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Glen Martin: World Constitution for Global Harmonious Civilization



President, World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), USA 

President, Institute o­n World Problems (IOWP)

Professor, Philosophy and Peace Studies, Radford University

Laureate, GUSI Peace Prize International
"The ABC of Harmony" coauthor:


In Russian: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=458

Brief Bio


Dr. Glen T. Martin is Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Radford University in Virginia and founder in 1994 of the Radford University program in Peace Studies, of which he is currently Chairperson. He is also President of the Radford University Chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). Since long before receiving his Ph.D. in philosophy from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, he was a conscientious objector to war and active in movements for peace and the transformation of our brutal and violent world order.Much of his writing and scholarship has centered around the interconnections between the spiritual and social-political dimensions of achieving peace and human liberation.

During his twenty-five years at Radford University, Dr. Martin has been active in both national and international work of philosophers focusing o­n issues of peace.Since 1996, he has been President of International Philosophers for Peace, an organization with members in 25 countries that works to promote the social, political, and economic conditions necessary for world peace

Since 1995, he has also been active in the movement to create non-military, democratic world government under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.In this capacity, he has been a member of the World Executive Council of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA, www.wcpa.biz) which coordinates a network of tens of thousands of people from 120 countries worldwide in their work toward these goals.On behalf of the Earth Federation Movement, Dr. Martin has traveled and lectured widely with respect to world peace and the need for democratic world government. Since December 2003, he has served as Secretary-General of WCPA.

Within this movement for world government under the Constitution, Dr. Martin is also a Professor and President of the Institute o­n World Problems (IOWP, www.worldproblems.net), holding seminars in different locations around the world to train future leaders to deal with global problems in the light of democratic world government.The Institute o­n World Problems serves as a think-tank and non-profit educational institution actively addressing world problems and helping build leadership skills for the Earth Federation.

Martin has published or edited seven books and many articles and reviews o­n a variety of topics in comparative philosophy, the spirituality of human liberation, economic democracy, and democratic world government.. He is a regular contributor of political editorials to various newspapers and newsletters.As a result of his scholarly and organizing activities, he has received several international awards for his work toward world peace, including the ISISAR Global Peace Award in Kolkata, India, in 2005 and the World Peace Award from the Office of the World Peace Envoy in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2007.His most recent book is Triumph of Civilization: Democracy, Nonviolence, and the Piloting of Spaceship Earth (2010)


A New UN?

WCPA President Calls For Earth Constitution

and World Parliament


Frustrated with the inability of the United Nations to resolve growing global crises, the President of the World Constitution & Parliament Association, Professor Glen Martin, issued a position paper which condemns the UN Security Council and the fatally flawed UN Charter.


The UN Charter according to Dr. Martin is an obstruction to world peace.The solution is to replace the UN Charter with the Earth Constitution which, he explains, would be the basis for a World Parliament and also provide world laws that can be enforced, unlike the current geopolitical system under the UN wherein leaders of powerful nations commit crimes with impunity.


WCPA members and ratifiers of the Earth Constitution are asked to bring to the public and media the message of the need to form a World Parliament now rather than waiting for a UN which is stuck in a governing structure that cannot bring peace or prosperity to the world community.


President Martin's WCPA vision for the future:


"The ratification of the Earth Constitution will integrate the top with the bottom of the world system. At present top and bottom are fragmented from o­ne another by the fractured world system. The global bankers, multinational corporations, military security complexes, and the superrich of the 1% now control the nations and economics of the world in their own interests.The people of Earth (especially the bottom 70-80 %) are cut off from the power of government designed to serve their needs and interests. Our needs and interests include our common human interests of sustainability, a protected environment, a peaceful world without war, education, healthcare, and reasonable prosperity."


"20th century science has shown that this world is a whole, that our planetary biosphere is a whole, and that humanity is a whole. (We are all 99.9% genetically identical.)We are o­ne humanity living o­n a fragile planet that is in great danger because it is not whole.Instead, it is fragmented into some 193 militarized sovereign entities who are ruled by their respective ruling classes and dominated by transnational corporate interests and global profit-oriented banking. The result are the global disasters that we see all around us.Wars, weapons of mass destruction, destabilization of whole countries by the CIA and other criminal organizations, everywhere debt of the poor to the superrich, everywhere corruption, bribery and graft. These are largely consequences of the fractured world system, not of any so-called corrupt human nature."


World Parliament to contain 1000 electoral districts


"The Constitution for the Federation of Earth establishes a World Parliament representing the people of Earth from 1000 electoral districts worldwide.There is today no legitimate top (government) for the Earth, o­nly the fragmented system run by and for the 1% that prevents a legitimate global public authority from emerging.By ratifying the Earth Constitution, the people of Earth create for themselves a holistic world system in which the top and the bottom (the vast majority) become integrated and harmonious.Government everywhere then begins to serve human interests and not purposes of the few."


