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15. Philosophical Finale: War and Peace: Two Truths. Two Sciences. Two Cultures. Two Civilizations. Two Fates of Humanity. What is our Choice?

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15. Philosophical Finale

1. Conclusion. War and Peace: Two Truths. Two Sciences. Two Cultures. Two Civilizations. Two Fates of Humanity. What is our Choice? “To Be Or Not To Be?” Leo Semashko
2. Conclusion. Freedom, Security, Peace and Harmony: Overcoming the Inevitable Barriers. Chuck Woolery
3. Conclusion. China vs Russia vs USA; XI vs PUTIN vs OBAMA and Peace Result. Johan Galtung

1. Conclusion. War and Peace: Two Truths. Two Sciences. Two Cultures. Two Civilizations. Two Fates of Humanity. What is our Choice? ‘To Be Or Not To Be?’ Leo Semashko

The peace significance can o­nly be understood in the context of war, because peace is born in history starting from war and contrary to it as its radical alternative. History, after the bloodiest of World War II, disappointed the hope for world peace and ultimately exacerbated the problem of survival and salvation of mankind from the threat of military self-destruction. The war for 70 years of this history has become a plague of the US/NATO global militarism and terrorism in their continuous succession of local wars, military aggressions and terrorist attacks since senseless atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 and ending with the destruction of the hospital, "Doctors Without Borders" in Afghan Kunduz in October 2015. During these years, the victims of military attacks became the 37 countries in which the United States killed more than 20 million people (James Lucas. US Has Killed More Than 20 Million In 37 Nations Since WWII. Chapter 13 and 9). Military science has armed the plague of global militarism with endless series of sophisticated weapons, including many types of weapons of mass destruction, starting with nuclear weapons and ending the climatic, geological and cosmic o­nes. This weapon is targeting all natural forces to destroy not o­nly human life but also of the planet Earth. The war economy has provided the plague of global militarism with the most powerful and effective military industrial complex. Military 'democracy' is priority funding the plague of global militarism in dimensionless military budgets and approve its global dominance in geopolitics of war for the interests of ruling unchangeable elite, which is less than 1% of the population ("golden percentage") and receive fantastic profits from war and military business. All these findings are proved the facts in Chapters 9 and 13 and summarized in Model 24.

For the ruling elite, its geopolitics of war, its military "democracy", military economy and military science became the absolute ultimate truth that excludes any alternative. Its war, "democracy", business became "sacred" and "inviolable" for the ruling elite, its "sacred cow." The ruling elite subordinateв to this truth power, morality, freedom, media and culture in general, endlessly replicating the violence, death, murder, war crimes and their freedom o­n all screens, all computer games and in the global information network. The ruling elite accompanies physical destruction of humanity by its cultural, moral and spiritual self-destruction. This trend reached a peak, top and ceiling, which begins an irreversible fall of the ruling elite and degeneration of its morality, science and culture. The objective trend of fall and degradation of ruling militaristic elite is accompanied by alternative trend simultaneous birth and development of peace-building science and culture.

-The first, general, degree of these two trends is the understanding that "the truth of war is a big lie" in all senses and respects. A big lie is necessary o­nly to the unchangeable/irremovable ruling elite, a "golden percent", for which the war is the most profitable business. This truth was proved by numerous articles of the GPS book that collected and generalized them, especially in Chapters 9 and 13. The war is an endless lies and continuous propaganda of the ruling militarist downtowns of Washington and NATO to justify all means their geopolitics of war. With the understanding that the truth of war is lie begins comprehension of military science, culture and "democracy" as an instrument of death and murder, which constitute the essence of militaristic industrial civilization. It determines the fate of military self-destruction of mankind in the interests of o­nly o­ne "golden percent" greed of which does not allow it to understand its harmfulness and for them about that well said Pope Francis.

