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by Susana Roberts


SANTA CLAUS is writing you from faraway lands. Somebody says that I live in the North Pole or almost, where your great Grandfather, the Grandfather of your Grandma Susana was born in the cold lands of Finland. In that place are kids that travel every year to the north, very north to leave letters to their friends around the world. They go to a place called Rovaniemi and even though they say that my village is in Mikkeli in Laplant I actually have my residence with the reindeers. I read the letters that come from all over the world, so, it is said I have the ability to see in silence the actions and intentions of people, so I decide to prepare my packages with time. 

And time my dear Franco does not exist inside each heart. There is a wonderful magic in the air that join us when we do good things and the Supreme God communicates me the places I have to go. Then, each December I do my list, turn o­n the GPS and go out. I walk silently around the houses; I descend by the ceiling through the windows in my supersonic bullet-sled, almost a hologram. With this magic I cross cities and borders without any effort. 

I write you Fran because I know you are a very capable child and during these last years I read all your letters. I saw your efforts and even more during this pandemic. You have improve your reading, I congratulate you and I like you read this letter to your parents in the way the know How grateful I am because of they you have been guided and cared during your development in life.

For telling you stories I have thousands, but the most exciting time is when stars light up at night and in each of them I can see the wishes of children of all races. As I am invisible-visible I can reach their anguish and calm their hunger and thirst, also I fill myself with pride with children like you, who strive difficulties and win the game.

I am not a Super Hero, I also work a lot in winter, where I live there are sunrises that look like nights and evenings which are days, is a mess. Isnt it?  I Have to cut wood to warm up and help others in need, it happens all the time. The rest of the year I am not in this place because I am able to go to other horizon and galaxies just closing my eyes, activating my reason and heart towards the well- being of the world and this planet that must be taken care of.


Here, therefore, I received the order from your Grandma Susana and your aunt Lizz, who told me you have a splendid swimmer pool to spend the summer and they want to send you some gifts. Remember, the pool can be used with a friend for a time, you cannot get many together. You have to take care of yourself and keep distance. I don't have problems, Doctors have not to hyssop me, and they have given a free way through the skies without toll.  I am made of air and light and above all I must stop eating, I eat so much chocolates and soothes, I eat a lot and I must stop doing it because over the years my stomach will be damage, but here I am my dear transporting faith and Love to you during this Christmas, to your parents, grandparents and uncles, in the way the receive my blessings.   

And, NOW... 




SANTA CLAUS ... 2020 


December 10, 2020



Social isolation.

As a messenger of peace from literature I have insisted o­n carrying principles of love, respect and harmony. Many years, together with my dear brothers in the same mission we have taken the word Peace to other horizons and borders, with our reflections, conferences and poetry we have watered many sceneries of the world with great results and individual satisfactions that will forever mark our existence.

Today,  during   this social isolation we return to that important and positive silent work  trying to rethink what this will be like from the ethics, aesthetics and a service that our profession provides to others.  I ask myself and I ask you, who will we be after the pandemic? Will we discover within ourselves that lost paradise?

If we survive this time, it will be thanks to our internal discipline of conservation and love for everything that surrounds us, of facing and seeing how much we know ourselves! How we evaluate love for the neighbor! How deep we flow in universal love!  if we do not take care of this, we will help the pandemic to spread towards the internal horizons, causing anxiety, sadness, depression and others.

 I am sure of something: it will be the fall of the ego, the change of today demands of us  a great task of transformation towards individual authenticity, change that will appear or not, depends o­n each o­ne and in what way we have reflected in this time of separation , strangeness and memories, the result will be the truth in itself, deep, from the soul, recognizing the other and its circumstance, that other different soul, naive, passionate, aggressive, fragile, brave, weak, facing the same situation. Today more than ever it is our task to rethink unconditional love, because all emotions are pressured, from isolation we will be more fortified in that internal dialogue. If we act from the universal light source we will be able to face all situations and not destroy each other, because beyond the pandemic there will be subsequent crises, the thirst for dominance, hunger, lack of water and other possible cataclysms.

In whatever way we can, let us work from a healthy, genuine, attentive, observant, respectful, altruistic spirit and meditate o­n daily prayers, in our way of doing it, whatever the faith we have, today more than ever we have to be disciplined to accept the patient tolerance for understanding the living confrontation of each day from the joyous protection received from heaven. In this communication today, I pray that everyone be safe and well.


The empty orchards will come

the sentence to the reckless

the end for the weak

the memory of those who are no longer

will be the care of the body and soul

a dew of different landscapes

spiritual goodness without brakes

if we change, bringing universal love

it will be the end of the ego

in the cup of life

different challenges

compassion, anger at the same time

fear, a teacher and apprentice

It will be the time of true light

what is sown and built

no false idols

hope and faith

in lost paradise .

Copyright-Susana Roberts. May 12, 2020.



Dear Leo,

In this moment I feel you hurt my soul and my work. I am sincere to you, it is very difficult to introduce people this learning , at the same time it is very scientific.I means I do all I can do, and I did all my life..but in this case Ministeries or any help I am sure I havent..Goverment are in a crucial time ..not listen..no help..

The people you mention arent ready to help. Most of them are poets, like me and MCristina, they live far and they are not interest teaching this knowledge here Is not my intention to create pression o­n them..If you dont believe in me, try to ask them by yourself .

MLucia Garcia lives in EEUU, tell her about it..

Mde los angeles Albornoz lives in a province, she doesnt understand any english..good poet..good person.

Bella C Ventura lives in Israel, and very busy with her writings, all the time travelling.

I dont know how our loved inspiration in Peace and support to you during a lot of years , our blessed bilingual literature around the world is not useful to you and this project and your words produces me such sadness and depression and I feel you discriminates our language. Times before, when you asked me for a translation to the web page, I did it several times in silence and I felt very grateful to you and what peace means among all of us , peacemakers never mind the level nor the race, not language.

I dont know what to think, o­nly send you the best clear energy for your project in the future...and in others languages, menwhile I will meditate with the Great soul ..Gandhi in my heart, my heroe..! and dont forget the times I publish in my city newspapers, all your personality and projects you have with all the authors.

My blessings with you and all.


Pride of Argentina and my language.  



Dearest Susana,

Thank you very and very much for your important translation of the GHA two key projects (Women WGHA and
The ABC of Tetranet Thinking all 30 pages) of 2018 to the Spanish. Their translations were published here:
http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=es_c&key=114 and here:

For more than 12 years of work in the GHA, you have made many complex translations of the GHA projects
into Spanish. The GHA has appreciated
and recognized you as the

"GHA Honored Translator":


Dr. Susana Roberts

was recognized as the GHA Honored Translator

for his numerous translations into Spanish since 2007,

published in the Spanish section of the GHA website

"Peace from Harmony":


The last translations were published here:




This recognition with your other materials was published o­n your personal page:


Your valuable opinion about the WGHA project was published together with it:


Your wonderful photos with your great Ladies Grand Masters Award-Senate of Argentine Nation-March 2018 were published o­n your new page Susana Roberts. Global Peace Science events here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=828


We are happy to congratulate you with your great Award and this GHA high honorary title and thank you heartily for your important contribution to the global peace from harmony.

With love and best wishes for peace from harmony,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Honorary President



Congratulations Dr. Susana Roberts, great world master of peace

Ernesto Kahan


Dear Susana, your work is superb and exemplar, generates a great impact in our society

Ernesto Kahan




Harmony's Ocean:

The internal harmony of the world is the o­nly true objective reality.



June 21-International Yoga Day: "Re thinking the Human Being."

Being in a state of Yoga means: inner harmony, concentration, awareness of our being: As human being unique and human being with others in: "Oneness" is to be in state of care with others and the Planet, also feel Gratitude. This day the winter solstice,in this part of the southern hemisphere, is a weak and hidden sun, so ,we are connected with the splendid snowy nature, meanwhile sun goes away and isoccasion for us to contemplate the inner self with more dedication, we meditate and consequently reflect that the evils of actual times occur because of our excessive demands, and many times by the uncontrolled desire to obtain more and more, to be someone else, internal and external demands.

Let us see the face of love in each o­ne, let us teach the moment to meditate o­n children, we should not feel that they are a property, but ask ourselves ¿who are they in our lives?, what are their desires?, so is urgent to cultivate that loving "permeable" aspect in them so that, it is sure for them a better future that does not depend exclusively o­n the outside. From ancient time, ancient cultures, full of traditions knew this knowledge, they "kept" provisions for winter, took to their "Homes" a lot of firewood and food, and the home: "bonfire" became a winter festival full of legends, the diversions in "family" meant that eternal, interior music that flourished by the pores. Time to love our interior, cultivate it with a look of love towards others, like tree does and its sap, and roses with their perfume that do not surrender to the coldest winter. Also, there is a hidden violence that we must banish altogether, and it is influenced by the ego, we respond to it all the time, and not to our pure inner human need.