"Are human rights being violated in Myamar, Israel-Palestine, or Saudi Arabia?The Earth Constitution prohibits this. Make this publicly clear. Is climate collapse proceeding unchecked?The Earth Constitution is designed to restore and protect our planetary biosphere.Tell the world this fact.Is war o­n the horizon between the U.S. and North Korea or Iran?The Earth Constitution is the standard for elimination both war and weapons of mass destruction. Make this clear o­n Facebook and elsewhere."


Let the public know what a difference the Earth Constitution could make


"By everywhere making the Earth Constitution the standard by which we evaluate the present failed world disorder, we raise it to a globally recognized authority with legitimacy and supremacy. Write letters to the editor, speak about this at meetings, write articles, give seminars, promote the Earth Constitution in every possible context."


"The 15th Session of the Provisional World Parliament is scheduled for December 2019 or January 2020. We must be serious about Provisional World Government. This must not be just another useless conference, but the emerging world government in action."


-- The above have been selected excerpts from President Glen T. Martin's WCPA position paper.


(Editor's note:Because the UN may be unable, or unwilling, to form an effective "new UN," the world community must proceed forward by concurrently establishing a new world organization parallel to, but independent of, the UN -- Earth Federation government under the Earth Constitution and World Parliament.)

-- R. Kotila, Ph.D.


The Earth Constitution for Global Peace of SPHERONS

In English: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=428
In Russian: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=458

Dear Glen.

Happy New Year to you and your new successes!

We know for a long time in the GHA your Earth Constitution and highly appreciate its peaceful aspiration. It is included in Global Peace Science (GPS) integrating all peacekeeping achievements, but in a new capacity of the Constitution of Global Peace SPHERONS: eternal harmonious classes of the population/humanity, which (SPHERONS) form its deep societal structure and constant social genome (http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf and GPS Primer for adults: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=423). o­nly in this quality your Constitution is able to become a reality and to find recognition of all nations and governments. Without a fundamental social foundation of the harmonious SPHERONS your Constitution is remaining an absolute utopia, as well as dozens of similar constitutions, since Kants genius Constitution over two centuries ago. Without a fundamental social base, they are nothing more than interesting fantasies, castles in the sand or air palaces. Without SPHERONS foundation your Constitution will die as well as others. o­nly o­n the SPHERONS basis it can survive and find acceptance, though not immediately but in the long run.

I wrote to you about this many times, but you have ignored all the scientific counter arguments and all offers of cooperation in scientific understanding for the social base of your Constitution. So I think your rapid activity to spread your utopian Constitution, devoid of scientific basis, is meaningless and deceptive non-critical audience. You promote it more than 20 years with a zero result and you will push it another 200 years with the same result without a fundamental social base. Without it, your Constitution is modeled o­n standard of "the most democratic American Constitution", which has been unable for more than two centuries, to ensure peace, justice and human rights in a country with 300 million of population. It works o­n the war and does not work for peace, and you offer it for 8 billion people, for humanity as a whole, the objective social structure and nature of which you do not know and do not want to know. In my opinion - it is irresponsible and unethical without such scientific knowledge. Your Constitution is o­n the formal, legal surface of society and powerless to penetrate into its deep structure to bear o­n it and to serve all people, not just to the richest 1% of the ruling elite, as in the USA. Your Constitution, without fundamental social pillar to all the population is actually limited o­nly by 1%, within which it has no future.

The lack of deep social base does not allow your Constitution, as well as the American, to overcome the four generic defects of traditional liberal democracy: militarism/terrorism, inequality, nationalism and corruption, degenerating into law of "totalitarian democracy" (William Engdahl) or "inverted totalitarianism" (Sheldon Wolin: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=424). o­nly spheral democracy or SPHERONS democracy is able to overcome these ineradicable vices of traditional democracy (ibid). We have repeatedly offered to you to combine the advantages of our GPS and your Constitution, but you have ignored this proposal, which is reflected in your destructive letter dated 28 May 2014 and published in GPS (op. Cit., Pp. 154-163). We are happy to cooperate and publish those supporters of your Constitution, which does not ignore our opinion and are willing to discuss common problems, such as Dr. Roger Kotila, who co-wrote the GPS (ibid 299-301) and other GHA projects (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=680).

You think your Constitution is absolute truth in the last instance, excluding any discussion and development, requiring o­nly universal acceptance and total ratification that is contrary to its democratic orientation and is utopian. It is closed to development. You are not able to post any critical opinions about it o­n your website. Our GPS is radically different from your Constitution; it is opened to criticism, development and integration with other ideas and projects, including your Constitution but in the updated content. We publish all opinions o­n GPS: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=598and http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=615.

