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Leo Semashko. Global Democracy of SPHERONS. Manifesto of Spheral Democracy

9. Global Democracy of SPHERONS: Main Institute of Peace Policy*
Leo Semashko

Everyone knows the famous phrase of Churchill o­n democracy: "Democracy is the worst form of government but nothing better than humanity has not invented." Here we take a brief look o­n the o­ne hand, what's wrong with traditional democracy, why it degrades and becomes more militaristic, and o­n the other hand – what kind of democracy is the best of traditional and in root is the anti-war and peace-loving. We show here and throughout this book that GPS offers a better form of democracy as well as better social system than capitalism and socialism – that is harmonious form and system through discovered in it SPHERONS.

According to generally accepted popular opinion, the best is recognized western democracy, and o­ne of the best in it recognizes the most militaristic, American democracy. It attributed o­n the so-called "democracy index" to the category of "full" democracy, and Russia and many others to the category of "authoritarian regime." This is not surprising, because the "democracy index" was compiled by the same subjective pro-American methodology and an arbitrary point system completely anonymous experts [27; 28] alike "global peace index" discussed in chapter 3. Among the characteristics of a "full" democracy completely ignored the measure of its aggression and militarism, which at the USA is higher, as it is evident in its military dominance in the world (800 overseas military bases worldwide, the largest military budget, the largest military-industrial complex, etc.) and its continuous aggression. But some Western scholars pretend or naively believe for the sake of the interests of their masters, that militarism and its level have no relation to democracy and its level or have a minimal impact. o­nly 25 countries out of 167 have earned the qualification of "full" democracy. We would say that it is "full" for all its vices: militarism, corruption, inequality and nationalism.

Traditional democracy, o­n the USA example, has four genetic, ineradicable vices: militarism, corruption, inequality and nationalism or national priority of limited private interests. It is strongly supported by numerous American scientists, o­nly three articles which we published above. Old democracy through their vices becoming obsolete and compels us think about the new democracy, which will replace the dying American democracy. The new democracy must be free from militarism, corruption, inequality and nationalism at the expense of internal organizational resources that possessed spheral democracy or democracy SPHERONS disclosed below. The first flaw, which it should put an end – it is militarism.

           In the GPS methodology militarism and its level is crucial in assessing democracy, according to which all the traditional democracies assigned to the category of "militaristic" democracies that are not able or willing to seek peaceful solutions of acute conflicts and problems, preferring military power solutions. Of course, this rule is rare exceptions, which are analyzed in the following chapters, especially in chapter 10. The American "full" democracy, focusing o­n militarism, is hardly concerns (avoids and ignores) the issues of peace and together with them – children questions. This is evidenced by the fact that the USA cannot ratify since 1990 the UN Convention o­n the rights of children, but almost every year starts a new war and aggression in the world.

Chapter 9 is dedicated to the US "full" democracy in more detail, with all its "charms." Looking ahead, briefly list the most honest definition of "full" democracy: plutocracy, oligarchy, sunset, totalitarian democracy, democracy for the few [29], the "democratic despotism" and so o­n.

"Full" o­n the flaws of militarism, inequality, corruption and nationalism democracy requires the replacement of a new democracy free from these defects. This democracy we title "spheral democracy" or "democracy of SPHERONS." The need of spheral democracy is determined the appropriate spheral law formulated in Chapter 5. Its features as the institute of Global Peace are as follows.

            The first feature of the spheral democracy is the Montesquieu’s fundamental basis and main law of democracy, which does not execute any traditional (industrial) democracy today: "the firmness and prosperity of democracy always depend from the correct division o­n the classes of the population with the right to vote". This is "the basic law of Republic" [30, 171–172]. The GPS, which includes this law of Montesquieu, divides the population by the natural employment in the producing spheres o­n four classes – SPHERONS. This separation, o­n all grounds (see chap. 1), is the most correct, as it is objective and universal, so it provides a democracy not o­nly "firmness and prosperity" but also inseparable from them global peace, without which there can be its "firmness and prosperity." Traditional democracy, even the most "full", is devoid of any structured and constitutionally defined actors (classes of the population) of democracy, implying o­nly o­ne actor – the adult population as the people. Therefore, they are deprived of the fundamental law that provides firmness and prosperity of democracy – "the correct division o­n the classes of the population" o­n Montesquieu.

            The second feature of the spheral democracy is completeness as the coverage of the entire population, including minor children (from birth to 18 years, as determined by the UN), which had never been presented in the traditional militaristic democracy and which are suffering from wars more other groups. SPHERONS cover the entire population, including children, whose interests are priority for society. Therefore democracy of SPHERONS is a truly full democracy with a priority of children and women as natural peace-loving groups of the populations of any society. The parents realize representing interests of the children in it carried out primarily mothers, who are granted the right to vote for each of her minor child through the mechanism of children's suffrage (CSP – see above para 5.) Women and mothers with children make up a large part of the population of any society. They will provide in the spheral democracy the women priority in its management and the priority interests of children instead priority of war excluding it from the life of society. The priority of women in governance of society is provided by the constitutional guarantee to present 50% of the seats in all organs of power in spheral democracy.

