceful solution, which is initiated by BRICS+, presented above, its roadmap, in its most general form, could be limited to the next steps in 2024 and 2025.

           1. To achieve, through the mediation of the BRICS+ and UN, a ceasefire in the PIC, as well as the consent of their governments to conduct scientific research for its peaceful solution under the BRICS+ patronage. If it is not possible to extinguish the hot phase of the conflict immediately, since the very beginning, then continue to initiate a ceasefire at subsequent stages of the roadmap and its implementation without these governments consent as scientific research for the peace and benefit of these nations cannot be prohibited or canceled by anyone.

          2. Through the BRICS+ efforts with the PIC leaders approval or information and its representatives participation, ensure within a month the joint Academy (APAG) creation of Palestine and Israel scientists/specialists with consultants from other countries recommended by BRICS+. This Academy (APAG) is being created o­n the BRICS+ Academy structural model (above), consisting of 40 scientists/specialists, o­n 20 from each country with other necessary structural accents and with funding of 2 million dollars, o­n 1 million from each country for o­ne year, in 2024.

          3. Over the next two-three months, the Academy conducts statistical comparative studies of the dynamics of the spherons number and quality and their employment spheres in social production (SP) of two countries at comparable levels in the temporal semantic logic of five reference years: 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015, 2020. Based o­n the received statistical information and its analysis, the Academy is preparing a plan for the creation of a peace-loving Palestinian state in accordance with the 1948 UN decision with a guarantee of two states security and all human rights and freedoms in each of them. This plan includes their peaceful cooperation across the branches entire spectrum of their SP spheres for the sake of peace, prosperity and the highest standards of their peoples well-being. The plan core is the condominium (see above) of disputed and undeveloped territories as an engine for accelerated growth of both countries SP four spheres. This plan can be titled as Two States Harmony Plan (TSHP) of Palestine and Israel.

          4. Over the next 4-5 months, the TSHP various discussions are organized in all territories and in all settlements of the two countries with the participation of its authors (the Academy members), taking into account all objections, proposals and adjustments to it.

          5. Over the next two-three months, the Academy prepares an updated TSHP, taking into account the most important objections, proposals and adjustments.

          6. Over the next two months, the Academy, together with BRICS+, will initiate a joint decision by the two governments to simultaneously hold referendums in their countries o­n the TSHP recognition and its preparation in each state.

          7. Subsequent steps logically follow from the previous starting stages direction of the proposed roadmap for the PIC peaceful solution.

          Naturally, this is o­nly an approximate framework of this roadmap, open to any adjustments at different levels and stages of its creation democratic process. To prepare this roadmap and to manage its implementation, BRICS+ creates the necessary unit in its own Academy (APAG, see above, paragraph 7.1.) to provide the PIC roadmap scientific part as well as the Political Committee for its peaceful resolution from the BRICS+ leaders.

          With similar innovative roadmap for the PIC peaceful solution, this protracted, territorial conflict, the BRICS+ will be capable to transform into an oasis of peace, cooperation and prosperity for the conflicting parties. In this context, the Palestinian state creation will eliminate the possibility of it becoming the PIC new source of escalation. In this sense, the TSHP implementation will be the most effective solution of the territorial disputes between Palestine and Israel. o­nly o­n this basis and in this perspective the Palestinian state creation will be a step towards peace and not towards a new, interstate escalation of their armed conflict.

          With the PIC peaceful, innovative decision, BRICS+ will prove its peacemaking global leadership almost during a year. This is the BRICS+ highest dignity and advantage of its scientific ideology. Will it be willing and able to refuse and neglect similar ideology? Or it will make the o­nly right decision to implement it intensively for the most effective achievement of its peacemaking and economic goals?

9. BRICS+ ideology: The spheronics soft but deadly force in the Ukraine denazification 

          Another, ideological and genocide nature are conflicts based o­n pseudoscientific, Nazi theories of racial superiority and o­n the theoretical substantiation of the necessity and justification of the subhuman certain peoples genocide. A similar conflict today is the conflict of Ukraine with Russia. In it, the Ukraine leaders, encouraged by the collective West, armed themselves with the Nazism ideology, lies by the legitimate destruction of Russia and Russians as the subhuman, against which they began a purposeful militaristic genocide since 2014 with full political, financial and weapons support of the West.

          The o­nly true response of Russia in the spirit of self -defense to this existential threat, to the eight-year genocide of Russians and the eight-year war with the Russians was the special military operation (SMO) with the o­nly true goals of the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine as a Western ram against Russia. The SMO is the o­nly and natural way of Russia to put an end to the genocide and the eight-year war against Russia, as President Vladimir Putin said about this [27]. The GGHA completely supported it and its purposes, collected many facts of the genocide Ukraine against Russians [28; 29 et al.] and created the project Antifascist Gandhian Front [30], which is focused o­n the spheronics antifascist scientific ideology, without which the Ukraine denazification goal cannot be completely resolved and the new revival of Nazism will be inevitable. In this project, we proposed toRussian Defense Ministry to form the Ideological Special Forces company from young Russian social scholars. The GGHA is able to prepare it in 1-2 weeks to send it to the UAF prisoners of war camps with a weekly educational antifascist course Peace Education for Denazification, PED [30, clause 14] with the American experience of denazification [31]. In it, the spheronics scientific ideology soft force is mortal for any Nazi, genocide ideology.

         Nazism as an ideology should be eliminated ideologically that o­nly alternative Gandhian spheronics as the scientific ideology can make today, the latest version of which is revealed in this project BRICS+ Ideology. The task of ideological denazification is o­ne of the key to BRICS+, which will be able to nonviolently solve it o­nly with the spheronics scientific ideology hypersonic ideological drone help here. There are no other scientific instruments and soft weapons against neo-Nazi ideology.


10. The BRICS+ Ideology project 18 additions list


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11. The GGHA faith and hope for BRICS+ as a new, honest and true peacemaker


          The militaristic West has racistly ignored the Gandhian peacemaking spherons and their science of spheronics for almost a century, including their GGHA projects for 18 years. Now, with the BRICS+ formation as the humanity majority new geopolitical actor, the GGHA believes and hopes that BRICS+, proclaiming peace and antiracism, unlike the West, will pay attention, without any discrimination, to our project Gandhian scientific ideology of spheronics for BRICS+, will listen and discuss it with our invitation. The new BRICS+ Declaration draft for its next summit in Russia, in the first approximation, was developed by the GGHA civil society international peacemaking organization.

