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A word from the Director of Earth CURE...


     “Hello, I am Samone Myers and I would like to welcome you to the EarthCURE web site. Your visit means that you have taken an interest in what our organization is doing, and that is appreciated. Our mission is to further research, create working models and to promote education that is beneficial to humanity and noninvasive to the environment. Join us in improving the world in which we live, thus, leaving behind a legacy. Thank you.”



Dear Dr. Semashko,


Re: Caravan to Gasa (commenting o­n violent language)


I have been receiving your interesting and informative emails for several months thanks to Nina Goncharova from Siberia. Although I would have liked to respond to many, I have been extremely busy. In case I have not already done so, let me introduce myself.


I am Samone Myers, Director of the Center for Unified Research & Education (EarthCURE). I started EarthCURE to facilitate and move forward with research that is beneficial to humanity and non invasive to the environment and to disseminate information regarding this research freely. We have made some progress in forming cooperative

agreements and the beginnings of wonderful projects. If you are not familiar with our organization, please visit our site at www.earthcure.org .

However, today I am writing in response to this recent email because it caught my attention. I agree wholeheartedly about the importance of language. Several years ago I helped form the first Dept. of Peace at a state level here in New Mexico. Under the efforts of Dennis Kucinich, Ohio Congressman and who previously ran for President of the U.S., I helped with the original ways in which we were to conduct ourselves.

It may interest you to know that in o­ne of the first meetings, I brought up language, our thought processes, and its importance. At first the audience of about forty people was reluctant to believe that language and our thoughts, let alone actions needed changing. And because it was a mixed audience with varying religious beliefs and understandings, I stuck to what can be perceived as common sense.

Basically, my awareness of language and its impacts started twenty years ago when I took notice of the expression, “the whole nine yards.” My father asked me if I was aware of what it meant. I told him that I thought it meant, “the whole thing.” He proceeded to explain that this expression came out of World War II and nine yards was the length of ammunition

used in an automatic weapon. It literally means to “give someone nine yards of ammunition with intent to kill” I was taken back, and vowed to not use it in my speech after that.

From that point forward, I took note of other expressions I was using. I soon discovered that my language and those around me was filled with military and harmful expressions even though in the context of the conversation, we did not have that intention. However, language as the people receiving this email probably know is energy. And energy is a part of the global consciousness, which carries with it the connotation of words.

After explaining this during that Dept. of Peace Meeting there were still skeptics. So I suggested we keep track of how many military and/or violent words and expressions were used during the two-hour meeting. When the meeting came to a close and I revealed the terms that had been used and their origins, particularly with the nineteenth expression, every person was shocked. Most vowed to not use them anymore. (See list at end of this message. Most are self-explanatory about their meanings and origins.)

The point was well taken and like you indicate the choice of using o­ne term over another does make a difference. We must do all that we can to stop violence in all forms of energy. This is o­ne way we can easily and directly. For those readers that are interested, I find if you use such terms to just state out loud, “No. That is not what I meant.” Then restate in a different way. You will find that eventually these expressions leave your vocabulary. May I further suggest that when you hear others using military expressions to ask them if they know the meaning and origin. If they are unaware, inform them, then ask if that is what they intended.

I have good news to share too in this regard. I have been preparing course material for the new Sustainability Department at the University in Toulouse, France. I am discovering that many involved with sustainability have recognized that our language needs to change to usher in what is being called, Natural Capitalism. o­ne expression being used is “cradle to cradle” rather than “cradle to grave.” This is recognizing that in order to live in harmony with our planet, we must remain open and honor that it is o­ngoing cycle, i.e., from birth to birth, which also is respectful of future generations. I think this is a very positive sign.

Again, thanks for such interesting emails. I have intentions to respond more often from this moment forward.

All My Best,


Samone Myers

Director, EarthCURE

Event Coordinator, Circle the Pyramid Event

Used during o­ne of the initial meetings of the New Mexico Dept. of Peace:

The whole nine yards (was used several times even after I explained itsmeaning)

He’s areal trouper

Thatgives us lots of ammunition…

Itblows me away…

Thatranks right up there (ranks as in the military ranking system)

Ourtwo camps

He’s astraight shooter

We’llneed Bookoo Bucks… (From the Vietnam War, it means “a lot”)

That’sjust shooting from the hip

Thebacklash will be…

Whoseside o­n you o­n?

It’s aface off

Idon’t think we’ve captured

Nowthat we are armed with…

Ithink everyone is o­n board with this (Naval expression)

I feelwe’re fighting for our rights.

