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Humanity is o­ne, it is o­ne world and it needs o­ne common philosophy for peaceful coexistence based o­n science and logic to promote inter-cultural values, harmony and brotherhood. To achieve this, the bases of all the faiths need to explain the essence of all the religions that is spirituality



Dr. Chand Bhardwaj, PhD



GHA Vice-President, GHAT Trustee,

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in India,

Honorary General Secretary, Sawan Adhyatmic Satsang Society,





Mobile: +91 - 9818585151

ckb.2005@yahoo.co.in, drckb.2007@gmail.com




Review of Global Peace Science (GPS)(2016)

I would like to appreciate the GPS book organised by Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA founder and President. This tremendous book have all the solutions for various problems of our globe right from the social behaviour, the outrage o­n religious issues and human to human behaviour within the family. It covers wide range of issues which nobody has covered ever in this world suffering from climate change and disharmony. This gigantic work by 174 co-authors from 34 countries has given solutions the whole humanity should have this as scripture for peace. The book promotes the philosophy which can change psychology of more than 7 billion people of the world.

The philosophy presented in my paper is to bring the right to enlightenment with duty to get enlighten. I am thankful for the approval of my name for the vice president of GHAT Global Harmony Action Trust, India which I accept with gratitude and would like to work ceaselessly to achieve the goals set for this noble work.

Published: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=615







Business Management (MBA), Faculty of Management, University of Delhi.1969.

Doctor of philosophy from inter cultural open university at Opeinde, The Netherlands. 2007.


Business Experience:

Project Coordinator Science and Technical Academy of Sciences Russia. (1989-93);

Industrialist: Automotive Enterprises, Delhi, India; CEO Metallurgy

+Automotive Companies, Developed various technologies related to automobile components, casting, steel alloys, processes etc.

R&D project, Development of creep resistant steel for Railways in association with National metallurgical Lab, Jamshedpur

Setup two turnkey melting projects for Indian Defense Ministry in Muradnagar and Dehradun.


Areas of Interest:


Spiritual Education & Curriculum Development for Global Primary & Secondary Education.

Human Values and Wisdom Development program for Global.


Membership / Association:

WAVES - World Association of Vedic Studies- Atlanta, USA.

Global Harmony Association,(GHA), St. Petersburg, Russia.

World Academy of Spiritual Sciences- Gangaram Hospital, Delhi.

Interfaith Foundation, New Delhi

Guru Sangamam- Confederation of Indigenous Spiritual Movements of India.


Present Engagement / Assignments:

UN: Defining SPRITUALITY with Logic & Science- for United Nations (UN).

NCERT: Presently developing Curriculum for Primary & Secondary Education, based o­n the concept of Definition of Spirituality. - National Council of Education Research & Training. (NCERT) + Central Board of Secondary Education. (CBSE). Govt. of India.

United Religions Initiative, Geneva: - Lobbying for Acceptance of the Definition of Spirituality By UN, leading to inclusion of Spirituality Education in schools.

Vedic Knowledge for Civilizational Harmony Initiative of University of Massachussets, Darmounth, USA.


Papers Presented o­n Science, Scriptures, Spirituality and Saints.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi University of Management (MUM) Iowa., USA.

* Presented Paper in International Vedic Conference at MUM; -Modern VedicLiving for Sustainable Human Transformation. (Aug, 2014)

Teachers Education for Peace and Harmony- IASE (Deemed University) & Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Sardar Shahar, Rajasthan.


Spirituality: Spirituality is the essence of all the religions. It is not a religion in itself. It is unifying factor for mankind and it is secular.

Guru Sangamam: (A common Non-Religious, Non-Political Platform for Spiritual Harmony)

Governing Board: Jagatguru Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswamy (JSS), Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev-(Isha Foundation), Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Art of Living Foundation), Swamy Chidananda Saraswati, (Paramarth Nikethan), Dr. Pranav Pandya (Gayatri Pariwar).


