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Gandhian Spheronics in the BRICS+ Service: Leadership, Multipolarity and True Peace Ideology

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Gandhian Global Harmony Association (GGHA)

Citizens of Earth!

Unite in the Gandhian spherons harmony for love, peace, truth, nonviolence, justice, freedom, equality, fraternity and happiness!

GGHA was founded o­n February 15, 2005; initiator and founder is Leo Semashko.

GGHA unites more 600 members in 55 countries.

GGHA was nominated for the creation of the Gandhian Spherons Global Peace MegaScience - spheronics to the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013, 2017 and 2020: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1000

Web: https://peacefromharmony.org, more than 19 million views in 18 years

Board: 36 GGHA members from 14 countries


GGHA headquarters: Office A 170, New Manglapuri, New Delhi 110045, India;

E-mail: hasina@worldgrowthforums.com

GGHA Mission is:

Global peace/security from harmony of the Gandhian equal spherons o­n the substantially new" (Einstein) spheral, holistic and fractal tetranet thinking base of the Spherons Global Peace MegaScience (SGPM) or briefly Spheronics through universal harmonious spherons education: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848

The India President in 2002-7, Dr. Abdul Kalam, the first world leader, who recognized the Spheronics as "the dawn of a first harmonious vision of peace and prosperity for all the Earth nations" in 2012:





BRICS+ motto:

Humanity lives forever o­nly in true peace of nonviolent spherons in the universal harmony of God

The BRICS+ motto can become the future humanity motto in the new era of the XXI century spherons true peace civilization, which is opened by BRICS+.


The XVI BRICS+ Summit Declaration framework.

Kazan, March 2024 [1].

Coauthors: BRICS+ leaders.

Gandhian Spheronics in the BRICS+ Service:

Leadership, Multipolarity and True Peace Ideology.


The BRICS+ first flagship project.



The Declaration synopsis for expert discussion and the working group creation within the Organizing Committee for the Summit preparation. (Draft).

The Declaration draft was developed, in a first approximation, by the civil society international peacemaking organization GGHA in accordance with the BRICS commitment to further strengthen inclusive collaboration between government and societies at all levels, in all BRICS countries. [2, p. 86].

The draft includes two parts: the main o­ne, The Spheronics Structural Laws for BRICS+ Service, and the auxiliary o­ne, Comments, which plays an explanatory function and is excluded from the Declaration final version. Therefore, for quick reading, they can be omitted.


GGHA 86th project.

Started: August 22, 2023


Leo Semashko and the GGHA spheronics 750 coauthors since 2005.



In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1050



Sent to the BRICS+ leaders of 11 countries.

In Russia:

To the Russia President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin,

To the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Viktorovich Lavrov,

To the Organizing Committee Chairman for the BRICS Summit 2024 preparation, Yuri Viktorovich Ushakov,

To the Minister of Economic Development Maxim Gennadievich Reshetnikov,

The Russian State Duma Committee o­n International Affairs Chairman,

Leonid Eduardovich Slutsky,

To the BRICS Research Institute Executive Director Georgy Davidovich Toloraya and to the BRICS Institute members.


There is nothing more practical than a good [true] theory.

Ludwig Boltzmann


I. Preamble


          The BRICS has made a geopolitical tectonic expansion shift in South Africa, which needs a similar conceptual shift, an innovative peacemaking ideology that provides BRICS+ with global economic leadership, true peace and the highest spiritual prestige in XXI century.

          The BRICS vacuum of sovereign and conceptual ideology requires the joint political creativity of an innovative harmonious paradigm to replace its age-old, dangerous to the humanity life confrontational models of communism, fascism and liberalism [3], unacceptable by BRICS+. They, with all the differences in their class sources and social meanings are identical in violence, corporatism and atheistic denial of the world religions Golden Rule that determines their falsity, historical doom and unsuitability in general, with the exception of some constructive private achievements of the first and third.

          The BRICS+ members state the obvious status quo of our time: more than a century confrontational dynamics of humanity since the last century beginning filled with countless annual wars, including two world wars, which brought it to the brink of the last, genocidal, nuclear war. It is already flaring up within a regional armed conflict in Ukraine between two nuclear civilizations: aggressive West and defending Russia, whose invincibility has been proven by its thousand-year history of rebuffing all aggressors and invaders.

During this time, a scientific, common and acceptable alternative of harmonious dynamics for all peoples and civilizations could not be proposed within the framework of traditional, positivist, partial and broken, therefore generally false thinking, as Albert Einstein warned about in 1950. Therefore, all ideas of the fundamental peacemaking alternative of survival was ignored and drowned in the prevailing ideological atmosphere of global confrontation, which BRICS+ refuses to acknowledge even silently.

          The BRICS+ members pay attention to the alternative nonviolent spheronics megascience launched by Mahatma Gandhi since 1927, which offers BRICS+ an innovative scientific thinking-worldview, arming it with a common harmonious holistic ideology that determines its social meaning in the multipolar world order of our time. It opens up for BRICS+ the prospect of peacemaking, intellectual and technological leadership, a sovereign-minded global actor of an emerging harmonious civilization, like the rising sun of justice of our century, as represented in the South African BRICS banner (above) [2].

          To understand this alternative and overcome the black hole of peacemaking, BRICS+ puts for global discussion in multi-format dialogues a collective version of the Declaration of Innovative, Peacemaking Scientific Thinking, Worldview and Meaning as a common alternative way out of the humanity intellectual dead end, which really threatens it with reckless self-destruction, unworthy and humiliating for homo sapiens. This Declaration draft has been prepared in accordance with and o­n the basis of the Johannesburg Declaration-II, 23 August 2023 [2].

          To begin a global peacemaking dialogue, below is the said Declaration synopsis on 10 pages, without drawings, which is proposed to be heard, discussed and jointly corrected in collaboration with experts from the BRICS National Research Committee since October 2023.


II. The Spheronics Structural Laws for BRICS+ Service

To Prevent New Confrontation and Nuclear War


Basic definitions.

           1. Spheronics is a macrosociological science that covers all disciplines of the socio-humanitarian complex; therefore, it is called adequately as MegaScience for its holistic, integral scale of planetary format, the subject of which is humanity in its sociogenesis. Spheronics as macrosociology in the BRICS+ service is the eight fundamental macrosociological laws system of the BRICS+ scientific ideology for its true peace, leadership and multipolarity, disclosed below. Spheronics as macrosociology integrates not o­nly all traditional social sciences: sociology, economics, demography, psychology, religious studies, cultural studies and others, but also the latest social disciplines: geopolitics, globalistics, social synergetics, sociocybernetics and the like.

          It recognizes spherons as a generative, genetic substance, which were discovered by Mahatma Gandhi in 1927 that made possible to call spheronics as Gandhian and nothing else and also to admit this science history since this year and not otherwise. Spherons constitute an eternal social structure and actors of social being at all levels of society from the individual and family to humanity that made possible to call it spheronics, i.e. the science of spherons, continuously reproducing humanity at all levels. Spherons constitute its subject.

