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The GGHA Highest Honorary Title

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21st SEPT. 2015 with “The ABC of Harmony”:

2.Ayo Ayoola-Amale. “Global Peace Science” Events:


Stephen Amoah and Ayo Ayoola-Amale (2018) Global Peace Science: Structural Harmony of Spherons and Statistics
of Ghana’s Spherons for 2010, 2000 and 1984


Ayo Ayoola-Amale,

MCIArb (Member, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK)

Muse of Peace and Poetic Harmony of Global Harmony Association (GHA)


A Profile of Peace


Dr. Ayo Ayoola-Amale is a Lawyer, ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Practitioner, Educator, Peace Activist and Poet. She is the Lead and Senior Practitioner First Conflict Resolution Services Inc., a University Law Lecturer and Ombudsman, Mediators beyond Borders International. Ayo is the GHA-Africa President and GHA Vice-President Int’l. She was approved by the Board Co-Chair of the Women's GHA.

She is a deeply committed peace builder and activist with a high sense of responsibility and service, Ayo joined the peace movement at a very young age and became the Lead of Rotaract Club and Girls Guide as a teenager. She was a devoted Girl Guide in her teens where there are Girl Guiding groups set up with a focus to work o­n social justice issues, such as violence against women and girls. Consequently she became a member of Women in Nigeria (WIN) and Rotary Club and peace-making became a lifetime commitment.

She is the IAEWP Senior Vice-President and Regional Chairperson for Africa of the Diplomatic Commission of the International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP).

Ayo Ayoola-Amale founded Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Ghana section; she is currently President of WILPF Ghana, to mention but a few of her peace building activities. A dedicated advocate for Mediation, Women’s Rights, and Peace Education who look for innovative ways to promote peace through poetry and the arts.

She is very passionate about building people and impacting lives. Ayo is constantly focused o­n mediation and peace-building and believes that Peace is a Human Right and culture that we build by educating young people.

She has published books in Law, Alternative dispute resolution, peace building, poetry and is chapter contributor to International and national journals and author of volumes of poetry, and poems in International and national anthologies.She is coauthor of “Global Peace Science”: http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf

Ayo is a recipient of several national and international honors and awards in peace building and poetry etc.



…I am pleased to accept to prepare the updated edition of the GPS in Ghana and hopefully with the participation of the President in 2019….






By Dr. Ayo Ayoola-Amale


A society that is not harmonious, with relation to its members and constituent parts, its peoples and the environment, will be unable to find its stability, and consequently it will breed seeds of disorder and conflict. Harmony is balance and stability, while disharmony is imbalance and instability. Harmony is peace and disharmony is conflict. A society that is not harmonious in its thinking and actions puts an end to development and advancement. The world we live in is not harmonious because it is inherently unjust and lacks parity and equal opportunities for all.

The importance of global o­neness is connected with the quest of constant global societal (macro) structure. This is unfolding in the GHA “Global Peace Science (2016) in the SPHERONS’ harmony of humanity through SPHERONS’ argumentation, which in simplest case includes two logical premises of this scientific theory. These premises from Karl Marx and Umberto Maturana do not cause serious scientific objections for the entire 12-year history of their theoretical discussion in the GHA. Therefore, the scientific conclusion from them about real existence of the special universal and constant classes – SPHERONS, employed in four spheres of social production and including all private and historically temporary, transitory classes and groups (PARTONS) does not cause objections. The most important issue is the social significance and role of these SPHERONS, their influence o­n peace, unity and sustainable development.

The SPHERONS’ structure of humanity creates internally permanent/constant social genome (Socionome) at all its levels, safeguarding its autonomy in biosphere, universal peace, holistic and sustainable development o­n the Earth ensuring a global harmonious society in 21st century. The SPHERONS defines the ‘Sociology of the Future’, which offers a new direction for a peaceful and harmonious world. The profound social structure constitutes global SPHERONS’ harmony, which is safeguarding global peace that is explained in the GHA “Global Peace Science” by 174 coauthors from 34 countries. It is the latest paradigm of four-dimensional pluralism (Tetrism) and its sociology - Tetrasociology.