But we remember since December 2011 your brilliant assessment of the GPS theoretical basis Tetrasociology, science of social harmony as "our new planetary paradigm, the fundamental revolution in science and paradigm shift in human consciousness" in The ABC of Harmony (http://peacefromharmony.org/file/6079/ABC_of_Harmony_eng.pdf,p 296, and o­n your personal page:. http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=428).You are wise to determine here your Constitution as "one fundamental aspect of the ascent to civilizational harmony [in which] the Constitution for the Federation of Earth provides a democratic and legal framework for the truth expressed by the ABC of Harmony", where the truth is SPHERONS.

Therefore, I like to invite you again, after almost three years, to cooperate and start it with the publication of our letters to our websites. I posted your letter o­n your personal page. Could you publish my response to your website? I am ready to publish all your critical and constructive articles in this area, because we are interested in the Global Peace Earth Constitution, which can be a real and useful for peace only o­n the scientific basis of the deep societal structure and its actors - SPHERONS ensuring perpetual global peace. No o­ne but them can provide it, so these actors should be by the Earth Constitution foundation that it will be a Peace Constitution not war Constitution as it is now and everywhere. We willbe to develop your Constitution in any case, but would like to do it together with you. Do you agree with that? We will be happy to reengage with you in this direction, which is vitally important for our mutually complementary projects of global peace.
Friendly with peace from harmony,

Dr. Leo Semashko

Dear CM Yogi and friends, Namaste,

In December, I was in Nepal for 9 days.The WCPA chapter there, which goes all the way back to the 1980s, has been reactivated by Sri M.B. Pradhan and a number of other prominent civil leaders in that country. While there, we visited four ex-prime ministers, a supreme court justice, and several other prominent politicians and government officials.We gave them all copies of the Earth Constitution and all of them agreed with this goal of joining the Earth together under a single democratic order that disarms the nations, protects universal human rights, and establishes environmental sustainability. The chapter there wants to make Nepal a model country and leader in the worldwide movement to ratify the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

We then brought in the new year with a 3 day WCPA conference in Pune, India, called Building the World Parliament, in which many prominent Indian and international activists met together to make India a global center of the movement to ratify the Earth Constitution and bring our endangered world forward to a democratic global order that can demilitarize the nations and give us a world of peace, justice and sustainability. This is the way forward for humanity.We invite all of you to join this exciting and fulfilling action-plan for creating a truly decent world system for all people and nations.
Happy New Year to you all,

Dr. Glen T. Martin

President, World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) www.worldparliament-gov.org

President, Institute o­n World Problems (IOWP) www.worldproblems.net

Professor, Philosophy and Peace Studies, Radford University www.radford.edu/gmartin

Laureate, GUSI Peace Prize International


Glen Martin


The ABC of Harmony and Our New Planetary Paradigm


The fundamental revolution in science and paradigm shift in human consciousness emerging from the most advanced thinking of the 20th century is expressed with great insight by Leo Semashko in his together the GHA coauthors ABC of Harmony. Nature and the cosmos have now been understood as an evolutionary upsurge of wholes within ever-greater wholes from the micro level to the totality of the cosmos. The ABC of Harmony draws upon this cosmic and o­ntological context to articulate schemata of human social and personal harmony capable of integrating human civilization into the deeper harmonies of the cosmic reality within which we are immersed.

The evolutionary upsurge within our holistic cosmos could and should animate human consciousness and society, but it is up to us to actualize this potentiality. As the ABC of Harmony puts this "All the necessary and sufficient elements of social harmony are completely created by society and depend o­nly from it as o­nly society creates for itself these preconditions." Human civilization, therefore, arising from our universal common humanity irrespective of particular differences, desperately needs this paradigm shift from fragmentation, conflict, and division to the integrated elements articulated in the ABC of Harmony. It is up to us, and a path to harmony and integration is laid out in this document.

One fundamental aspect of the ascent to civilizational harmony is the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. It provides a democratic and legal framework for the truth expressed by the ABC of Harmony that "people include all human beings from conception, irrespective of other qualities: gender, race, age, culture, religion, and so o­n." The Constitution constitutes a global social contract that guarantees rights and responsibilities for all, simply as human beings, to ecological integrity, peace, social justice, and the fundamental elements of civilizational harmony. In this respect it provides a necessary condition for the actualization of the paradigm of harmonious civilization outlined in the ABC of Harmony. The future of humanity and our precious planet Earth depend o­n our ability to accomplish this profound transformation of both consciousness and society from fragmentation and division to integration and harmony.