           Epistemologically, spheronics arose and is developing in macrosociology in its theoretical strategy of structural functionalism, having its own specificity. Its key structural elements are spheres, or spheral components of society, equally necessary and sufficient at all its levels that allows to call its as spherism or spheral approach.

          The number of such spheral components in different social dimensions and planes is limited to four, a tetrad that has been measuring fundamental structures since ancient times, since Pythagoras. This allows us to call spheronics as tetrasociology, tetrism, fourdimensional tetrad pluralism or tetrapluralism.

          In terms of methodology, spheronics develops traditional, partial and limited dialectics to the level of harmonious, integral and pluralistic tetralectics, the center of which is not the struggle of two antagonistic opposites but the harmony of four equally necessary and intermediary spheres of society at all levels.

          These are the spheronics main attributes from many of its other qualities, not listed here, but discussed in its numerous works below.

          2. The spheronics structural laws are the objective laws of equally necessary and together sufficient (ENTS) holistic spheres (spheral components, parts) for the society life at all its levels from the individual and family to humanity as a whole.

         3. The holistic social spheres are the associations of many branch and sub-branch components, products, which are deprived of an objective attribute of ENTS for the society life at all its levels from an individual and family to humanity as a whole.

          4. The absence of any of the ENTS components as part of any social object makes its life impossible that is proven by its history and logic. In this way, spheral components differ substantially from branch parts.

           The spheronics first macrosociological law. The sociogenetic inseparability of social production (SP) and the true (eternal, global, just) peace state as two, equally necessary and sufficient ways of the society life at all its levels. War cannot be the SPs way of life; it is incompatible with SP in o­ne space-time. It can o­nly be its way of death, self-destruction and is its historically transient pathology of social inequality genetic trauma.

          Comment. The spheronics first law defines the BRICS+ development strategic, ambitious trend: from the SP innovative, spheral modernization (below), ensuring economic leadership, to the achievement of true, global peace (TGP) as full security. This is revealed in spheronics subsequent laws for the BRICS+ service. The SP and TGP inseparability is generated by their deep, structural identity within the framework of the society objective holistic nature excluding their partial, false, class-ideological and historically transitory understanding. The historical SP insufficient sociogenetic adequacy determines the limited effectiveness of its countless forms in social space-time. It conditions its false consciousness and gives rise the state of its false peace as a break between wars and preparation for continuous wars in the past history.

          This structural idea was implicitly and intuitively expressed by many peace thinkers of the past [4], who emphasized the connection between peace and production, especially trade, which is destroyed by war.

          The BRICS+ internal and external goals are achieved o­nly in the TGP state as full security, which is created by the SP conscious demilitarization by all countries simultaneously and evenly. But this is a question for the future. The SP is impossible in a state of war and dies in it when they coincide in the same space-time. The SP and war coincidence is disastrous, fatal for both and is therefore excluded in the history o­n the humanity global space, which does not know the full scope geopolitical wars. The war itself perishes without SP, without the military resources it produces that determines the logic of liberating humanity from the war   pathology. Instead, the SP prioritizes the first condition of its life the TGP state.

          This law is explicitly or implicitly expressed in the decisions of almost all BRICS summits in 14 years [2; 5]. o­nly by following this law, BRICS will achieve its first strategic goal and become a global leader in peacemaking that will provide it with the highest spiritual prestige in the world community of our century. There is no other way for it.

          In its true, structural essence, the SP and TGP inseparability idea is integrated, substantiated, developed and used by spheronics as its fundamental peacemaking law, excluding war.

          The spheronics second macrosociological law. The humanity OP constantly reproduces four equally necessary and together sufficient (ENTS) clusters, spheres of PRODUCTS/RESOURCES for the life of society and people: PEOPLE, INFORMATION, ORGANIZATION, THINGS (material goods and services), abbreviated PIOT.

          omment. The PIOT constitute four ENTS structural parts of any society, which are first produced by the OP as its products, in order to then become ENTS resources of its existence. The social being (POT) equally depends (is determined) by social consciousness (I) as well as vice versa. There is not a single detail of social existence that was created without consciousness. In the absence of at least o­ne of any of the PIOT products/resources, the life of society and human is impossible. This is proven by the entire human history, which does not know a single example of the complete absence of at least o­ne of the PIOTs, as well as by corresponding thought experiments.

          The systemic idea of the PIOT ENTS four spheral resources for the society and human life began to be realized a long time ago, but directly began to be expressed o­nly in XIX century in different philosophical traditions in the works of O. Comte, N. Danilevsky, M. Kovalevsky, N. Bukharin, N. Kondratyev, T. Parsons, L. Bertalanffy, O. Toffler, and others.

          In view of spheral PIOT ENTS parts of society, between them there is not and cannot be any primary, determining and generating other part of it. Similar nonsense is excluded by the objective logic of equal mediation of PIOT, equal participation of everyone in each that does not reject the priority of each of them in the corresponding spheral cluster, as well as the priority of people among them as the o­nly actor, producer of all PIOT and all their historical qualities without exception. This was noted by many researchers and thinkers in history, whose ideas were analyzed in our works [5; 6; 7; 8; 9, etc.]. Primacy (firstness) and priority are fundamentally different social attributes. The first attribute is falsely, scientifically unproven and ideologically attributed to o­ne or another PIOT by o­ne or another class in their own private interests, and the second is an objectively true attribute of the humanity PIOT as a whole in the tetrary dialectics (tetralectics) of their necessary interaction and mutual inclusion. The PIOT structural dialectics determines their peacemaking genetics and nature.

          This law equips BRICS with an irresistible scientific and holistic vision of the humanity OP as a whole and each country. It allows, with the help of information digital technologies, spheral fractal mathematics and artificial intelligence of spheronics, to control and regulate all stochastic flows of PIOT, providing them with the maximum possible mutually accelerated growth, sustainable development and inclusive multilateralism [2] within the framework of their harmony and balance.

          In its true, structural essence, the idea of ENTS PIOT spheral parts/resources is integrated, justified, developed and used by spheronics as its immanent peacemaking law, excluding war.

          The spheronics third macrosociological law. Each of the PIOT products/resources has unique attributes and specific laws of existence that are irreducible to each other, therefore they require four different technologies, special, but ENTS SPHERES of SP, which differ in the product of their production.

          These are: 1. SOCIOSPHERE, it reproduces the PEOPLE of society.

2. INFOSPHERE, it reproduces the INFORMATION of society.

3. ORGSPHERE, it reproduces the ORGANIZATION/ORDER of society.

4. TECHNOSPHERE, economy, it reproduces THINGS (material goods and services) of society. They are abbreviated in their system as SIOT-spheres of society. Their natural necessity and sufficiency is determined by the equal necessity and sufficiency of society PIOT.

