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The invitation letter to the peacemaking organizations

October 24, 2012

Invitation to a new World Peace Movement o­n the Platform of Harmony

Dear leaders of peace organizations and peacemakers,

The Global Harmony Association (GHA) has honor to invite you to the new World Peace Movement: Peace and Disarmament from Harmony – PDH (see attachment and here:
http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=532), which GHA initiated in September 2012.

PDH is motivated by the growing threat of a military attack o­n Iran, which will follow after the presidential elections in the United States and which can grow into a new world war. We, the peacemakers, cannot remain indifferent to the growing threat of war. We, the peacemakers, do not find any moral justification in the view of our children and grandchildren, and in history, if war happens. But, we, the peacemakers, resist this threat now are incapable and powerless virtually because of our theoretical, religious, institutional, and national disunity and fragmentation. In the world today there is practically no single world peace movement, making the separate peace organizations impotent. In this critical situation for peace and in the face of a new world war, the need to consolidate peace organizations becomes acutely urgent as never.

In this regard, the GHA, which has devoted almost eight years developing the science of global social harmony and has created during this time many peace projects based o­n it, has initiated the formation of the new world peace movement. It is created as a union of peace organizations and peacekeepers o­n the common spiritual platform of global social harmony, the scientific basis of which is presented in GHA book: The ABC of Harmony, 2012:
http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478. This movement was called: Peace and Disarmament from Harmony (PDH). This movement raises every peace organization to a higher level of responsibility for world peace and ensures the development of its peacemaking potential fully. This is the highest spiritual and value meaning of joining the PDH movement. The following 12 International peace organizations joined PDH and formed its core:


·Global Harmony Association, President, Leo Semashko, Russia,

·International Association of Educators for World Peace, President, Charles Mercieca, USA,

·IASE Deemed University, Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Chancellor, Kanakmal Dugar, Sardarshahar, India,

·Academy of Universal Global Peace, President, Madhu Krishan, India,

·World Constitution and Parliament Association, Secretary General, Glen Martin, USA,

·Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War, Board Member, Ernesto Kahan, Israel

·Peace and Conflict Studies Center, Director, Bishnu Pathak, Nepal,

·New World Community of Love and Peace, President, Jeffrey Peters, USA,

·The Universal Alliance, Coordinator, David Stringer, Great Britain,

·IFLAC South America and BILINGUAL MCA, President, Maria Cristina Azcona, Argentina,

·Global Peace Centre, President, Michael Ellis, Australia,

·Cercle Univ. Ambassadeurs de la Paix, President, Gabrielle Simond, Switzerland.

Now we invite other peace organizations to join. The leaders of these organizations may send a simple response: "Our peaceful organization (title) is ready to join the PDH World Peace Movement and participate in the formation of its governing bodies and the Charter." This work will begin when at least 40 organizations from different continents will join the PDH movement.

This answer you could send me (but I will be away during October 30 to November 20 in India) and to the PDH Coordinators and the GHA Ambassadors for Peace and Disarmament from Harmony:

-Dr. Bishnu Pathak, Director, Peace and Conflict Studies Center, Nepal: pathakbishnu@gmail.com,

-Prof. Sunita Singh Sengupta, University of Delhi, India: sunita.singhsengupta@gmail.com,

-Dr. Bruce Cook, USA: cookcomm@gmail.com,

-Dr. Leye Babalola, ICCA President, Nigeria: highprinceleye@yahoo.com,

-Dr. Michael Ellis, President, Global Peace Centre, Australia: mindquest@ozemail.com.au,

- Marina Kozlovska, Ukraine: cutebright_irbees@yahoo.com,

The key element of the PDH movement is disarmament, without which world peace is inconceivable. The GHA therefore invites all peace organizations and all peacemakers to sign the GHA Petition to the UN for Total Disarmament in 50 years as part of the PDH Movement here:

The sooner your peace organization joins the PDH Movement, the sooner it will oppose new war through collective efforts.

Your signature and joining will be evidence of your organization's highest liability for world peace. This will confirm that for your organization world peace is more valuable than saving your separatism and fragmentation.

We established also that PDH Movement in terms of organization requires not o­nly united peace organizations (at least 40), but also the world-famous peace leaders. o­nly in this case, the PDH will be visible and popular in the world, and o­nly in this case it will find not o­nly a moral but also financial support in the world, without which it can not exist. We think we should invite the first Indian leaders to make India the world leader of PDH, whose headquarters will be in New Delhi. India has earned this honor as the most peace-making country in the world with the oldest spiritual tradition of harmony and as a world leader of the Age of Harmonious Enlightenment based o­n the ABC of Harmony since February 2012. You could name in addition to these two (see two attachments) other well-known leaders for the PDH from the world, we have to invite.

On behalf of GHA, Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA President,

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