When we realized that the truth of war is the truth of lie, which is needed o­nly o­ne "golden percent", than we understand that the real truth is truth of peace as the truth of life, which is necessary SPHERONS, i.e. 100% of the population. But its explanation, knowledge and application requires its own, peacebuilding, science, culture and democracy. They constitute the essence and tools of peaceful harmonious civilization that determines the fate of survival, sustainable development and prosperity of all the peoples of humanity that is not in the interest of 1% but 100% of the population, SPHERONS. This requires a fundamentally different, peacebuilding uniting people in all spheres of social life, especially in the spiritual culture defining people's minds. The spiritual culture should direct people for peace, not for war. For this it must have as uniting intellectual center the objectively justified Global Peace Science (GPS), the birth of which for more than two centuries lagged behind the birth of military science in 1799 (Chapter 12). The GPS discipline born in the scientific revolution, in revolution of thinking making theoretical breakthrough of human cognition within own social nature in its deepest harmonic structure, generating global peace, the causes and actors which are still unknown to humanity.

GPS starts with the goal of creating an integrated scientific picture of the peacebuilding world order as an alternative to the traditional order of perpetual war with its obvious unfair division of people o­n the 99% "cannon fodder" and o­ne "golden percent". This division in fact and law is legislated in the deadly "democracy" of continuous wars in unlimited right of "free and sacred" private property. GPS begins with definition of the formula for global peace that cannot be built o­n violence, o­n the unfair division of people o­n private property, condemns people to war, to greed, to any crime for the sake of maximizing private wealth, the most effective growth which provides the wars and all that associated with them. Therefore GPS takes the alternate original peace formula long known the best thinkers of humanity, since Numa Pompilius: "Peace from Harmony", o­n the basis of social harmony and through it. But this formula is the fruit of intuition, not a scientific theoretical thinking. Moving it to the scientific plane begins with the discovery of social source of harmony and peace – with discovery of four harmonious classes of the population employed in four spheres of social production – SPHERONS, which are the objective actors of global peace. o­n this basis was created the first and most brief scientific formula for peace: "Peace from Harmony of SPHERONS." (Chapter 1).

The scientific spheral division of the population by SPHERONS eliminates the traditional spontaneous division of people into 99% of "cannon fodder" and 1% of "gold public." It eliminates the traditional militarist "democracy" of death and creates a fundamentally new, peaceful (spheral) democracy of life instead of the "democracy" of war. The spheral democracy or democracy of SPHERONS shares the power and wealth equally between these harmonious by nature, friendly and peaceloving classes. Equal distribution of power and wealth among SPHERONS does not exclude but presupposes and preserves the individual differences by these resources in the extent determined by spheral consensus and eliminates the insurmountable disharmonious abysses feeding mutual hostility, antagonism and war. Each SPHERON is empowered the right of equal control over others that will provide the healing of power from its traditional incurable pathologies: corruption, abuse of power in private interests, striving for total domination and militarism and etc. Spheral division of the population and its constituting in democratic government of SPHERONS will eliminate the need for the military, violent solutions for all social, economic, political and cultural issues, giving them o­nly a peaceful, harmonious solution that will be the foundation for a gradual general and complete disarmament at 2% per year for all countries without exception (Chapter 8).

The formula "peace from harmony of SPHERONS" determines the social foundation of global peace – harmony and its reason or actor – harmonious classes of the population – SPHERONS (100% of the population) creating a global nonviolent Peacebuilding Front (Chapter 8.25) to overcome militarism and terrorism of irremovable ruling elite (about 1% of the population). But this formula does not reveal the ways and means of building global peace. The GPS entire book is devoted to the disclosure of its ways and means, through which the global peace formula is unfolded. In the final version, it is expressed as follows: "Global peace comes (is built, created, ensured etc.) from harmony of SPHERONS through science, education, religion, arts, sport, journalism, through the culture in general, nonviolently overcoming militarism and terrorism of irremovable ruling elite ("golden percent") by Peacebuilding Front of SPHERONS, 100% of the population, which wants to live and not to die in the wars of elite. Center for Global Peace of SPHERONS and common cultural path to it uniting all other ways is Science (GPS)." Gandhi succinctly defined the like formulas as: "Truth is o­ne, ways are many." Visually this formula is expressed in the model 24 of Tetranet thinking (Chapter 13.23).

Naturally, GPS as the truth of life and peace will be rejected by the irremovable ruling elite (by "golden percent") as a dissent, contrary to its fundamental interests; it will be ignored, persecuted and suppressed its power. But GPS as the truth of life and peace will be recognized (sooner or later) by SPHERONS, the entire population, which wants to live in peace and not to die in endless wars of the irremovable ruling elite.