          Comment. The SP systemic idea of the four spheres has ancient origins. But for the first time it was structurally clearly expressed by K. Marx in the first chapter of The German Ideology (1845), although it was destroyed and leveled by him by the monism and materialism of his class primary economy, directed against capitalism and capitalists. Marx's structural (objective, scientific) tetrism came into fundamental contradiction with his ideological and class monism. This contradiction became a time bomb and doomed his teaching to self-destruction. Much has been written about this idea in Marxist literature, especially of the Soviet period, but it is still not adequately understood in the monist and positivist traditions due to the absolutization of particular aspects of the SP: economy and property as its organization.

           The SP idea of four spheres is presented in different traditions in the works of G. Spencer, V. Pareto, M. Weber, R. Park, K. Jaspers, P. Sorokin, T. Parsons, F. Braudel, O. Toffler, P. Bourdieu, N. Luhmann, V. Barulin, E. Giddens, M. Castells, P. Sloterdijk and many others. In its true, structural essence, this idea is integrated, substantiated, developed and used by spheronics as its fundamental peacemaking law. The tetrad dialectic of interaction and mutual inclusion of the SP equally necessary SIOT-spheres is the pillar and source of TGP, which excludes war. The structural dialectics of SIOT-spheres determines their peacemaking genetics and nature.

          The spheronics third law based o­n the previous o­ne, excludes the fundamental misconception of many centuries, which since the last century has become the common key myth of all traditional class ideologies. This fallacy is the paradigm of the primary economy, aimed at justifying o­ne or another class, national or racial domination in modern times: capitalists, Aryans, proletarians, exceptional nations, etc. If a real society structurally excludes as nonsense the primacy of any PIOT product/resource, then the assertion of the primacy of any sphere of their production in relation to other spheres of SP, including the primacy economy, turns out to be just as structurally false. Such logical and practical discrimination of SP spheres can o­nly serve the interests of partial, ruling classes/elites but not the interests of society as a whole, as all previous history proves.

          The ideological, non-scientific paradigm of the primary economy makes weak economies depressive and lagging and strong economies predatory and exploitative, ensuring its eternal dynamic of injustice, in which the poor o­nly get poorer, and the rich o­nly get richer. Similar injustice is naturally unacceptable to BRICS+ and must be excluded by it both scientifically and ideologically, what spheronics offers. o­nly those developing countries were able to get out of the primary economy abyss, if, contrary to its demands, they began to rapidly invest in non-economic spheres and accelerated production of non-economic (information, organizational and human resources) means/resources for economic development. The most striking examples of such an economic miracle were China, India and all the other post-war economic tigers. Their practice has proven the key role of non-economic spheres and resources in economic development, bringing down the primary economy myth.

          The system of these non-economic spheres and factors is called Industry 4.0. or the fourth industrial revolution, in which non-economic, information and digital technologies play a decisive role. Sergei Glazyev and other courageous scientists generalized this practice and, in fact, buried the primary economy ideological myth, replacing it with the paradigm of integrated economy, which included non-economic spheres o­n equal terms [10]. It comes from Maxim Kovalevsky, Pitirim Sorokin and the like, who, since the beginning of the last century, rejected economic monism as a fatal mistake and naive simplification [11]. It is integrated and developed in spheronics o­n the basis of the law of the ENTS spheres of the PIOT SP. o­nly similar paradigm is salutary and motivating for achieving the goals of accelerated growth and sustainable development of the BRICS+ economies.

In history, in place of the o­ne-dimensional, disharmonious, weak and lagging primary economy a multidimensional, harmonious, strong and outrunning spheral integrated economy punches its way into the synergy of spheres, which, with its fractal spheral organization and spheral surplus value, ensures its accelerated growth by at least 2-4 times. This theoretical prediction can be proven experimentally, just as the Neptune existence, the planet discovered with the point of his pen was proven.

          The BRICS+ multipolar strategy is also unattainable o­n the basis of a monistic, confrontational paradigm primary economy, which forms the unipolar, hegemonic world order pillar and the dominance of its private, rather than general, interest. Its corporatist, branch organization in history gives rise to false peace of endless wars [11]. BRICS+ multipolarity requires a pluralistic, harmonious and scientific ideological paradigm, verified in its substance by history and world statistics, similar to spheronics [5-8]. The confrontational and corporatist paradigm of the primary economy has been in history the source and justification o­nly for colonialism, racism, poverty, lies and the eternal war of the ruling elites that is incompatible with the BRICS+ directly opposite goals and mission. The alternative paradigm of holistic, integral and synergetic spheronics most closely corresponds to them.

          The spheronics fourth macrosociological law. Each PIOT product/resource goes through four ENTS processes of their OP: PRODUCTION, DISTRIBUTION, EXCHANGE, and CONSUMPTION, abbreviated as PDEC processes.

          Comment. These processes were discovered and justified by Adam Smith and were confirmed in subsequent practice in all four SP spheres. Therefore, their true systemic idea in its structural essence is integrated, justified, developed and used by spheronics as its fundamental peacemaking law, excluding war.

          The spheronics fifth macrosociological law. By the PDEC processes of production in four SIOT spheres are employed the SP and its true peace o­nly actors - four equally necessary and together sufficient (ENTS) spheral communities/groups of people, called SPHERONS according to the society spheres. The spherons cover the entire population from birth to death at all levels of society, constitute its fundamental social structure and differ in their production products or in employment in relevant SIOT spheres.

          These are: 1. SOIOSPHERON, employed with the production of PEOPLE in the SOCIOSPHERE.

2. INFOSPHERON, employed with the production of INFORMATION in the INFOSPHERE.

3. ORGSPHERON, employed with the production of ORGANIZATIONS in the ORGSPHERE

4. TECHNOSPHERON, employed in the TECHNOSPHERE with the production of things, all material goods and services of society. Together, in their dialectical system, they are designated as SIOT-spherons of society. The natural necessary and sufficiency of the SIOT-spherons is determined by the equal need and sufficiency of the society PIOT products/resources.

          Comment. The unique conception of varnas/spherons, started by Mahatma Gandhi in 1927, which laid the spheronics megascience foundation for its development at three stages of its history: Indian, since 1927; Russian, since 1976 and international in the GGHA, since 2005 [12 ] equips BRICS with a scientific paradigm of the SP and its true, eternal peace o­nly eternal actors. It is confirmed by history, and its truth is verified statistically o­n any social object, the life of each of which is ensured by the four spherons vital activity in various historical forms and organizational variants. The spherons, together making up the population have that insurmountable social priority (not primacy!) among PIOTs, that they are the SP o­nly actors and drivers in its entirety and in all its life attributes, including true peace.

          Spherons, as the SP o­nly eternal actors are at the same time equally necessary and together sufficient (ENTS) actors of its o­nly viable state in true peace. o­nly spherons and not any of their parts, historically transient branch partons, are capable to ensure the eternal, fair and true peace of mature humanity for the entire future. Their knowledge and worldview ensures BRICS implementation all its strategic goals at the highest level of efficiency, advanced growth and sustainable development.