The discovery and finding of a deep societal structure of the worldwide harmonious classes of the population – SPHERONS employed in four constant spheres of social production, creates the new thinking in the social sciences and peacemaking and also for peace education, harmony and the sustainability of humanity. Peace from harmony is appreciation and respect of diversity, is devoid of discrimination. The perpetual accord of deep social structure of SPHERONS defines the endless/constant peaceful nature of human society and every o­ne.

The conflicts, violence, war, hatred and discrimination are not generated by Spherons; they are generated by their private, historically transitory and selfish parts - PARTONS. These conflicts are removed and prevented by conscious Spherons, which have mastered the Global Peace Scienceforce.The conscious SPHERONS through this science will guarantee triumph of peace above war and will establish a just and equal in rights and opportunitiescommunity of humanity. A society in harmony is humanity in o­neness.

The learning of this science will be acceptable and available through global peace education, a culture of non-violence and respect for humanity.The media globally, all societies and nations of the Earth will through consciousness and good thinking propagates the tenets of Global peace from harmony.The current SPHERONS’ harmony philosophy can offer the new path for the continued existence, thriving and sustainability of humanity and the environment.

The conscious SPHERONS’ harmony of humanity will create a new direction, a new world, a new civilization of peace from harmony, non-violence and rapid development universally.


Ayo Ayoola-Amale,

J.D., Educator, ADR practitioner, Peace Activist and Poet

Global Harmony Association (GHA) Vice-President and GHA-Africa President,

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony,

Accra, Ghana

Personal page: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=524




Review of

Global Peace Science, 2016

By Ayo Ayoola-Amale*


The most important task of the 21st century is redefining peace. GPS definition of peace is holistic. Peace is not merely the absence of war. Peace means tranquility. o­ne can o­nly feel tranquil and serene if o­ne's human rights are not violated and o­ne's integrity and dignity is protected. Clearly a person who has no access to education due to abject poverty, or who has been condemned to death or is imprisoned for expressing his or her opinion does not enjoy tranquility and does not live in peace or harmony. A person who is homeless or has lost his or her home, a person who is hungry and cannot afford the basic necessities of life cannot be said to be living in peace. Peace within and peace without is very vital. Peace is when everyone can flourish without any hindrance like discrimination based o­n race, color, religion and gender. Peace is therefore based o­n democracy and social and economic justice.

World War I created the fundamental elements of 20th century history. Genocide emerged as an act of war. So did the use of poison gas o­n the battlefield. The history of development is o­ne marked by armament, terrorism, insecurities, violence, and persistent conflict.The First World War taught us that the easy access of individuals to democratic procedures is very fragile. Warfare hangs human rights, human dignity and democracy.

Global Harmony Association (GHA) at this critical moment in human history fully recognizes its responsibility to humanity. The world needs Global Peace Science (GPS) because it is the way to GlobalPeace. This book brings together a wide range of contributions from renowned peace builders, scholars, scientist, sociologist, poets, Nobel Laureates etc of GHA.They developthe ideas of peace from harmony, active nonviolence, practices and pursues the human right of man in a holistic way. GPS was written by 174 co-authors from 34 countries, with the vision, leadership and selflessness of the GHA president and GPS architect Dr Leo Semashko who brought this historic book to life(http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=603).

GPS vision is aimed denuclearization and disarmament, investigating different aspects of the history of peace and violence, and its implications for contemporary efforts to consolidate the development-security nexus. From environmental concerns, through human rights, terrorism, domination, to the legacies of armed conflicts during and after decolonization.History has proved that as soon as international warfare is launched, nobody can predict the outcome. In addition, international war breeds civil war, and civil war is more dreadful in comparison to international war because there are no limits. Worse still, we learned that the technology of warfare expands much more rapidly than the capacity of political leaders to control it.

GPS is about peace within and peace without, it essentially freedom, love, harmony, disarmament, a culture of peace and sustainable future for us all.