December 2011




Turning our Bleak Future into Real Hope and Action


Glen T. Martin

Where can we find a source of real, affirmative hope and vision within todays fractured and deranged world? The daily news appears to reveal o­nly hopelessness and despair. But a negative prognosis may well become a self-fulfilling prophesy in the direction of even further disaster, just as real vision and hope might become a self-fulfilling prophesy in the opposite direction. What is the news telling us today?


The banks in Cyprus, without the democratic consent of the people of Cyprus, have just now confiscated the savings of depositors.Cyprus was forced, against the will of its people, to do this in order to maintain the liquidity of the country through paying off the giant private banking concerns that fund the European monetary system. We knew the bankers were thieves, but this is truly a new low.


The news is now full of the new solution that the big private banks have come up with to continue filling the coffers of their investors: appropriate (i.e. steal) the savings of people from the banks when these banks need bailing out, perhaps turning the money into stocks that can entirely disappear with the collapse of the bank.According to Ellen H. Brown, author of Web of Debt, this solution can also happen in the U.S. or anywhere the private banks have control.She calls it a long-planned confiscation scheme. (www.webofdebt.com/articles/battleofcyprus.php) Even the FDIC, which supposedly protects individual savings accounts in U.S. banks up to $250,000 would not apply.As we sink further into the end of the capitalist post-war boom, the huge banking corporations that control politics and world governance are calling in every last exploitation card.


According to Asia Times correspondent Pepe Escobar, author of Globalistan: How the Globalized World Is Dissolving into Liquid War, the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) will be meeting this week in South Africa to discuss an alternative global economic arrangement that will abandon the U.S. dollar as a key international exchange currency, promote trade agreements among these five countries, and set up set up an international Bank of the South as an alternative to the Western dominated World Bank and IMF. This coalition, representing more than half the worlds population, might well marginalize the U.S. dollar and economy, leading to further rapid economic decline for the West.



In Rob Kalls Op Ed News interview with Paul Craig Roberts, author of the Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West, since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the development of high speed internet, the West has been gutted of its industrial base. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the development of a globalized economy beginning with the Clinton Administration, the manufacturing base within the U.S. was rapidly shifted overseas to places like China and India where labor costs were significantly cheaper.With the development of high-speed internet, even non-manufacturing, professional service jobs have been more and more outsourced to India and other foreign countries. Globalization has been a disaster for the economic well-being of the U.S., and for the ordinary citizens of most countries in the world.


Roberts sees no future for the U.S.He thinks we are washed up. He states:So the demand and use for the dollar is about to rapidly constrict.  We'll have a situation where the Feds are not o­nly creating a trillion new dollars more than the demand is growing, but the demand will be shrinking!  And so the thing will blow up.  And when the dollar bubble pops, so does the bond market bubble, the stock market bubble.  We will have the biggest economic catastrophe in the history of the world, and there is no solution.  The United States will go from being a so-called superpower to a nothing! (http://www.opednews.com/articles/4/Paul-Craig-Roberts-Transcr-by-Rob-Kall-130330-454.html)


The o­nly thing that is booming in the U.S. is the industrial-military complex, which makes a small elite very rich but is hardly sufficient to provide employment to the masses of citizens who are likely to rapidly sink into unemployment, poverty, and misery. As of 2011, the U.S. has spent 3.7 trillion o­n its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan alone. (http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/06/29/us-usa-war-idUSTRE75S25320110629) Chalmers Johnson, in his book, Dismantling the Empire, describes the massive militarism of the U.S. and the immense costs of maintaining more than 700 military bases worldwide. He argues that this militarism is bankrupting the country and that the o­nly way to avoid collapse is divestment of this vast system of military bases. The fact that the transnational corporations who control this militarism, in league with the Pentagon, have no intention of abandoning their cash cow seems to escape Johnson. The militarism is there for a reason: to promote the interests of the U.S. ruling class and prevent coalitions like BRICS from successfully undermining U.S. global hegemony.


Meanwhile, o­n top of the economic bad news, we have terrible news about our planetary environment. 27 of the worlds top ocean experts have made public an international report describing the unprecedented speed at which the worlds oceans are deteriorating. They report that coral reefs are dying, and biodiversity is rapidly declining with many invasive species; there are rapidly growing open-water dead zones, widespread depletion of the fish populations, and rapidly spreading toxic algae.(http://coastalcare.org/2011/06/the-speed-of-change-oceans-in-distress-an-international-report/)


This comes immediately after a January 2013, 1000 page report by 300 U.S. scientists, from both the private and governmental sectors, o­n the present and pending effects of climate crisis o­n the U.S. The future will be significantly hotter, drier, more disaster prone and may lead to epidemics, social unrest, shortages and disastrous storms throughout the U.S.This scientific community represents a compelling consensus of experts.

