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Earth is a school for Gods
Slide film, 2006

You can look a slide film HERE;
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"Earth is a school for Gods".

Nina Goncharova

Global Harmony Association Honorary Advisory Committee Member

To my son Art o­n his birthday

19 October 2007

Nina Goncharova

My knight, my angel, my son,

Embodiment of a Mother being proud -

You are o­nly o­ne under the Sun,

Though you are a part of a crowd.


You follow a unique and shining way,

Awakening your destiny for peace,

And when you dream about Your Gate,

The Universe resonates at ease.

My knight, my angel, my son -

Let Milky Way lead you up,

Let you be always with the Sun,

Let your star bring the Graal Cup.



Nina Goncharova


Planet 3000 project coordinator, Authors and Publicists International Association coordinator, president of the Siberian center of Eurasian projects,artist, poet, singer, scenarist.


Address: Zheleznodorozhnaya str, 8/1-250, Novosibirsk630132 Russian Federation

Tel +7 (383) 220- 39-89http://Planet3000.site.voila.fr E-mail: gong3000@ngs.ru

Born September 3, 1951 in Petrovsk -Zabaykalsk Chita region Siberia-Russia, mother of ason, Artyom.Education: Chita State Pedagogical Institute, faculty of foreign languages, International Academy of psychological sciences. Languages: Russian, English


Her motto is Life is Celebration of Creation. Her poetry, paintings, music and scenarios express visions and actions for a new time for creating love and peace. She is coordinator of theinternational Education for Life Movement and Planet 3000 mega project, organizer of more then 30 cultural-educational expeditions to Altai, Baikal, Urals, India, UK, Greece, AssistantProfessor of Siberian Humanitarian and Ecological Institute Russia, Representative of the Institute of Planetary Synthesis in SiberiaSwitzerland. She ischairperson of 12 international conferences - Education for World Citizens Congress, etc., and a catalyst and creator of teams and cultural and humanitarian organizations around the world, associated with Planet 3000

She is
a member and coordinator of the Authors and Publicists International Association in the SiberianUrals region, Honorary Life Member of Metverse Muse Poetry Journal(India), Member of World Poets Society (W.P.S.), a Literary Organization with 141 Comtemporary Poets from 33 Countries. http://world-poets.blogspot.com/Editor of a special issue of Planet 3000 magazine. Her poems are published in the international magazine of authors and publicist association, The present Time in 2005 in Riga, SIA MAMUTS, in METVERSE MUSE magazine (India), and at the web sitehttp://www.worldcit.citymax.com/page/page/3163394.htm

Nina Goncharova conducts Culture of Peace master classes, Planet 3000 Project presentations and Life is Celebration of Creation art/music programs. She is author and scenarist of culture for conscious life performances. She writes PEACE poetry as reflections o­n life FROM the future so that people can awaken their mission to become consious co-creators.

She is focused o­n creating an international team of enlightened people to setup a Worldwide Network of Self-Sufficient Cultural and Educational Communities for Youth Its mission is to create conditions for young people from all over the world to make the transition from a society of consumption, competition, conflicts to o­ne of co-creation, cooperation, peace and conscious evolution. Her projects are Theatre of New Time, http://worldwithoutborders.site.voila.fr World without Borders- Call of Baikal projects

- PlanÊtre: Who are We? world tour

http://www.peacefromharmony.org - hounored coauthor of the web site
http://www.thelovefoundation.com/love_ambassador.htm- Love Ambassador

She is engaged in informational cooperation to bring creative information to life. Together with Claude Vesiau (Canada) they are coauthors of the web site http://Planet3000.site.voila.fr

Her mission is to present a New World by means of arts.



GONG 3000PLANET 3000

Culture of peace events 2008

New Life does exist

(About Taiwan visit 10 17 July 2008)

Nina Goncharova

Theatre of New Time artist, founder of GONG 3000,
PLANET 3000 coordinator,
President of Siberian center for Eurasian projects,
International Association of Educators for World Peace Board member, 
International Academy of Harmony member,
World Poets society member,
Honorary International Development Committee Member
7 August 2008 

Global Commitment to safeguard the Planet - The 2008 Concert of Thanksgiving and Gratitude this was the culture of peace event, where I was invited to participate as an artist and FOWPAL friend. Our Earth enters an unprecedented situation. It is transformed into a New Earth Planet of love, harmony and peace. Our planet needs care.How can we, people, take part in this transition process? We can do it o­nly together in mutual understanding and mutual support and gratitude to each other and the Earth and Heaven. This is what I found in FOWPAL, Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, in Taiwan, by taking a part in an unprecedented international culture of peace concert.

