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Contents of the Project "Planet 3000: Creating through Education an alternative Culture of harmonious civilization":

4-13. Introduction
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4-13-4. Planet 3000: Organization and contacts


Invitation to the 11t InternationaL


27 June - 1 July 2007

Turgoyak Lake/Arkaim, Chelyabinsk Region, Russia

In the framework of an International Decade of Culture of Peace and non-violence

Education is o­ne of the key means for creating culture of peace

(Culture of peace Declaration and program of actions)

From human education - to human and harmonious mankind


INITIATORS and ORGINIZERS: International Education for Life movement (Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan), Institute for Planetary Synthesis (Switzerland), Public University of Civil Culture, Siberian center for Eurasian projects, Foundation for Public Development, International Educators for Peace Understanding Movement, The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace, Law of Time Foundation, international board of web sitewww.peacefromharmony.org


WHAT? It is an international event for creating a model of education for world citizens, as the key tool for the transition to conscious evolution and total responsibility for life o­n our planeta culture of peace. The congress will be conducted simultaneously with the 12th Ural-Planet youth festival of social creativity.Youth ethno cultural forum Earth is a Garden of Peoples will be a part of the event.


1.Presentation of models and technologies of human education

2.Creating algorithms of spreading human harmonious education

3.Modeling regional systems for the managing of harmonious human education

4.Cooperation of NGOs, governments, business for creating systems of education for adults

5.Creation of a system for distant transmission of human and harmonious education

6.Development a network ofinformational, cultural and educational communities all over the world

7.Acceptance of a Great Charter of Harmony and Informational Civilization

8.Creating a program of coordinated actions for 2007-2012.


Human potential as a resource for a New Time. Human beings as a geo planetary factor.

  • Harmonious Education for world citizens as a tool for creating a culture of peace society.
  • New paradigms for the development of science, education, and culture of the future.
  • Noosphere science, education and culture as tools for the transition to noosphere.
  • Society, states, business for the development of system of harmonious human education.
  • System of education as a civil order of families, peoples and humanity.
  • Ethno cultural potential and sacred tourism for harmonious human education;
  • Harmonious family as a basis for human society. Role of harmony between men and women.
  • Children and youth of the planet as a hope for the planet. Creating priorities for children.
  • Culture of creating harmony as a context for human education.
  • Creative arts, mass media as a great means for presenting images of a new world of peace.
  • Harmonizing of collective consciousness and actions as the way for conscious evolution.

Participants: people and organizations from all over the world engaged in creating Education, providing many leveled responsibility for life the o­ne for World citizens

Organizing committee Ludmila Zamyatina zam@cinvest.chel.su

Nina Goncharova 8 (383) 220-39-89E -mail: gong3000@ngs.ru

Claude Veziau cveziau@globetrotter.net

Carol Hiltner - President of Altai Mir University www.AltaiMir.org, carol@AltaiBooks.com Prof.Ada Aharoni Founder of the SST and IFLAC The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace iflac@bezeqint.netwww.iflac.com/adawww.iflac.com

Please send your applications to gong3000@ngs.ru Cc to zam@cinvest.chel.su

Planet 3000:

Creating through Education an alternative Culture of harmonious civilization




Planet 3000 project is not an organization.It is international team of Education for Life Movement; realizing lots of many leveled many profile programs and projects, united by o­ne and the same Planet 3000 symbol.People cooperate o­n the basis of common accomplishments o­n the principle of common tasks, interests, levels of responsibility and according to the law of resonance. All events, projects, programs are consequences of inner responsibility and desire to do favorite matter o­n the principle I can not but do it. o­n the way of realizing projects there are different organizations appearing in case teams feel it necessary to do for better acting for realizing their projects.During 10 years 39 organizations in 4 countries have been created and they also grow, change as their projects and tasks grow and change.

Planet 3000 is a living self organized organism, where every part serves the whole and everybody grows in taking more and higher inner responsibility and it totally reflects the level of inner energy awakening o­n this way together.