          The spheronics sixth macrosociological law. The spheronics structural laws/pillars in their systemic unity of four dialectical societal tetrads form the eternal social genome (SOCIONOME) of 16 spheral, ENTS components of humanity, or the initial cell of society in all its sociogenesis. The socionome is continuously reproduced at all levels of social objects, starting with the individual and family, throughout the humanity entire history from beginning to end, if it comes. As a norm of social existence, it excludes war as a pathology of immature humanity.

          Comment. The society knowledge at its ultimate, genetic depth, in its holistic substance of eternal spherons and spheral components, was impossible and inaccessible at the level of class-partial and therefore ideologically false thinking and social consciousness until now. BRICS+, which united the global South peoples as the humanity global majority, has reached the level of its integrity. It overcomes its national and class differences and creates the most powerful, consolidated social source to create the spheronics global peacemaking ideology, overcoming confrontation and war. This vision finds mental soil not o­nly in its original paradigm of Gandhian nonviolent varnas/spherons, which he cultivated simultaneously in India and South Africa but also in the traditional African humanistic philosophy of social harmony Ubuntu. Therefore, spheronics is the scientific, ideological response of BRICS to the challenge of class, racial and national polarization of humanity, which threatens it with nuclear suicide. Without similar response to this key challenge, BRICS will find itself cognitively unarmed in the face of traditional antagonistic ideologies.

          Through spheronics, BRICS gets the opportunity to raise its social and geopolitical vision to the level of holistic scientific truth, excluding confrontation of class ideologies, which provides BRICS with world economic leadership and global peacemaking. A key role in them is played by the SP fractal organization, which is recognized as its most effective structural resource [13]. Spheronics transforms it into the highest form of the SP spheral fractal organization, increasing its efficiency and growth rate by 2-4 times [5-9].

All territorial conflicts are resolved by BRICS+ o­n the basis of the spheronics Gandhian peacemaking ideology common recognition within the framework of international condominium law with equal, fifty-fifty, joint cooperation in the disputed territory use but while maintaining its ownership to its historically first right holder. o­n this basis, the GGHA created three similar peacemaking projects: for South Ossetia and Abkhazia in 2008, for Kashmir in 2019 and for Nagorno-Karabakh in 2022, which are published o­n the GGHA website.

          The spheronics seventh macrosociological law. The knowledge (science) and faith are two different but equally necessary and at the same time sufficient (ENTS) ways of harmonious intellectual mastery of humanity over the social and natural worlds. Their unity ensures the integral, holistic, simultaneously scientific and religious worldview of spheronics. The science provides spheronics with knowledge of the society structural laws objective truth. The faith provides spheronics with understanding the endless harmonious essence of God universal love inaccessible to science, as well as a derivative axiological system of thousand-year-old moral values of world religions, identical in essence to their single Golden Rule but different in their civilizational, national and cultural forms. Their ideological recognition will provide BRICS+ with the support of billions of believers. They will create a reliable future for BRICS+ as a peacemaking geopolitical alternative to the militaristic G7, NATO and similar institutions hostile to God and the golden rule of religions.

          Comment. The mutual complementarity of faith and science, especially social, is obvious, because without God, without faith, everything is permissible, as F. Dostoevsky defined, therefore their unity is necessary. For the traditional, class and atheistic ideologies, as historical practice has shown since the last century beginning, everything is permissible in them: from the Nazi extermination of whole nations extreme inhumanness to the extreme amoralism of the perversion of human nature and its genocide in a nuclear war. God and faith in Him are powerful psychological, moral and cognitive barriers of permissiveness together with science, the reality of which BRICS+ has no right to sacrifice and abandon their huge soft force. If the state mistakenly separated the church from itself in order to untie the hands for wars, then God and faith are inseparable from the population, from the society in which they play a constructive role, the neglect of which threatens it with moral decay and degradation, which BRICS cannot and should not allow yourself. o­n the ideological platform science (spheronics) + faith, BRICS will be able to offer a conceptual multipolar alternative of the harmonious world order instead of the hegemonistic controlled chaos and give it the necessary meaningful dynamics. o­nly the sovereign innovative ideology BRICS+ will ensure the converting of its resource advantages in geopolitical, peacekeeping, spiritual and prestigious insurmountable virtues. o­nly this scientific ideology reveals the incompatibility of war with all the structural sociogenetic laws of social nature and provides BRICS+ inevitable peacemaking victory.

          The spheronics eighth macrosociological, cognitive-methodological law. In the genesis of human cognition, two equally necessary and together sufficient (ENTS) methods of rational thinking arise. The first, empirical, partial, branch, o­ne-dimensional and disciplinary from any parts to the whole is the micro-cognition and vision with the methodology of paired dialectics. Then the second, theoretical, integral, spheral, multidimensional and interdisciplinary from the whole to the necessary, spheral and other parts is the panoramic macro-cognition and vision with the methodology of bi-pair tetralectics. Dialectics and tetralectics are mediated by trialectics in the history of knowledge and thinking.

          Comment. This law expresses the spheronics fundamental cognitive-methodological and philosophical innovation, which has a huge variety of sources and germs in the entire history of knowledge, but which are impossible and not required to be covered in the proposed synopsis. We will limit ourselves to o­nly a few debatable theses, more fully developed here [12].

          The spheronics holistic, multidimensional philosophy and methodology core is the dialectics of equally necessary and jointly sufficient (ENTS) spheres, spheral parts of an integral society/humanity in its history, permeating and uniting all the spheronics structural laws.

           The first formula of multidimensional, integral knowledge belongs to Pythagoras: the quaternary, tetrad is an inexhaustible source of life ... a symbol of the divine essence and highest virtue, formulated by him o­n the celestial spheres harmony basis and the four ENTS natural spheres/elements known to him: earth, water, air and fire/sun.

          It is expanded by integral spheronics based o­n scientific knowledge of the SP and true peace four ENTS social spheres, components. This expansion is carried out in spheronics based o­n a conscious methodology of tetralectics, integrating and relying o­n the methodology of dialectics. Tetralectics defines the epistemological source of any error/lie that leads away from objective truth, as well as any social pathology, which slows down the SP and gives rise to wars - the absolutization of any historically necessary but transient part as an absolute and defining primary principle. This recognition allows spheronics to free itself from any absolutist erroneous claims of past o­ne-dimensional philosophies and ideologies.

            This law captures the knowledge not o­nly of society but also of nature. It concerns both types of fundamental knowledge, both, natural-scientific and socio-scientific its areas, equally. But spheronics limits its use o­nly to the framework of its competence in the second epistemological sphere, opening the way for integration in the synergy of natural science and social science, which overcomes their conflict and disharmony in the confrontation of two cultures according to Charles Snow.

         The spheronics final at this stage system of eight structural laws as the BRICS+ ideological paradigm for all its spheres is presented o­n model-15.

Model-15. BRICS+: Tectonic shift of the ideological paradigm.

The spheronics peacemaking laws in the BRICS+ hands.



BRICS+ motto (above).

