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Apostolos Paschos. Greek Poetry: Peace from Harmony

Dr. Apostolos Paschos

GHA Honorary Member
Global Peace Science coauthor

Global Peace Science Hero: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=697 



The world's Maecenas of Global Peace,

Dr. Apostolos John Paschos

Physician, Metsovo, Epirus, Greece

Donation to Global Peace Science book publication 2016 is 3000



Dear Leo,


This morning Apostolos left his last breath in my hug.

His funeral ceremony will be done tomorrow morning
in the cemetery of New Smyrna.


With Peace from Harmony

Takis Ioannides

November 22, 2016

Eternal memory to Dr. Dr. Apostolos John Paschos from Greece

Dear GHA members and friends:

Today, o­ne of our best friends, a great doctor and a great poet, selflessly devoted to peace from harmony - Dr. Dr. Apostolos John Paschos from Greece, from city METSOVON of EPIRUS died.

He is co-author of two books GHA: The ABC of Harmony (2012: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478)and Global Peace Science (2016: http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016 .pdf)and many global peace projects. He was a brilliant poet. Here is o­ne of his genius poems:


Harmony is like a true God,

The Creator of everything,

the best for every human

and philanthropy,

 Harmony is a measure of excellence

between God and His beings,

in the whole Universe and its parts,

through-out the a eons of creation,

Harmony is the Love of God

to His beings,

existing amongst

Gods faithful people,

Harmony comprises the celestial

Gods symphony for the human,

for His own glory,

and for humans spiritual evolution,

 Harmony consists of Gods analogy

to His children,

and constitutes Creators disposition,

for all human souls restoration.

 Written by Dr Nuclear Medicine Dr Pathology

Apostolos J. Paschos

Translation from Greek into English language

by Takis Ioannides


His great poems, dedicated to peace, love, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Russia, Susana Roberts, Takis Ioannides and others, as well as his great articles, photos and letters are published o­n his personal page: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=455. His most outstanding contributions are his poems, articles, and the biggest donation - more than 4 thousand dollars during two years for the publication and promotion of Global Peace Science. For this contribution he has o­nly been awarded the GHA Honorary Title "Maecenas of Global Peace" and the Honorary Title "Hero of Global Peace Science Hero: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=697. His unprecedented picture with this unique book was published o­n the GHA "Peace from Harmony Home Page website: http://peacefromharmony.org/#GPS-world-endorsement

Unfortunately, the best people leave this life first, the kindest, most sincere, most generous, because they selflessly give themselves and their lives to others and to the highest spiritual values ​​of harmony, peace, love, justice and fraternity. We are deeply shocked by the untimely death of Dr. Dr. Apostolos John Paschos. We deeply mourn the loss of this irreplaceable human. But we will keep forever the memory of him, he will live in our hearts, o­n our website and in our common immortal books: The ABC of Harmony and Global Peace Science with his name Dr. Dr. Apostolos John Paschos. We send our deepest condolences to his family, his relatives, friends and colleagues. We ask his closest friend Dr. Takis Ioannides read our letter tomorrow, at the farewell ceremony, if possible. We love, mourn and always remember our wonderful friend Dr. Dr. Apostolos John Paschos! Eternal memory to you! With Love and God!

On behalf of the GHA, Dr. Leo Semashko, Honorary President, Russia,


Dear Leo,

There are no photos. Apostolos asked me to perform his funeral as the simplest o­ne, without people, o­nly 9 persons, without photos. He was a real great spirit.  All these days I have to make a lot for him, his monument, ceremonies in the cemetery, after 3 days, after 9 days....  

I still cannot believe that he left in my hands in a moment. His heart stopped as he was speaking me. He was speaking about you with the best words, he was respecting you.

3 days after his death I represented him in the programmed Medical Seminar in the Academy of Athens "History of physiology since ancient years in Greece ", speaking for his work and mine after. We both were invited to participate. 

Please write something about his end in his page of GHA. 

Of course I shall send my contribution about Trump. I am too tired and full of sorrow. You understand me. Apostolos was a brother for me.

With peace from harmony, Takis

December 3, 2016

Ο αναγεννητής της Ιστορίας Ιατρικής είναι

ο Έλλην Γεώργιος Ιωάννου Ανδρούτσος Kαθηγητής


Ο γηγενής αναγεννητής της Ιστορίας της Ιατρικής,

είναι ο Έλλην αυτόχθων Γεώργιος Ιωάννου Ανδρούτσος Kαθηγητής,

πατρογονικός ημερών ιστορικός Ηγέτης,

και πρωτοπόρος Ιστορίας της Ιατρικής Εφέτης.


Θαυμάζει κανείς τάς ιστορικάς δεκατέσσερας ημερίδας,

και εξαιρέτωςγνωσιακάς διημερίδας,

όσον αφορά δε τάς διατριβάς,

είναι Ελλήνων νοηματικαί απ αρχάς.


Αγώνων, κόπων, μόχθων δεν φείδεται,

καιπάσης χρηματικής δαπάνης ούκ αίρεται,

και πώ, πο ποτε δέν επαίρεται,

μέ αυτό το μεγαλείον φέρεται.


Ο Γεώργιος Ιωάννου Ανδρούτσος Ελληνορθοδόξου αγωγής και παιδείας,

παραμένει στερρώς επί τής αληθείας,

νεώτεροι ιατροί έσται ιστορικώς λειτουργοί,

και πιστοί Ανδρούτσου πορείας αρωγοί.


Δρ Δρ Απόστολος Ιωάννου Πάσχος, ιατρός Παθολόγος - Πυρηνικός,
συγγραφεύς, ποιητής, ιστορικός. 25 Νοεμβρίου 2016 μ. Χ.

