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Ways to harmony in the European Union

Ways to Harmony of the European Union

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The Magna Carta of Harmony distinguishes the means through which various capitalistic countries, each of them different, will move toward and create a society of social harmony. The spheres of society and human in these countries each possess a special quality. Therefore the trajectory of their movement toward social harmony will be unique in the 21st century.


The social science did not put forth and, furthermore, did not answer questions of social harmony that, for the first time, were put forth by the Magna Carta of Harmony. Therefore, I CALL all social scientists who are investigating the problems of the European Union uniting 27 countries in order to create a favorable socio-economic condition for the population to pay attention to this theme and to study it in any aspect and breadth. ALL of your research o­n this theme WILL BE PUBLISHED o­n our site.


I also invite all people interested in this theme who have ideas regarding the fate of the European Union and opportunities for its harmonization to send considerations to us. All of your opinions will be published o­n our site.


Through your researches and opinions, which are all relevant to each other, you are beginning to study a completely new and extremely urgent movement for humankind and for problems within specific countries. You will be the pioneers in research of this terra incognita in social science.


Researches and opinions send, please, to the address:



Dr Leo Semashko

Founder and President, International Website "Peace from Social Harmony"www.peacefromharmony.org ,

Author with 42 coauthors, Magna Carta of Harmony


May 18, 2007.

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