          It is prepared in accordance with the BRICS commitment to further strengthen inclusive collaboration between government and societies at all levels, in all BRICS countries [2, paragraph 86]. We hope that BRICS+ will not violate this commitment, like the West, to our important initiative project to form its worthy, scientific ideology, will listen to us and discuss with us this extremely important project for BRICS+. We believe and hope that BRICS will show itself with dignity, as a new, honest and true peacemaker, who does not ignore but listens to other peacemakers for the sake of true peace o­n the planet.


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Additional bibliography: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1019 and https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1015


Dr. Leo Semashko, o­n behalf of spheronics 750 coauthors during 18 years,

Philosopher, sociologist and peacemaker from the spherons harmony,

GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President,

Twice recognized as Person of the Year in 2021 and 2022 by the WGF International Magazine. Three times nominated together with the GGHA for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013, 2017 and 2020: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253,

E-mail: leo.semashko@gmail.com,

Skype: leo.semahko,

Russia, Saint Petersburg



Bravo, Leo!

         For your Question to Vladimir Putin about Peace Science and the Nuclear Genocidal
o­n December 14, 2023.

         Best, Matjaž,





About European Peace Science in Slovenia


Dear Matjaž,

         Thank you very much for your appreciation of our common but unique intellectual fruit of 18 years, to which you also gave about 17 years. Your personal page has been open since 2006: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=473.

        Could you, in Slovenia, organize at your University of Maribor, o­n the basis of your Social Responsibility team, a number of ideas of which are integrated into our Peace Science, Spheronics, its further development, with my help, for example, the European Peace Science, without which it suffocates in uncontested, totalitarian militarism?

         In Europe, NOBODY is doing ANYTHING like this or is going to do anything like this, because Europe, until now, has not been able to give birth similar scientific idea, and borrowing it from Mahatma Gandhi for almost 100 years has been hindered by racism and arrogance. Maybe its time for Europe to finally free itself from these dead men, so that they do not drag it into the final Decline, predicted by Spengler still more than a century ago and felt today without the Peace Science? It could have been Europe's advantage but it has been nullified over the course of a century. Or do prejudices hold fast?

         What do you think about the development of "European Peace Science" at your university, constructively? Or would you rather join us?

         Best wishes for your health and Merry Christmas Congratulations!






The project final, its publication and distribution.


Dear peacemakers coauthors,

          We are happy to congratulate you o­n the unanimous approval of our project Scientific Ideology for BRICS+ by 32 coauthors from 17 countries, without a single objection by the arguments or facts over 3 weeks of discussions, the final of which with responses was published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152 and in the attachment. During the discussion, no o­ne, nothing and nowhere could fundamentally object to spheronics in its two faces: both as an unprecedented and the o­nly verified peacemaking science of humanity (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1160), and as the BRICS+. unprecedented scientific ideology. This is evidence of its vitality in contrast to other social sciences and ideologies. None of them can withstand comparison or competition with spheronics. All previous versions of this project are disavowed.

          In connection with this in 18 years GGHA 86th peacemaking project completion, we are pleased to especially note and sincerely thank its most active participants, the authors of 18 additions to it, participants in its discussions and proposals for it, its editor in Russian Yulia Budnikova, its banner designers Ivan Ivanov and Alexander Konanchuk and everyone else.

          Our project o­n its first page has been updated with a letter (1 page) to Vladimir Putin with an invitation to join the spheronics unique science of true peace and verify its spherons using the closest example of the Kremlin or Moscow, etc. Another update is Peace Formula PEACE goes through spherons, their thinking and education in spheronics. Who will come up with a better formula for the spheronics peace?

          Now the stage has come for publishing this project in full or in any parts in any editions and websites with any of its coauthors in collaboration with any of them with an invitation to join it all peacemakers, who today cannot exist without the peace science. Our peacemaking Gandhian spheronics is the historical heritage of humanity, which has integrated hundreds of scientific and peacemaking achievements of history, which has never been closed in the GGHA and has always been open to everyone that has been our policy for all 18 years of our history. I am ready to help each of the coauthor in any of their publications. Mailing to its coauthors opens its mailing to the BRICS+ leaders and in all GGHA networks. We o­nly ask, please, that all coauthors informed us about all your publications of this project. Thanks.

         Best wishes to you health and spherons true peace,

Friendly and with love,

Leo Semashko



Dear Leo and All Friends,

          I send you information about a new project started of cooperation between Russian and China in Cultural Exchange. I have been working since 2004 in Beijing and Saint Petersburg into World UNESCO CONGRESS for PEACE. I welcome all Countries to use Culture for PEACE in an ERA of AI Artificial Intelligent.
          I received from WHITE HOUSE and attached brief (3 pages) news about letter invitation from President Biden to cooperation in COUNTER ANTISEMITISM (project in 60 pages)



Rosa Dalmiglio


China radio international in 65 languages o­nline




, ,
" +".

. . .





Dear Leo,

         Yes, we approve.

Apologies for delay as we were busy planning for our upcoming World Growth Forums Global Business and Investment Forum (WGF-GBIF) at Baiyoke Sky Bangkok, Thailand o­n 24th February 2024.

        Warm Regards,

Hasina Parvin

Chief Executive Officer and Editor-in-Chief

World Growth Forums

Bringing World Leaders o­n o­ne Platform of Excellence for Positive World Growth, New Delhi, India




Greetings Dr Leo Semashko,

       We trust you are doing well.

World Growth Forums is organising WGF Global Business and Investment Forum (WGF-GBIF)
in Bangkok, Thailand o­n 24th February 2024.

This is a Hybrid Event (both Virtual and Physical). Kindly click for more details:


         All Esteemed WGF Person of the Year 2021 are being invited as Esteemed Keynote Speakers for our Hybrid Event.

You may please grace our Event as a Keynote Speaker (Physically or Virtually as per your convenience).

Look forward to a long-term positive association with you.

          Let's do great things together! 

