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2. Tetraempirism

This project is to round out the methods for tetraempirical studies, i.e. empirical studies of any social phenomenon with application of sphere indices in four (hence the name: tetra-, i.e. four-dimensional empirical study) dimensions: statics/resources, dynamics/processes, structuratics/structures, genetics/developmental states. A detailed description of a tetraempirical study is provided below, in the "Russian Theoretical Sociology" chapter. Tetraempirical studies create a qualitatively new empirical basis for sociological research at all levels, which is described in the appropriate abstract.

TetraSociology: Conversion of Theoretical Method in Tetraempiricism.

RC33 session 11

TetraSociology is a global theory of four-dimensional social space - time which simultaneously is a general theoretical method. The discovery in its framework of qualitative new, sociological statistics allows to convert this method in qualitatively new empirical method, which possible to name " tetraempirical" (or " tetraempiricism") according to the theory creating its.

Tetraempiricism overcomes limitations of sociological opinion polls and economic statistics but does not exclude and supplement them. Advantages of tetraempiricism:

  1. Universal system of new quantitative (statistical, empirical) indexes and common information technology of their formation and processing.
  2. Synthesis of theoretical and empirical researches o­n all micro -, meso -, and macro- levels of society overcoming of their breaks.
  3. Classification of tetraempirical researches o­n coordinates and constants of social space - time. The allocation in them of researches of a statics/resources, dynamics/processes, structuratics/structures, genetics/states, within the framework of which will be carried out study of all aspects of the social phenomena.
  4. Maintenance of the programs, hypotheses, techniques of empirical researches by the general theoretical basis and common information technology. This will allow to overcome their unsystematic character, incomparability and separation, to leave from 'sociology of trifles' (P.Sorokin).

Tetraempiricism transforms the sociological theory into experimental and exact science and for empirical researches it gives quality of fundamentality. It is result of pluralism conversion from the theory in technology in TetraSociology framework.

This sociocultural project gives the response to that challenges of modernity, which consists in disparity, limitation and weakness of existing empirical toolkit of sociology, which is not capable to put it o­n a level of the modern science about a society.

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