(http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2013/jan/11/climate-change-america-hotter-drier-disaster?amp;buffer_share=98d2f)The future looks bleak no matter how we assess our present situation of the Earth or within the U.S.The solution to our global problems is certainly not found in further nation-state rivalries and intrigues. If we want to survive and flourish, it clearly cannot be a matter of BRICS versus the West. Nor can it be merely a matter, as Roberts puts it in the above named interview, of merely maintaining the right balance between the power of government and the power of corporations.

Most people appear unable to imagine any force o­n Earth that might be more powerful than the bankers who now control the global economy or the militarized nation-states that jockey for position and ascendency through militarism or economic maneuvering. People today appear unable to imagine any institutions for the Earth other than globalized corporate capitalism and sovereign nation-state militarism (that could really overcome these forces).Yet many leading thinkers and activists have been doing just this since at least World War o­ne, when leaders of the Womens International League for Peace and Freedom, such as RosikaSchwimmer and Mary Georgia Lloyd, pointed out clearly that the system of sovereign nations was an unworkable war-system that needed to be replaced by an Earth Federation.


Since that time many thousands of world citizens have discussed, written, and finalized a document that could solve the problems of our planet in an integrated, practical, and efficient manner: the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. Thinker after thinker concerning the global issues that transcend the boundaries of all sovereign nation-states (global population explosion, resource depletion, militarism, environmental collapse, economic disparity, poverty, etc.) have pointed out that all these problems are interrelated and interdependent. We cannot solve the global economic problems without solving the immense waste of money and resources in global militarism, and we cannot direct resources into restoring and saving the environment as long as we waste trillions o­n global militarism. We cannot prevent deforestation and its horrible environmental consequencesas long as global poverty forces poor peopleto burn wood as cooking fuel. Compelling evidence of the interrelatedness of our global crises has continued to mount for more than half a century, but, still, the principle does not appear to sink in.


The Earth Constitution is a 30 page document that sets up a brilliantly conceived democratic world systemaddressing all these problems at o­nce, in an integrated and comprehensive fashion.There is simply no other alternative. Economic collapse can o­nly be prevented if a worldwide authority takes the power out of the hands of private bankers and regulates for the common good of the planet and its citizens. If even 5% of the thoughtful and articulate people of the world decided to unite behind this practical and simple solution, we could create a real future for our planet, whereas it appears now that we have no viable future.We could create the energy of real vision and hope, whereas it appears now that we have no vision and little hope.


Under the current global economic system, controlled by private banking corporations, and under the current system of sovereign militarized nation-states, none of these problems can be effectively addressed or solved.We are forced, despite ourselves, to look for an integrated, global democratic solution.That solution is readily available in the form of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, which can be found o­n many websites (e.g., www.worldproblems.net, www.worldparliament-gov.org), and has been translated into all the major languages of the world.If we stop thinking as parochial and Lilliputian citizens of fragmented nation-states, we can begin thinking as citizens of a democratic Earth Federation that, alone, has the enforceable democratic authority to control the bankers, demilitarize the nations, and establish a global peace system, justice system, and sustainability system.


Along with otherswithin the Earth Federation Movement going back at least a century, I have written a number of books presenting the philosophical, moral, and practical foundations for this paradigm shift that must happen if human beings are going to survive o­n this planet (and have an intact planet o­n which to survive).These include Ascent to Freedom (2008), Triumph of Civilization (2010), and The Earth Federation Movement (2011).Asolid groundwork of reasoning and justification is not lacking. As Paul Craig Roberts points out, economic globalization has been singularly destructive of the well-being of ordinary citizens worldwide. But what has not been globalized is a democratic force that can transform private corporations and militarized nation-states for the common good of the people of Earth.


The o­nly thing that appears to be lacking in politically aware people today is vision: the vision, will, and the discipline to think as a global citizen rather than parochiallynot to think like a flea but rather like an elephant.We need people to think big and who dream of real solutions, planetary solutions. We need a positive vision of integral human liberation that will become a self-fulfilling prophesy for human civilization.


The 13th session of the Provisional World Parliament is coming up in Lucknow, India, December 19-21, 2013. These Parliaments operate under the authority of Article 19 of the Earth Constitution.They are important historic, paradigm-shifting events. We invite all who have the vision and courage to think as global citizens, to think like elephants rather than fleas, to join us in transforming our world system to o­ne of peace, justice, and sustainability.It is surprisingly easy, it is exciting, and it is our o­nly serious option o­n this planet. We need to unite behind the vision of a global social contract, a real Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

March 2013


(Glen T. Martin is President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) and Professor of Philosophy at Radford University in Virginia.His website is www.radford.edu/gmartin.)


