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Kostas Konstantinidis. Globalization: harmony and disharmony

Kostas Konstantinidis




We are the juncture of the most serious crisis in modern history. The world is leading to the disharmony of the New World Order, the so called Globalization. Its o­ne way road that leads to the deadlock and the dissolution of the global societies and the destruction of the ecological environment. It reminds the Orwellian statement the state is in a continuous war witha permanently changed enemy Who is the present enemy for the state? Of course the citizens. We, the people are the enemy.


Which is the Ruling Class?


Its a hundred multinational companies that form the plutocracy, the military-industrial complex, the bureaucratic establishments and the cosmopolitan and dogmatic religions. All those have created a huge dark spider net of international lobbies, over national undemocratic constitutions such as numerous Non -Governmental Organizations (NGO), World Organizations (World Bank, International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Center, the European Union etc). All those organizations are acting for us without us and against us, in order to impose upon us the politically correct dictatorship. So, the political process of democracy has been transformed to a technical issue and was delivered to technocrats and diplomats and in some cases to the military, which serve this arrogant international authority with loyal servility. Unfortunately the same servility shows most of the intellectuals and scientists today. This policy has created a wide gap between the citizens and the states establishment.


The New Type of Imperialism


The new geopolitical concept of George Bush jr. is the last stage of imperialism. The 19th and 20th centuries was characterized from:

1/ the collapse of the British Empire

2/ the rise of the monopoly capitalism and the concentration of production forces.


After the WW II the imperialism continued to expand rapidly with the spreading of multinational companies and the creation of the hyper national organizations. The new era of imperialism starts in 1990, after the collapse of bipolar system and the break out of the First Gulf War. These events have not happened by chance. There is a Master Plan of ill brain conspirators. It is plotted within the dark impenetrable circles, in the secret services and mystic societies, the Masonic lounges and the underground networks. The 9/11 event is a landmark to persuade the majority of the innocent and non-believers to the Plotting Affair and how cynical and criminal will be the New World Order from now o­n. This ruling class is arrogant and will not hesitate to sink the world into a new bloodshed and even a nuclear Holocaust.


The first message has already come from Iraq that suffered more than two million dead since 1991. Since 2001 until now the human losses in Iraq are 650.000. [During the Gulf crisis, the American Establishment was divided. There was a disagreement in USA if they should invade in Iraq, or play the role of the unique superpower. Finally dominated the warmongers. In 1993 president Clinton accepted the New World Order as a legitimate pursuit, but in 1996 he preferred the term of Globalization to deceive the masses.]


The second message came from New York in 9/11. The New Yorkers suffered about 3.000 dead.


The third message came recently from the Israelis that made a vast destruction of Lebanon, eliminating it as a modern country.

Theglobalization forces pursuitnot o­nly economical domination, but also political, cultural, military and even theocratic. They want to pass a new way of thinking-or rather non-thinking-to the human beings.


             Moves for Dictatorship


They try to impose a new type dictatorship o­n the world with:


1/ Fascism and Militarism: New clever super weapons, the Stars War, the micro Nukes, Chemical-Biological Weapons, Echelon for spying the people (BIG BROTHER), tortures, Concentration Camps, Patriot Acts, anti-Terror Law, Stafe Fear and Terror.


2/ Undemocratic Measures . In the name of protectingdemocracy and human rights they invade either as US-NATO forces or as UN forces- into the small countries and impose their military occupation. They abolish the nations sovereignty and freedom and their native cultures. They also vanish systematically the middle class, creating o­nly two classes: a/ the plutocrats and b/ the poor. Evidently they follow the same authoritarian model of the ex-Soviet Union. The so called west democracy is in reality an oligarchy. It governed by the domestic feudal leaders that govern under the orders of the central Super Government


3/ Technological Abyss.They speak about the Society of Knowledge but at the same time they ruin the education, native civilizations and cultures, preparingbusiness workers. So a technological abyss divides the modern world to those that have access to internet and the others, the pariah.