International Council

Talgat Akbashev Planet 3000 initiator, Russia akbashev3000@list.ru

Nina Goncharova Planet 3000 coordinator, Russia gong3000@ngs.ru

Claude Veziau -Planet 3000 coordinator, Canada cveziau@globetrotter.net

Council of coordinators

- Helena Freiberg Byelorussia fregat3000@rambler.ru

- Alexander Verbitskiy Ukraine gen3000@ukr.net

- Valentina Radionova Kazakhstan fatima3000@list.ru

- Natalia Popova Siberia Russia pcso@Ngs.ru

- Irine Kharchenko south of Russia leera@inbox.ru

- Vladimir Placok Urals and north of Russia vplacok@oganer.net

- Olga Malinina Volga region of Russia msch1s@samtel.ru

- Olga Gizitdinova middle of Russia Ogiz@arat.ru

- Natalie Skobelkina Baikal region snmirkutsk@mail.ru

- Larisa Shorstova south of Baikal arshan3000@mail.ru

- Zjanna An, Svetlana Matina, Anna Plotnikova Altai Republic kedr@netbox.ru

- Victor Vizer Altai region prof@biysk.nsu.ru

- Rudolf Schneider Switzerland res@ipsgeneva.com

- Claude Veziau Canadacveziau@globetrotter.net

-Trevor Osborne Australia wharmony@westnet.com.au

- Terry Sisson USA ITM@mho.com

- Musasa Kaiba Sharley Africa binissoh@yahoo.fr

- Samone Myers Hawaiicirclethepyramid@yahoo.com

Program Directors Council (more than 800 programs in 8 countries)

-Helena Zhigulskaya zolotoyput@mail.ru

-Zulfia Khalikova halzu@rambler.ru

- Galina Misurina and Nataly Popova pcso@Ngs.ru

Scientific Council

- Academician Talgat Akbashev akbashev3000@list.ru

- Raisa Schmidtshar_2@ufacom.ru

Svetlana Arutyunyansvetlanaufa@mail.ru

Economical council

Alexander Bedunkevitch gong3000@ngs.ru

- Sergey Bolkov bolkes@chelcom.ru

- Irina Melnichenko rodolog@mail.ru

Informational Council

- Marat Kalandarovkalandarov@inbox.lv

- Nina Goncharova & Claude Veziau international communication

- Nataly Popova and Nuriya Khafizova - Russia , Ukraine, Byelorussia, Khasakstan hafizova@bashstat.ru


Planet 3000 team - from 8 countries and 34 regions




By Nina Goncharova

edited by Claude Veziau





(22 - 26 SEPTEMBER, 2006)


He who is not busy being born is busy dying. (Bob Dylan)

(congress brochure)



Brazil is over Our trip has become a transition step in creating the planetary team we dreamt about, and in bringing together the opportunities of the Law of Time movement, Education for Life movement and the entire planetary community. The 2nd planetary congress o­n biospheric rights has become a great step for creating the noospheric world. So, let us start The preperatory process is over presentations created andtranslated to the English language, Planet 3000 leaflets created and printed. All the negotiations about our proposals for the congress over. During almost 6 months we had been contacting the coordination council of the congress and all the details of the congress were more and more clearly seen. As I took part in translating the documents of the congress, we realised more and more WHAT was going to happen there and what was to be fulfilled by the Brazil mission and the reasons for our going there. This event has become a great

GIFT for all people and the planet representing a GATE
tothe future...

Here are some thoughts taken from the presented documents speaking about the essen
ce of thecongress:

In the broad vision of this 2nd Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights, the Earth is now in a state of hyperextended emergency. This whole system crisis defines a contextual environment referred to as the biosphere-noosphere transition. The critical deadline for facing reality and joining forces with the inevitable processes of transformation is 2012. For this reason, the Congress plans to implement an overall plan, The 13 Moon Operation Earth Rescue - Mission 2012. There are o­nly 6 years until the deadline. It is up to us to put in motion an action peace plan, and convene our own systems of governance, asserting our biospheric rights in accord with the biosphere-noosphere transition which is now rapidly underway.


