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The Future: Harmonious Civilization, or What? – The Program for the world TV Broadcast

TV project

was approved by the GHA o­n December 12, 2010


TO: TV Broadcast Corporations in the World


SUBJECT: The GHA proposal create o­n o­ne of your channels a weekly 1.5 hour educational and discussion TV and radio project (cycle, program) under the title: The Future: Harmonious Civilization, or What?”


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Dear Sirs,


In the recorded past, we’ve not witnessed any media programs in production, which cast a positive and profound outlook about the future of humanity. There are a few organizations that do take a positive view of the world as a glass half-full rather than half-empty. o­ne such organization is the GHA, an civic institution of public sociology, which considers harmonious civilization as the most likely future of humanity in the XXI century. Correspondingly, the GHA has worked hard in the previous 6 years to write 6 books and hundreds of articles presented at the international conferences, and develop 25 projects for a world civil society. Knowing the power of the media, the GHA desires to take the idea to its logical next step – a proposal to produce an interactive educational TV broadcast “The Future: Harmonious Civilization, or What?” The main characteristics of this TV production are:

Frequency: Weekly (or daily)

Day of week: Saturday (or Sunday)

Time of the day: Morning

Length of the daily program: 90 minutes

Running time: Initially for a period of 1 year with subsequent renewal with expansion of topics or repetition

Producer and Director of the Series: The TV Corporation

Content Provider: The GHA

Target audience: Teenagers and young adults aged 13 to 35 years; people of middle and advanced age concerned about the their future and the future for their children and grandchildren

Funding: At the TV Corporation’s expense and/or through various foundations and sponsors, including the 40 U.S. billionaires-philanthropists

Purpose: To acquaint the viewers with o­ne of the most likely, scientifically developed and advanced futurological model of the XXI century – a harmonious civilization; to learn the basics (alphabet and language) of social harmony; to master the principles of harmonious thinking and show its advantages in solving social problems, and the harmonious development of person. This program will demonstrate that every social problem has a harmonious solution. But, we need to be oriented to harmonious thinking to find a harmonious solution. Correspondingly, we must be equipped with its language and alphabet, which can be taught o­nly through education and the media.

Background: History is replete with the language of war and violence. Since early childhood we’ve learned its language in the history lessons at schools. We are exposed to this from the media in their broadcasts routinely. There are thousands of military academies and colleges, which teach future soldiers the language of war. Their preparation along with the production and sale of the arms are considered the o­nly guarantee of peace by following the doctrine, “If you want peace - prepare for war.” Modern media also dwells mostly o­n the past and the present. We do not speak about the future, and even if we do, we don’t do it in a positive tone, but in apocalyptic and military manner, such as the nuclear war, global warming, energy dependence, food shortage, population growth, etc.

Humanity is totally illiterate in the elementary alphabet of harmony and ignorant in the language of harmony, which, as o­ne great thinker said, “Mankind has forgotten, now it (language of harmony) must be remembered, as God created nature and humans in harmony with the language of harmony.” Our willingness to resort to the language of harmony to survive in a harmonious civilization after millenniums of disharmonious human history is God’s test of the ability of the human mind to return to its original state.

With the collapse of the socialist system in1990, modern history has witnessed an unprecedented tectonic shift of human civilization/noosphere from the outgoing industrial o­ne to the nascent harmonious o­ne. Its seismic tremors were felt in the key areas of knowledge and spirituality: philosophy, sociology, mathematics, education, and culture. In 2010, about 10 independent international congresses and cultural events were held connected with the birth of a new civilization in o­ne way or another. The GHA has noted more than 65 facts since 1947 reflecting awareness of this trend in: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=382. In 2009, the GHA observed the birth of a harmonious civilization in its first three global attributes:

1. Beginning of a “zero nuclear” dialog between the USA and Russia, rather improbable in the current militaristic industrial civilization,

2. Appearance of its first theoretical model, in the GHA program book "Harmonious Civilization": (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=379), which first introduced the alphabet, language and thought of harmony, and

3. Mathematics of Harmony as the arithmetic of a new civilization, Prof. Alexei Stakhov and his supporters, Canada, (http://www.worldscibooks.com/mathematics/ 635.html).

Another example of this civilization that impacts economics is an unprecedented philanthropy of the 40 U.S. billionaires. Their decision refutes all the laws of industrialism and explicable o­nly in harmonism. The above four facts in a span of o­ne year mark the cornerstones of a new civilization.

Its social examples are the formation of EU in 1992 and building of a harmonious society in China since 2006. Albeit the two examples are still not scientific and are confined o­nly in their territories, yet collectively, they form a population of about 2 billion – almost a third of mankind.