4/ The Ethical Corruption . They have promoted into the public and individual life a general corruption and decay. Since they spread out the corruptive book( the Bible) and the new religion of the Holocaust, the world is going o­n from the bad to the worst. The three Jewish origin cosmopolitan and dogmatic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) has leaded the world to the brink of the abyss. With the war of terrors and the mystic sects and gangs, they destroy the psyche, the spirit and the social coherence. Their method is to divide and reign the world. o­n the other hand their neo-liberal economic system has destroyed the native economies and fell the people into the unemployment, insecurity, poverty, unjust distribution of the wealth, illegal immigration, violence etc. The paradox is that in the name of multi-culture the rights of the small groups are imposed upon the culture and rights of the great majorities, even by force. The mixing of nations, cultures and people aim to create monolithic human beings that will be o­nly consumer. They also aim to secure the freedom of the international capital and the big profits from the Stock Exchange.


The Deceptive Masks


They use deceptive terms in order to cheat and confuse the masses: - Globalization is called the wild imperialism and the international asylum of even shark-type speculative and gang capitalism

-Free market economy Its called the mafia-type capitalism (trusts, monopoly, or oligopoly companies) although they do not have any relation with the free market capitalism. The real capitalism has been long ago dead.

- Real politic is called the withdrawal and treason of native interests in favor of the international super state.

- Campaign for democratization and freedom is called the occupation of the land of a country.

- Political correctness is called the interest of the US policy

- Flexibility of the work market is called the unemployment and the downgrade of the working rights.

-Multi-cultures is called the destruction of native cultures

- Melting pot is called the smashing machine that creates the mass-human beings, without identity and social responsibility, suitable o­nly for consumption.

- Peace Forces are called the occupation forces under the U.N etc.etc

They want to create o­neGlobal-State , with o­ne world leader, o­ne culture, o­ne Army, o­ne Religion, o­ne language, but two classes: a/ of having and b/ of non-having. Needless to say those with their media control our brain, our psyche, our conscience, our behavior and distort our logic. The human being feels unhelpful and alone, out of the society. That makes the citizens idiots, isolated from the society. Thats why they remove from the people the land, the seeds, the water resources, the forests, the beaches, the great wealth resources, the big business and finally the common sense to resist.They want to create human beings disciplinary and absolutely dependent from the system. To make them unable to think their own problems and give a solution to them. So, its easy to control them like the shepherd the flock.


The Reptilian Banksters

I wander how long Humanity will allow reptilians like the West Banksters to control its life. Their stealthy-creepy ancestors successfully corrupted Roman political power brokers about 2000 years ago and - through the Empires administration and armies they forced all nations abandon their gods that helped and developed them for aeons and instead to believe in a cheap novel (the Bible) and worship a foreign God. By adopting the desktop created religions (based o­n the Bible and a little later o­n the Koran), humans are deceived and as a consequence, they keep o­n been beaten by the lowest entities ever walked or crawled o­n Earth. This is so because from the minute humanity settled for less than it deserved, it got even less than it settled for. And for what seamed to be a temporary success for the slimy-sleazy Banksters of the ancient Rome, it became a hereditary world crypto-dynasty by cultural change (Transvaluation of Values); that is by twisting the terms of what is natural human behaviour for survival.[ For instance, if you are slapped o­n o­ne cheek, instead of fighting back, you turn the other cheek as well. No animal ever commits such a stupidity. Yet, by doing so, we gaily are lead in droves to our self destruction, and currently to our physical extinction for all humanity]


Everything is Undivided


We are tiny seeds in the Universe. We were born free, equal with the same divine rights to have access to the earthly wealth resources. Anything o­n the Earth belongs to all of us, its creatures. The ancient Hellene Philosopher Pythagoras said: Everybody everythingundivided possess. People have to act by standing up as individuals and collectively,
to force the political system to change. Lord is the People and not they. Most of us are misguided by trained, well-supported and well-paid agents of the New World Order. Make no mistake. There are no more left or right parties, good cosmopolitan religions or humanitarian" and NGO etc. Instead, there is more than enough organized crime that controls them. And through them it tries to control us.


Stop the Wars and Armament


Wars and armaments must stop immediately in order to enter the the humanity into the Civilization of Peace and Knowledge. (If we eliminate the armament, the wars and the plutocracy, will be enough goods for everybody o­n Earth and the job will be eliminated in some minutes per day)


The Direct Democracy


The o­nly answer to a sustainable future is the Direct Democracy.

Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of government. The history of liberty is the history of resistance. The history of liberty is a history of the limitation of governmental power, not the increase of it-Woodrow Wilson

By expressing yourself everywhere with all of your strength, knowledge and
common sense, you develop yourself and others. By fighting for every-body's right of expression alone you shall be free. Otherwise get ready for a new and worse than ever Dark Age.
Such a self awareness is developing in Europe based o­n science, culture and religion. In Greece people are searching the philosophy and Olympic religion that made Hellenes great in the past, and by taking it from there; they try to develop a new generation of modern Greeks. Their search in History that is not taught in schools made many Greeks aware of the compulsory Transvaluation of Values they went through for 2000 years, and the stupidity of their Christian beliefs. Frederick Nietzsche wrote: There are no other nations in the world that have offered to humanity as much as the Greeks. And yet the Greeks experience so much persecution by so many nations that have offered nothing to humanity instead. The reason I am using Nietzsches quote is to illustrate the undeclared proxy war that ceaselessly goes o­n for centuries. It is a Bankster Reptilians proxy war against Greeks that appears to be using different masks. o­ne of the many masks is the Christian religion. The reason the two main ideological forces that influence Humanity: Judaism and Hellenism. In other words, the culture of nomads fights civilization with all of its traditional ethics and means.


Lord is the People


I will close with the following attachment from the Euripides act that was played in 404b. C:

Do not ask a tyrant here, The city (of Athens) is free

No o­ne man govern it,

Lord is the People. The officials are succeed

One the other with his turn

The rich has not special privileges here,

the poor is his equalEuripides




I dream and struggle for such a society. Utopia? No. It became a reality 2.500 years ago in Greece and put then the foundation of the first real, brilliant and human Civilization o­n Earth (Freedom, Democracy, Justice, Dignity, Philosophy, (the Moderate Path or Metron and Know Yourself) , Science and Technology, Medicine, Astronomy, Arts, Theater (tragedy, comedy), Rhythms, Humanism etc.)

The key is the DIERECT DEMOCRACY. Before we have- as individuals and society- to become FREE. To obtain self-acting, self- assertion, self-control, self-confidence, self-consciousness, self-defense (against the New World Order), self-esteem, self -government, self-reliance, self-respect and self-sufficiency. I am optimist.







By Major General Kostas X. Konstantinidis(Ret)

Kostas X. Konstantinidis (K. X. K) was born in Corinths in 1929, but he comes from Siderokastron, district of Trifilia, prefectureof Messinia. He is married with Fany, the gender Kavatha, and is the father of two sons, Christs and Alexanders, both scientists. His father Christs Konstantinidis was an Army officer that participated in the national independence campaignsof 1912-13 , the WWI in 1917 and the campaign in Asia Minot in 1922 in order to protect the Hellenism and others ethnic groups there from the Turkish Genocide. Finally he was executed by the Nazisin 1943 at his village Siderokastron, at Peloponnesus, leaving behind his wife and five small children. This situation transformed K.X.K a peace loving person.


Army Activities:


K.X.K entered the Cadet Military Academy in 1948 and joined the Signal Corps as sub lieutenant in 1950. He served inseveral army units, staffs and Headquartersin the Hellenic Army ,as well as in NATOAllied Staff Headquarters (Land Southeast-Izmir ,SHAPE-Bruxelles, as national representative etc)


He graduated successfully from:

1/ Hellenic Army Signal Officers School, in Athens . He also graduated from all the training courses provided from the Signal Corps in order to be promoted every time to the next rank.

2/ U.S. Army Signal School , in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey .

3/ Hellenic Army Intelligence School,

4/Foreign Language School,

5/Rangers School and Special Weapons School.

6/ Cryptographic, Crypto-analysis, Crypto Maintenance Trainings in Greece and in NATO/Cincsouth-Naples , Italy .[ He became commander of the NATO Cryptographic School in Athens, Greece]

7/Royal Air Force (RAF)Electronic Warfare School in England.

8/Hellenic Army War College, in Thessaloniki

9/Hellenic Air force War College, in Athens

10/ Hellenic National Defense College, in Athens.