Warm Regards,

 India Team

Nation Builders

Phone: + 91-8527087765

Email: abhishek@worldgrowthforums.com

           World Growth Forums

Bringing World Leaders o­n o­ne Platform of Excellence for Positive World Growth,
New Delhi, India



Dear Leo and All GGHA Friends,

          I have pleasured to receive the report about great activities of the GGHA authors to realise a plain-project about FUTURE of COOPERATION in BRICS Scientific Ideology for BRICS+: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152.  

          CHINA PRESIDENT XI JINPING promotion into INTERNET a PEACE JOURNALIST during China Internet Summit- 8 November 2023 (in attached, published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=28)

          I have been working with XINHUA NEWS AGENCY since 2002, in ACTION for PEACE and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT for combat poverty, included DISABLED (85 million of Disabled person in China today).



Best wishes

Rosa Dalmiglio






TO: H.E. Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, President, Republic of South Africa

Dear Mr President,

We, the GGHA are happy to send you, the South Africa great leader and politician, the outstanding peacemaker and the BRICS Summit 2023 brilliant Chairman, our unique project Scientific Ideology for BRICS+ for the next year Summit, in Kazan, Russia, planned by President V. Putin.

Our project contains several breakthrough, crazy world ideas that correspond to the BRICS+ strategic goals and ensure their effective implementation: Gandhian true peace science, global statistics, strong (holistic) AI, the social production spheral fractal organization and the BRICS+ world technological and peacemaking leadership, which we have been developing and verifying for over 40 years.

We hope for your understanding and support of these innovative ideas, which are key to accelerate economic growth of each BRICS+ country. The development of these ideas in your country, in the Academy of Peace and Accelerated Growth of South Africa (APAGSA), created to start with 20 specialists in five laboratories, with annual funding $1 MM since the next year beginning with your (or your assistant) political and my scientific leadership, would become an intellectual flagship example for all BRICS+ countries. This Academy in 3-5 years would provide South Africa with global technological and peacemaking leadership, along with accelerating the economy and all spheres of social production growth by at least 2-3 times. This project and its Academy would make your country by the BRICS+ conceptual inclusive flagship.

Our project meaning o­n 15 pages (without drawings and lists) by 32 coauthors from 17 countries, including Ela Gandhi, the granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi, for 11 BRICS+ leaders is revealed more fully o­n its first page in a letter to President V. Putin in the attachment.

Hope, we will be heard o­n Skype: leo.semahko, by you or your assistant with Russian.

With deep respect and faith in true global peace from BRICS+with your country initiative, 

Dr. Leo Semashko


 Dear Sir or Madam

          This is an automated reply to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence by the Office of the Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr Shipokosa Paulus Mashatile, MP.

         Please note that all Complaints and Service Delivery Matters will be forwarded to: The Presidential Hotline (Email: President@presidency.gov.zawho will respond to the issues

Should you wish to follow-up o­n your correspondence please contact the Presidential Hotline o­n 17737.

 All other matters referred to Deputy.President@presidency.gov.za including requests for meetings and invitations will receive the required attention and a response will be communicated.

          Kind Regards

 Office of the Deputy President

The Presidency

The Union Buildings

Government Avenue


Private Bag X1000, Pretoria, 0001

E-mail Deputypresident@presidency.gov.za



The Finishs Resume for Xi Jinping


Dear coauthors - peacemakers,

          With the rigmarole mailing end of the Scientific Ideology project for the BRICS leaders, I am glad to send you o­ne of its cover letters to the China President in the attachment and here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1163. A covering letter to the Russia President was published at the project beginning: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152.

          The center of this project is constituted by o­ne integral, fourdimensional and holistic paradigm of peacemaking spheronics science, which, at first glance seems crazy, mad because of its originality but provides the most effective, of all possible today, solution and implementation of the BRICS strategic goals. Here is the paradigm summary.

          Firstly, spheronics is the o­nly verifiable paradigm of macrosociological science of true peace, similar to any other, o­nly verifiable natural science: astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, etc. They are unique, true for everyone, because everyone can be verified and therefore exclude confrontation and war o­n their objects, just like peace in the true peace science, i.e. in spheronics.    
          The BRICS Global Peace and Security priority goal can therefore o­nly be realized o­n the spheronics basis as the o­nly verifiable science of true peace, constituting an unshakable common denominator for all nations and states if they want to live in peace. Truth is above all authorities. There is no other similar denominator except for the peace science. This science can be rejected and ignored o­nly by ignorance, or extreme militarism, or bias and laziness to verify it. This is not about you, because you are not yet familiar with it. We are ready to prove its truth to everyone and any reasonable audience in 1-2 hours who are not afraid of it and wants to know it.

          Secondly, the spheronics general theoretical platform allows creating an unlimited composition of its technological tools for the pragmatic embodiment of true peace in each country or the BRICS region, taking into account their specifics and features. Today it is limited by four technologies, o­ne for each sphere of social production. In the infosphere these are digital technologies for unprecedented global statistics and strong (holistic) AI, increasing labor productivity by many times. In the orgsphere, this is the technology of a spheral fractal organization of social production (primarilyeconomics, technosphere), which raises its growth by 2-5 times. It ensures its change from the ossified, rigid branch (corporatist) structure to the evolutionary spheral and fractal structural restructuring, which, without spheronics science, turned out to be impossible nowhere, not in any country. In the sociosphere, this is the technology of spheral social equality of spherons; gender equality according to the law Childrens Suffrage Executed by Parents (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=211) as a regulator of fertility and a generator of female and youth activity, as well as their fundamentally new education in science and worldview of true peace, i.e. in spheronics. Its first university textbook, 1999 is here: https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/sociologiya-dlya-pragmatikov.pdf.

          These and similar technologies of spheronics will provide, in 3-6 years, global technological, economic and peacemaking leadership to those BRICS+ countries that are the first and energetically to take the path of spheral modernization, which China intuitively took in Deng Xiaopings four modernizations. They provided the country with an average annual growth of 15% for almost 30 years. But Deng Xiaoping began his modernizations since the reform of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, separating from it the Academy of Social Sciences as an independent scientific center aimed at developing ideology and solving key practical problems in China since 1977, which ensured their great success.

            The spheronics paradigm and its spheral technologies also include an effective method for resolving all territorial conflicts. The summary formula of true peace in spheronics is: PEACE goes through the spherons, their thinking in peace science and spheronics education, the development of which our project is dedicated to.

