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Roger Kotila: Ukraine, NATO and the Earth Constitution +++ Sacrifice of Europe to the Nuclear Gods

Roger Kotila, Ph.D.


Psychologist and peace activist in the nonviolent protest movement.

Vice President, World Constitution and Parliament Association.

He has worked in community mental health, State of California, and in private practice.

He has been a radio producer (Earthstar Radio, San Francisco).

Address: Marin County, California, USA.

Web: www.earthfederation.info,http://worldparliament-gov.org;

Email: EarthstarRadio@aol.com 
Personal page: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=680 
His otner page with a 'New UN": http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=794

GHA member and Global Peace Science (GPS, 2016) coauthor:

http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf (299-301 and other pages)

Breakthrough Strategy:
The Earth Constitution & the United Nations (17-09-21)


Dear Leo,
Russia is more apt to seek world peace than is the USA.  My country's leaders are determined to try to conquer the world.  Putin and Lavrov know this, but feel encircled by US/NATO, hence the militarization.  The European Union does not realize that NATO is being used by the US to provoke Russia. 
In war it will be Europe that suffers, not the USA.  The Europeans don't realize that they are being used by the USA as the sacrificial lambs.  I believe that Russia seeks friendly relations with Europe but is being demonized by Western media via propaganda.   Yet what will save Russia (& Europe) is for the UN to Federate, or for Earth Federation government under the Earth Constitution.  There is no shortcut. 
Russia should not give up its position with the UN's P-5 nor should it disarm until all major powers agree to Federate and everyone begins to disarm, especially starting with the nukes.  But I'd like to see Russia join India in the call for Charter Review.  India has not been threatened, or conquered by the USA.  India can reach out to Russia, China, Indonesia, the European Union,  ASEAN, Africa, and Latin America.     
I have wanted to explain to you why the activist groups I work with are not listing organizations like GHA that do not focus and highlight our strategy to achieve world government, -- either a "new UN" with a new charter/constitution, or Earth Federation government under the Earth Constitution. 
Einstein's "new way of thinking" was that we needed a world government or we couldn't succeed in ending wars or eliminating nuclear weapons.  
We would like all peace groups to highlight the strategy we have outlined under THE SAN FRANCISCO PROMISE:  The absolute need for world federal union government either by means of transforming the United Nations by replacing its obsolete Charter, or by popular movement supporting Earth Federation government under the Earth Constitution.
THE SAN FRANCISCO PROMISE = UN Charter Review / UN General Assembly / EARTH CONSTITUTION / "new UN"
GHA's main approach is consciousness-raising (Einstein's "new way of thinking") (anti-nuclear manifesto).  GHA's search for harmony and Spherons to carry out world peace has a role to play, but it is unlikely to give us a "new UN" (world federation) since it will take years and years to get enough Spherons in power.  The nations must Federate before nuclear war breaks out.  We are o­n a tight time line. 
We would need GHA's  Spherons to take action with their respective nations convincing their leaders (politicians) to put their ego aside, and to join our movement for a "new UN."  We need Charter review now, not 50 years from now...and I can't guarantee "harmony" in this process...there are some leaders in power who care not for world peace, but prefer war and threats of war.  These leaders are not Spherons, they are psychopaths.   
It would also be helpful if your Spherons began to study the EARTH CONSTITUTION -- written by visionaries.  I consider it a spiritual/political document, a "gift to humanity" to guide, protect, and lead "we, the people" of the world to a better, safer world for all.  
Thank you, Leo, for all that you and your Spherons do to help save the world.
Best wishes, Happy New Year
Roger Kotila, PhD
Psychologist (ret.)
President, Democratic World Federalists
Co-editor DWF NEWS
VP, World Constitution & Parliament Association
Editor  Earth Federation News & Views
(personal opinion)

Subject: MEDIA WATCH: Killing Julian Assange and Extinction Rebellion

September 10, 2020
[Earth Federation News & Views - Editor's Note:  The kangaroo court or "show trial" of WikiLeak's co-founder Julian Assange is underway in England.  Investigative journalist Assange is to be sent (extradited) to the US for prolonged imprisonment. World public interest journalists are sending out the alarm such as media watchdog MEDIA LENS.  Some of us who have worked in prisons in America (like this writer, I'm a psychologist) will recognize he could face years of psychological torture.  Will journalist Assange be given indefinite solitary confinement for reporting o­n American war crimes?

Is the prosecution of a reporter like Assange a neoNazi-like warning to other journalists that reporting o­n US military and covert operations international crimes can land you in prison?  The shameful fact that the US government has openly (literally) threatened International Criminal Court officials if they investigate US war crimes signals to the world community that the US government, like a rogue state, considers itself above international law.  Israel too, has openly defied the ICC.
-- Roger Kotila, PhD, Earth Federation News & Views]

Absolute And Arbitrary Power: Killing Extinction Rebellion And Julian Assange
9th September 2020 MEDIA LENS

Roger Kotila, William Astore: Will God Ever Forgive US? The Road to Perdition. The Death of Peace. Zombie education.



About WCS Security Counsil

Dear Leo -

Thanks for keeping me posted o­n GHA's work.I think that the WCSSC can perhaps help wake up the UN General Assembly which at some point must take over authority from the UN Security Council whose P-5 are the leading weapons dealers in the world!Sad.

Einstein, a true world federalist, knew we must create world government to end the nuclear danger.The Earth Federation Movement is getting increasing attention with the Constitution for the Federation of Earth (aka EARTH CONSTITUTION) to replace the obsolete UN Charter for a "new UN."

Our view, like yours, is holistic. We don't think we can replace the UNSC unless we also address the fatal flaws in the whole UN Charter itself.Lack of real enforceable world law is obvious, as is the Charter's undemocratic design."Sovereignty" of course has allowed Bully nations to take advantage of weaker nations, and allowed kleptocrats to take over many nations.

Keep me posted o­n your progress, and I'll keep you updated o­n the progress, or lack thereof, of the Earth Federation/EARTH CONSTITUTION Movement.By the way, I am still trying to figure out how to get a Global Psychotherapy Peace Summit of world leaders. Such a psychotherapy summit directed by psychologists would require about 3 weeks in residence.These leaders, some of whom are sociopaths or psychopaths, need professional help. They are trapped in a geopolitical competitive war system, and don't know how to free themselves. Some like the excitement of having power over life, and the control they have over others, and don't really want to change the world for the better.

My best,

Roger Kotila, PhD

Psychologist, USA






April 2, 2020    Earth Federation News & Views



Finally some GOOD NEWS as reported to us by the Center for Citizen Initiatives: The German government has canceled its support of "Defender Europe 20" which is US/NATO's euphemism for war games.  These military exercises pretend that Russia is a danger to Europe. The War Business requires "enemies," even if they have to be invented so the public remains paranoid


While the coronavirus takes up most of the public's attention, we continue to have the crime of militarism which is a main reason that the world is ill prepared for COVID-19, cannot deal adequately with climate change,  drains resources that should go for the poor and homeless, and forces peace-seeking nations to build armies instead of hospitals and schools.   


A "new UN" is needed

Wars and regime change plots suck up resources and destroy families. The UN is frustrated.  There is an answer:  Replace the obsolete UN Charter with the EARTH CONSTITUTION in order to establish a world federal union government (a "new UN") with rule of law and a World Parliament.  It is long overdue to give "we, the people" decision-making authority and a voice in global affairs. 


We are a global family.  By birth we are all world citizens with certain inalienable rights.  All people everywhere have a fundamental right to world peace, security, and protection of individual rights.  Our basic rights include adequate medical care for everyone, everywhere.  Health care for all is impossible if the money and people resources go to building bombs, missiles, war ships, and F-35's.   


European watch

Europeans should keep an eye o­n the new W80-4 being developed by scientists, engineers, and war planners.  Or the B61-12.  Or the W76-2.  CITIZEN'S WATCH (www.trivalleycares.org) is a good resource for following the Pentagon's nuclear "modernization" Life Extinction Program underway at Lawrence Livermore Lab near San Francisco


The fact that a European country finally said "no" to US/NATO is an important development.  The refugees fleeing to Europe from the Middle East were caused by illegal military invasions -- their lives and families destroyed by militarism.  Governments lack future plans for peace, instead continue to perform "defensive" measures which amount to preparing for the likelihood of more wars.


Economic sanctions in my opinion, like militarism, are another form of "murder."Countries like Iran and Venezuela cannot get medical supplies to defeat the COVID-19 virus or treat those with other illnesses.  Innocent people die for lack of medical care caused by these illegal sanctions.  Will there be Nuremberg trials o­ne day for those responsible?


-- R. Kotila, PhD

    Psychologist (ret.)

    President, Democratic World Federalists

    VP, World Constitution & Parliament Association






Subject: Free Journalist Julian Assange -- Imprisoned for Exposing US War Crimes

Editor's note:  The United Nations should intervene in the case of journalist Julian Assange, imprisoned for exposing US war crimes.  But the UN is helpless, prevented from intervening in a country's internal matters.  The problem is that the UN Charter grants "sovereignty" even if a country's government is corrupt or rogue, and is violating basic rights (such as freedom of the Press).  Ending the criminal abuse of national sovereignty will require replacing the flawed UN Charter.  Democratic World Federalists is seeking a formal Charter Review by the UN General Assembly which could open the door to replace the obsolete Charter with the EARTH CONSTITUTION.  - R. Kotila, PhD Earth Federation News & Views


Free Journalist Julian Assange -- Imprisoned for Exposing US War Crimes

February 23, 2020

 [Sent to EarthstarRadio by vincedhimos@newsilkstrategies.com]

A lot hinges o­n Julian Assanges fate. If he can be thrown into a dark hostile prison for telling the truth about the US establishments crimes, then you can too, eventually. Donald Trump would probably not have won the election in 2016 if it had not been for the Wikileaks revelations about Hillary and the Democrats and the dirty tricks they played to shut Bernie Sanders out of the race. So how does Donald thank Assange for that?

Trump never mentions Assange. However, he and his fan club do not stand for the Constitution and they do not stand for human rights anywhere o­n the planet. They have traded in traditional Christianity and the Judaic love your neighbour as yourself for legalistic pre-Christian, pre-Judaic Zionism. Trumps unprecedented admission that he intends to keep the oil in Syria is the expression of a colonialist mind. His virulent anti-China statements betray a frank racism that no other president has ever expressed. He and the rest of the Establishment which some call the Deep State believe in their hearts that the worlds resources all belong to the US and Washington has the right to plunder them.


My prison visit with Julian Assange

by Andrew Wilkie

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie writes about his alarming visit with Julian Assange in Belmarsh Prison.


Todays 90 minute visit to Julian Assange in Londons Belmarsh Prison was an alarming experience. The place is everything youd expect of a supermax jail and the process of entering and departing was security o­n steroids. Just the place for a supervillain.

Once inside we waited. And waited. And waited.

Despite the half hour it took us to be processed o­n entry, and me being ejected temporarily because I had a small hole in the bottom of o­ne of my suit pockets, and the fact that all the other prisoners had already been allowed into the cavernous visitors area, Julian Assange was nowhere to be seen.

But then, finally, there he was, the last prisoner to see any visitor.

Clearly the special o­ne. No wonder he looked tired, a man under enormous pressure, not just from years of incarceration, but also for the chilling prospect of being sent to a US federal prison for the rest of his life.

The injustice in all this is profound.

Sure, people have all sorts of views about Julian Assange. But when push comes to shove none of that is relevant. The substantive matter is that Julian Assange publicised US misconduct and presented hard evidence of their war crimes.

Because at the end of the day no o­ne should be punished for doing the right thing.


The man we left behind

The Australian media this week launched a vociferous public campaign decrying attacks o­n journalists and whistleblowers. But what about Julian Assange?


He worked with a military whistleblower to uncover and publish a video from the gun sights of an American Apache helicopter in Iraq that opened fire o­n a group of men and then a van that stopped to help them. The driver of the van was killed and his two children were wounded.

He published revelations that exposed drone strikes, corruption and extrajudicial executions by governments across the world.

His website partnered with internationally-recognised outlets such as The New York Times, Le Monde and The Guardian. [Yes, and isnt it amazing that these Establishment newspapers could publish with impunity the information that Assange uncovered, supposedly illegally, but Assange and o­nly Assange is deemed a criminal? Why not criminalize the entire world population that read the Wikileaks revelations? Three is a total lack of logic in the charges against him Vince Dhimos]

He won a Walkley Award for most outstanding contribution to journalism. By this time, he was also the target of an unprecedented US government criminal investigation.

His cause was clouded by a criminal investigation into allegations of sexual assault and molestation. The charges were later dropped.

He sought asylum in a foreign embassy in London. He did not leave the building for seven years. A UN working group described his situation as a violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Meanwhile, virtually every move that the US government made against him has since been used against mainstream journalists.

He was arrested after being expelled from the embassy and charged with multiple counts of espionage and related crimes under the US Espionage Act. He is facing up to 170 years in prison. [Yes, but legislation related to whistle-blowers exonerates Assange because he o­nly uncovered government crimes and misconduct. BTW, the same goes for Chelsea Manning. Vince]

His lawyer told the press his arrest set a dangerous precedent for all media and journalists in Europe and around the world. The two biggest employers of journalists in Australia responded by publishing pieces which insisted the man is not a journalist.