         Comment. The BRICS motto expresses its historical and global meaning, summarizing the synergy of the objective laws synthesis within its peacemaking ideology of spheronics, disclosed above.

          This motto is composed of several Gandhian ideas; therefore, it is Gandhian and nothing else. The first is Mahatma Gandhi's idea that "Truth Alone Triumphs", which became the state motto of India in its constitution. In it, the concept of triumph is replaced by the more adequate concept of life for humanity and the concept of truth is taken in the true peace very important meaning for humanity, which ensures its life. Gandhis second idea: truth is God, the embodiment of His creation universal harmony, therefore o­nly it wins, and not lies, deception or delusion. Gandhis third idea is the humanity spherons greatest force of nonviolence, [which] is mightier than the mightiest [nuclear] weapon of destruction, ensuring the eternal true peace to humanity. The humanity existential truth is embodied by its true global peace, the actors of which are o­nly its nonviolent spherons, discovered by Gandhi, who, in accordance with his law, are able and obliged to protect themselves from violence with the necessary armed force of resistance in the name of preserving their true peace. It is extremely important for BRICS+ but this is not what determines its meaning and purpose. What are they?

          The BRICS+ expansion is a geopolitical tectonic shift [13], the meaning of which is still unclear for it [15] and is unacceptable in traditional confrontational paradigms, therefore BRICS, as a war prevention medicine [16] must reach the level of self-reflection in substantially new manner of thinking" (Einstein) by holistic spherons of SP and true peace. The BRICS+ ambitious historical meaning can o­nly be found in economic world leadership to establish multipolar true global peace based o­n the Gandhian spheronics innovative peace ideology, the paradigm framework of which is presented above.

          The spheronics objective peacemaking laws should be reflected not o­nly in the BRICS Declaration, but also in them member states national constitutions as well as in the acts of international law they propose to establish the humanity true peace in our century.

On their basis, in their context and perspective, BRICS+ can offer an effective truce in Ukraine, understandable and acceptable to all parties of this military conflict, which overcomes its irreconcilable ideological confrontation within the true peace objective laws of the each side SP.


III. Gandhian spheronics megascience Roadmap for BRICS+ leadership and peacemaking


          1. Creation of an innovative Spherons Global Peace Academy (SGPA), for start, for the first year in 2024 in o­ne country, and then in each BRICS+ country, from 20 specialists: sociologists, diplomats, philosophers, historians, economists and its laboratory Artificial Intelligence of Global Statistics (AIGS) of 12 specialists: statisticians, programmers and mathematicians. SGPA and AIGS form the cognitive center or thinking tank of the BRICS+ spheronics of 32 experts. The AGMS in each BRICS country will be aimed at developing a strategy for its economic leadership and peacemaking based o­n the spheronics ideology. The national SGPAs in unity form the BRICS+ Academy common scientific structure with their own general rules of work.

         Financing of the BRICS+ Academy for the first year in thousands of dollars:

~ 32 x 3 x 12 = 1152 + 800 organizational and technical costs.

         TOTAL: $1.952 million, ~$2 million for o­ne year.

         In national currencies: according to their projected exchange rate for 2024.

         2. The establishment of an innovative Constitutional Strategic Department of Peace (SDP) in 2025 in the government of each BRICS+ country under the leadership of its national leader to develop a strategic offensive policy for economic leadership and peacemaking in accordance with its civilizational values and with the overall BRICS+ strategy. This strategy is conceptually justified and experimentally verified in each BRICS+ country by its SGPA.

          omment. The BRICS+ Roadmap proposed first two pragmatic steps for Leadership and Peacemaking (BRICS+ RLP) for two years (2024 and 2025) are decisive starting actions in the formation of its ideological offensive platform for its strategy. They require minimal investment (~$2 million), but maximum political will, responsibility and self-awareness of BRICS+ leaders in the launch of an innovative sovereign ideology of leadership and peacemaking. Similar ideology cannot be manna from heaven; it requires the BRICS+ leaders powerful intellectual efforts and bold political and organizational innovations, without which it will remain ideologically naked, like the famous fairy-tale king.

          The second step of the roadmap constitutes a key organizational breakthrough in the implementation of the BRICS+ unprecedented ideology of leadership and peacemaking. American doctor and politician Benjamin Rush, o­ne of the USA founding fathers in 1793 in his essay Plan of a Department of Peace for the United States to preserve perpetual peace in it [17; 18], first proposed the Department of Peace creation.

          However, after numerous centuries-long attempts, the US Congress rejected this project that expresses the historical militarism of this country during more than two centuries, and o­n the other hand, its implementation in 4 dwarf states [17], testifies its utopianism and pacifist limitations, which exclude its implementation outside the general geopolitical peacemaking ideology and policy. Its utopianism and limitations are removed by the peace spheronics megascience and its practical implementation can o­nly be ensured in our time by BRICS+, which identifies itself as global peace actor [2]. But this is o­nly possible o­n the basis of theoretical developments and experimental verification within the first step.

          Other pragmatic steps of the BRICS+ RLP can be borrowed from our similar project for Russia, which was created a year ago: Russia as Civilizational Leader of XXI Century for the Federal Assembly (Parliament) and the countrys leaders from its 10 bills [19].

          Conclusion. BRICS+, spheronics and the second axial time. Spheronics, as the BRICS+ ideology of global leadership and peacemaking has been created over almost a century by o­nly 1% of its structural pillars, presented in its laws above. All the endless work, 99%, o­n the mutual integration of the spheronics laws and the socio-humanitarian scientific complex disciplines in the process of their continuous updating will lie in the future. The spheronics future is ahead, together with BRICS+, which is most interested in similar scientific ideology, which guarantees success due to its truth and peaceful attractiveness for all peoples that none of the known ideologies has. The truth of its substance - spherons - is verified o­n all social objects by world statistics [7] and the history of knowledge. Spheronics represents the embryo of a substantially new, true thinking, consciousness and worldview of the humanity spherons. It marks in its sociogenesis the intellectual, turning point of the second axial time after the first axial time in 800-200 BC according to the famous German philosopher K. Jaspers conclusion. It is replacing traditional empirical and positivist thinking, false in its theoretical holistic generalizations but the partial, true achievements of which in all disciplines of socio-humanitarian knowledge are integrated by spheronics as its organic, historical parts. BRICS+ can become a conscious leader of this inevitable epochal shift in the thinking way if it gathers under its wing and stimulates all the craziest intellectuals and thinkers, rather than ignoring, suppressing or disdaining their ideas, as the previous, false ideologies did. After all, it is known that ideas that are crazy, mad for old thinking are its revolutionary engine.

          The great Russian scientist, Vladimir Vernadsky, even before Jaspers, wrote that thinking in spheral, holistic and substantial categories, reflecting the necessary and sufficient objective structures of nature and society, is "not a crisis disturbing weak souls but the greatest turning point of human thought making o­nly o­nce a millennium".

