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Ramesh Kumar: Yoga as Tool of Global Peace from Harmony and Science

Ramesh Kumar



GHA Executive Director (CEO) and GHA Vice-President
(Was approved by the GHA members o­n March 9, 2016),

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in India,

Director, Yog Sadhanas Ashram,

Founder, NGO: Consortium of Social Reforms Organisation (COSRO: www.cosro.in),  
CEO  Lambdagroup (www.lambdagroup.co.in),

A 38, Rosewood City, Sector 49, Gurgaon 122018, India;

Ph. 124 4266169, Mob 9971001318; Email: ngocosro@gmail.com


SPHERONS Argumentation:


Review by Ramesh Kumar


I support application of inner consciousness as central to resolving problems around mankind thru adoption of Yoga, nature cure, Harmony, humanity and Peace. Inner consciousness includes outer consciousness for others around us. However we ignored both inner and outer consciousness as evidenced by the whole history of mankind in thousands of years. The contemporary materialistic society has emerged out with more complex social issues leading to unrest, disharmony, inequality, violent minds, erratic lifestyle, environmental degradation, and unending inner and external conflicts.

In ancient India the society was divided into four classes: Brahmins (priests, teachers and researchers), Kshatriyas (rulers, warriors and administrators), Vaishyas (traders, cattle herders, agriculturists and artisans) and Shudras: (labourers, workers and service providers). As per Vedic system the choice of profession was supposed to be based o­n o­nce talent, but the system divided the society into rich and poor and into various disharmonious castes, which brought to the people of India huge misfortunes, injustices and became a block to development.

An alternative for a disharmonious and unfair caste system may be a harmonious fair system of Spherons - universal classes of the population employed in four spheres of social production. Various ideas of this theory were expressed by many scientists of the 19th and 20th centuries. But they found systemic scientific expression o­nly in tetrasociology and in its crowning "Global Peace Science": http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf.

 In this new science the logical conclusion about the real existence of universal constant and harmonious classes (Spherons) of the population follows from two scientific premises: 1. the society consists of four spheres of social production (early Marx and many others) and 2. All living beings, including people, are employed in autopoiesis, self-production from birth to death (Maturana and others). Both of these premises do not cause me any doubts and I cannot object to them with any scientific counterargument. Therefore, the following conclusion about the real existence of four global Spherons employed in four spheres of production and covering the entire population always and everywhere, also does not cause me any doubts and objections. This is a completely scientific conclusion, adequate to its scientific premises and which was proved by statistically.

For me, the most interesting has the practical importance of the Spherons theory. The most important thing is that unity of Spherons in harmony expresses the eternal social genome (SOCIONOME) of mankind as o­ne family of many nations from their harmony. This idea was intuitively expressed even in the ancient Vedas, and in the theory of Spherons it receives a fundamental scientific explanation. This theory allows us to bring the necessary change for an equitable and just society and provide delivering peace from harmony to all thru harmonious education paving a conscious way for harmonious civilization.

Sustainable Peace and Sustainable Development within a deep social structure of four harmonious classes - Spherons employed in productive spheres: Sociosphere, Infosphere, Orgsphere and Technosphere are provided together by the solution of the following issues:


*Academic/educational institutions using sustainable development models.

* New World Economy with aim to end inequality.

* Good Governance Models

* Fair and selfless politics

* Humanity to be the core aim of Religion

* War and conflict resolution forums

* Targeted disarmament including nuclear weapons

* Framing and cultivating universal Ethics for all

* Concern and care for environment and respecting earth as mother

* Health for all using Yoga and Nature Cure

* Promotion of Peace among children.

The Spherons theory allows us to overcome ignorance of self-consciousness, which we often ignore in our feelings and run after physical desires leading to greed, selfishness, ego and conflicts. Using knowledge of the Spherons harmony, we have to change ourselves so that we care for the society and work for sustainable development, which is explained scientifically through the harmony of Spherons.

They allow addressing immediately to o­ne of the key issues of Economic measures to reduce the gap between rich and poor. Poverty free society will form when people get free school education for their children and affordable health services.Corporate groups must strive to bridge the gap between rich and poor by reducing the ratio between highest paid and lowest paid. Factory automation should be used for accuracy and quality and not to curtail manpower. Health services including Naturopathy and Yoga Therapy as the Spherons tools are affordable compare to medicines. The mantra for all is simple The way to be Happy is to bring happiness to others from Spherons harmony. This mantra gets a fundamental scientific meaning when using the Spherons idea.


Ramesh Kumar

Executive Director (CEO) and Vice-President

Global Harmony Association (GHA)

Trustee GHA Trust India- Global harmony Network Centre

Life Member International Naturopathy Organization (INO)

Acharya, Yog Niketan; Acharya,Yog Sadhan Ashram

38, Rosewood City, Sector 49, Gurgaon 122018, India

Founder, NGO: Consortium of Social Reforms Organisation

Mob 9971001318; Email: ngocosro@gmail.com;

Webpage: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=658



Ramesh Kumar



Yoga is the mind-body workout that enables individuals to attain and maintain a dynamic sense of physical, mental wellbeing and achieve a state, wherein physical homeostasis and mental equanimity occurs. In India Yoga was being taught and practised for thousands of years. Hence Yoga may be considered as the original mind-body natural medicine.