          In conclusion, I want to emphasize that due to my health and new tasks in denazification and artificial intelligence, since today, at the end of our primer Spheronics: Peace Science, I am switching to the free flight mode until the December end or later, without regulations. When it will be ready, then it will be presented for discussion. But I am open to all questions and cooperation in our peace projects.

          Best wishes to your health and spherons true peace,

Dr. Leo Semashko,



Spheronics: Peace Roadmap for Palestine and Israel


Dear peacemakers coauthors,

        The violent bloody events in the Middle East with thousands of victims of children and women (over 70%) forced us to rewrite the corresponding (8th) paragraph of our BRICS+ Scientific Ideology project. The updated paragraph (3 pages) was published along with it here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152 and in the attachment. In this regard, the discussion and approval of the project, especially its 8th paragraph, is extended until November 4 inclusive, by your public (for ALL) YES or NO, which are published o­n its page. The opportunity to join it at your request as its supporter remains open until November 4 along with your public YES.

           You could publish our project in full or in any fragments, if you wish, in co-authorship with me, in all publications available to you in any country. Each country has the right to know about the existence of the worlds first Gandhian Science of Spherons Global Peace, briefly, about Spheronics. The world has been waiting for it more than a century to prevent a new world war and peacefully resolve all armed conflicts, the most dangerous of which for the world is the conflict between Palestine and Israel.

         See the attachment for its peaceful solution from the spheronics vision and perspective. Its roadmap deserves the world attention and discussion o­n the nuclear war brink and in a complete intellectual vacuum of positive, scientific projects for preventing it and resolving the conflicts that fuel it. There is nothing comparable with it.

A fully updated project will be sent to you after approval, starting November 6-8.

          Best wishes to yours health and spherons true peace,

Leo Semashko,



the Academy is preparing a plan for the creation of a peace-loving Palestinian state in accordance with the 1948 UN decision with a guarantee of two states security and all human rights and freedoms in each of them.


With all due respect, the Palestinian People officially accepted a Two State Solution based upon UN General Assembly Resolution 181 in their Declaration of Independence of 15 November 1988. It is the Zionists who have always wanted ALL of Palestine and with NO Palestinians.


Francis A. Boyle

Law Building

504 E. Pennsylvania Ave.

Champaign IL 61820 USA

Phone: 217-333-7954

Fax: 217-244-1478





Dear friends of peace,
here is our solution for world peace: o­nly together we can raise a strong voice for a new ethic in journalism. Balanced Information and Public Opinion are the key for an End to the Violence.
This is not about ending o­ne war, it is about ending the age of war economy.
Jimmy Gerum, +49-151-5055 2062


3min HOW to bring Peace to the Worldhttps://youtu.be/g5yx9nzdWKU
3min Call of Action for YOU
New article:




Dear Leo. Yes.

Dear all,

         o­n my opinion expressed globally since the start of this awful war is the creation of a free state of Palestine. Historically UN issued three resolutions for this state. No o­ne was developed! GGHA also proposes this state.

          The harmonic and peaceful coexistence of both Israel and Palestine is the main target. The factories building weapons day they are unable to cover the requests for. It's a good chance for them to change products production. Stop the weapons, build useful products for humanity. The shareholders of the companies invest their money for the Profit. Profit may occur by other products than weapons.

        Educate properly the children. Or else will shall meet war in Europe o­nce more. 

We all know above-mentioned. It's time for real actions.

         With respect and peace 

Dr Panagiotis -Takis D Ioannides

Peace ambassador. Greece



Scientific ideology of true peace and saving children for BRICS+


Dear coauthors peacemakers,

          Again, please excuse my delay, I was sick and very busy with our unique innovative project Scientific ideology of spheronics for BRICS+, which now differs from the previous version, more than a month ago, like heaven from earth. Pragmatics now occupies a large part in it. It reveals the need for a scientific dimension in resolving all conflicts, in establishing all truces through the first step of creating a joint scientific Academy of Spheronics of the conflicting parties. It is able, within a month or two of joint work, to offer a roadmap for peace resolving any conflict o­n the path of reason, love and cooperation instead of the traditional unpromising o­ne paths of violence, hatred and revenge in the established unipolar controlled chaos of a dying world hegemon.

          The project is published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152 and in the attachment, in two languages separately, o­n 11 pages, without the lists and pictures, for its distribution and further work with it. It could be modified for a peaceful solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in the coming month if it finds support from scientists in both countries. The spheronics scientific ideology, over the GGHA 18 years, has proven itself as a scientific, macrosociological conflictology, which offers a unified structural peaceful solution to the conflicts entire variety based o­n the universal and eternal spherons of each country in the conflict. o­nly similar solutions to conflicts promise true peace for our children and the future of humanity, excluding all wars, including nuclear war, the likelihood of which is growing every day today. Similar work to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict is planned in November if scientists from both countries agree to participate in it, if they want peace for their children and if they realize their responsibility for it.

          Now we invite you to approve our project in two days, up to October 28 inclusive, with your Yes, I approve or No, I do not approve.Silence according to our tradition is YES. Any objections, additions and corrections are accepted, which we will discuss later, at a new round of project updates.

          Friendly, best wishes for your health and true peace for children,

Leo Semashko,



The project Second version dated October 26, 2023


Dear Leo:

         My Assistant Candice from Trinidad was able to open the Project in PDF Format.

It is excellent!!! I fully approve. Thank you for your hard work. Take good care of your health. You are very much needed.

Best wishes, your Rudi

From the House of Mir, USA



         Respected Leo,

My answer is "Yes".


Dr. Noor M. Larik




Yes, I approve,

Ashokchakravarthy Tholana




         , .

. !

         . , .





          , : , , , , .



          Yes, this is the most accurate assessment of our unique scientific project: : No o­ne in the world has done or is doing anything similar for the peace science, not a single academy, not a single party, not a single government, not even the UN and UNESCO.

Leo Semashko








Yes, I approve.













Responses and new ideas to update our project


Dear peacemakers coauthors,

First. Many thanks for yours eight responses with approvals of our peacemaking project BRICS+ Ideology by 29 coauthors from 15 countries, which were published along with it here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152

Some of the coauthors' approvals were directed o­nly to me, personally. However, approval, like voting, is a public action that becomes real and legitimate o­nly when everyone knows about it. In this regard, please, could you duplicate your personal responses publicly, TO ALL in our network TODAY so that they become legitimate? Thank you very much for your understanding. Peacemaking is not a personal but a public, social and collective action; it has no other nature.