            The third feature of the spheral democracy is equal distribution of power in all branches and bodies of governance between the four equally necessary (regardless of size) SPHERONS. To this corresponds the four-dimensional political and party system in different variants [31; 32; 33]. The real harmony and balance of SPHERONS will be reflected in a harmonious structure of their power and its equal distribution, which supposes the constitutional equal reserved seats for each SPHERON (for its elected representatives) at every level of government and in each of its branches. This mechanism requires a special study, design and practical testing. It eliminates and prevents any armed conflict between any of the groups in society as well as between the authority and the population and with other national states. Spheral democracy for the first time in history provides political, ruling equality of the population o­n criterion of SPHERONS, i.e. o­n the criterion of employment in manufacturing spheres as the most important quality of all people. Such an institutional division of powers into four equal parts provides spheral democracy with unshakable mechanism of its internal checks, balances and guards against all typical defects of traditional democracy: militarism, corruption, inequality and nationalism, with its impunity for crimes, oligarchic and/or tyrannical, totalitarian tendencies, and etc. It also provides the possibility of full participation of all citizens that is unheard for a dying democracy.

             The fourth feature of the spheral democracy is the built internally structural mechanism of harmonious/soft opposition of four SPHERONS acting o­n a principle: o­ne common goal of universal harmony but the different ways to achieve and develop it for every of four SPHERONS. (Remember, o­nly this goal provides global peace from harmony). This mechanism provides anti-totalitarian, anti-militarist and anti-corruption immunity of spheral democracy, about which cannot even dream any of forms of modern democracy.

             The fifth feature of the spheral of democracy is to take all (or the most important) decisions by majority votes of representatives of each SPHERON that, in fact, is spheral consensus or consensus of SPHERONS in the decision-making mechanism, which provides peace at all levels.

The sixth feature of the spheral democracy is mutual monitoring and control of each body and of each officer by the Joint Commissions at least two SPHERONS that virtually reduce to zero possibility of corruption and abuses in government. This mechanism of elections of power from each SPHERON and their internal equal, balanced four-dimensional structure, which provides full transparency of each spheral part of power for each and for all population together with the corresponding absolute control over their actions, especially for the distribution and spending of their budget financing – all this will eliminate the total corruption of all systems of government that reigned into all previous types of democracy.

             The seventh feature of the spheral democracy is full transparency of power and all state actions in all spheres and areas. Spheral democracy overrides all forms of secrets – commercial, banking, industrial, information and so o­n. It will be possible, naturally, o­nly when the process of general and complete disarmament will be finished. Then the institution of state secrets will be canceled. Traditional democracy under the cover of a thick veil of universal and impenetrable mysteries committed all the military, political, financial and commercial crimes, all the pyramids of corruption plunging the population into the ocean of total disinformation, ignorance, lies and deception, in which it is unable to make the right decision and in which it becomes easy toy to manipulate for ruling elites and classes. Spheral democracy replaces the criminal, militaristic and disharmonious ruling elites of the past democracies by the harmonious, peaceloving and transparent elites of SPHERONS.

The eighth feature of the spheral democracy is the value unity of authority and the people in harmony, which becomes a common goal and uniting force for all political parties, bodies, governments and all groups of the population as the conscious parts of SPHERONS. Therefore, it excludes the ever hostile political interests of various private elites, overcomes partiality and disharmony of traditional democracy, which is constantly degrading and eventually dies under the weight of integral problems that it cannot solve. Therefore, o­nly the spheral democracy can be an example, actor and guarantor of global peace as opposed to the traditional militaristic democracy, which is an example and actor of war. Spheral democracy serves to the maximization of social and individual harmony, rather than maximizing profits and wars as an industrial democracy. o­n the other hand, eventually, the above negative, evil qualities of traditional democracy transform it into an instrument not of national and anti-national government, no peace but militaristic governance, i.e. they convert democracy in the anti-democracy or "contra-democracy". They express total internal decomposition of mechanism of traditional democracy and require replacing it by mechanism of harmonious spheral democracy or democracy of SPHERONS as true democracy, free from its historical vices.

            The first real and conscious sprout of democracy of SPHERONS was "Faction of Spheral Democracy" created in 1992–1993 within the St. Petersburg City Parliament – Petro-Soviet under my leadership as elected by population member of this parliament [34; 35].

The listed eight features of the spheral democracy allow us to conclude that o­nly SPHERONS’ democracy can ensure global peace at all levels, the global policy of peace and the planetary, world order of peace. No o­ne past form of democracy, as history has shown many thousands of years, were unable to provide all of this for prosperity of all the Earth peoples and humanity in general.

            So if mankind needs global peace, it should establish the spheral democracy instead of the traditional, industrial and militaristic o­ne. This requires a huge and long work of a special international movement that will unite all democratic organizations, including peaceloving governments, of all countries for the sake of democracy renovation and its transformation from a militaristic, as the USA democracy, "stamping" as o­n a conveyor the endless wars (see Ch. 9), to peaceful and peace o­ne, the main agenda of which will be always peace, not war and weapons. These organizations create a single administrative authority in a democratic manner, for example, International Committee of Spheral Democracy. It organizes the financing of this movement and its various activities from the development of different options for legislation of this democracy, their experimental verification and lobbying in various countries to support it in the traditional international centers – the UN, BRICS, G20 and the like, if they are able to recognize the Spheral Democracy Institute.

              In Russia, for the purpose of testing different variants of spheral democracy during 2–4–6 years, could be defined, for example, four regions: Kaluga, Rostov, Orenburg, and Amur to find the most perfect forms of this democracy for different regions o­n the basis of which it would be possible to create o­ne project for Russia as a whole. The first necessary work within the framework of these projects is statistical study of the dynamics of spheral classes of the population, SPHERONS of these regions within a few decades o­n the pattern of research in Chapter 2. It is work for the Academy of Global Peace.

                Dr. Leo Semashko. Editor in Chief, Global Peace Science

* This article was published in the GHA book "Global Peace Science" by 174 coauthors from 34 countries. New Delhi, 2016, 616 pages/
Its PDF and HTML is here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585

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Leo Semashko. Manifesto of sphere democracy as harmonious democracy 


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