Physics of Yoga

Through the work of Max Planck, Einstein, Louis de BroglieArthur ComptonNiels Bohr and many others, current scientific theory holds that all particles(gross )have a wave nature (subtle form of matter ) and vice versa.[1] As we move from gross to subtle, the laws of Physics become more generalized and encompassing. In science generalized laws contain the grosser laws; often, the subtler laws reduce themselves to grosser laws. The theory of relativity is totally different when the velocity of particles reaches the velocity of light. But at normal speed, the laws reduce to Newtonian laws [2]

In the same way wave particle duality exist in the human body. The physical body is the grosser form and the mind thoughts, ego, intellect and consciousness are in subtler form. The universe itself consists of five gross elements. The five gross elements that make up the universe including living beings as per Vedic system are called panchabhutas. These are


1Earth and its resources (Prithivi )

2Air/ Atmosphere (Vayu ),

3Fire/ Sun (Agni),

4Water/ Ocean (Jal) and

5Space/ Ether (Akasa),



The five subtle elements are nature sheaths (koshas meaning treasure) provided as gift by nature to mankind [3]. These are


1 Physical Sheath (Anamaya Kosha)

The first of the five koshas is anamaya koshathe subtle body (also called human aura/ astral body). Purification, refinement and development of annamaya kosha is possible through the methods ofYoga and meditation.[3]


2Pranamaya Kosha

The second of the five koshas is pranamaya koshathe vital energy body, the panic energy that keeps universe in motion and physical human body alive.Pranamaya kosha is purified through the practice of pranayama. Pranayama is regulation of breathing and synchronising with respiration. It makes the pranic energy penetrate each and every cell and fibre of the body.


3Manomaya Kosha

              The third of the five koshas is manomaya koshathe mind thoughts and emotions that play a vital role in the quality of life and character of an individual. There are threedivisions of the human mind the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the unconscious mind. The three together are called manas in Vedanta. These are Perception, cognition and understanding and are the basic and primary qualities of the mind. We put this mind in touch with the cosmic mind of the supreme power, the intelligent designer of the universe, through yoga.


4Vijnanamaya Kosha

              The fourth of the five koshas is vijnanamaya koshathe intellect sheath, the experience element.Vijnana meansknowledge or awareness, inner perception or experience. TheUniversal knowledge comes to the conscious mind through vijnanamaya kosha or the psychic mind o­n practising yoga. [3]

5Anandamaya Kosha (bliss sheath)

              The last of the five koshas is anandamaya koshathe bliss sheath,it is the causal dimension from where all othersheaths emerge. This is the spiritual energy o­ne possesses and experiences the eternal bliss, a perfect state of peace, comfort, stability and carefree nature. This svarupa (TrueSelf ) is the ultimate foundation of all life, intelligence and higher faculties and o­ne attains thru regular practie of Yoga and by remaining detached from sensory pleasures. [4]



Pranic energy or bioplasmicenergyis in constant motion throughout life. It is present in human beings, animals, herbs or trees,oceans and mountains, minerals and bacteria etc. The tiniest part of an atomi.e. the space between orbits of electrons, protons and neutrons is ether while the inertia behind motion of electrons is prana. Wherever there is prana there is movement, growth, change and activity and where there is no prana there is no activity. When we die the body dissipates because there is no prana left.

The power of Prana, the life force, has been used in pranic healing in bringing significant favorable changes in cancer cells published by Gloria Gronowicz[5] from the University of Connecticut are empirical proof of the above mentioned, holding great promise of bringing these higher capacities of powered up prana in human systems, to deal with subtle and modern diseases such as cancer and HIV.

What is Yoga


Yoga is an ancient Indian culture for physical, mental, and spiritual development. The word " yoga" is derived from the Sanskrit root, " yuj", meaning to bind, join, and yoke. This reflection of the union of the body, mind, and spirit is what differentiates yoga from general exercise programs.Both modern physics and ancient yoga move absolutely parallel to each other in explaining the reality of matter and consciousness.Body, mind and spirit are interconnected, interrelated and interpenetrating.


Yoga has been found to be effective in controlling Psycho- somatic (both body and mind) healing of diseases likeblood pressure, acidity, digestive, respiratory , excretory systems, circulatory systems ,diabetes, headache etc. [6] Yoga is good for modern times for depression, neurosis,mental tensions, insomnia [7] . Yogais ocean of great psychic powers hidden within us. Peace ordesire orKama or Violenceoriginates from Mind.Practice of YogSadhana ( elements of Yoga practices ) leads to Mind Changer from Violence to Non Violence


The following are the mechanisms through which Yoga can be said to work as an integrated mind-body medicine:





Yog sadhnas are derived from Ashtang Yoga [8] which is practice of


1Shatkarma (Cleaning ofbody )

2Pranayam (Aligning respiration withprana )

3Asanas /Yoga Postures

4Ethics ( Yam / Niyam )

5Pratyahar (Control of sense organs - comes thru advance stage ofYam /Niyam Observance)

6Concentration of Mind/ Dharna (advance stage of Pratyahar )

7Meditation/ Dhyan (Advance stage of Concentration )

8Enlightenment /Nirvana/ samadhi (Advance stage of Meditation)



Most of the lifestyle diseases occur thru air pollution thru nose andindigestion (stomach ). In yog sadhana a sadhak, does cleaning of both nasal system and stomach, thru Jal Neti- a process of cleaning nasal cavity by warm saline water and kunjal- a process of cleaning stomach by warm water, respectively. This enables a Yogi (one who practices yoga) to stay physically fit and stay away from most of common diseases. [8]



Pranayam isregulation of breathingin, breathing outand holding ofbreathin a regulardefined format. Practice of Pranayam improves oxygenation, rejuvenate brain cells and all organs, cultivate immunity to environmental pressures .Ourlungs are porous and have million of aircells (air sacs / alveoli ), which are filled with air during breathing. In normal breathing, o­nly o­ne third air sacs (alveoli ) are open. Duringpranayam, almost allair sacs/ alveoli get active ,open outanddiffusion of carbon dioxide and oxygen ismore efficient, thus making lungs and heart to stay healthy .[9]




Pranayama prolongs life and strengthens heart, lungs and brain.[10].Pranayama also aligns vital life force with body respiration and kills evil thoughts and deeds thus purifying the mind actions. It lets mind remain focused,delights the consciousness, brings sweetness in the speech and purifies blood


The arteries and veins getlined with calcium ,toxins and inside walls get rough ,getting narrow and this leads to less supply of blood to body organs thus making them sick or under perform or leading to blockage of arteries /veins. Pranayamcleanstoxins produced by bodyat celluar levels thru oxygenation and Cell function improves.[9]


The mind and emotions are related to the breathing pattern and slowing down of the breathing process influences autonomic functioning, metabolic processes as well as emotional responses.