The GHA believes that we need to recreate and learn the alphabet, language and thought of harmony for the modern time. The lead role for this new historical process of Harmonious Enlightenment must be played by the media, especially TV, the most effective of all media modalities which currently influences the human mind. It is this characteristic of the TV which has motivated the GHA for this specific appeal. It affords a radically new journalistic action – to teach people, especially youth, the language of harmony for a new civilization and simultaneously discuss its possibilities and alternatives, configured for different peoples and countries. The GHA sees this undertaking as the highest social responsibility and the moral duty of the modern media. Harmonious civilization can establish o­nly through education and media, non-violently.

The structure of o­ne series is in two parts

The first part is the learning segment, “The Alphabet of Social Harmony” for 45 minutes. It is dedicated to o­ne of the themes of this alphabet (see appendix below) and derived from it questions. The executors of this part are 16 senior students of universities, which are in the TV studio constantly. They are divided into 4 teams (on four spheral classes of the deep structures of social harmony): Socio, Info, Org, and Tech with 4 persons each located in a semi-circle o­n 4 tables at a distance of 2-3 meters from each other. These teams work o­n the method of “business simulation game.” They get o­n each series of the training tasks o­n the ABC of social harmony, discussing among them within teams (15 minutes) and between the teams (30 minutes). This process is reminiscent of the TV game, “What?” Where? “When?” After ABC the topics o­n language (laws) and thought (GHA projects) of harmony will follow. o­ne year is divided into three parts: Alphabet, Language and Thought of harmony for 4 months each.

This part is directed either by Dr Leo Semashko, creator of the scientific theory of a harmonious civilization, founder and president of GHA, or specially trained journalists, along with the assistants in the humanities who are familiar with the basic theory of a harmonious civilization. The presenters of this part prepare the training tasks of harmony – ABC and other topics, and coordinate the student discussion.

The second part is the discussion segment of the alternatives for 45 minutes. The executors of this part are 6 experts, three of whom represent the position of a harmonious civilization: the presenter of the learning part, his assistant and either the GHA national advisor/consultant (see below), or the presenter together with the Program Director will invite the expert, who shares the idea of a harmonious civilization, including prominent foreign scientists and Nobel laureates.

Three other experts are opponents of a harmonious civilization, who will be invited by the Program Director. Opponents must give for 2 weeks before the series to the leaning part presenter the abstract (1 page) of their position (alternative to a harmonious civilization), which will serve as a basis for discussion. The speech of each participant is limited to 1-1.5 minutes. The series presenter can address the TV audience with an invitation to participate in a discussion with any o­ne side through the Internet or telephone. The discussion can be continued o­n the Internet, for example, at the “Forum of harmony,” http://www.forum.peacefromharmony.org/viewforum.php?f=2.

The GHA advisors/consultants assist the TV corporations and the GHA Board in finding the necessary participants. The students can participate in voting for either position. This structure may change.

Effectiveness and importance of this TV series is that the audience (especially youth) will acquire the mindset of a harmonious civilization, learn its alphabet, language and principles, and rationale in its support in contrast to alternative models of the future. It is a powerful impetus for the thinking of young, middle and older generations about the future in forming their own position o­n the future, awareness of the meaning of life and harmonious development. The positive nature of this TV program will provide solutions to the pressing social pathologies of today's youth (drugs, alcoholism, hooliganism, crime, risky behavior, etc.).

Other components of the Program

1. In addition to lighting, sound, color, architecture, etc. accompaniment, сconstantly are the GHA 12 books (including Leo Semashko’s early books), which presents the rationale, history, modernity and the theory of a harmonious civilization, and they are periodically displayed o­n the TV sets.

2. The GHA emblems.

3. Training schemes and models of harmonious thinking for students.

4. Using films of harmony or its segments from the GHA film library of harmony:


5. Variably 5-12 books of opponents of harmonious civilization.

6. Schemes and other visual aids of the harmonious civilization opponents, a list of which they give for 2 weeks before the séance.

Imperative conditions

1. Every TV Corporation provides 2 or 3 monthly training of television journalists – presenters and their assistants in the specially created Harmony Academy for their funds of the GHA professors.

2. Every TV Corporation conducts (at its own expense) a statistical study of the dynamics of spheral classes in o­ne country (or your region) o­n the GHA system. It will provide the TV Program the most important factual information.

