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"It is never too late for the world to be what it might have been".

One of my dreams has always been a powerful World Peace Culture Television by Satellite Network (WSPN). While most television channels are chiefly framed from the point of view and perspectives of men and with an agenda set by men, the "Women's Satellite Television Peace Network - WSPN," ," (if it is realized, with the help of powerful sponsors, such as UNESCO and the World Bank), would be framed by women and have an agenda set by women. Peace Is A Woman And A Mother (to look the Website's Page 25).

Women frame things differently than men do, and they are inclined to stress the human element, spiritual values and peace. Women share universal values: love of the family and our children, as well as the values of caring and sharing. These are the qualities and ethics that would govern the frame of reference and perspectives for choosing the issues for the WSPN's programs. They would all be relevant to the sustenance and flourishing of humankind and to the building of a better world beyond war.

While many television networks devote considerable resources to the covering of conflict, violence and war, there are relatively few peace programs o­n television dedicated to a systematic, sustained plan of action to provide meaningful and resourceful cultural programs to educate students, youth and children, teachers and leaders and the general public, in the principles and human values of peace, harmony and multiculturalism.

There are likewise almost no television peace programs from the serious and spiritual point of view of women. Society loses a great resource by not using the voices and qualities of women equally with those of men. Generations repeat the mistakes of former generations and conflict, violence, wars, and the recent disastrous phenomena of suicide bombings - become permanent facets of human societies. Most Television channels choose to constantly air homicide and murder films that have a negative and destructive influence o­n society, instead of programming and airing beautiful and exciting films about our own lives and about how we can solve our conflicts and create a world beyond war. The WSPN will aim at doing that, and it will function as preventive medicine to the possibility of more horrendous terrorist attacks like that of September 11 and the multiple horrendous suicide attacks in Israel. We will get at the young minds of future terrorist bombers, and those of their mothers, before the murderous poison of "Jihad" is insidiously poured into the cells of their brains and hearts.

The WSPN will develop and implement various programs o­n peace, women's and mothers' views, dialogues, personal stories, literature, poetry, music, dance, songs, films, and cultural peace education programs. These will be available in all parts of the world and for all segments of human society, with the aid of a powerful TV Satellite network.

Through in-depth, systematic and sustained programs of Culture and Education for Peace, and pluralistic international multicultural Forums for Literature and Culture programs, the paving of a global village beyond war, will be facilitated. Generations of women, children, and new leaders, will be equipped with the necessary values, insights and skills to decrease the occurrence of conflicts, and to prevent their descent into violence and war. The citizens of our global village will be able to absorb values and ideas from the WSPN, and to dedicate their talents and energies to the creation of a sustained and progressive culture of peace toward the building of a world beyond war we all aspire to.

One just needs to look inside to see the Universality of Humanity - and see that we are all the citizens of o­ne world. The garden of our world needs tending, as does the garden of our intellectual future.

Prof. Ada Aharoni, 30/December/2004 Founder & International President of IFLAC: The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace.

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