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Letters to Presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev

6. Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Global Harmony Association: Peace Comes from Harmony

Congratulations President Obama

On the Nobel Peace Prize:

You make global harmony a new priority of humanity!

By PhD Leo Semashko,

Dear President Obama,

The Global Harmony Association (GHA) shares opinion of that half of mankind which supports the decision of the Nobel Peace Committee to recognizeyou the Nobel Peace Laureate and warmly congratulates you with this award! In April 2009 wealready put forward this idea after your brilliant speech in Prague in which you had presented the Concept of nuclear disarmament for the first time in the world: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=369. You with your supporters understand well, that we should make many times more o­n this way, that this way o­nly at the beginning. Therefore the other half of mankind has doubts, and not withoutreason, that this way to world peace would be possible to pass, because there were so many unsuccessful attempts.

The GHA are sure, that the true peace can be reached by meansof new thinking and new value priority. Our confidence based o­n understanding of essentially new quality of your thinking, your hope and your “exceptional diplomatic efforts” for which you were recognized the Nobel Peace Laureate. This quality is defined by universal value of harmony, which you give a priority for the interconnected global mankind of the 21st century. In this quality we see your the most important merit, which is worthy the Nobel Peace Prize.

Albert Einstein told about problems of industrial civilization that these “problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them”. It means, that the industrial problems are insoluble within the industrial thinking. And all previous history had proved this before April 1, 2009 when you together with President Medvedev signed in London the Communique about nuclear disarmament. It clears the waysto a new harmonious civilization, and newharmonious thinking, and new harmonious history! It is connected with the fact that disarmament is impossible inan industrial civilization which works 100 %on war, enmity and arms. Disarmament is possible o­nly in a harmonious civilization which starts from disarmament. The GHA explained and defined these new historical trends of global harmony in the Harmonious Civilization Universal Declaration: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=375.

Your thinking and harmony priority allow of transforming into a reality the great dream of your compatriot Martin Luther King, Jr.: “We must shift the arms race into a peace race”. This race, as the unique saving race for humanity, is possible o­nly o­n the way of global harmony, which you have begun. We are sure in this. The other half of mankind will be step-by-step convinced in this in the process of the new achievements of the global harmony, which you have begun.

We are happy to open your page o­n our website “Peace from Harmony”: “Barack Obama. 2009 Nobel Peace Laureate and 21st Century Global Harmony Initiator”: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=378.


Yours: Leo Semashko

GHA President

St.-Petersburg, Russia 







Global Harmony Association (GHA)

July 29, 2009


His Excellency Barack Obama

President of the USA

SUBJECT: The GHA three Projects (in enclosure) in support and advancement of the American and Russian initiative of nuclear disarmament in a world civil society.


Dear Mr. President:

The GHA is honored to send you three collective projects devoted to the support and advancement of the remarkable American and Russian initiative of nuclear disarmament. The initiative is of historical significance in the sense that o­nly disarmament can begin the formation of a harmonious civilization and disarmament is possible o­nly in it. These mutually inclusive ideas have been the subject of discussion in our projects.

The first project, “Peace Culture through Harmony: Global Harmony as a Necessary Guarantor for World Security and Nuclear Disarmament” (17 pages), contains an analysis of the American concept of nuclear disarmament which you admirably presented in your speech in Prague o­n April 5, 2009. In support and advancement of your initiative we offer a number of measures, beginning with holding International Civil Congresses worldwide to raise world public consciousness. In that regard, we’ve conveyed our willingness through a letter, dated June 29, 2009, to the US Consulate General, Ms. Sheila S. Gwaltney in St. Petersburg, to hold the first Congress in the autumn 2009 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

We consider that the doctrine of global harmony or harmonious civilization can be the general basis and a precondition for the world nuclear disarmament. It is presented in the drafts of two fundamental documents:

  1. Harmonious Civilization Universal Declaration (8 pages)
  2. Global Harmony International Treaty for Nuclear Disarmament (4 pages)

We’ve also provided copies of the above three projects to President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia. We are confident that these documents serve the interests of both countries, the USA and Russia in the solution of nuclear disarmament. It is our sincere hope that you will consider them in the light of importance they deserve.

Very sincerely yours,


Laj Utreja, Ph.D., GHA Vice-president for the USA,

Add: 207 Veranda Drive, Madison, AL 35758; Email add: ish0001@aol.com


119200, Moscow, Г-200,

Smolenskay-Sennay Square, House 32/34

Phone: 244-16-06

09.10.2009 № 9076/dvbr






Dear Leo Semashko,


We thank you for your letter from July 27 of this year with the appendix of the “Global Harmony Association” three projects. The ideas stated in your documents have closely something in common with the Russian Federation President D.A.Medvedev’s statements for readiness of our country to move further o­n a way of nuclear disarmament and devotion to the purposes of the world free from this most killing weapon.

We plan to consider your argument in the further work o­n advancement of initiatives of President D.A.Medvedev in sphere of disarmament and control over arms.



Deputy Director

Department o­n Questions ofSignatureS.Koshelev

Security and Disarmament

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