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9. Project "Antiterror"

This project uses, in a particular manner, sphere statistics and technology to solve the most urgent problem of combating terrorism and crime through informational means.

The fact that September 11 terrorist attacks at the US took the country by surprise and that even the intelligence service of the world's most powerful country didn't foresee it tells us that an adequate informational instrument for security is lacking. The security organs proved informationally powerless when faced with terrorists. The organs do not have the systemic and comprehensive information about the terrorists' activity. The hosts of computers and a plethora of intelligence information alone do not amount to informational security, which requires qualitatively different methods. First and foremost, it is systemic information that helps to win the fight against terrorism.

Terrorism is a systemic and multi-dimensional destructive social phenomenon, painstakingly concealed, deeply rooted, and very dangerous for society. But no matter how deeply rooted and well concealed it is, it exists within society and, tied with it through hundreds of ties, uses traditional resources and legal structures. In order to track terrorist activities, we need to establish, which resources and starting from when "disappear" from which structures, to become terrorist resources. An universal informational statistical instrument is needed for obtaining this sort of systematic and comprehensive information. Traditional economic statistics is insufficient for the purpose, because it is "choppy," has many inner gaps for information leaks, is unsystematic and unglobal.

I discovered more than 20 years ago and have been since developing, within TetraSociological framework, a qualitatively new statistics: global and systemic, secured against inner informational breaches, it is called "sphere statistics." It can serve as the basis for project "Antiterror," outlined in the presentation to be made at ad hoc session.

TetraSociological Statistics as the Means of Multi-Faceted Surveillance and Prevention of Terrorist Attacks in Information societies. Project "Antiterror".

Ad Hoc Session o­n Surveillance in Information Societies.

The growing diversity of social information in today's world, generated by globalization, light speeds of its distribution, it all-permeability and it extremist outputs, as for example, in the form of terrorist attacks in the USA - all this does it surveillance (high-technological monitoring of terrorist deviations) urgent. The traditional means of economic statistics, empirical researches, inquests etc. are obviously insufficient, are limited and inefficient for the similar purpose. The qualitatively new instrument adequate by globalization, flexibility and applicability for surveillance of the information and social situations in any region of the world, in any organization, o­n any aspects, first of all deviant and especial terrorist is required. Such instrument can not be developed o­n the basis of a separate social science and traditional statistics. It can be constructed o­nly o­n the basis of the common sociological theory and sociological statistics making all information data qualitatively comparable, substantially reduced, quantitatively measurable. Such theory is TetraSociology, which creates universal system of social space - time parameters. In this system can be registered any given deviations.

TetraSociology is the pluralistic theory of four-dimensional social space - time. Four it coordinates / measurements are Resources/Statics, Processes/Dynamics, Structures/Structuratics, States/Genetics. Each coordinate is expressed by four measurable constants o­n the basis of which the qualitatively new, sociological, statistics is created. In each indexes of this statistics the allocation of terrorism indicators is possible, that will allow to transform it into the powerful means of surveillance in information societies. It is possible to allocate five steps of transition TetraSociology from theory to the means and technology of surveillance.

  1. Sociological. It is made by 16 variable constants of social space - time, which measurement is reduced to a measurement of four resource constants: People (P) (man-power resources), Information (I), Organizations (O), Things (T). The resources are produced and consumed in appropriate spheres of society: Social, Information, Organizational, Technical (economic). The statistical indexes expressing resources of these spheres refer as "sphere" o­n object and "sociological" o­n a scientific source.
  2. Statistical. It is made by system of sphere statistical indices expressing variable constants. This system is formed with base matrix of sphere indices expressing of the four resources division into four spheres of society, consequently, by dimension 4У4, has the following form:

    P = P1 + P2 + P3 + P4, where P is population, and P1, P2, P3, P4 are its sphere classes,

    I = I1 + I2 + I3 + I4, where I is the information, and I1, I2, I3, I4 are its complexes,

    O = O1 + O2 + O3 + O4, where O is the organization, and O1, O2, O3, O4 are its blocks,

    T = T1 + T2 + T3 + T4, where T is things, material goods, and T1, T2, T3, T4 are their groups.

    The sphere indices is sum up (aggregate) the economic branch indices. They are free from their scantiness. They give a qualitatively new, not known until now, aggregating information about social objects of any scale. They transfer a social information from economic in sociological and global quality.

  3. Special, concrete. o­n it in every sphere index the parts - indicators are allocated which intended for expression of resources, processes and structures used by the terrorists. These indicators are expressed by sphere indexes with the appropriate sign, for example "d". Then the base matrix of sphere indexes of a terror gets the following kind:

    Pd = P1d + P2d + P3d + P4d, where Pd is human resources of a terror, and P1d + P2d + P3d + P4d

    are their groups from different spheres of employment;

    Id = I1d + I2d + I3d + I4d, where Id is information resources of a terror ,

    and I1d + I2d + I3d + I4d are its complexes from different spheres of a society;

    Od = O1d + O2d + O3d + O4d, where Od is organizational (including financial) resources of a terror,

    and O1d + O2d + O3d + O4d are its complexes from different spheres of a society;

    Td = T1d + T2d + T3d + T4d, where Td is material resources of a terror,

    and T1d + T2d + T3d + T4d are its sphere groups.

    The base and derivative from it matrixes will make the information means of surveillance behind terrorist activity, behind its resources, processes and structures. Let us name system of sphere matrixes o­n surveillance over a terror "Antiterror". In system of sphere matrixes "Antiterror" there are no information cracks for the terrorists, it creates impenetrable for them an information network. It expresses all spectrum of their resources and processes, all spectrum of resource inputs and outputs of terrorism. The inquest of any terrorist act or its prevention can begin with any separate index, from their group or from this or that derivative matrix. The ultimate aim of information surveillance behind terrorist activity is safety of the citizens and states, prevention of attacks, complete neutralization of terror. The system of sphere matrixes arms antiterrorist activity by powerful information means of strategy and tactics planning of struggle with terror.

  4. Mathematical / algorithmic. It is made the system of algorithms of formation and transformation of sphere indexes "Antiterror". The system of the appropriate statistic-mathematical models specified o­n kinds of tasks solved with the help of sphere matrixes "Antiterror" is created o­n it.
  5. Technological. The diverse program statistical products (applied programs) technologically embodied functions of system sphere matrixes "Antiterror" are created o­n it. The set of this software will make qualitatively new information technology which is not having of analogues in the world. It has received name 'Sphere/sociological Information - Statistical Technology' (SIST)' "Antiterror".

The states and services of safety have an urgent need in similar information technology (high-technological surveillance), all world community is interested in it. SIST can be produced o­nly globalization and association of information resources of all countries. At the same time it will lift process of globalization o­n qualitative new level. It will create the information means of global antiterrorist safety.

The creation of SIST is extremely labour-consuming and expensive business. It can be created o­nly o­n a basis of interdisciplinary researches and theoretic-sociological construction. The heavy expenses for creation of SIST pay off by safety and prevention of destruction of thousand people in terrorist attacks. It can be used not o­nly against terrorism, but also in struggle with business of drugs, criminality, corruption and that similar deviations, giving the answer to the appropriate challenges.

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