Resolution by Guru Sangamam:

1.To create a common Non-Religious, Non-Political platform for all spiritual Movements in the World, which are focused towards Spiritual liberation of an individual, irrespective of o­nes caste, creed, belief or rituals

2.To nurture the fundamental longing in human being to seek the truth about the nature of o­nes existence.

3.To educate the world about universal nature of spirituality.

4.To collectively work in a manner that is efficient, comprehensive, cohesive and relevant to the present times with logic and science.



SEEKING support from various Organizations around the globe o­n the concept of Spirituality for Universal education.





International Resource Centre for CoAIM based




CoAIM stands for




1.Effects of the meditation of attention o­n psycho-physical well-being

2.Body-mind modeling in-view-of CoAIM philosophy



1.Developing the core concept as compliant with the logic and the facts from modern science

2.Developing the contents of holistic and systematic education (HSE) in view of the core concept

3.Developing the Humane values, Ethics & Wisdom development Program

(For K-12; 32 classes a year x total 12 years = 384 stories, in form of books and CDs)

4.Developing the Program for the Right to Enlightenment and Duty to get Enlightened



1.Systematic and friendly sharing of the core-concept

2.Implementation of Humane values, Ethics & Wisdom development Program in schools

3.Experimenting a model school in-view-of CoAIM

4.Experimenting a model college in-view-of CoAIM

5.Experimenting a model village in-view-of CoAIM

6.Special contribution


A.Contributing the contents of HSE in view of the core-concept through the "International Resource Centre for Holistic and Systematic Education Campaign (IRC-for-HSE-Campaign) at Rishikesh


B.Contributing the contents of HSE in view of the core-concept to Virtual University of Holistic and Systematic Education for District Shamli (VU-of-HSE-for-Shamli)

(Last updated o­n 28th Feb 2016)


Fundamental Inner Transformation Through

The Philosophy of Correlation of Attention, Information and Material

(Dr C. K. Bhardwaj)



Reality may be described in terms of the description of its various aspects, such as quantitative aspect, linguistic aspect, function aspect, purpose aspect, and so o­n. The term philosophy used in this paper refers to the information-base that describes the purpose-aspect of the entire visible or/and non-visible reality. The purpose-aspect deals with the answer to the question why we as well as the other things exist. It further requires to answer to the questions such as what type of constituents the entire existence consists of, what the inter-relationship among the constituents is, what the lowest to highest developed stages of entire existence and its individual constituents are, etc.


It is the understanding of the purpose-aspect of existence and performing the related practices that brings fundamental inner transformation in an individual. This fundamental inner transformation enables o­neself to always perform the outer conducts compliant with the sustainability-parameters in natural manner. Sustainability-parameters are those which if observed by a person contribute to the peace and harmony of everyone, and, if not, they lead to conflict and ultimately to self-destruction. Examples for such parameters are: Trust, Tolerance, Treaty, etc. while interacting with fellow humans, and, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, etc. while interaction with other entities in nature. All these parameters have been defined in a slightly new manner so as to incorporate nearly all levels of human interaction.


In the contemporary world, the need of the hour is to ensure this type of fundamental inner transformation in each individual. There may exist various philosophies to bring about such an inner transformation; however, a potential philosophy to do so must be compliant with certain consistency-parameters. Examples for such parameters are: Logical consistency, Empirical consistency, Non-degrading cross-reference consistency, Fundamental human aspiration consistency, etc. All these parameters have been defined precisely.


In particular, I propose a philosophy, called as the Philosophy of Correlation of Attention, Information and Material which fulfills the aforesaid requirements. To retain the brevity, I make crisp description of this philosophy under following two headings

1.Is-Wisdom: This part describes how the reality is in terms of description of exhaustive set of fundamental facts and rules.

2.Action-Wisdom: This part describes how we should live. It includes the values to be prescribed for a good life.


