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"It is necessary to re-build society so that the interests of children receive priority."

-Elmar Sokolov, Professor, PhD, St.-Petersburg University of Culture

"The main idea is that a child is a person like us -- a valuable person. There is no age hierarchy."

"The cruel laws in Ancient Greece and Rome permitted the killing of a child. In the middle ages, fishermen used to catch in their nets the bodies of drowned infants. In 17th century Paris, older children were sold to beggars, younger were given away in front of Notre Dame. Not so long ago… The number of illegitimate, deserted, neglected, exploited, depraved, maltreated children increases steadily. They are protected by law, but is their protection adequate? Much has changed. Old laws require revision.

"We have become rich. We are heirs to great fortune, shareholders, co-proprietors. Cities, large buildings, factories, mines, hotels, theaters - all ours. Let us strike a balance and calculate how much of the grand total is due to the child, determine his share... Let us examine honestly how much we allocate to the child population, the underage nation, the subjugated class. What does the inheritance amount to, how should it be divided? Have we not - the unjust stewards - by any chance disinherited, expropriated?.. Because of the child's poverty and his financial dependence, the parents treat the child amorally... Create conditions for children to grow up into better kinds of person.

"We do not allow children to organize themselves; neglecting, mistrusting, disliking children, we are not taking care of them. From an early age we know that the big is more important than the small. We teach by our personal example to push around that which is weaker... Small is the market value of the unripe... He is nothing, and we are everything ... Our children are our property... Not a voter , his opinion need not to be taken into account... Weak, small, poor, dependent... Milksop, still a child -- not yet fully human... But never mind. We love children. No matter what, they are our delight, our inspiration, hope, joy, respite, the light of our life... But why are they a kind of burden, hindrance, an awkward appendage? Whence this distaste for o­ne's own beloved child?" (Italics added)

 -Janusz Korczak, great Polish teacher and writer

Sphere democracy is a natural form of pluralistic , social democracy that seeks social harmony and justice. It is built o­n foundations of equal power sharing among sphere classes, including all the population, and o­n the mechanism of children's suffrage, exercised by parents, which leads to top- priority investment in the well-being of children as society's primary human capital. Children's suffrage, which recognizes their importance in reproducing society, is an essential part of sphere democracy and the first step to it.

Neglect by children, their second-class place and refusal to him in priority are a sign of immaturity of society. Children's suffrage does society mature. 

Children's suffrage subordinates financial investment to the priority development of human capital and social sphere.

Children's suffrage is new, more effective way to improve the quality of a population and human.

Children's suffrage is a global strategic project, most necessary for social harmony of the world and each country.

Awareness of a global priority of children, created by children's suffrage, will reconcile and unite the nations, religions, and ethnic civilizations of the world.


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