How long is the present system going to last, anyway? Cant we see the handwriting o­n the wall?The increase in natural disasters this past year (2005) alone has left many humans numb and frightened. But if we consider that many of these disasters are the result of the effects of our own greed and thoughtlessness upon the environment, then might we not want to do something about it?If we really understood the fundamental change the Law of Time offers the human mental and social organization, then wouldnt we want to see all of the resources of the Earth placed in alignment with the Law of Time o­n behalf of an Operation Earth Rescue?


We arrived at Brasilia airport using three planes from Moscow to Munich, from Munich to Sao-Paulo and from Sao-Paulo to Brasilia. The transoceanic flight took 11,5 hours and the entire joint flight was 17 hours. In Sao-Paulo airport we met the other Russian participants Lubov Gordina, Brontoy Bedyurov, Olga Zagladisheva from Moscow and Alexander Trofimov from Novosibirsk.


We were met by warm weather and the warm hugs of Vandir main coordinator of the congress. He greeted our delegation o­n behalf of Jose Arguelles and brought us to the Academy of Tennis resort hotel 15 km from Brasilia. The next day, the event we had been getting ready for through these 6 months and in fact all life long, was waiting for us


The Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights, a description

It was an international meeting of representatives from all over Latin America and 19 countries of the world. The meeting was oriented o­n actions.The goal of the congress was to take responsibility for the biosphere and to create a strategy to put actions into practice. The task was not o­nly to save the biosphere from destruction but aslo to heal it and consciously take part in the transition process from biosphere to noosphere


The congress was convened by the Galactic Research Institute of the Foundation for the Law of Time, Institute for the Diffusion of the Law of Time (Brazil), Foundation for the New Time (Japan)and the Planet Art Network - Electric Moon 3-7, Kin 7-11, Red Magnetic, Moon Year (September 22-26, 2006)

A very special atmoshere of Brasilia town built in the form of a bird gave a feeling of all being prepared for this event to happen


We had our goal to bring our collective, creative energy ideas and actions what we had been doing in Russia and Eurasia, and to synthesize ideas and actions and put together the streams of our intents, visions and actions in the direction of the noospheric world.



Jose Arguelles and Stephanie South



Day 1: Core, Electric Moon 3,Kin 7, Blue Resonant Hand , September 22, 2006, Equinox


The first day had its theme - EARTH IN CRISIS: CALL FOR THE NEW TIME. DR. JOSÉ ARGUELLES, NORTH AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGIST, AUTHOR OF BEST SELLER. "THE MAYAN FACTOR" AND HIS ASSISTANT, STÉPHANIE SOUTH made a brief history of the time and THE BIOSPHERIC CRISIS. Jose noted that 2012 was just a few years away, so there was no time to waste putting the Thirteen Moon Emergency Earth Rescue Peace Plan into effect. Its a whole system problem which demands a whole system solution.


So, the first day was devoted to the process of becoming aware of the existing situation o­n the planet and the necessity to take responsibility for life through coordinated actions. Participants and all speakers of the congress demonstrated new visions based o­n the noosphere concept as the next logical step of evolution. Noosphere is the way to new consiousness, new time and new reality, taking place because of the crisis of the biosphere.


Operation Earth Rescue would, first of all, be a resource and information gathering peace hub. Operations would be based o­n a consideration of the whole system as experiencing a biospheric phase shift - into the noosphere and the new solar age. Everything is in transition. We must admit old order whole system failure because it is non-responsive to biospheric whole system needs. Starting with the first day there were three principal commissions working - Earth Rescue Operation, Biospheric Congress, Noospheric Assembly. The commissions were formed to present their findings o­n the final day of the Congress. (from documents of the congress)


Earth rescue commission


Onthe first day,there was a great opportunity to present a new vision of planetray CULTURE. There was a PRESENTATION and CONCERT OF THE NIGHT by NINA GONCHAROVA AND C. VEZIAU,LIFE IS CELEBRATION OF CREATION. We presented our international gift from Russia and Canada expressing a New World by means of arts.


Day 2: Signal, Electric Moon 4, Kin 8 Yellow Electric Star, September 23, 2006.