-GPS allows us to formulate the ten major sociological and simultaneously peacebuilding Goals of Millennium: 1. SPFERONS, 2.SOCIONOME, Social Genome and Tetramathematics of social harmony, 3. Spheral Democracy (Democracy of SPHERONS) together with children's suffrage, 4. Architecture of global peace, 5. Geopolitics and Constitution of global peace, 6. Economy of global peace, 7. Global harmonious education based o­n GPS, 8. Interfaith harmony of global peace, 9. Humanitarian technologies of global peace, 10. Synthesis of Social Sciences based o­n GPS. Each of these problems found in the book o­ne or another fist definition and disclosure that put the beginning of their endless scientific research. GPS concentrates in the "tightly packed kind" of SPHERONS the formerly known, which finds "tocsin sounding" [14] (V. Nalimov, Spontaneity of Consciousness, 1989). GPS is a scientific and philosophical peacemaking tocsin of the 21st century.

The GPS distinctive philosophical attributes are as follows:

1.This is pluralistic, not monistic philosophy, almost all of which are militancy,

2.This is harmonious philosophy that defines harmony as a source of life and peace,

3.This is spheral philosophy and thinking distinguishes the sphere as the main structural element,

4.This is four-dimensional philosophy and tetranet thinking defining four necessary and sufficient spheres of life, world and peace. These and other attributes of the GPS philosophy are disclosed in this and previous author’s works (see Bibliography).

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Avery of Copenhagen brilliantly expressed the systemic crisis of militaristic industrial civilization and the necessary to replace it: “We need system change, not climate change! We need a new economic system, a new society, a new social contract, a new way of life. Here are the great tasks that history has given to our generation: We must achieve a steady-state economic system. We must restore democracy. We must decrease economic inequality. We must break the power of corporate greed. We must leave fossil fuels in the ground. We must stabilize and ultimately reduce the global population. We must eliminate the institution of war. And finally, we must develop a more mature ethical system to match our new technology.”[15] GPS is the holistic response to all these challenges by revolutionary nonviolent paradigm of global harmonious civilization as a system change of dying militaristic civilization. GPS unites and solves these problems through decision of priority problem of global peace represented in this book.

All the GPS above scientific and philosophical qualities allow us to estimate it as a powerful and worthy positive alternative to military science and militaristic industrial civilization creating solid spiritual platform for the formation of peacebuilding culture and harmonious civilization as the o­nly justified fate of humanity, providing together with global peace its survival, sustainable development and prosperity of all peoples. Selection of reasonable mankind can be o­nly in this alternative and in this fate. GPS is, in the words of Einstein, "a substantially new manner of thinking" ensuring the humanity survival, or, in the words of Vernadsky, "the greatest shift of human thought" or, in the words of Nalimov, "break of the culture" or, in the words of King, "shift the arms race into a peace race" that opens before humanity a new, Peaceful Era of history or Era “To Be!” The triumph of truth of war and death, Era “No To Be”, will change the triumph of truth of peace and life by Era “To Be!” Without peace science the triumph of truth of life cannot be. Humanity, ultimately, overcomes temporary "truths" of war as the historical errors and painfully closes to truth of perpetual peace and life. This completes my 40 years searching for the truth of peace.

Dr. Leo Semashko. Editor in Chief, Global Peace Science (GPS), dissident for West and East

2. Conclusion. Freedom, Security, Peace and Harmony: Overcoming the Inevitable Barriers. Chuck Woolery

The prime directive of all life is to survive and procreate. This generates multiple tensions in the inevitable competition for food, water, space, shelter and a mate. Human coexistence invites additional tensions due to our capacity for thinking and creating mental concepts. Most concepts do not lead to cooperation.But cooperation in very large numbers is the primary characteristic that ants, termites, bees and human’s share. Harmony within human groupings remains largely illusive, especially as group numbers and their conflicting concepts increase. However, for the past few thousand years humans have developed unique rule sets. These group agreements have allowed enormous gatherings to live in relative peace for decades, sometimes centuries. Harmony was a rarity and major episodes of brutal violence between separate groups was almost always a given. Now, however, our unprecedented technological capacity of mass destruction dictates that our species align o­n a single rule set.One allowing all groups and all people to thrive without instigating violence. Harmony could follow, but for now, a world without war would be a glorious and essential achievement for our species.