Dear Takis,
I am so sorry to hear that Dr Apostolos John Paschos has passed away.
He was a great leader and an inspiration for intellectuals and for us all.
Please give my sympathy to his family at this sad time.
best wishes
Ernesto Kahan
Prof. Emeritus Dr. Ernesto Kahan MD University Professor - Poet Physician
Tel Aviv University, Israel.
Academician - Real European Academy of Doctors
Academician - International Academy of Sciences, Technology, Education and Humanities (AICTEH) - Spain
1st Vice President - World Academy of Arts and Culture WAAC/WCP
Former Vice President of IPPNW (Association awarded the Nobel Peace Prize) and the actual president of the Israeli Branch
Albert Schweitzer Peace Award
Honorary President United Nations of Letters
Honorary President of SIPEA International Society of Poets Writers and Artists
National President of UMECEP (Unión Mundial de Escritores por la Cultura y la Ecología)
Vice President Intl Forum for Literature and Culture of Peace (IFLAC)
Israel President. Global Harmony Association (GHA)

Dear Takis,

My sincere condolences of the death of Dr. Apostolos John Paschos who dedicated his life for peace through his writings and acts. Greece and The world has really lost a symbol of tolerance. Love and peace.

Ammar Banni, Algeria



Dear Takis,

I am sincerely sorry, I address my truest condolences to you, and I take part in your sorrow, that of his family and friends. Cordially.

Guy CREQUIE. France



So sorry to hear this mews Dearest Takis!

My condolences to you and his family. Love

Susana Roberts, Argentine


Dear Takis,
I want to give my deep condolence o­n the death of Dr. Apostolos John Paschos who devoted his life for peace. May God grant you, his family, friends and Greece the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. May his soul rest in peace. Best wishes,
Ayo Amale, Ghana




Ανθέ Ηπείρου εβλάστησες Ορθόδοξος πυλώνας,

πιστόςΧριστού καθάριος κι αμόλυντος χιτώνας,

θεράπων, επιστήμονας, Ιατρικής καμάρι,

ο αρωγός κάθε φτωχού, εγκράτειας λεοντάρι,


ερευνητής που αγκάλιασε με θέρμη κάθε χώρο,

μ ευθύνη και συνείδηση στου τάλαντου το δώρο,

δημιουργεί ακάματος πνευματικά μνημεία,

που οδηγούν κάθε θνητό σε ιδανικά τοπία,

προσφέρει το απόσταγμα ψυχής και εμπειρίας,

την βιωμένη γνώση του,ζωής και αληθείας,

λαμπαδοφόρος του Φωτός κι Αγάπης μετά κόπου,

που αποτελούν πραγμάτωση ελεύθερου ανθρώπου,


για την Ειρήνη των εθνών, γι Αρετής το κλέος

βωμός αξιοπρέπειας κι ανδρείας θαρραλέος,

με πίστη πάντα στον Θεό και το Καλό πνοή του,

τιμά με έργα άξια κι αυτήν την ύπαρξή του,


ο ποιητής που μάχεται για αξιών μνηνεία,

για Παραδόσεις κι ιερά του έθνους μεγαλεία,

ο ιστορικός, ο στοχαστής, ο Έλλην που επιμένει,

που μάχεται και τον τιμά με ύμνους η Οικουμένη!


Παναγιώτης (Τάκης ) Δήμου Ιωαννίδης



 Devoted to Dr Dr Apostolos John Pascos

The Hellene Eagle of Epirous



Epiruss booming sprouted orthodox pillar

faithful Christ natty and undefiled tunic,

therapist, scientist, medical pride,

the helper of each poor man, continence lion,


the researcher who embraced with fervor every area,

with responsibility and conscience to given talent gift,

creates spiritual monuments tireless,

leading every mortal in ideal landscapes,



offers his soul and spirits experience,

his lifes knowledge via life and truth,

torch racer of Light and Love with toil,

which are the realization of the free man,


for the Peace of nations, and the glory of Virtue,

altar of dignity and bravery courageous,

with faith to God always and the Good as his breath,

honors with meritorious deeds, even his existence,


the poet who fights for monuments of values,

for Traditions and the holy glories of his nation,

the historian, the thinker, the Greek who insists,

battling and is honored with hymns by Ecumene!


By Panagiotis(Takis) Ioannides

11 December 2016


Dear Leo,


Last day in the ESTIA New Smyrna Foundation, in a special memorial ceremony, Dr Dr Apostolos J Paschos and Dr Panagiotis-Takis D. Ioannides spoke about the life and the important workof the national poet of Japan named Lefkadios Hern (Greek), Embassy of Japan was present.


With Peace from Harmony


Dr Dr Apostolos J Paschos

Dr Panagiotis-Takis D. Ioannides




The man blessed by God is working constantly for any humans o­n Planet Earth physical and healthy food locally,
with love, peace, harmony, universal quality of life and philanthropy.

Dr. Dr. Apostolos John Paschos


Dear Leo, please find below my poem for our countries Hellas and Russia.


ΕΛΛΑΣ και ΡΩΣΣΙΑ έτους 2016


Γηγενείς Έλληνες. Ρώσοι Ορθόδοξοι

συνέρχονται την Χριστού Ειρήνην, αγάπην αποδέχονται,

την συναλληλίαν, αρμονίαν, αλήθειαν δέχονται,

εις υγείαν, ποιότητα ζωής προσβλέπονται.


Τους διαχρονικούς δεσμούς φιλίας αναζητούν

μετά νοηματικής γνώσεως Ορθοδοξίας ζητούν,

προς αναγγένησιν της πάντα ομοφωνίας,

της φιλανθρώπου πορείας Θεού αρμονίας.


Οι κατ όνομα Έλληνες κυβερνώντες,

Την Νέαν Τάξιν Πραγμάτων ακολουθούντες,

καλούν τους Ρώσσους προς συζήτησιν,

και επανεβρίσκονται εις φαιδράν αναζήτησιν.


Οι Έλληνες εξουσιασταί εις μουσουλμανοποίησιν προσβλέπουν

και μείωσιν των Ελλήνων ορθοδόξων αποβλέπουν,

είναι ανόητοι, διότι υπάρχει η Πίστης Χριστού

βιωματική μετά προσευχής αεί αστού,


και μετανοίας ζωής νοηματικής

και εκκλησιασμού, ανατάσεως Θεού βιωματικής,

και των Ρώσσων Ορθοδόξων πιστών προσευχής Χριστού ομοδοξίαν.


Δρ Δρ Απόστολος Ιωάννου Πάσχος29 7 2016 μ. Χ.


HELLAS and RUSSIA year 2016


Native Hellenes and Russian Orthodox come together,

Jesus Christ's Peace and Love accept,

coordination, harmony and truth accept,

for health, quality of life look forward.