Youscratch my back and I’ll scratch yours (This phrase came from the use ofthe Cat O Nine Tails - the whip used in the British Navy. This sayingeffectively meant that if the person went easy with the whipping o­n themwhen the punishment was reversed they would go easy o­n them.)

Theyare stonewalling…(General Stonewall Jackson got his nickname at the Battleof Bull Run. While the Union forces attacked, and the firing grew intense,Gen. Jackson stood tall in his saddle while the shots flew around him. Afellow Confederate officer saw him and exclaimed to his troops, "See!There is Gen. Jackson, standing like a

stonewall." Therefore,"Stonewall" Jackson has little relevance to the phrase above,which usually means a concerted effort to detain or prevent someone fromsucceeding.)

Thejig is up. (Although there are several meanings for the word “jig,” thisparticular use in this phrase is most offensive. It comes from the days ofhanging black people and is short for “The N_gger is up.”)

September 10, 2006



Leo Semashko wrote:


Caravan at Gasa


Dear Martha and Claude,


Many thanks  for your constructive responses. As the time has shown, anybody, except Kerry,has not supported “Crusade at Gasa”. Even its author, Pierre, in lastproject of "Caravan for Peace in Harmony at Gaza" (05/09 - below), refused from this dangerous militarist term (hereplaced it with "Caravan"), which discred its and profanes the peacemovement. Likely,as Claude writes, for ‘French-speaking Pierre there is here a misunderstanding in words’. But it lifts a more wider question.


Whatissuch "Crusade"? This is the clash of civilizations. It is the military actionsoftheWestagainst the East, against the Arabs - Moslems during two (11-13) centuries, in which was killed a huge set of people. It is the Holocaust of the Middle Ages for Moslems. The West should apologize before East for it. The Crusades sowed the seeds of enmity and hatred against West into Moslems, which(seeds)now threaten to grow into them Crusades against West. In my opinion,any mention "Crusade" is kindling enmity between West and East that is absolutely inadmissible in the peace actions. Pierre understood it, refused from this term and I am glad for his.


Now as never would be pertinent an apology of West before East (Moslem countries)for the Crusades of 11-13 centuries. The initiative of a similar apology would be the true and rather urgent peaceful action of modern western culture,which has a number of similar precedents. The participants of the Caravan at Gasa could begin this Apology Mission and give an example for others. I think, that all co-authors of our site "Peace from Harmony" could support this historical Apology.


As to “Caravan for Peace in Harmony at Gaza” I, basically, supported this idea for a long time. It is Pierre’s remarkable peaceful initiative. (True, in it are a number of doubtful aspects, which Martha specified fairly). In July I offered to Pierre to open o­n our site his page "Pierre Fosseprez: initiatives and creativity for peace and harmony". My offer remains in force and I wait his initiative materials for this page. Some moments, say fairly, do not like me in them o­n his first messages, but I definitely adhere the pluralism principle therefore I publish o­n our site the most different opinions and approaches to peacemaking. But pluralism is not permissiveness; therefore any "Crusades" can not be submitted o­n it.To carry harmony of diversity (pluralist) in the world for true peace, we should achieve harmony of diversity (pluralist)among themselves, that is the first mission of our site.


I think the Caravan of peace in harmony would get the more richness of content and sociocultural meaning for all warring sides if it included (was supplemented) the peaceful educational program for children and youth, first of all for the students. In this connection I offer to the co-authors of the Harmonious Era Calendar (who can and wants) to prepare for the students and schoolboys the lecture or small lectures course o­n the subject:"The First Global Project of Culture of Harmonious Peace for an Information Society " or "Harmonious Era Calendar and Culture of Harmonious Peace" and to take part in this Caravan. (This Calendar by 27 co-authors from 12 countries in 12 languages first was submitted in July 2006 o­n the ISA World Sociological Congress in Durban, South Africa: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=131). It would be by the most effective advance of peaceloving into consciousness and cultures of the warring sides. I am ready first to read similar lecture or small lectures course (12 - 24 hours) at any schools and universities of the world, with bullets and bombs o­n all warring territories, through which will pass the Caravan (and also in all other cities of the world), if I shall be invited for this purpose and if my trip will be paid by the appropriate universities. The Calendar co-authors, Pierre and other my friends from universities of the world could discuss with them my invitation. I would be very grateful to you for this constructive invitation. I think the similar addition would strengthen this and the subsequent similar Caravans of peace in Harmony in all "hot" points of our planet. I wish to the Caravan of peace and harmony at Gasa the success and ready to help it by means, accessible to me.


Best harmony wishes for your and children,


Leo Semashko,

September 6, 2006



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