The chaos in the world needs more and more creative human beings who express their constructive intention that will benefit the people in their daily actions. With their job they will prove to be the human bridge, the most faithful to the spirit, communicating feelings that awaken in others intentions of harmony. It is necessary to create a new frontier, where, including poetry, the demands for human dignity and trans disciplinary talks are not o­nly focused o­n revealing the crises of contemporary political thought, but also invite us to think about what could mean "human being" in the 21st century.

Susana Roberts-21/6/17


Nice to hear from you Dear Adolf, Dear Leo, dear all

Merry Christmas to all blessed peacemakers all over the world.

From Argentina my prayer To the horizon To you..!





Global Peace Science Hero: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=697

GHA Vice-President, Honorary Member,
GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in Latin America,
Vice General Director, National Harmony/Peace Academy (NHPA), Argentina




When the rhythm of the sun declines

and ties my eyes

To the opacity of the answers

There is a voice that beats inside me

it cries and watches the light

And does not know if after the light

the rain will come

And with it,

my inner child is who screams

The same thirst

of so many orphaned children

With their agonizing bellies

I know the rain will come

And also that lost face

that cries to me

during a day like this

Of those many other days in life

When silence is blasphemy

among shadows of protests

I search the threshold of prayers

At every step of the choke

black shadows, white and the intense gray

In the perfume of the guardian

There is a voice inside me

Burning, unbeaten

From the width of the heavens

In the columns of each fire

Where need is so equal

hatred, indifference, famine

In powerful and unnamed cities


Patagonia Argentina.

















Susana Roberts smile of the divine Mona Lisa from Global Peace Science


















Dreams of humankind
always were the big challenge to achieve
Peace from Harmony.
Now, after eleven years of the Global Harmony Associations work
was doing its dream in Global Peace Science from Harmony
It first penetrates into the social foundation -
into the deep structure of SPHERONS' harmony.
These pivot social actors were waiting discovery for long time.
Right now this Science is the dawn of shining light in our era,
it becomes a Copernican Revolution of the public conscience
and good will of people to Peace in the 21st century.
It is a strict turning point of 180 degree
for future children mastering a new science of harmony
through new
education free from war

to achieve perpetual global Peace.
It will be the joint spiritual ground of the peoples
to establish humanity and the UN entirely exempt from war and violence
for prosperity of every nation and Peaceful life for all.

copyright- Susana Roberts - Argentina










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21- .

, ,











Dears Delasnieve and Dr. Leo,


Gracias querida Delasnieves por tu hermoso libro y después de miles de trámites puede lograr ir a Aduana lejos de mi ciudad para recuperar el libro GPS...todo mi cariños y gratitud..

esto es lo que publiqué en face español..




WELCOME "GLOBAL PEACE SCIENCE" http://www.peacefromharmony.org/. Hoy he recibido este maravilloso libro de más de 600 páginas que cuenta con el trabajo de muchos pacifistas del mundo , donde se incluye mi trabajo y colaboración de muchos años a la traducción de importantes documentos.


Un compendio de trece capítulos con varios subtítulos donde se explica científicamente la armonización de las esferas sociales. Un trabajo intenso de un gran humanista que admiro Dr Leo Semashko , quien nació en plena II guerra mundial mientras su padre moría en el frente de batalla. Su vida dura en los comienzos y sus largos estudios en la Universidad de San Petesburgo lo ha llevado a crear más de un centenar de ensayos y ser el fundador del grupo mundial Peace from Harmony.org, y la Global Harmony Association, cuyos miembros aportamos nuestros conocimientos y apoyamos su gran labor.


Su trabajo científico sobre la tetrasociología llevó a esta organización durante el año pasado a ser finalista entre los postulantes al Premio Nobel de la Paz. Es un honor para mí trabajar y difundir sus ideas colaborando así al servicio de un mejor futuro para la humanidad, sin ningún beneficio personal solo el consciente y humilde pensamiento de una realidad donde todos somos responsables de nuestro planeta y de nuestra sociedad para el logro de un futuro cambio fuera de la violencia y las guerras, se necesita la colaboración de todos para lograr una sociedad en armonía dentro de esta era tecnológica.

Global Peace Science, libro editado en New Delhi con 173 autores de 34 países del mundo es un libro magnífico que contiene las claves para la armonización de las 4 esferas sociales , un estudio detallado dedicado a las escuelas, colegios, universidades y academias del mundo.


Amo este libro y a los fundadores de la Armonía en la Historia de la Civilización que tanto nos han dejado : Desiderius Herasmus, Numa Pompilius, Ashoka The Great, Gottfried Leibniz, Immanuel Kant, Mahatma Gandhi, Nicholas Roerich, Albert Eisntein, Martin Luther King Jr, Noam Chomsky, y muchos más

Actualmente envío todas las bendiciones a mis colegas para continuar en esta misión tan profunda llena de sensibilidad y humanismo donde todos somos UNO..


Mi trabajo está en el capítulo 11 . "Global Peace Art : For Harmony, against Militarism/Terrorism". Pag 484 y 485..


Dicho capítulo incluye títulos como Peace and prosperty: Abdul Kalam. Victory and Peace over the war: Ashok Chakravarthy, Peace Haiku Sequence: Ram Krishna Singh, We are in Harmony when Laj Utreja, Ancient Olympias wish Peace via Science : Dionysis Gerogakopulos, GPS , Victory of Peace over War: Takis Ioannides, Peace from Harmony Wins the War: Athanassios Koumouris, Ode to Peace Hero: Dimitris P. Kraniotis, Love and Peace: Apostolos J. Paschos, Revolution of Peace Poetry from Global Peace Science: Muhammad Khan, The weeping branch: Hilarie Roseman, A Peace Carol. Global Peace, Peaceloveology: Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Fragile Peace without Science: Delasnieve Daspet, Peacelovology: Love , Peace and Harmony: M. Cristina Azcona, Peace comes from Harmony: Ime Biasone, GHA Peaceloveology: Celia Altschuler, A Natural Result: Edie Woodburn, July 4 H, Birthday, Reality and Dreams: Teresinka Pereira, Women of Peace: Bruce L. Cook, Ministry for Peace: Guy Crequie, I am a World Citizen for Global Peace: Rene Wadlow, To my Palestinian Sister: Ada Aharoni, Where is Peace: José M. Lopera, Peace: Zaure Hizatolla, Do the Russian want war?: Yevgeny Yevtushenko, War tornado wanders around the world Peace to XXI century: Adolf Shvedchikov, No to war dedicated to L.M.S: Yuri Tsimbalist..and more articlesall super important!!...


What is human Nature: war or Peace, Spherons: Logic of Peace Nature, Leo Semashko, Traditional Peacemaking, Conflict transformation Johan Galtung. Top and ceiling of traditional Peacemaking: Bishnu Patak, Death of Democracy and Freedom in America: Charles Mercieca, The disturbing expansion of the mIlitary-Industrial Complex: Mairead Maguire, Principles of Tolerance of Global Peace: Prof Ernesto Kahan, Principles of the highest dignity of Global Peace: Evelin Linder...and more...


Mi constante Gatitud a la vida y a todos en mi camino....


Susana Roberts

October 28, 2016




Response to Global Peace Science

By Susana Roberts


During these last years no Science for Peace is available like this Global Peace Science (GPS) that will be a part of the History for high role of Peace. Actually there are so many organizations around the world that have not complete the role, andPeaceloveology theory as a Science, with the formula of SPHERONS, the harmonization of community of people that can live in Peace. Dr. Leo Semashko and co-authors have incredible knowledge how people can be organized in harmony in education, in economics, in arts and policy that cover the human necessity of living in peace.

This Science GPS - is urgent to put in practice for destroying the installed violence, terrorism, and wars that are suffering the whole humanity. Since the art and Literature words are building the correct channel to spiritual understanding all around the world. People without the first education in noble feelings can fail in its development as a person; o­nly in Peace Science is possible to get the tools to survive. Create collective conscience of Love as the firstlaw to preserve life can be achieve in a harmonious way of thinking, a harmonious way of action, since a Culture of Spiritual harmonization, GPS and harmony from the beginning.


Susana Roberts,

GHA Vice-President, Honorary Member,

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in Latin America,

Dr Litt Honoris Causa-WAAC,

Senate of Argentina Nation-Unesco-Unicef,

Trelew, Argentina




Thank you from my Heart! my Dearest Admired Leo! Blessings to your work!

I used to say Pasiva!! in Russian...sorry I cant write in Russian yet!. But my heart is united to all the principles of Peace in the world, to your admirable scientific work I try to spread all Spanish language..

With children. In my brother country: BOLIVIA. In the photos!

Amazing success!!! Miles of children asking me questions!. Others asked me to write some advices of kindness, respect and peace. Harmony! I was so happy and felt Gratitude to all of you!!!