       Asanas in various postureskeep ourbody flexible, joints lubricated and muscles strong.Asanas are physical postures which stretch and strengthen different parts of the body, massaging and bringing fresh blood to the internal organs while rejevunating the nervous system and lubricating the joints, muscles, and ligaments. Each asana is purported to have different effects. Some are stimulatory to the nervous and circulatory systems, some develop coordination and concentration, while others have a calming effect o­n the body.[11]


The combination of shat-karmas + asanas + pranayama also called Hath Yoga, has a unique power to cleanse wastes out of the body. No other system has so wide- ranging impact o­nhuman body, mind, and intelligence. Practice of asanas is also very useful to enable a Yogi to sit comfortably for longer hours in meditation.


Yam / Niyam(ETHICS )


The science of Yoga considers every aspect of human life. While considering an individual, Yoga has thought of both the body as well as the mind. As an individual is a subject belonging to the society, Yoga as a science, has considered the society as well.


Yam and Niyama are social aspects and individual aspects of good conduct to be practiced individually as well as in relation to the society. Yamas are social and universal virtues and obligations for a sustainable society. The five elements of yamareadoption of love /nonviolence , truth, non-stealing, celibacyand non-greed.


Niyams are personal discipline, prohibitions and abstentions. These are also five cleanliness, contentment, austerity, study / introspection of self and study of good scriptures and dedication and faith insupreme power.[8]


Adoption ofyamand niyam over a prolong period transforms the life of a person and is thefirst step o­n the righteous path ofYogaand leads to better Management ofego ,intellect,mind and consciousnessfora successful life.


As per following Yoga sutra 1.2 from Patanajali[4] India

}Yogasgchritvritti nirodhah


That means the self- realization occurs thru management and coordination between mind, intellect, consciousness, physical body and the ego. Self-realization leads to self-transformation. The perfect coordination is achieved thru yoga and meditation and leads to pure mind and pure thoughts.


Yoga and meditation is found to have been associated with a positive correlation between acute increases in thalamic GABA levels.GABA is so essential for feeling happy and relaxed, its been called natures Valium.[12]


After mastering Yam and Niyam a yogi (one who practices Yog sadhna ) moves to next higher path of Yoga and that is Pratyahar ( Withdrawal/Detachment )


Pratyahar Withdrawal ofmind fromdesires /feelings/emotions, passions/greed /jealousy.The five enemies of us are ego, lust, anger, greed, attachment. Main cause of unrest in self ,family relations, society ,nation and world is due to egoism. Pratyahar /detachment is easily achieved when o­ne starts getting mastery o­n observance of Yam and Niyam in his daily routine life. We can say the advance stage of Yam and Niyam leads o­ne to Pratyahaar. Next stage o­n path of yoga is concentration.


Concentration /Dhaarna -Itispractice of concentrating mind o­n an object or process .The mind is full of thousands of thoughts. Concentration enables us to filter out unwanted thought and focus o­n desired target. The filtration of thought waves of mind and making thoughts zero, enables a Yogi to purify hisconsciousness and enables him to meditate.


Once a sadhak starts following Yam and Niyams andpratyaharis achieved by him he cansitto practice for meditation for longer periods.


Meditation/ Dhyan _ This is nextlevel of Yogi, where he can sit in concentration continuous forlonger periods.Success is assuredif o­ne continues todo yog sadhans as above .A Yogi realizes self, gets bliss from supreme soul and is able to know more about self.


Enlightenment When a Yog Sadhak reachesa state of meditation where he can sit and meditate for longer hours without getting distracted and feeling of discomfort, he gets enlightenment and gets knowledgeofgod ,universe and nature.However, the materialistic society around which we live, it is very difficult to attain this stage now a days.


But there are several practitioners of meditation who have experienced divine blessings and transformed their life to a more calm, cool, successful and contented state. The author has also experienced the benefits of Yog sadhna in transforming his life to more contented, peaceful, harmonious and selfless life now than it was in the past.




Lifestyle changes are leading to early o­nset of diseases at young age. Urban Environmentand Pollution, thelate nighteating, junk food, erratic work timings, the wide use ofmobile, Computers ,TV ,Gadgets etcis leading to o­nset ofdiseases at very young age like Spondylitis , back pain ,eye sight , migraine, heart attacks , cancer ,obesity , hyper acidity ,diabetes, asthma, arthritisetcHowever, these diseases are curable thrupractice of Yog Sadhnas.


Benefit of yoga in general are


1Cleanses the accumulated toxins through various shatkarmas / shuddi kriyas. And prevents the various infections that may occur when pathogens stagnate therein.


2Practice of Yog sadhnas improves control over autonomic respiratory mechanisms, and enhances emotional stability.


3 Integrates body movements with the respiration thus creating psychosomatic harmony.


4 With meditation practice o­ne is able to focus the mind positively o­n activities being done, thus enhancing energy flow.


5 Yoga works towards restoration of normalcy in all systems of the human body with special emphasis o­n the psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrine axis. Yoga has both a preventive as well as promotive role in the healthcare of our masses. It is also inexpensive and can be used with other systems of medicine in an integrated manner to benefit patients.[11]

6 Consistent yoga practice improves depression and can lead to significant increase in serotonin levels, the happy hormones and increase immune system.

7 o­ne of the main goals of yoga is to achieve tranquility of the mind and create a sense of well-being, feelings of relaxation, improved self-confidence, improved efficiency, increased attentiveness, lowered irritability, and an optimistic outlook o­n life.[11]

8 Yoga leads to an inhibition of the posterior or sympathetic area of the hypothalamus. Yogic practices inhibit the areas responsible for fear, aggressiveness and rage, and stimulate the rewarding pleasure centers in the median forebrain and other areas leading to a state of bliss and pleasure. This inhibition results in lower anxiety, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and cardiac output in persons practicing yoga and meditation. [6]

Yoga is not any religion


Yoga isscience of both body and mind. It is universal and can be adopted by all irrespective ofreligion. Yoga can be a common threadfor connecting all peopleunderonesocialplatform. Imagine a societyin whichall peoplepracticeYoga. This will reduce conflicts, ego centric problems, will lead to non- violence, develop tolerance and harmonize the society faster.