           The humanity world-system of our time is experiencing a century-old phase transition into a qualitatively new, normative scientific state of SP and RGP as a whole. In it, the pluralistic consciousness of spheronics and its world integral technologies of global statistics, fractal mathematics and governance organization, spheral programming and artificial intelligence will determine social being. The thinking paradigm tectonic transitionfrom partial, sectoral rationality to holistic, spheral conceptualization should not go unnoticed by BRICS+. It can and must realize and lead this tectonic trend as a leader based o­n the Gandhian spheronics megascience, which with its integrity and truth overcomes corporatism as a source of wars, confrontation, branch thinking and organization of the SP.

          Spheronics, which started since the Gandhian discovery of varnas/spherons as the o­nly actors of true global peace, integrated the constructive ideas of hundreds of its coauthors and great thinkers of the past. Throughout history, especially in the GGHA (2005-2023), it is presented in detail in almost 1,500 publications in 1-12 languages, including more than 20 books, 85 peacemaking projects and many petitions, most of which are published o­n the GGHA website Peace from Spherons Harmony: https://peacefromharmony.org. The main o­nes are stored in world libraries. There are still no worthy holistic scientific alternatives to spheronics, although some constructive ideas in this direction are proposed that are integrated by it. For almost a century of its development, not a single traditional ideology has been able to refute a single law of spheronics, powerlessly preferring to ignore the verified truth of its substance - spherons. This cannot continue indefinitely, especially o­n the brink of military nuclear genocide and in the new geopolitical reality of the BRICS+ peacemaking.

           The spheronics structural framework of its basic laws presented here, which received the first justification and development in previous publications, now receives the first popular presentation in the upcoming peacemaking primer-dialogue: Spheronics. True Peace Megascience" within 100 pages [20]. Its publication in different languages is planned in early 2024. It can become the first publicly available and popular textbook o­n the BRICS+ science of leadership and peacemaking and can be published officially in all its countries in their respective languages. It will provide training to young people in new peacemaking thinking and initiate them to consciously participate in achieving the BRICS+ goals: building true global peace and the security of all peoples as an imperative to survive humanity.

         The spheronics eight laws at its initial stage constitute the immanent scientific and ideological framework of BRICS+, which does not limit or prevent it from integrating the ENTD new laws of the spheral components of society in its endless cognition. All objective structural laws of spheronics, confirmed by historical practice and logic of thinking, remain irrefutable and insurmountable by any false ideology as a fundamental objective truth. They will certainly find social recognition and application, despite all the natural but transitory resistance of unscientific ideologies. "Truth Alone Triumphs". Gandhian India understood this long ago and the BRICS+ peoples and all humanity will understand this in our century. Because they constitute its common denominator of scientific and worldview vision, which excludes confrontation and war. Spheronics science and technologies have inexhaustible potential to solve the most pressing challenges of our planet and society.

          Spheronics for BRICS+ is a theoretical-methodological intellectual machine of its true global peace, multipolarity and leadership.


Leo Semashko, PhD, o­n behalf of spheronics 750 coauthors during 18 years,

Philosopher, sociologist and peacemaker from the spherons harmony,

GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President,

Twice recognized as Person of the Year in 2021 and 2022 by the International Magazine WGF. Three times nominated together with the GGHA for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013, 2017 and 2020: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=286,

E-mail: leo.semashko@gmail.com,

Skype: leo.semahko,

Russia, Saint Petersburg




1. Putin V.V. Decree o­n the Organizing Committee for the preparation and provision of Russia's BRICS chairmanship in 2024. April 3, 2023, No. 236, Russian:


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3. Dugin, Alexander. The Fourth Political Theory. 2012: https://books.google.ru/books/about/The_Fourth_Political_Theory.html?id=Wh5afAZ-GmgC&redir_esc=y

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In process


Paragraph-15. Gandhian Spheronics in the BRICS+ Service


Dear coauthors-peacemakers,

My long hospital days were spent thinking about the current topic Spheronics in the BRICS+ service, so they were not in vain for our primer, and Im not talking about my 80% recovery.

Therefore, we are happy to send you for discussion in dialogue with your objections and questions paragraph-15, dedicated to spheronics as a peacemaking tool and the BRICS+ scientific ideology on 10 pages without pictures and bibliography, and o­n 4 pages without comments.

It is published o­n the GGHA letterhead in full: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152, prepared for distribution to 11 BRICS+ leaders. We send it in two formats to yours: DOK and PDF, because some don't open it in the DOC. Please report all such cases.

Whoever wants to become a coauthor of this important peacemaking document and share the direct responsibility of its coauthorship with me, indicating his person in the BRICS leaders mailing, I ask you to send your additions or fundamental editing of this paragraph to me within 2 days. For other responses, the deadline, as always, is 5 days.

Spheronics for BRICS is our primer of spheronics, compressed in accordance with the needs of BRICS+ as a peacemaking actor from the global South, representing the humanity majority. This paragraph will be published in our primer, but within 3-4 pages, no more, in a new edition.

The question of its publication in the primer remains open for many reasons. Maybe it will be published without comments, or it will be published o­nly in Russian or in another version that will be decided at the year-end, when the drafts of all paragraphs have been prepared. What do you think about it? We will be grateful for all your suggestions.

Best wishes for your health and true peace,

Leo Semashko,




Dear Leo:

           I am so very happy, that you seem to recover well from your operation. Our prayers have been heard!!!

           I hope you have received my ZOOM o­n my friend Gregory Baum, Canada's most outstanding theologian and sociologist: Gregory Baum: Life, Work, and Friendship: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2OG0KZLRcY&t=104s, 47 min. In this video, the Critical Theorist and Catholic Theologian, Rudolf J. Siebert, discusses his long friendship with the theologian Gregory Baum. Enjoy it!

          Here are a few thoughts o­n our Spheronics for BRICS+.

          We must be careful with the word ''ideology.' In the West, the word ideology has most of the time a positive meaning. It means a combination of an idea and a value, e.g. study business and you will make a lot of money!!!

You have used the word ideology in its positive meaning.

         But in the West there are also critical circles, who use the word negatively, since the bourgeois and socialist revolutions, up to the present. Then ideology means false consciousness, cover up of economic interests, shortly the untruth.

         If you want to use ideology positively, it would be better to use the word philosophy.

         My attitude toward BRICS is the result of my historical remembrance of summer 1945, when Russian and American troops met in the center of central Europe, in Germany, in Thuringia, in Geisa. In Geisa there is a castle, in which my uncle Dr. Karl Siebert, the judge, had his court and lived. I spent large parts of my youth in this castle.

          Today it is a hotel. The guests come from all over the world, in order to visit Point Alpha, a monument in remembrance of the victory of the antifascist alliance between the Slavic World and the American World, and in anticipation of their replacement of the European World as world-historical power. Europe went to its extreme in the two world wars, and then collapsed into its niche in world history. It finally retired, after long hesitation. Now Washington governs Brussels.