His health deteriorated. At a court hearing to try and delay his extradition to the US, he appeared querulous and confused, struggling to recall his name and age. His application was dismissed.

That same week, the Australian media united to launch a public campaign decrying attacks o­n journalists and whistle-blowers. The name of the campaign: Right To Know.

He has received no assistance from his government.



From: earthstarradio@aol.com


By FRITZ POINTER    Earth Federation News & Views 


WORLD LAW or (instead?) WORLD WAR


 San Francisco, January 1, 2020 -- Young people, everywhere around the world, must be shown that there are solutions for the bleak future many of them foresee of endless war.  o­ne solution is a more effective United Nations capable of settling conflicts between nations by judicial means rather than war. When California and Texas have a dispute they don't go to war, they go to Court or they go to Congress.  

Young people, globally, overwhelmed by student debt must be made aware of the over $800 billion being spent annually for armaments and the military by nations of the world.  Young people, worldwide, should be aware of the 1.7 trillion the US has budgeted, over the next 30 years, o­n nuclear weapons modernization. Euphemistically labeled a nuclear Life Extension Program it should more aptly be labeled a Life Extinction Program.  


Amoral, extremely egocentric madmen?

I imagine that there are psychopathic, amoral, extremely egocentric madmen, who giggle and gloat with glee, held spellbound by the notion that they can destroy all life o­n planet earth.  To these so-called scientists, its some sort of ultimate scientific superiority, a zero-sum-game. That is, having the means of, literally, destroying, annihilating, and extinguishing the future.  And, there is, of course, obscene and vulgar pride in this capacity. Young people, globally, must demand abolishing all nuclear weapons.

Its hard to believe that President Obamas 2009 Prague speech, where he declared Americas commitment to the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons, was just ten years ago. But it was a lie.


Young people need to know this

It is time for a change.  It is time to settle conflicts between nations in the same way as disputes within nations not by war, but through law.  If the peoples of the world can abolish slavery, and polio, and can land o­n the moon, we can leave war behind us.  An alternative system can be created, but o­nly if supported by laws defining prohibited international conduct by nations or individuals, and institutions capable of enforcing them.  Young people need to know this: That the United Nations lacks the authority to enforce the Law.  At the global level there is no sheriff in town.  Leaders of nations responsible for world crimes know they are above the law. 

 In order to overcome the war syndrome and the continued ability of autocrats to commit crimes against other human beings in many parts of the world, whether American, Russian, Asian, European, Latin, African, Arab, or Israeli:

(I) The United Nations must be transformed into an effective global government appropriate to the needs of the world community of the 21st Century and the Third Millennium (C.E.).  (II) Viable democracy must be promoted in countries where it is lacking. These goals may be achieved through a participatory democratic world federation, a "new UN" by means of a revised or new Charter such as seen in the World Constitution & Parliament Association's Constitution for the Federation of Earth (aka, Earth Constitution).  

Oppressors, whether from Europe, Asia, Africa, South or North America, who commit crimes against humanity must be held personally accountable, and U.N. peace-enforcing or peace-making forces must have the authority, the personnel, and other means necessary to apprehend them and restore peace. The International Criminal Court must be empowered to try such criminals under codified laws. 

 In The Anatomy of Peace, Emery Reves says that for human beings to become responsible members of a civilized society, they need methods more effective than prayer, sermons and ritual. Reves observed that ...history demonstrates indisputably that there is o­nly o­ne method to make man accept moral principles and standards of social conduct. That method is:  LAW.

 As we are a Nation of Laws we must become a World of Laws.


Fritz Pointer is a retired professor of English and African American Studies.  He is the Vice President of Democratic World Federalists (www.dwfed.org). He has published numerous scholarly and creative works and articles such as African Oral Epic Poetry: Praising the Deeds of a Mythic Hero (2013).  The older brother of the internationally known singing group, The Pointer Sisters, he has co-authored a soon to be released book Fairytale: the Pointer Sisters Family History.  Prof. Pointers main interests include combating racism, advancing human rights, ending war, eliminating nuclear weapons, and nonviolent solutions to global problems



World Federalist Movement--Institute for Global Policy

WFM-IGP Press Release

For Immediate Release

16 March 2019

Atrocious US International Criminal Court policy must be challenged


New York - States Parties to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) must pressure the US government to stop impeding investigations by the ICC into war crimes committed in Afghanistan, said the World Federalist Movement Institute for Global Policy (WFM-IGP). 


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced o­n March 15 that the US will revoke or deny visas to ICC personnel investigating allegations of torture and other war crimes committed in the conflict in Afghanistan. 

Pompeo also announced that the US will consider imposing financial sanctions and restrictions o­n persons who take or have taken action to request or further such [ICC] investigations. 


The US governments policy undermines the rule of law in multilateral relations and sends the signal that might is right, said Dr Tawanda Hondora, Executive Director of WFM-IGP. 

This policy gives cover and effective immunity to US nationals and allies for acts of torture, murder, rape and other war crimes in Afghanistan, said Hondora.

It also sends a clear message that Afghani victims of some of the worst atrocities known to humanity are not deserving of justice, said Hondora. 


Members States of the United Nations, the US included, should investigate and prosecute or extradite individuals suspected of committing serious crimes under international law. This is the o­nly way to prevent the recurrence of the horrors of WWII and mass atrocities witnessed in Syria, Yemen, Sudan, DRC, the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda.

The USs abuse of its military and economic power to implement a policy that fuels impunity is deeply regrettable, said Hondora.


Pompeos shocking announcement also threatens the integrity and effectiveness of many of the worlds multilateral bodies, many of which have headquarters or operations in the US. Consequently, States should take concrete measures to protect the integrity and effectiveness of the international legal system and framework by pressuring the US government to reverse its outrageous and self-serving ICC policy. 

Today, its the ICC, and tomorrow it will be employees of other important global institutions such as the United Nations, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, said Hondora. 


In view of the US governments ICC policy, Members States must also initiate a debate in the United Nations General Assembly regarding international agencies ability to effectively discharge their responsibilities and to ensure the safety and well-being of their staff. 

The ICC is an important international criminal justice organ, which deserves the support of every member of the United Nations, not least of the Permanent Members of the Security Council. 

For more informationinfo@wfm-igp.org, +1 212 599-1320


Dear Leo -

Thanks for staying in touch and for your efforts toward world peace.

         I'm too overwhelmed with my own organizational responsibilities to take o­n your Spherons project here in the USA, nor do I have the professional expertise or understanding in this area of research. 

         Although we may not "save the world" until the quantity of Spherons is large enough and located in enough critical areas,  I am of the hope that we can make some kind of a more immediate breakthrough at the United Nations General Assembly. 

I am ashamed to report that I feel that the US government "Deep State" is not interested in transforming the UN so it can end war and eliminate nukes.  Frankly, I feel that when we in the Western world are told that Russia and China are "adversaries" (ie, "enemies"), it is a lie.  A hoax to keep the public in fear and paranoia. 

            If o­nly the USA Deep State would come to their senses and decide to do what's morally right, then I believe that Russia and China would be happy to cooperate to establish the World Federal Union government we will need to save the world, and make it safe and prosperous for everybody worldwide.

          Keep up your own approach to world peace and saving the world, Leo, and let me know who in the USA will be working with you o­n the Spherons project.  We could use a few top notch Spherons o­n our Earth Federation/Earth Constitution and UN Charter Review teams.

         World Union government with a World Parliament will require a popular movement as well as determined support from the nations -- most of whom are locked out of UN decision-making by the P-5 veto countries o­n the UN Security Council. 

           But until the new world charter/constitution is in place, the P-5 should probably keep the veto as a means to check each other's thirst for aggression, and relieve the paranoia that these Bully nations have toward each other.

In the final analysis, we will need the full cooperation of the P-5 although it is likely that at first the USA will try to "go it alone" under the delusion that it does not need the United Nations. 

           If the USA continues to try to conquer the world, then Russia and China (with India, Germany, and Japan) will need to take leadership at the UN.  I believe that most of the weaker powers will support a "new UN' wherein they are finally given a decision-making voice.  Of course under the Earth Constitution the world community ("we, the people") will also be given a decision-making voice in the World Parliament that will be established.

          Gandhi, by the way, was a supporter of world government as the geopolitical system change required to bring world peace and have a nonviolent outlet to resolve conflicts. 

For peace and humanity,


Dear Leo -

Regarding the upcoming July 16th US-Russian Summit meeting, I am writing President Trump to urge him to discuss with President Putin the idea of making this important meeting a first step to an even larger, expanded Summit:  A GLOBAL PEACE SUMMIT.

I will invite Trump to co-host with Mr. Putin such a future SUMMIT.  If designed properly, it could capture the imagination of a public which yearns for world peace and peace of mind. 

Imagine the world community's excitement over such a surprise GLOBAL PEACE SUMMIT that includes Donald Trump (USA), Vladimir Putin (Russia), Xi Jinping (China), Narendra Modi (India), Jean-Claude Junker (EU), and Antonio Guterres (UN Secretary General). 

In my letter to Trump (which I will copy and send to the MEDIA), I will note that the call for a GLOBAL PEACE SUMMIT comes from a collaborative effort of Russian, Indian, and American peace activists, as well as activists from other nations such as France, Argentina, Japan, Israel, and Australia.   

I will recommend that Trump's staff examine "THE GREAT PEACE CHARTER: A Manifesto and Roadmap of Global Peacebuilding in the 21st Century" created by Global Harmony Association as a joint effort of world civil society consisting of 72 peacemaking leaders from 27 countries (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=834).

Let's hope for a positive response for our efforts, and thanks Leo, for your dedication

-- Roger Kotila, Ph.D.

   Psychologist, peace activist

   VP, World Constitution & Parliament Association




14 July 2018

Trump, Putin and A SpecialGLOBAL PEACE SUMMIT

Regarding the upcoming July 16th US-Russian Summit meeting, I have written President Trump to urge him to discuss with President Putin the idea of making this important meeting a first step to an even larger, expanded Summit:A GLOBAL PEACE SUMMIT.

Talking to each other is far better than war.

I urged Trump to co-host with Mr. Putin such a future SUMMIT.If designed properly, it could capture the imagination of a public which yearns for world peace and peace of mind from the danger of nuclear disaster.

Imagine the world community's excitement over such a surprise GLOBAL PEACE SUMMIT that includes Donald Trump (USA), Vladimir Putin (Russia), Xi Jinping (China), Narendra Modi (India), Jean-Claude Junker (EU), and Antonio Guterres (UN Secretary General).

These leaders might meet for up to 30 consecutive days under the guidance of peace psychologists and other experts. This proposed SUMMIT would not be traditional diplomacy in its design which would likely not be effective, nor would traditional conflict resolution methods.

In my letter to Trump, I have noted that the call for a GLOBAL PEACE SUMMIT comes from a collaborative effort of Russian and American peace activists, as well as activists including from India, France, Argentina, Japan, Israel, Australia, and elsewhere.

We would hope that Trump and Putin agree with world federalists who believe that militarism is a dead end, and who insist that o­nly a world federal union can bring the world to safety.This means a "new UN' with a new world charter such as the Earth Constitution drafted by the World Constitution & Parliament Association.

Trump's staff is referred to "THE GREAT PEACE CHARTER: A Manifesto and Roadmap of Global Peacebuilding in the 21st Century" created by Global Harmony Association (Russia & India-based) as a joint effort of world civil society consisting of 72 peacemaking leaders from 27 countries.

-- Roger Kotila, Ph.D.

Psychologist, peace activist

VP, World Constitution & Parliament Association

President, Democratic World Federalists

(415) 328-2341 San Francisco




Open Letter for Secure Elections and True National Security

By Gloria Steinem, Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore and Daniel Ellsberg, RootsAction

13 July 18Reader Supported News



"Activists and writers including Noam Chomsky, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Alice Walker, and Daniel Ellsberg have signed the Open Letter o­n this page -- to call for secure elections in the United States and steps to ease tensions between the United States and Russia in order to prevent a catastrophic conflict between the nuclear superpowers....

...At the same time, the U.S. and Russian governments show numerous signs of being o­n a collision course. Diplomacy has given way to hostility and reciprocal consular expulsions, along with dozens of near-miss military encounters in Syria and in skies above Europe. Both sides are plunging ahead with major new weapons development programs. In contrast to prior eras, there is now an alarming lack of standard procedures to keep the armed forces of both countries in sufficient communication to prevent an escalation that could lead to conventional or even nuclear attack. These tensions are festering between two nations with large quantities of nuclear weapons o­n virtual hair-trigger alert; yet the current partisan fixations in Washington are ignoring the dangers to global stability and, ultimately, human survival."



Hi Leo -

          None of us know what Trump and Putin will come up with when they meet o­n July 16th.  We can o­nly hope they openly decide to lower the hostilities. It would be wonderful if, as you suggest, the meeting become a "preparation and a first step" to a larger meeting -- a Global Peace Summit.

          Spherons could write the leaders of invited nations (see list below) and ask if they would be willing to attend such a Summit if Putin and/or Trump decided to host it?  It could be held in Geneva, Switzerland.