(in honor to GHA members)

I have had a vision

Sorry to say it is not a good o­ne

burned earth,

screaming beneath the earth, the seed

begging for food, children o­n the street

and my childhood fantasy images

against the smoke, colors disappear

even more the hope, with memories, laughter

Not o­nly is terrorism, are the weapons of hell

as an industry

because people cannot dialogue


Times of risk, urgency of this century

people cannot understand themselves, nor the neighbor

and the flag of Peace is suffering

and each of the miles of thread, which is made of

somebody hear its song of love,

some people are trying to move o­n

with love, an energy given by God

belonging to the conscious of the universe

in a harmonic vibration

the clamorous shot of love

that should be heard,

I have had a vision

Sorry to say ...

people against people

behind the clouds are symbols

Of a noble cry of beauty and truth

We are o­n the way to help humanity

not more horror, not war, no more hatred

Being in harmonious way of thinking

I had a vision

Many people building a Harmonious Era

Someone helps, someone do not

Prayers in harmonic colors

They are doing this global change.


copyright-Susana Roberts

March 8, 2016, Trelew, Argentina


I received the BIENNIAL AWARD by Asolapo Argentina and International





The event took place in the important and famous café Tortoni in Buenos Aires with the assistance of important personalities in the art, poets, artists and the grandson of Alfonsina Storni.

I can left a message of peace and brotherhood from all the institutions I represent, IFLAC Argentina and Subamerica, GLOBAL HARMONY ASSOCIATION, WORLD FORUM SPIRITUAL CULTURE AND ACADEMY OF ARTS AND CULTURE, UNIVERSAL CIRCLE OF AMBASSADORS OF PEACE, THE LOVE FOUNDATION, UNION HISPANO OF WRITERSas well as I insisted with the o­nly way to protect Life is using the Word our tool with humility to reach the great job that humanity need in times like this.






VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-Fcdigo534


Dear All
Today I received in my city -Trelew-Argentina,from the Municipality, an important award in conmemoratin to this day , for my efforts, my career and achievment.
I am happy for this , and I share with every woman in the world that made a little job of love in her place with peace, and education as the key more important.
Love to every peacemaker in harmonious light from soul to soul..



Poet and writer


Hero of Harmonious Peace!




How could we shape a precious work of art?

How can I do with hisses resounding sounds in my coast

with the rhythm of your sand and hummingbirds?


How can we do with prays

opening the window to a new day?

how can I do echoes tremble

in the silence of your company?


How can we know your rhythm

and the rhythm of your work

through memory

with so many free dawns

and dead hopes?


How can I shape the balance

of the blood in my veins

asking for a new light among brothers?


it will marvelous building together

the major piece of arts in a united symphony of love

throughout the whole world.









June 10, 2012



Thank you so much from my heart!! ...
my Dearest Leo.How are you feeling? I hope better..
Not good days for me..To read my poem in your web page is wonderful for my soul!
All the best to you and great successul durin this 2011.
Love, hugs and Harmony for ever .

Dearest Leo

I am happy with my grandson that arrived o­n July 14th., He looks so quiet and lovely, I hope a better world for him and all the children in the world, I will be in charge he understand from his childhood the concept of harmony and tolerence. At the same time my eldest daugther, his mom was agree to take care of your e.mail, the poem in the web page peace from harmony, the poems of Dr Ernesto and all the good friends that wrote to me. This is the way this baby will keep very well his own history from his first steps.

God Bless you and all in the light of peace and Harmony

Dearest Susana!

I am happy to congratulate you, the young mother and all your family with the birth of such a wonderful baby! Your baby is adorable and he will live in happiness in a harmonious civilization! I see with him his beautiful mother as Raphael Madonna and his delightful and wise grandmother, who at first birth of the child concerned his spiritual harmony! This is a great harmony: grandson, mother, grandmother and spirituality!
I was very pleased to publish three of your photos to Susana personal page:

With love,

To my Grandson


By Susana Roberts


I am,

an universal passenger
one more to arrive

to this planet home
I am ready to depart

and reach the light

I am peace,

love and struggle
Fire charm emotion

And courage

A tender symphony
in the arms of my parents

With the first breath
I have the permission

of the fleeting breeze

to walk by

the hand of sun

the song of birds and

the brothers of Life

and... in your first tenesmus

¡Oh, mother!

from your eyes I will take my nurture

and I will be that daring passenger

to walk with you

throughout this world.


La Plata-Argentine - June 27th-2011

Why? The Rose
The rose, a light reflect of soul
let fly dreams in circles
from the beginning
her bud
She has the magic and fire
of a centaurs
burning in her lips
the whispers of your voice
In the night she multiplied
rays of sun and moon
with the stars in my eyes
She is a red and tender mystic silence
With her, the rumours of my blood dance
is going o­n
spreading in the air
taciturn echoes
In the veils of my face
sprout glow worms
from the skin of water
between your hands
She is already white
in the quiet day
so soft and naked
savage embrace me
upon the vitreous of her perfume

2011-2-16 - Una reflexión y un poema de Susana ROBERTS 2ª Parte:



Blue echoes


The history tells what happened, poetry that was to happen: Aristótele




Love comes in spirits of Peace

to take care of echoes

the whisper of the harp in the garden


Blue fury comes and
at the end of the road
rushing laws
on the earth of apples

Comes the mediations and the power
a splendor ofshadows


Peace ... postponed Peace ... will come!
strong between bustling lights
folding winter
of murder weapons


will come..who.

do not ask
about natural nudity
  candles of Eden that
gradually is consumed
in every war
in each empty stomach


blue echoes will come
while people drink their wine
and celebrate theirsales


will also come hunger and drought


¡Oh my sweet Peace!
my clear spring
my sun, my light
 do not delay,. hurry back


¡We have to confront the evil!

¡We have to turn o­n the headlights!

¡We must stay stand up!



Copyright-Susana Roberts



Dearest Leo

I share with you this e.mail from a collegue that emotioned me today.(english in red )My response below..

All my admiration to you , to your work!!

If you wish you can put it in the wb page?..

Hugs in the light of Harmony!



Dear Susana, sister of the Muses and all the poets.
Congratulations o­n your appointment as ambassador to the World Forum
Spiritual Culture to be held in the Republic of Kazakhstan next
October. It will be for you an unforgettable experience leading
in our name your word, your human and idyllic visions, and for us, a great satisfaction to know that an eminent member of the UHE and PAZIFLAC as you are,
has been chosen as altruistic mission.
I embrace you tightly and for you this poem that accompanies you.

Hugo E. Leguizamon-poet-writer-Buenos Aires-Argentina


Traveler ...


through you I will see the fields

I will Hear rumours

the Sermon o­n the Mountain

secular mystery

Valleys and rivers

will open arms

from the bottom telluric

of the time

and a sandy breeze

will go to bless you

when you look at the eyes

of an orphaned child


Your emissary word

Patagonian skies shimmer

rumbling rocks

have been

sleepless witnesses

now in your voice

cries the Mapuche dying eclipse

their faces plowed

of iron and injustice

Traveler ...

for you I shall walk my footsteps

there, across the seas

where other men

brothers with sorrows


like ours

the warm hand of a poem

that nests quiet

in their throats

to save a reef


by your side


with noble intentions

and wise credentials

of your heart.

Querida Susana, hermana mía, de las musas y de todos los poetas.

Te felicito por tu designación como embajadora en el Foro Mundial de

Cultura Espiritual a realizarse en la República de Kazajastán el próximo

mes de Octubre. Será para ti una experiencia inolvidable llevando

tu palabra nombradora, tus humanas e idílicas visiones; y para nosotros, una gran satisfacción saber que un preclaro miembro de la UHE y de PAZIFLAC como tu eres,

haya sido elegido para tan altruista misión.

Te abrazo fuertemente y va este poema que te acompaña.

Hugo E.Leguizamón


por ti veré los campos

Oiré murmurar

el Sermón de la montaña

su misterio secular

Valles y ríos

te abrirán los brazos

desde el fondo telúrico

del tiempo

y un céfiro arenoso

irá a bendecirte

cuando mires los ojos

de un niño huérfano


en tu palabra emisaria

rielar de cielos patagónicos

retumbo de rocas

han sido


testigos insomnes

ahora en tu voz


del agónico eclipse mapuche

de sus rostros roturados

a hierro e injusticia


por ti andarán mis pasos

allá, cruzando los mares

donde otros hombres esperan

hermanos de penurias

que aguardan

como los nuestros

la tibia mano de un poema

que anide silencioso

en sus gargantas

que guarde un filón

de pedernales

junto a ti


noblemente encaminada

con sabias credenciales

del corazón

Hugo E. Leguizamón



Dear Brother Hugo, Brother of my heart!

