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A NEW QUALITY OF THE FIGHT FOR PEACE: Are we true peacemakers or true militarists?

Are we true peacemakers or true militarists?


Dear Lana,


I quickly look through your numerous messages concerning bloodshed of Israelis and Palestinians. I ask you to forgive me, but let me to tell my opinion which, likely, will not pleasant you as well as much others. I many times expressed this opinion, let kindly to repeat it.


All of us: people, governments, leaders, newspapers, TV, teachers, students, etc. CONSTANTLY speak o­nLY about war. We voluntarily or not driven himself in a bloody hell of infinite war. We are its captives, hostages and victims. In this hell someone kills, someone dies, someone suffers, someone o­nly observes and argues, someone studies, someone teaches war and so o­n indefinitely. Children at schools study a history as the history o­nLY wars. Israel and Palestine are at enmity 60 years and they will be at enmity, at the SIMILAR status, 600 years or 6000 years, yet will not destroy each other.


To whom this closed military circle, a hell and a tunnel without light in the end is favorable? It is FAVORABLE o­nLY to MILITARISTS, o­nLY to WEAPONS INDUSTRY (Charles Mercieca). It is favorable that who receives the huge profits from war. All conversations o­n an armistice, cease-fire, etc. are o­nly a smoke screen, there is o­nly a break between bloodshed, and there is o­nly a preparation for new bloodshed.


From the point of view of true peace it is a senseless situation. True peace is not reached in war as it is not reached by eternal condemnation and a damnation of war, infinite resolutions and appeals to stop bloodshed, etc. True peace lays BEYOND and BEHIND their limits. It is reached OUTSIDE OF and BESIDES war: in absolutely OTHER plane, in OTHER direction and dimension.


The wise Chinese opened it in a policy of peace reunion with Taiwan o­n the basis of traditional culture of harmony. (Lana, you were o­ne of organizers of the first similar great cultural event in Beijing in 2007. Why you to not think of the second such event, or creation of Harmony Academy in China and Taiwan, than no to waste time and forces o­n empty conversations o­n bloodshed?) I ALWAYS SHALL SUPPORT AND DEVELOP o­nLY THIS WAY THROUGH CULTURE of HARMONY AND HARMONIOUS EDUCATION. And I shall NEVER participate any word, any finger, any minute of my life in a hell of war and bloodshed.

Therefore, I call and beg you and all: GO OUT FROM the HELL of WAR AND BLOODSHED! It does not deserve our time, forces, ideas and WASTE of a life.
Let's devote himself to CONSTRUCTIVE ACTIONS of CREATION of PEACE AND HARMONY THROUGH HARMONIOUS EDUCATION! It is WORTHY o­nly and o­nly it DESERVES our life, our time, our spirit etc. It demands many people, time, efforts, means, money, etc. Let's search these resources FOR true peace, to which o­nly harmonious education can result people and the humankind. Let's work o­n it instead of o­n war! Let's work o­n it in EACH country: in Israel and Palestine, China and Taiwan, India and Pakistan, Japan and China and so o­n worldwide. Why we so willingly and hazardously make common cause with militarists, we help to inflate in every way interethnic and interreligious fires and we endow the god of war everything instead of overlooking war and IT to sacrifice to peace and harmonious education, which conducts to a temple of the true peace. Let's come off low and brutal war, from senseless search right and guilty in it (in war ALL are wrong and guilty except for innocent children, women and old men.) and we shall raise in the ideas, mind and, the main thing, in affairs up to true peace, up to its embodiment in harmonious education.


Today TRUE PEACE CAN be EMBODIED o­nLY (I REPEAT: o­nLY) In HARMONIOUS EDUCATION of our CHILDREN AND YOUTH. o­nly harmonious, means, truly peace education and truly peace consciousness of new generations can be the SOLE GUARANTOR to eliminate a hell of warand bloodsheds o­n the Earth, the guarantor for true, harmonious, peace. Let's participate in the harmonious peace and education, instead of to boil in an eternal bloody hell of war!!!!!!!!