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Please find attached a copy of my new op-ed article about despair and hope in our time. It is being published o­n-line with OpEd News and Reader Supported News. In peace, Glen

Dr. Glen T. Martin

President, World Constitution and Parliament Assoc. (www.wcpa.biz)

President, Institute o­n World Problems (www.worldproblems.net)

Professor of Philosophy, Radford University (www.radford.edu/gmartin)


+ The path of our spiritual synthesis and integration


Dear Glen,

I was amazed at the wisdom of your short - 3 pages, but a deep and troubled paper for the future of humanity, despite the hopelessness of the world current situation.

Many thanks for this wonderful article, which I was happy to publish o­n your personal page here: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=428.

I invite all members and friends of GHA read it carefully - it has great spiritual significance for all of us. Importantly, it highlights the main way out of the world hopeless state. o­n this way I want to say specifically.

During the decades of your stubborn creativity you have created a brilliant world achievement - your "Constitution of the Earth." No less brilliant global achievements created by Dr. Norman Kurland - the theory of justice global economy; Dr. Bruce Cook - his book "
Harmony of Nations"; Dr. Kurt Johnson - his theory of Interspiritual Age of religions; the ABC of Harmony authors - the theory of a harmonious civilization and harmonious education. You have given this book the highest rating, you wrote: the ABC of Harmony is "Our New Planetary Paradigm, the fundamental revolution in science and paradigm shift in human consciousness" (The ABC, p. 296).

However, all these global achievements in various sectors for decades remain scattered and fragmented. It is clear that without the internal globalization, integration, and holistic harmony they will never find acceptance in a globalized world, which goes to a harmonious civilization and to internal harmonization of all its achievements in all fields. Their inner deep synthesis, integration and holism in harmony is now, in our era of globalization and harmonization, the first fundamental obstacle before global recognition of these achievements.

Therefore, each of us must now clearly understand that without the integration and synthesis with other achievements his personal and private achievement is doomed to oblivion and will be deprived of world recognition. Each of us is personally responsible for the lives of their own achievements through the synthesis with other achievements. Other way is not exist, and we have no choice. GHA is clear about this, therefore GHA is doing everything possible in this direction. But without you in this spiritual synthesis of our achievements, we are also weak as like every o­ne of you.

We need to realize that by o­ne we will never succeed, none of us, none of our brilliant achievements. Internal integration, synthesis and integrity - it is our destiny, from which we can not avoid, and which we should devote every day most of our time and effort.

the ABC of Harmony, the next attempt of synthesis of our achievements is the Center (School) of Interfaith Harmonious Education (CIHE): www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=561. Unfortunately, we do not see in it any part of Glenn, nor Norman. For example, Glenn, I invite you to write the CIHE curriculum for the course "The Constitution of the Earth for Interfaith Harmony", and Norman - "Just Economy for Interfaith Harmony." The CIHE project is open and we look forward to your participation in it with your learning course o­n your achievements. This is a very important step of the synthesis of our achievements in global problem of interfaith harmony, covering more than half of humanity if no in a whole.

The next attempt of synthesis - is Social Statistics Study (SSS), which we wrote and in which we also look forward to your participation. Thus, the fate of our life is the movement from our alienation and fragmentation to the synthesis and integrity in harmony. GHA calls o­n all of you to move together o­n this path, the single for our survival in this era of globalization, harmonization, global synthesis and integration. This is the most difficult way, but o­nly for us. We must learn to walk this route through our various joint works and projects.

We are waiting for your response to this call for synthesis and integration.

With love, best harmony wishes,


Dr Leo Semashko

GHA President





History and Significance of the Earth Constitution

Glen T. Martin


In 1958, an agreement to call a World Constitutional Convention was initiated by Philip Isely and others and circulated worldwide for signatures, with a request that both national governments and people of each country send delegates.From this call began a movement of world citizens from many countries to create a constitution for the Earth and initiate democratic world government.In 1968, a World constitutional Convention was held at Interlaken, Switzerland, with 200 peoples delegates from 27 countries.

During the next 8 years, with many international meetings, a strategy for Reclaiming Earth for Humanity was circulated and a drafting commission was chosen to write the Constitution according to the guidelines developed at the first World Constitutional Convention. This commission completed the first draft of the Earth Constitution in 1972. Between 1973 and 1975, the draft was finished, printed in 1974, and circulated worldwide for comment, together with the call to the second session of the World Constitutional Convention (now defined as the World Constituent Assembly) in 1977.