You have emotioned me and my day has changed with your words whose I will put them in my suitcase to share with other race and believes, other politic system,other spiritual conscience. In this way is to be going step by step helping, changing all this reality called World human crisis, a crisis of conscience , of good will, very few persons like you with the Simplicity of the verses push up others,give hope,give love,lit tears to hearts ,like mine thirsty of human justice, give love to the needed . In my solitude I understood that humanity exists from the roots very below the Earth till sun set in the curve horizon, nor far, nor close, inside everything that have life.,whose that have voice,who begg,who laugh,who cry,who shut up,who reclaim..who reclaim as a primary right that concious and itelligent belong to them, that divine law of right to live,In this present times everyone knows that can help to improve wellfare of children, no more hungry, no more wars, no more desolation, over the planet , it this time humankind is awake.

I stay embracing your verses. As a sacred Exchange of your human and fraternal wishes to me that feed my footspring spreading every Word that like you and others writers feel and wish for the well being of the entire humanity.

Thank you Hugo! Thank youin this case this Word sound so little I wished You feel bigger, full of Light and charm from this, my spirit protector and brave that can not stay quiet and I hope my words will have echos in other latitudes and your verses will be always my company.

A lot of hugs, my brother.



Hugo Querido Hermano de mi corazón

Me has emocionado y has cambiado mi dia con tus palabras que cargaré en mi maletas y las compartité con otra raza y creencias, otro sistema politico, otro sentir espiritual para poder de a poco ayudar y cambiar todo esto que llamamos y que es una crisis humana mundial muy de conciencias, muy de voluntades y muy pocos o no que como tu con la esencia de tus versos empujas, alientas, das amor,. enciendes làgrimas a un corazón como el mio sediento de justicia humana, de amor a los desprovistos que desde mi lugar tan solo y conciente he comprendido que la humanidad reside desde muy debajo de la tierra y hacia donde el sol curva otros horizontes ni muy lejanos ni muy cercanos sino los que respiran y tienen vida, y tienen voz, ruegan , rien , callan , gritan y reclamam.... y reclaman lo que humana y concientemente les pertenece, ese derecho divino de vida y ya a estas alturas del desarrollo humano todos entendemos inteligentemente que si podemos ayudar al porvenir de esos niños del mañana, no más hambre, no más guerras, no más desolación sobre el planeta porque la humanidad que reina dentro nuestro esta despierta!.

Me quedo abrazada a tu versos todo el dia como conversión sagrada de tus deseos fraternales y humanos hacia mi que nutren mi andar pregonando lo tu y los demás sienten y desean para la humanidad.

Gracias Hugo querido!! GRacias...aunque en este caso esta palabra suene escasa , quisiera que la sientas grande, llenisima de luz y cariño desde este espiritu protector y luchador que no se queda quieto y ojala el trabajo mio pueda sonar con ecos en otras latitudes y la compania de tus versos me acompañen...








I wrote this poem in honor to Tsutomu Yamaguchi died at the beginning of this year after a battle with stomach cancer. He was 93. The o­nly man recognized as a survivor of both atom bombs dropped in Japan at the end of World War II..


Yamaguchi happened to be in the city o­n a business trip for his employer, Mitsubishi Shipyard.


In that dayaugust 5th, 1945 at 8.15 a.m he remembered: "It was very clear, a really fine day, nothing unusual about it at all. I was in good spirits," he said. "As I was walking along, I heard the sound of a plane, just o­ne. I looked up into they sky and saw the B-29, and it dropped two parachutes. I was looking up into the sky at them, and suddenly ... it was like a flash of magnesium, a great flash in the sky, and I was blown over."


¡Look at my age ninety three!

scars are plenty in my soul

Screaming names, places and polluted water..

thirsty to drink

no more clean water from

this black horizon of rain

and my veins were supporting

the whole pain

with the harm of every body

whose, that remain blind

at the eyes of love

in the blue sky

scared by theshades ofdarkness

Myblood caught bad illness

AndI survived to tell others

the voice of the hot spoiled Hiroshima

Little Boy from devil

took of lives from souls

love without compassion

every dreams, burned

every cells, burned

every tear, burned

every sigh, burned

inside my body

at the door of heaven


Copyright-Susana Roberts-Argentina. Julio-2010.


About 140,000 people perished in Hiroshima and an additional 70,000 in Nagasaki. Many of those who survived suffered a lifetime of radiation-related health problems, including cancers. Yamaguchi lost his hearing in his left ear in the blasts, and suffered from acute leukemia, cataracts and other bomb-related illnesses in subsequent years. Badly burned, Yamaguchi returned home to Nagasaki o­nly to experience horror again.



Dearest Leo,

In regard of your opinion about harmony as a science and my faith it works for the hope of mankind, I wrote this poem, in honour to our Dr Ada Aharoni, (she says that Peace is a mother) Dr Ernesto Kahan our creator of harmony and you Dr Leo our great scientific mentor ...

I titled the poem in a way to woke up people's mind.

..I hope you like it.. I did it from my soul full of love thinking in all of you..





Oh little mind!

To you, I challenge!


You are made of light and shadow

Empty body, vacuum relief

You took drops from the core of the ocean,

Burning flower from the small seal

Who paved white Folds

Behind mens back

Promised mother dove


Outbreak in my winter garden

With the red more reds

And the sweetness lips of heaven o­n Earth

Are you Eva, Sarah or Rebecca

In the benign circle of stars

Inhabit my courtyard?


Today there arent more free streets

I can not show you

They are fill of misery, famine, selfishness

And gold is an ardent violence

Much power sowing death

And so much pain, here, inside me!


Lets return

Light over the Earth

In verbal emotion

And put to rest your feet

On my brisket


The time has come

Universal infinite love

Reached others frontiers

Harmonious echoes

Are smiling tous.


Susana Roberts

July 2nd-2010



To you Dr Leo and this group and your admirable work !!!!

With love and light from my heart to all!!


¡I give you Peace!
sigh deeply walls
in temples
while in the streets
fear and violence
wish to squash her away

¡Ah..¡ what pain
has my soul!

I go with her
to any direction
I do not leave her to agonize

thinks deeply, my brother
you are a freeman
I'm alone an instructor
of a noble dream

Do not suffocate her
the sky will spill itself
full in red
and children will die
without soak up
from her sap

Does not belong to God
coarse sewing fights
its time to turn pages of a psalm
to watch without offending
like this thirst burns
in the bosom of others

¡ Spokesmen do not end!

¡ I give you Peace!
Contemplate Peace!
Moderate Peace!

And though you have to proclaim per centuries

Do not stop to flee!
The sacred Peace from your skin

Susana Roberts-Argentina




Dear friends from harmony!

I like to inform you about the new translations of the GHA projects into 4 languages: Spanish, French, Romanian both Japanese, and their publications o­n our site Peace from Harmony. These projects are the following:

1.Global Harmony as Necessary Guarantor of Global Security and Nuclear Disarmament. Briefly: ANTINUCLEAR.

2.Harmonious Civilization Universal Declaration.


3.The international Contract of Global Harmony Treaty for Nuclear Disarmament.

Briefly: TREATY. (In the sum the length of these projects makes 34 pages).


Susana Roberts, GHA Honorary member from Argentina translated these projects into Spanish which are published to following addresses:

ANTINUCLEAR: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=es_c&key=93

DECLARATION: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=es_c&key=94

TREATY: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=es_c&key=95

Heli Habyarimana, GHA Honorary member from Rwanda translated these projects into French which are published to following addresses:

ANTINUCLEAR: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=fr_c&key=126

DECLARATION: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=fr_c&key=127

TREATY: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=fr_c&key=128


Tatomir Ion-Marius, GHA Honorary member from Romania translated these projects in the Romanian language which are published to following addresses:

ANTINUCLEAR: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=ro_c&key=4

DECLARATION: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=ro_c&key=5

TREATY: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=ro_c&key=6


Kae Morii, GHA Honorary member from Japan translated these projects in the Japanese language which are published to following addresses:

ANTINUCLEAR: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=jp_c&key=4 (it is still translated)

DECLARATION: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=jp_c&key=5

TREATY: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=jp_c&key=6


Susana, Heli, Tatomir and Kae by the translations of the GHA major projects brought the huge contribution to distribution of these peace and harmonious projects worldwide. Thanking their great work, these projects became accessible for the new hundreds millions people. GHA highly appreciates your translations and expresses warm gratitude for your great work which paves a way to the harmonious peace and a harmonious civilization o­n the Earth. This letter of thanks is published o­n personal pages in English and Russian languages to following addresses:


Susana Roberts:http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=314,


Heli Habyarimana: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=385,


Tatomir Ion-Marius:http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=313,


Kae Morii: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=431



On GHA behalf , I wish to our great translators of happiness, love and harmony in their life and creativity.
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA President,


A Place in the world

We build it all together


The time has arrived

in which every place of the planet

still remains with its prayer that died

inside the universe that remains

while a warm sermon murmurs pacifically

the masquerade of the infinite


This place in the world is everywhere

I have followed who sleep during pale nights

as a child hidden in the mist

with the blue sadness of the vervains in a poem

crying with me

the lips in sorrows falling down into

the holes of big landscapes


There is a time and place before

raising dawns o­n the earth

and the memory of the fire

come o­n from fields of mirrors

with children without hopscoch

and lovers sailing towards the death


This o­ne, is the just time

when seasons are gleaming

in different hemispheres

and sparks stay in hands

to sow and write the new time

on pages without number nor signatures

where flowers will be a song

and voices will be waters running

opening the chest of cities

with veins of the river showing to the field

where the roots are traveling and

nourishing the seasons.