When we, peacemakers shall understand it??? And if we do not understand it, we are not peacemakers but usual militarists: «On your affairs we will know you». So WHO are we, dear ladies and gentlemen from the peace-making organizations: GHA, IAEWP and all others? We are true peacemakers or we are true militarists???? o­n what we work: o­n true peace or o­n war??? If we are the true peacemakers, instead of o­n whim, please, let's work o­n true peace, that today means to work o­n general harmonious education for new generations.


Are you ready to this? Who is ready to this, I call you to be united around of this educational project (WHPA), to join it by soul and ideas and actively to participate in it practically, daily, day after day. o­nly so peace-making movement will leave from military impasse, will overcome the own global crisis and will revive in the new quality adequate to the 21st century as the beginning of the Harmonious Era of Reasonable Humankind!!!


Peace through harmony!


Dr. Leo Semashko,


GHA President

January 13, 2009


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From: Lana Yang, lanayang@mac.com

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Sent: 13 января 2009 г., 7:06:37

Subject: Nanjing - a walled-in city where a massacre took place by the Japanese in 1937


Dear Charles, Leo and David,


We were in Beijing last year for the Peace Congress o­n July 7th, 2007,

on the 70th anniversary of the Japanese invasion into Beijing, they

claimed they had o­ne soldier missing.


Leo and David may remember the bridge that we walked o­n, where the

Japanese crossed to invade Beijing and the resistance took place by

the Chinese.


The Japanese successfully invaded into Beijing, then Shanghai,

Nanjing, etc, with the attempt to conquer the entire China.


The situation in Nanjing was something similar to Gaza because the

people in the ancient city of Nanjing which was walled-in, did not

have any way to escape.


A hour ago I just spoke o­n SKYPE to Andy Goldstein, a Jewish boy

currently doing business in Nanjing, China. I met him last year at

the Wharton PE Conference in Philadelphia.


Andy speaks fluent Manderin, and we enjoyed our discussions frequently.


We talked about Israeili's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's grandfather

was buried in Harbin, China, and his father grew up in China speaking



Andy then told me to watch this new movie called Nanjing, about the

Chinese massacred by the Japanese.


He said the Chinese do not talk about the Nanjing massacre as much as

the Jews about the Holocaust because of their cultural difference.


The ethnic Chinese in Nanjing are embarrassed about it, but not the

American Chinese (Iris Chang in San Francisco wrote the book "Rape of

Nanjing" then got so depressed and committed suicide).


here is the link:




Please click this link and read the story. It is somewhat similar to

the Gaza invasion.




Leo Semashko



Dear Peace from Harmony Members and Friends,


Today, September 21 is the International Day of Peace, established by the UN in 1981 with the amendment of 2001. This day is marked by all world peaceful people, who not o­nly congratulate each other o­n this holiday, but also they fight for peace or make peace. At the same time it is "the holiday with tears o­n eyes" for millions lost and perishing in wars. It is the day not o­nly of peace joy, but also anxiety for it, grief for its fragility and strengthening its defense or fight for it. All of us understand, that the fight for peace (or peacemaking) leaves to wish the best that its efficiency does not allow to ensure the true, indestructible peace till now. It lifts the fundamental question of quality of the fight for peace (or peacemaking), which rather pertinently to begin to discuss this day to think about it the next days. The peace day should not be the sole but each day of year. And how do it to make? Why the traditional fight for peace has not resulted in this? What its quality prevents to reach it? And what its quality will allow making each day of year as peace day in all our planet corners? Let's try to define and to compare traditional and new quality of the fight for peace. Let me to suggest you my vision of this question o­n 3 pages.


The traditional fight for peace has not prevented the 20thcentury to become the most bloody in a history and does not prevent humankind swiftly to near to self-destruction in the 21st century. It does not prevent a growth of the monstrous military charges, newest weapon of mass destruction, growth of the military-industrial complex, military science and engineering, military educational institutions etc. Traditional fight for peace, to a great regret, has not prevented the world, local and civil wars of the 20th century and does not prevent them in the 21st century. It does not prevent them and as mass movement and as efforts of the outstanding peacemakers: Leo Tolstoy, Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Schweitzer, Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Andrei Sakharov, Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Michael Gorbachevand all others, marked or not marked by the Nobel Peace Prize. It has not prevented in the beginning of the 21stcentury to grow stronger and to be distributed worldwide the plague of terrorism, including state, as the new and refined form of militarism. It does not prevent today, each day, including September 21, Peace Day, thousand people, including hundreds children, to perish in the Middle East and o­n Balkan, in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We can make a conclusion: the traditional fight for peace does not prevent militarization of all life and consciousness of people o­n the Earth.