Evils of the society begin from minds leading to rise of hidden enemies within us which are ego, pride, greed, jealousy, lust, attachment, anger, selfishness, injustice, cruelty / violence etc. The practice of Yoga is a MIND CHANGER from Violence to Non Violence.



Peace or desire or Kama or Violence is a state of Mind.Practice of Yog Sadhana is Mind Changer From Violence to Non Violence, hence vital tool improving lifestyle of people and showing them right way to success, growth, prosperity, and more useful contented life . World will be more human as they respect equality and every human being as brother sister of common supreme soul. Yoga and meditation is for all and can unite the world under o­ne umbrella, leading to o­neness, the old vedic saying Vasudhaivah Kutumbakam .





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Ramesh Kumar, GHA Executive Director (CEO), India

Global Harmony Association (GHA) ,Trustee GHA Trust  India- Global harmony Network Centre

Sewak, Yog Niketan , Ex DRDO Scientist

Ph 129 4124129,Mob 9971001318 , Email: ngocosro@gmail.com;

Founder, NGO: Consortium of Social Reforms Organisation

Life MemberInternational Naturopathy Organization www.inosurya.com

http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=658, ngocosro@gmail.com




Global Education for Peace, Harmony and Development (GE-PHD Conference 2017, Delhi)

Ramesh Kumar


The traditional peace education, which has some positive value, is not able to resolve and helpless in preventing new wars and growing radical violence. The reason for this is the lack of its scientific foundation. This leads to need for a new fundamental discipline - Global Peace Science (GPS) to deeply analyze, study and solve the Global Peace problems. Any education is effective and has practical value o­nly when it is based o­n fundamental scientific knowledge. Military science is a major intellectual resource of the wars, spread by hundreds of War research labs, thousands of war Academies with millions of military scientists and educators around globe in different nations. Peace is deprived of this resource so far. In 2016 the Global Harmony Association (GHA) created and published the first ever Global Peace Science (GPS) [1].This science is the Copernican revolution of the social sciences, peacemaking and peace education. The GPS central discovery is the discovery of global harmonious classes of the population - SPHERONS as eternal actors of global peace. GPS and its discovery of SPHERONS are crucial for innovative peace education, good governance and non-violence.


Key words: peace, harmony, education, SPHERONS, Global Peace Science, revolution of peace education



What is Peace ? Peace may have different meanings as per given situation. But broadly it may be classified and defined following way. At individual self level peace meansto behappy, to feelsatisfiedwith what we do, to feelenthusiastic and to be awareof Inner selfconsciousness. At family levelpeace means respect, love, unity,harmony, integrity, and compassionamong all members of the family. Atcommunity level peace meansHarmony , being Secular ,bringingequality, obeying rule, andIntegrity.At national level Peace means good governance, respect for law of the land, equality, human rights, respect for women and elderly, non violence, conflict resolutionthru peace and dialogueand national integration. At management corporate level peace means serving share holders ,employees, customers ,sales vendors, government and society at large with utmost honesty ,integrity harmony and fare returns .


According to JohnScales AveryNobel Peace Prize the priority areas for establishingglobal peace are

Wemust decrease economic inequality.

We must break the power of corporate greed.

We must leavefossil fuels in the ground.

We must stabilize and ultimately reduce the globalpopulation.

*Wemust eliminate the institution of war.




Education mustinspireto address needs of individual (body , mind and soul )and society, man and nature.The need forbettereducation and enriching children with right knowledgeis very important in this industrial and materialistic age. The cult of violence today darkens not land, sea and air alone, but it has gripped popular imagination as news channels, cinema,TV soaps, childrens comics, toys and video games play it out in every home and heart.


Value Education has to be an integral part of school curriculum. ValueEducation to include subjects such as democracy, harmony,human rights, non violence, social and economic justice, gender inequality, environmentalsustainability, disarmamanent, international law and human security, Peace Science, self development thru Yoga and dissolving ego ,Conflict management, health management etc.



At the epicenter of any change for betterment of a system, it is transformation of self that is key, sincethoughts good or evil generate from mind. Transformationbegins from self. Once Dr Abdul Kalam wrote

When there is beauty in the character

There is harmony in the Home,

When there is harmony in the home,

There is order in the nation,

When there is order in the nation

There is peace in the world".


We ignore self consciousness due to ourego, and run after physical comforts for self.Ignoring self consciousness and caring o­nly for physicalcomforts ,we create all type of problems around us whether it is our self, or our family relations or our society, or our nation or our world. The unrest that starts from the self spills over to the world due to our egoism, the centre of which isself consciousness, which o­nce established by all, will leadto a betterworld.


This will transform people with disharmony to harmony and we will have a new class of people all loving peace so calledSPHERONS. SPHERONSare the peace loving people as Eternal Actors of Global Peace in future societies to come after transformation of self.

SPHERONS will be the main productive force of social production, which maybe o­nly in peace and harmony, not in war. The production of human resources is impossible without these key conditions. SPHERONS will never be at war and are not able to be at war by their objective status. They are permanent actors of global peace, its heart and motor.


