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First Responses of Sociologists

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3. First Responses of Sociologists

From Brazil

Dear Professor Leo Semashko,

I read attentively your paper "Concept of the children's suffrage", which you had kindly sent to me. Your proposal, besides being brave and bold, seems to me very timely, mainly your considerations in "Concept 2". I am copying this message to Prof. Ute Craemer, teacher and mentor of o­ne of the most meaningful experiences of healthy socialization in the Brazilian slums. She is the president and founder of the "Alliance for Infancy" in Brazil, an international movement bent o­n the task of creating awareness in the government and society about the urgency of focusing our attention o­n the children of the world. I believe your exchange with Prof. Craemer, to whom I am sending your paper, will be both productive and encouraging. I will also make your proposal known to Judges and Public Prosecutors in the field of Childhood and Adolescence during their 20th National Congress, in which I will take part as speaker.

Receive my warm regards and wishes of a promising work for the children of the world.

Lia Diskin, Professor of Sociology, Sao-Paulo University, Brazil

Associacao Palas Athena, February 27, 2004

From Japan

Dear brother Leo!

It took me sometime to respond to your enthusiastic proposal for a new book-dialogue about the children's suffrage including views o­n various religions. Yes, indeed a great idea again… I admire your enthusiasm, but, to continue our metaphorical language, I watered your sakura trees and now you ask me to work in your tetrasociological garden!!! My own little sakuras and other flowers are waiting for attention. I neglected them for so long! Also, I have a side job: RC 07 and the conference I have to work for. Again, I have to start a new course this April o­n Modern society...

For our International Conference ISA RC07 Futures Research (Culture, Values, and the Future of Society, Kyoto, Bukkyo University, September 24-26, 2004) I would welcome you for a presentation o­n "Children's suffrage as new political culture and value of the future " but children's suffrage as such is more about an institution than about values. It is more about a political movement than about values. There is a big difference being value in the singular and values in the plural. Concepts are very important in our work. With every good wish for you and your work,

Reimon Bachika,

Professor, dept of sociology, Bukkyo University, Japan

President ISA RC 07 Futures Research (International Sociological Association)

February 29, 2004

From Britain

Dear Leo,

I read over your children's suffrage paper with great interest. It seems a very worthy topic and well worth provoking debate. I have been too busy to respond in more detail.

Best wishes, Bernard

Dr Bernard Scott,

Cranfield University

Royal Military College of Science, UK

April 26, 2004

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