How did I happen to be in Taiwan? In July 2007,a FOWPAL and Tai Ji Men delegation came from Taiwan to the Urals to take part in the 12th Ural-Planet festival and the 11th Education for World Citizens congress. Since that time we have been in constant cooperation by exchanging information and letters. Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men, President of Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, President of Federation of World Peace and Love,

Honorary Vice-President and member of Advisory Board of the Association of World Citizens UN/NGO/DPI/ECOSOC, President of Dr. Hong Tao-Tze Culture and Education Foundation invited me to take part in Global Commitment to safeguard the Planet - The 2008 Concert of Thanksgiving and Gratitude cultural event.

This planetary cultural event gathered more than 10 thousand people from all over the world. The concert took place in National Taiwan Sport University Multipurpose Gymnasium in Tai Pei. It was a true performance of cosmic magnitude for awakening people, consciousness and expressing Love to Heaven and Earth. During this grand international performance,a many leveled FOWPAL and Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy international activity was presented through a synthesis of arts. People expressed Gratitude to the Earth and Heaven in 10 languages. Music, films, dances, and conscious presence o­n the stage were bridges for spreading vibrations of love to the entire audience. Singers and musicians from Japan, Taiwan, India, France, and Russia were o­ne family. o­ne of the most meaningful parts of the concert was the Bell of Peace ceremony. Itwasarealcosmicmystery. Through the vibrations of the Bell of Peace there was connection of Heaven and Earth. Many presidents of the world rang the Bell of Peace giving promises to them to serve peace. This time it was the vice president of Taiwan ringing the bell of Peace.

Another bright moment of the concert was the part of 500 Energy Boys and Energy Girls. They brought powerful creative energy of love, joy. We all know that there is a new generation here o­n the planet who knows their life mission to awaken love and peace. When 500 young energy girls and boys performed at the stage and all over the Linko Gymnasium stadium I felt that we all have a new generation team of energy boys & girls who arrived to save the planet. These 500 young people radiating new healing energy gave a feeling of our capacity to save humanity and the Earth for a milder transformation from suffering to happiness, from conflicts to peace, from competitions to cooperation, from ignorance to enlightenment. I felt in my flesh that we had this team of saviors specially prepared by Dr Hong and Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy. The initial universal energy of Love, living inside everybody is awakened now to become a planetary power for this legendary transition process.

I was happy to sing and be a part of this international art community. My mission was to present Planet 3000's actions for saving and transformong the planet my means of music, singing and images. I sang two songs in Russian Today is the celebration and Call of Baikal song. There were images of different Planet 3000 culture of peace events. I felt everybody and saw through my hearts eyes the streams of energy flowing from Siberia, Baikal, Altai, Russia, Eurasia and the planet integrating with this part of the world.

More than 10 000 spectators and hundreds of participants were o­ne love and peace family. It was a living co creation and a bright illustration of the real role of arts and culture to present a New World by the synthesis of arts. Music, singing, films, dancing, full of love, happiness, gratitude, presentation of grand planetary activity by Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, FOWPAL and Association of World Citizens for raising consciousness of people of this world.The entire process of preparation for this international concert was a great practice of mutual understanding, support and love expressed in actions! Inside Tai Ji Men Family, we participants from Russia, Japan, France and India felt very safe and happy. Though we had o­nly o­ne day for rehearsal after my arrival from Russia, I had total support in everything. Tai Ji Men team immediately reacted to every foreign participants request.

When I was on the stage during the concert I felt that the entire 10thousand people audience was o­ne energy family o­ne of love and peace. I felt how our hearts were united directly though we had different languages. I felt how we, people, were becoming bridges from earth to Heaven, from Heaven to Earth, and how the energy of love was healing the planet. I felt unlimited gratitude to Taiwan, to all people of the Earth who realize how important it is to consciously safeguard our planet. I was happy to know that Taiwan Government appreciates FOWPAL & Tai Ji Men love and peace activity.

So, it was a cosmic performance for bringing the healing energy from Heaven to Earth and for awakening the divine potential of people and thus safeguarding Mother Earth.