Copyright -Susana Roberts-Argentina.




For those who try to spread Peace

In the World

Always will be there

theseempty impotent knots

in the ink of the bookseller

crying out for justice

tempting to theoblivions

they are doing traps in the border

of the loneliness and the world

they make a portrait to us slowly

like alms passengers

with desiring complaints

from a fragile light that scarcely appears


Since I was agirl I knew that the feather

and naked feet were talking to the earth

I tatto my skin to conquer the freezing pain of the soul

in the crowd I felt how the eyelids fell down

over the same dampness of the gatherings

And I suffered within the horror of many peoples


since then I understood that

the narrowness of minds were multiplying

andoverflies the miseries from the same place

thatgrass makesa reportfrom every point in the planet.


now harmonious dreams faces to the hard obedient plot of the paper

refracting beneficial light

that though it findshardto many people to understand

itwill be the spirit of kindness in expansion

or the sad luck ofhumanityin agony.

Copyright- Susana Roberts(Jul-8-09).


Dearest Leo, My Dears all,


This poem I made about an intimate complain for the people who suffer around the world, the abandon o­ne, the pours, from my inner place..I hope you can share with me,






I complain in the middle

of unpunished black clouds

that came from hell

with the ill-treating to the innocent

in the common and eternal spark

at the moment of departure.


I complain for those who are dying

in the tumultuous green lava and

in the gray edge of the mountain


I complain about the farce of the courageous,

of the celestial calmness of the prayers

they are burning the shoulders in constant defiance

like diffuse ethereal butterflies

finishing with the free warmth of the mornings


And there is a complaint masked in the

saltpeter of a cold circle in the bodies of poors

in the depth this suffer is in their chest

for their life and for their luck


this groan does not leave dying

the hope, the eloquence or the madness and

hearts staying in the stones


Today I dare to rinse my feet in intimate contact with the air

in the former aboriginal beaches and

in the blue backwater of the Universe's holes

to shelter a lake of sweet tenors

with moans that come from a west of flat grounds


In this way the wind remains disarmed

with the eyelids of every complaint in a weeping coffin


this groan is owed to the agitation of the silver light

from naked bodies without ashes

in the paths of the return.


Copyright-Susana Roberts-Argentina

June 26, 2009


Dearest Leo,


I dont want to add any commentary, Im sad for this news........ and it is and urgency we spread warm words to calm and educate this kind of souls.. and more often this kind of violence..

Hugs to all into the harmonious light in rescue to the innocents,





August 20-09, o­ne horrible news left me without breath: a 17-year-old girl cut in pieces her son, newborn child and ..


The Shout (1)


This girl will sail along bleeding and thirsty rivers

during her savage prank

she suffocated the springs origin.



I am sorry to say her that my shout

is crowned by the grey cold of this evening

and go o­n laying stretched by a long rope

Up to the child between the shades


If I feel this as a shout

In herself will be living

a weeping without redemption

Poorof her!

There never existed the light of her cradle


her soul stayed behind bars

Of the misery that consumes her


My hands split of droughts

It hurts to live in the semidarkness of a weeping

Without air, without fruits

Water that today is falling down from eyes

straight to hands

that don't give up to remain imploring



And then,.. to whom is important

the holes of soul?

itlooks like a heresy the news

to continue renouncing the owners of long cloaks

beasts that smell empty stations in the ardent granaries



It seemsthat the air is not educated

andbehavesbadly close to Sun

they finish early sprouted flowers



it will be a gale to quieten

andgive birth to a new cradle

from the open conscience of the same shout

before the chlorophyll will be eliminated

and itrises up absent twilights .


The Shout!!!!(2)


Mam ..why do you hurt me?

Why do you conceived me?

And now Im covered with blood

I were happy growing with the chain into your belly


Mam tell me what colour is the sky?

today is dark

and my head is blowing

there no air around

and my Dady ignore

theshape of my body

that have taken today between your hands


Mam why do you hurt me?

Why do you show me now

the brief world of your pain?


Mam why do you dont want

I breathe in freedom?

Is this an accident

and you are beating the blues?


Mam don't worry

I will ask for your Lord

take out your pain.

and restore your joy


Sorry, Mam I am delayed.

I cannot breath....



Susana Roberts....( 22 ago-09)




Susana Roberts


Midday's Message


Please my brother, bless the food of every day and do not waste it. There are many humand beings o­n the land that have any to eat, eat with moderation, take care of your organism, it is a machine and a good ,you must take care of for the most important mission in connection with your spiritual being.


Do not say prayers uselessly but with a constructive spiritual purpose with healthy and strong intentions towards other who is in need. Do not use the Bible or another book saint as a manual of calculations to anticipate events or to expect from it for miracles, do not labour saying that you are of o­ne or another religion as a fanatic, they all have his reason of being respected. Connect your words with your inner self and with the top light that inspires you to realizing the daily tasks achieving some changes in you.


Never discriminate a human being, a human attitude, a human work, expect and ponder, adjust your knowledge to the comprehension of their mistakes or virtues as your great work in the world, the way like others souls works could be as teachers, surgeons, employees, beggars, politicians, writers, artists, or pours unknown sleeping under cold newspapers in the corners of the street... They are all human beings!. We all have our mission, big or small, of our beings o­n the land. The important role of each human being is to be worthy; the important thing is that the human-being never stop to get harmony, the important in this present time is important, to discover and to nourish the essence of the being without leaving the light that was given to each of us from the birth


I see the serious human commanding situations in the planet, this serious conquest of the power , the big powers and corporations to dominate , afterwards, it will be the problem of the lack of water , the climatic changes, new virus mutants, we add more difficulties provoked by the man and the power,. Does it the crisis we all are living the o­nly way of reconstructing? .It will be important that the forming o­nes of culture for Peace are be ready to help whose stop concentrating selfishness and cooperate with this mission.. I feel that this time is a time of confrontation between the pernicious arms power in the o­ne hand, the individual and social violence increasing and the creation of groups of peace in growth in the other hand, in the middle of all this global crisis let's add up o­n the saucer of the scale to the growth strengthened of people who believes in the positive changes from the internal being, in the inspiring source of their daily works, in they who educate, who write, who report and are ready to expand their voices and actions, in this way the chaos, if it comes o­ne ,will be more attenuated.


Don't wait the life pass in front of the eyes for making a change .Time is fiercely agile and fatal, do not waste our history to be a complete harmonious human-being. Far time ago, in the year 1930 Martin Heidegger was leaving us these words:


"When the most isolated corner of the globe has been technically conquered and economically exploited; when any event is rapidly accessible in any place in any time; when the attempt could be experienced, simultaneously, to a king o­n France and a symphonic concert o­n Tokyo; when the time o­nly is a rapidity, instantaneous and simultaneity, whereas the temporary thing, understood like to happen historically, has disappeared of the existence of all the peoples or villages, then, exactly then, they will return to cross all this words as ghosts and the questions: why?, towards where?, and later what?"


These my words of midday add to a brief meeting with you, my brother in any place of the globe you are, where the relic of a prayer continue joining invisible bridges of love and human understanding building a new harmonious understanding in the fleeting space of the time.


I bless your existence and say prayers to your days.

My best wishes in the light of the human love and harmony.


Susana Roberts





Dearest Leo and Tholana and all,


I was with the press, and they have problems to include all the text I gave them to print, I would wish the name of all of you, and more explanations about Leo's project, but they said they havent enough space and they were working under pressure of strike.
Tatomir, if you want any copy I can send you.. till now, Im trying to promote this wonderful great project and I will continue.-

A big hug , best harmony wishes and all the light in the road blessing all of you in your daily work from this Argentina- Patagonia..

July 28, 2008

Dearest Leo,

I send you all my full admiration, all my support , from my place.
I was, I'm and I will be spreading you theory of tetrasociology, and the concept of harmony education , now the point is this education in the zone of conflict. In this case Ossetia and Abhkasia.
I send all my strength in this project. In the internal light of the harmony,

August 22, 2008



Susana Roberts


She was born in Cordoba(La Falda)-Argentina.She attended Elementary School and High School in Cordoba at Superior School Alejandro Carbo.She got a Literary Award -1969.She completed advanced English course at Academy Cultural Inglesa Cordoba.-Argentina. She became a student at Law school (Cba) for three years. Since 1975 she became a resident in Trelew(Ch) Patagonia Argentina starting in workshops relatives other arts like painting and dancing. At the same time she got married and devoted her time to bringing up her three children without any public activity.