Ayo Ayoola-Amale,

President, GHA-Africa, Vice President of GHA Int’l,

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in Africa,

Muse of Poetic Harmony, Poet, Writer & Lawyer,

Accra, Ghana,




Published: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=615


Monday, May 2, 2016


The Governor Of OXFORD HIGHER ACADEMY, UK, His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan
The Eminent Scientist & Founder & Chairman Of Academy Of Universal Global Peace


Conferred Doctorate Degree o­n Ayo Ayoola-Amale Of Ghana
& also Commissioned Her As AMBASSADOR OF PEACE Of AUGP In Ghana

The Hq Of AUGP, USA with all the Governors of The World Governing Council Of AUGP, Congratulate the Ambassador Dr. Ayo Ayoola-Amale





 BRING o­n THE SUN - Peace Hymn 

by Ayo Ayoola-Amale


"Rise, O humanity, rise as o­ne, feel that gust of love breeze thunderously through the hearts, Rise! Rise up to live, 

Before the anguish in cruel spaces; bring o­n the suns of peace.

Before the river turns off itself; bring o­n the suns of peace.

I heard the voice like paradise sing through me


"Rise, O humanity, rise as o­ne, feel that gust of love breeze thunderously through the hearts, rise! Rise up to live  

Before storms penetrates humanity, bring o­n the suns of peace

Before the chilling chaos within us; bring o­n the suns of peace

I heard the voice of love so strong within me


"Rise, O humanity, rise as o­ne, feel that gust of love breeze thunderously through the hearts, rise!  Rise up to live

Before the thunder angry faces; bring o­n the suns of peace

 Before life ceases; bring o­n the suns of peace

I saw the light of truth build the bridges of eternity


"Rise, O humanity, rise as o­ne, feel that gust of love breeze thunderously through the hearts, rise! Rise up to live    

I heard the soul of all beauty sing through me, lightning hearts as my songs melt to the mind of humanity, it fills my moons

"Rise, O humanity, rise as o­ne,
feel that gust of love breeze thunderously through the hearts, rise!    Rise up to live,   Bring o­n the suns of peace.

                                                                                                                Copyright 2000 -ayo ayoola-amale

By:-  Dr. Ayo Ayoola-Amale





POEM by:

Ayo Ayoola-Amale

Muse of Poetic Harmony in Africa




My heart opens.

My heart opens.

My heart opens to embrace the sun.

I saw harmony enter to hold the sun o­n my heart.

I saw my mind flee from material slums

to know harmony,

and become beautiful like nature.


My heart opens.

My heart opens.

My heart opens the infinite within the infinite.

I saw harmony grows like life.

I saw colours in union

fleeing from mental slums.

Souls becoming heavens

heavens becoming souls.


My heart opens.

My heart opens.

My heart opens to my mind’s soul.

I saw a stronghold of peace from harmony.

I saw in the mind’s place, the mind’s place

burning ablaze the ugliness of breath and

transcending all differences.


My heart opens.

My heart opens.

My heart opens to the ways of being human,

to live true to myself.

I saw heaven grow within me.

I saw souls giving harmony to souls

from the roots to all the earth, breaking through the skies.


My heart opens.

My heart opens.

My heart opens in my mind’s place.

I saw minds open a heaven of harmony.

I saw minds grow glorious as the sun.

to bring mortality to immortality.


My heart opens.

My heart opens.

My heart opens to harmony of suns.


Copyright © 2013 Ayo Ayoola-Amale




Melody of the moonlight freely satisfying us.  
Visions of time calling to mind the future, 
filling our hearts with gladness.
This day breaks for you.

take it into the bosom of your soul.  
A root, the string,

A tree, a doorway.


This tree in the face of injuring pain brings its stem and foliage.

The sun creeps inside the leaves.

This incredible tree rise with strong stems—with living stems and foliage  
that fell into generations and fell into us

Melody of the moonlight, we put o­n your love

and the moon sings our song o­n,

it sings again and yet again.

We breathe the air that spoke whole,

fully whole.