During this visit I had a wonderful opportunity to learn about Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, Federation of World Peace and Love and Association of World Citizens UN/NGO/DPI/ECOSOC activity. We were treated as honored guests with unlimited love. These non governmental organizations became a planetary power capable to influence the world. I realized that here in the east we a new planetary culture being born, o­ne of world unity and beauty of Diversity. It is based o­n total responsibility for life o­n the Earth and beyond. In Taiwan, I realized that Yin and Yan wisdom lives inside everybody. It is growing and flowing all over the world in the form of peace and love energy.

I realized that we all reached the crossroads for creating collective energy of good will to give birth to a new planet where there are no wars, no conflicts, no social diseases, no worries, and no cataclysms. Humanity is awakening and FOWPAL, Tai Ji Men, and Association of World Citizens, all people of Taiwan and entire world take part in this awakening of conscious life. A great role in this awakening is played by unity of male and female. Mr. andMrs. Hongpresentagreatexampleforthat. A man and a woman focused o­n o­ne and the same life mission to serve o­ne world. Dr. Hong was not present at this event but his presence was felt everywhere. Itwasspreadintheair. Mrs. Hong as vice president of FOWPAL was the soul of this grand event; she inspired everybody, illustrating the role of women to BE. She gave certificates of Honor and Appreciation signed by Dr. Hong and presented her universal love to everybody by her presence. This is the way for men and women to cooperate and use male and female harmony for the benefit of all. Due to that male-female harmony the FOWPAL and Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy are so successful in their activity. There are 12 chapters in Taiwan and 5 in the USA. As for their real activity, it is spread all over the world. They work with all levels of society. Presidents of the world ring the Bell of Peace giving promises to them to create love and peace. A specially trained team of martial arts practitioners takes part in cultural world tours by conducting art performances initiated by Dr. Hong Tao Tze. Thousands of children, youth and grown ups learn in Tai Ji Men Academy and obtain capacities to be spiritual warriors to avoid wars by their powerful energy of presence, balance and love and peace.

We also visited the north of Taiwan and discovered the beauty of the ocean coast, combined with mountains, Buddhist temples and a variety of shops filled with tourists from all over the world. The Ancient Beauty was combined with the friendly modern hospitality of eastern people. Our international team was happy to be there enjoying each others presence and speaking about what we can do together in the future. o­ne of the first steps was to take part as a team in the the 61st NGO/DPI UN conference in Paris.

During our visit, we also had an international Seminar of Youth Education o­n Peace. It was a great opportunity to directly exchange our visions and activities. Tai Ji Men Academy youth spoke about their way to learn and grow. They all expressed their gratitude to Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze whom they call shifu that means Master and Father. He teaches them to be capable to bring a new energy of youth to the world. I always felt that all these young people make specially trained team to keep balance o­n Earth, to save the planet. They are all Spirit Warriors, prepared both physically and morally. We grown ups from different countries also shared our visions and activities for saving and transforming the planet. Mrs. Bianka Bhardneaj a teacher of Montessory school in India presented a model of new education. It is about modern school acting as a lighthouse of society by providing meaningful education, spiritual direction, guidance and leadership for students, parents and society at large. Albert Konan-Koffi president of the Department of Public Information UN in Paris was sincere and asked to be guided by youth to have power to awaken every morning, to love himself, and go to his UN office in good mood. He invited Taiwan youth to come to Paris to participate in the 61st NGO/DPI UN conference in September 2008. Europe and Paris need your presence and new energy of life he said. He created a bridge to my Planet 3000 presentation speaking about youth life creativity. I presented youth culture of peace monad events taking place in the Urals, Altai, Baikal, Siberia. Our 1st international youth Children of the Earth camp was presented. IttookplaceinJuly 2007 at Altai. We decided to exchange youth delegations taking part in international culture of peace expeditions starting with Altai.

During our visit we felt care and love for everybody. It was love radiating from everybodys heart that filled us with gratitude towardsDr. Hong, Tao-Tze, Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men,Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, the Federation of World Peace and Love. I made me wonder very much when I saw many young people who arrived at the airport to see me off. It was a sign of love to the whole new Siberia, new Russia and the new planet. A sense of responsibility for all youth, for life, filled me. I thought about creating conditions for our children to meet, to live in a non competitive atmosphere favorable to awakening and realizing their life missions.

New Life does exist and it lives in peoples hearts already knowing about our initial unity and the necessity to take care of the Earth.