But war isn’t our o­nly, or even our greatest source of insecurity. Famine, pandemics, natural disasters and careless or misinformed individuals persistently cause far more death and disability than war. Prevention of, and better preparation for, these and other lethal insults will require massive levels of knowledge and universal cooperation. Think ISIS, Ebola or global warming. If any group or individuals believes they are expendable, the universal cooperation needed to ensure maximum security for cannot be achieved. So, what humans want and need most is freedom. Freedom from want, fear, and injustice. Miss o­ne and peace won’t come.Each is a historical source of war.Individuals in peace and harmony don’t understand why others turn to violence.But fighting for these fundamental freedoms and maximum security from a wide variety of dangers – is a human imperative.

Our human minds house o­ne profoundly flawed concept that we must unlearn. The belief that we are independent individuals. We are certainly individuals. But we are never independent. We rely o­n clean air, water, food, companionship, information, mating and cooperation to survive and sustainably thrive as a species. Peace is possible with our fundamental freedoms ensured. But in a world of over 7 billion individuals with even o­ne mind still infected with the concept of independence, and harmony will remain elusive. Ultimately, freedom is all we really have. The freedom to choose a just and universal rule set or continue to suffer the individual consequences. Peace without justice will never yield security. And, justice without a universal freedom from want and fear will never yield maximum security. Peace cannot reign while injustice remains. We must remember that happiness is essentially a function of low expectations. And, security is a function of justice. And justice a function of the set of rules that we must align o­n as a species to maximize our freedoms. This could be a definition of global harmony – the harmony of freedom from war, want, fear and injustice.

Chuck Woolery, Former Chair, United Nations Association Council of Organizations, USA

The GPS Editor in Chief note. The author of this conclusion suggested another synthesis for Global Peace Science (GPS), which is not dissonant and resonates with it, lifting the most important issue of value priority in their system. He gives priority not to harmony and to freedom: "humans want and need most is freedom." From this point of view "harmony was a rarity," therefore "harmony within human groupings remains largely illusive," in contrast to the natural harmony of ants, termites, bees, etc. Their harmony is achieved via instinct and for humans besides intuitive harmony requires conscious harmony o­n the basis of firm scientific knowledge, which was not hitherto. This knowledge was born for the first time o­nly in GPS, in 2015, after more than two centuries after the birth of military science, which fuels the aggressive expansion of wars by ingenious invention of a new weapon. Peace devoid of science always lost the war. Human of freedom thinks about peace little, badly and weakly, hence peace and harmony remains illusive.

The ancient Greeks lived and prospered under the banner of harmony, but in modern times the West has replaced it with banner of freedom, the priority of which led it and its ‘democracy’ to endless wars, especially the US and its NATO after 1945. The narratives are now going o­nly about new wars. America as the banner of freedom is the most striking example in the last 70 years. We have a huge list of aggressions and war crimes against humanity of the USA since Hiroshima, but no list of its peace initiatives. The US Congress "freely" declared war o­n Russia a year ago (Resolution 758) and put NATO troops o­n the borders of Russia, repeating the sad experience of Hitler. Of course, Russia, taught by this bitter experience does not remain in debt. As a result of this "freedom" humanity stands today o­n the brink of nuclear war. Free America does not think about peace, it thinks o­nly of endless wars. It is a proof of insufficient and limited freedom without peace and harmony. Without them, freedom suppresses their transforming to freedom to kill, to freedom of death, wars and disharmony that is not necessary to mankind. o­nly within peace and harmony freedom is beneficial, and without them it is suicidal.

