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Suggestions for a Future International Conference on “Children’s Suffrage”

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6. Suggestions for a Future International Conference o­n “Children’s Suffrage”

 Facts and theoretical reflections presented in this brochure form the basis for a proposal to hold an international conference in 2005 or 2006. Possible topics for the conference include:

 Place and role of children in society, and policy in the globalization age

 Problems of childhood: political and legal decisions

 History of suffrage: from exception before inclusion of children

 Age qualification as a rudiment of industrial society, and as a kind of racism

 Children’s suffrage: social, political and moral necessity, requirement of an information society and globalization

 Children’s suffrage, Constitution and Electoral law in different countries

 Legal mechanism of realization of children’s suffrage

 Political meaning and social consequences of children’s suffrage

 Children’s suffrage - new value, right, freedom and responsibility of globalization

 Children’s suffrage as a top-priority for budgetary financing of the children's sphere

 Children’s suffrage as a response to the UN Convention o­n the Rights of the Child

 Child as a tool of the system decisions o­n problems of childhood

 Children’s suffrage: new quality of the children’s sphere, education, public health services, and ways to improve situations of teachers and doctors

 Children’s suffrage: new political culture of youth and women

 Work o­n education of children in the family, as paid work: a consequence of children’s suffrage

 Possible arguments against children’s suffrage

 Theoretical origins of the idea of children’s suffrage

 Democracy and children’s suffrage

 Sociological, psychological and legal research o­n children’s suffrage, and attitudes to it of the population and of the centers of power

 Children’s suffrage as a way to accelerate harmonious development of nations of the world, and their human capital, and as the foundation for a systemic political strategy in the 21st century.

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