PLEASE REACH OUT LOUDLY TO YOUR EUROPEAN UNION CONTACTS, LEO.  Europe may be eager to become friends again with Russia since the economic war against Russia is hurting Europe, and Europe would be vulnerable to a nuclear war.   

If Putin and Trump try to be friends, there will be a cry of alarm from America's military/industrial/research complex, which has control over much of America's media.  Too much money is being made.  Profits are huge.

Spherons worldwide can also help by reaching out to media and other contacts saying it is time for a Global Peace Summit.  War must be taken off the table. It's become too dangerous for the world.

(1)  Your call for Spherons to speak out for "Global Peace Science"  and a Global Peace Summit is a good o­ne.  But keep it brief since the public and the politicians lack the ability to attend to anything that is too lengthy.  Keep it short and to the point, and remember, the general public and politicians will not understand the concept of "Spherons" so you may need to define the concept. 

I advise against stating a time estimate like 5 years. This can lead to a "self-fulfilling prophecy" wherein people believe they can't have real success except after years and years of work, and so they delay what is needed. 

Leave open the chance for a miracle, quick change of the Zeitgeist in our favor, and the overnight development of a peace movement that quickly takes down all nuclear weapons because the Leaders decide to go for World Union and friendship.  Instead of enemies, how about global family? 

We can suggest forming a "new UN" using the Earth Constitution as a model governing structure to replace the obsolete UN Charter and give the UN with the tools needed to have world peace and prosperity. The nations do not have to fight each other anymore.  There is a new way now available.  We can be a global family with a new geopolitical structure that outlaws war and nukes, and brings in enforceable world law. 

(2)  When I suggested a Global Peace Summit after Trump and Putin meet o­n July 16th,  I forgot to mention that a representative from the European Union and the United Nations also ought to be included.

I'd like to see a Global Peace Summit attended by:  (1) Putin (Russia), (2) Trump (USA), (3) Jinping (China), (4) Modi  (India), and (5)  Jean-Claude Junker  (European Commission), and (6)  Antonio Guterres (United Nations Secretary General).

(3)  These leaders need to be together day and night for up to o­ne month.  A marathon Global Peace Summit would be needed so that psychologists could guide these leaders to enlightenment and friendship, and announce to the world that war is to be outlawed, and all nuclear weapons taken off hair trigger alert  and eliminated.

(4)  That's some of my thoughts o­n how we can move  our world forward to world peace.  Thanks for responding. 

Best regards,

R Kotila, PhD(Earth Federation activist, & Earth Constitution advocate)





, . : http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=680


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Dear Roger,

We highly appreciate your detailed response, rich in many constructive proposals with which we agree and which we will try to include in our manifesto to the extent possible. We published it o­n your personal page: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=680

A few general remarks.

1. Spherons, classes of the population employed in four spheres of social production, which determine its social, socio-cybernetic genetics, still remain at the stage of spontaneous communities, "classes in themselves." They are still deprived of their own self-awareness, and therefore act o­n a unconscious level. Social and human sciences are so suppressed by militarism that they have lagged behind for at least a century. Therefore, it is necessary to wait for conscious actions of the spherons for a long time. Therefore, references to them in the Manifesto are excluded.

2. As for the EU, it (like its scientists) has cut off from Russia the "iron curtain" of Russophobia, against which we are powerless. But reality forces them to free themselves from it.

3. The paradigm of the family of the world peoples has long developed in the GHA. Deep meaning was attached to it by the GHA President Dr. Subhash Chandra with the corresponding ancient Indian heritage, which he revives in the GHA.

4. I fully share your idea of ​​the "Global Peace Summit" with the participation of Russia, USA, China, India, EU and the UN. We will hope that the US-Russia summit will be the first step and preparation for it. The world can no longer wait for "war to end mankind" (John Kennedy). Best wishes of peace from harmony for the US-Russia summit,




Subject: Wittner o­n Trump Ready to Fight a Nuclear War?

July 4, 2018


The Pentagon's "nuclear modernization" program, dubbed a "Life Extension Program" for nukes with billions and billions of dollars allocated for the next thirty years, is in reality America's Life Extinction Program.

With "smart" nukes delivered by air, sea, and land, what could possibly go wrong?The plans are for wars, not peace.

The generals see America to be endangered for at least the next 30 years by fantasized "enemies"which they describe as America's "adversaries."

There is no vision for a future of world peace without nuclear weapons.NONE!No reaching out to embrace the world federalist vision, the o­nly plan that thinkers like Einstein concluded could realistically save us, and our world, from ultimate disaster.

-- R Kotila, PhD(Earth Federation activist, & Earth Constitution advocate)





America's Flag-Wavers Willful Ignorance?

From Blum's Anti-Empire Report (June 26, 2018)

"Many of the citizens fall for US government propaganda justifying its military actions as often and as naively as Charlie Brown falling for Lucys football."

"The American people are very much like the children of a Mafia boss who do not know what their father does for a living, and dont want to know, but then they wonder why someone just threw a firebomb through the living room window."

-- Wm Blum


The 4th of July for Americans is a good time to think about the future "bombs bursting in air".

Tell Congress and the Pentagon to wake up before it's too late.Militarism is a dead end.


-- Roger Kotilawww.earthfederation.info


[Editor's note:Unfortunately for the world, we are warned that the US government has no plans to eliminate nuclear weapons, not now or in the next thirty years!The dangerous "nuclear modernization" program is labeled by the Pentagon as a "Life Extension Program" (LEP) -- a clever euphemism to help prevent public outcry. But as we learn from the following article by Professor Wittner,nuclear "modernization" might more aptly be described as the Pentagon's Life Extinction Program.

What author Wittner fails to discuss is what will be needed for the US and the othernuclear armed nations to give up their weapons of mass destruction?Democratic World Federalists says that forming a world federal union government is the o­nly realistic answer, and has put out a call to the nations in the United Nations General Assembly to launch a review of the UN Charter for the necessary changes required to transform itself into a democratic world federation -- a "new UN."]


by Lawrence Wittner

Jun 29, 2018DWF NEWS[first published 6-18-18 in History News

Although many people have criticized the bizarre nature of Donald Trumps diplomacy with North Korea, his recent love fest with Kim Jong Un does have the potential to reduce the dangers posed by nuclear weapons o­n the Korean peninsula. Even so, buried far below the mass media coverage of the summit spectacle, the reality is that Trump―assisted by his military and civilian advisors―is busy getting the United States ready for nuclear war..


Dear Leo -

I regret that I cannot donate money to your efforts as I am helping to fund the Earth Federation/Earth Constitution/Provisional World Parliament movement and Democratic World Federalists in San Francisco, plus the Center for UN Constitutional  Research (CUNCR) in Brussels.

Our world federalist organizations, like your group, was rejected for funding by the Global Challenges Foundation.  We need funding as much as you do!

Regarding "Russophobia" here in the West and in Europe, I believe you are correct.  The cause is obvious:  The Western mainstream media which is controlled by the Deep State (shadow government) has the assignment of pretending that Russia is an enemy.  It is a hoax.  A lie.  Russia is not our enemy

Russia, like Muslims and China, are being falsely portrayed by the Western media as "enemies."  The purpose is to keep our military/industrial/research/covert operations complex in Big Money.  Profits for these corporations and professional exploiters are huge. 

The CIA list of fake "enemies" is large:  Russia, China, Muslims, ISIS (supported by US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia),  Venezuela, Cuba (any Latin American socialist country is a target), North Korea.  It is all fake.  False

The USA has no real enemies. The strategy is to fool the public, to keep the American public fearful -- paranoid and hence easy to manipulate for more money.   Hence, also the use of false flag operations.    The goal I believe is to rule the world by means of chaos and fear.  Empire with a military plan for  "full spectrum dominance.

American peace activists have been unable to stop the plot for Empire. The psychopaths and sociopaths have taken over the American government -- Congress, the President, the Supreme Court....all corrupted. 

That's why it's important for countries like Russia, China, and the European Union  to wake up before it is too late.  I believe that US neocon's and Israeli Zionists are a big part of the problem.

For some reason the European nations, by being part of NATO, are also part of the problem; and they apparently don't realize that by being part of NATO they are endangering Europe, not protecting it. If a war were to break out in eastern Europe, the Pentagon would use tactical nuclear weapons and sacrifice Europe

I'd like to see Russia, China, and India fund the UN if the US keeps withdrawing its funding whenever the UN disobeys US demands.  The UN could be helpful if it was not so afraid of losing America's money, and if the UN General Assembly replaced the UN Charter with the Earth Constitution

As I see it, the governments that don't want peace are the US, Israel, Great Britain, and Saudi Arabia....and those European governments who for some reason support NATO despite NATO's history of world crimes.

Perhaps President Trump will scare the Europeans to their senses, and they will realize that they are wiser to make friends with Russia, and start to move away from the US Deep State government which o­nly wants conflicts and war.

Best regards,




My Dear friend Roger,

I was happy to publish this wonderful article o­n your personal page.

Please, let me o­ne important and difficult question.

With great regret, I must say that my worst fears about the Russophobia of the Swedish Foundation were justified and our UN project was refused to participate in the final stage of their Contest:

Dear Leo, Thank you for submitting an entry to the New Shape Prize, and for your patience through the rigorous assessment process by our 10 regional panels.

After careful review and consideration, we regret to inform you that your idea was not selected to proceed to the next round of judging.

We would, however, like to encourage you to continue developing your idea. The New Shape Prize is but a first step in the process to reimagine the future of global governance.

Following the New Shape Forum in May 2018, the Global Challenges Foundation will make available a database of the top submissions for our Shapemaker community and the public to read, examine and improve. We hope to count o­n you for the journey ahead.

These polite and lulling words conceal the immoral deviation of a single spheral scientific project from participating in the Competition for a racist, Russophobic reason. Russophobia, which is now dominant in the West, has suppressed science and scientific projects in the Swedish Foundation. We do not have anything else now, except to ascertain this Western racism and amoralism, which is destructive for Western culture and civilization.

We hoped with 99% probability to get at least a minimum prize of 300 thousand dollars from the prize fund of 5 million, but a destructive Russophobic 1% worked. Half a year we were preparing to receive a minimum prize, we created the Laboratories for Spherons Research in different countries (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=811). These researches are very important for the new development of the humanities and for global peace.

More than 20 statisticians and sociologists are prepared for these studies with the expectation of reward for them. Now we must apologize before them for failing to meet their expectations for this reason. But we do not want to stop their scientific movement and progress. We could promise them at least a minimum reward of $ 500 each for their research, if wefind appropriate donations among the GHA members.

In this regard, I must again ask you to donate $ 1000 for scientific research of spherons, at least in India and Pakistan. Could you donate this amount or any other and send it to my bank account in the near future:

In turn, I am ready to continue your great archive o­n the GHA websiteand publish your wonderful articles o­n it. I am ready to translate into Russian and publish 30-50 pages of your text as directed by you, in order to compensate somehow your donation of $ 1,000. Is it possible for you solidary cooperation? Could the GHA rely o­n your support, which will be awarded the GHA honorary title? Thank you very much.

Friendly, the best wishes of health and peace from harmony, your Leo

-Personalpage: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253




May 13, 2018 from

Earth Federation News & Views [R Kotila]   www.earthfederation,info

Progressive View  ROSSMOOR NEWS Walnut Creek, California

by Bob Hanson

[First published May 9, 2018]                                                                                                                         


Im betting you have never heard of the World Constitution and Parliament Association.  This international movement has been working  diligently  since 1958 to come up with a better way to run the world.  There have been many international meetings held in various countries to develop what is known as the  CONSTITUTION  FOR THE FEDERATION OF THE EARTH.  It was written by the combined   efforts   and input of hundreds of folks who consider themselves world citizens.

The paper has been modified and improved many times since the first world assembly which was held in Interlaken, Switzerland.  The document is based upon six principles: 1) The common Humanity and Dignity of all human beings; 2)   Economic   democracy and equal opportunity for all persons; 3)  Sustainability and ecological health for the planet; 4)  Unity in Diversity of all Nations, Communities, Religions, and persons living together in harmony o­n Earth; 5)  Ending War and Reducing violence in Human Affairs; and 6) The rule of democratically Legislated, Enforceable Law for the Earth.

Some of you who are still with me are probably thinking, but,   dont we already have a United Nations?  Of course we doand it has been a big improvement over the former world organization, the League of Nations.  The U.N. has probably prevented many international conflicts and has done yeoman duty in terms of refugees and humanitarian relief.  However, it has failed in the task it was created for in San Francisco in 1945.ending war.  The U.N. has failed to live up to its potential for several reasons, most of which are related to the U.S. and other world powers unwillingness to give up a bit of their sovereignty for the common good.  The Security Council veto has prevented that organization from acting o­n many occasions.  The International Court of Justice is voluntary, with no means of enforcing its judgments and the General Assembly is undemocratic (India and Monaco each have equal votes),   and is  generally powerless.

The right wing in this country and abroad is paranoid about the U.N., ineffective as it is.  To them, world government conjures up thoughts of black helicopters and Hitlerism.  They feel that the war system is the natural order of life and we have to be able to fight for our freedom in a dog eat dog world.   To the victors go the spoils.   If this thinking prevails, it is o­nly a matter of time until a nuclear confrontation lays the earth uninhabitable and humankinds    little experiment will be over.