My next steps include the following

1.To work out the contents of education (Holistic and Systematic) in view of this philosophy

2.To experiment it as a model school and model college

3.To experiment it as a model village/town/city/metropolis (A model village/town must have well-coordinated Facilities, such as Education-sanskar system, Healing-health system, Work-production system, Storage-distribution system, Justice-protection system)



A template for

Right to Enlightenment

to be developed into a proposal for the UN


Respected o­nes,


This short draft is a template that requires your kind attention and asks for your fruitful suggestions/efforts so as to develop it into such a shape that can be presented before the UN for discussion and to help the concerned authorities of UN consider the right to enlightenment as the fundamental universal human right officially. The essential understanding required to recognize the right to enlightenment is proposed initially as following


First of all, we need to understand the most fundamental human right

Such an understanding is related to the knowledge of the fundamental innate nature of every human being. It may easily be noted that the fundamental innate nature of every human being is to prefer/retain/express the sustainable attributes/aspects while living the life. Some examples for sustainable aspects follow

1.In feeling, o­ne prefers affection (not jealousy), calm (not anger), love (not hatred), etc. For example, the feeling of affection can be retained forever but not that of jealousy; so, affection is sustainable aspect of life while jealousy is unsustainable o­ne. In jealousy, no person can live for always, even for longer. With continuous jealousy feeling, a person would either get expired after some time or change the self to carry the feeling of affection. This affection in such a person may pop up because of various causes, such as either after undergoing certain thought-process or special inner/outer experiences, or taking some actions of becoming comparatively more capable to feel more successful, or getting justice from more capable o­nes to develop the calm within. Such justice may comprise the justification that the other fellow is not really-good in conducts but is showy or is really-good and o­ne can also acquire goodness of same or even higher level. Such is also the case with other types of feelings.

2.In thinking, o­ne prefers conceptual consistencies (not inconsistencies), because keeping the concepts consistent is sustainable. For example, o­ne always prefers logical consistency, empirical consistency, non-degrading cross-reference consistency, fundamental-human-want consistency, etc of o­nes theories. Each term used here has been redefined precisely as given further.

3.In behavior with fellow humans (such as offering of goods/services/ teaching/training to others), o­ne prefers trust/tolerance/treaty/ treatment/etc, because doing so is sustainable. Each term used here has been redefined precisely as given further.

4.In work o­n nonhumans (such as production/protection/utilization/experimentation), o­ne prefers reduce/reuse/recycle/revive/etc, because doing so is sustainable. Each term used here has been redefined precisely as given further.


To be precise, some of the terms used in the foregoing four points are defined as following


In case of thinking, a person uses o­ne or the other system of theories. A theory that describes part or whole of the existence or reality must be consistent with respect to various consistency-parameters, where,

1.The term logical-consistency means that no part of the theory should contradict logically any of its other parts.

2.The term empirical-consistency means that o­ne-or-more rules-or-inferences in the theory must not be falsified by any observation-or-experience in practice.

3.The term non-degrading cross-reference consistency means that no postulate of the theory declares a person as ideal or role-model or enlightened in absolute manner; and no postulate undermines any person referred as ideal in the theories of the others. Note that a certain kind of understanding/experience transforms a person in an ideal of certain kind that may not be acknowledged by everyone.

4.The term fundamental-human-want consistency means that the theory maintains the provision of fulfillment of the inherent fundamental human want, which is the sustainable peace and harmony o­n the planet and beyond.


In case of behavior with fellow humans, each behavior must be accompanied by various parameters, such as trust/tolerance/treaty/ treatment/etc, where

1.The term trust" refers to the attitude in a person about the other in the sense "No matter at present we have conflicts regarding our thoughts and deeds, but each of us doesn't want to be in conflicts, and a time will come when we both will be in perfect harmony".

2.The term tolerance" refers to the attitude in a person about the other in the sense "Even if you do something unfavorable to me, I am determined not to do to you those activities which I also would not want you to do to me for no reasons".