Looking the enduring bonds of friendship

with conceptual knowledge Orthodoxy seek,

the regeneration of eternal accord

the charity of Gods Harmony course.


The nominally Hellenes rulers

New World Order followers,

invite the Russians to discussion,

re-located to blithely search.


Hellenes rulers wish to make Hellas Mouslim,

and the reduction of the Hellenes Orthodox designed,

they are foolish because there is experiential Christ Faith

perpetual by prayer citizen,


and repentance intelligent life

and church attendance, lifting up Gods experience,

and Russian Orthodox prayer Christ believers identity of creed.


Dr Dr Apostolos John Paschos29/07/2016


With Peace from harmony and love

Dr Dr Apostlos John Paschos



Dear President Dr. Subhash Chandra, Dear Dr. Leo Semashko

please find attach my poems devoted to Dr. Susana Roberts and Dr. Panagiotis Dimou Ioannides, in both Hellenic and English languages.

Translations from Hellenic into English languages by Dr. Panagiotis Dimou Ioannides




Argentina native Gods Peace super fighter,

global peoples Harmony advocate,

where man land truths coordinator,

against wars and terrorism dreadful expressioner,


for God's people freedom rights,

personal, social, national, state,

where land peoples self-conscious intention,

domestic economic-convolution,


through primary production,

natural, healthy source products,

and not by the food code of

fraudulent New World Order.


By speech, writing struggling,

with like-minded fellows reigns,

for morality, for paedeia,

for Ecumenes quality of life and health.


She is the Republic Argentines Peace racer,

Harmonys globally carrier,

Dr Susana Roberts also as an author

Shows forth the Truth as a searchlight.

Dr Dr Apostolos John Paschos29 7 2016 a.C.




Αργεντινή γηγενής Θεού Ειρήνης υπεραγωνιστής,

Της ανθρώπων πάντων αρμονίας υπερασπιστής,

όπου γης ανθρώπου αληθείας συντονιστής,

κατά των πολέμων και τρομοκρατίας δεινός εκφραστής.


Δια ελευθερίαν άνθρωποι Θεού δικαιώματα,

προσωπικά, κοινωνικά, εθνικά, κρατικά,

όπου γης άνθρωποι ενσυνειδήτου βουλήσεως,

εγχωρίας οικονομοτεχνικής ανελίξεως.


Μέσω πρωτογενούς παραγωγής προϊόντων,

φυσικής, υγιεινής προελεύσεως παραπροϊόντων,

και ουχί δια του κώδικος τροφίμων

της δολομητικής Νέας Τάξεως Πραγμάτων.


Δια του λόγου, γραφής αγωνίζεται,

με ομόφρονας συνανθρώπους πολιτεύεται,

δια την ηθικήν, την παιδείαν,

ανά την Οικουμένην ποιότητα ζωής και υγείας.


Είναι της Δημοκρατίας Αργεντινής δρομεύς της Ειρήνης,

Αρμονίας κόσμου φορεύς,

Η Dr Susana Roberts και ως συγγραφεύς

Την αλήθειαν αναδεικνύει ως προβολεύς.


Δρ Δρ Απόστολος Ιωάννου Πάσχος29/07/ 2016 μ.Χ.


Panagiotis Dimou Ioannides


Panagiotis Dimou Ioannides is a Greek Native Race, Nation,

ancestral nation's historical running through,

athlete of the two thousand years Jesus Christ Faith,

in favor of God's Truth and warrior of Peace.


He is head of family ancestral Hellene Orthodox

universal health, quality of sacred structure life,

conscious touch free volition,

since the dawn of his life.


He is literary man, author, expert poet,

in cooperation with Dr. Leo Semashko and others co-founder

of Global Harmony Association plus members,

athlete of Gods Peace and Global Harmony.


Against the indecency New World Order,

the monster of underhand terrorism

and murderous economic incontinence of people,

nations, states of the world.


Nutritional people profiteering,

through the imminent global chicken-stupefaction government,

Panagiotis Dimou Ioannides faithful Gods Peace peaceful warrior is citizen.


Dr Dr Apostolos John Paschos29/07/2016


Ο Παναγιώτης Δήμου Ιωαννίδης


Ο Παναγιώτης Δήμου Ιωαννίδης είναι Έλλην Γηγενής Φυλής,

Γένους Πατρογονικού ιστορικού πορείας έθνους,

Της δισχιλιετούς Χριστού πίστεως αθλητής,

Υπέρ Θεού αληθείας, Ειρήνης αγωνιστής.


Είναι οικογενειάρχης Πατρώας Ελληνορθοδόξου

Υγείας καθολικής, ποιότητος ζωής ιερής δομής,

ενσυνειδήτου ελευθέρας βουλήσεως αφής,

από της ζωής του αυγής.


Είναι λογοτέχνης, συγγραφεύς, γνωσιακός ποιητής,

μετά του Dr Leo Semashko, ετέρων συνιδρυτής

του Global Harmony Association συν μελών,

αθλητήςτης Θεού Ειρήνης , Αρμονίας κόσμου.


Κατά της Νέας Τάξεως Πραγμάτων ακόσμου

του τέρατος της δολίας τρομοκρατίας

και δολοφονικής οικονομικής λαών ακρατείας,

ανθρώπων, εθνών, κρατών του κόσμου.


Διατροφικής ανθρώπων αισχροκέρδιας

μέσω επί θύραις Παγκοσμίου ορνθιποιήσεωςΚυβερνήσεως,

Ο Παναγιώτης Δήμου Ιωαννίδης, πιστός μαχητής Ειρήνης Θεού είναι αστός.


Δρος Δρος Αποστόλου Ιωάννου Πάσχου29 7 2016 μ.Χ.


with Peace from harmony and love

Dr. Dr. Apostolos John Paschos





The God Peace is gift to man where Earth,

to family, to society since their creation,

provides health and quality of life,

Love, humans contest since his appearance,


Its free conscious intention,

acceptance by citizens, willpower of nations,

Governors and rulers application

for harmony, dignity, freedom, universe momentum.


Its humans tool irresistible,

By where Earth citizens and nations irrefutable,

solidarity,mutual tackling life,

experience of harmony and Justice.


Peace is Science of truth,

literacy education globally,

Human society conscientious development,

production progress, economic development.


Peace is initial concern,

Universal health, beneficial quality of life,

of human, civil, society merit,

untouchable, governors conscious task command.