If the Earth Constitution or something similar were to be adapted, it would be an extension of our present democracy.  Functions that affect us locally will still be handled by local governments; state affairs will still be conducted   by our state representatives and matters dealing with national issues will still be under the jurisdiction of federal governments.  The jurisdiction of the democratic world government will be limited to relations between nations and issues such as global warming which do not   recognize   national boundaries.  Pollution created in China may end up here,  or vice-versa.

Article 109-3 of the U.N. charter calls for   a  charter  review after 10 years.  This, of course, has never happened because the permanent five (U.S., Russia, France, UK and China)   dont   want to give up the veto.  Organizations I am involved with are working to mobilize the peace-loving nations of the world to  demand   charter review.  If we are able to make that happen, maybe the U.N. charter will be  replaced  by  the Earth Constitution or something similar  and war will become a relic of the past.

Albert Einstein said There is no salvation for civilization or even the human race, other than the creation of a world government.  Now is the time, before it is too late.

To find out more about the Earth Constitution, go to 

p. 17 in Rossmoor News, Walnut Creek, California





The equivalent, in international law, to a domestic-law crime involving murder, rape, and theft, is an international invasion that's purely for aggressive purposes and not at all authentically a defensive act against an authentic foreign threat that was coming from the invaded foreign country. Consequently, for the US Government now to have removed the UN from any authority over international invasions, is, in domestic-law equivalency, like removing a national government from authority regarding murders, rapes, and thefts...

[Read More]

NOTE: The Democratic World Federalists are committed to expressing a wide range of views o­n the vision of creating a peaceful, just, and sustainable world through a democratic World Federation. The views expressed in this article represents that commitment and not necessarily our official position.





Women's participation in Mexico's 25-year-old Zapatista National Liberation Army, or EZLN movement, has represented an incredible organizational achievement since its original uprising in 1994. o­n International Women's Day, the female militants of the EZLN did not fail to meet expectations when welcoming 7,000 people to the "First International Political, Artistic, Sports, and Cultural Encounter for Women who Struggle..."

[Read More]

NOTE: The Democratic World Federalists are committed to expressing a wide range of views o­n the vision of creating a peaceful, just, and sustainable world through a democratic World Federation. The views expressed in this article represents that commitment and not necessarily our official position.






The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) has been used by the US to justify brutal invasions of countries like Iraq and Libya. But perhaps the UN could use R2P in a positive way, to help recognize the need to protect black people being killed globally and imprisoned by the United States government authorities...

[Read More]

NOTE: The Democratic World Federalists are committed to expressing a wide range of views o­n the vision of creating a peaceful, just, and sustainable world through a democratic World Federation. The views expressed in this article represents that commitment and not necessarily our official position.





Did you know that the classic reggae song written by Bob Marley, "War", was based o­n a speech by given by the former Emperor of  Ethiopia Halie Selassie to United Nations Assembly o­n 1963? The speech and the song focuses o­n the affects of developed nations using military force to overpower the disenfranchised and vulnerable. We thought it would be great to share this connection between history, politics, and culture. We also thought it reflected o­n the movements of today where many music artists are standing up by speaking out...

[Read More]





Our friends from the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) Campaign have just published a new book:

A World Parliament: Governance and Democracy in the 21st Century

The book describes the history, relevance and practical steps to implement a democratic world parliament as centerpiece of a peaceful, just and sustainable world community. For more than ten years, Jo Leinen and Andreas Bummel have been at the forefront of the international campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly that is endorsed by politicians, former UN officials, distinguished scholars, cultural innovators, representatives of civil society organizations, and many committed citizens from all walks of life in 150 countries.

An event o­n 11 April 2018 hosted at the UN in New York marked the publication of the book A World Parliament: Governance and Democracy in the 21st Century authored by Jo Leinen, a Member of the European Parliament, and Andreas Bummel, Director of Democracy Without Borders.
The book describes the history, relevance and practical steps to implement a democratic world parliament as centerpiece of a peaceful, just and sustainable world community. For more than ten years, Jo Leinen and Andreas Bummel have been at the forefront of the international campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly that is endorsed by politicians, former UN officials, distinguished scholars, cultural innovators, representatives of civil society organizations, and many committed citizens from all walks of life in 150 countries.



We must dissolve the current geopolitical UN war system, and convert the UN to a global peace system.


Dear Roger,

Many thanks for the brilliant article by Dave Lindorff that US militarism is the main threat to America's security. I published it here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=804

I am very pleased with your excellent commentary o­n the UN into this article: We must dissolve the current geopolitical UN war system, and convert the UN to a global peace system. It accurately and lapidary expresses the deep essence of our GHA project of UN reform: "UN Harmony." (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=769). Therefore, your comment was included in it along with the comments of Prof. Michael Brenner (see attachment) and published o­n your personal page in two languages: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=680
Best wishes of peace from harmony,



Dave Lindorff , . : http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=804

: . : (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=769). , . (. ) : http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=680



Dear Leo,

Good to hear from you. I am very favorably impressed with your large collection of articles taking aim at the failed UN geopolitical system, and GHA's call for harmony and to seek out the best people in your 4 Spheron sectors to make global government succeed in a positive way.

I've made some edits per your request through page 21 which seems to be where the most editing needs to be done; and after page 21 is not really my area of expertise.  I've used the color gray to recommend deletions, and used the color yellow to indicate suggested re-wording -- in most cases the changes are minor, but the use of English is improved.

 (I salute you for writing in English!  That is a difficult and o­nerous task but makes your material available to us who o­nly use English -- proving that we Americans are very narrow culturally speaking!)

No need to list me as a co-author.  You've cited a couple of my articles which is good enough.  I'm not going to write any phrases about the GHA project because it is an area that I am not an expert, and because my main concern is creating a popular following among activists and to obtain support at the UN for the Constitution for the Federation of Earth ("Earth Constitution"), of which I am a personal ratifier and strong advocate.  

Your critique of the UN and of US/NATO/(Israel) is very similar to my own thinking, and I respect you and your group for speaking out like you do.

Hope all goes well for you.  Although I deeply dislike President Trump's domestic plans (he helps the rich and hurts the poor), I would still like to have Putin and Trump co-host a Global Peace Summit, and include India and China...and of course, my own NGO group!

Best regards,

Roger Kotila PhD.


Vice President, World Constitution and Parliament Association.

Radio producer (Earthstar Radio, San Francisco).

Address: Marin County, California, USA.

Web: www.earthfederation.info, http://worldparliament-gov.org;

Personal page: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=680 



Dear Roger,

Thank you very much for your laconic, but significant in meaning editing the project first (critical) part and most importantly for your courageous and powerful support of this UN reform project. You expressed an honest view of a scientist who recognizes the facts and is not afraid of them, does not hide from them and does not falsify them. You have congenially understood the essence of our approach to reforming the United Nations o­n the basis of the deep harmonious structure of the four Spherons of each nation that overcomes their wars and militarism.

You have inspired me to the corresponding first, philosophical, part of the project in 2-3 pages, which I will send tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, and I will keep its critical part in the project as its Appendix.

All this allows me to offer you a joint transformation of your "Earth Constitution" into the "Earth Constitution of Spherons Harmony" o­n the basis of the philosophy and sociology of the Spherons. Is this acceptable and possible for you? Could you answer this question after getting acquainted with the new, philosophical part of the project? Thank you,
Best wishes for peace from harmony through the Spherons science,
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA Honorary President,

Philosophy and Dialectics of the UN Spherons

GHA members, friends,

I am glad to send you 3 pages of the new first part of the UN reform project, the former first part of which is transformed into the category: "Appendix 1. Facts: Critical Part.Motivation."

"Philosophy and Dialectics of the UN Spherons" (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=785) has an independent meaning of the philosophical summary of the social harmony knowledge in its deep structure of spherons. It is extremely important in our time of the collapse of all old philosophical and ideological paradigms such as Marxism, liberalism, fundamentalism and others and the maturing fundamentally new o­nes, of which the philosophy of Harmonism/Tetrism has the deepest historical roots in all world civilizations. Especially Greek, in the face of Heraclitus, 2,5 thousand years ago realized the key meaning of harmony, which neglected the violent disharmonious ideologies of the past two centuries that led them to an irrevocable collapse. Amen to them! o­nly the tree of harmony grows green!

My resume is intended primarily for people with a philosophical mindset and who has at least some knowledge of the history of philosophy. From them I wait and accept with gratitude critical remarks which I will publish.

Special expectations from the "Demiurge" members with whom we started this difficult and unique way of understanding the spherons represented in it as its four spheral micro-groups (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=305) since 1976. It is very interesting to see how we have "come down" with our micro-groups / spherons for more than 40 years. I am sure that someday at the UN Harmony will erect a monument not o­nly to Nume Pompilius, but also to the "Demiurge" for their contribution to global peace from harmony. Of course, if we do not burn everything in the American nuclear global Auschwitz (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=613). But let us hope that God will save humankind, still unreasonable and ignorant in harmony, from this world evil. Unfortunately, there is no o­ne else, even 72 years powerless against the wars of the UNwhich could save us. We can o­nly hope for God's Grace.

If we do not receive other versions of our project before December 5, it will be recognized as approved by the GHA.Many thanks to all for the hard work with this very important peacemaking project of the UN effective against the wars and militarism especially Roger Kotila, who inspired me to this text (see his personal page).

Heartily, best wishes for peace from harmony through the spherons science,

Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA Honorary President



Dear friends in the European Parliament & fellow peace activists,

 Please read carefully the following analysis by an American journalist familiar with the geopolitical undercurrents swirling against Russia and impacting Europe.  Will the EU be able to resist the economic sanctions imposed by the American Congress against Russia which could be interpreted as an act of (economic) war? 

We are witnessing in the USA an intensive propaganda campaign to give the (false) impression that Russia is an "enemy."   With an unpredictable President Trump, Europe must be cautious. Trump is naive about false flag operations (such as Gladio III), if activated by the Deep State,  could trick Trump into impulsively going to war.   

 Best regards,

Roger Kotila, Ph.D.

Editor, Earth Federation News & Views   at   www.earthfederation.info



← Get ready, people! The American version of Operation Valkyrie could be executed at any time.

The American Empire Is Rapidly Imploding!

Posted o­n July 30, 2017 by State of the Nation

Yelm, WA

July 30, 2017

by Rich Scheck


A brief review of the latest foreign policy developments demonstrates how rapidly the US Empire is coming apart at the seams.

With an Administration in Washington that is run by extreme nationalists and former military men along with a belligerent foreign policy that threatens war and more war across the planet, the economically weak US government has little prospect of avoiding WWIII much less staving off civil unrest at home.

Fed by massive MSM (main stream media) propaganda such as recently appeared o­n PBS, the American public is being conditioned to see Russia as its enemy: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/47547.htm

Sterlings excellent analysis presumes the possibility that rational minds will prevail and war with Russia can be averted. That is extremely unlikely considering that the US empire is rapidly imploding under the Trump Administration which pays lip-service to fighting theDeep State but which is a more nationalistic
version of it. http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=79226

The American public is brain-deadand addicted to sports, consumerism and worse. Trump has made the mess he inherited worse with his misguided leadership. His selection of Cabinet members was dominated by hawks and hacks who are unable to deliver o­n his campaign rhetoric because they see the need to rely o­n the failed doctrine of projecting military force instead of fostering economic growth through cooperation with Russia and China:

Instead we see an escalation of tensions in all the key trouble spots:
Russia: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/47545.htm
China: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/47544.htm
Iran: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/47542.htm
North Korea: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/47548.htm

The apparent retreat in Syria is suspect because of our continuing support of the Kurds and is subject to a quick reversal at the behest of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey or any of the other players in that o­ngoing war.

The collapse of the unipolar world and Pax Americana is upon us. Efforts to perpetuate Americas imperial foreign policy under-girded by a criminal mentality that violates the spirit and intent of the Nuremberg Doctrine is being resisted across the planet.

Even the EU is threatening to abandon its (former?) ally in response to the latest sanctions outrage.  We have returned to a delicate historical moment similar to August, 1914 and September, 1939 that preceded the start of the two previous world wars. With such poor leadership at the helm of the Americas Ship of State, the greater likelihood is that we will soon see a repeat of what has gone before.


Dear Roger,

Many thanks for your very interesting and important info about excellent review with the key true conclusions:

"The American Empire Is Rapidly Imploding!"+++the US Empire is coming apart at the seams.+++The American public is brain-dead+++The collapse of the unipolar world and Pax Americana is upon us".It was published o­n your personal page: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=680

It sounds like a funeral ringing for the American Empire of global militarism and aggression, a fall of which was predicted by Dr. Johan Galtung for 2020 as early as the end of the last century: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=599 . His prophecy is coming true!

Best wishes for peace from harmony through science,
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA Honorary President

Dear Leo,

Here's the letter I sent to President Donald Trump, and separately to his wife, Melania Trump.I fear that Mr. Trump may not have the wisdom or desire to do something so sensible, so I urge you to consider advising Mr. Putin to take the lead and launch an emergency Global Peace Summit -- with, or without Mr. Trump.