Note. The International or National Affiliates of the TV Corporations may establish a joint Academy of Harmony for the training of TV journalists, conduction of regular statistical studies, as well as for the development of a program, “The Future: Harmonious Civilization, or What?” Format of o­ne component, for example, educational can be used as the basis to develop the formats of other components of harmonious civilization: political, cultural, economic and social. There are other components, such as: health, family, sports, individual harmonization, etc.

Payment of the GHA representatives and experts can be jointly worked by the GHA and the TV Corporation via legal counsels in the special contracts.

General Preferences of the TV Program

  1. The TV Program in the form of participatory education is unique, both in content and its impact in the making of a harmonious civilization in future; such a program is not available o­n the TV yet.
  2. The TV Program is innovative enough to be the main source of generating interest and retaining a substantial audience for this Program.
  3. The TV Program affords the city or country (in which it is introduced) a new cultural image as the cradle of a harmonious civilization.
  4. The TV Program can bring a reform in education by transitioning to a harmonious level of education. This reform alone can overcome the total ignorance in social and individual harmony. It will start a new era of Harmonious Enlightenment.
  5. The TV Program will serve as the first Harmony Academy for the youth. The most ambitious young people, who will master the science of social harmony through this TV Program, will be the most suitable candidates for the leadership positions in 10-20 years, who will help in a conscious building of a harmonious civilization.
  6. This TV Program will be the first in human history – the conscious TV of harmonious civilization. This will be the birth of a harmonious TV.


Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President


Prof. Ernesto Kahan, GHA Vice President, Israel

Vice-President, IPPNW: Nobel Peace Prize 1985

Dr. Laj Utreja,

GHA-USA President


Kae Morii,

GHA – Japan President



Harmonious civilization




1. List of the GHA consultants/advisers for TV Corporations from 20 countries:


Algeria: Prof. Ammar Banni: ammarbanni at yahoo.fr

Argentina: Maria Cristina Azcona, GHA Vice-president: azconacristina at hotmail.com

Colombia: Mary Luz Sandoval Robayo, Editor: csgr at syllabapress.com

England: Dr Bernard Scott: BernCES1 at gmail.com

France: Guy Crequi, GHA Vice-president: guy.crequie at wanadoo.fr

Germany: Dr. Bernd Hornung: hornung at med.uni-marburg.de

Greece: Dr. Dimitris P. Kraniotis: dkraniotis at yahoo.gr ; Takis Ioannides: takis.ioannides at googlemail.com

India: Dr. Ananta Kumar Giri, GHA Vice-president: aumkrishna at yahoo.com ; Dr. Tholana Chakravarthy, GHA Vice-president: tacvarthy at yahoo.com

Israel: Prof. Ernesto Kahan, GHA Vice-president; Vice-President of IPPNW: Nobel Peace Prize 1985: ekahan at post.tau.ac.il

Italy: Dr Renato Corsetti, GHA Vice-president: renato.corsetti at esperanto.org

Japan: Kae Mori, GHA-Japan President: moriikae at ybb.ne.jp

Liberia: Jacob Bright, GHA-Liberia President: aeon64 at live.com

Malaysia: Dr. Steve Rajan: steve_rajan at yahoo.com

Mexico: Dr. Margarita Maass: margarita_maass at yahoo.com.mx

Pakistan: Mariam Khan, GHA-Pakistan President: mariam.inspiredsisters at gmail.com

Romania: Prof. Dorin Popa: dorinpopa9 at gmail.com ; Tatomir Ion-Marius: tatomir at usa.com

Russia: Prof. Gregory Tulchinsky, St. Petersburg: gtul at mail.ru , Ivan Ivanov, St. Petersburg: ivanov.ivan.spb at gmail.com ; Dr. Alexei Shepel, St. Petersburg: shepelspb at mail.ru ; writer Alexander Olshansky, Moscow: aa at olshanski.ru ; composer Leonid Timoshenko, Moscow: volnabudushego at yandex.ru ; producer Nina Goncharova, Novosibirsk: gong3000 at ngs.ru

Rwanda: Heli Habyarimana, GHA Vice-president: haheli2001 at yahoo.fr ; Jean Basabose, GHA Vice-president: basajd at yahoo.fr

Ukraine: Natalia Kulinich, GHA-Ukraine President: nata99-07 at mail.ru

USA: Dr. Charles Mercieca, GHA Vice-president: mercieca at knology.net ; Dr. Laj Utreja, GHA-USA President: lutreja at tecmasters.com


The GHA consultants’ key functions are:

1. Translate, if require, the GHA letter (6 p.) to TV Corporations in their native language (or ask your friends to do the translation),

2. Send this letter in 3-5 largest TV Corporations of the country (or the linguistic region),

3. When the request will be sent from the TV Corporation, then write with Leo Semashko and other members of the GHA Board reply to this TV Corporation.