The second day was devoted to thetheme - TO CURE THE EARTH, CURE OURSELVES. All speakers presented the common truths living in all people those who think and act o­n a planetary scale. We all realize that we are to create noosphere from within, experiencing noosphere and creating New Time through inner experience.


We need new evolutionary precepts for attaining superhuman health and planetary

restoration. We need to educate ourselves about how our eating and lifestyle habits affect the biosphere. We must envision garden communities and a garden economy and begin to implement this vision with renewed vigor. We must take health into our own hands and realize that alternative therapies and healing methods are all that we need. By cooperating with the councils of Indigenous elders we will tap into o­ne of our greatest resources. A Planetary Healing Council is to be formed from these considerations and deliberations. This Council will be part of the Earth Rescue Operation. (from ducuments of the congress)


One of the speakers of the second day was Talgat Akbashev. His PRESENTATION was EARTH IS THE PLANET OF EDUCATION (TRANSLATING: NINA GONCHAROVA). He showed the way of noospheric education o­n the planet and presented a bright vision ofcreating a model and projects of actions for noospheric education. My heart was singing as I was happy to share with the people of the world his vision and actions for creating a Planet for Education.


In the evening there was a birthday party for Tiahoga Ruge and we were happy to be there as o­ne international family Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, USA, Russia. I had a great feeling that the Universe had been working for many eons to put all of us together. And a feeling of gratitude towards Jose Arguelles who created this situation for all of us to meet He heard the call within himself and invited us even without our previous personal meeting


Day 3: Gateway, Electric Moon 5,Kin 9, Red Solar Moon, September 24, 2006


The third day was devoted to CULTURAL PEACE, BIOSPHERIC PEACE.

The first speaker was TIAHOGA RUGE. She presented: SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. o­n THE WAY TO A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. It offered a brilliant way to show to role of Education focused o­n a culture of peace. She created a wonderful basis for me to speak about PLANET EARTH 3000: Earth is Our Common Home project, initiated by Talgat Akbashev.I felt that Tiahoga, Jose and we had all met to spread new Education focused o­n a Culture of peace all over the world.


Only the emergence of a new planetary culture of peace can restore stability to the biosphere. This is predicated o­n a new time and a new calendar which reformulates the human mind into a perpetual harmony, establishing a new life mission - time is art, to replace the old, time is money. The new time values will assist in the conversion of existing wealth and institutions according to new artistic and cultural priorities which reintegrate the human back into the biosphere. A consequent abandonment of the concepts of nationalism and privatization of wealth will aid in converting to the new cultural artistic social goals. We must further empower the Banner of Peace as the standard under which we may effect change through existing governments by having them recognize the Banner and the Day Out of Time/Peace through Culture Day as a universally recognized day of world peace. This will be the first step toward fulfillment of the new vision: Art Now, War War No More - That Beauty May Prevail o­n Earth. A Planetary Peace Through Culture Council will be formed from these considerations and deliberations. This Council will be part of the Earth Rescue Operation. ( from the dicuments of the congress)


In the evening there was the second personal meeting with Jose Arguelles and Stephanie. It was in a very special atmosphere of mutual trust, understanding and experiencing our unity. We spoke about our visions and actions for the transition process in order to be in conscious harmony, coordinated together for this to happen.We suggested, Talgat and I, creating a Planetray council of 12 people who would take total responsibility for the transision process taking place o­n our planet. We presented the Harmonious Era Calendar by Leo Semashko and 27 authors from 12 countries as well as our own offerings. But the main things were happenning without words a growingunderstanding of our common and personal responsibility and coordinated actions. We spoke about Baikal as the place for a future planetary congress o­n biospheric rights. We spoke about Altaias the place for a world cultural community. I felt great joy when I saw these two planetary people together, capable of feeling,supporting each other and act as o­ne.


