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12. Peaceful Jerusalem

This sociocultural project is built over the previous o­nes; it is a synthesis and an example of application of them. Almost thirteen centuries old, with no resolution in view, the Arab-Jewish conflict is o­ne of the humankind's most poignant problems. Systemic, and involving all spheres and resources, this conflict necessitates, for its resolution, an approach just as multi-dimensional. Two ethnic groups sharing a historical homeland and a geographical area of settlement are different in every other respect: classes, culture, language, religion, political organization, economy, living standards. So, inequality, which can be called sphere, or systemic, inequality, is the conflict's original cause. Inequality produces the evil of conflict and ineradicable mutual hate, leading to numerous and unjustifiable deaths o­n either side. Resolution of the conflict is possible o­nly o­n the basis of equality, meaning acknowledgement of common sphere classes, common language Esperanto, common religion plurotheism, priority commonly given to women and the young, common sphere democracy, common economy, common information network and technologies. This is the o­nly possible peaceful and non-violent resolution, ruling out physical destruction of o­ne of the ethnic groups.

No matter how "crazy" and utopian this resolution may seem at first glance, what other peaceful and non-violent solution can serve as an alternative? There are many possible tactical methods for implementing such a resolution, but there are no strategic alternatives that we can think of. True, there is o­ne more, an absolutely utopian solution, whereby o­ne of the ethnic groups voluntarily leaves the land of promise and settles elsewhere, e.g. in Siberia or Brazil, if a land is provided. If, nonetheless, these ethnic groups do not want to leave their shared territory and to exterminate each another completely, then there is o­nly o­ne solution for the conflict, described above. The solution is to find commonality and equality in all spheres and all dimensions: classes, language, religion, culture, information network, politics, economy, living standards. Certainly, such a strategy will take decades and generations to work, but there is no way to settle the conflict peacefully and promptly. Jerusalem being the conflict's focus and centre, the resolution process should proceed from the city.

Arab-Jewish conflict is not a local conflict which the rest of the world does not care about; it is a global, generic conflict of cultures to be found all over the globe, instead of being confined to the Arab-Jewish patch of land. So, settling the conflict peacefully is impossible without the participation of the humankind and the mediation from other nations, religions and cultures. This idea is realized through the sociocultural project outlined in next abstract.

TetraSociology: Peace and Global Jerusalem.

The project of sociocultural technology.

RC01, session 5. RC48, session 2

Centre of the Arab-Jewish conflict is Jerusalem where are located the relics of three world religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam. Their conflict has created thirteen centuries back ethnic conflict which in the XX1st century has become challenge for globalization. Each side wants to have undividedly Jerusalem or to divide it and to be selected in the independent state. It is the reason of "immortality" of Arab-Jewish conflict in it as neither that nor other is impossible. Jerusalem is indivisible, the policy of separation is unpromising, the o­ne-sided approaches, including military, army are without results. This is the lesson of the XXth century.

The new, pluralistic, many-dimensional approach is necessary, o­ne of which is TetraSociology, outgoing from values of a pluralism, equality, harmony, justice, nonviolence. TetraSociology is the pluralistic theory considering social phenomena in four-dimensional social space - time in coordinates/measurements: Resources/Statics, Processes/Dynamics, Structure/Structuratics, States/Genetics. Each coordinate is expressed by four variable constants connected by four components of the social. The Arab-Jewish conflict has also the statics, dynamics, structuratics, genetics, resources, processes, structures, states expressed by appropriate constants.

From point of view of TetraSociology the common reason of the Arab-Jewish conflict is disharmony practically of all resources, processes and structures (institutes) of conflicting sides that predetermines state of their animosity and irreconcilableness. Necessary for peace and prosperity the harmony can be given o­nly by new sociocultural technology as a system of tools and methods of conflict peaceful settlement. This technology based o­n TetraSociology, consists of the following.

  1. The conflict is recognized not local but global requiring wide world participation in it solution.
  2. Join of three religions by means of fourth for example Faith Bahai, having significant experience of installation of unity in variety, and creation of o­ne religion. Priests being peacemakers among themselves will become peacemakers for the peoples. It is the most difficult and long problem in 10-20 years.
  3. Resettlement in Jerusalem in buffer zones o­n voluntary and paid basis of several thousands bahaists which will make skeleton of constant peacemaking force among the population and priests of Jerusalem, which will become global city.
  4. The intercourse of conflicting sides requires acceptance of the neutral language o­n which role the artificial language of Esperanto best approaches. It carriers and teachers, obviously, should be the bahaists.
  5. Joining political aim for conflicting sides should become idea of creation in 10-20 years of the o­nE State "Israel - Palestine" ("Isralestine"?) with the Constitution ensuring equality of Jews and Arabs rights with equal representation in State organs of four SPHERE classes of population that and other people and also men and women, the young.
  6. In all Israeli and Palestine temples, schools, means of information the propagation of nonviolence, harmony, peace, justice, equality, o­ne religion and o­ne State as necessary conditions of religious relics and territory preservation, consent and prosperity of peoples is carried.
  7. World support of Arab-Jewish conflict settlement by specially created International fund possessing significant financial resources including in itself interested international organizations (Bahai, Arabs, Jews etc.) and under the aegis of UN.
  8. Wide use of sociological inquiries and information technologies including based o­n TetraSociology.

Considered sociocultural technology offers adequate variant of the conflict solution and the answer to appropriate global challenge. The peace through globalization. Jerusalem is a pattern for solution of similar conflicts in world. Appropriate sociocultural project "Peace and Global Jerusalem" requires interdisciplinary and international participation. It could be initiated for example ISA together with Bahai. Nevertheless, rather than traditional branch classes and groups, it's sphere classes as actors of harmony that need peace in Jerusalem and Israel. Until they self-identify and self-organize among the populations of Palestine and Israel, enduring peace in these lands is unlikely. o­nly these actors are able to generate a single will, belief, language and democracy of peace o­n the holy lands of Jews and Arabs; o­nly then shall the centuries-old hostility die away. The God has put the Jews and Arabs before a choice: or you will destroy each other in infinite enmity, or will find a way peacefully to live in o­ne land. The way of peace life o­n o­ne land requires o­ne belief, o­ne language, o­ne state. I think, them are capable to establish o­nly sphere classes.

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