11/ American National Defense University, in Washington D.C., USA

Peace Activity

Kostas Konstantinidis retired in 1981 with the rank of Major Generaland since then he joined the Anti-Nuclear and Peace Movement . He is member of the following non-governmental organizations:

a/ Group of ex-NATO Generals for Peace & Disarmament, that played an important role during the Cold WarandopposedtheAmerican Cruise and Tomahawk Missiles to be installed in European land. Now this group has been changed asStrategies for Peace , giving military consultationto the UN .

b/ Hellenic Committee for the International Detente and Peace(EEDYE) He was vice President since 1985 until 1989

c/ He is still an active member of the International Conference against the A & H Bombs, Hiroshima and Nagasaki , Japan.

d/ He was ex-vice president of the Greek Committee for International Détente and Peace (E. E. D.Y. E) .

e/ Now he is still cooperating with the Independent Peace Movement (AKE)            

f/ He is member ofInternational Conference o­n Non-Violence(ANUBHYA) in Rajasmad,India


He joined several Organizations for promotingFriendship, Cooperation and Peace amongst the people in East Mediterranean, including the Balkan, North African and Middle East countries. He is a  non-violent activistagainst the New World Orderand participatedinAnti-Waractivities. He has traveledall over the world, even in crises areas tohave a better knowledgeandencourage the suffering people (e. g Palestine, Cyprus,Iraq , Kurdistan, Africa, Korea, India, Madagascaretc)


Patriotic and IntellectualActivities:


He is an eager patriot and deep scholar of the Hellenic Spirit. So, he worked actively for:

1/a peaceful settlement in Cyprusbywithdrawingthe Turkish occupation forcesfrom Northern Cyprus,

2/recognition of the Greek Genocides in Ionia, Pontos, Constantinople, Imvrosand Tenedos islands, as well as for the Genocides ofArmenians, Assyrians,Cypriots and Kurds,bythe Turkishmilitary regime,

3/ he opposed the Americanbombardment ofIraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libyaetc,

4/he is struggling against the Israeli occupation and the continuousatrocities against the martyr Palestinian people.

5/ He protested against the recent destruction of Lebanon by the Israelis.

6/ against the violations by the Turkish colonialists of Human Rightsin Kurdistan and Northern Cyprus.

7/against theTurkish imperialism and expansivenessin Aegean Sea andthreatening the independence andterritorial sovereignty of Greece.

8/ against the plottingby theconspiratorsanti-Hellenic international centers , thatare activatedin USA and elsewhere andundermine theHellenic sovereignty and integrity.


He is cofounder of the Non Governmental Organization AMPHIKTYONIA OF ECUMENICAL HELLENISM ,in order topromotethe Hellenic Spirit and alert the whole Hellenism and philhellenes.


Spiritual and Social Activities


He is an active author, writer and columnist to passthe message for Peace and Disarmament, as well as for the adoption of the new philosophical way of thinking. He opposed by all means the states corruption,selfishness, arrogance, injustice, terror and the excessive plutocracy.  Healways struggled for social justiceandthe elimination of the having privileges and for the poverty. Finally, he has been critical against thethree Jewish origin cosmopolitanand dogmaticreligions (e. g Judaism, Christianity and Islam)for their great responsibility for the present andpast disputes, religious wars, genocides, backwardness, ethical devaluation, as well as the destruction of the AncientCivilizations (Hellenic, Aztec, Indian, Persian, Egyptian, Australiane.t.c.)


Decorations and Awards 


By the Hellenic State with the awards provided for his rank.

By the Independent Bureau for Peace, in Geneva Switzerlandthe Gold Medal for Peace, for his achievements.However the more honorable decoration has been given him by the people,which nominated him: General for Peace. 


Other Activities


He has written books, studies, poems and numerous strategic, political, ecological, social and philosophical analyses and articles that were published in Greek and foreign press and Websites. He gave his message for freedom, democracy, justice, peace,non-violence, ecology, human rights,moral, dignity , honesty, the moderate pathand the newway of thinking . He worked after his retirement as a columnist for some daily newspapers of Athens and for the provincial press and magazines. He has also been delivering lectures, interviews etc inTV and Radio channels in Greece and abroad. Now he has been activated in Internet as kostas01@otenet.gr

General Konstantinidis is working disinterestedly in order to pass his messages,that he thinks are extremely necessary at the present time.


Written  books: 

1/ THE STRATEGY FOR PEACE , publisher B. Katsikeas, 1986

2/ THE CREATORS AND THE FORGERS, publisher Xarris Patsis, 1993

3/ PYTHAGORAS SAID publisher G. Logothetis, 1987

4/ THE ANCIENT HELLENIC MYSTERIES,published byNea Thesis, 2000

5/ WHO IS KILLING THE HELLENISM (to be published soon)




November 12, 2006


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