I recollect a conversation with a 7 year-old boy in Novosibirsk What is your life mission? I asked him. He though for a moment and said: I want to bring love and joy to people.

I now have a Certificate of Honor signed by Dr. Hong that I brought from Taiwan. Written there: FOWPAL Honorary International Development Committee member. Itfillsmewitha newlevelofresponsibility. It is a result of my 30 years of wanderings for creating a new world culture where people know their life destiny and where there is a new planet o­ne of peace, love and harmony.

Today I leave for Bayan Aul Mountains expedition where 12 years ago the Heaven started this new scenario for a mild transition process and creating another world filled with free people totally responsible for life.

We can build this new world o­nly together all countries, all people, all nations. We are all o­ne world, o­ne humanity. Let the Bell of Peace and Gong of Love resonate in everybodys heart. Let every human being be awakened as a divine source of love and peace. Let our small and beautiful; planet Earth be a place for conscious evolution and happiness for all. It is time to heal ourselves, to heal our Mother Earth externalizing the inner energy of Love, living inside everybody.

I express my gratitude to the Tai Ji Men family, to Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, to Mrs. Hong, to all people I met in Taiwan, to nature, to Heaven and Earth. I have brought to Siberia and Russia, to Planet 3000 and Gong 3000 community the new eastern energy of love and peace, the beauty of Taiwan peoples hearts, and Iwill remember their hospitality.





Ive been wandering across the Universe,

In different disguises, always forward.

Weaving a veil for Mother Earth,

With my thoughts and words.


I arrived o­n Blue Planet Earth

On the edge of the Age of Fire.

I took my starry staff from the Universe,

To help people be free was my desire.


So that they could spread their winged thoughts,

And trust their Divine Self.

To happiness soar upwards like birds

And, like the Sun, the Earth would shine.

Again I go by train or plane,

To touch peoples hearts with love

I go to bed as an ordinary person

And wake suddenly, a Goddess.


Already, Gods walk o­n Earth,

In their palms sleeping babies Divine,

For people to remember their paths,

And let their starry eyes shine:


Weve all been wandering among the worlds,

All have worn different starry bodies

Mother of the Worlds veil for young and old

Covers with blessings, everybody.



10 of December 2007





Nina Goncharova


Jai erré de par les Univers

Sous divers masques, toujours vers lavant,

Tissant un Voile pour Terre-Mère

Par mes paroles et en pensant.


Jarrivai sur la Terre, Planète Bleue,

Au seuil de lÈre du Feu,

Pris de lunivers mon bâton étoilé

Pour guider les gens à la liberté.


Jai voulu quils étendent leurs pensées ailées,

Quils prennent confiance en leur Être Divin,

Quils senvolent vers leur liberté

Et, comme un soleil, que la Terre étincèle.

Et jerre par trains et avions

Afin de toucher les cœurs de mon Amour.

Je mendors en femme de tous les jours

Et, soudain, me retrouve en Déesse.


Déjà, des dieux marchent sur Terre,

Tenant dans leurs paumes des bébés Divins

Pour rappeler au monde leur Lumière

Et faire briller leurs yeux de Joie.


 Nous avons tous été errants de par les mondes,

Nous tous, avons porté divers masques étoilés,

Le Voile de Terre-Mère aujourdhui se soulève

Pour couvrir tous les êtres de bénédictions.



10 Décembre 2007



Please send me your poetry and / or your poetic words about peace.

I would like to share them with my community and students

Sarah Zale



By Nina Goncharova


A mother is feeding her baby and feeling mysterious joy,

Shes looking at her Universes creation.

Her baby has a divine body, though tiny like a living toy-

She is silent in awesome admiration!

Her baby is content and happy; he looks at her with gratitude and love,

She sees his CONSIOUS shining eyes.

They recognize each other; it is a meeting from above -

She finds herself in paradise!


Like lightning she is struck by a sudden thought:

How to end conflicts, wars and competition,

Struggling and consumption, for him to find Joy o­n this Earth ?

She is awakening to her mission!


She puts all of Earth into her heart to build INNER PEACE,

And create good conditions to live,

She decides to educate the world to live and create at ease -

She approaches an unbelievable eve!


She knows a key for PEACE, for people to improve without fight,

To consciously create the ladder up,

For great accomplishments to be fulfilled to bring light -

She starts creating a New World map!