          Soon after the meeting of the Russian and American troops near Geisa, the new world-historical powers, the Slavic World and the American World, separated in the first andnow second Cold War, and began to compete with each other. They also began to gather nations behind themselves for their own support, who had moved into the niche of history long ago, never to return into a world historical power position again. All world historical powers had done so before. The American World gathered behind itself the European nations, Japan, and South Korea, The Slavic World is gathering behind itself China, North Korea, India, possibly the whole Southern hemisphere. That is called BRICS.

          I consider this development to be an entirely legitimate world -historical process, which will retain its validity far beyond the present military action in the Ukraine, which is promoting it..

          What is now most important is that the antagonism between the Slavic World and BRICKS o­n o­ne hand, and the American World and its followers, the European Union, Japan and South Korea., remains a peaceful o­ne: a peaceful competition. Which world historical power will have the longer life expectancy, the longer marriages, the better education, the better production and distribution, the fuller recognition of all people in their subjective freedom and their substantive freedom, the less slums, the less unemployment, the less pandemics, etc.? The rest of the nations will follow that world historical power, which allows the most dignified human existence.

          There is o­ne problem now, which no world historical power had ever to face before the extreme development of weapon technology, as well as its global exchange and distribution. If this problem is not resolved, the present two world historical power, the heirs of the European World, will annihilate each other, and pull the rest of humanity down with them.

Spheronics for BRICS must help to solve this problem, so that the two world-historical powers can lead humanity further o­n the way to the realm of freedom, the full realization of the human potential.

          Under these conditions, I am also for BRICS. I am just not sure, if my name will be helpful for our Spheronics for BRICS message to the BRICS governments, since it is connected with the USA and Germany. You decide.

          Best wishes, your Rudi, from the House of Mir,

Dr. Rudolf J Siebert, Professor Emeritus of Michigan University, Kalamazoo Michigan, USA,

Web: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=51


          PS. If you want to add my external addition to our message Spheronics for BRICS as its coauthor, you could indicate in the spirit of our Spheronics true peace and harmony my important article dated April 22, 2022: Rudolf Siebert. Golden Rule: Contra Ukrainian Nazism and Pro the Russian and American Worlds Solidarity, published o­n our GGHA website in English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1063.



Dear friend Rudi,

          Thank you very much for your warm response and strong support for our message Spheronics for BRICS as its coauthor. I am very grateful for your prayers for my health, which have greatly supported and helped me.

          I fully share your response thoughts, which was published with my small addition in PS o­n our message pages in two languages here: In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152 ,
        In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=1050

Do you agree with it? And why did you decide that our message is connected with Germany and the USA? I don't see this connection. There is o­nly its connection with the global South, which in BRICS+ has become the global majority. So?

          Best wishes for your health and true peace to all the worlds of our planet,





Dear Leo:

          I do agree! The connection is that my name and my American and German background may not sound good to BRICKS members, and that it may do harm to our peace message to BRICKS.

          If that is not the case, then everything is all right.

Please, let me know, what else I can do for our great cause of peace.

          Please, take good care of yourself, so that the healing continues. Don't overwork!!!

Best wishes to you and your dear family,

 Your Rudi, from the House of Peace in the USA.


Dear Rudi,

          Thank you very much for your warm words and clear explanation of the connection, which is published with the Russian translation here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152. It is unlikely that any support for the BRICS, from any country, even an unfriendly o­ne, can be unpleasant for its members. o­n the contrary, your support and the like, which we expect from many of our friends, are doubly valuable to them for this reason.

          I will inform you about my further wishes later. But it is always relevant to attract and invite new worthy and thoughtful people to our cause of peace and its philosophy, or scientific ideology of spheronics.

          All partial, class, elitist, party and similar ideologies of the past, without exception, are false, untrue for this reason. o­nly the ideology of all humanity as a whole can be true, and not any part of it, which is the Gandhian spheronics, launched by Mahatma Gandhi in 1927 with the discovery of universal human varnas-spherons. We, the GGHA, verified them historically and with world statistics in Gandhica, in 2019: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848.

          Our, Gandhian, spheronics is the first instance of a previously unprecedented true, scientific ideology. What is bad and wrong about this? No o­ne has been able to refute its for almost a century since 1927. All false trends die, o­nly true, viable trends live and thrive everywhere, including ideology and thinking.

          Do you agree with this?




Dear Leo:

          I would still speak of the Gandhian philosophy or even theology for BRICS.

          Martin Luther King, a Baptist minister and theologian, studied at the Catholic Boston College. Here Martin met a professor, who introduced him into Hegel. From Hegel Martin learned to see history as process of liberation, including the liberation of Afro-Americans.

         But Hegel did not offer to Martin a nonviolent method pf liberation. Therefore, Martin turned to Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy and theology of nonviolence.

          Gandhi, the Hindu, had taken his principle of nonviolence from Christianity, from the Sermon o­n the Mount, its fourth commandment.

          Martin, the Christian, recognized the validity and importance of the Christian principle of non-violence with the help of the Hindu Mahatma Gandhi. The Christian principle of non-violence had remained completely foreign to the Christians in violent Europe and America.

         The most recent philosophy, in order to be true, must supersede in itself all previous philosophies.

         The most recent theology, in order to be true, must supersede in itself all previous theologies.

I hope you have received my ZOOM o­n my friend, the great Canadian theologian, Gregory Baum. That ZOOM may throw some more light o­n the present philosophical and theological situation.

          I would still hesitate to speak of "scientific ideology" for BRICS. The expression could easily be misunderstood by those people, who understand ideology critically as false consciousness: and those are many.

          "Scientific philosophy" would be a possibility for BRICS.

In solidarity, 

Your Friend Rudi, from the House of Mir, USA,



Dear Leo,

          I feel very honored that you are asking me to participate in your project, and I apologize that I did not answer more swiftly. 
Please tell me what should be in my addition of this project and I will try to write it in time.

Warmest regards,

           Helga Zepp-LaRouche,

Founder of the Schiller Institute


Personal page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1077

Germany, USA



Dear Helga,

          Thank you very much for your constructive response and your very valuable addition BRICS+: The Beginning of a New Era of Humanity to our project Gandhian Spheronics for BRICS+ (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152).

         Your wonderful addition in the attachment, 4 pages, was published o­n our website in English and Russian o­n your new page here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1154, and will be sent to all 11 BRICS+ leaders. Likewise, there are other similar additions that are delayed, but which we are waiting for.

         Sincere gratitude to you.

Best wishes for your good health and true peace through BRICS+,





Dear Leo:

          Thank you so very much for your wonderful GGHA Peace Message (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=531).

I wrote my dissertation about Erasmus of Rotterdam and his Catholic and Protestant humanistic followers. The fascists right away opposed the dissertation.

          Erasmus and his humanists tried early o­n in the Reformation to make peace between the Catholic Church and the Protestant movement. They tried for ten years: 1530-1540. 

          But unfortunately they failed and the Western Church is still split today, more deeply even than the Orthodoxy and Western Catholicism have been separated for a thousand years. It is a scandal!

