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GLOBAL PEACE SCIENCE by Takis Ioannides, Athens





(GLOBAL PEACE SCIENCE article published via newspaper EPIKAIRA, September 14, 2013, English version)

            I have the honor to be a co-founder of the non-government Global Harmony Association (GHA) “with priority of the children” of the world, headquartered in St. Petersburg, Russia, chaired by the President Dr Leo Semashko, (www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=home). It has 500 active members from 56 countries, known international institutions, academics, writers, Nobel laureates, Presidents of the World Organization for Peace, Love, Children of the world, etc. proposed globally innovative proposal for the creation of the "Global Peace Science", described in our new book titled The ABC of Harmony for World Peace: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478.

           This period we inform the leaders of all nations with GPS letters, and invite them to adopt it and call scientists of their countries, to participate and form it as science in order to educate young men and women everywhere, with the hope the next generations to live in Peace in the future!

           o­n the occasion of the G20 meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia (5-6 September 2013), personal letter about the "Global Science of Peace" was sent by members of the GHA to President Putin and to all the leaders of the G20 Summit. Letters sent also by three Greeksmembers of GHA, Dr. Takis Ioannides, co-founder of the GHA, the blind poet - writer Athanasius Koumouris, and Dr. nuclear medicine and Dr pathology, poet and historic writer Apostolos Paschos from town ofMetsovo of Epirus Greece.

          Today's publication of all above mentioned via this reputable newspaper, is fully aware of the major importance of the establishment of World Peace Science for our planet.

          A live announcement was made by Takis Ioannides days ago o­n radio station "Sport Metropolis” 95.5 in the city of Salonica. The recommendation of our President, Dr Leo Semashko is published o­n our website, and translated into the Greek language, which describes in detail our proposal for the "Global Peace Science" o­n page,http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=gr_c, together with other earlier announced projects, like, Contents Greece Section, Global Peace Science(http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=gr_c&key=8), The great map of Harmony for a Culture, Harmonious Era Calendar, The Future: Harmonious Civilization, or What? - The Program for the world TV Broadcast.

          Also in our page, www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=582, you can read all the letters sent by our members, from many countries in the G20 conference in St. Petersburg, Russia, and also to 48 prime ministers of their countries, proposing the establishment of the Global Peace Science. FYI, during the conference the delegates of the G20 dealt solely with it, if Syria will be bombed or not, and nothing else, proving vice versa, that the issue of World Peace is for them secondary or tertiary issue ...

         “Global peace science is a key of intellectual peace solidarity of humanity and general hope of all nations to real peace and prosperity o­n the Earth in the 21st century. GHA”

Harmony will save peace. GHA

Dr Takis Ioannides, student of this Life, Athens, Greece

Publication is co-signed by the members of GHA: blind poet writer Athanassios Koumouris and Dr Nuclear Dr Pathology poet historic writer Apostolos Paschos

September 16, 2013



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