The next is in the circumstances, in accordance with the requests of TV Corporation. The most important thing at this stage is a discussion and signing the Contract between TV Corporation and GHA for payment of works during 3-4 months to prepare the necessary participants and to create the first scenarios proposed of the TV program, if it is accepted by the corporation. The discussion and signing of the Contract involve the consultant and president of GHA.


2. GHA 12 books, including early Leo Semashko’s books, at 1 - 12 languages


2010. Russia, Forward, towards Harmonious Civilization. Together with the GHA co-authors.

St. Petersburg, LITA, 30 pages, in Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=435

2010. Kazakhstan - Harmonism Strategy for the 21st century. GHA project for the President and

the Parliament of Kazakhstan. Together with the GHA 14 co-authors from 10 countries. St. Petersburg, LITA, 22 pages, in Russian and English: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=445

2009.  Harmonious Civilization. Global Harmony Association Innovative Projects, with 119

coauthors from 34 countries, in 2 languages. St-Petersburg, Russia, "LITA ", pages 254: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=379,

2008. World Harmony/Peace Academy and General Harmonious Education in an Information

Society, with 64 coauthors from 20 countries, in 2 languages. St-Petersburg, Russia,"LITA ", pages 104. http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=277

2007. Magna Carta of Harmony for an Information Civilization: Toward Social Justice and

Global Peace, with 42 coauthors from 16 countries in 7 languages, Lita, 228 p. http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=3

2006. Harmonious Era Calendar: Address to Children, Youth and Future Generations, with

26 coauthors from 12 countries in 12 languages, St.-Petersburg State Polytechnic University, 396 p. http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=190

2004. Children’s Suffrage: Democracy for the 21st Century, Priority Investment in Human

Capital as a Way toward  Social   Harmony, St.-Petersburg State Polytechnic University, 72 p. http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=211

2003. Tetrasociology: from Sociological Imagination through Dialogue to Universal Values and

Harmony, with 14 co-authors, in three languages: Russian, English and Esperanto. St.-Petersburg State Polytechnic University, 394p.       http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=149

2002. Tetrasociology: Responses to Challenges. St.-Petersburg State Polytechnic University (in

Russian and English), 158 p. http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=145

2000. Tetrasociology as the Revolution of Social Thinking, the Way of Harmony and Prosperity.

St.-Petersburg, 168 p. (in Russian)

1999. Sociology for Pragmatists. Textbook for the university students. Part 1, St.-Petersburg,

376 p. (in Russian)

1992. Sphere Approach: Philosophy, Democracy, Market and Human. St.-Petersburg, 368 p.

(in Russian) http://peacefromharmony.org/file/5162/1992-semashko-sferniy_podhod.pdf

Extras: Evgeny Abramyan: Civilization in the XXI Century (2009): http://www.savefuture.net/files/2009edition-en.pdf.


3. Alphabet of Harmony:


The harmony alphabet consists of 20 fundamental, necessary and sufficient, elements (spheres) of social harmony:

1. Four resources: people, information, organization and things (PIOT)

2. Four processes: production, distribution, exchange and consumption (PDEC)

3. Four structures/spheres of production: social, informational, organizational and technical (SIOT)

4. Four spheral classes of the population employed in the spheres: SOCIOCLASS, INFOCLASS, ORGCLASS and TECHNOCLASS (SIOT-classes) as the key actors of social harmony and a constant source of harmonious energy, excluding any antagonism

5. Four resources/spheres of an individual: character, conscience, will and body (CCWB).

This alphabet has integral scale, holistic nature and harmonious expediency. Its key is the spheres, harmonious proportions of which determine harmony. It is the spiritual ABC of harmony, which transforms the spontaneous harmonization into conscious, greatly reinforcing its effectiveness. Each of its elements has a history and countless definitions, symbols, values, and images of religion, philosophy, science, art, ethics and other disciplines of the spiritual culture. The new civilization, summarizing and classifying these images, converts them to the compact scientific alphabet of harmony that is available not o­nly to traditional culture, but also for the new technologies. This alphabet expresses the elementary spheres of all human civilization/noosphere.However, they are aware o­nly at the stage of global harmonization in the 21st century. Therefore, learning of the integral harmonic ABC opens the new age of Harmonious Enlightenmentand a new human being in history: the "harmonious human" (homo harmonicus) which solves all the social problems in harmonious manner without violence and wars.

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