Militarism as the fat cat Vaska from Kroulov’s Russian fable, listens peacemakers and eat, overeating more resources and devouring by the plentiful military charges. Militarism remains silent but strong, and peacemaking - noisy but weak. The military destruction threat for our children and grandchildren with the peace slogans o­n the parents lips steadily amplifies. The monstrous arsenal of the weapon should sometime fire. This sad conclusion is not a spoon of militaristic tar in a barrel of the world fight for peace o­n September 21, but ascertaining the real status quo. (Faster o­n the contrary: it is a spoon of peacemaking tar in a barrel of militaristic honey, in which we live.) The same conclusion we can make and concerning of an environment protection, sustainable development and ecological movement as a whole. Certainly, the achievement and merits of the fight for peace and ecology are incontestable, but they do not prevent growth and strengthening militarism. Why?


Because they do not touch upon that social order, FROM which the wars arise with necessity, and do not try to replace its by a NEW social order, FROM which is reproduced o­nly indestructible global world constantly.

The traditional fight for peace touches consequences instead of reason of wars. The traditional fight for peace is a fight with the phenomenon of war, but not with its source: the antagonistic and hostile order of an industrial civilization in any forms of capitalism and socialism that the 20th century proved convincingly. The traditional fight for peace is based o­n fear of war, instead the establishment of such order, which excludes war. Peace, from immemorial times of the most ancient civilizations up to the modern order of a disintegrating industrial civilization, always was o­nly ascertaining of fear of an attack of the different peoples against each other and enmity, growing o­n this ground. It is peace FROM war, or the military peace, i.e. peace, which occurs from war, from war fear and serves to war. The war machine works non-stop, at any peace, therefore war is permanent. But peace is interrupted. Fundamental principle of the military peace was formulated by the Roman empire 2000 back: "Want peace: prepare for war".


This law rules humankind till now and end it is not visible. Such peace ALWAYS is preparation for war. Such peace is o­nLY break/respite between wars. Such peace EVERYWHERE is the strengthened production of arms, search of new kinds of the weapon, constant growth of the charges o­n the military purposes and constant preparation of the new generations, which do not know wars, to new wars. Such peace serves to war. In such peace o­n o­ne million military dollars accounts o­nly o­ne peace dollar, and o­n hundred thousand people engaged in armies and in preparation of war o­nly o­ne human purposefully working o­n peace accounts. Therefore the war remains more valuable and important for the people, than peace approximately in million times. Therefore, the peace from fear and enmity is o­nly a form of war, its back. It is the FALSE peace. Its logic end is destruction of humankind from the refined weapon created within the framework of regular peace respite. The true peace, i.e. global, indestructible and eternal, can be never achieved o­n the basis of fear and enmity, FROM them. Therefore fight for similar peace is o­nly delay of humankind destruction but not extirpation of the disastrous reason. The fight for peace within the framework of a kept source of wars fully suits militarists. Such fight is not terrible for militarists; moreover, it serves to o­ne in the certain attitude. Their symbiosis is involved o­n a common basis of inviolability of the global order of enmity, therefore it not casual. Conservatism of traditional peacemaking also is not casual. It is not less military conservatism. Certainly, this peacemaking, at all its internal weakness, is necessary. Better something, than anything against war. But traditional peacemaking does not represent serious threat for militarism and for its unlimited growth. The present threat for it can represent other peacemaking, aspiring to other peace and o­n other basis.


The true, indestructible and global peace can be achieved o­nLY o­n a basis of the essentially new social order of harmony. It can be created o­nLY by universal harmonious classes of humankind. o­nLY these classes are capable to put o­n a place of fear and enmity of the peoples their harmony. o­nLY then humankind will establish true, global and indestructible, i.e. harmonious peace. It is the peace FROM harmony, instead peace from war. The fight for peace gets essentially new quality o­nLY then, when it becomes the fight for peace FROM harmony.


What idea and social preconditions for a new quality of the fight for peace? It is very briefly.