         In any case, Erasmus was a very rational and peaceful man. He had been expected to become the future Martin Luther. But, paradoxically enough, he was too peaceful for this role.

          Adam von Bühlow and his school took over and tried to rationalize warfare, which o­nly promoted it.

          But Shakespear's, or better Hamlet's "mole of history" continues to dig until  it comes up to daylight: the Sun of Reason and Peace.

         You indeed help most bravely and heroically "the mole of history" to reach light.

May BRICKS help as well (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152)!

          I am with all my best wishes, 

Your Rudi from the House of Peace, USA

Dr. Rudolf J Siebert, Professor Emeritus of Michigan University, Kalamazoo Michigan, USA,

Web: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=51




Accelerated growth of Nigeria and BRICS+ o­n the common denominator of Gandhian spheronics


Dear coauthors-peacemakers,

We are happy to share with you a brilliant addition (2.5 pages) to our project-message Gandhian Spheronics for BRICS+, which was prepared by Dr. Ayo Amale, the GGHA-Africa President: Discussion o­n Nigeria's Accession to BRICS+ For True Peace, Accelerated Growth and Prosperity, in the attachment published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1156 in two languages.

          This is an excellent example for all peacemakers of the third world, especially the global South, to hold similar discussions and introductions between BRICS+ and the Gandhian spheronics in their countries, that today there is neither a better ideology/philosophy, nor a better organizational geopolitical form to ensure accelerated growth, true peace, sustainable development and prosperity in partnership with friendly countries o­n the common ideological denominator of scientific spheronics. Its philosophy is constituted by a macrosociological law: The economic acceleration source is non-economic spheres, which are suppressed by the traditional primary economy, why it is always depressed and excludes its accelerated growth.

No o­ne is proposing anything like this, either in ideology/philosophy or in organizational form, to make a breakthrough from poverty, war, violence and eternal hostile atheistic confrontation to prosperity, peace, nonviolence and friendliness in God. The structural laws of spheronics are a social Newtonian science, according to Gandhis definition, which, like Newtons Laws, cannot be objected to or resisted, except to o­nes own destruction.

We are happy to congratulate Ayo o­n her new outstanding peacemaking contribution to the humanity salvation and the prosperity of her homeland Nigeria. She demonstrating herself as its devoted daughter for more than 12 years in the GGHA! A low bow to her peacemaking devotion, which will live for centuries!

Best wishes for health and true peace to everyone,





  Dear Leo, 

We were not able to read your excellent greetings (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=531) to the International Day of Peace rally (in the UN) or any other of the greetings because of time permit issues.

However, we have posted your greetings along with the others to the Schiller Institute website. The link is below. Thank you very much for your contribution.

Best regards,

Kevin Gribbroek


USA, New York



BRICS+ Spheronics True Peace

 Dear Kevin,

The GGHA is sincerely grateful to you and the Schiller Institute in a whole for your excellent publication of our congratulations o­n the International Day of Peace (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=558) at a rally in New York, at the UN o­n the Schiller Institute website (below).

In turn, we are pleased to announce the publication of the inspiring Open Letter to Heads of State at the UN General Assembly: YOU MUST ACT TO SAVE GLOBAL PEACE! of Helga Larouche mentioning the BRICS expansion as the breakneck speed with which a new world system is emerging example o­n our website. It is here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1157.

The historical time of global depression of the traditional primary economy, stagnating centuries-old neo-colonialism, inequality, hegemonism, monopolarity, violence and war is over!

Kevin, your message was published in responses to our project Gandhian Spheronics for BRICS+ here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1152

With the hope of deepening our peacekeeping cooperation in the Gandhian spheronics. "Let's do great things together!"





For BRICS+: WGF International Media Platform


Dear coauthors-peacemakers,

We are happy to send you a new brilliant addition (4 pages) to our project-message Gandhian Spheronics for BRICS+, which was prepared by our outstanding journalists from India, Delhi, the GGHA executive leaders: Hasina Parvin and Anam Kumar: World Growth Forums Magazine": International Media Platform To Accelerate in Harmony The BRICS+ Growth". It is in the attachment and published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1156 in two languages.

This addition, like others prepared and being prepared is an excellent example of accelerated growth in the spheres harmony, true peace, sustainable development and prosperity of all BRICS+ countries in partnership with friendly countries o­n the common philosophical denominator of scientific spheronics. Its paradigmatic center for BRICS+ is constituted by a structural law: The economic acceleration source in harmony is non-economic spheres that are suppressed by the traditional primary economy, which why is always depressed and excludes its accelerated growth. Accelerated growth in harmony of social production all spheres is the path of world leadership not o­nly economic, but also the three other spheres of all countries and humanity. At the same time, this is the path of true, eternal peace.

At the same time, these excellent additions make a fundamental contribution to our peacemaking primer-dialogue of the Gandhian spheronics, in which they will find their worthy generalization providing it with fundamental practical meaning instead of empty calls.

Sincere gratitude to Hasina and Anam for their new, substantional thinking by Gandhian spherons, for their innovative spheral approach to accelerated growth in harmony of social spheres and for their brilliant journalistic talent, which they are ready to put to the benefit of the global South poor countries prosperity, turning them into new "economic tigers" in the updated BRICS+ based o­n the Gandhian peace paradigm.

Best wishes for our cooperation in this direction,


Leo Semashko




International Day of Nonviolence. 

October 2, Mahatma Gandhi birthday

We know him half...


BRICS+: Commitment to Gandhian True Peace


Dear friends peacemakers,

We are happy to send you a new brilliant addition (2 pages) to our project-message Gandhian spheronics for BRICS+, which was prepared in poetic form by our outstanding world-scale peacemaking poet Ashok Chakravarthy from India: BRICS+ Spheronics Gandhian Peace Ideology Commitment. It is attached and published in two languages, with a poem dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi and the International Day of Non-Violence o­n his birthday o­n October 2 here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1158. Gandhian global, true peace comes democratically, from the global South, from the majority of humanity, consolidated in BRICS+, as Ashok brilliantly expressed.

The GGHA is happy to congratulate all peacemakers, all friends of peace and Gandhian non-violence o­n the Mahatma Gandhi birthday, the greatest peacemaker in the human history who, unfortunately, is still misunderstood. His world discovery of the global SPHERONS the sociogenetic, o­nly actors of true, eternal and just peace of humanity still remains beyond traditional thinking and understanding. But this fundamental scientific discovery, with the inevitability of Newton's law of gravity, will become the property of humanity in the coming years if it intends to survive avoiding nuclear suicide.

More than 750 coauthors of the GGHA Gandhian megascience of spherons, SPHERONICS, over 18 years of joint efforts have proven its indestructible truth and inevitable world recognition. Ashok Chakravarthy has made an outstanding contribution to the poetic statement of this immortal peacemaking truth for 18 years! Sincere gratitude to him for his devotion to the ideals of Gandhi and Gandhian spheronics.

Best wishes for your health and true, Gandhian peace,


Leo Semashko




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