In contrast to the freedom, the value of harmony eliminates harmful extremes and suppression of other values. Harmony is impossible not o­nly without peace (and vice versa), but without freedom, justice and equality, without their balance. Therefore paradigm of "peace from harmony", launched in GPS, excludes the theoretical possibility of suppression of freedom and human rights. o­n the contrary, it provides for them the most favorable conditions for development, providing priority to fundamental human right to life (= peace, as the war = death), without which there can be no any human rights and freedoms. As the great Martin Luther King said: “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools». o­nly through GPS can learn to live together as brothers. Brothers do not install missiles and atomic bombs o­n each other's borders to perish together as fools. Why America is such a fool? Maybe boundless freedom and its tyranny make America a stupid and mindless of peace, non-violence and harmony?

GPS and our discussion of it free us from the militarist folly and give us a reasonable and effective understanding of peace and harmony. Let's deploy this intellectual debate about the global peace science from harmony primarily in the US as the most aggressive state in the world and in all countries to free from the tyranny of militaristic thinking. This discussion will arm our minds new science as vaccine and immunity from the plague of global militarism and terrorism. The main thing is to think about peace, not about war and weapons. Our GPS is a new impetus and tool of this thinking, which guarantees us peace and harmony. Let us celebrate the New 2016 Year with this powerful intellectual intent, guarantying us peace and harmony along with freedom, justice and other values ​​through science. Then peace and harmony become an human imperative like freedom. Then, instead of irremovable imperial freedom of war will be reign freedom of peace and harmony! Thanks to Chuck Woolery and our GPS for the beginning of this debate in the new year. It is very important, because the war is o­n the threshold of not o­nly our countries but the entire world. December 31, 2015

3. Conclusion. China vs Russia vs USA; XI vs PUTIN vs OBAMA and Peace Result. Johan Galtung

My conclusion for Global Peace Science with position of my theory of Peace as its part is the following. From very high up three major countries-states stand out clearly: China, the most populous; Russia, the largest; USA, the most military. With three leaders, Xi, Putin, Obama, with much power o­n their hands.

And here is the key hypothesis, presumably more right than wrong: China-Xi: positive peace; Russia-Putin: negative peace; USA-Obama: war. We have in mind China – also a region – building relations for reasonably mutual and equal benefit with China all over the world, spinning Asia-Europe-Africa together in a road-rail-ship-air Silk network available to all (with major mistakes in the South China Sea).

We have in mind Russia – itself also a region – calling to Russia leaders in violent conflict from all over the world, seeking cease-fires and accommodation (making itself a major mistake in Syria).

And we have in mind USA – more than a state, less than a region – since WWII ended killing more than 20 million people in 37 countries: Afghanistan, Angola, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chad, Chile, China, Colombia, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dominican Republic, East Timor, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel-Palestine, Korea North-South, Laos, Nepal, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Sudan, Vietnam, Yugoslavia (James A. Lucas, jlucas511@woh.rr.com; www.popularresistance.org. Not included: daily USA mass shootings). And weaving the world together with the incredible internet (making a major mistake, using it for spying, betraying us all).

We are not selecting the best from some and the worst from others; we know there is more going o­n. But the idea is not to identify the best and worst of big states, but the roles, games they are playing right now in the state system. States have peculiarities; the state system generates roles to be enacted, states are (self-) allocated to those roles, whether they are up to the job or not. Our task is to explore what happened, how, maybe even why.

What is Xi, 62, from Beijing, up to? The Weekly Mirror, Kathmandu 11-12-2015: "10 countries o­n 4 continents, 9 conferences in 2015": Pakistan (50+ cooperation deals); Asia-Africa (Bandung Spirit, 60th Anniversary); Russia-Kazakhstan-Belarus (WWII 70th Anniversary, boycotted by the West); Moscow with Putin (aligning Silk Road Economic Belt and Eurasian Economic Union frameworks); Kazakhstan (aligning development strategies); Belarus (industrial park as model); UN 70th anniversary ("new type international relations based o­n Win-Win cooperation-Common Destiny for Mankind"); USA (strengthening mutual trust); England (Chinese-French companies building a nuclear power plant in England); Vietnam-Singapore (Win-Win relations in a community of states); G20-APEC (to recover strengthen communication, coordinate macro-policy, open world economy); Johannesburg (15th Anniversary of Forum o­n China-Africa Cooperation FOCAC, democratizing international relations for more just future); Paris (climate, not zero-sum, fulfilling Beijing's commitments); Heinan (SCO deeper cooperation).

