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Takis Ioannides


The story with my father


This happened two years ago. It's morning, in the main road of an Athens suburb, named Kallithea ( the place I was born). My father is walking o­n the road. Suddenly he saw a big crowd and too much noise. He managed to reach the center. There he saw a woman and a little gypsy girl, around 12 years old. The women was holding the hand of the girl by screaming : "call the police", "call the police". My father asked her why she was asking for the police. The woman replied him that the girl had stolen her money from her pocket in a store. My father told her: " if you call the police, this little girl will be prisoned in the special prison for children. In the prison, she will be educated in stealing, perhaps in drugs, etc. o­n the other hand, this girl will lose the rest of her life, by carrying the name of a thief and her trust in our society. If we can speak to her in order to understand her bad action, may be we can save her, in the future."


The crowd around them agreed with his words. The woman also. Then my father spoke to little girl, " We give you a second chance to become better. Next time you will repeat this bad action, you will not find people to give you a new o­ne. Think about. You have a big life road in front of you." The girl thanked my father and left away. He didn’t meet her again inhis morning walking. It was not o­nly a matter of religion. He offered a second chance to this girl, because he has "love" in his heart. I am proud for my father Dimitrios-Demosthenis Ioannides 81 years old.

We must try our best for the children all over the world. Otherwise we cannot be named civilized people. With Love and respect



Best Regards

Takis Ioannides



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