3.The term treaty" refers to the attitude in a person about the other in the sense "Let us arrive at a middle point to ensure not to do those activities which we have requested each other to not to do because such activities are simply a result of individuals own habits-and-heritage or wrong prediction of the future.

4.The term treatment refers to the attitude in a person about the other in the sense Let us feel good to follow the rules of Pay-and-Proceed and Forgive-and-Forget in case some clash(physical or mental) has occurred due to some kind of un-controlled anger

1.In case a person has made physical or mental injury to the other, the former must get ready to bear the punishment and pay the fine set by the state (authority) so as to close the related clash and proceed to lead the conflict-free life further, and hence motivate the other offenders also to do so.

2.The victim of the injury/death or his nears-and-dears must also intend to forgive the offenders and forget the incidence, and hence motivate the other victims also to do so.


In case of work o­n non-humans, each work must be accompanied by various parameters, such as reduce/reuse/recycle/revive, where

1.The term reduce refers to reduce the use of environment-degrading things.

2.The term reuse refers to reuse the things through maintenance/ repairing/etc.

3.The term recycle refers to converting the things back in to their constituents and making the new things.

4.The term revive refers to make up the natural resources which have been depleted


Understanding of this innate nature of humans enables o­ne to be for always in favor of the fact that ultimately o­ne has to become able to express the sustainable qualities. For example, a person who is not able to control his anger at some occasions, having had this understanding, will be positive that he will have to become anger-free somehow and hence tackle things without anger. If still, o­ne finds that anger is unavoidable part of o­nes life, o­ne can always find its causes with o­neself and the faults in the system which o­ne is living in. So, as a result of our discussion so far, I hope that you have become for always in favor of acquiring and expressing the sustainable qualities.


Thus, leading the life as per this fundamental innate nature becomes the fundamental natural right of human being. The beauty of human civilization simply lies in facilitating the opportunity so that every individual can fulfill this fundamental right. It may be noted that all other human rights find their places o­nly to support the fulfillment of this fundamental right of humankind.


Next, we need to understand the necessity for enlightenment

Note that everybody, in all the cases, is expected to give top priority to ensure o­nes outer conducts being compliant with sustainability-parameters irrespective of the concepts o­ne holds. Common-minimum sustainability-parameters for conduct are defined as following

1.Trust/Tolerance/Treaty/Treatment/etc in relationships with human beings

2.Reduce/Reuse/Recycle/Revive/etc in relationships with other beings in nature


However, o­ne cannot observe these sustainability-parameters in a natural manner merely considering these as a social and/or legal obligation or just understanding their requirements o­n a logical basis; rather, to observe them naturally, o­ne requires undergoing the fundamental inner-transformation first. Such an inner-transformation is called enlightenment or consciousness development, etc. In addition, the necessary properties of an enlightened person must be defined very precisely. For example,

1.An enlightened person is o­ne who has got all-encompassing solution in the sense that he never complains about anything but talks about solutions, and expresses tolerance/compassion/love towards even those who have different ideas and act differently.

2.An enlightened person is open-minded and large-hearted in the sense that he always cooperates with others to arrive at commonly agreed concepts that could be held and lived by all people in natural manner. This is necessary to fulfill the slogan one earth o­ne family o­ne common agreed philosophy in order to bring about stainable peace and harmony o­n the planet.


Next, we need to understand the necessity for a spiritual or religious process to get enlightened

It is natural that different people may have different systems of theories and practices in order to get enlightened. In general, out of a given system of theories-and-practices, two fundamental aspects of reality can be recognized, namely

1.Purpose-aspect: This aspect refers to the type of necessity an existential-reality intends to fulfill and the type of utility the existential-reality intends to produce in every surrounding of other existential-realities. A conceptualization of whole reality/existence/universe in terms of purposes of existential-realities is called a purpose-model of reality.

2.Function-aspect: This aspect refers to the type of effect (in terms of change in properties of an existential-reality, such as volume, velocity, temperature, thoughts, feeling, etc) an existential-reality intends to produce and the effect the existential-reality intends to receive in a surrounding of other existential-reality. A conceptualization of whole or part of reality/existence/universe/etc in terms of functions of existential-reality is called a function-model of reality.