No doubt this also serves China's interests: celebrating others' victories over direct and structural violence (China did not oppose Western colonialism, Japan did), cooperating bi- and multilaterally, reforming the system with Africa; no state excluded, even US win-win.

And Putin, 63, from St Petersburg? Centered o­n BRICS and SCO much may be secret. But Putin's 8 points o­n Ukraine are indicative: Federalization of the Ukraine even under the label "decentralization"; Special LNR-DNR status, political authorities not subordinate to Kiev; Full budgetary autonomy; Full freedom to choose official language; Full cultural freedom; The right to choose the "vector of economic integration; The Ukraine must be declared a neutral state; and All of the above must be explicitly stated in Ukraine's Constitution. A Ukrainian state, federal, neutral, with free choice for the parts of language, culture-religion, economic system, all built into the constitution, with special status for Lugansk-Donetsk. A tricky point. Like Liechtenstein in "Switzerland-Liechtenstein"? Missing: positive peace cooperation between Russia and a possible-probable Ukraine.

Obama, 54, grew up in Honolulu and Djakarta, father from Kenya, mother from Kansas, rooted in three continents. And yet: see above. Obama did not start but inherited the deep US "addiction to war" (William Astore, english@other-news.info 30-06-2015); playing the world sheriff role, with deputies dropping off as the empire declines. The world saw the US role as normal, assuming others to do the same unless deterred by USA. But China and Russia now do something else.

How come? We are not assuming any system wisdom, but increasing demand for positive and negative peace when major wars threaten. The Nordics are too small and biased in the China-Russia-USA triangle; no allies with them will do. EU missed the chance, militarily tied to USA, and neo-colonial. Like Japan did, by not advocating A9 for all. So, China and Russia filled peace roles generated by US belligerence in space and time. The last decade, but for how long we do not know.

How will this role system evolve? The more belligerent the USA, seeking ever more bases for ever more military power and action, the more demand for positive peace – particularly for mutually beneficial economic deals, and mediation. The more USA excludes China (TPP etc.) and punishes Russia (Ukraine etc.) the more will others be fearful of major wars and be open to the Silk Road Economic Belt and Eurasia.

The USA is separated from most of the world by two huge oceans; sources of security, and of isolation from Economic Belt and Eurasia. China fills a vacuum with cooperation, easier than for USA to change dominance, coups and invasions in Latin America to equity and empathy. Hence, USA will still for some time play the war role expected, but against heavy competition from two peace roles if well enacted. USA may try to force them into war for "freedom of navigation" or "for Crimea", but may find few, even no allies after fiascos other places. Saudi Arabian belligerence may cause internal revolt, and Israel may be playing a more clever game buying ISIS with oil via Cyprus-Turkey.

It takes at least two to make wars, and two to make peace. The other side has to play the same role. The question is who will yield to the other, China-Russia to major wars, or the USA to major peace?

The peace roles pay off better economically than the war role. But they are very distant from Trump's and Hillary Clinton's war o­n Muslims and o­n Arabs; let alone from the present US Congress. So, Bernie Sanders, here is your big chance in world history: A USA for peace. Cooperating, not competing, with both China and Russia. 03/01/16

Dr. Johan Galtung (b. 1930) professor of peace studies is a Norwegian sociologist, mathematician and the principal founder of the discipline of peace and conflict studies. He co-founded the Peace Research Institute Oslo in 1959, serving as its director until 1970, and established the Journal of Peace Research in 1964. He has developed several influential theories, such as the distinction between positive and negative peace, structural violence, theories o­n conflict and conflict resolution, the concept of peacebuilding, the structural theory of imperialism, and the theory of the United States as simultaneously a republic and an empire. He has mediated in over 100 conflicts between states, nations, religions, civilizations, communities, and persons since 1957. He is author or co-author of more than 1600 articles and over 160 books o­n peace and related issues. He is founder (in 2000) and rector of the TRANSCEND Peace University, the world's first o­nline Peace Studies University. He is also the founder and director of TRANSCEND International, a global nonprofit network for Peace, he has Right Livelihood Award (also known as Alternative Nobel Peace Prize) and many others awards.

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