For peace and humanity,



"LET'S MAKE A DEAL"... call for an emergency Global Peace Summit

Dear President Trump


You will be receiving an APPEAL from a group of concerned social scientists from Russia, India, US, Mexico, Great Britain, and more. We are a group of experts (GLOBAL PEACE SCIENCE) alarmed that the world seems stuck in perpetual wars with the looming danger of a nuclear confrontation.

Nations have made a terrible mistake by favoring militarism and military science to find security, while overlooking peace science. As we have seen so clearly in the Middle East, militarism has proven to be a massive and tragic dead end.

We urge the G20 to explore with representatives of GLOBAL PEACE SCIENCE what steps might be taken to pull the world back from the brink of a world war and a nuclear catastrophe.Our liaison contact person for GPS is Dr. Leo Semashko (leo.semashko@gmail.com).

The July G20 Summit or September, 2017 UN Session would be a good time to initiate the "Global Peace Science Agenda of the UN" which was proposed to the leaders of the UN member states by peacemaking organizations and Nobel Prize Laureates.*

(*The text of this proposal is published in 8 languages o­n the website: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=757)

A bold and inspiring strategy would be to take advantage of President Trump's offer "LET'S MAKE A DEAL!"In practical terms hosting an emergency Global Peace Summit initiated by Russia (Putin), the US (Trump), India (Modi), and China (Jinping) with the help of representatives from GLOBAL PEACE SCIENCE.

Respectfully yours,

Roger Kotila, Ph.D.

Psychologist, Senior Fellow, Institute o­n World Problems, USA

Personal page: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=680





Please read carefully.  Alarm is justified.  Without  a "new UN" under a world charter such as the Constitution for the Federation of Earth,  these world crimes will o­nly continue as they have in the past with no adequate governing structure to stop them. 

-- Roger Kotila,

Earth Federation



Syria: Trump May Just have Started World War III

By Peter Koenig

Global Research, April 08, 2017


 President Trump just ordered an US attack of at least 59 Tomahawk missiles from US warships in the Mediterranean Sea o­n Syrias al-Shayrat airbase near Homs.

Mr. Talal Barazi, governor of Homs province, reports several deaths but at this time does not offer further details. This Tomahawk assault was supposedly in response to Bachar al-Assads alleged nerve gas attack o­n 4 April, targeting the civilian population in Idlib Province that killed in excess of 60 people, among them many children.

It reeks all over of False Flag Gladio 2 level world. But nobody smells it, nobody wants to see it, nobody wants to hear it and especially, nobody wants to talk about it. The truth cannot be spoken. The attack has to be launched immediately, before any investigation could reveal the truth. Thats the way its always been. Kill the witnesses. Thats what Washington and its Zionist masters know best.

The Pentagon says Moscow was informed about the attack. There was no reaction from the Russian Government yet.

Earlier Mr. Putin stated that

it was unacceptable to bring accusations against anyone until a thorough and impartial international investigation was conducted.

Philip Giraldi, former CIA officer and Director of the Council for the National Interest, says that military and intelligence personnel, intimately familiar with the intelligence, say that the narrative that Assad or Russia did it is a sham. 


This is a classical case of a false flag, instigated by the CIA and carried out by Saudi-Turkish planes to blame Assad. Western presstitute media propagated and hammered into westerners indoctrinated brains the same lie as in 2013, when the East Ghouta Chemical attacks were killing children to justify US Humanitarian Military intervention. Then as today, the Washington assault was to follow quickly before the lie could be discovered, but Mr. Putin intervened by warning Washington not to attack or else and insisting o­n an investigation. Russian naval facility in Tartus and airbase in Khmeimim, Syria, were ready to counter a US attack.

Later it was proven beyond any doubt that the attack did not come from Syrias army, nor was it ordered by Mr. Assad, that it was indeed, o­nce more, a false flag carried out by the Syrian opposition, the so-called rebels, but in truth the western paid terrorists, with the purpose to blame Mr. Assad and to justify the regime change planned since 2009, since well before the CIA instigated start of the 2011 civil war.

(http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-ghouta-chemical-attacks-us-backed-false-flag-killing-children-to-justify-a-humanitarian-military-intervention/5351363 ).

It is depressing to see how the world the corrupted-to-the-bone western world swallows these lies and actually openly calls for war against Syria, for the removal of Mr. Assad, Syrias o­nly legitimate and sovereign President, elected by the Syrians and still enjoying more than 80% support of the people. Renown socialists, so-called peace seekers eyes are blurred by the western corporate lie-machine. It is sad to see. They believe the western criminal media. It is too hard even for them to admit to themselves that they have been duped, perhaps all their lives, and that they must now seek out and see reality. They cant. But instead to look inside themselves to ask themselves, what interest would Mr. Assad have to kill his own people, the children of his nation, the future of Syria and God help Syria to have a future again these shabby progressives are too noble to admit to reality and instead they join the blinded and call for regime change. Thats exactly what Washington and the Zionist murderers behind that foul inner-beltway monument of assassins, called the White House, want.

We are living a higher level of Operation Gladio again where evil reigns, where the most horrendous of what was o­nce called human beings are in power, killing mercilessly innocent people for their BIG PURPOSE, for world hegemony. This Judo-Christian civilization (sic-sic) has a history of more than 1000 years of Crusade killings, followed by colonial killing and raping and exploitation of countries and their people around the globe, from Asia to Africa to Latin America and there is no end. Our western culture is sold to Lucifer and his banking clan continuing killing for greed and power.

People wake up! If you dont, you may be next.

We all have this little spark left somewhere in our brains that tells you that something is not right that those who call the shots are liars, that the worlds justice is not with evil that justice is seeking peace not subjugation, power and material gains, but solidarity and harmony among us, brothers and sisters of the human kind.

But also, be aware that this monstrous beast knows no scruples. It has o­ne goal Full Spectrum Dominance and will not let go, under no circumstances, until this goal is fully achieved or itself, the monster, the exceptional nation, is subjugated and disabled.

People stand up and become disabler of the empire!

Syria is a mere square o­n this murderous chess board, as was Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, and many more to come. The purpose is not winning a war that would be too simple. The purpose is creating and leaving behind chaos, eternal chaos. In the case of Syria a balkanization of the country, what Clinton did to Yugoslavia. The old divide to conquer it still works after hundreds of years. People are still blinded to these oldest and most rudimentary of war strategies. They still fall for it; dont notice; swallow the lies.

In Syria, the stakes are high. In addition to the insane profits of the war and weapons industry there is the little talked about Qatar-Turkey-Syria pipeline that was to bring oil and gas from the Gulf to Europe to demolish the Russian gas market in Europe and to make trillions for US petro-giants; a pipeline Mr. Assad rejected in 2009. Instead he approved and promoted the Iran pipeline through Syria to Europe. Iranian hydrocarbons would complement, rather than compete with, gas and oil from Russia for Europe. Thats when Obama decided that Bachar al-Assad had to go. It also fitted the bigger picture a balkanized Middle East, with steady conflicts fueling the war industry but eventually leading to a Greater Israel, stretching from the Euphrates to the Nile, absorbing, parts of Saudi Arabi, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt.  

Its barbarism. I see it coming masqueraded under lawless alliances and predetermined enslavements. It may not be about Hitlers furnaces, but about the methodical and quasi-scientific subjugation of Man. His absolute humiliation. His disgrace.  Odysseas Elytis, Greek poet, in a press conference o­n the occasion of receiving the Nobel Prize (1979).

Peter Koenig
 is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a former World Bank staff and worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik, PressTV, The 4th Media (China), TeleSUR, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed  fiction based o­n facts and o­n 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! Essays from the Resistance.

The original source of this article is Global Research

Copyright  Peter Koenig, Glo



 "Bad American Values? Freedom to Lie, Cheat, Steal, & Kill"  Reader Supported News (March 3, 2017) was a troubling article to write.  But after reading "The CIA As Organized Crime" (2017) by Douglas Valentine, I knew I must speak out. (see link below)


 At the end of the Viet Nam war, many of us thought we could relax, that now America was o­n the right track.  But it got worse. The corruption is far deeper than most of us anticipated which is why I believe that we will need a global movement to make the needed corrections.

-- Roger Kotila

  Earth Federation News & Views    www.earthfederation.info


Bad American Values? Freedom to Lie, Cheat, Steal & Kill


Written by Dr. Roger Kotila   

Friday, 03 March 2017 06:28

Is America a bad guy masquerading as a good guy?

President Trump himself has a reputation for lying.  Yet he was elected President of the United States. o­ne joke going around asks What two words tell you that President Trump is lying?  When he says Believe me!

Mainstream media repeatedly portrays America as the worlds leader for freedom and democracy.  But sadly, this view of America appears to be factually false.  Aside from having undemocratic allies like Saudi Arabia, a country notorious for human rights violations, Douglas Valentines The CIA As Organized Crime (2017) is Exhibit A.  It portrays a different picture of who America is, a perspective that even President Donald Trump appears to agree with when he remarked, You think our countrys so innocent?

The exceptionalism myth fools Americans into trusting that their country is doing good, when in reality, America has routinely violated civilized standards of conduct, and could even be described as a rogue power
.  The US, for example, refuses to belong to the International Criminal Court, thus protecting its officials, military personnel and covert operatives from judicial prosecution when they commit crimes.

But does the right wings delusional fantasy of American exceptionalism give the US the right to violate international law and customs, to target nations for regime change (Syria, Libya, Iran, Russia), to invade countries (Afghanistan, Iraq), or to kill anyone whom the US designates as a terrorist (drone strikes, covert operations)?

While torture is considered a crime under international law and customs, the current President of the US proudly declares he supports torture.  He will not go to jail for this.  After all, he is running the country.


When President Trump implies in an interview that Americas moral standards were no better than those of Russia, Establishment media howled with shocked disbelief.

Trump waved off a description of Mr. Putin as a killer by suggesting that the US was similarly immoral. We got a lot of killers, Trump said, You think our countrys so innocent? (The Wall Street Journal reporting o­n a Bill OReilly Fox TV interview with President Trump, 2-6-17.)

But Trump makes a valid point. Mr. Valentines painstaking research o­n the Central Intelligence Agency documents a litany of criminal actions conducted around the world:  Assassinations, torture, overthrowing governments (regime change), supporting terrorists, and terrorism (false flag operations such as 9/11), drug smuggling and money laundering.

CIA methods include lying (Psy Ops/propaganda -- infiltration of media, fake news), cheating (bribing or blackmailing politicians), stealing (other countrys resources), and killing (assassinations, supporting terrorists, military invasions).


Mr. Valentines investigative research leads to a shocking conclusion about the CIA and America:

If we were allowed to understand the CIA, wed realize its a criminal organizationthat is corrupting governments and societies around the world.  Its murdering civilians who havent done anything wrong.  The (US) military does the same thing in a more violent way (p. 39).

It is not just the CIA involved in what o­ne might term as world crimes.  Pentagon generals allow the potential use of weapons of mass mutilation such as cluster bombs, depleted uranium munitions (e.g., in Fallujah), landmines, and of course, weapons of mass destruction (nuclear weaponry).

Americas bad guy role is carried into the United Nations, where the US shows a lack of respect for less powerful nations, and the UN itself. The US opposes a UN General Assembly proposal to ban nuclear weapons.  As a result, other countries possessing nuclear weaponry (like Russia) also refuse to accept the proposed ban.


From its birth the vast majority of nations at the UN have been frustrated by a rigged geopolitical system favoring the US, Russia, China, Great Britain, and France the Permanent 5 veto powers o­n the Security Council.

Less powerful nations in the UN are second class citizens.  When they stray from the desires of the Permanent 5 veto powers, there can be reprisals.  The UN itself can be subject to threats.

US Senator Lindsey Graham, angry that nations voted their conscience regarding the illegal settlements by Israel o­n Palestinian lands, vows to pull US funding unless the UN Security Council repeals Resolution 2334 (cnn.com, 12-25-16).

Similarly, former US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton insists that there must be consequences against the 14 countries that supported Resolution 2334.  Neocon Bolton, who shows little concern regarding the needs of the world community, proclaims that the US should defund its assessed contributions to the UN, presumably as a warning to the UN to submit to the demands of Israel (Wall Street Journal, 12/27/16).

Finally, the Trump Administration is considering withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council for being biased against Israel (politico.com, 2/25/17), yet the US has accepted Saudi Arabias presence o­n the Council.


The UN is powerless to prevent international crimes directed by leaders of powerful, bully nations. International law is routinely violated by favored nations who excuse themselves from the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, a court that can try individuals but with no independent enforcement capability.

The ICC has mostly been applied to a few corrupt dictators of African nations, but never to the leaders and corrupt officials from the most powerful nations.

The UN stands by helplessly even when nations are taken over by corrupt dictators who steal the peoples money. These kleptocracies, as documented by Sarah Chayes (Thieves of State, 2015), go unpunished, protected by the UN Charters principle of national sovereignty (Chapter 1, Article 2).

In the UN geopolitical system of sovereignty for each nation, nations police themselves.  As a result, deeply corrupted nations rarely prosecute their own world criminals since the leaders of those countries are often the very o­nes who are responsible for the criminal behavior in the first place.

An unlucky citizen who lives in a deeply corrupted country has no recourse for justice especially when the corruption starts at the top and runs through to the police and the courts.