The idea of harmony and harmonious peace for the first time was stated in China by Confucius 2500 back. But this idea could not be realized neither in agrarian, nor in industrial societies. It finds the preconditions o­nly at a step of an information society and civilization. The idea of a harmonious peace culture was put forward for the first time by professor from Israel Ada Aharoni in 2000. This idea has received a scientific substantiation in tetrasociology of the social philosopher from Russia Dr Leo Semashko in 2002. This four-dimensional social theory for the first time allowed to open four universal harmonious classes of humankind, which title as "the sphere classes of harmony", as social base for the harmonious peace and harmonious global order. The idea of harmonious world order begins since 2005 develops o­n the international site "Peace from harmony" (www.peacefromharmony.org), which now unites more than 220 peacemakers and citizens of the world from 38 countries and is published in 17 languages. In October, 2006 China proclaims refusal from dictatorship of the proletariat and "building a harmonious society".


At all inevitable limitations China made main: it has put a beginning to practical transition of humankind to a harmonious civilization and harmonious global order, which necessary consequence is the harmonious universal peace. China gives humankind a global hope for such peace. In the beginning of 2007 the turn of humankind to a harmonious civilization found the first scientific understanding in the Magna Carta of Harmony (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=3) by 43 authors of the site "Peace from harmony" from 16 countries. All its authors share idea of harmonious peace in this or that measure and form that transforms their unity into a new community of harmony. It puts a beginning of a new global community of the world citizens recognizing "peace from harmony" or harmonious peace. This group for the first time embodies a new quality of the fight for peace and new peace culture: culture of harmonious peace.


Peace and peace culture FROM harmony is alternative to the modern military peace FROM fear and enmity of the peoples in a disintegrating industrial society in all its capitalist and socialist forms. As history shown, neither capitalism, nor socialism do not rescue from global, local and civil wars. From wars can rescue o­nly harmonious society, which is alternative both capitalism and socialism, keeping and synthesizing their advantages o­n the basis of social harmony of the sphere classes. Therefore a new quality of the fight for peace assumes not simply fight against war but fight for a new, harmonious society, which can reproduce o­nly peace, excepting the war question from humankind agenda. It is the fight for peace from harmony. It is a new quality of the fight for peace. If the quality of the traditional fight for peace can be qualified as industrial, keeping the internal hostile order of an industrial society, that the new quality of fight for peace is harmonious and harmonizing, directed o­n creation of a harmonious society. It excludes war in principle and by definition. At the same time they are interconnected. The new quality is prepared by old, grows from old, deepening and strengthening it, lifting it o­n a new qualitative level.


The fundamental attributes of new quality of the fight for peace:

1. Ultimate aim is harmonious peace and harmonious society as a source for such peace. Global movement "For social harmony in the world" expresses original form of the fight for harmonious peace. The new peacemaking rule is: "Want peace: create harmony", instead of old: "Want peace: prepare for war".

2. Culture of harmonious peace as alternative and development of modern military peace culture.

3. Children’s priority as replacement of a military-profitable priority.

4. Support o­n the sphere harmonious classes and appropriate social science: tetrasociology as the theory of social harmony arming these classes by harmonious consciousness.

5. Harmonious Era Calendar uniting all peoples and replacing modern calendars of separation, enmity and war.

6. Magna Carta of Harmony giving a scientific explanation for global transition of humankind from military civilizations to a harmonious civilization, from military peace to harmonious peace excluding wars.

7. Harmonious education of rising generations as alternative to modern militaristic education. (One of examples of harmonious education is my lecture course "Culture of harmonious peace", which I offer to universities of the world. Unfortunately, anybody from them has not become interested in this course while).

8. Support of all the states, capitalist or socialist, which pass to a way of building harmonious society and also any organizations, groups and communities, sharing value of social harmony and harmonious peace.


All listed characteristics of new quality of the fight for peace and new peacemaking are submitted o­n the site "Peace from harmony" in more details.


For discussion this question the appropriate page "1-14-10. A new quality of the fight for peace" o­n the site is open, o­n which all responses o­n this theme will be published. (This text is sent also o­n sites: http://www.unmeditation.org/ and http://www.free-press-release.com/)


Dr Leo Semashko,

«Peace from Harmony» Site Founder and President

September 21, 2007.


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