Global Peace Science and Subjects of Sustainability
There is need of Global Peace Science (GPS) a new subject to be introduced at Bachelor Degree level. Inschools this should be a part of value education. GPS overcomes historical limitations and deformation of all human values especially such as: culture, peace, love, freedom, equality, fraternity, justice, faith, democracy, honesty, human rights, openness, friendship, family, cooperation, happiness and others. SPHERONS consciously unite them in harmony providing a new spiritual habit and moral level of humanity. Disharmony is a source of enmity, violence, inequality and war. All people, regardless of nationality, culture, religion, race or ethnic group are members ofone human family created by God. All people are connected and interdependent;


Vasudhevah Kutumbakam, Indian principle of o­neness: World is o­ne family. Globalization o­nce again shows that we are o­ne big village.We humans are not just physical body, which changes in every birth. We are eternal soul and were created by supreme soul the intelligent designer, the Creator of universe, which is same for all religions. We have no option but to do o­nly and o­nly good deeds so that our next birth is better than previous. We need to feel love for everyone as in our own family. Some possible sustainabilitydevelopment areas for GPScould be


* World Economy with aim to end inequality

* Good Governance based o­n accountability and delivery to society

* Fair and selfless politics to serve the people and not rule them

* Religious Harmony and move to Humanity

* War, conflict resolution, Terrorism

* Targeted disarmament including nuclear weapons

* Framing and cultivating universal Ethics

* Respecting law of the land and enforcement / implementation

* Clean water and sanitation

* Concern and care for environment respecting earth as mother

* Affordable and clean energy

* Health for all using Yoga and Nature Cure

* Better Self life management, relationship and productivity

* Civil Liberties and democracy


Yoga: Science of Inner Peace and GPS Practical Tool


GPS integrates all constructive peace making ideas and technologies of the past, among which a special place is occupied by the practice and methodology of Yoga. Yoga is a practical tool for the harmonious development of personality, so Yoga is a necessary tool and the addition of GPS as integral part of this science.


A mind is the set of cognitive faculties that enables thinking, consciousness, perception, discrimination, judgment, memory of the characteristics of humans and few other life forms. Our minds are endowed with many talents but principal weakness is instability due to unlimited desires and is cause of our pain and sufferings. Mind gets stable o­nly thru practice of Yoga. Stable mind leads to clarity which further enhances intelligence.

As per Yoga sutra 1.2from Patanajali[2]  yogash chitvritti nirodhah

 That meansmind is regulated better by operation, management andcoordination of intellect, consciousness, mind, physical body and the ego. This leads to stabilization of mind as the mind now is no longerslave tophysical body but is under coordination of consciousness, intellect, body and ego. However perfectcoordination is achieved thru yoga andmeditation and leads to pure mind and pure thoughts.


Yoga is union of the body, mind, and spirit and this is what differentiates yoga from general exercise programs. Yoga is not just doing exercises it means adoption of ethics / Yam and Niyam (for self character and ethics for behavior in society ), Pranayama for conditioning of breathing system and purification of mind, asanas to stay physically fit, pratyahaar / detachment( control of sense organs ie control ofanger, ego, greed, lust, desire etc), concentration (focused mind and connecting to supreme god ), meditation and enlightenment.

Consistent yoga practice improves depression and can lead to significant increases in serotonin levels the happy hormones and increase immune system. o­ne of the main goals of yoga is to achieve tranquility of the mind and create a sense of well-being, feelings of relaxation, improved self-confidence, improved efficiency, increased attentiveness, lowered irritability, and an optimistic outlook o­n life.[3]

Yoga leads to an inhibition of the posterior or sympathetic area of the hypothalamus. Yogic practices inhibit the areas responsible for fear, aggressiveness and rage, and stimulate the rewarding pleasure centers in the median forebrain and other areas leading to a state of bliss and pleasure. This inhibition results in lower anxiety, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and cardiac output in persons practicing yoga and meditation. [4]

Yoga is ocean of great psychic powers hidden within us. Consciousness and mind are the main way from disharmony to spheral harmony of society and human. Thus adoption of yoga enables spheral harmony to harmonize the relations within the family, within the community and within the individual.


Adoption of Yoga is the MIND CHANGE FROM VIOLENCE TO NON VIOLENCE and must be adopted by all irrespective of religion to achieve humanity, economy, equality and Global Peace from Harmony in society. Therefore, Yoga is the necessary part of peace education in GPS.


The academic institutions should take up constructive proposal at NCERT andUGC in India to introduce Global Peace Science (GPS) at schools, colleges, universities, Post Graduate and doctorate level in academics.

Set Objectives , prepare curriculum, instruction material,train teachers,school /college to start peace education /peace debates/ value education / certificates. This can be done with support ofvarious international and national peace forums likeGlobal Harmony Association (GHA) www.peacefromharmony.org , International Association of Educators for world Peace (IAEWP),World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) , Global Peace Foundation and many more.

InfuriatePrincipleofRespect , disarmament, Love and compassion, Spherons democracy, harmony spirituality ,equality , respect for mother earth in students.

Send students for internship and training at grass rootsforservice to mankind thru exposure in slums, villages, destitute centers, age old homes etc involving NGOsand peace Forums.

Some Peace education research areas for higher studies and PH.D programs are Curbing inequality, selfless politics , good governance, harmony, conflict war ,disarmament, ethics, respect for law, environment care ,health body and mind and human religion.


The scientific truths are the heritage for all mankind, for all people and nations without exception. This makes GPS by "the mightiest tool of peace." Therefore, o­nly its support and international cooperation in its development creates the first nonviolent insuperable alternative to nuclear war today. The peace education in GPS plays a key decisive role in this process.


[1].Semashko, Leo and 174 coauthors from 34 countries (2016). Global Peace Science or Peaceloveology, Peacescience: First Common Good and Human Right, Revolution of Social Sciences, Creating Peace from SPHERONS Harmony and Nonviolent Victory of Peace over War in XXI Century. World Textbook. First Edition in English, New Delhi, 616 pages, ISBN 978-5-94422-035-6, Sanbun .Publishers:http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf (GPS)

[2]Swami RamaLectures o­n Yoga Sutrasfrom Abhyas Ashram https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVrCSUIduzc

 [3] Arora S, Bhattacharjee J. Modulation of immune response in stress by yoga. Int J Yoga. 2008;1:4555.[PMC free article][PubMed]

[4]Sudheer DeshpandeHR NagendraNagarathna Raghuram , A randomized control trial of the effect of yoga o­n Gunas (personality) and Self esteem in normal healthy volunteers. Department of Yoga Research, Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, Bangalore, India.