The UN is generally not allowed to interfere with the domestic affairs of a nation, thus is unable to prevent the theft of the peoples money and unable to stop human rights violations.  This is why Saudi Arabia is allowed to oppress women, abuse immigrant workers, and maintain a royal kleptocracy.  It supports terrorist groups like Al Qaeda linked to Wahhabi extremists, uses beheadings, and continues its barbaric invasion of neighboring Yemen.


The World Constitution & Parliament Association has the solution to the gaps in the Charter which have allowed unrestricted lawlessness among the nations.  WCPAs Constitution for the Federation of Earth (aka Earth Constitution) corrects these problems, and efforts are underway to reach the UN General Assembly.

Americans lost their country when the US Supreme Court gave the nation away to the billionaires by allowing unlimited amounts of Big Money to enter the election process.  Essentially, the Court cancelled democracy and turned America into an oligarchy.

While peace, environmental, and human rights activists work fervently to try to save America from an out of control oligarchy and a Deep State shadow government, world citizen activists are looking at the Big Picture -- the need for a popular global movement to help end the nightmare of world crimes within and between the nations.

Recent academic research confirms that a Charter Review is legally required and was promised, but has never been conducted
.  In response, Democratic World Federalists based in San Francisco has launched a campaign for UN Charter Review.  DWF is calling it The San Francisco Promise.

A Charter review by the UN General Assembly could open the door for a comparison of the current Charter to the Earth Constitution the latter an invaluable resource for the UN to understand the type of world judiciary system that will be needed to end global lawlessness.

The Earth Constitution also calls for a democratically elected World Parliament, giving we, the people o­nce and for all, a real voice in global affairs.

Dr. Roger Kotila
Earth Federation News & Views

: http://readersupportednews.org/pm-section/352-united-nations/42277-bad-american-values-freedom-to-lie-cheat-steal-a-kill


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Dear Roger,

I was happy to publish your honest and courageous article about institutionalized and legalized American freedom "to Lie, Cheat, Steal, & Kill" in the "factually false democracy" o­n your personal page: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=680

This is an honest diagnosis of the doctor. But the patient's disease is systemic and deeply social, he was struck by all the central agencies and governance of the US, so the lotion of the UN Charter will not save him from death. There is little hope that  Trump's catharsis  will cure the patient but the patient wants to kill Trump and their forces are unequal ....

Unfortunately, America is deprived of scientific knowledge of social health, its deep societal structure of SPHERONS' harmony. Therefore, its social consciousness and its doctors are powerless to cure it. o­nly a catastrophe can be life-saving, but it will require a lot of innocent victims. Why America does not want to learn and develop social science and scientific public consciousness, to prevent a catastrophe, and millions of victims? WHY? Would you like a doctor to answer this key question? Thank you.

Best wishes for peace from harmony of SPHERONS,
Dr  Leo  Semashko




 "Bad American Values? Freedom to Lie, Cheat, Steal, & Kill"  Reader Supported News (March 3, 2017) was a troubling article to write.  But after reading "The CIA As Organized Crime" (2017) by Douglas Valentine, I knew I must speak out. (see link below)


 At the end of the Viet Nam war, many of us thought we could relax, that now America was o­n the right track.  But it got worse. The corruption is far deeper than most of us anticipated which is why I believe that we will need a global movement to make the needed corrections.

-- Roger Kotila

  Earth Federation News & Views    www.earthfederation.info



NATO at Russia's Border Arouses Ghosts of a Nazi Invasion


Dr. Roger Kotila

Tuesday, 04 October 2016     Reader Supported News


There is increasing concern regarding the United States and Russia, fear that current conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, along with U.S./NATO's move o­nto the borders of Russia could escalate to a war and a possible nuclear confrontation. This is not a fantasy.


The U.S. appears to be looking for a fight. Investigative journalist Robert Parry in "The Existential Madness of Putin-Bashing" (Consortium News, 9-14-16) describes what is going o­n against Russia as a "breathtakingly dangerous strategy."


Parry writes: "By targeting Putin and Russia, the neocons have upped the ante when it comes to their 'regime change' agenda. No longer satisfied with inflicting 'regime change' in countries deemed hostile to Israel Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran, etc. the neocons have raised their sights o­n Russia."


According to Parry, Russia is being destabilized by "weakening its economy, isolating it from Europe, pushing NATO up to its borders, demonizing its leadership, and sponsoring anti-government political activists inside Russia to promote regime change."


In an urgent Special Report (Consortium News, 10-3-16) Parry asks "Do We Really Want Nuclear War with Russia?" He is convinced the American people are being prepared for war.  "The U.S. propaganda war against Russia is spinning out of control, rolling ever faster downhill with a dangerous momentum that threatens to drive the world into a nuclear showdown."




A leading Russian peace activist explains why Russia cannot trust the U.S. and NATO, but also offers a strategy for peaceful cooperation rather than war.  Dr. Leo Semashko, a State Councilor of St. Petersburg, Russia, shares Parry's alarm and has reached out to American peace activists.


A sociologist and philosopher, Semashko is founder of Global Harmony Association and the Chief Editor of Global Peace Science.  GPS is the title of a new book by "peace experts."  It features articles o­n world peace by 174 authors from 34 countries.  For Semashko, GPS is an important resource that should be used to avert war and bring peace.




Dr. Semashko tells us that NATO's expansion to Russia's borders is an ominous sign, bringing up memories for Russians of the Nazi invasion of World War II -- Operation Barbarossa.


From Wikipedia we learn: "Operation Barbarossa (German: Unternehmen Barbarossa) was the code name for Nazi Germany's World War II invasion of the Soviet Union, which began o­n 22 June 1941. The operation was driven by Adolf Hitler's ideological desire to destroy the Soviet Union, as outlined in his 1925 manifesto Mein Kampf."


Semashko elaborates in an open letter (sic) to members of Global Peace Science (8/30/16):

"The whole world is alarmed today with the United States and Russia extreme level of nuclear confrontation, more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis 1962. It is caused by three most menacing facts:

The first. Deployment of NATO nuclear weapons and the accompanying infrastructure o­n Russia's western border that reminds to the Russians the Hitlers concentration of the Nazi troops within an aggressive plan Barbarossa in 1941. Now it is in 2016 - 75 years later.

The second. Intention of the US administration to spend an additional $ 1 trillion for modernization of nuclear weapons in the next decade. For what is it? It is not for peace, it is for nuclear war.

The third. Traditional, since Hiroshima/Nagasaki 1945, US policy, which allows the first use of nuclear weapons.


Sensing catastrophe, Semashko (8/30/16) exhorts "...we, peacemakers, cannot be the indifferent and helpless sheep to be slaughtered o­n the altar of a nuclear war, which would be a disaster for humanity and the planet."




Working with colleagues from the Global Harmony Association, Dr. Semashko issues an Appeal for a "Copernican revolution" in Russian-American relations. But how?


Semashko proposes forming a joint Institute of Global Peace Science with offices in Russia and the United States. Such a Russia-USA Global Peace Institute could open doors for peace science not found in our present military-fixated culture where funding goes almost exclusively to military science rather than peace science.


Semashko also sees the need for a "Scientific rearrangement of the global power (including the UN) architecture and building a multipolar world order, ensuring global peace since the end of the 21st century."




For rearranging the global power architecture Semashko looks to a world constitution designed as a democratic world federal union with enforceable world law:  "Scientific basis of the Earth Constitution as a Global Peace Constitution: the highest instrument of international law."


We must hope that Semashko's interest in the Earth Constitution is also seen positively by the leaders in Russia. In "NATO To Nuclear War, Yet Russia Not Our Enemy" (Reader Supported News, 7/14/16) I argue that Russia wants peaceful cooperation, not war. It seems pretty obvious that working together is the best strategy to avoid the nightmare of a nuclear war.




Journalist John Pilger reports that the leader of the British Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn would definitely talk to the Russians. In an election debate Corbyn was asked: How would you act o­n a violation by Vladimir Putin of a fellow NATO state?


Corbyn replied: You would want to avoid that happening in the first place. You would build up a good dialogue with Russia We would try to introduce a de-militarisation of the borders between Russia, the Ukraine and the other countries o­n the border between Russia and Eastern Europe. What we cannot allow is a series of calamitous build-ups of troops o­n both sides which can o­nly lead to great danger."  (Pilger, Provoking Nuclear War by Media, Global Research, 8/23/16).




Pilger explains the frenzied opposition to Trumps plan to talk to Putin:

"The CIA has demanded Trump is not elected. Pentagon generals have demanded he is not elected. The pro-war New York Times taking a breather from its relentless low-rent Putin smears demands that he is not elected. Something is up. These tribunes of perpetual war are terrified that the multi-billion-dollar business of war by which the United States maintains its dominance will be undermined if Trump does a deal with Putin, then with Chinas Xi Jinping."




A new type of Summit is needed in order to avoid the typical type of diplomatic (summit) meetings which have proved ineffective as evidenced by our world floundering in crisis.  Key world leaders must honestly face the need for both a geopolitical and spiritual revolution. Such a Summit should plan o­n 30 continuous days together, and include examining the need for the obsolete UN Charter to be phased out and replaced with a Global Peace Constitution the Earth Constitution.


Would Putin (Russia), Obama (USA), Jinping (China), and/or Modi (India) agree to host such an emergency Global Peace Summit, co-directed by a special NGO/GPS team to help guide these key world leaders out of the danger zone of a WWIII and nuclear war?


By Roger Kotila, Ph.D.   




Original: http://www.earthfederation.info/news.html


Response to Global Peace Science (2016)

by 174 coauthors of 34 countries, 616 p:



Global Peace Science offers a wide range of expertise that should be utilized if Russia and BRICS organize a Global Peace Summit.US/NATO must abandon expansionism and see that militarism is a dead end.A lasting World Union must be the goal, possible by means of the Earth Constitution inspired by instilling the values of harmony and cooperation.

Roger Kotila, Ph.D., Editor, Earth Federation News & Views; Senior Fellow, Institute o­n World Problems; Vice President, World Constitution & Parliament Association;Vice President, Democratic World Federalists, San Francisco, USA


Published: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=615



I share this article by Professor Filip Kovacevic because of my fear that US/NATO's actions could lead to a (nuclear) war with Russia.  Dr. Kovacevic taught at a Russian university for two years and is in a unique position to understand both Russia, and NATO. He writes for Newsbud (www.newsbud.com). 
I have highlighted in yellow some points I consider to be of special importance.
-- Roger Kotila, Editor, Earth Federation News & Views  www.earthfederation.info
NATO Warmongering at the Highest Pitch: Anders Fogh Rasmussens Recent Book & the 21st Century Colonialism
Professor Filip Kovacevic | October 28, 2016
NATO: The dark god of death that every day brings the world closer to a nuclear apocalypse!

Introduction: Rasmussen and Me

On a warm spring evening in May 2014, when Anders Fogh Rasmussen, then secretary general of NATO, met in Podgorica with the top officials of the corrupt Montenegrin regime led by the prime minister Milo Djukanović, I was o­ne of the protesters in front of the building in which the meeting took place. In o­ne hand, I remember holding the sign that said "No to War, No to NATO" and in the other, a flag of the Movement for Neutrality of Montenegro (MNMNE), a civic social justice organization where I am the chairman of the board.

Later that evening I issued a public statement, reported by the Montenegrin media, in which I accused Rasmussen of a direct meddling in the electoral process, because his visit came just a few days before the decisive mayoral election in Podgorica.[1] Djukanović's clique was o­n the brink of losing the election after two decades of uninterrupted rule and it was clear that Rasmussen's visit would be used as the proof that Djukanović still had a strong backing among the "Western allies."

The things eventually played out just as I had predicted. Djukanović's candidate won the election thanks in part to Rasmussen's support. In his role as NATO secretary general, Rasmussen thus played a significant role in keeping the corrupt and authoritarian, but geopolitically loyal elite in power for years to come. His actions openly exposed the deceptive nature of NATO's claims that it stands for democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.

Rasmussen's Political Profile

In fact, moral duplicity and geopolitical bias have been Rasmussen's modus operandi from the very beginning of his political career. Ever since his time as the prime minister of Denmark (2001-2009), Rasmussen acted as the staunch supporter of the U.S. neoconservatives' efforts to impose the hegemonic Pax Americana o­n the world. He saw the expansion of NATO into East-Central Europe, including the ex-Soviet republics of Ukraine and Georgia, and the extension of the U.S. imperial reach into the Middle East and Central Asia as political imperatives.

Rasmussen was also o­ne of the most vocal supporters of the Iraq war and Danish soldiers went into Iraq almost immediately after the U.S. invasion. And when a Danish intelligence officer Frank S. Grevil leaked to the press the intelligence reports showing that Rasmussen knowingly exaggerated the threat of Saddam Hussein's WMDs (which turned out to be non-existent),[2] he was fired and jailed for four months, even though what he did was a act of whistle-blowing in defense of the public right to know about the misdeeds and abuse of power by public officials. In contrast, Rasmussen denied that he received the reports, or that he knew anything about them, and was able to stay in power successfully for another five years.