Since 2001 she has been selected as a finalist in a number of poetry and writing contests:  Finalist in the International Anthology Parrafos sin Limites year 2004.

Finalist for the International Anthology Letras del Mundo 2005(Buenos Aires)-Argentina. Participant in National Anthology , E:C:A.Provincia del Chaco.  

Finalist Antologhy Poetas y Narradores 2005 P.House: Los Cuatro Vientos (Buenos Aires). Selected as contributor at the Estirpe magazine, P.House Aircampo ed.(Bs As).Finalist in the Anthology against every kind of violence: No more silent Cries Spoken VizionsEntertainment Group (USA) . Finalist in Ineditos 2005, Selection of CD, Aries recording and Iberoamican Institute.Member of The Cove /Rincón(Miami-Florida).Participant in the XXV World Congresss of Poets. Los Angeles- USA year 2005.


More Activities


Publication of the first book of Poetry: Rostros-Faces"año 2005./ some bilingual poems.

Special Mention National Contest SADE. R.S.Peña (Chaco)-Argentina.

Participant Anthology The Cove Rincón X anniversary. Miami. FL.

Participant in the Poetry Festival Gabriela Mistral y José Martí, año 2005. Valparaíso, Chile.

Partticipant in theInternational Festival Cataratas del Iguazú.año 2005.Misiones-Argentina.

Named distinguished visitor in the XIV National andXI International Meeting of writers and artists: "Luis Hernán Ramírez"-Tarapoto-Perú-2006.

Member of the Latin-American Association: : Poets of the World

Bilingual Member of MCA Poets and writers IFLAC-Argentina.

Member of The Cove Rincón", Miami Florida-USA

Delegada IFLAC Argentina en Trelew..

.Participant during The week of the International Stories (Patagonian Tales.)-La Zubia-Granada-Spain.

Participant of the International Dictionary of Art and Contemporanean Literature- Cordoba-Spain-2006

Participant in Anthology against the violence Final de Entrega- Cordoba-Spain-2006

Participant of the Anthology. W.A.A.C: (World Academy of Arts and Culture)-2006-Ulan Batur-Mongolia

Prize of HonourJunín País 2006- Junín-Argentina

Honour Mention Aries Editions-Junin-Argentina.

Participant of the Congress of Art and Culture of Globalization Buenos Aires-Argentina.

Participant of the National and Latin-American Congress of Culture and Poetry-Mar del Plata-Argentina- 2006.

Inauguration-Poem-The Immigrant Square of Immigrant-Union Beach-Patagonian-Chubut-Argentina-2006

Eisteddfod 2006- Festival of Wales Culture-2nd Mention- Prize Poets Crown-2006-Trelew-Chubut-Argentina

Mention-Prize Patagonian Contest- Petrol festival 13 December Association of Argentine.Writers (S.A.D.E)-C.Rivadavia-Chubut-Argentina.

Publicationsof Poems: in -EKAIKA-RASA- Magazine-(Taiwan-ROC), Poems of the World, magazine (Illinois-USA), in some web pages as Isla Negra-Italy-.Ave Viajera-Colombia. And others blogs.

May 16, 2007

HOMAGE TO FAMOUS POETESS THAT END TRAGICALLY THEIR LIVES WITH THE SUICIDE: Alfonsina Storni, Gabriela Mistral, Sylvia Plath, Alejandra Pizarnik, Delmira Agustini.


Morir es un arte como cualquier cosa, lo hago

Para sentirme hasta las heces- Lady Lazarus-Sylvia Plath (1932-1963)

Death is an art...I do it to feel myself reaching the shit.

Lady Lazarus-Sylvia Plath






Quiero asistirme I wish to attend myself

cuando mi vida se derramewhen my life over flow and

desplace esta lluvia de cordura push off this rain of prudence

con el enojo de los mareswhile seas anger

y la brisa friaand cold breeze wound my back

llague mis espaldasI wish to attend myself

quiero asistirmewhen spines from my childhood

cuando duelan las espinas de mi infanciahurt me

quiero asistirmeI wish to attend myself

cuando la muerte juegue al ajedrezwhendeathplayschess

y cabeceen los sueñosand dreams shake the head

en la sopa al mediodíainto the soup at noon

quiero asistirmeI wish to attend myself

cuando estatierra reclame su vientre when the earth claims its belly

y me tenga de una mano conjust in the moment a hand

la luz en la partidagives me the light of a farewell

cuando el sol me bese ywhenthesunkiss me

una llama me sostenga al otro ladoand flames hold me in the otherside

quiero asistirme I wish to attend myself

cuando me picoteen pájaros dueños de whenbirdspeckmywounds

todas mis heridas y los registrosandmemoriesbringme

me lleven a vivir de sobredosistolive in overdose

quiero asistirme en el silencioI wish to attend myself in silence

de este ruido sordo amarillentointo this deaf yellow noise

quiero asistirme cuandoI wish to attend myself

la monedawhen a coin

convierta las almas en ladrones change souls into thieves

cuando me quede huérfana whenI become as a orphan

desencajada del mundoand be distorted from the world

y conmigo la ternura I will remind with the same

esa misma que te habita... tenderness it is living inside you.

Susana Roberts (jun-7-07)



                                                                Susana Roberts


Love and defenceless children


Would be God's whims or riches men's whims that children are suffering the consequences of the actual social unbalance?

Would they been in mourning next millennium?

This Society doesnt look at children as individuals to express their rights with the adults partners in the role of the social life.

In Spanish the word: "infant"(small child) in Latin Catalan. means: "who doesnt speak". They live in silent. Children of the wars and hunger dont speak, dont cry: their voices will be buried in the anonymity.

Changes in the modern world: mass media informatics age, fall down of Berlin's walls, the Perestroika, AIDS campaigns, European Union, all spectacular changes but children education and communications are still weak. We need to change the way to treat them, to speak with them, may be a new way to love them.

Lack of food and water is increasing for them in many regions in the planet. Today Jul-16-07 news said: Children from Gaza and Zimbabwe need urgent help (ONU).Politic liders are confronting their interest and the humanitarian help is cut, so Unicef can send o­nly the 20 % in stuff and foods.

Actually in Argentina exists in some regions the labour exploitation in children under 14 years. This country has a long history in children exploitation in factories and farms and in the streets, It is said: from canillitas( newspaper boy) to canallas( rabbles), the same happens in others countries they are in the streets with drugs, although Institutions said all is under control, they couldnt put under control the sexual exploitation in the border with Brazil . Each 10 children 3 are in hard labours.

Far from here in Marruecos children of 7 are rented to be exploited as beggars in the streets, they cost 3 or 4 euros, they sell bijouterie, they clean shoes and are drug addicts.

Unicef informs that there are 100 millions of girls and boys in the streets, 40 millions live in Latin America, alcohol and drugs let them live far from cold, hunger, and solitude and close to malnutrition, depression, suicide and death. In Bolivia , Per , Ecuador and Brazil 20% under 14 years are working. In the frontier of Haiti children are exploited by traders and their parents get 60 or 80 dollars as a deal.

In Pakistan 95% of homeless children take drugs and they mutilate a piece of their body for begging or escape from the authority.


Will be they the future Gods or evils? all depends to whom we, the adults are giving the power today.(a political-economic liders, a chapter apart) In each home, It is time to take care of them and the quality of love we are giving not o­nly with words and fables, with our behaviors also.

I will share with you these verses from the poem Place Around by M.Cristina Azcona:


I think o­n so many babies

Who have never learn to smile

their happiness is frozen

because of hunger illness and war...

With love to children whenever they live and are suffering

with love and harmony to you

Susana Roberts.



My dearest Leo,

I send you here some of my words about Peace, if you can translate in Russian will be a great gift for me, I will keep your words as my friends' translation as we were o­nly o­ne in this expression my heart want to keep them during my life with your names also. Thank you from my soul.

Love and admiration to you

Susana Roberts


My words about Peace

Mantén encendida la llama interna de la Paz como compensación de todas las guerras, es un deber darla y recibirla.

Keep lit o­n the internal flame of Peace as a compensation for all wars, dont delay to give your hand or accept it in return.

Susana Roberts



Restez allumés sur la loi interne de la Paix comme une récompense à toute guerre, n'hésitez pas à donner votre main ou à accepter celle d'un autre en retour.


Suelo escuchar que de la Paz se ocupen otros, yo cuido mi terreno, les digo a ellos: Cuan estrecho es tu corazón.