Day 4: Polar, Electric Moon 6, Kin 10 White Planetary Dog, September 25, 2006


The fourth day was devoted to THE ENERGY CRISIS AND ALTERNATIVE REALITIES. It started with a really great PRESENTATION by MARK CUMMINGS. He demonstrated a real planetary vision of a man who lives in America and has his task to CREATE A NETWORK OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES all over the world. He showed that the entirety of human civilization is based o­n consumption and waste of energy. The main point is that all of this creates a wasteful superstructure that consumes energy at a rapid rate creating health hazards and an unhealthy lifestyle in general. We must assess our alternative energy solutions, create a working network, and begin to implement it Earth Rescue Emergency areas immediately. We must further assess the components of the new lifestyle of a genuinely postindustrial Earth based civilization, and plan accordingly. The Planetary Alternative Energy Network will be formed from these considerations and deliberations. This Network will be part of the Earth Rescue Operation (from the documents of the congress)


This very day we all took part in a quantum step of collective consiousness into a qualitative new state and of enabling everybody to obtain New Time qualities At the end of this day we receiveda great gift from Brazil a meeting with Andrew a young man who is greatly inspired to fulfill his sons dream to create a School for Gods. He invited us to swim in the pool at night and to speak about Brazil 3000 project J. He told us a wonderful story about his son, who asked him: Father, is there any school for Gods? Andrew answered him: Yes, there is such a school! It is we who will create it! So, we created a program for making it a reality.



Day 5 Cardinal, Electric Moon 7, Kin 11 BluSpectral Monkey, September 26, 2006.


The fifth daywas devoted to the theme: PREPARING FOR NOOSPHERE.

There were three Russian participants speaking o­n this last day of the congress.





It was very symbolic that Brontoy presented an Altai dress to Jose Arguelles, as Jose visited Altai in 2001 and made a great work for the future of Altai. He declared an idea of a Peace through Culture center to be created at Altai.


Then there was the PRESENTATION OF REPORTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS of the three commissions. There is no longer any time to wait. We must set now the guidelines for the creation of the Planetary Biospheric Congress and the Planetary Noospheric World Assembly. The Planetary Biospheric Congress will be constituted of representatives from the worlds bioregions, and will have the responsibility, amongst other things, of equalizing wealth and establishing just and equitable terms of commerce and trade that are in accord with the biosphere's operating principles. The Noospheric World Assembly will be the higher guiding council drawing o­n spiritual wisdom and whole systems analysis of the world crisis. Recognition of the CREST network of centers for establishing a telepathic network for the activation of the noosphere, and of the new cosmic science, must be supported and brought to the fore, for they hold the ultimate key to shifting the world paradigm. We need to be educated about what the effects of the shift to the noosphere will be o­n human self-perception and consciousness. During the final session the commissions organized to establish the Earth Rescue Operation, Biospheric Congress, Noospheric World Assembly, as well as the Planetary Healing Council, Planetary Peace through Culture Council and Planetary Alternative Energy Network will present their findings and recommendations for implementation ( from the documents of the congress)


TheCongress was a success as it was conducted in the form of the New Time. All participants were grouped according to five Earth families. Each of the five days it wasthe responsibility of the PAN representatives - planetary kin - of the daily Earth Family to attend to the organization and comfort of the participants and to provide every assistance to the speakers, commissions,councils and ceremonies that were established for that day. Sessions for the instruction of the 13 Moon calendar and the Law of Time was also the responsibility of the Planet Art Network as well as any artistic presentations that were appropriate for the ambiance of the Congress.


There was a closing CEREMONY: STATEMENT OF THE BIOSPHERIC RIGHTS AND VOTE FOR THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENT UP TO 2012. Initiative groups were put together

for the Creation of a Six year Program/Schedule of 13 Moon Operation Earth Rescue and Planetary Whole System Conversion - pacing the Biosphere Noosphere Transition.

Russia, Italy, Brazil together

Tiahoga Ruge, Talgat Akbashev and Nina Goncharova together to the future


We put all our proposals into a Rescue commission. All delegations from 19 countries created a many leveled image of a new World and presented ways to noosphere civilization, that led to understanding that the unity of science, education and arts is a basic tool for a new civilization to be born.


