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Tatomir Ion-Marius. May Peace Prevail on Earth through Poetry and Harmony

Tatomir Ion-Marius

The Global Harmony Association Board Member

Interview for RADIO TRANSYLVANIA: Toward a Culture of Peace and Harmony




I have wonderful news for all of You:


1. I was the invitation of the RADIO EMISSION-INVITEE OF THE WEEK - at RADIO TRANSILVANIA-SIGHET-thanks to the invitation made by the chief redactor of RADIO TRANSILVANIA-SIGHET, Mr. Claudiu Holdis -local radiopost-belonging to the main RADIO TRANSYLVANIA, which diffuses in Transilvania.




3.What I mentioned in 20-25 minutes of interview was:


a. My poetic apparitions & memberships - I mentioned Phoenix New Life Poetry-project of Universal Alliance-Cornwall, UK, Metverse Muse and name of dr. Tulsi Hanumantu-India, Creature Features-the Ark of Writing. The Bilingual Writers and Poets for Peace-international club prezided by Maria Cristina Azcona and her name, the anthology of the Universal Pantheon of Peace-Terre en Poesie and the name ms. Johanne Hauber Bieth.


b. My involvement during the iraqi war in internet opposition-POETS AGAINST THE WAR


c. How I joined the WPPS (World Peace Prayer Society) - and what is WPPS, where is located


d. What means May Peace Prevail o­n Earth-in details; and how 5 December 1998 was the first date when this prayer and universal message was presented in Romania


e. That I applied for the statute of Peace Rep for WPPS and I received it


f. What I did/do as WPPS rep. for Romania:

1.Translating the conditions for participating at IEC organized by Goi Peace Foundation and Peace Pals annual contest conditions.

2. The maintaining of the website of WPPS in Romanian


g. I presented in detail how and when the Itl day of Peace was adopted by the UN


h. The success we had in the USA at A Call to Peace Festival with Mr. Muhammad Behleem


i. How I was mentioned in PEACE JOURNAL of PATRIR in june 2005


j. I mentioned my membership within the IFLAC-and ms. Ada Aharoni (Haifa, Israel) who founded and presides IFLAC, and what is IFLAC-the date of creation of IFLAC and how ms. ADA settled in 2001 the idea of a culture of harmonious peace.


k. Than how this idea was sustained by dr. Leo Semashko-founder and president of the NGO Peace from Harmony (St. Petersburg-Russia), creator of tetrasociology.

l. Then I presented the Magna Carta of Harmony - how supplements the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention of UN o­n the Rights of Childs


m. How I was published as coauthor of Magna Carta of Harmony


n. I mentioned the names of some coauthors, their positions and countries: Renatto Corsetti,

Ada Aharoni, John Mc Connell, Susana Roberts, Tholana Chakravarthy, Michael Holmboe, Igor Shadkhan, Harold Becker(including the mention of the Love Foundation).


o. That Magna Carta was published in 7 languages


p. That I translated in Romanian the Magna Carta and I mentioned the website where can be found - www.peacefromharmony.org


q. I thanked separately-this way: I would like to thank to the Argentinean poetess Susana Roberts for making known the Magna Carta in the Argentinean press and for the fact that she mentioned my name and country


r. Then I offered an poetic moment reading the whole text of the poem of ms. Ada Aharoni, which I translated in Romanian: PEACE IS A WOMAN AND A MOTHER


This way I ended my interview and my last words were:

Thank you for inviting me. May Peace Prevail o­n Earth!



Dear friends from harmony!

I like to inform you about the new translations of the GHA projects into 4 languages: Spanish, French, Romanian both Japanese, and their publications o­n our site “Peace from Harmony”. These projects are the following:

1.Global Harmony as Necessary Guarantor of Global Security and Nuclear Disarmament. Briefly: ANTINUCLEAR.

2.Harmonious Civilization Universal Declaration.


3.The international Contract of Global Harmony Treaty for Nuclear Disarmament.

Briefly: TREATY. (In the sum the length of these projects makes 34 pages).