You stood upon the sky’s shoulder and

watch the moon and star make love till it became a home.


Melody of the moonlight, we sing.

Open doorway of love, emitting joy,

root of our beginning, where love lives,

we see, hear, and touch the seasons in your strength.


Melody of the moonlight, beauty that sings in our head,

sinking deep into the world,

you wrote our birth and made our poems,

into the stem and foliage.

Out of your arms a happy morning births for us,

to eat, to crawl, to walk, to speak,to grab everything by the hand. 
To get ready for sleep, for bed and for life.


Melody of the moonlight, rolling through ages,

your strong chords is the beauty of the earth.

The sun of our heart chants and chants beautifully o­n 
and found your soul full. 
Who is this sweetness?


Copyright ©ayo ayoola-amale 2012


Dear Dr Leo and Friends,

I say a BIG YES, to GHA-Africa.
We should say yes to stimulate hope for the future of this great but troubled continent.
We say yes to break down all barriers between people.
We say yes to peace for harmonious soul.
We are to grow a boundless love, harmony and peace for all.

A Poem with Love from me

Touched with our heart

where love grows from harmony,

love becomes us

Touched with our mind

where peace grows from harmony,

harmony becomes our truth

Touched with our soul

where power grows from harmony,

Peace becomes our freedom

as Africa emerges in love and harmony.

Best harmony wishes,







The ABC of Harmony for World Peace, Harmonious Civilization and Tetranet Thinking by Dr Leo Semashko and GHA 75 coauthors from 26 countries. Global Textbook. GHA 34thProject - First published in English in India, New Delhi, Doosra Mat Prakashan, 2012, Pages - 334,



http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478 - HTML

http://www.peacefromharmony.org/file/6079/ABC_of_Harmony_eng.pdf - PDF

Book order: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=508



A BOOK REVIEW by: Ayo Ayoola-Amale*


The ABC of Harmony is a joint publication of Global Harmony Association and IASE University, India. It is the ABC of Language, thinking, worldview, and spiritual culture of harmonious civilization with which is connected the GHA mission: to bring peace from harmony and to pave a conscious way for harmonious civilization o­n scientifically based ‘ABC of Harmony’ through the harmonious education in it. The civilization, the birthday of which is November 3rd, 2009, is outlined in the GHA Harmonious Civilization Universal Declaration (2009) embodying twenty fundamental elements of harmony of the ABC.

The ABC of Harmony expresses the GHA pluralistic four-dimensional worldview known as Tetraphilosophy and Tetrasociology for social worldview. Both are represented in the ABC paradigm of Global thinking as four-dimensional (tetra-) net harmonious holistic thinking, which is an alternative to o­ne dimensional, industrial, disharmonious and partial thinking, responsible for all wars, global problems and pathologies.

With the ABC point of view, the social harmony deep structure is the four spheres of social production together with the corresponding spheral classes. The conscious actors of Harmonious civilization are these four classes of the population, which differ not in regard to property but in regard to their occupation within the four spheres of production and which possess scientific knowledge of social harmony.

The Modern Age of Harmonious Globalisation is the replacement of violent industrial revolutions, wars, and spontaneous crises by scientific projects and achievement of global harmony o­n the conscious base of its ABC.It is also a platform for the harmonious peace culture, for its key principle: “if you want peace, create harmony.”World peace can come o­nly from global harmony as its sole cause.

Global harmony is the best peace race from harmony. GHA’s ABC of Harmony for world peace is the true way because o­nly harmony is the way to peace. It is the main meaning of the ABC of Harmony in my opinion.


* Ayo Ayoola-Amale,

Poet, Writer & Lawyer,

GHA Ambassador of Harmony for Africa,

Founder/President, Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation,

Nigeria & Ghana, Accra

Website: www.splendorsofdawn.org

E-mail: ayo@splendorsofdawn.org







Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation (SDPF) is a registered non-profit, non-governmental organization, in Accra, Ghana and Nigeria. SDPF is well represented in the diaspora by distinguished SDPF International Diaspora Correspondent in South Africa, Egypt, USA, Sweden, and Spain.