By Dr Dr Apostolos John Paschos, city of Metsovon, Greece

14 6 2016



 The man of Harmony and Peace Science is the Russian Leo Semashko,

striving for many years for the Global Peace,

never counting labors,

teaching the Harmony of nations and the Peace of States,


together with distinguished fellows of Harmony,

for the implementation of Global Society Peace,

nations, states, where land human,

under Leo Semashkos dawn of Global Harmony Association.


Experts poets of the truth and Peace of the world,

mental of the Peace Science of God,

join with Dr leo Semashko and strive together with him

for the implementation of the Global Peace,


with conscious free will

and pragmatic volition of a fair world,

as the rulers implement the Peace

and ensure the Universal Harmony.


People of Gods Peace awakened,

arise against the New Age,

resist against the New World Order,

follow the Russian Leo Semashko.

by Dr Dr Apostolos John Paschos 6 6 2016


Apostolos Paschos and Takis Ioannides





           Dr Dr Apostolos J. Paschos was born in the lands of Acropolis by the town of Metsovon of district Epirus of Greece. He is Greek Orthodox Christian who got the Greek-Orthodox education and nurture. He served his military duties as Reservist Officer of the Greek Army. He owns degree of the Medical Section of the National Kapodistria University of Athens. He possesses the specialties of Pathology and this of Nuclear Μedicine. He is superior degree Doctor of the Medical University of Athens and of the Medical University of Ioannina. He is writer, historical, poet, and researcher. Within the years of 1979, 1980,1981 every Saturday he was writing, taking care of and I pronouncing in the broadcasting of the Radio Station of city of Ioannina subjects, like, Health, Children, Culture, free of payment.

            He has given many lectures about the Greek Traditional diets, the smoking and the drugs. He has written and published 14 books about Medicine-Philosophy, Historical, Social and Poetic. He has written 186 scientific studies. 116 of them concern homodynamic the History of Medicine, which have been published via magazines and books and all have been announced in scientific congresses. He has published 10160 scientific articles, about Medicine, Health, Social, Political, Cultural, via the daily newspapers and magazines.

          He is member of 18 scientific societies, member of the International Society of Greek Writers and Arts, honorary member of the non-government society for the culture Argonauts. He member of the following Academies: International Academy Thea Athina, Accademia Del Fiorino, Accademia Ferdinandea, The New York Academy of sciences, Societa Storica Catenese. He has the Rank and the Title of Knight of Grace of Malta.

He has been awarded with the Golden medal of Honor for his total contribution to letters and culture by the Argonaftes, award of Journalists, 31 1st degree awards of Poetry, 21 awards with medals for his contribution to letters and culture, 62 Honorary Diplomas for his witting, his poetry and his social cultural activities.

Poems of him have been published via 4 Festival Anthologies of Poetry in the city of Thessaloniki. His poems about No more usage of drugs, have been made songs via cassettes o­n 1989, like his poems How, When, What, The Spring and the Greek mountain in years 2007 & 2008.

           The simple humans of the Greek countryside in the district of Hipiros in the year 1989 made traditional songs for him, the Humans and Doctor, and sign it daily to honor his contribution to humans in their medicine therapies, with no payment, for the poor humans. The song says among others Dr Paschos runs day nigh/ full of love and knowledge/ to cease the pain of humans/and cure them all/ -/ there is no other heart existing like Dr Paschos o­ne/ whose scientific knowledge is great/...


His site: http://paschosgr.multiply.com/




With sense speech and writing cognitive truth New Age is a terrorist around the world as the systematic o­ngoing economic murder of man in every land, and revealed by dynamic economic as killers of people covered by the sadistic Satanic New World Order and fraudulently presented as killers of people. The known and unknown economic assassins are saboteurs passionate materialists and atheists selfish Inhuman lords, rulers, governors and their experts followers exploiters who fraudulent are in silence as guilty.

This unholy abomination fraudulent guilty silence I attempt to reveal with evidence of the same economic killers of peoples, people of the earth to awaken, rise, awake, of every human resistance, citizen with intelligence and spirituality, pragmatic, before its too late and irreversible, because the times are dangerous, deceitful, dastardly, spoilers, destructive of the human race.

Among known and unknown economic killers of people is the American John Perkins, who in his book "confessions of an economic executer" mentions the companies, active to exploit oil, natural gas, in the World Bank and writes about himself, that he has worked with officials saboteurs of third countries rulers to enrich the United States of America, for the conquest of economic empire. From 1971 to 1981 he artfully systematically bribe as a consultant company officials, governments with financial loans to oil exploitation, gas with soft deceitful terms. In the Cyprus newspaper "Simerini" the notorious Perkins stated that the loan money was not used for economic development, creating social welfare projects, but ended up in the pockets of businessmen and rulers exploiters of the people, with result the countries to be unable to repay their loans, and immersed in enslavement.

What happens next?

One thing is certain and pragmatic, the end of the financial assassins peoples is coming with the immediate wake of the sign of conscious citizens, and conscious cognitive spiritual people where land, with a concord freewill clusters love coordination, and vigorous, dynamic, brave resistance of the earth people.


Dr Dr Apostolos John Paschos

City of Metsovon, Ipirus, Greece,

16 5 2016


Esteemed Dr Leo Semasko,

it's a great honor for me to be a member of your brilliant and so useful society GHA.
I shall contribute with my heart the Harmony of Hellenism.
With hamronious wishes and love
Dr Apostolhs J. Paschos



Harmony is like a true God,

The Creator of everything,

the best for every human

and philanthropy,


Harmony is a measure of excellence

between God and His beings,

in the whole Universe and its parts,

through-out the a eons of creation,


Harmony is the Love of God

to His beings,

existing amongst

Gods faithful people,


Harmony comprises the celestial

Gods symphony for the human,

for His own glory,

and for humans spiritual evolution,


Harmony consists of Gods analogy

to His children,

and constitutes Creators disposition,

for all human souls restoration.