Conceptually, the tendencies in existential realities may either be inherent or impressed, depending upon a particular viewpoint. By definition, purpose-models are the subject-matter of religions and function-models that of sciences. This definition of religion is the most generalized o­ne which is applicable to all possible worldviews, such as the belief in full harmony or partial harmony, belief in God or non-God, belief in active God or passive God, belief in central intelligence or distributed intelligences, belief in creation/manifestation or evolution/ involution, belief in existence-precedes-essence or essence-precedes-existence, etc.


A model of reality is always based o­n more-or-less certain sensory (also called empirical) as well as certain non-sensory/extra-sensory (also called mystical) observations/experiences. The importance of these two sources of observations/experiences follows


Every set of observations through sensory source enables o­ne develop postulates o­nly for a part of whole-existence but with high probability of correctness; however, some sets of observations through non-sensory source may enable o­ne develop postulates for entirety of the whole-existence but with lesser probability of correctness. Note that the term probability means that at a particular trial, a result with higher probability may occur completely false, and a result with lesser probability may occur completely true. o­ne manner of mystical observations is through the process of meditation which is accompanied by two stages. The first stage requires a certain tendency or concentration of meeting some objective pre-decided within the person going for mystical process. The next stage is such that there is no effort by the person and automatically certain kind of experiences/observations in form of text/voice/scene/sound/odor/taste/touch are received by the person. And, even if different people focus exactly same type of objective in the first stage, they will experience in a similar way in the second stage. This suggests that mystical experiences are a result of some well-defined process occurring in nature/mind/brain/anywhere-else. The fundamental purpose of an existential-reality may be treated as the essence of all its functions that could ever be.


Mystical process is the o­nly means to know the true purpose of individual existential-reality and the entire-existence because of following two reasons

1.Empirical observation of elementary-objects such as molecules, atoms, sub-atomic parts, etc requires high energies which alter the actual state to the different o­ne. In addition, some objects may never be observed empirically using whatsoever physical instruments.

2.Empirical observations of almost all parts of existence cannot be made within a short span of time which is necessity to conclude the fundamental purposes of existential realities. Nor, the collection of empirical observations over the long history of humankind will suffice to give reasonable conclusion about the purpose of entire-existence.

Thus, o­nly the mystical process can give observations of largest domains in a short time-span.


Let us consider that each religion defines a unique spiritual process, where the term spirit means the innermost-self. Thus, spirituality deals with understanding of fundamental nature of spirit and to keep it flowing in every aspect of life. However, the ability to express the fundamental nature of spirit in a natural manner comes after undergoing a fundamental inner transformation, which is also called enlightenment. In this sense, spirituality is the process to get enlightened.


Most important point is that enlightenment can occur o­nly through the understanding of purpose-models, or say, the religious theories with-or-without related practices such as meditations/prayers/etc. A function-model of reality cannot transform people, because it reveals o­nly o­ne or some few kinds of functions of things-in-existence. Therefore, simply having a function-model leaves a person uncertain about all other functions of things in various surrounding conditions, and thus, the person cannot act with certainty. However, o­ne cannot know all functions of each thing that could ever be corresponding to so many possible surrounding conditions. o­ne can o­nly know the essence of all functions of things that could ever be. Since, essence of all functions is understood in terms of purposes, so it is the purpose-model that makes a person always certain about the things with which he interacts ever. Thus, unless a person has specified his purpose-model of reality, he cannot experience fundamental inner transformation to think and act firmly and in natural way. Further, a fine observation shows that even if some mystical experiences may transform a person with a deep sense of not hurting anybody anytime; however, to decide in practice how to deal with humans and nonhumans categorically, the person will need a purpose-model. Thus, even if a person happens to undergo some mystical experiences, the person needs to create some purpose-model of reality to lead his life further and communicate the reality with people. o­nly the difference is that his confidence in that purpose-model is very high because he has gone already through the related non-sensory experiences.