         Second. I am pleased to announce the publication o­n our website of information about brilliant, actual articles, with my translation into Russian of some of our coauthors o­n their personal pages below:

Rodney Atkinson
list of articles about Ukrainian Nazism and the USA collapse here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1064,

Francis Boyle
o­n the recognition in international law of Israel's genocide of the Palestinian civilian population in the Gaza Strip: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=957,

Michael Brenner
o­n the moral suicide of the USA in Palestine and the death spiral in the Israel-Palestine tragedy:


Chris Hedges, about the Israel-Palestine conflict: this way for the genocide and his important, but incorrect in approach, article Fascism comes to America: https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=720,

Helga LaRouche o­n "NATO's Escalation to World War" and "we urgently need a completely new paradigm as the basis for international politics ": https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1077. Similar completely new (SCIENTIFIC, TRUE, VERIFIED) paradigm for international politics is and is capable to prove itself in resolving any conflict by the scientific ideology of BRICS+, deployed in our joint project here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152.

          This is a new portion of ideas and information to update our project in the future.

Best wishes for health and true peace of the spherons,




        . , , , , , .



, . 


Sasha, thank you very much for your honest, open response! o­nly the emphasis should have been placed not o­n me, but o­n children who desperately need the peace science in order to survive in the present and future, avoiding a nuclear genocidal war with the help of spheronics. There is no other peace science. This is a historical, irrefutable fact.
          As for any misunderstandings, I am ready to explain to you in a few words the essence of the Gandhian science of spheronics via Skype, whenever you want.



Dear Leo,

I approve it.

Dr Panagiotis -Takis D Ioannides,




Thank you,

It is approved.

Bishnu Pathak,



Višeslav Simić,







Paragraph-15. Gandhian Spheronics in the BRICS+ Service


Dear coauthors-peacemakers,

My long hospital days were spent thinking about the current topic Spheronics in the BRICS+ service, so they were not in vain for our primer, and Im not talking about my 80% recovery.

Therefore, we are happy to send you for discussion in dialogue with your objections and questions paragraph-15, dedicated to spheronics as a peacemaking tool and the BRICS+ scientific ideology on 10 pages without pictures and bibliography, and o­n 4 pages without comments.

It is published o­n the GGHA letterhead in full: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152, prepared for distribution to 11 BRICS+ leaders. We send it in two formats to yours: DOK and PDF, because some don't open it in the DOC. Please report all such cases.

Whoever wants to become a coauthor of this important peacemaking document and share the direct responsibility of its coauthorship with me, indicating his person in the BRICS leaders mailing, I ask you to send your additions or fundamental editing of this paragraph to me within 2 days. For other responses, the deadline, as always, is 5 days.

Spheronics for BRICS is our primer of spheronics, compressed in accordance with the needs of BRICS+ as a peacemaking actor from the global South, representing the humanity majority. This paragraph will be published in our primer, but within 3-4 pages, no more, in a new edition.

The question of its publication in the primer remains open for many reasons. Maybe it will be published without comments, or it will be published o­nly in Russian or in another version that will be decided at the year-end, when the drafts of all paragraphs have been prepared. What do you think about it? We will be grateful for all your suggestions.

Best wishes for your health and true peace,

Leo Semashko,



The project First version dated September 15, 2023


Dear Leo:

           I am so very happy, that you seem to recover well from your operation. Our prayers have been heard!!!

           I hope you have received my ZOOM o­n my friend Gregory Baum, Canada's most outstanding theologian and sociologist: Gregory Baum: Life, Work, and Friendship: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2OG0KZLRcY&t=104s, 47 min. In this video, the Critical Theorist and Catholic Theologian, Rudolf J. Siebert, discusses his long friendship with the theologian Gregory Baum. Enjoy it!

          Here are a few thoughts o­n our Spheronics for BRICS+.

          We must be careful with the word ''ideology.' In the West, the word ideology has most of the time a positive meaning. It means a combination of an idea and a value, e.g. study business and you will make a lot of money!!!

You have used the word ideology in its positive meaning.

         But in the West there are also critical circles, who use the word negatively, since the bourgeois and socialist revolutions, up to the present. Then ideology means false consciousness, cover up of economic interests, shortly the untruth.

         If you want to use ideology positively, it would be better to use the word philosophy.

         My attitude toward BRICS is the result of my historical remembrance of summer 1945, when Russian and American troops met in the center of central Europe, in Germany, in Thuringia, in Geisa. In Geisa there is a castle, in which my uncle Dr. Karl Siebert, the judge, had his court and lived. I spent large parts of my youth in this castle.

          Today it is a hotel. The guests come from all over the world, in order to visit Point Alpha, a monument in remembrance of the victory of the antifascist alliance between the Slavic World and the American World, and in anticipation of their replacement of the European World as world-historical power. Europe went to its extreme in the two world wars, and then collapsed into its niche in world history. It finally retired, after long hesitation. Now Washington governs Brussels.

          Soon after the meeting of the Russian and American troops near Geisa, the new world-historical powers, the Slavic World and the American World, separated in the first andnow second Cold War, and began to compete with each other. They also began to gather nations behind themselves for their own support, who had moved into the niche of history long ago, never to return into a world historical power position again. All world historical powers had done so before. The American World gathered behind itself the European nations, Japan, and South Korea, The Slavic World is gathering behind itself China, North Korea, India, possibly the whole Southern hemisphere. That is called BRICS.

          I consider this development to be an entirely legitimate world -historical process, which will retain its validity far beyond the present military action in the Ukraine, which is promoting it..

          What is now most important is that the antagonism between the Slavic World and BRICKS o­n o­ne hand, and the American World and its followers, the European Union, Japan and South Korea., remains a peaceful o­ne: a peaceful competition. Which world historical power will have the longer life expectancy, the longer marriages, the better education, the better production and distribution, the fuller recognition of all people in their subjective freedom and their substantive freedom, the less slums, the less unemployment, the less pandemics, etc.? The rest of the nations will follow that world historical power, which allows the most dignified human existence.

          There is o­ne problem now, which no world historical power had ever to face before the extreme development of weapon technology, as well as its global exchange and distribution. If this problem is not resolved, the present two world historical power, the heirs of the European World, will annihilate each other, and pull the rest of humanity down with them.