Ramesh Kumar, GHA Executive Director (CEO), India

Global Harmony Association (GHA) ,Trustee GHA Trust  India-

Ex DRDO Scientist

Mob 9971001318 , Email: ngocosro@gmail.com;

Founder, NGO: Consortium of Social Reforms Organisation

Life MemberInternational Naturopathy Organization www.inosurya.com



Dear  all
As you know GHA India held following conference  with Army Institute of Education and World Without Anger 
" International Conference o­n harmony,Peace and development " at Army Institute of education New Delhi o­n 8 Oct 2017 .

You are requested to submit your presentations for purpose of  record and sharing with other GHA members. I am enclosing my presentation.
With best wishes.




Global Peace & Psycho-Social Science

Conference (GPPSC 2017)



20-21 January, 2017at office of Global Peace Research , Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Ahmadabad India


Organizing Committee

1)Dr. Subhash Chandra, Conference Chair, PresidentGHA Global harmony Association, India M -09910241586; Email: schandra101@gmail.com

2)Prof. Pushpa Motiyani, Head, Dept of Peace Research and Gandhian Thought, Gujarat Vidyapith; Co-Chair, GPSC 2017 Director, Ghadhiyan, Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Ahmadabad

3)Prof. Surendra Pathak Conference Director, Vice president, GHA Email:pathak06@gmail.com

4)Ramesh Kumar,Conference Secretary, Executive Director (CEO) andVice-President Global Harmony Association (GHA)

5)Prof. Roshan Lal, Head Dept. of Psychology, Govt. College, Punjab University, Chandigarh, Convener,GPSC 2017,Secretary NAPS

6)Dr .Chand Bhardwaj , ConferenceJoint Secretary , Trustee GHA

7)ChairmanProfessor Dr Yajneshwar Shastri , President, World Peace Foundation .Gujrat &Vice Chancellor Sanchi University of Buddhist-Indic Studies (SUBIS) .










DrPushpa Motyani Global Peace Research Centre, Gujrat Vidyapith spoke about formation of Gujrat Vidyapith in 1920 by Gandhi and Research centre in 1968 using Gandhian principles . Many students come from foreign nations to learn PG and doctorate studies o­n Non Violence ,Rural Development and enterprenuership at Gujrat Vidyapith..


Dr Chand Bhardwaj, GHA, spoke aboutAttention, Information and Materialas core elements of Humanism and need to cultivate children with understanding that they are divine descendant of supreme powers and have positive powers to transform the society from conflict to harmony.


ProfessorVidyut Joshipresidented inaugural speech at GLOBAL Peace and psyco-social sciences conference. He explained that we need to work o­n freedom , equality and fraternityto bring peace. Capitalism brings competition, and leads to frustration, tensions, diseases etc. Need to divide resources equally among masses.


DrPrem Anand Mishra stressed o­n need to work o­n structured Philosophy which is more need than selfpurification


Prof Surendra Pathak spoke aboutexploring how to harmonize society besides conflicts and violence. He sited co existence of animal plant and humans .


Prof Dr MP Mathai explained Gandhian principles and social economicalphilosophy. He stressed to develop behavior science as per Harmony and Peace requirements Behaviour science is three dimensional to be developed 1 Psyco 2 Social and 3 Cultural .He also stressed to free education from competition as this leads to corrupt practices to excel.


Mr Dhruba Prasad, GPF India informed about GPF missionand how they are promoting young generation to be future peace leaders.


MrRamesh Kumar , GHA ,spoke o­n Holistic Solutions to Global peace thru Economic measures to bring equality ,Free education for all, Industries based o­n cooperative society model, Political leaders to renounce, dilution of religious rituals and move to humanity, and Change Self thru adoption of Yoga.

Prof Meghna Sharma raised women issuesand discussed about three roles of women in raising children, joband duties as husband.,



Dr Deepak Vyas explained concept of o­ne world and o­n parliament mission of Dr Martin and stressed need for a silent protest march from Ahmedabad toUN Office in New Delhi to create awareness in UNO to adoptOne World o­ne Parliament.


Prof D Swaminathan Planning Commissionalso spoke about o­ne world o­ne parliament thru his NGO.


Mrs Veena Arora, Yog Sadhan Ashrm,Gurgaonspoke about hoiw Bhagwad Gitagives concept of an ideal society


Mrs Sunita Pathak spokeon Madhya darshan and Mrs Ashok Bala o­n inner peace.


Swami SARP Chakraborty, Ramanujan Trustspoke o­n divinity and humanity and plurism in society . Prof SARPChaturvedi also spoke to be the changeto see change in the world.

Prof Pushpa Bist , LDR College Political Science Spoke that violence isproduct of culture and religion. Globalization and capitalism has increased conflicts and wars.

She suggested to Denounce struggle for power, Regard conflct as abnormal and

Understand conflict ,acceptit and understand importance of peace


Prof MP Mathai, Peace Research ,Gujrat Vidyapith spoke o­n Sarvodya ie welfare of allGandhian principle, Innerchange thru self transformation thru principle of ahimsa, pray and truthalso called ethical change andouter change thru social Transformation byservice to society.


Research scholars --- Ms Susena, Russia ambitions result competition ,we have ignored humanity ,be karma yogi like Gandhiwho came out of his comfort zone to serve the nation.


Research scholar Abhshek Kumar ,Nepal spoke o­n mode of transformation thru3C change, commitment and cherish

Dr Anamic Shah, Vice Chancellor, Gujrat Vidyapithconcluded the conference with teachings of Gandhian Principles.


At the end ofconference several meetings were held by Dr Surendra Pathak andDr Chand Bhardwajwith various professionals andeducation departments to work standardize out Value Education in schools and do necessary reforms.


Mr Ramesh Kumar ,Dr Chand Bhardwaj and Dr Surendra Pathak planned tomeet and find outharmonization ofdifferent ideologies to unite people .




Global Peace & Psycho-Social Science

Conference (GPPSC 2017)



World Poetry Festival Gujrat Vidyapith Ahmedabad 21 to 23 Jan 2017

Gujrat Vidyapith was alsohost to world Poetry festival. Fewofdelegates attended.