Thus, we conclude that a purpose-model of reality is the central potential means of inner transformation to shape up the mindset very deeply to become natural to act in certain way. Note that a purpose-model of reality specifies the fundamental purpose of existence and the action-plan to fulfill the human purpose. However, in every case, whatsoever is the source of a purpose-model, its potentiality must be seen in-view-of the sustainability-parameters. Common-minimum sustainability-parameters for concepts are defined in following manner

1.No part of the concepts must contradict logically any of the other parts

2.No observation/experience in empirical world must be found to falsify any concept


To summarize the subject-matter discussed so far, we see that the right to enlightenment is the birth right of every person, because o­nly the enlightenment can make a person natural to express the sustainable aspects of life. Various religions based upon various purpose-models of reality are various spiritual processes to get enlightened. A potential purpose-model must essentially be compliant with consistency-parameters for concepts. o­ne must give top priority to the conducts compliant with sustainability-parameters for conducts irrespective of o­nes purpose-model. Overall, we can say that o­ne must endeavor to move towards perfection of conducts and concepts with sole responsibility of self. Thus, we can see that enlightenment of everyone is the foremost necessity of humankind for sustainable peace and harmony o­n the planet.


Next, we need to understand how to share a spiritual process in a systematic manner

Today, to get enlightened, there are various spiritual processes available. Each spiritual process is accompanied by the understanding of its underlying theory and performing the related practices. These two fundamental components of any spiritual process must be defined precisely and shared systematically with the others. However, o­ne must always be free to accept, or reject, or update a spiritual process, if o­ne feels so.


Some examples of spiritual processes to get enlightened follow



Example 1: Enlightenment through CoAIM


CoAIM stands for Co-relation of ATTENTION, INFORMATION and MATERIAL.


Everything in the Cosmos including each life is an Intelligent Design so there got to be an Intelligent Being who did it all and is further evolving.


As per our concept we all are a part of that Creator (All knowing, All pervading, Omnipresent, Omniscient, All Consciousness in the form of Absolute Intelligence and a Capable Force), and are connected in real time (all the time) with the same as individual Creative Intelligences.


Here and now we are three in o­ne, i.e. Connected Creative Intelligence, Acquired Mind and the Created Material Body.

Soul / Consciousness / Creative Intelligence (CI)

The backward integration of the Creative Intelligence (CI) is anchored to its stationary source, the centre of the expanding universe. Here the source is referred to as absolute intelligence and a capable force located at the stationary source where time and material do not exist. The forward integration of the Creative Intelligence (CI) is in the form of ATTENTION.


Attention is the outer expression of this CI and acts like a spark that can see and act in all the directions as a multitasking force with its divine attributes. It is a single sensor of all the senses. Due to Ignorance, this attention gets continuously withdrawn by the needs of time bound material body and its mind and is forced biased. This withdrawal keeps the attention blinking rapidly on issues of revolving past and future related to mind and body.

The concept is based o­n Wherever the attention goes the divine energy flows. This can be scientifically explained by the particle and wave theory. At the origin of the creation, the particle of light fragmented from o­ne to many carrying the flow of energy. Each energy particle is always connected to its source through the wave in the form of audible stream of life. Further, with the latest proof in science, the particle has a nature of intelligent dual behavior i.e. anytime it can become a particle or a wave.


All Living Beings in the creation are made of cells. Each cell has a particle (CI) in the form of attention that operates intelligently in its self-regulation mode as per the laws of nature. Mind and Body thrive o­n the energy of the Attention i.e.  Soul/ CI.

Attributes of Anchored Creative Intelligence (CI) are divine, like Love, Compassion, Mercy, Forgiveness, Wisdom, Patience, Humility, State of Art Planning Ability, Capable Force, etc.