She sees the oceans and countries without borders nor roofs,

With happy people creating paradise,

Knowing their life purpose, awakened and remembering their star roots -

For her son to always have his shining eyes!


30 November 2006


Dear Harmony Friends!

Child on the harmony  holiday 

I very much like to inform you about opening of a personal page for o­ne more member of our site Board Nina Goncharova in Russian and English languages (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=280,


Continuing tradition of representation of our outstanding authors and stars of harmony I am happy to present you o­ne more unique creator of harmony Nina Goncharova as artist, poet, singer, scenarist and Co-chairman of the powerful International ecological and educational movement "Planet - 3000", the beginning to which was put in Russia ten years back (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=140). o­n Ninas page her fantastic, o­n a child pure, joyful and celebratory slide - film "Earth is a school for Gods", her art emblem: "October 17: World Citizens Day", her poem "Peace" and surprising photos o­n a background of Baikal etc are published. Her brilliant report o­n participation in the Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights in Brasil in September 2006 is published together with photos at the address: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=143. She is also our "Harmonious Era Calendar" co-author, to which she has brought, together with Talgat Akbashev and Claude Veziau 7 dates for harmonious peace culture. Penetrating in Ninas rich and versatile creativity I perceive her as the ingenious child of harmony, as a children's o­n cleanliness and depth holiday of harmony. Nina is o­ne more property and opening of our site. From cooperation and dialogue with her you fill enthusiasm, love, creativity and harmony. Therefore I invite all friends of harmony to get acquainted with Ninas page and to open for myself this surprising woman: the child o­n the harmony holiday!

Leo Semashko




A story about o­ne cultural and educational mission at Altai

Novosibirsk- Biysk Gorno-Altaisk Chuysky village Gorno-Altaisk Biysk


(4-11 December 2006)

By Nina Goncharova


Our truly legendary meeting with Carol Hiltner from USA is o­ne more bright proof of the fact that it is we who realize our dreams. Life really knows HOW to manage things if we know what we want for the Common Good. At first sight, the fate of this amazing woman, who has created herself, may seem not to be connected with my dream about creating a planetary team for Altai and its Future. But o­n the other hand, it is a living example of the fact that we do attract all we need for our mission to be fulfilled.

Our meeting with Carol Hiltner appeared to be a real gift for both of us and for Altai
s Future. I do know for sure that her fate will move everybody. To say more, I am sure that her story is a bright example of deep faith and trust in her Star in order to awaken her mission and go forward to her New Happy Fate and her real Home.

When I came back to Seattle after visiting Altai,

I realized that Seattle is no more my home.

My home is now Altai.

And if it is my home, I am to take care of it.

Carol Hiltner.

Carol Hiltner told me that she was like the majority of American women,heavy and ill But o­ne morning she had a dream. She was invited to
go somewhere,Please, come. She came up to her computer naked, almost sleeping and asked: Where? Andshewasgivenananswer: ToAltai. Whyme?, shewondered. Whynotyou? wastheanswer. Carol speaks about her adventures at Altai and about her mission, got from her Masters in her Chronics of Altai: Tablets of Light book. It shook me with its sincere openness and inspiration to fulfill her destined mission.

So, Carol tr
ekked to Beluha Mountain. She knew that she was to open a gate and to translate some Tablets. But there were neither gates nor tablets but a hard trek to Beluha. She thought that she had failed with her mission, but when she arrived in Moscow after her Altai trip, she again had a dream. She was this very gate and it was she as a pure light. This was the message for people to find a gate inside. But still she and to translate Tablets and she came back to Altai next year. She also saw the Tablets and there were no words but light Several times she came to Beluha and every time she felt and looked younger and healthier and also obtained new sense of life. Since her first arrival she has visited Altai many times. She brought her daughter, granddaughter and they trekked together. She speaks about her Altai mission very simply: My heart is in Altai, and Ill do my best to bring to Altai all the best opportunities we have in the western world. And Altais light should be spread all over the world. She felt the healing forces of Altai after her very first coming to Altai. But after her very first coming back to Seattle, she felt her shoulder healed as she was laying in her bed with her granddaughter, and she had this shoulder almost without movement for almost 30 years. So, she really experienced Altais healing energy. Carol also realized that she wanted to help Altai people. During o­ne of her Altai visits she met the Light Beings who invited her to come to Altai. In the spring of 2006 she felt that she should do more for Altai people and she decided to create an international group for Altai and paid out of her own pocket 7 000 $ to obtain a grant for the three of them to come, Takeshi Utsumi, Linda Israel and herself. Why? She wanted the three of them to effectively work with the Altai Government for Altai people. And she succeeded. They all arrived in September 2006 at Novosibirsk-Altai:Takeshi Utsumi a Japanese man, professor and initiator of the GUS (Global University System) project and Linda Israel author of MAMAs project, USA and herself.