Mr Ramesh Kumar read outUniversal Peace Prayat the festival ,Organized by      
Shabdalokregd Trust.Poetry was also recited by Marisa Martinez Perisco 
from Spain andAntoine Tournier ( France ).



Dear Dr. Leo Semashko and GHA Members,

I would like to thank all GHA family for showing confidence in me for this assignment. Implementation of BPH (Business Projects of Harmony) is a new subject, but let us hopes we would meet expectations of assigned roles with blessings and cooperation of GHA/GPS family.

With publication of GPS book, GHA enters into next phase of implementation of GHA ideology. Now GHA family has to be more active to unite the world for Global Peace thru Harmony and Science.

Let us work o­n following principle stated by Buddha: What the Mind conceives, believes, the mind can achieve. With best wishes for Global Peace Mission,

           Ramesh Kumar,

Dear GHA members, friends,

I am happy to report that Mr. Ramesh Kumar was approved unanimously by the GHA Executive Director (CEO) and the GHA Vice-President! We congratulate his o­n this high and responsible position and wish him success in the implementation of business projects of GPS harmonism.

We have received o­nly positive responses, negative - no! We thank you all for your reply and support, for your recommendations, which I think will allow Ramesh to invite their authors to cooperation. Details of its approval were published o­n his personal page: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=658. Best wishes for peace from harmony,

        Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA President,



Mr. Kumar was borne o­n 01 Dec 1950 in UP State India. His father was migrant from west India (now Pakistan) during partition in 1947. After schooling he joined RDSO, a railway research and design organisation in 1971 and did his graduation in engineering while in service. He later joined Defense Research Development Organisation as Microwave Scientist in 1978.He married in 1978 to a Sanskrit scholar.

Hehas beena keen observer of government bureaucracy, he disliked the slowprevailing systems, left the government service in 1993 and started his own business after a couple of stints in the private industrial sector. He built his microwave and telecommunication enterprise from scratch and, within a decade, it has grown by leaps and bounds. He is the founder of Lambda Group which has a few other companies serving infrastructure solutions and Large LED screens for display.

Mr. Kumar is a Think Tank o­n crucial social issues like eradication of poverty and illiteracy, creating job opportunities, adequate healthcare, protecting environment from degradation, good governance, women empowerment and world peace and harmony.

Mr. Kumar is also a practioner of yoga and naturopathy. He started Yog Sadhanas Ashram in 2008 at Rosewood City, Gurgaon, India, under directions of his Yogi guru Prof Chaman Lal Kapur to spread teachings of Yog Sadhanas. All teachings at the Yog Ashram are free of cost. Ashram has many followers from nearby localities. Several local public has benefitted from Ashram facilities. Mr. Kumar advocates that Yog Sadhanas is Science of Body and Mind and not religious activity. Adoption of Yog Sadhanas by all is solution to self, family, national and world conflicts since it purifies mind.

Mr. Kumar has two sons and both are in their own business. His wife looks after NGO o­n social reforms www.cosro.in and Yoga Sadhanas Ashram. NGO COSRO is active in promotion of world peace and harmony, life management and adoption of Yog Sadhanas for mind control.

Mr. Kumar is author to many social books. These are:

1. Standardization A Key to Social Reforms, Published by Atlantic Publishers in 2007.ISBN 97881 269 0726 6, withthe analytical skill of a scientist/engineer, he laid bare the problems in various walks of life and also suggested solutions thru implementation of standardization. Standardization process provides us with different sets of rules which o­nce implemented effectively, yield good results in every sphere of social life and governance.

2. Yoga. A Gateway to Curb Social Evils, published by Pragun Publicationsin 2008. ISBN 97881 899 2077 7. The book highlights importance of Yoga in present times and how practice of Yoga can help in eradicating social evils and making better character of citizens.

3. The World in Flame, by Strategic Publicationgroup, US. Published in 2010. ISBN 97816 091 1766 5 along with Ms. Savita Singh. Terrorism has always existed. This enlightening book explores the growth of modern terrorism and how todays weaponry places the world in ever greater danger. To defeat violence, we must first understand the psyche of the terrorist, and why he indulges in apparently insane violence. We must come to grips at a grassroots level o­n how to defend ourselves in a world getting smaller every day. The World in Flames illuminates that there is a positive way to defeat terrorism, and that an enormous problem can be beaten if enough people have the will to fight back. http://www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/TheWorldInFlames.html

4. The War of Middle Class.Published by Notion Press, India in 2013, ISBN97893 824 4771 9, which is bible of social reforms and good governance, brought in India by a Yogi who practiced yoga and attained special powers. Yogi succeeded in implementing social reforms and good governance.

Mr. Kumar is the founder of NGO - Consortium of Social Reforms Organisation www.Cosro.in for improving the quality of life of all people, especially those who are underprivileged.

SomeprojectsundercosroareFree Yoga Training, Project Saheli for counseling of poor ladies to improve their life, promotion ofHuman religion, humanity, harmony and Peace.

CONTACTS: C/O Yog Sadhanas Ashram, A 38, Rosewood City, Sector 49, Gurgaon 122018, India; Ph 124 4266169, Mob 9971001318; Email: ngocosro@gmail.com; www.cosro.in




Review of

Global Peace Science(2016)

By Ramesh Kumar*


The unrest in world is growing day by day due to clash between two classes of people o­ne who wants real peace thru global harmony and o­ne who wants peace thru use of violence and war machines. Global Peace Science (GPS) as a new science evolved by GHA has come as a boon to mankind. After efforts of a few decades by Dr. Leo Semashko and his team GPS has shown the hope of global peace via global harmony.

It is now for global peace community to start GPS education at different levels such asprimary school level, senior school level, Graduate and Post graduate levels.Future generations will be more peace loving, understand importance of harmony and will prefer to work for humanity rather than doing religious rituals. Thru GPS education future generations will be more inclined to spirituality and Yoga for healthy body and mind.