Mind is part of the Universal Mind embedded with the laws of nature and connected though the Gravitational / Magnetic fields like high tide and low tide (as recently proved through Science regarding the Gravitational Fields). The three indicative laws are Inertia, Mass & Acceleration and Every action has got an equal and opposite reaction.


The Individual Mind retains the information regarding the events and experiences of life based o­n its past and pre-calculates the future with fears and worries. All this is stored as an information of time o­nly. It keeps revolving non-stop with information of Past & Future acting as a modem between the Soul/ CI and the Body.


Attributes of the Anchored Mind are based o­n information regarding the experiences and events in an acquired body, like Lust, Anger, Ego, Attachment, Deceit, Desire, Greed, envy, Fears and worries.


This material body is made with the compounds of elements as per periodic table. How these elements were created from non-material to material is a phenomenon. The first atom created was Hydrogen. Latest research o­n Higgs Boson, as a particle, proved that it attracted two hydrogen atoms to fuse them in to Helium. Further, it fused Hydrogen and Helium into the creation of the first galaxy of Suns and Pulsars or Neutron Stars. The pairs of Suns and Neutron Stars created the remaining elements as per the periodic table at the various locations of the time bound expanding universe.


The Creative Intelligence used the laws of nature embedded in the acquired mind and further used the material available in the form of Proteins as compounds of elements by synthesizing the proteins to form the first life o­n earth by creating the amino acids, trygrislides, etc. Creative Intelligence / Soul, which is in the form of  light (particle) and sound (wave) strikes o­n pure elements to form amino acids to start building the first life as Single-Cell. This cell had the ability to become from o­ne to many again, finally to systematically form a multi-cell organism, as per the evolution theory. Finally, to create the conglomerate of 100 Trillion cells in the form of the Crown of Creation-The Human Body. Each cell is made of three which is a Co-relation of Attention (CI) that works o­n Information (RNA/DNA) embedded in the mind of the cell of the material body.

Attributes of the Time Bounded Material Body are like Hunger, Cloths, Housing, Vanities of the world, Sex and Sleep, etc. 


Co-relation of CI, Mind and Body Affects Cognitive Perspective: 

Mind and body work in tandem. Needs of the body rule the mind and further mind and body together rule the capable force Attention which is the outer expression for the Creative Intelligence / Soul. Mind and Body working in tandem create emotions and emotions create problems without any solutions due to their unsustainable attributes. Whereas, the Creative Intelligence has all the solutions due to its sustainable attributes. 


This is due to the ignorance of the mind that we tend to overrule the attributes of the Creative Intelligence and fall in trap of the information provided by the illegitimate needs of mind and body seeking temporary pleasures. This is due to the fact that in the absence of developing the restraining intelligence as the development of mind is based o­n information o­nly that can be done by providing the required education.

The aim of life is to be happy, healthy and prosperous and to live in peace and harmony by remaining connected to the source of the Creative Intelligence which is Absolute Intelligence in a capable force having all the solutions due to its divine attributes. This is important to eliminate the cognitive errors which occurs due to the lack of right discrimination between illegitimate and legitimate needs of mind and body.  To avoid the compulsive behavior o­ne has to understand that mind and body dont have their own energy but thrive o­n the capable force of ATTENTION. Mind and body withdraw the attention for their needs and use it like a donkey day in and day out o­n 24x7 basis to get their bidding done.


With this philosophy o­ne can change the psychology. We help develop wisdom, skills, habit, values, ethics etc by simply teaching students and children how to use their ATTENTION judiciously with its divine attributes.

The concept also includes learning of meditation. We understand and believe Meditation is the technique that is best to enhance the attention span of the child to look into the vagaries of mind and body. In meditation, the ATTENTION gets withdrawn at the centre of the location in the head from where it operates, and gets connected to its source, the stationary centre of the universe, where time and material do not exist and is the abode of absolute intelligence and capable force with which we are all connected through audible stream of life as per particle-wave theory.

Date: 08.06.2016

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