A positive, harmonious impact o­n the world



Promote positive social change through poetry.

Undertake profitable growth projects in education.





Organize workshops: where qualified teachers teach Literature, Poetry, Peace Education - Harmonious education in the ABC of Harmony (peace from harmony), Elements of writing, and Youth leadership skills, Read Africa (book club), organize annual poetry competition for secondary schools.

Target:Basic school, Senior high school, and Tertiary institution.



A social intervention project with a vision of creating new life for others. We create the future by helping them to rebuild their lives by stepping forward after stepping backwards.

Target: Refugees, disabled, reformatory homes, prisons, children homes. Etc


Poetry performance, Readings, Slams, Spoken word by poets.

Collection of Poems written by SDPF poets known as The Dawn Anthology of Modern Poetry.

Splendors Talk Story
: A collection of history, tradition and culture inspired poems.

Participants: Pupils from basic school, Students from secondary school,

Undergraduates, graduates, major and minor poets.

Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation membership, it is a member of:

(1) European Union Peace Network for Africa (EUPNA)

(2) The Global Coalition for Conflict transformation (GCCT)

(3) Coalition of NGOs Associated with United Nations-DPI (Ghana)

(4) Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC)



Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation

(Accra, Ghana & Nigeria)

No 14 Atomic Estate, off Atomic/Haasho rd,

West - Legon, Accra, Ghana

Website: www.splendorsofdawn.org

E-mail: ayo@splendorsofdawn.org








The entire world desperately needy, all the world desperately yearning, the entire world removed from its calm.

The entire world mourning harvested pain in a world whose soul is sense,

In a world whose soul is true, a world of beauty of immeasurable worth. A world of peace that makes

Life bloom like a rose that never grow old in a world coming, in a world going.

Yet our world sank deep in a world of our own.


All the world desperately needy, all the world desperately yearning, all the world removed from its calm.

All the world embodied in pangs of poison that sank deep in lands that feel heavy with hate, in a world

Whose soul is love, in a world whose soul is harmonious?

A world of peace that never grow old, in a world coming, in a world going.

Yet our world sank deep in a world of our own.


All the world desperately needy, all the world desperately yearning, all the world removed from its calm.

All the world paths reach our paths with a weeping heart full of deep hunger for peace, they are from

Yesterday, they are from the future in a world whose soul is harmony, in a world whose soul is peace

A world of the sun of peace that never grow old, all the path reach our path of harvested gain, the path

Frees our joys to pull in richer life.


Yet our transient world looked hopelessly at the world we had defiled.

Copyright 2012




Listen up! My world and you shall hear that

On the first day of the rest of your life,

The heavens cried out of the mourning paths in depressing distress as chaos gone to hell,

Again and again for a world burning loveliness.

In a world so hard to hear the light of day.

In a world so hard to see the distant music of the soul.

In a world so hard to feel the dance of the mind.

In a world where we devour the smile in us again and again.


Meanwhile, o­n the first day of the rest of my life,

In the dream of my soul I dreamt I saw a dove larger than large smiled at me again and again.

Then I saw the peak of heaven within us. And Peace sank deep over our world.

A peace that keep souls whole, to find more life.

In a world that is lived with people o­n a fast journey, o­n an unknown road called life.

In their mind I saw no colour, I saw the world all as o­ne people sprouting wild and sweet in eternal

Ocean of love, again and again.


Suddenly, I saw a doorway of fires raging, fires soaring wild spreading peace in the depths of harmony

That watered the land as strife dull heavily, turning destruction to construction.

All day long, I heard the harmonious sunlight chime in every heart in the radiance of collapsing hostility

With many peaking waves, glistening to liberate again and again.


The tide ebbs still, the tide flows still.

In its own long, in its own short.

In daylight, and in darkness, and of shadows over the starved souls.

All day long, all was light as the sunshine chimes eternal light in every heart again and again.

And ever lives sit o­n good free like the wind to swirl and soar in total bliss.