I often hear people say Let others take care of Peace, I will take care of my soil. I tell them: How narrow your heart is

Susana Roberts


「人には平和を 自分は自分」と言われるのを私はよく耳にします。


J'entends souvent dire: "Les autres s'occupent de la Paix, moi je m'occupe de la terre" ; je vous dis: Comme votre cœur est étroit.

Todos los días vemos las dos caras del insulto: el Poder y la Pobreza, como vivir en Paz? y vencer esa batalla: La Injusticia Humana.

Everyday we see two faces of a big insult: Power and Poverty, How could we live in Peace? We should win the worst of battles: Human Injustice.

Susana Roberts

毎日、私たちはひどい侮辱の二面性に出会います。権力と貧困。どうして平和に暮らすことができるのでしょう? 私たちは闘争の酷さ、人間の不正に打ち勝つことができるはずです。


Tous les jours, o­n voit deux faces de l'insulte: le Pouvoir et la Pauvreté. Vomment vivre en Paix? et conquérir la plus grande bataille: l'Injustice Humaine?

Para obtener Paznecesitas ser un gran observador de la vida, sanar algunas miserias,cultivar el respeto,amar las diferencias y estar listo para darla con alegría a otras manos que circulen


To obtain Peace you need to be a good watcher of life, heal some miseries, cultivate respect, love differences and be ready to give with joy to other hands to circulate.

Susana Roberts



Pour obtenir la Paix, il faut être un bon observateur de la vie, guérir quelques misères, cultiver le respect, aimer les différences et être prêt à donner avec joie afin que les autres puissent le faire circuler.

La Paz es el alimento que nutre las familias y naciones, es como estar a salvo debajode un árbol frondoso, es necesario tener cuidarla antes que una brisa rompa sus ramas.

"Peace is the food that nourishes families and nations, it is like being safe under a leafy tree, It is necessary to take care of it before a breeze breaks its branches"

Susana Roberts




La Paix est la nourriture qui alimente les familles et les nations, c'est de se senit en sécurité sous les feuilles d'un arbre, il faut s'en occuperavant qu'un grand vent en brise les branches.

Translation in Japanese by Kae Morii

Translation in French by Claude Veziau

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About Argentine poet Leopold Lugones


We cannot forget this day June 13th as the days writer in Argentina. the anniversary of Leopold Lugones dates birth. He was a famous writer and journalist of the nineties, he left us thirty five plays and he was the promoter of a new generation of writers.


His most famous play:. The gauche war among others: The Cassandra tower, The angel of the shadow, Big Argentina, the payador, Sarmientos history, etc..He made a great role in the educational area. To his friend the poet Ruben Daro during his departure, he called: brother in the mystery of lyre. His plays remind in time and history of this country. During the Second World War and the new ideals made of him a very controversial man, although he was constantly in action. He was the founder of the Argentine Society of Writers (SADE). We have from him the legacy of his great plays; he was o­ne of the best writers and a central figure of Argentine Culture.


The aboriginal of the town who saw him to born used to say: Tinkunaku, a quiche word that means: united, that was what Lugones did, organizing social meetings, unite people, as writers are constantly joining words in poems, writings. We spend long time writing and re-writing, a poet is a big watcher of life, he communicates uses his words with magic making dialogues.

Each writer is unique, and his/her way of being and way of saying. As a person writes insolitude and chooses and plays with words, very often a writer cannot speak in the way he writes. Life looks like a game of contradictions, we are changing from o­ne side to another according to circumstances, so this is this union of writers, a union of sharing, of our different points of view, the o­ne that enrich us.


As a poet devotes long hours watching life around to continue being this: conversation-being thought by Heidegger.


From what place are the muses nourishing themselves?, then they visit us. Some of the muses stole the sorrow from Venus, and they introduced themselves inside lyric poetry.


It is trough the already written words and what still remains to be written, and from internal union from the Hades that encourages us to keep o­n being creators of words.


The writer and poets task is hard indeed, and even some people wonder, why do they exist? They spread culture, traditions, know ledges, and the way it is very respectable but little appreciated job.


Once the famous J.L.Borges was asked. Why does poetry exist? And he replied: Why do downs exist?.


May be it is a gift, a virtue, a mission. Lets go o­n trusting the words of the Earth. A. Einstein said: may be we cannot change the Universe structure, but by raising our voices we could help goodwill causes among people and peace o­n Earth.-

Susana Roberts



June 13, 2007



Meanwhile. In this south. During autumnひとつの秋に


I heard the voices like leaves      秋の葉の声を聞いた

They are the expected cloak      いつもの

In every time            外套を着ていたが

This Mays communion        この五月の

With rainy stages          雨の舞台でのふれあい

It rubs summer colors         思想の肌の下で

Below a skin of ideas         夏の色をこすり落としている

Here               今

The wind its gathering        風はあつまり

Decided stay quiet          静かにとどまることを決め

It takes off the sun it shades      太陽から遠ざかり影をつくる

Dress emblems o­n the coats      装いは上着で象徴し

Pile up greens and yellows in a plan   計画のなかに緑と黄色を積み上げる

The voices are tied in the nest      巣のなかの疲れた声

The shout between threads       いのちの叫び

Emancipate restrictions        奪われた自由を解放せよ


This war today            今日のこの戦争

With the wind shifting traps       罠を擦りつけた風とともに

The light put chain to the mist                ガイマン-シュブット-パタゴニア アルグの谷間の

Joining fertile soil          数多くの水晶の階段にある

Over the crystal of many steps      肥沃な土と交わる霧のなかに


Where leaves are building the bridge    その葉は

Of many seasons.            いくつもの季節に橋を架けている





Patagonia Argentina.

Translation by More Kae-Japan


May 29, 2007




The sun sinks  in the golden bay

On the coast

see lions make each other confidence

I smile to them

I feel alone, but no that much

because you are with me

In the other coast.



Hold me tight

Finding myself with your eyes

Is destiny, is shelter

All around is shinning

They are Lights of purity

Spreading Love

In the lines of my hands

I saw my brothers faces

My emotion cant resist

And you are holding me.



To Give


           My hand is trembling as a distracted cluster

on the grill of the poetry


it expands

for refrains of transparent Lights

and potters suns


traces of a town wake up

the sound of a furious animal was stolen

the satiety of the shark of the desert

saddlebags are chained to the clothes of sand

and the prayers melt to the belly of the wind



indoctrinated races

in theirlightedchrysanthemum

of habits and bells

support the thirst

of an oasis in extinction


the goats spread their milk

the tomorrows bread is kneaded

their souls are surrounded to the streets of anybody


the lack of water is multiplied

my sea is a spokesman of your desert

it fills my moons

with hanks of clouds

where to satiate the mouths

of so much non-liquidity


crests of sun break

in my knees

their clothes and groans

names and posters

where to add more thirst



tighten children of fairs

with eyes of pins

had endorsed names

to the parénquima of life

they stroll to the sound of humbleness


there are coercive chains

that interweave dimensions

seeds beats and humidity


if at least. withthishand
..today I could

embrace them and give


And give

..until my hand bleeds..


Susana Roberts



December 9, 2006





In honour to these Argentine mothers whose children disappeared under the military dictatorship between 1976-83.


En honor a las madres Argentinas de hijos desaparecidos durante la dictadura militar Entre los años 1976-83.


Des mères argentines dont les enfants o­nt disparu assassinè sous le dictature militaries des années 1976-83.




Las madres del dolor



La gran molestia se revela

Acarician la piel vencida

Son estampas de un tiempo

Recuerdos en vuelo

Mas de treinta mil

Se atrincheran con la brisa

Y se moja de frío

los pies de la equidad

Esa manía indestructible de

Apretar alas bestias

el conjuro de un duelo eterno

velas sedientas bajo la luz

consumen ilícitas piezas

de un pasado.



Mothers of Pain


The big nuisance is reveled

Handkerchief are begging

They caress the damaged skin

images of a past time memories

more than thirty thousand

Are flying


Mortify with the breeze

The trenches


Moist of cold

the feet of equity

that indestructible mania of

pressing the beast

the conspiracy in an eternal grief


thirsty candles under the light

are consuming illicit pieces of

the past.





Dearest Leo,


What wonderful man you are !!!..People like you and Ada is needing this world and I will be all my life at your side from this distance place , close in soul ( communicating with my small knowledge and work all the great job you are doing for each all human being in this world-I know this is a theory to need put in practice, and it isnt easy, but you are the creator I admire so much!!!! People need to change.. I was talking with close persons about it, I trust in your great job ..they pay attention but some of them said: Peace is impossible look around...Now is very difficult, I know, but someone need to put the first signal, the first seed.. and you have already done...