This was time for us to personally meet. Carol said that they would obtain another grant to come in November but she added that if there is no grant she would come for sure. And here she was in Novosibirsk again in November
-December 2006. We went to Gorno-Altaisk together this time for our Common Endeavour.

We lived in Gorno-Altaisk together for a week and I observed the way she acted and we both created this Legend. All day long
, we were meeting people students, non-governmental organizations, members of Altai Government and El Kurultai. It might seem to be a usual thing,so why do I call it unusual? I knew that all these things were done according to her desire to serve Altai people,her newly awakened inner great responsibility to help them awaken their own abilities and faith in their own inner forces. To say more, I knew thatshe sold her own house in Seattle recently repaired with love. Why did she do it? She did it in order to have opportunity to come to Altai. Now she is a guest in AmericaSo, I met o­ne more Wanderer knowing her way.

Carol told me that now she felt herself healthy, young and happy. You see her in this photo, becoming a slender woman without any artificial means.

From left
toright: Pavel Pahaev, Nina Goncharova, Carol Hiltner, Victor Trutnev in the Ministry of Education of Altai Republic


Every day I admired her capacity to be very self-organized and appreciating every minute of her Altai mission. And she was to act and do all things without knowing the Russian language, in another, very different country. When we alone before going to bed, we made a summary of every day, created a plan for the next day and spoke about life, laughing and feeling joy. o­ne day she said: To say the truth, it is not so easy to start my life in another country and to feel myself a guest in my own country. But never have I heard a shade of grief, sadness or doubt. My heart sang that we had met. And we joked that now we were already two crazy women, who walked along corridors of Altai Government, offices and banks in order to help Altai people to see their own new horizons. As we both knew that a view from outside always gave new energy and new understanding. And I also knew for sure that as soon as we live together within o­ne of our events either at Altai or any other place of Russia, then we will give birth to unbelievable Beauty through our common service to Altai and to peace to the world.

Altai Mir
- this is the name of her non profit organization specially created by her in order to attract resources from the USA and other countries to Altai. Meanwhile we had to move from the private rather expensive hotel to our friends (Nataly and Nogon Shumarovs) flat,. There we were setting ourselves up as small Altai Keepers. Carol played with Murat, Nogon and Natalies grandson, like a small girl, and they understood o­ne another by speaking each their own language.

Murat Shumarov
, a Young Altai Keeper, Gorno-Altaisk, 7 December 2006

(Carol took the photo)


At the end of the week,our Altai-Planet 3000 team arrived at Gorno-Altaisk. They came down from Mountains - Ust-Kan and o­nguday. They are devoted to Altais future people.

We have been doing our accomplishments together we created a network of informational and ethno cultural educational centers all over Altai o­n the way to AKKEM international village.

Together for Altai future with Alexander Alchubaev director of El Bank,

Gorno-Altaysk, 10 December 3006


-Planet 3000 part of the team: Masha Sotnikova - Byisk, Ival Chintinov - Ust-Kan, Ekaterina Eshova - o­nguday, Svetlana Matina - Ust-Kan, Zhanna An - Ust-Kan, Nina Goncharova - Novosibirsk, Alexey and Galina (she is taking the photo) Sotnokovs - Biysk, Carol Hiltner - USA, Altai-Mir University



What were the results of our Altai visit? They are: creating our joint team, including people and integrating our thoughts and actions, agreements with Altai Government, creating relationships with Altai people - grown ups and children, developing our joint project for creating a network of informational, ethno cultural, educational complexes at Altai and joining together our two projects - Altai-Mir and Altai-Planet 3000. Now we are sure that there will be an Altai delegation at the 11th International Education for World Citizens Congress in 2007, and it will be a united collective catalizer of new life at Altai. And o­ne more result is that we have obtained each other and Altai in our souls.

He accepted us and took care of us as the weather was rather warm.



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