To swirl and flower in eternal unity like suns of the soul.

On that glorious day the sweet air of profound peace sprung from harmony to gain the soul’s eternal

Love again and again.


All day floods of peace poured into souls and the tranquil heart grew strong in beautiful air again and again.

And ever peace began within me.

Peace became me.

For the dove has danced in truth and dropped its feathers,

Then went nesting over the world.

And forever the world became peace and beauty to sift life.

Copyright 2012





A breath heard into love,

heard very deep love go into love.


A mind heard into harmony,

heard the deepest harmony go into harmony.


A soul heard into peace,

heard the deepest gain in life.

Copyright 2012





A beauty that is beauty grows in our sun.

A beauty as sweet sun with a heart as heavy as gold.


A heart golden is beauty that grows in our sun.

A beauty that is beauty makes joy with hearts.


A beauty is an unending music that grows in our sun.

A heart golden is beauty that grows in our sun.


A beauty full of heart grows joy in our sun.

A beauty that is beauty grows in our sun.

Copyright 2012





A walking joy like sunrise gentle with the steps of sunset in the infinity of life.

Tomorrow exists in the first step.


A future stands today like the morning.

A dawn stands today laughing into our souls.


Tomorrow exists in the first step.

The first step filled to glorious sounds of centuries,


To speak to the true future suns.

Tomorrow exists in the first step.


This step knows not what, this step knows not why.

Copyright 2012





The mirror of heaven mirrored in their being love, and amongst the oceans of life love is their heaven that drowns in deeper truths calling their souls to beauty as fierce lightning ignites the sea of their heart to do everything in love . Spreading meaning in undivided power, becoming whole, becoming their own soul, becoming whole to the world as

Their minds comes to rest in their hearts, all being all true beings love with

A heart that is the world.

A heart for everyone.

A heart that sees the whole.

A heart that sees the whole no longer sees the pieces.

The mirror of heaven been love is the breath of their true being that grows beautiful memories in a deluge

of new releases, of a light shining within, flowing without with their hearts popping energy all over as love swelled higher along the rivers of life, Spreading meaning in undivided power, becoming whole, becoming their own soul, becoming whole to the world as

Their minds comes to rest in their hearts, all being, all true beings love with

A heart that is the world

A heart for everyone

A heart that sees the whole.

A heart that sees the whole no longer sees the pieces.

The mirror of heaven open their hearts to the love of humanity like a peacock majestically strutting his colorful plumes sandwiched between vibrant flowers that made their hearts sang the trumpets of life. In the splendor of love, nature rose up speaking to their heart like breath in a revolving fragrance that satisfies their entire soul telling them humanity is their sun, telling them they are everything for they gave themselves to love, spreading meaning in undivided power becoming whole, becoming their own soul, becoming whole to the world as their mind comes to rest in their heart, all being, all true beings love with

A heart that is the world.

A heart for everyone.

A heart that sees the whole.

A heart that sees the whole no longer sees the pieces.

Is the essence of the life to find true fulfillment? Are there definite cresting peaks that taste greater?

Copyright 2012


14. Gandhi’s Nonviolence and Life.
Any Lessons for Women, Human Rights Activists and Peacemakers?


Ayo Ayoola-Amale


Mohandas Gandhi was a puritan known for his devout Hindu faith and ascetic lifestyle, often dressing o­nly in a loincloth and shaw. He was born o­n the 2nd of October 1869 in Porbandar, Gujarat, India. He was a leader of the Indian nationalist movement who led his country to freedom against British rule. His use of non-violent protest to achieve political and social progress has been immensely influential. Gandhi was imprisoned several times during his pursuit of non-violent protest and he undertook a number of hunger strikes to protest against the oppression of India's poorest classes, among other injustices.

No doubt Mohandas Gandhi was a great Indian, respected globally for his organizational innovations that were instrumental to the success of India's independence movement; these organizational innovations behind Gandhi's nonviolent movement in India certainly offer lessons for present day peace movements, especially in nonviolent disobedience.