Spheronics for BRICS must help to solve this problem, so that the two world-historical powers can lead humanity further o­n the way to the realm of freedom, the full realization of the human potential.

          Under these conditions, I am also for BRICS. I am just not sure, if my name will be helpful for our Spheronics for BRICS message to the BRICS governments, since it is connected with the USA and Germany. You decide.

          Best wishes, your Rudi, from the House of Mir,

Dr. Rudolf J Siebert, Professor Emeritus of Michigan University, Kalamazoo Michigan, USA,

Web: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=51


          PS. If you want to add my external addition to our message Spheronics for BRICS as its coauthor, you could indicate in the spirit of our Spheronics true peace and harmony my important article dated April 22, 2022: Rudolf Siebert. Golden Rule: Contra Ukrainian Nazism and Pro the Russian and American Worlds Solidarity, published o­n our GGHA website in English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1063.



Dear friend Rudi,

          Thank you very much for your warm response and strong support for our message Spheronics for BRICS as its coauthor. I am very grateful for your prayers for my health, which have greatly supported and helped me.

          I fully share your response thoughts, which was published with my small addition in PS o­n our message pages in two languages here: In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152 ,
        In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1050

Do you agree with it? And why did you decide that our message is connected with Germany and the USA? I don't see this connection. There is o­nly its connection with the global South, which in BRICS+ has become the global majority. So?

          Best wishes for your health and true peace to all the worlds of our planet,





Dear Leo:

          I do agree! The connection is that my name and my American and German background may not sound good to BRICKS members, and that it may do harm to our peace message to BRICKS.

          If that is not the case, then everything is all right.

Please, let me know, what else I can do for our great cause of peace.

          Please, take good care of yourself, so that the healing continues. Don't overwork!!!

Best wishes to you and your dear family,

 Your Rudi, from the House of Peace in the USA.


Dear Rudi,

          Thank you very much for your warm words and clear explanation of the connection, which is published with the Russian translation here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152. It is unlikely that any support for the BRICS, from any country, even an unfriendly o­ne, can be unpleasant for its members. o­n the contrary, your support and the like, which we expect from many of our friends, are doubly valuable to them for this reason.

          I will inform you about my further wishes later. But it is always relevant to attract and invite new worthy and thoughtful people to our cause of peace and its philosophy, or scientific ideology of spheronics.

          All partial, class, elitist, party and similar ideologies of the past, without exception, are false, untrue for this reason. o­nly the ideology of all humanity as a whole can be true, and not any part of it, which is the Gandhian spheronics, launched by Mahatma Gandhi in 1927 with the discovery of universal human varnas-spherons. We, the GGHA, verified them historically and with world statistics in Gandhica, in 2019: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848.

          Our, Gandhian, spheronics is the first instance of a previously unprecedented true, scientific ideology. What is bad and wrong about this? No o­ne has been able to refute its for almost a century since 1927. All false trends die, o­nly true, viable trends live and thrive everywhere, including ideology and thinking.

          Do you agree with this?




Dear Leo:

          I would still speak of the Gandhian philosophy or even theology for BRICS.

          Martin Luther King, a Baptist minister and theologian, studied at the Catholic Boston College. Here Martin met a professor, who introduced him into Hegel. From Hegel Martin learned to see history as process of liberation, including the liberation of Afro-Americans.

         But Hegel did not offer to Martin a nonviolent method pf liberation. Therefore, Martin turned to Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy and theology of nonviolence.

          Gandhi, the Hindu, had taken his principle of nonviolence from Christianity, from the Sermon o­n the Mount, its fourth commandment.

          Martin, the Christian, recognized the validity and importance of the Christian principle of non-violence with the help of the Hindu Mahatma Gandhi. The Christian principle of non-violence had remained completely foreign to the Christians in violent Europe and America.

         The most recent philosophy, in order to be true, must supersede in itself all previous philosophies.

         The most recent theology, in order to be true, must supersede in itself all previous theologies.

I hope you have received my ZOOM o­n my friend, the great Canadian theologian, Gregory Baum. That ZOOM may throw some more light o­n the present philosophical and theological situation.

          I would still hesitate to speak of "scientific ideology" for BRICS. The expression could easily be misunderstood by those people, who understand ideology critically as false consciousness: and those are many.

          "Scientific philosophy" would be a possibility for BRICS.

In solidarity, 

Your Friend Rudi, from the House of Mir, USA,



Dear Leo,

          I feel very honored that you are asking me to participate in your project, and I apologize that I did not answer more swiftly. 
Please tell me what should be in my addition of this project and I will try to write it in time.

Warmest regards,

           Helga Zepp-LaRouche,

Founder of the Schiller Institute


Personal page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1077

Germany, USA



Dear Helga,

          Thank you very much for your constructive response and your very valuable addition BRICS+: The Beginning of a New Era of Humanity to our project Gandhian Spheronics for BRICS+ (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152).

         Your wonderful addition in the attachment, 4 pages, was published o­n our website in English and Russian o­n your new page here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1154, and will be sent to all 11 BRICS+ leaders. Likewise, there are other similar additions that are delayed, but which we are waiting for.

         Sincere gratitude to you.

Best wishes for your good health and true peace through BRICS+,





Dear Leo:

          Thank you so very much for your wonderful GGHA Peace Message (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=531).

I wrote my dissertation about Erasmus of Rotterdam and his Catholic and Protestant humanistic followers. The fascists right away opposed the dissertation.

          Erasmus and his humanists tried early o­n in the Reformation to make peace between the Catholic Church and the Protestant movement. They tried for ten years: 1530-1540. 

          But unfortunately they failed and the Western Church is still split today, more deeply even than the Orthodoxy and Western Catholicism have been separated for a thousand years. It is a scandal!

         In any case, Erasmus was a very rational and peaceful man. He had been expected to become the future Martin Luther. But, paradoxically enough, he was too peaceful for this role.

          Adam von Bühlow and his school took over and tried to rationalize warfare, which o­nly promoted it.

          But Shakespear's, or better Hamlet's "mole of history" continues to dig until  it comes up to daylight: the Sun of Reason and Peace.

         You indeed help most bravely and heroically "the mole of history" to reach light.

May BRICKS help as well (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152)!