Written by Dr Nuclear Medicine Dr Pathology

Apostolos J. Paschos

Translation from Greek into English language

by Takis Ioannides





Peace is,

Gods gift to human,

Human self lodging,

Humans soul creation,

Humans spirit work,


Peace is,

The love of family, The social concord,

Universe prosperity of civilization,

And ferocious enemy for every army,


Peace is,

Grandeur of soul,

and clamor of divine spirit disposition,

the creator of welfare, of goodness,

of beauty, of beauteous, of true,


Peace is,

The road of democracy,

And hostile of every dynasty,

Every plot, every colonialism,

And whoever tyranny,


Peace is,

The love of Nations,

the world harmony

against every giver insidious ruler,

and devils ruin.


By Dr Dr Apostolos J. Paschos

(Translation from Greek into English language by Takis Ioannides)





The two daughters of Japan,

Of native land of dawn,

Of well-governed and great deed

Were envied by the warlike,


Of the American materialistic authority,

Who by using two awful bombs

Tried to punish unjustly,

And illegally to ruin,


Thus they became martyrs

Of the malice of the scientists,

Of the frantic dominates and conceited,

of the inhuman power,


the sacrifice of thousands

of unarmed humans,

demands the PEACE of Nations,

their realist solidarity,

the effacement of nuclear weapons,



Here is the universal memorial

Festival of substance,

Of the two cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki,

As the ecumenical voice of truth,

And of the divine universal soul.


By Dr Dr Apostolos J. Paschos

(Translation from Greek into English language by Takis Ioannides)





By Dr Apostolos John Paschos


The indigenous Greeks, who were educated with the Greek culture and education via centuries, were always referred to Harmony.Heraclitus from the Greek city of Ephesus 544 484 b. C. was the first who used the terminology Philosopher, which means friend of wisdom, well knowledge of yourself and of the world constantly, said, ONE is the sage, the sword of the Spirit, who governs all times and thenceforward. HE is Authority, the highest regulatory power of the Universe, with power and eternal existence and covers the essence of truth and this of reality. Facing rearward is the harmony of world like the bow and the lyre.

Socrates (470 b. C. 399b.C.) in his apology 28.E says : I must live with the occupation of Philosophy examining myself and the others.

Plato (428 b. C. 347 b. C.) in his word Phaedrus 270 D says : the wisdom is property of God.

Pythagoras (582 b. C. 500 b. C.) from island of Samos of Greek Aegean Sea is the first who names the Universe world, harmonic and spherical harmony th4 movement, the speed. He names harmony the echo of sky planets, symphony.

Pythagoras, by seeking moral with demonic and self-esteem and Greek custom, uses the ancestral measure for everything in life, and divides it per twenty years to children, adolescents, adults, aged age, which corresponding to the harmony of the four seasons of year. He considers the pursuit of simple life and ensuring the natural food and the soul health in o­ne harmony.

When he was asked by Xenofilos which kind of education he should provide to his son, he replied, make him a law-abiding citizen state.

Pythagoras inspired by the harmony in everything , he was seeking the harmony among the youths and aged age, saying,: that all predated,are entitled to respect, like the parents, the friends, not make them our enemies, or their enemiesto support the law, to fight the lawlessness, to follow the decency.He also says, each creature is reproduced each by other with harmonic proportions of all elements of life in order to intercept systems. And the virtue is harmony, like the health and every good, like the God. So, everything institutions constitute the divine harmony. He names the friendship as harmonic equality. He supports and proves that the sphere among all shapes of solidis the superior, the most beautiful and the same goes for levels. He also says that health is to maintain the form, and the disease is the deterioration of health (by Diogenes Laertius, Georgiades editions 2007).

Philolaos from the city of Croton of the Great Greece advocates, that everything is governed by the need and the harmony, which exists in our world in all the infinite components.

Eudoxus of Cnidus of Greece (407b.C. 357b.C.) in the symposium of Plato suggests the dissolution of the chamber of many symposiums, that dialogue participants are harmonious with each other.

Parmenides of Yela, Elea (5th b. C. century) divides truth and mere opinion, where of course there is no truth.

Democritus of Abdira, in Thrace of Greece (460 b. C. 357 b. C.) referring to the music speaks about rhythm and harmony.

Epicurus from the city of Athens (340 b. C. 271 b. C.) in the age of 14, pious and society with virtue turns to philosophy, because his teachers never explained him the meaning of Chaos of Hesiod. He faces his parents in gratitude, with benevolence to his brothers, with gentle to the slaves, for everyone with charity and love to his homeland in his work About Nature considers equanimity the peace of soul, and redemption of each disorder, and mean conserved in memoryof the highest and most important truths and then the soul has well- being and the body long beatific life and considers God as indestructible and well-being.

Pyrrho from Ilida of Peloponnese of Greece (240 b. C. ) built o­n his Pyrrhos Speech in ten sections, arguments o­n the questions, the agreements, the diversity of ling beings, the senses, the attitude, the variations of health and disease, sorrow, love, friendship, feelings, laws, states agreements, doctrines, blends, contributions, environmental, quality and quantity.

Zeno of Kition of Cyprus (333 b. C. 261 b. C.) indicates that the good people are real citizens and friends and congenial and real free. The philosophy of Zeno is natural, moral, logic, a mixture of harmony. He considers the Greek language a perfect harmony grammatically with virtues and clarity, in short, the way in construction of. In his word About the human nature, he says that the human nature is identical with virtue, which is the final target of life with custom actions in the nature environment adequately and competently, like the harmony in the course of the critical processes. Honor of parents, brothers, homeland, and communication with friends, care of health with freedom with an independent vision and self-action, and self-control, as per Hecato About virtues.

The active principle of the universe is the Enikon speech, GOD, the Eternal creator and caregiver for the whole material (Zeno, On substance, Kleanthis about life, Archidamus about elements, Posidonius 2nd book Physics-Speech.)

Hippodamus of Thourio of the Great Greece (444 b. C.) in his work About bliss, says: harmony is harmony and agreement number and a multitude, because o­nly o­ne element cannot generate the whole. The soul virtue exists even in a molecule and in the number of elements in the whole, as a decoration of nature and it is harmony.

And as absence of harmony and divine control o­n the universe, could not coexist all beings even arranged by divine control harmoniously in our world, so, if there is not good-law in the cities, its impossible the animal to be healthy, because virtue of body is harmony, virtue of the city is the good-law, the health is power, its virtue of the body. Each element serves the whole and everything. The life of the human is an accurate lyre, full equipped, contact with music, because the human is perfect imperfect and not self-perfect, like God, but via virtue and contact with God can be perfect, becomes similar of the same nature, in other words similar of his own nature and eye of settlement of beings.