In June 1977, the second session of World Constituent Assembly was held in Innsbruck, Austria. The proposed Earth Constitution was debated paragraph by paragraph, amended, then adopted with 138 original signers from 25 countries and 6 continents.A worldwide call for ratification by the nations and peoples of Earth was issued.The Constitution was sent to U.N. General Assembly and to all national governments. The Third Session of World Constituent Assembly was held January 1979, in Colombo, Sri Lanka. In 1982 in Brighton, England, under Article 19 of the Constitution, the people of Earth begin holding sessions of the Provisional World Parliament.

The process of development of provisional world law had begun, continuing at the Second Session of the Provisional World Parliament in New Delhi, India, in 1985 and the Third Session in Miami Beach, Florida, in 1987. A Fourth Session of the World Constituent Assembly was held in Troia, Portugal, in 1991 that resulted in a number of minor changes in wording.During the course of its 33-year development, literally thousands of world citizens worked at developing the Earth Constitution in the form that we have it today. It is the o­nly world constitution in existence that has undergone such a rigorous process of democratic, participatory development.

Since 1982, the Provisional World Parliament has met at eleven times in different cities around the world. A substantial body of quality provisional world law has been created as a basis for a future world civilization of genuine peace, prosperity, and justice before for every citizen of our planet. At the same time, the worldwide campaign to ratify the Earth Constitution continues to grow. The Institute o­n World Problems was created in 2001 to work with WCPA and the Earth Federation Movement in this process of nonviolent transformation toward a decent, democratic, and sustainable future for our precious planet Earth.

The Constitution for the Federation of Earthmay well be the most important document of the 20th and 21st centuries. It is comparable in significance to the U.N.Universal Declaration of Human Rightsor the Charter for the International Criminal Court. However, unlike the latter documents, the Earth Constitutionwill be hailed as establishing the paradigm shiftthat made possible peace, justice, and environmentalsustainabilityfor the Earth. These latter documents appear among those representing the highest moral and legal thinking possible under the present world order dominated by the system of sovereign nation-statesfor well over four centuries. The Earth Constitution establishes the foundations of a transformed world order premised o­n the holismthat has been uncovered by every 20th century science from micro-physics to macro-physics to ecologyto systems theory to the basic social sciences.

When future historians consider the history of the 20th century, they will not o­nly see it as the century of global wars and mass exterminations, and they will not o­nly see it as the century that produced nuclear weaponsand delivery systems that could wipe out the human race, they also may well see it as the century that produced mankinds greatest hope in the form of the Earth Constitution. For the Earth Constitution embodies a true paradigm shiftfrom fragmentation and fragmented thinking to holistic thinking under the principle of unity in diversityinstitutionalized within planetary democratic government. It transforms the fragmentation of the modern world systeminto the holismthat will make possible the sustainable, peaceful flourishing of humankind for the next millennium. In the view of many, it represents the paradigm document for the third millennium.

Mahatma Gandhis dictum that all men are brothers does not merely betoken a moral ideal that informs our human situation. It expresses a reality, a fundamental truth of our planetary condition that must be actualized if we are to survive and flourish o­n our tiny Spaceship Earth. In the face of our present endangered future, and in the face of our incessant chaotic world of warand violence, our partiality for our own culture, race, nation, language, ethnicity, or tradition must give way to the universality of the most fundamental of all moral and existential principles: all human beingsare brothers and sisters.

The greatest foundation that this universal truth could possibly have would be embodiment within an Earth Constitutionthat legally establishes universal citizenship for all the people of Earth. Legal citizenship establishes equality, freedom, and responsibility for citizens to act for the common goodof society, the Earth, and future generations. The fundamental existential and moral truth of our planetary condition must be enshrined within the majesty of world law.

World peacethrough world law is a frequently heard maxim of world federalism. Its meaning is quite literal. There can be no peaceunless a peace systemis established for the world. Such a system has perhaps four most fundamental components: (1) it must involve enforceable world law, (2) this world law must be enforceable over individuals, (3) it must be democratically legislated by a world parliament, and (4) it must be part of a federal system in which governmental power resides o­n many levels from the local to the planetary levels. Vibrant democracy, legally empowering all persons as world citizens in equality, freedom, and responsibility, enshrined at all levels from local to global, actualizes the universal moral and existential truth at the heart of our situation. In doing so, it becomes the foundation of world peace with justice.

Each of these components is fundamental to democracy, and the chaos, corruption, and unending violenceof our world order stems most basically from lack of authentic democracy. Nations spend a large portion of their wealth militarizing themselves in order to confront a lawless and dangerous world. In doing so, they fail to address poverty, education, sanitation, healthcare, human rightsviolations, and other serious problems within their own borders.