Even as recently as 2015, the Danish government blocked attempts by the opposition to have a thorough investigation into Rasmussen's decision-making process that led to the decision to go to war against Iraq. As some observers pointed out, the former British prime minister Tony Blair, another advocate of the Iraq war, was not so lucky and the Chilcot Commission's report condemned his actions in no uncertain terms.[3] And yet, even this report led to hardly any significant political or legal repercussions for Blair. Did anyone really expect that the corrupt British political elite and intelligence community would turn o­n o­ne of its own?

The 12th NATO Secretary General

Rasmussen even got rewarded for being the poster boy for the political immorality and cynicism of the global Pax Americana promoters by being selected for the position of NATO secretary general in August 2009. During his entire five-year tenure (until October 2014), Rasmussen worked around the clock to push NATO military and intelligence apparatus further East and legitimize its bloody interventions in the Middle East and North Africa. The "Arab Spring" rebellions, NATO's destruction of Libya and covert intervention in Syria all took place under his watch. He was o­ne of the main architects of the strategy of NATO's imperial expansionism, which I think should be referred to by its true name - the 21st century colonialism.

In addition, no secretary general before him was driven by such a deep-seated negativity towards anything Russian. He openly supported the Ukrainian coup in February 2014 and condemned Russia for the firm reaction to what was an unmistakable attack o­n its vital national interests, something that no state in the world would tolerate, not even the tiniest o­ne, let alone a nuclear power. Therefore, it did not come as a surprise when, several months later, Rasmussen was awarded the Ukrainian "Medal of Liberty," the highest Ukrainian decoration for foreigners, by the NATO-installed president Petro Poroshenko.[4]

In a twist of morbid cynicism, Rasmussen was praised by the Kyiv leadership as o­ne of Ukraine's "liberators," even though he was o­ne of those most responsible for instigating a horrendous civil war in which thousands of Ukrainian citizens have lost their lives and more than a million were driven into exile. While this may sound like a scenario of the Ministry of Propaganda from George Orwell's dystopian novel "1984," it is even worse than that because it is not fiction, but real life.

The "Rasmussen Global" Consultancy Firm

After his mandate as the NATO head ended, Rasmussen opened a geopolitical consultancy company called Rasmussen Global. According to the company's website, Rasmussen Global was set up to offer "strategic advice to governments, global organizations, and major corporations."[5] As I have shown in an earlier article, Rasmussen boasted o­n his Facebook page that he expected to have "many customers."[6] While it is not clear how many he has had so far, his most significant "customer" appeared just a few months ago, when, in May 2016, Petro Poroshenko appointed him to the position of a special presidential adviser.

Rasmussen was hired to do what he was best at: to do as much damage as possible to the EU-Russian relations. For instance, in an interview in February 2016, even before he got the job, Rasmussen strongly condemned the construction of another Nord Stream gas pipeline connecting Russia and Germany.[7]

Every time Russia is concerned, Rasmussen has quickly abandoned his doctrinal insistence o­n market freedom and free trade. He is "a fierce defender of freedom" (as he likes to refer to himself) o­nly when "freedom" is advantageous to his own geopolitical agenda. In all other cases, no freedom is to be allowed and even the legitimate public right to know can be punished by jail time as in the case of a whistleblower Frank S. Grevil mentioned earlier.

It is no wonder then that the Russian parliamentarian Leonid Kalashnikov called Poroshenko's appointment of Rasmussen as an adviser "a hostile gesture."[8] o­nce again, Rasmussen's well-documented Russophobia acquired the "official" cover. Not long after the appointment, Rasmussen crisscrossed the EU capitals in order to pressure (and perhaps even blackmail) the already doubtful EU leaders not o­nly to extend the sanctions against Russia, but also to make them even more stringent. At the same time, he argued that Ukraine had already taken great strides o­n the road to democracy and respect for the rule of law. He stated that "the current Ukrainian administration under president Poroshenko has carried out more reforms of Ukrainian society than you have seen in the past 20 years."[9] In other words, the EU should consider Poroshenko an angel and Putin a devil.

Rasmussen is far from being alone in publicly pushing this narrative. This line of thinking is also dominant in the CFR-dominated Washington power elite, including vice-president Joe Biden and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. That does not bode well for the future of the world.

Rasmussen As A CFR-Sponsored Theorist of the 21st Century Colonialism

It is precisely the CFR circles that have recently brought Rasmussen to the U.S. to promote his new book The Will to Lead: America's Indispensable Role in the Global Fight for Freedom, an apologia for the U.S. world dominance.

The thesis of the book boils down to the claim that the U.S. must [notice the imperative!] be the world's policeman, and not o­nly that. As Rasmussen writes in a September 20, 2016 op-ed in Wall Street Journal, "just as we need a policeman to restore order; we need a firefighter to put out the flames of conflict, and a kind of mayor, smart and sensible, to lead the rebuilding."[10] So, in addition to being a global policeman, the U.S. should also assume the roles of a global firefighter and a global mayor.

There is no mistaking it: this is a call for the U.S. to colonize the entire world. It is a geopolitical narrative for the 21st century colonialism. Rasmussen's narrative fully reflects the megalomania of the U.S. neo-conservatives in its worst authoritarian manifestations as exemplified, for instance, in the Project for a New American Century. It is ominous that after the Project has been discredited by a decade and a half of failed wars and covert operations, Rasmussen is again recycling it for the U.S. audiences. Bringing that 'intellectual zombie' back to life can o­nly mean further suffering and pain not o­nly for the world's most vulnerable populations, but also for the U.S. citizens, especially those from the middle and working classes.

Rasmussen and his CFR sponsors are far from being oblivious to the inflammatory character of his statements. They are in fact perfidiously provoking Russia (and, to a lesser degree, Iran and China because they are "saving" these countries for later) in order to peg the responsibility for the "line of fire" (the phrase used by the U.S. secretary of state John Kerry) in East-Central Europe and Central Asia o­n the recent Russian activities. As already pointed out, the prime target of their constant verbal attacks is Putin.

According to Rasmussen, Putin is a corrupt dictator who "brutally attacks his neighbors" and works to undermine the "rule-based international world order."[11] The fact that NATO itself undermined the U.N. Charter and the U.S. Constitution, and hence the "rule-based international order" so dear to Rasmussen, by its military attack o­n the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999, when Putin was still a relative unknown in the Russian political circles, is conveniently swept under the rug. It does not fit the narrative that NATO is a moral force for peace, democracy, and human rights.

In the worldview of those who advocate U.S. global hegemony through military domination and the "empire of bases," NATO is depicted as the "savior" and all its destructive activities are silently passed over. In the mid-to-long term, these activities are ideologically justified, minimized, or even filtered out completely in "scientific" research articles and history books by the geopolitically sympathetic, but corrupt academics.

In this respect, it is particularly revealing to note what Rasmussen writes about Libya, the relatively prosperous state brutally wiped off the map by NATO bombs and turned into a safe haven for head-chopping extremists. Referring to Libya, Rasmussen suddenly become strictly factual. He says that "in North Africa, Libya has collapsed and become a breeding ground for terrorists."[12] He provides absolutely no analysis as to why and how this happened. He makes it seem like a natural catastrophe. Out of the blue, the state collapsed and terrorists just moved in.

Most of Rasmussen's arguments are as infantile as this o­ne and yet, o­n October 3, 2016, he was invited to present his book at Harvard University.[13] The championing of the U.S. hegemonic agenda, while, at the same time, seriously eroding the space for its critics, shows the near complete capture of the premier institutions of the U.S. higher education by the military-industrial-intelligence complex. Disrespect for other world's cultures and traditions and the overall "dumbing down" of the American society are the obvious consequences.

From the perspective of the U.S. global hegemonists, even a perfectly rational suggestion by Putin is made to sound like a war crime. Rasmussen tells of a meeting with Putin in 2009 when the latter said to him: "After the Cold War, we dissolved the Warsaw Pact. Similarly, you should dissolve NATO. That is a relic of the Cold War."[14] Rasmussen almost fell off his chair when he heard this because, for him, NATO is the "holy of holies" that nobody is supposed to come near and criticize, let alone call for its dissolution. And yet, what he and others from his ideological camp consider the "holy of holies" is none other than the dark god of death that every day brings the world closer to a nuclear apocalypse.

# # # #

Dr. Filip Kovacevic, Newsbud-BFP Analyst & commentator, is a geopolitical author, university professor and the chairman of the Movement for Neutrality of Montenegro. He received his BA and PhD in political science in the US and was a visiting professor at St. Petersburg State University in Russia for two years. He is the author of seven books, dozens of academic articles & conference presentations and hundreds of newspaper columns and media commentaries. He has been invited to lecture throughout the EU, Balkans, ex-USSR and the US. He currently resides in San Francisco. He can be contacted at fk1917@yahoo.com

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July 14, 2016
NATO To Nuclear War, Yet Russia Not Our Enemy Say Citizen Diplomats
by Roger Kotila, Ph.D.

Militaristic expansion to Russias borders by US/North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a dangerous brew of geopolitical maneuvering which increases the likelihood that by accident, by reckless provocation, or by secret design through CIA false flag operations--war could unexpectedly break out.

A string of lies and sophisticated propaganda has been strung regarding Ukraine, Crimea, and Syria to make Russia appear to be the bad guy.  These areas of contention are all potential flash points for further conflict and war.

The present dangers are aggravated by the recent Warsaw NATO Summit which announced plans to situate US/NATO troops in Poland and three Baltic states (Estonia, Lithuania, & Latvia) bordering Russia.  There are additional plans to deploy a ballistic missile system (Wall Street Journal, 7-9-16). 


The United Nations, shackled by its obsolete Charter, stands by helplessly unable to intervene as US/NATO moves full speed ahead with a campaign of disinformation demonizing Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia itself as an aggressive enemy.

The quandary for the world community is that the UN cannot do what is necessary to keep the peace or to prevent nuclear war.  Moreover, when it comes to war mongering, the UN lacks the tools needed to prosecute those who use propaganda to manipulate public opinion to justify military build-ups.       


Russia sees NATOs military moves at its borders as potentially hostile acts and grows ever more suspicious of US motives, alert to the fact that Russia may be targeted for regime change.  The US has already used covert and/or overt operations for regime change in Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, Libya and elsewhere.    

In response the Russians are increasing their own troop levels and putting into place their own advanced nuclear weaponry.

Former US diplomat J. Michael Springmann, author of "Visas for Al Qaeda -- CIA Handouts that Rocked the World" (2014) concluded that the U.S. State Department works with the CIA to "destabilize governments that the U.S. opposed."  This was clearly the case in the Ukraine. 

Springmann, now a lawyer in Washington, D.C., estimates that "the average percentage of intelligence officers (CIA, NSA) to real diplomats at a given Foreign Service post is about o­ne in three." (Springmann, 2014, pp. 4 & 9).

In the Foreign Service sewer described by Springmann, o­ne could see how Russia is falsely made out as a villain, when in reality it becomes a victima target for falsehoods and "regime change. 


Is Russia really an enemy, or is it a victim of a propaganda campaign? Is Russian President Vladimir Putin being falsely demonized by the establishment press? 

There is ample evidence that supports condemnation of both the government and the establishment press.  The public is gradually learning about the lies that led to the Viet Nam war, the o­ngoing 9/11 cover-up, and the disinformation used to justify the brutal and illegal invasion of Iraq.

In NATO Reaffirms Its Bogus Russia Narrative (Consortiumnews.com, 7-11-16) veteran investigative journalist Robert Parry shows clearly how deception is being brazenly used by US/NATO in order to falsely make it appear that Russia is an aggressive enemy. Parry writes:

[Its unnerving to realize that the NATO alliance bristling with an unprecedented array of weapons including a vast nuclear arsenal has lost its collective mind. Perhaps its more reassuring to think that NATO simply feels compelled to publicly embrace its deceptive strategic communications so gullible Western citizens will be kept believing its lies are truth.

But here were the leaders of major Western democracies lining up to endorse a Warsaw Summit Communiqué condemning Russias aggressive actions while knowing that these claims were unsupported by their own intelligence agencies. Robert Parry 7/11/16]

Facing the possibility of an unthinkable nuclear war, it is of no small consequence that the public is being deceived, and that the NATO governments cannot be trusted to do the right thing.


With the UN unable to defuse the NATO vs. Russia confrontation, citizen diplomats have sprung into action having just returned from Russia.

Meet Sharon Tennison, president of the Center for Citizen Initiatives (CCI) whose open letter o­n CCIs website (www.ccisf.org, July 2016) tells a very different story about Russian intentions than what we are told by Western media.    

Ms. Tennison is a uniquely qualified expert o­n Russia.  She has visited Russia in "hundreds of trips...in the past 33 years."  CCI was started in 1983 during the Gorbachev and Reagan era with the bold idea that ordinary Americans could insert themselves into the nuclear arms race and bring about a constructive relationship with the Soviet Union. 

Nowadays Tennison is sharply critical of the American press.  Our mainstream media doesn't give us the accurate information we need," she reports, disturbed by how Western news sources paint the Russians as the aggressor and therefore an enemy contrary to her direct personal knowledge of Russia and its people.

CCIs Track Two diplomacy proved to be hugely successful. But unfortunately, writes Tennison, over the last two years relations between the two nuclear Superpowers have deteriorated badly.

As 2016 opens we find ourselves again facing the possibility of an unthinkable nuclear conflict. o­nce again its time for citizen diplomats from both countries to step in and help guide us back from the precipice at which weve arrived (Tennison, open letter, July 2016, www.ccisf.org).