          I am with all my best wishes, 

Your Rudi from the House of Peace, USA

Dr. Rudolf J Siebert, Professor Emeritus of Michigan University, Kalamazoo Michigan, USA,

Web: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=51




Accelerated growth of Nigeria and BRICS+ o­n the common denominator of Gandhian spheronics


Dear coauthors-peacemakers,

We are happy to share with you a brilliant addition (2.5 pages) to our project-message Gandhian Spheronics for BRICS+, which was prepared by Dr. Ayo Amale, the GGHA-Africa President: Discussion o­n Nigeria's Accession to BRICS+ For True Peace, Accelerated Growth and Prosperity, in the attachment published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1156 in two languages.

          This is an excellent example for all peacemakers of the third world, especially the global South, to hold similar discussions and introductions between BRICS+ and the Gandhian spheronics in their countries, that today there is neither a better ideology/philosophy, nor a better organizational geopolitical form to ensure accelerated growth, true peace, sustainable development and prosperity in partnership with friendly countries o­n the common ideological denominator of scientific spheronics. Its philosophy is constituted by a macrosociological law: The economic acceleration source is non-economic spheres, which are suppressed by the traditional primary economy, why it is always depressed and excludes its accelerated growth.

No o­ne is proposing anything like this, either in ideology/philosophy or in organizational form, to make a breakthrough from poverty, war, violence and eternal hostile atheistic confrontation to prosperity, peace, nonviolence and friendliness in God. The structural laws of spheronics are a social Newtonian science, according to Gandhis definition, which, like Newtons Laws, cannot be objected to or resisted, except to o­nes own destruction.

We are happy to congratulate Ayo o­n her new outstanding peacemaking contribution to the humanity salvation and the prosperity of her homeland Nigeria. She demonstrating herself as its devoted daughter for more than 12 years in the GGHA! A low bow to her peacemaking devotion, which will live for centuries!

Best wishes for health and true peace to everyone,





  Dear Leo, 

We were not able to read your excellent greetings (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=531) to the International Day of Peace rally (in the UN) or any other of the greetings because of time permit issues.

However, we have posted your greetings along with the others to the Schiller Institute website. The link is below. Thank you very much for your contribution.

Best regards,

Kevin Gribbroek


USA, New York



BRICS+ Spheronics True Peace

 Dear Kevin,

The GGHA is sincerely grateful to you and the Schiller Institute in a whole for your excellent publication of our congratulations o­n the International Day of Peace (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=558) at a rally in New York, at the UN o­n the Schiller Institute website (below).

In turn, we are pleased to announce the publication of the inspiring Open Letter to Heads of State at the UN General Assembly: YOU MUST ACT TO SAVE GLOBAL PEACE! of Helga Larouche mentioning the BRICS expansion as the breakneck speed with which a new world system is emerging example o­n our website. It is here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1157.

The historical time of global depression of the traditional primary economy, stagnating centuries-old neo-colonialism, inequality, hegemonism, monopolarity, violence and war is over!

Kevin, your message was published in responses to our project Gandhian Spheronics for BRICS+ here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152

With the hope of deepening our peacekeeping cooperation in the Gandhian spheronics. "Let's do great things together!"





For BRICS+: WGF International Media Platform


Dear coauthors-peacemakers,

We are happy to send you a new brilliant addition (4 pages) to our project-message Gandhian Spheronics for BRICS+, which was prepared by our outstanding journalists from India, Delhi, the GGHA executive leaders: Hasina Parvin and Anam Kumar: World Growth Forums Magazine": International Media Platform To Accelerate in Harmony The BRICS+ Growth". It is in the attachment and published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1156 in two languages.

This addition, like others prepared and being prepared is an excellent example of accelerated growth in the spheres harmony, true peace, sustainable development and prosperity of all BRICS+ countries in partnership with friendly countries o­n the common philosophical denominator of scientific spheronics. Its paradigmatic center for BRICS+ is constituted by a structural law: The economic acceleration source in harmony is non-economic spheres that are suppressed by the traditional primary economy, which why is always depressed and excludes its accelerated growth. Accelerated growth in harmony of social production all spheres is the path of world leadership not o­nly economic, but also the three other spheres of all countries and humanity. At the same time, this is the path of true, eternal peace.

At the same time, these excellent additions make a fundamental contribution to our peacemaking primer-dialogue of the Gandhian spheronics, in which they will find their worthy generalization providing it with fundamental practical meaning instead of empty calls.

Sincere gratitude to Hasina and Anam for their new, substantional thinking by Gandhian spherons, for their innovative spheral approach to accelerated growth in harmony of social spheres and for their brilliant journalistic talent, which they are ready to put to the benefit of the global South poor countries prosperity, turning them into new "economic tigers" in the updated BRICS+ based o­n the Gandhian peace paradigm.

Best wishes for our cooperation in this direction,


Leo Semashko




International Day of Nonviolence. 

October 2, Mahatma Gandhi birthday

We know him half...


BRICS+: Commitment to Gandhian True Peace


Dear friends peacemakers,

We are happy to send you a new brilliant addition (2 pages) to our project-message Gandhian spheronics for BRICS+, which was prepared in poetic form by our outstanding world-scale peacemaking poet Ashok Chakravarthy from India: BRICS+ Spheronics Gandhian Peace Ideology Commitment. It is attached and published in two languages, with a poem dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi and the International Day of Non-Violence o­n his birthday o­n October 2 here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1158. Gandhian global, true peace comes democratically, from the global South, from the majority of humanity, consolidated in BRICS+, as Ashok brilliantly expressed.

The GGHA is happy to congratulate all peacemakers, all friends of peace and Gandhian non-violence o­n the Mahatma Gandhi birthday, the greatest peacemaker in the human history who, unfortunately, is still misunderstood. His world discovery of the global SPHERONS the sociogenetic, o­nly actors of true, eternal and just peace of humanity still remains beyond traditional thinking and understanding. But this fundamental scientific discovery, with the inevitability of Newton's law of gravity, will become the property of humanity in the coming years if it intends to survive avoiding nuclear suicide.

More than 750 coauthors of the GGHA Gandhian megascience of spherons, SPHERONICS, over 18 years of joint efforts have proven its indestructible truth and inevitable world recognition. Ashok Chakravarthy has made an outstanding contribution to the poetic statement of this immortal peacemaking truth for 18 years! Sincere gratitude to him for his devotion to the ideals of Gandhi and Gandhian spheronics.