Because the virtue of each human is extremeness and perfection in the nature of each.

Plato from city of Athens of Greece (428 b. C. 347 b. C.) in his work IV441 C says that the human via harmony of the soul elements, the logical (logic, mind), the spirited (feeling) and the desired (desires), forms the harmony of the city, via the three (3) classes, people (many), armed (army), rulers, who agree that they must govern with justice the logical. And adds that harmony of the internal world of human means agreement, assembly of soul powers, like to tones of music harmony, : The high, the middle, and other them with multiplicity, wholeness, unity, harmonicity, starting always his life with well-being, quality of life, communication.

Plato believes that the purpose of life is the assimilation to God with by self virtue, in order to achieve the bliss with organs and his body systems, : power, health, senses, and the similar and the wealth, noble descent, respect.

Justin in the days of Marc Aurelius in Rome, for faith to Christ martyred after they cut his head and after torture in 166 a. C. in his apology to the Antoninus Pius said, do not you call yourself a pious and philosophers and holding education. In his second apology he says for the philosophy of Plato, fighting ever admit that the comments of Plato do not differ from those of Christ. And added Christianity is the o­nly sure and profitable philosophy.

Clement of Alexandria (150 a. C. 220 a. C.) names the Greek Philosophy useful for the reverence and pre-education which proves the earned faith and adds also, Philosophy helps to get wisdom (Stromatis I,5), and says Philosophy helps the search of wisdom.

Ceasarius (4th century) doctor-philosopher displays harmony both in speech and in writing. Stresses that the study of philosophy is a consistent focus o­n the honest and the highest, which mark the life of integrated human. For his opinion philosophy means love for the knowledge of truth and inalienablehumanresourceisthepiety, since God existed and as Father.


Translation from Greek into English language by Takis Ioannides3 2 2011





By Dr Nuclear medicine Dr pathology Apostolos J. Paschos

Metsovon, Epirus, Greece


Τhe indigenous Greek Hippocrates, the great father of the Science of Medicine, whom his father was a philosopher from the island of Kos in the Aegean Sea, was called by prominent indigenous and Christian Greek physician Galen, as amostlywonderful and mostly divine teacher of good.


Hippocrates as a pious to o­ne God through his emmelous (1) short letter of agreement completely smooth out the Oath, as in all his works, symmetric relations order to carry out the terms of the contract - agreement, says, :

as long asmy strengthandmy opiniontoallow.


The Oath begins with the verb swear (όμνυμι=)which is an ancestral Greek relations provision of an agreement referred to present and future with three infinitives, (ηγήσεσθαι-infinitiveof theverbspearhead, κοινώνεσθαι-infinitiveof theverbcommune, ποιήσεσθαι-infinitiveof theverbdo), which place in the future present time, permanent debt and are useful and beneficial relationships and explicit for the teacher, the student, the family, according to Greek tradition of moral and ethos stressing,


I honor the teacher who teaches me the art, my parents, brothers and sons of the teacher, teaching them without payment and written agreement. The order, in fact the method of teaching by listening, learning in theory and practice and the other guidance is a right as compared to my sons, my teachers sons and students, who in agreement Oath, are associated with me as apply in the custom of doctors and for no-one else.


The concept and content of the word order is related to the harmony parts around and it is also found in Pythagoras, and in the Pythagoreans and Aristotle as well (Nicomachean Ethics B I, 1104 a 7), as Oath of a normal relationship of the Parties to the contract - agreement of a professional tradition.


Hippocrates saying in his Oath,

in accordance with the power and the crisis , he considers that the power of man is limitless and its deep and clear sense of meaningful content relationship of responsibility by the doctor to the human, patient or the healthy. In this he raises two equivalent expressions, proposals o­n sequencing emphasizing. I give diets and recipes just for giving a good to my patient and not for his evil or his harm.


 And he continues, :


I shall not give it, nor when I shall be requested lethal medication, in others words, I shall not give nor lethal medication to anyone, if somebody request it, neither any advice for poison medication, to suicide, whichthePythagoreansphilosophersforbid as well. And continues, I shall never give medicine for abortion in women.


The duties of doctors to patients is distinct a symmetrical relationship between synthesis and layout of the Oath with the phrase,


I will keep me and my art unspoiled, pure and holy. That is, pure and clean and holy I will keep my life and my art. This expression is in direct agreement with the two previous promises of good, virtuous, moral, true medical benefit to the patient.


And the Oath continues, I shall notoperate o­nneitherman, suffering from stones illness, I leavesuch cases toexperts, toexperienced.


This is a clear, consistent, wise, honest testimony than conscientiousness of the physician's Hippocratic art to itself and to the sufferer human and a normal class Harmony and order. And he adds in his Oath,


I enter in homes for the good of patients and remain away from any intentional injustice and harm. I live outside acts mainly an aphrodisiac o­n women bodies or men, free or slaves. "


And Galen considers abstinence the medical virtue, in his work with title, That theexcellent physician is also a philosopher.


Hippocrates states,


for those I am acting in the treatment, I hear or see, or even without treatment for human life, it should never speak, I must be silent and secret, because I think nobody should be talking about them.


Also Pythagoras considered that,

the silence is a virtue in our daily life.


Ending his Oath, Pythagoras says,


as long as I keep this Oath and I dont violate it, I am enjoying the life and the art, and I have a good name among people forever. If I brake the Oath, I deserve to have the opposite, hardships in life and failures in medical art. And in this relationship seems a normal class provision of HARMONY.


The Oath of Pythagoras does not contain egocentric elements and motives of doctors, but the right proportion relations between physician and patient, patient, medicine medical device to measure agreement concord and love of the doctor to the patient and his environment, with pure and clean life and medical supply in conscious free will, faith in the Creator of all things, the true God, the Triune God.


The Hippocratic Oath is always and up to date, and forever, the standard beautifulness diachronic grandeur of the Greek Spirit, historical monument and measure virtue of Ancient Greek Literature, in symmetrical arrangement of HARMONY.