Certainly, his life is a great lesson o­n sustaining a nonviolent movement with followers that are willing to forgo temptations for violence in favor of humanity or national objectives which are important to peace activists and their movements.

Gandhi’s “self-sacrifice” – for himself and his followers – is by far invaluable for they offer lessons for committed true peace activists and non-violent leaders in peace and freedom movements. The power of nonviolent disobedience teaches us that when plenty people withdraw their cooperation, refuse to conform or obey, and consequently undermine the sustainability of the existing system-"Even the most powerful cannot rule without the cooperation of the ruled," Mahatma Gandhi.

People power is the sustained, strategic application of a variety of nonviolent tactics, including civil disobedience, boycotts, strikes and noncooperation, these methods are greatly needed especially in repressive regimes where rulers have lost all credibility in the eyes of their people. Disobedience is at the heart of nonviolent struggle though protests are not the same with nonviolent movement, but they are o­ne type of nonviolent method. Also another lesson that could be learnt from past nonviolent struggles is the importance of communicating a vision of society based o­n justice, not retaliation.

We know through experience that freedom is never handed over o­n a platter of gold by the oppressor; the oppressed must fight for it. Gandhi's genius achieved non-violent political revolution and nonviolent movements that led to democratic consolidation for his country. o­n the other hand there has been a lot of talk about Gandhi’s ability with regards to being able to conquer the violence of his thoughts towards women and Africans? A lot has been written and said about Gandhi regarding how he viewed women, Africans, racism and the caste oppression in India. Many Indians believe Gandhi lived humbly, loved humanity and practiced non-violent struggle against a powerful adversary the British Empire. What truly is Gandhi’s legacy in this regard?


Gandhi reported an event in his writings that occurred when he was a dissident in South Africa: he discovered a male youth had been harassing two of his female followers. Gandhi reacted to this incident by personally cutting the girls' hair off, to make sure the "sinner's eye" was "sanitized". These are prejudicial attitudes that women ‘ask for it’ in certain circumstances, if they dress in a way considered ‘provocative.’

The victim blaming tactics was reinforced by Gandhi’s believe that Indian women who were raped lost their value as human beings. He maintained that fathers could be justified in killing daughters who had been sexually assaulted for the sake of family and community honour. This unfortunately has led to rape victims committing suicide out of "shame". Gandhi was also said, to consider Indian women who used contraceptives as whores, thereby strengthening patriarchy immensely in a country where women were considered either as creatures that could bring either pride or shame to the men who possessed them. A society where women fight dowry deaths, honour killings, female feticide and the abandonment of new-born girls is certainly not a society where everyone is free to live in dignity.

There is a long-running historical argument over Gandhi's views o­n caste and race. His doctrine of nonviolence was believed by many to be based o­n the acceptance of the caste system; however some believe Gandhi devoted much of his life to fighting caste prejudice.

The caste system in India is thousands of years old; it is a very inhuman social hierarchy but still defines the status of hundreds of millions of people in the second most populous country in the world. The so-called untouchables, or Dalitsin in India, continue to suffer very terrible discrimination.

Similarly, most Africans have always accused Gandhi who led India to independence of working with the British colonial government to promote racial segregation during his stay of more than two decades in South Africa. He was said to have campaigned for racial segregation and actually achieved post office segregation.

Gandhi is said to be known for using a derogatory term when referring to black Africans. It was based o­n the believe that Mahatma Gandhi is racist that his statue, originally located at the University of Ghana’s recreational quadrangle, was removed. What truly is the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi o­ne of the most celebrated figures of the 20th Centuryoften called "Mahatma", which means "great-souled", or, in India, "Bapu", which means "father" who was assassinated o­n 30 January 1948 in Delhi, by Nathuram Godse?


Dr. Ayo Ayoola-Amale, MCIArb, FIMC, CMC,

Principal Consultant, Trainer & Certified Mediator,

First Conflict Resolution Services Inc.

GHA-Africa President, Women's GHA Co-Chair, Ghana,

Web: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=524

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