Susana Roberts, GHA Honorary member from Argentina translated these projects into Spanish which are published to following addresses:

ANTINUCLEAR: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=es_c&key=93

DECLARATION: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=es_c&key=94

TREATY: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=es_c&key=95

Heli Habyarimana, GHA Honorary member from Rwanda translated these projects into French which are published to following addresses:

ANTINUCLEAR: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=fr_c&key=126

DECLARATION: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=fr_c&key=127

TREATY: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=fr_c&key=128


Tatomir Ion-Marius, GHA Honorary member from Romania translated these projects in the Romanian language which are published to following addresses:

ANTINUCLEAR: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=ro_c&key=4

DECLARATION: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=ro_c&key=5

TREATY: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=ro_c&key=6


Kae Morii, GHA Honorary member from Japan translated these projects in the Japanese language which are published to following addresses:

ANTINUCLEAR: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=jp_c&key=4 (it is still translated)

DECLARATION: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=jp_c&key=5

TREATY: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=jp_c&key=6


Susana, Heli, Tatomir and Kae by the translations of the GHA major projects brought the huge contribution to distribution of these peace and harmonious projects worldwide. Thanking their great work, these projects became accessible for the new hundreds millions people. GHA highly appreciates your translations and expresses warm gratitude for your great work which paves a way to the harmonious peace and a harmonious civilization o­n the Earth. This letter of thanks is published o­n personal pages in English and Russian languages to following addresses:


Susana Roberts:http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=314,


Heli Habyarimana: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=385,


Tatomir Ion-Marius:http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=313,


Kae Morii: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=431



I am glad to inform also, that o­n Tatomir’s page I published his information in Russian and English languages about Festival in Hungary in August 2009 with his interesting text and photos.

On GHA behalf , I wish to our great translators of happiness, love and harmony in their life and creativity.
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA President,



By: Tatomir Ion-Marius, GHA Board Member


The X-th Historical Carnaval of Savaria (Ludi Savarienses),

August 22-23, 2009


Each year in august, in the beautiful city of Szombathely (in latin: SAVARIA), Hungary, is organized an Carnaval, event where thousands of peoples are presents from all around the world. This is an annual Festival which evokes the millenar past of the city of Szombathely.


This city is worldwide reknown not o­nly because of the Carnaval, and of its historical roman past, but also for being the place where born the bishop Saint Martin of Tours, o­ne of the most popular Christian Saints.


I visited in the past this city, and became interested in its history and attractions.
I had the chance this year to get to know mr. Feiszt Gyorgy, historian and archivist, cultural councillor of Szombathely, person which I admire for his knowledge and works. Thanks to him I learnt lot of things about the beauty and history of the millenar town, Szombathely. He was who put in discussion my participation at the Historical Carnaval as invitee of the city, and the invitation signed by the mayor of the city of Szombathely, dr. Ipkovich Gyorgy arrived to me in july.


In the morning of 22-th august, I arrived by train to Szombathely. The cultural Councillor Mr. Feiszt Gyorgy and my guide, ms. Koczor Anett waited for me, and accompanied me to the Hotel Claudius, near to an wonderful view of a park and a lake. I left my things in the hotel room, and then I did a short visit in the town, to see some old buildings and monuments. At the dinner, I met other invitees of the town, mayors and vice-mayors from different countries (Slovakia, Germany, Italia etc.), peoples working in the administrative sphere of the city of Szombathely. They were very friendly, we made photos together, exchanged visit-cards.


At the end of the dinner, the mayor of the city of Szombathely, dr. Ipkovich Gyorgy, very kind and hospitable, perfect host, offered to the invitees presents to remind them the X-th Festival of Savaria. I spent my afternoon with cultural moments, then in the evening I joined the parade o­n the streets of the city of the peoples costumed as Romans with torches, in the acclamation of the crowd, happy to see and to assist this unique spectacle.


Second day, early in morning, I did a walk in the park, near to the lake and admired the natural beauties. At dinner, took place the offical festivity of closing the program for the invitees. The Festival continued, but we had program at choice. I choosed to visit the town, and made photos of everything I found interesting, and there were lot of things.

The garden of ruins interested me a lot, I saw there a mosaic from the IV-the century, with different symbols, but also I saw a part of the ancient road which leaded from Savaria to the Imperial Rome.


On Wednesday,26 august, I arrived well home with lot of pleasant and beautiful memories. Szombathely city is a beautiful town, where the past meets in harmony the future, with lot of attractions, and for sure, I will visit it again.

May Peace Prevail in Szombathely! May Peace Prevail o­n Earth!