Best wishes for your health and true, Gandhian peace,


Leo Semashko



GGHA Message.

Nonviolence/peace. October 2, 2023.


From which actors' thinking, whence and how goes the Gandhian, nonviolent, true peace?



In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=633

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=658


Dear, rare nonviolence/peace friends,

The GGHA is happy to congratulate you, the lasts of the Mohicans of nonviolence/peace, expelled and defeated everywhere (Erasmus: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=531) with the International Day of Non-violence and birthday of Mahatma Gandhi o­n October 2, ten days after the International Day of Peace o­n September 21. It seems that none of the golden billion world hegemons o­n TV and mainstream media remembered them that proves their sad expelling and defeat, as well as 5 centuries ago, with the exception of their latter Mohicans from an endangered civil society. Even Gandhi's closest relatives forgot him, their voices are silent. Nevertheless, the less often the voices are heard in the defense and support of Gandhian peace, the more valuable and significant o­n the verge of violent, military, nuclear suicide of humanity.

However, the Mohicans of nonviolence/peace are alive, who, like the mole of history, contrary to world indifference, continue the Mahatma Gandhi greatest deal, which he had begun by the historical discovery of the global, Newtonian varnas/spherons in 1927. He defined them as the o­nly actors/carriers of the greatest force of nonviolence, mightier than nuclear weapons and the creators of the true, just and nonviolent peace. These ideas of Gandhi, which are still beyond traditional thinking and understanding, first understood more than 750 moles of history, GGHA coauthors from more 50 countries. During 18 years, they created the Gandhian MegaScience of his spherons, called spheronics, finally making a nonviolence is science after his prophecy (https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf).

Today there is a new, consolidated community of the humanity majority from the global south, BRICS+, which needs a sovereign, Gandhian spheronics as the first scientific ideology of nonviolent, true and just global peace, which turned out to be inaccessible to Western hegemonism and behind the brink of its militaristic, violent, thinking. This new reality and its new, nonviolent and peacemaking energy was brilliantly expressed by the Indian poet of global scale Ashok Chakravarthy in his poem (1 p.), in attachment and published in two languages here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1158. He expresses our scientific answer to the question/challenge set above. Someone else, not from India, but from the West, for example, can give an alternative or a similar answer? The BRICS strives for the Gandhian peace with all countries, including West.

In this direction, the BRICS leaders peacemaking efforts are going o­n, as Rosa Dalmiglio, GGHA Vice President since 2005, Italian journalist in China in his publication about the meeting of President Xi and UNESCO Chief reports:




Our celebration of the Day of Nonviolence/peace, when there is nothing to celebrate here, can be adequate if it becomes our attempt to rise to the Gandhian substantial spherons highest level of nonviolent, peacemaking thinking. At any other level, our thinking will remain under the baseboard of eternal violence and endless wars, as it is now.

The best wishes for true, Gandhian peace, which brings BRICS+,


Dr. Leo Semashko,

Philosopher, sociologist, scientific ideologist and peacemaker of the Gandhian spherons,

GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President,

Web: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253



For BRICS+. Five African Countries Spherons Statistics


Dear coauthors peacemakers,

We are happy to send you a new brilliant addition (3 pages) to our project-message Gandhian spheronics for BRICS+, which was prepared by our professional statistician Stephen Amoah from Ghana: For BRICS+ the African 5 Countries Peacemaking Spherons Statistical Proof and Verification. It is attached and published in two languages here:https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=837.

This outstanding statistical, experimental study, together with dozens of similar o­nes, conducted and published in the GGHA book Gandhica in 2019 in four languages, constituted a fundamental verification of the spherons of all continents by world statistics. Another unprecedented result of these studies: is the constitutionalization of a fundamentally new paradigm of global spheral statistics as a systematization of traditional statistics, raising it to a holistic level and opening up the prospect of holistic digital technology and strong artificial intelligence. Stephen's research o­n the Africa Gandhian spherons is an introduction to spheronics for BRICS+, which will not be able to abandon it with similar unique scientific and technological potential.

We are sincerely grateful to Steve for his statistics of the Africa Gandhian spherons, the study of which everywhere, using his example, is available to every literate person in 2 hours.

Best wishes for your health and true, Gandhian peace,


Leo Semashko

Dear Dr. Leo Semashko,

Esteemed Peace Ambassadors, and Cherished supporters of World peace,

         As we stand o­n the threshold of a new year, I extend warm greetings and heartfelt gratitude for the remarkable contributions each o­ne of you has made to the cause of peace throughout the past year. Your unwavering commitment to non-violent action and the tireless efforts put into spreading peace around the world have not gone unnoticed.

         In reflecting o­n 2023, I am immensely grateful for the guidance, support, and invaluable assistance provided by all of you in furthering the mission of the Non-Violence Peace Foundation. Your collective wisdom has been instrumental in our journey, and I am truly thankful for the role you have played in my personal growth, as well as in the expansion and success of our foundation.

        I am thrilled to share that, with your support, the Non-Violence Foundation/ Non-Violence Peace Foundation has successfully initiated and managed the hybrid Mahatma Gandhi College of Social Work since 2022. It brings me great joy to report that from the 2021-2023 batch, 995 students have graduated in PG Diploma in NGO Management, Peace Management, and Social Work. Our commitment to promoting needonomics, an economic philosophy rooted in Gandhi's principles and free from the shackles of greed, has been at the forefront of our endeavors

        In closing, I express my deep gratitude for your continued dedication to the pursuit of global harmony. Wishing you a joyous and prosperous New Year, filled with the fulfilment of your aspirations and the realization of shared dreams for a peaceful world.

        Looking forward to our collaboration and the success of World Peace initiatives in 2024.

Warm regards,

         Dr. Birendra Kumar

Founder Director, Mahatma Gandhi College of Social Work

Managing Trustee, Non-Violence Foundation (India)

Executive Director, Non-Violence Peace Foundation (USA)

Contact No : +91-947.009.1098 / +1-332.322.7098

Email : director@mgcollege.edu.in, Website https://mgcollege.edu.in,

https://mgcollege.info/, https://nonviolenceindia.org/, https://nvpfint.org

"One Family. o­ne World. o­ne Future" - "One World. o­ne Dream. World Peace"




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