When they do attempt to address these issues within their own borders, they soon come to understand that our present planetary monetary and political system prevents effective change within countries. These systems are predicated o­n the fragmentation of our human reality to the point where no part, within the fragmented world order, is capable of realizing the common goodof its citizens, let alone of the precious Earth, or future generations. The structural chaos of the present world systemitself prevents our highest human ideals from becoming actualized.

Global economic and structural conditions prevent fragmented nation-statesfrom creating a decent life for their citizens while simultaneously inhibiting effective united action to address climate crisis, rapidly depleting resources, massive poverty, weapons of mass destruction, international terrorism, and other planetary issues beyond the scope of individual nations. Immense debtstrangles even the so-called developed nations, yet there appears no way out of an economic system premised o­n crushing debt. Militarismdrains the wealth of most nations, yet there appears no option but to participate in a never-ending arms race to keep up with the latest technological developments in weapons within a dangerous world.

Global climate crisesand resource depletion meanwhile create ever-more scarcity of arable land, fresh water, ocean fisheries, and life-sustaining forests. Rainfall becomes erratic, regular seasons necessary to agriculture lose their reliability, desperate citizens become socially unstable and may resort to violence. Protection of human rightsand democratic governance becomes less and less tenable and possible. Universal surveillance and the national securitystateappear more and more necessary due to the social chaos engendered everywhere by the militarized fragmentation of the world systemin tandem with our disintegrating planetary ecosystem.

It is relatively meaningless to believe that something called international law can address the chaos, confusion, and endless wars generated by the present world system. You cannot govern the behavior of militarized collective entities called nations who see themselves as sovereign and therefore independent of any effective laws above themselves. You cannot address climate crisis, resource depletion, or proliferation of nuclear weaponsthrough a treaty system that is largely voluntary o­n the part of nations and from which they can withdraw at any time as their self-interest dictates or, within which, they can manipulate and interpret the agreement as their perceived self-interest dictates.

World peacethrough world lawnecessarily requires genuine planetary democracy. It necessarily requires that world law be enforceable over every individual by a civilian policeforce trained to follow due processand the protection of innocent bystanders. World peacecan o­nly be created through a democratic world parliamentlegislating o­n the basis of the common goodof people everywhere and dealing with planetary matters beyond the ability of individual nations to handle. Finally, world peace with justicecan o­nly be created through a federal system in which localities, regions, and nations share levels of sovereigntywith a world parliament representing the sovereignty of all the people who live upon the Earth.

Even though human beingshave been widely aware of the democratic idea since the 18th century, authentic planetary democracywould constitute a genuine paradigm shiftfrom a worldwide warsystemto a peacesystem. For planetary democracy under the Earth Constitutionestablishes a world order o­n the holistic principle of unity in diversity. The system of sovereign nation-statesis inherently fragmented, inherently incapable of uniting humanity. World peacewith justiceand sustainabilitycan o­nly flow from this principle of holismthat constitutes the fundamental discovery of every 20th century science.

The highest moral and legal thinking possible under the present fragmented world system, illustrated in the U.N.documents mentioned above, generates ideals in the service of a slow evolution of humankind toward a decent world order. Documents such as the charter of the International Criminal Courtor the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rightsdo not challenge the system of sovereign nation-statesthat blocks both peaceand genuine cooperation for dealing with global crises, nor do they challenge the global economic system of crushing debtand unlimited accumulations of private wealth that prevents human flourishing everywhere o­n Earth. The institutionalized structures of fragmentation turn human unity in diversityinto a set of mere ideals that ring of an impossible utopia.

Only the new paradigm of genuine planetary democracy, premised o­n a constitution that institutionalizes unity in diversitythrough effective world law, can transform our endangered planet before it is too late. We do not need ideals within a model of the slow evolution of hopelessly fragmented institutions. We need a genuine paradigm shiftthat places the fragmented institutions within a new set of premises that transforms and empowers them to become cooperating units within an authentic world peacesystem. o­nly within such a system can the moral and existential truth that all human beingsare brothers and sisters become a living reality enshrined in universal world citizenship.

The wonderful diversity of the worlds nations, religions, races, cultures, languages, and forms of life must be preserved and protected, and this diversity must govern itself democratically at the local and regional levels worldwide. But this can o­nly happen if there is genuine unity for the whole, premised o­n the dignity, freedom, and equalhuman rightsof people everywhere. In a world lacking such unity, the more powerful cultures, races, fragmented institutions, and political powers will simply overwhelm, digest, and assimilate genuine diversity.

Such a unity can o­nly derive from the concrete institutions spelled out in workable detail by the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. From within the chaos and apparent hopelessness of the 20th century, thousands of world citizens worked together to create that centurys most important document, a document founded o­n a new, holistic paradigm, showing the way forward to a peaceful and just human communityliving sustainably o­n our precious planet Earth.

May 12, 2010


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