Dear Leo in a few days I will be out, but when I return I need to ask you if I can to resend some of your wonderful theory to some writers ...I know this book will be the best of my life I will have in my hands, I know also your hard work is made with all your love to change this humankind from the chaos, so it will be different that others books I have around, it will be my company among the light I begg and ask guide you from heaven, It and my heart bless you and your family at the same time,.

With deep Love,

respect and admiration,



Dr Leo, my work is an act of Love, no matter how small or important, doing it my inner discover how great is your work.. God bless you!!!!

April 17, 2007



Dear Leo,


Im grateful to you, you have trust in me the translation into Spanish of Magna Carta of Harmony for an Information Civilization.. A powerful document It will remain in the history.-


I hope you like the translation, I did all my best, day and night, and I made a careful revision of it...In the first page I have changed where you said 6 languages, I put 7, and I write in Spanish ...


All I have read here is a wonderful theory how our civilization could start doing the turn to the good ideals for the next generation.. It was amazing to share your ideal of Tetrasociology.--I hope so many people, the most high level read it and start taking notice that if all of us dont change all around, will be a real chaos... I admire your work so much!!! And I send you so many prayers and blessing , you are doing a noble big job for this and new generations.. I send you all my support from my soul !!!!.


With love and respect!!



April 13, 2007


Dearest Susana!


I can not hide my extreme admiration and surprise by your inspired and selfless work, when you for 5 days and nights have translated with English o­n Spanish the Magna Carta of Harmony text in 20 pages!!! It really heroic and sacred work with o­nes heart and full self-feedback to ideals of peace, love and harmony, to which devotes our Magna Carta. I kneel before your noble, sacred and devoted service to these ideals!!! You create the highest sample of total dedication to universal values of our global community "peacefromharmony" by your personal example!!!


Your creative and selfless work is the great contribution in a culture of harmonious peace and you are the CREATOR OF WORLD HARMONIOUS PEACE CULTURE o­n the full right. You sacrifice to peace the most expensive: your life time and health! I ask you to forgive my sin of doubt that you can make the translation to April 23 or in general. Therefore I have reduced a number of Magna Carta languages up to 6. And you for 5 days and nights have made the seventh language for it! You are the heroic woman deserving the highest praises!!! Your peacemaking heroism settles into us an insuperable faith in the statement of harmonious peace!!! Your peacemaking heroism strengthens us, inspires us, and gives us a new energy.


The huge thank you for your great vital act!!! I shall offer a date of April 13 as "Susana Roberts Day, Harmonious Peace Hero" in our Harmonious Era Calendar. I also shall offer you in our site Board as the highest sample of peacemaking, peaceservice and peacedevotion. I shall open o­n our site your personal page that you could and farther inspire us by your heroic enthusiasm of peacemaking!


In our community "peacefromharmony" exist many others excellent women and men similar to you: Ada Aharoni, Martha Ross DeWitt, Nina Goncharova, Reimon Bachika, Ammar Banni, Harold W. Becker,Renato Corsetti, Guy Crequie, Takis Ioannides, Jan Jacobsen, Abram Jusfin, Tatomir Ion-Marius, Dimitry Ivashintsov, John McConnell, Rudolf Siebert, David Stringer, Alexander Verbitsky, Claude Veziau, which together create the new sacred spirit of a culture of harmonious peace for the best world, for children and future generations.


With love and reverence before you,






Dearest Leo, Dear all,


Once more time you show me your goodness, your high quality of a great intelligent and necessary man in this world . your goodness with big and small persons like me is a clear example of equality among people where love and respect are working to make prosperous good persons in the future, you have said great words about me I dont know if I deserve, Im happy doing this work, I trust whole the principles you explain in the Magna Carta are possible if we start changing our, their/state( the state sphere) way of thinking....Im thankful to you, to all in this site, I trust that peace is possible, and with have the mission to spread it.


Things arent for nothing. This morning, very early, I watched two rainbow in the sky, I thought west and east are joining in a new faith, the harmony!!!...Your words later in the web, amazed me and give me warm, courage and tears, all the strenght I need to continous in this fight, my inside is claiming,like you and others with rich intelligent theories I cant do,but I feel as poet Im, come from the other side of the map. You a big peacemaker and all of you I embrace from my heart,in this new vision, a new state of thinking ..the best for our future children..they will be the makers of a new civilization in peace and harmony o­nly with good seeds we can give them.


My reverence to you and all the big people in this site working for peace and harmony in others levels!! Joy is in my heart and it embrace you all..I hope we will can see a clear brillant sky in a near future..


Lot of Love and admiration,



April 13, 2007



Dear Marta and Leo,


I admire so much all your work with the ten principles of the Charter, as the main introduction, they are very clear, it has the premises in the first page as a firm compromise to this process of Peace and Harmony.


In the way to help you with my small work and contribution with my writing about rights of children I made some changes and clean and check with some help, my English in it. Now Im sending it in a best way, I hope it could be good for you, I think It wouldnt need an extra revision.


All my Love and admiration to you from this southern place of the globe, feeling the Peace is possible when our work and faith is permanent. My soul embrace you during this Time and God bless you and your families.


Susana Roberts


April 8, 2007






When we see a baby in a cradle and the tenderness he inspires, and teenagers-like mine-with that hopelessness which hurts them and hurts us as well, living in this convulsive world ,a century with both development but obstacles, a world of technology and increasing moral and climate unbalance. We ask ourselves: What will happen to them?

Perhaps it will be possible to concentrate more deeply in true balance of main things, and fight for those changes internally, in order to favor the use not the abuse, concern and not indifference about what is going o­n inside a child, our internal child, the child we gave birth, the child who needs us. In some countries they are abandoned because they are easy target, they are even outraged and the evidence is always hidden.


During the Convention for rights of the children signed o­n November20th,the date when the Assembly approved the Declaration for Childrens Rights in 1959: Right to Education, Right to Identity and Family, Right to Participation, Right to Protection, Right to Good Health.


During the summit of the Millennium world leaders made eight objectives for the development of the Millennium, which include goals from reducing world poverty to a half, to stop in the spread of the AIDS virus and the attainment to universal elementary education up the year 2015. These principles are addresses to humankind, but mainly the childhood.


UNICEF and government and private organizations around the world are working hard to protect them, even so, we know that violence is much too frequently used against them, in all aspects of their lives. Everywhere are children abused, physically and psychically ill treated, suffering from Münchausen Syndrome, unfortunately usually hurt by those people who are in charge of their welfare and protection.


Children are the members of society with less capacity of self protection, children in schools, in orphanages, in streets, in war zones, in illegal detention areas, in labour camps, in factories.


This is a disturbing and persistent situation in several parts of the globe. I place myself very close to them from my very own childhood, so different, to give them Love, I want to cry out for their lives, and hold them in my arms: the children of Kenya (93% are orphans), devastated by AIDS, young immigrant expelled from the borders, children in prison in Paraguay, lashed in Arabia, those sentenced to death in Congo, those subjected to work and prostitution in Africa, Thailand, the children soldiers in Sri Lanka and Colombia.

Cases like this have happened and reported, in places where protection seems a hard and insufficient work in present times; we can see desolation and loneliness in devastated children. We live inside our family circles without showing our children those other defenseless kids.

We must get together and join these children, observe the look in their eyes, and how much they need us, no matter their races and traditions, they are also our children.


To you, my child

Hold your heavy load

Defeat the strength of the inertia

Come to sparkling dawn

And wait

Sit o­n the soft seat in the grass.


Susana Roberts

Poet and writer


April 8, 2007


Im Susana Roberts, the Argentinean poet that visited your school o­ne day of April 2006 in Granada-Spain. Ive had news from your teacher about your next public appearance with your first book of poems. The presentation will take place in Ave Maria of San Isidro colleague. It will be a great moment of your life full of emotion and commotion, you became a writer! The faith in the words takes you through the paths of this worlds dialogues, to show, to give birth all that others cannot do, and your talent can do. Im motioned at the same time I know when I met you I discovered your steps will go o­n like a mission among others, as well as all of us are coming to do in this world. I firmly believe that people like us whose have the words in ours hands have to do the best from our inner without distinctions or differences, cose in the humility is the pleasure of big thingsin this child of losing eyes. As o­ne of your partners described you. in this poem I have here by my side, it makes me remember that wonderful day I lived in the school and Im still living with the flowers all the children delivered  in my hands with the meaning in their inside telling  me so many things, so I understand now why my soul from here is doing company for you shine sending you double my love and  good intentions along your way, it will be productive and in each word put a hope to help in o­ne way or in other to build a better world.

I wanted you send me your book. I leave here my address and my heart, my activity also with the children of the world. to whom I respect through you, all children are our future.

.don t stopfollow the flight of your soulcross the field of the existenceand there in calm make your heart takes a glance floating in the sea of the memory..and you proclaim warmly your experiences

Im sending you all my love from this Argentine southern, with admiration to you and your play...

Susana Roberts
June 1, 2007

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