The world has so far been working over development of new technologies to make our life simpler and simpler. But even with so much advance technologies we could not get peace. The unrest occurred because we ignored spirituality. We did everything to make our physical body more and more comfortable but did nothing to make healthy and pure minds.

As per Vedas mankind has four goals: Dharma (religious), Artha (economy), Kama (desires/pleasure) and Moksha (spiritual level). We did nothing at spiritual level hence the problems around us are.

GPS has capability to develop scientific coordinated efforts, where both technology and spirituality grow together via adoption of the 16 fundamental elements of social harmony in the Social Genome of society SOCIONOME in GPS. Bhagavad Gita (chapter 18, shloka 78) envisages an Ideal Society, prosperous society, optimistic, successful, and governed by principles of firm justice by adopting both Spiritual enlightenment and technology. Spirituality and technology are complimentary.
         Global peace and Harmony cannot be achieved without participation by four harmonious classes of SPHERONS as a team in four spheres of social production. Among them are: Technosphere providing technology, Orgsphere working o­n high performance system management, Infosphere spreading spiritual and cultural values for education and development of human resource in Sociosphere. Harmonization will stem from harmonizing thoughts, actions and views and need peace for individual, family, society and nations thru better employment, economy, and education including value of spirituality, science, technology and humaneness.

What after GPS? The real application of GPS will start as we move o­n to make action plans to resolve international conflicts via GPS and work for equality and better economy.


Ramesh Kumar

Director, Yog Sadhanas Ashram;

Founder, NGO: Consortium of Social Reforms Organisation (COSRO): www.cosro.in;

CEO, Lambdagroup (www.lambdagroup.co.in)

Address: A 38, Rosewood City, Gurgaon, India;

Email: ngocosro@gmail.com;

Ph.: 124 4266169, Mob 9971001318;

Webpage: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=658





Mahatma Gandhi was the greatest leader, because he had translated in his life the following Upanishad verse.

"OM,Sarvesham Swastir Bhavatu, Sarvesham Shantir Bhavatu;Sharvesham Purnam BhavatuSharvesham Mangalam Bhavatu."

(Let good things reach everyone; Let peace remain with everyone; Let everyonebecomeperfect in all respects; Let everyone prosper and progress.)

This attitude was elaborately demonstrated by Mahatma Gandhi during his entire life, which makes him a divine incarnation.


Mahatma Gandhi was a fighter of political freedom,

but he fought with a gun of non-violence and bullets of love.

He was a lawyer,

but an advocate of poor and the untouchables.

He preached village autonomy

which was an ideal system for any government.

His thoughts o­n Swadeshi (Self dependent ) are based o­n sound economic principles. Swadeshi means Use the products made in your own country."

He was a selfless saint,

who gave us apath of truth, noncooperation, non-violence and struggle for human rights.


After independence of India we diluted his teachings and his basic principles of nonviolence, rural development and employment, self-help in cleanliness, natural remedies etc. The inequality and economic disparity has increased because we ignored Gandhi Ideology.

Economic disparity is the main cause of diversion of youth towards extreme violence.

Ramesh Kumar
, India



Universal Peace Prayer


O Almighty, bless me wisdom to spread peace

Bless me to see the beauty in every being

May all beings have joy, peace, and prosperity.

May all be free from sorrow and poverty

Let no o­ne deceive another being

Bless me wisdom to spread peace


O Almighty let humans live in harmony

The great saints taught us,

to treat world as o­ne family

Let humans realize the World is o­ne,

a creation of supreme power

Globe is the motherland,

Undivided is the creation.

O lord humans are the best,

Among all species.

Bless humans, so they respect humanity

Bless humans, so they treat all equally

Let the human mind get enlightened

and shun their ego


O Almighty accept my pray

and stop killings of man by man.

Stop the killings, we have witnessed

Since ages, of man by man

The plight of orphaned children is unbearable.

The cry of war widows, tears our hearts apart

The sufferings of war disabled o­nes is unending

O lord thou created this beautiful world

and the man created wars.

Let humans be egoless and non-violent

Let humans be nonviolent and love all life forms


O Almighty when that day will come,

When people across the globe,

Hug each other

Let the borders get vanished,

so people can move across free

Let the strong not overshadow the weak,

that makes world unstable

Let the nations not fight for

Greed of land, oil and natural resources


O Almighty give wisdom to humans, to treat all equal

Let men respect women and treat them equal

Women are creator of future peace loving GPS Spherons.

Create humans that see souls in every human being

Create humans that have pure mind

and respect allreligions

Let nations forget the past sins

and deedsagainst humanity

Let the nations dissolve their enmity

and their pastanguish

Let nonviolence be the religion,

let humanity be the religion.


O Almighty let human

Follow the path of Yoga

Path of Yoga leads to

Truth and nonviolence

Path of Yoga is the mind changer

from violent to peace

Nonviolence and truth is the basis of

World peace and harmony.

The wars will end when humans adopt

Nonviolence and humanity

World peace will come fast,

if alladoptyoga irrespective ofreligion

Let us adopt Yoga that makes

the body beautiful andhealthy

Let us adopt Yoga

that purifies mind and thoughts


O Almighty, let the nations adopt economy,

that alleviates all equally

Let the world dump their nuclear weapons

Let the world destroy war machines

Let the world work to eliminate

Hunger and poverty

Let the world transform into

Peaceful co-existence as o­ne family.


Ref: Few translated excerpts from the Book Vinay Kand by ProfChaman Lal Kapur(a book of Pray), Yog adhan Ashram Hoshiarpur. Punjab.

Ramesh Kumar, Ex Defence Scientist



My views about GPS (Global Peace Science)


GPS is based o­n study of world philosophy by GHA (Global Harmony Association) thru its founder Dr. Leo. GPS will play vital role in achieving world peace thru harmony.

The ABC of Harmony originates from the confidence in the fact that mankind has o­ne origins and common goal.

GPS education will enable to harmonies mankind knowledge/thoughts and worldview.




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