Dr Nuclear Medicine Dr Pathology Apostolos J. Paschos


Translation from Greek into English language by Dr Takis Ioannides



 (1), Emmelous, The Emmelia distinguished for the high, dignified and restrained character.Ακρόαση




By Dr Dr Apostolos J. Paschos, Metsovon Epirus Greece

The Greeks are the indigenouschildrenandlongitudinal, the ChildrenofGreek Culture with love for the education, withobjective the knowledgeoftruth, without selfishness, found, researched, created, studied anddeveloped any meaning and all terms as wisdom, virtue, science, et.c.

Greeks are the first to talk about the dialectic and say that this states the art of the questions and answers during the conversation. Theoriginsof dialectics are come fromOrpheus (orphic , 9-II), from Homer (Iliad, dialoguesbetween menandheroes). Aristotle, inalostworkof him states that ZenoofEleainMagna Graecia is the first who uses the dialectic.

Platoinhis dialogueCratylus 390 BC , writes : Whom, who knows how to ask and respond, you call him the dialectic.

Xenophonwroteinhis memoirs 4, 5,12 writes: Socrates said that the word dialectic is shaped by the fact that people who talk together, think together separating things in genera.

Plato in the dialogue Sophist 253 csets dialectics in the following way, to make logical divisions according to the genera and not to consider a kind , which is the same, as different, neither another o­ne which is different to that it is not, which is appropriate to the dialectic of science. A dialectical knows how to differentiate beings according to their physical separation of different elements and it is brief.

Thats why in the dialog Philibus 58 A he writes, the power of dialectic refers to the Proceeds and in the real and unchanged,always having this nature unspoiled. He calls dialectical the speech of each recipient discounting the merits of the object.

In his work Phaedrus 205 D, Plato establishes the summary as follows, with a summary view, he makes them, in many places scattered data o­n an idea, giving the definition, with the intention to indicatewho is the dialectical who to teach us.

Plato in his work Philibus 16 C, characteristically calls the dialectic as a divine giftthrown to humans by Prometheus with a BRIGHT fire. Plato through rejection, (a tendency to question) and a dialectical clarifies definitively the problem of knowledge.

In his dialog Theaetetus 186 Plato checks the sophist Protagoras, which identified knowledge with sense perception, combats skepticism and relativism, and demonstrates that knowledge can not be nor feel, neither information, because both do not have stability. Dialectic is not just an appeal and negative art,but also presents its positive side, as monad that leads us to the acquisition of knowledge. Dialectic sees the variety of data, manages and aggregates, diffuse enshrine diversity in a stable unit, establishing the harmony of truth

In his dialog in Sophist 253 D, hewrites, the dialectical sufficiently distinguish between an idea that appears to be expanding in all directions, through many objects, each of which has a separate existence and distinguish that many different ideas exits outside of a single idea, a distinction that even though an idea is spreading in many wholes, however, maintains its unity and even distinguish that there are many ideas that are separated from o­ne another, as an entirely different.

The Athenian historian Thucydides V 90, records the dramatic dialectic dialogue in the year 416 BC between Milos rulers and generals of Athens, who besieged the island of Melos in the Greek Aegean Sea, where an effort ιis in action for the definition of the relationship of the concept of justice against the useful, the usable, the good.

Milians say that the Athenians forced them to converse in the principle that the Athenians have put according to their own conditions to circumvent the justice against their own interests, in other words to follow the dialectical reconciliation of opposites mercenary synthesis of opposites posts harmony, in fact disharmony of the dialogue.


The Greek generals facing thedanger of Persian, theinvasion of the Persians at Marathon, in private meeting converse of Actionable, they recommend proportionally different views, opinions and conflicting data o­n the composition, resulting in harmony of ancestral dialectic entrusting the leadership of the Greek fighters in the sophisticated Athenian general Miltiades.


Miltiades with 9000 Athens and 1000 Plataies fighters, with patriotic consciousness of free will and reverence rush for freedom and independence of Greece, o­n 13 September 490 BC attack against 600000 Persians barbarians at Marathon Bay (Plato, Menexenus, Lysias, Epitaph) and Greeks win theinvaders enemies Persians.




The Greek generals confirm that they know how to wonder, to ask, to synthesize and respond to the dialectic harmoniously through the bravery and the fighters established the battle of Marathon as a symbol of bravery and freedom and psychic glory of Hellenism in the World History.(Ioannis Passas, Encyclopedia Helios, volume Hellas, 261, 262, 1973 Athens).


The Persian threat in 480 BC the freedom and the integrity of Greece and the Future of Europe, so the Greek generals as met together in a dialectical Board, where Spartan General Evriviades considers its unreasonable to face the Persians in the narrow sea passage between Egaleo Attica and the island of Salamis Greek Aegean Sea. The experienced Adeimantos suggests, the Greek fleet to use in the Gulf of Kechries. And the Athenian politician Themistocles, together with the Aeginites and the Megarians, proposes and explains the reasons for the persistence to make the battle against the Persian fleet in the sea area of Salamis. An acrimonious dispute conflict followed between Evrydiades and Themistocles and the first lifts his stick against the second, which says forthrightly, hitme,butfirstlisten to me.(Plutarch, Themistocles Life).


Finally the decision was taken as Themistocles to lead of the 300 Greek ships against 1207 Persian ships (Aeschylus, Persians, 338-343). It is a great naval battle of Salamis in 480 BC September 22 and the Greeks win the Persians.


The indigenous Greek Alexander the Great connoisseur ancestral Greek History campaigned against the eternal enemy of Greeks, the Persians, as regent of all Greek fighters for a period of ten years (334-324) BC and gripped the country of Persia and India, bringing the Culture to peoples of Asia.

During the campaign of Alexander the Great he applied the Greek dialectic convening councils, where proposals questions, queries, views and opposition were chosen, led participants in making harmony, and on the battlefield the result was victory for the Greeks. (Constantine Paparrigopoulos history of the Greek Nation, Volume C, 74, 1962, Athens).