An important result is that all participants created perspectives of development of human civilization in different continents. Delegations from all of Latin America and other countries put a special focus to the Mayan Calendar and its great role as a fundamental tool for synchronizing the relationships of people and the planet with the planetary and cosmic processes of the Universe. Planet 3000 project and Russian representatives suggested synchronized events as waves for consciously creating harmony:

1. The 10thCall of Baikal forum to be the next planetary congress o­n biospheric rights to promote the ideas and plans of the 2nd planetary congress in Brazil. (July 2007, Baikal Lake)

2. To conduct the 11th Education for World Citizens congress to present the model of noosphere education and planetary culture vision for all spheres of life.

3. To open an annual Earth is a Garden of Peoples forum at Altai. To conduct the initial international meeting at Altai Republic and create a coordination council of the project. To elaborate a program of annual international We are children of the Earth camps for consciously creating unity of all cultures.

4. To contact the initiators of Issik-Kul forum and the Government of Kazakstan asking for their cooperation in conducting an annual Earth is Our Common Home forum as a living example of the practical use of ideas born in 1986 at Issik-Kul Lake.

5. According to the 10th Education for World Citizens international forum decision (Samara 2005), to start annual international meetings with the theme, On the way to Alternative Civilization: from projects to actions (USA)

6.To contact Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, and the president of Culture of Peace Foundation, Federico Mayor for cooperation in conducting a Peace Forum with the motto: Towards planetary peace through the dialogue of civilizations in the framework of the International Decade of Culture of Peace and non-violence.

7. To create an international initiative group for the project New World by means of the arts For this please contact gong3000@ngs.ru and cveziau@globetrotter.net

8. To create a network of youth educational and cultural communities as hearths forthe noosphere epoch that totally coinsided with the idea of Crest centers (Brazil, Altai, Baikal, New Zealand, etc.)

9. To contact the presidents of Russia, Altai Republic and Buryat Republic for the joint creation of an international network of cultural and educational communities in different countries as model territories for the future.


Participants of the congress realized that the peoples of Latin America are o­n the verge of passionately rushing forward, to bring models of creating harmony of peoples and nations.


There was a silent moment of GRATITUDE to all and everybody for this ledendary event to have taken place,allowing people from different continents to meet toconsiously create this transition process from biosphere to noosphere.


After the congess was over, we had three days to take part in the PAN youth meeting and visit AltoParaiso town. We visited the two places for future communities - Crest center and Vita park near Alto Paraiso. We had a loving meeting with Jose, Stephanie, Vandir, Annibal, Sigrid and Claudio, Mark, Aza and Drew in Vita Park. We were really happy to hear Joses proposal to create Crest center in Altai together. It was a great joy for us to know that he also has a crystal from Arkaim (this is the place where we started a Network of Future Communities centers program) and we really felt that now we will create this planetray network together.


There in Alto Paraiso we had a coordinational meeting for Brazil is Blessed Land projects and formed a group of coordinators for the 11th Education for world Citizens congress to be conducted in Russia (Chelyabinsk) 27-29 June 2007.


When we were leaving Alto-Paraiso we had a Heaven Sign there were two wonderful sky ray flowers creating a kind of a gate through which our car went, to leave Brazil the next day. We felt our mission to be fulfilled. We felt GRATITUDE to Valum Votan, to all people whom we met, to all forces, the Universe and the planet to be with us and guiding us all the time. The next day we left for Russia





We are happy to fulfill our mission

Whan I came home I had a question from Leo Semashko: How did you happen to be invited to this congress?. It was great to recollect that in 2004 we invited Jose Arguelles to take part in our 7th Call of Baikal forum and the 1st World withour Borders meeting at Baikal, Russia and celebrate Day out of Time 15 of July. He could not come in person but since that time we had been in contact with him and his team and were happy to get this invitation to take part in the Legendary event the 2nd Planetray congress o­n biospheric rights. By the way there is a coinsidence the 1st planetray congress o­n biospheric rights took place 10 years ago. 10 years ago, we visited Arkaim and I entered Planet 3000 project.


For more information please visit FOUNDATION FOR THE LAW OF TIME



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