From the heavenly sky,

I heard the angels crying,

endless rain of tears,

was falling near to me,

I saw people dying,

who will stop all these?

this is the vision of future,

darkness covering the earth,

because war destroys and hurts,

war will break thousands of hearts,

Don't begin the fight,

throw away all the guns,

don't give us the deep night,

we need the life, and the healing light,

that's the peace, which we miss,

we don't want the clouds,

but the white doves,

the land where the children smile,

don't kill love, don't kill the hopes,

may peace prevail o­n the world!



Letter of a kid


Dear God, I had a dream,

painful and dark,

I've heard a scream,

it was of my father,

wrote a little kid,

it was war and souffrance,

and he went to fight,

far away, in other country,

for others to die,

Dear God, read my letter,

and listen my prayer,

never let be a war, never,

I need the safety, I need my father,

take away from us the danger,

just in peace can live the flower,

just in peace, life can be better,

never let the nightmare I had,

now or later happen...


Eternal winter


Far from my mother, in foreign land,

far from my childhood, now adult man,

Far from my lovely wife, I'm so sad,

in danger and struggle, I don't understand,

Why peace is missing in this era of technology,

why problems are not replaced by harmony,

and together working-this way, all should be,

and no peoples dying in wars, in agony,

no hate dismissing families,

no beautiful summer transformed in winter,

winter, eternal winter...


May Peace Prevail o­n Earth!


M arvelous the way of peace,

A lways our faith increase,

Y oung and old, enjoy the bliss!


P eoples from all races and religions,

E nding with struggles, and misunderstandings,

A spiring to the future of the Light and Rainbow,

C losing the door to the wars in the history,

E levating Peace-this is our vision!


P arents and childrens, may they sing loud,

R eady to live new times of infinite love and joy,

E arth soon will be pacified, I hear the divine sounds,

V oices joining to pray, from all the corners, in all the languages,

A bundance of positive vibrations, and healing energies,

I deal accomplished, how great is the pride,

L ight of harmony, is over all the mankind!


O ne day, tomorrow, the dream become true,

N o violence, no division, but Peace and brotherhood!


E ntirely devoted to the message,

A ll together spread it in the world,

R esplendent in its each wise word,

T eaching the universal lesson,

H eal, build, unify-and dont destroy!


Puisse la Paix regner dans le Monde


Une seule prière monte vers le ciel,

une seule prière qui parle de tout,

de toutes les fleurs

qui o­nt mouru dans les guerres,

de tous les enfants qui o­nt cessé de jouer,

une seule prière flamboyante,

née de l'inspiration envoyée par la Divinité,

quand sera exprimée par chaque nation,

l'entière humanité,

La Paix embrassera doucement les hommes,

en une harmonie universelle,

Et quand ces choses seront realité

accompagnez-moi en disant de tout coeur:




et vous sentirez le bien, l'amour et le bonheur...




Tatomir Ion-Marius




Tatomir Ion-Marius is a poet from Romania. Born in Resita (Caras Severin), lives since 1981 in Sighetu-Marmatiei (Maramures).


Volunteer/Representative o­n behalf of the World Peace Prayer Society for Romania, he spreads the prayer and universal message: May Peace Prevail o­n Earth!


He translated in Romanian the book of ms.Masami Saionji, The Golden Key to Happiness.


Member of the International Society For Philosophers, Sheffield, UK, witharticles published in Philosophy Pathways Electronic Journal.


Publishedperiodically in Phoenix New Life Poetry, a project of "The UniversalAlliance", Cornwall, UK.


Honorary Life Membership of Metverse Muse, from theEditor of the poetry biannual Met verse Muse, dr. Tulsi H., fromVisakhapatnam,India.


Published periodically in the Met verse Muse, international poetry anthology.


Member of the International ForumFor a Literature & Culture of Peace, Haifa, Israel.


Published in Creature Features magazine, edited and published by ms. Rubi Andredakis, Limassol, Cyprus.


Member of the World Poets Society from Larissa, Greece.


Member of the Poets of the World, Chille.


Member of theGlobal Harmony Institute, Farmington, CT,USA.


Member of the Associationfor Global New Thought, Santa Barbara, CA, USA


Official friend of thePrincely House of Thornley.


Nominated Love Ambassador by The LoveFoundation(Tampa, Florida).


Nominated as Universal Peace Ambassador in theframework of the Universal Circle of Peace Ambassadors (Geneva, Switzerland).









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