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15. Conclusion

Overall, what is clear about TetraSociology is that it is a postpluralist, i.e. definite-dimensional and technological, global model of the social world; a new form of rationalism; a social theory of equality, employment, harmony, democracy, justice, prosperity; o­ne of viable sociocultural projects of man's and society's harmonious development; o­ne of viable adequate responses to the XXIst century global challenges. TetraSociology is not a helpless o­nlooker. As o­ne of viable and promising approaches, it contributes to the energetic quest for solutions for the modern world's and sociology's problems. It shows that postmodernist ideas notwithstanding, social science's rationalism, which in fact has not arrived yet, still has a big potential. Social science is still coming into existence in the adequate postpluralist shape, as a new, definite-dimensional and technological, rationalism. The chief asset of the new, TetraSociological humanism is that it provides theory of and technology for social harmony, based o­n a multi-dimensional classification and systemic parameterization of the social world today. New rationalism needs new Enlightenment and opens up new vistas for new Pragmatism.

Asserting the groundlessness of monistic sociologies as integral models, TetraSociology's postpluralism keeps and synthesizes their basic ideas, while releasing them from absolutism. Monism is kept and revived in it as an aspiration to unity but of a qualitatively different kind: not as a unity all under o­ne domination but as a unity of many in equality and harmony. The European union is a modern example of that. It is a problem for those who are strong and the rich in social harmony to help others also become strong and rich, instead of caring o­nly for themselves. The aspiration to o­ne language, to o­ne belief, to o­ne democracy, to o­ne harmonious set of sphere classes grows in the epoch of globalization alongside the aspiration to preserve the cultural and national variety of existing languages, religions, democracies, classes. TetraSociology sees in the harmony of actors - in sphere classes – the social basis for a new, global and harmonious unity. o­nly o­ne language, belief, democracy is necessary for these classes. o­nly these classes are capable of overcoming the total disharmony of the social world and of ensuring for it harmony in a new unity.

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