The over a thousand years aged Greek Empire of Byzantium (3354 1453 AC) through the ancestral Greek dialectics as comparing and contrasting positions through the analog dialog, achieved the synthesis of Hellenism and the Orthodox Church and developed the world's historic culture of Byzantium, who founded the European spiritual entity.( Dionysios ofZakynthos, Encyclopedia of Helios, volume Hellas, 401, 430, 1963, Athens). The Greek Orthodox, Athanasios Tsakalof and Emmanuel Xanthos from the island of Samos of the Greek Aegean Sea formed the Friendly Society in 1814 as a Secret Organization, in order to be prepared for the Greek Revolution of 1821 against the Muslim invaders and throwing off the slavery of 400 years and the acquisition of the desired freedom. The members of the Society of Friends named Filikoi, faithful to ancestral Greek dialectics with questions and answers and positions and proposals contrasts resulted in a unanimous declaration of harmony of the Greek Revolution on March 25, 1821, with uprisings throughout the Greek territory, with resistance, with wars against the tyrant conqueror of Mohammedanism, to obtain their freedom and independence of the Greeks, which eventually became with the bravery, the sacrifice and the faith in Christ and the love for Greece.(Kokkinos, Encyclopedia Helios, volume Hellas A, 544-548, 1973, Athens).

The Greek dialectic is used selectively for two thousand years and by the Greek Orthodox Fathers and the officers clergy, and lay people who participate in proportion to the questions and answers in the composition of harmony for the development of the reality of life, with experiential faith in ternary God, which provides universal health and quality of life in relationship harmony. The Greek dialectics and exploited by the Orthodox clergy during the mystery of confession.

The Greek NO in 1940 by Governor of Greece Ioannis Metaxas against the inventors Italians on October 28, 1940 follows the temporal dialectic of "come to get" said by Leonidas in the Battle of Thermopylae against the invading Persians o­n 480 BC.

The Greek Orthodox literarer and journalist Angel Terzakis *Hellenic Epic 1940-1941, 223, 1999, Athens) writes, The story of the war 1940 - 1941 is the latest conflict in Europe. The confrontation of 1940-1941 is between simplicity and ranting (pompous tone), the patriotism and the imperialism (moral subversion). The October 28, 1940 is forwarded and is determined by the passion of freedom of the tribe of Greeks. "

The immortal timeless Greek dialectic harmony in Greek literature and history of the Greeks, starting from Orpheus, Homer, the philosopher Zeno of Elea in Magna Graecia, developed by Plato, Aristotle and supported by persons of Greek men and protagonists against the Persians at Thermopylae, Marathon, Salamis, Alexander the Great, the Greek Byzantine Empire, the Revolution of 1821, the Greek Fathers of the Orthodox Church, the Greek miracle of 1940-1941.

The Greek dialectic is a timeless harmony of life in general of the Greeks over the centuries.


Dr Nuclear Medicine Dr Pathology Apostolos J. Paschos

Translation from Greek into English language by Dr Takis Ioannides


Comments from wikipedia,

Cratylus (Ancient Greek : Κρατύλος, Kratulos) is the name of a dialogue by Plato

The Phaedrus (Φαδρος), written by Plato , is a dialogue between Plato's

Philibusis the name of a dialogue by Plato

The Theætetus (Θεαίτητος) is o­ne of Plato 's dialogues concerning the nature of knowledge .

Milos (in Greek , Μήλος), formerly known as Μλος Melos, and before the Athenian massacre and recolonization in 416 BC as Μάλος


The citizens of island Milos

Plataies (Πλαταιές) is a municipality in the Boeotia Prefecture , Greece . Population 4,715 (2001).

Lysias (Greek: Λυσίας) (ca. 445 BC ca. 380 BC) was a logographer (speech writer) in Ancient Greece. He was o­ne of the

Lysias, Menexenustwo Plato dialogs

Aegaleo (Greek Αιγάλεω, or Ποικίλον Όρος Aigáleo, Latin Aegaleus), also Aigaleo and Egaleo, is a mountain in Greece .


The citizens of city of Megara

Aegina (Αίγινα (Egina) is o­ne of the Saronic Islands of Greece in the Saronic Gulf , 17 | mi | km | abbr off | lk off from Athens . ...


The citizens of island Aegina




By Dr Nuclear Medicine Dr pathology physician Apostolos J. Paschos

Metsovon, Epirus, Greece


The Science of Medicine accepts that good, natural, healthy daily food intake has a value importance and value in the harmony of the physical status and condition and homeostasis in the human body, to achieve totalitarian health care, quality of life and communication.


The healthy chewing of food by a normal mouth, the existence of a normal larynx and esophagus and stomach and intestine is an agreement harmony relationship of the harmonious synchronization of the 55 muscles of the mouth-esophagus and the too many nerve plexus, with the divine wisdom of the true God and Creator of man and everything in the universe.


The human with the natural, the good healthy food, takes every day the necessary and essential nutrients and elements, in perfect proportion and quantity. Furthermore ensures the normal homeostasis of the body and secures the ultimate composition relations of all parts in perfect harmony with each other and to the whole organization.


The smooth processing of food starts in the mouth, where mechanical and chemical processes through the tongue, the teeth, the saliva is mashed and the formation of the bolus in a manner consistent harmonic formation.


The function of mastication is a coordinating relationship of the nerve cells and the branches and clusters with the centers of the brain, with a sequence of relations agreement excitation of both the stomach and intestine, a wonderful harmony between them, and to all parties of the brain via the cranial nerves 5,7,12,9,10.


In the process of chewing food involve both enzymes, and various chemical information needed saliva, while the entry of pureed food in the stomach and intestine, taking part series multitude of enzymes and other elements that complement o­ne another harmoniously during digestionprocessing, synthesis and absorption of nutrients, compared with full agreement of harmony, when coexisting normal and healthy state of all parties and digestive function of digestion.


The harmony of mastication and digestion involve anatomical, muscle, nerve agents, but also mental, psychological states, which contribute positively to the harmony, but these are negative when these are disturbed and abnormal physical conditions.


The disruption of the relationship between feeding, digestion and other neuropsychological conditions and causing disruption of health impairment of the whole human body, with immediate loss of harmony in the overall health, in thequality of life, and the communication.


The daily taking of physical, hygiene good food is ensured via the (Greek = Paedeia) education and civics of human beings, in all areas of Planet Earth. And thisrequires all the peoples love, peace, algae conscious free will for justice, freedom, democracy and development with good, wholesome, natural products, which guarantee the harmony of nutrition and overall the health and the quality life and communication of all people.


By Dr Nuclear Medicine Dr pathology physician Apostolos J. Paschos


Translation from Greek into English language by Dr Takis Ioannides



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