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The ABC of Harmony - World Sensation of the 21st Century: from Total Ignorance to Harmonious Enlightenment. Press release for the media

The ABC of Harmony - World Sensation of the 21st Century:

from Total Ignorance in Social Harmony to Harmonious Enlightenment


Press Release: the most general and important definitions for the press-conference,

February 29, 2012, Regional Press Institute, Saint Petersburg, Russia

The ABC of Harmony being a collective book by 76 co-authors of Global Harmony Association from 26 countries and a result of its seven years of research work and published in early February, in two languages​​: Russian in St. Petersburg, Russia and in English in New Delhi, India, in its contents, meaning, authors and spiritual value is a world sensation of the 21st century. The ABC of Harmony is the first in the world and in history. Its historical and world meaning will be understood not soon - it will be done in the harmonious civilization which will change the industrial o­ne after its failure in the nearest decade sensible in everything, everywhere and almost by everyone.


Almost three thousand years before the ABC the greatest thinkers of the mankind discussed the problems of world, social and individual harmony, but none of them could create its ABC. Its appearance became possible o­nly in the beginning of the XXI century and was accompanied with the birth of the first embryos of harmonious civilization and served the synthesis of previous scientific, ideological and philosophic achievements. This synthesis and preservation of essential conceptual content of harmony became possible based o­n establishment of 20 fundamental elements of social and individual harmony summarized in two corresponding genomes. This is o­nly that profound theoretical base that helped the ABC of Harmony raised sporadic and intuitive understanding of social and individual harmony of the last millenniums to the scientific level of sociologic and humanitarian thinking.


That is why the ABC of Harmony is spiritual revolution in the main dimensions of human spirit:

-Civilizational or social, adumbrating the new – harmonious – social civilization and the relevant – new – world order of mankind – this is the beginning of the second Axial Age;

-Scientific, overcoming pernicious dominance of technocracy and raising social sciences, first of all sociology, from the empiric to the highest level of theoretical scientific knowledge;

-Cultural, raising culture from the military level of constant conformity to war to the truly peaceful and eternal level of peace culture from harmony;

-Religious, opening the common platform of mutual harmony instead of alienation, insularity and hostility for the world religions;

-Ideological, substituting eternal ideologic war of o­ne-sided ideologies with them synthesis and reconciliation in universal, scientific and pluralistic ideology;

-Intellectual, raising the social thinking from the level of private logics of particulars to the level of entire, holistic and universal logics of tetranet harmonious thinking;

-Worldview, moving focus away from the harmonious natural world, as in the book “Harmony” of the Prince of Wales (2010), to the priority of a harmonious social and individual ecology, from which the life of humanity in harmony with nature depends o­n primarily;

-Humanistic, substituting industrial, partial and formal humanism of the human rights with new, harmonious humanism corresponding to the individual's completeness, thus adumbrating transfer from o­ne-sided homo industris to full-dimension and full-valued homo harmonicus;

-Political, substituting o­ne-sided and wretched industrial democracy with harmonious, spheral democracy based o­n spheral (harmonious) division of citizens and electors according to the main law of “strength and prosperity” of democracy of Montesquieu ignored by traditional democracy. That is why the ABC of Harmony is the ABC of harmonious democracy;

-Economical, substituting the maximization of economic profit with the maximization of economic harmony being economically profitable absolutely to every population group. That is why the ABC of Harmony is the ABC of harmonious economics;

-Enlightened: The ABC of Harmony has opened a new Age of the mankind – the Age of Harmonious Enlightenment. It happened publicly o­n February, 11th, 2012 at the International Seminar of Teachers in Delhi, India at the presentation of the ABC of Harmony as the first in the world and in history the textbook of harmonious enlightenment and education of every person since childhood, and first of all of the groups responsible for the society in a whole: political class and journalists. That is why the ABC of Harmony is overcoming of presidents’ and journalists’ ignorance, thus it is a competent “ABC of Harmony for Presidents and Mass-Media”.


The ABC of Harmony not just discusses all these questions, it makes a unique theoretical base which unites all the variety of components by unique scientific approach like a table of chemic elements and like a human genome lays in the foundation of all limitless variety of people. The ABC is in the same row with the mentioned discoveries. This is not the ending, but just the beginning of scientific knowledge of global harmony.


Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Author of the ABC of Harmony, Philosopher and Sociologist.

The ABC of Harmony: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478

Dear friends,

I like to inform: yesterday, 29 February, in the Regional Press Institute, St. Petersburg, the press conference o­n the ABC of harmony held. Except for me, it was represented three of its co-authors: Prof. Gregory Tulchinsky, Academician Henry Skvortsov and singer and music teacher Svetlana Vetrova, who made a vocal variety and decoration in the press conference. There were many questions to summarize the answer to that was a short (1 page +) press release to the media: The ABC of harmony - World Sensation of the 21st Century. It is available at:
http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=509 and below of the letter.

I invite all coauthors, members and friends of GHA to send this press release to all you available media. It deserves the widest possible publication as ABC of harmony - the most widely known, because it marks the turning point of civilization, culture and thinking of humanity, the transition from his total ignorance in social harmony to his massive Harmonious Enlightenment. The evolution of this spiritual revolution, which began in 2012, will fill our century and will make its historic sensation. The ABC of harmony is o­nly its first swallow.

Best harmony wishes,

Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA President

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