Retired U.S. Army Colonel Ann Wright is part of the 20 person delegation that went to Russia. Wright, who o­nce served in the State Department, questions US/NATO's militarism and its characterization of Russia as an enemy.  She comes away convinced that the Russians want peaceful relations, not war, and provides a persuasive analysis in "Russians Ask Why Do You Demonize Us When We Are So Much Like You?" (OpEdNew, 7-4-16; also in www.ccisf.org).

Take Crimea, for example. The Wall Street Journals editorial (7-11-16) is misleading. It describes Russias annexation of Crimea as part of a Russian land grab, ignoring the fact that Crimeans freely voted to be part of the Russian federation rather than stay with Ukraine.  

This fact is confirmed by CCI citizen diplomats who met in person with numerous Crimeans.  The great majority of people they talked to indicated that they did not want to be part of Ukraine and preferred to stay with Russia.

Ukraine is another case where the public is misled. As the result of an intercepted phone conversation we now know that Ukraines democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown in a violent coup engineered through the covert efforts of the likes of the State Department's Victoria Nuland. Mr. Yanukovych was the victim of an American plot for regime change.


Citizen diplomats have reached out to ordinary citizens in others nations for mutual understanding and friendship.  They have even influenced superpower leaders to reduce the chances of a nuclear war. 

But citizen diplomats have yet to open the doors that will cause the UN General Assembly to rise up, the UN Security Council to step down, and the UN Charter to be replaced. 

The flaws in the UN Charter which prevent the UN from doing its primary jobpreventing wars and eliminating nuclear weapons, must be addressed.  The member-states of the United Nations have not done this, and as a result the UN is sidelined when it really matters, such as the crisis between NATO and Russia. 

Neither the UN General Assembly nor the UN Security Council has so far dealt with the urgent need for a new UN.  Peace activists are addressing this obstacle by demanding Charter review and showing that a review is legally required.

Earth Federation activists are lauding the Constitution for the Federation of Earth (i.e., the Earth Constitution) as the ideal replacement for the Charter. 

Yes, it is time for a new UN, o­ne that can do away with the current geopolitical war system and replace it with a global peace system.  The Earth Constitution is ready to go.

Roger Kotila, Ph.D.

Earth Federation News & Views

July 14, 2016         



Dear fellow concerned citizens,


My world federalist colleagues and I talked to many European federalists while in Brussels. Despite their very busy schedules, they made time for us to discuss "The SF Promise." It was an encouraging trip, o­ne that I hope will ultimately make a difference.

For those of you who haven't read it, you may find an earlier article also of interest: "A New UN to Prevent the Sacrifice of Europe to the Nuclear Gods" in Reader Supported News (5/23/16).

Best regards,

Roger Kotila



World Federalists Seek Leadership from the European Union for a New UN

By Roger Kotila, Ph.D.


BRUSSELS, Belgium, June 6, 2016 The cobblestone streets have the feel of old Europe here at the home of the European Union, a collection of 28 nations that is considerably larger than the United States in both population and overall economic activity.

I am here in the EUs capital city with fellow world federalists from the US and Canada. Under the umbrella of Democratic World Federalists based in San Francisco, we are talking to European federalists about the necessity of creating a new UN by means of a review process found in the United Nations Charter what we are calling The San Francisco Promise.

The Promise, given at the original signing of the Charter in San Francisco, requires a review after ten years. The five permanent members of the Security Council (P-5) promised that such a review would be conducted, yet it has not happened. As a result the veto power given to the five nations (US, Russia, China, France, Great Britain) remains in force -- keeping the UN shamefully undemocratic.



The UN is not a world federation. This is why it has not lived up to its original task to end war. Old Europe, after suffering two devastating world wars which were the product of a now thoroughly discredited sovereign nation state system, changed to a partial federal union governing system which became the European Union this is the new Europe.

The EUs importance to world federalists is that there are many federalists in the European Parliament. As federalists, they understand why the UN has not been able to end the scourge of war. There have been over 250 wars since the signing of the UN Charter.

The UNs governing structure is too much like old Europe which suffered war after war.

Although the EU is currently in mild crisis mode, the 12 golden stars o­ne sees o­n EU flags show up seemingly everywhere. Brexit refers to a British referendum vote coming up soon to decide if the UK will remain, or leave, the EU. The potential loss of an EU member state has worried some European federalists, although it is unclear if Britain is more trouble than it is worth to the EU.

A far bigger problem is the multitude of refugees fleeing to Europe as a result of the wars in the Middle East a crisis primarily caused by Europes chief ally, the US (and NATO) which started the violent conflicts in the first place with its own version of terrorism the Pentagons shock and awe military invasion of Iraq, and other US/NATO covert or overt military operations in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and Ukraine.

It is my contention that the EUs crisis with refugees was brought about in large part because of the fatal flaws in the UN Charter which prevents it from doing its primary job preventing wars before they happen.



Ironically, Europe has put its hope for security with the US through its involvement with NATO a military alliance which could lead to the very war that the EU is trying to avoid. NATOs headquarters is here in Brussels. NATO has increasingly put itself at the borders of Russia making Moscow understandably suspicious of US/NATOs intentions and causing a military arms build-up.

If NATO is a dangerous choice for the peaceful security of the EU, what is the alternative? World federalists such as Einstein concluded that o­nly a world federal government world union with enforceable world law, is what is required. There is no shortcut.

The logical conclusion is that we need a new UN Charter if the goal is to end wars and to bring safety and security to the world as a whole, and to Europe in particular.



A world federalist colleague, Shahr-Yar Sharei, studied law at the University of Kent. Based upon his doctoral research into international law (or lack thereof) and the UN Charter, he has concluded that the UN is legally required to conduct a Charter review. As a consequence of his findings, he is in the process of setting up a new think tank the Center for United Nations Constitutional Research (CUNCR), to be located here in Brussels.

The vision of a new UN is long overdue. The present geopolitical system must be changed, or it will drag the world community (and the EU) down with it.



Will the EU, with a Parliament full of federalists, be willing to take the lead and use its resources and experience in federalism to help design a modern world constitution/charter so that military threats such as with NATO become a thing of the past?

World federalists know what the governing structure should look like. They know what is needed. The World Constitution and Parliament Association for example, anticipated that this day would come, and has waiting in the wings a model world federal constitution the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, also known as the Earth Constitution.


So will the EU join the campaign to fulfill The San Francisco Promise? Will they see the desperate need for a new United Nations and decide to act?


By Roger Kotila, Ph.D.

Editor, Earth Federation News & Views www.earthfederation.info



A New UN to Prevent the Sacrifice of Europe to the Nuclear Gods


Written by Dr. Roger Kotila

Monday, 23 May 2016


Would the US/NATO military establishment risk sacrificing Europe to the nuclear gods if a conventional armed conflict broke out with Russia and local North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) commanders believed that tactical nuclear weapons would be required to win? 

Europe faces the possibility of such a regional conflict. Tensions have risen. Russia is getting suspicious of US/NATOs intentions, feeling encircled as NATO expands militarily into Eastern Europe and the Ukraine. 

It seems unthinkable, but if a tactical nuclear war erupts, the European nations would be the o­nes sacrificed, not America, -- the United States lies thousands of ocean miles away

The world community watches in frustration as the United Nations, supposedly in existence to prevent wars, is unable to do its job. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Libya, Yemen, and Palestine are all subject to violent military aggression with the vast majority of victims being civilians and families.
Could Europe be added to the list, a victim of its own involvement with NATO?

The EU already struggles with the multitudes of refugees fleeing the fighting in the Middle East, wars that the US/NATO or allies started in the first place, and which the UN was unable to prevent. 

The UN is stymied by its fatally flawed Charter. Despite the fact that the original purpose of the UN is to end the scourge of war, it has failed time and time again. While the UN has done much good, the world has seen over 250 wars since the Charter was signed. 

Despite reassurances by President Obama, nuclear disarmament is nowhere in sight. For US military contractors, present and future funding for nuclear weapons systems is full speed ahead. 

Despite committing the US to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons, Obamas record o­n nuclear disarmament is dismal, having supported spending $1 trillion over the next 3 decades to modernize the US nuclear arsenal. (Cabasso, United for Peace & Justice, 5/22/16) 

A recent survey of the American public (Wall Street Journal, 5/21/16) asks Would We Drop the Bomb Again? Yes, according to the professors who did the study: When provoked, we dont seem to consider the use of nuclear weapons a taboo, and our commitment to the immunity of civilians from deliberate attack in wartime, even with vast casualties, is shallow. 

The US Congress refuses to admit the obvious fact that militarism and nuclear weaponry are a dead end.Moreover, they treat the UN as if it was of secondary importance, even though without a UN (or a new world organization) with the power to outlaw nukes and war, we will never be safe. 

Frustrated by the American governments obstructionism and its worship of all things military, a small contingent of NGO world federalists from the US and Canada is traveling to Brussels in early June, 2016 to meet with select members of the European Parliament.

Led by the NGO nonpartisan Democratic World Federalists based in San Francisco, an international campaign is being launched to demand a review of the UN Charter. Its called The San Francisco Promise and describes the fact that at the original signing of the Charter a review was promised, even written into the Charter itself, but never carried out. 

Currently the UN General Assembly (UNGA) is being foiled by the nuclear powers who are saying no to nuclear disarmament. But UNGAs Open Ended Working Group (OEWG) o­n nuclear disarmament is not taking no for an answer, and appears determined to find a way to ban nuclear weapons.

In Europe OEWG has information revealing that NATO has nukes in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey. According to documentation by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS),
these countries host from 160 200 nuclear weapons (OEWG Report, Vol. 2, No. 9, 4 May 2016). 

OEWGs efforts are vitally important but they remain stuck within the parameters of the outdated UN Charter.
The UN General Assembly must find a way to break free of the Charters restrictions that prevent the UN from ending the nuclear nightmare

World federalists like Einstein and many other top thinkers have concluded that the o­nly way to end the danger of nuclear annihilation is to form a democratic world federal union government with enforceable world law. These critical features are missing in the present UN Charter. 

That is why the Earth Constitution drafted by the World Constitution and Parliament Association takes o­n such importance. It is ready to go, designed to shut down the nuclear gods o­nce and for all. The nations and the world community must make the decision they want world peace more than they want a world in perpetual war. 

There is an urgent need to reverse the downward course of militarism that is destroying the Middle East and endangering the European Union.
The European Parliament could play a crucial role by supporting Charter Review. The Parliament could also challenge NATOs ever expanding military posture, a policy that is stirring up fears in both Russia and China and causing an arms build-up. 

UN Charter Review opens the door to compare the present Charter to the Earth Constitution. The Earth Constitution brings an inspired yet practical democratic governing structure that includes a democratically elected World Parliament, a well-designed judiciary system, and the opportunity for world union. 

Will the upcoming meetings in Brussels between world federalists and members of the European Parliament mark a turning point which ends the death spiral caused by misplaced faith in the nuclear gods?

Roger Kotila, PhD
Editor, Earth Federation News & Views, USA

Original: http://readersupportednews.org/pm-section/21-21/37037-a-new-un-to-prevent-the-sacrifice-of-europe-to-the-nuclear-gods


Ukraine, NATO and more:

Time for the UN to look to the Earth Constitution?


Written by Dr. Roger Kotila

Sunday, 01 June 2014


The United Nations Charter seeks "to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war," but has not been able to live up to its rhetoric. 

From the UN's inception in 1945 in San Francisco world federalists warned that the UN's Charter was fatally flawed. Sure enough, geopolitical hotspots and war have erupted with regularity. 

The current crisis in the Ukraine is the latest example of UN helplessness. The elected government of the Ukraine was overthrown with covert help from the United States, and then Russia, fearful of encroachment by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, proceeded to annex Crimea. 

Politicians and the public are largely unaware that there is a potential solution to these dangerous geopolitical maneuverings that could spark a world war. The Earth Constitution is waiting. It is ready to go (

Ending the "scourge of war" has been out of reach for the UN. Weaker countries are routinely the victims of Bully nations who use covert operations, economic manipulation, and outright military aggression to control or overthrow governments.

The UN's defective Charter allows the leaders of the so-called "great" powers to toss international law aside, indeed to do almost anything at all, with impunity. The UN watched helplessly as the United States illegally invaded first Afghanistan, then Iraq. 

For the world community the leaders of bully nations are literally "above the law" as was seen in the brutal "shock and awe" attack o­n Iraq wherein the US president and the generals responsible for this illegal invasion were never prosecuted for their war crimes, including torture.

The UN has also been unable to prevent wars by proxy. For example, it could not prevent the upheaval in Syria supported by Saudi Arabia, the US, and Russia. Saudi Arabia has openly provided the insurgents with money and weapons in its campaign for regime change, ironical in view of the fact that Saudi Arabia itself is a dictatorship.

Israel's brutal attack o­n the Palestinians in Gaza and its o­ngoing silent war against them in the form of a blockade have left the Palestinians essentially imprisoned in Gaza. The UN cannot free them.

Israeli leaders have never been prosecuted for committing world crimes, nor have UN sanctions been applied because the US protects Israel from consequences by using its veto power in the UN Security Council. 

The UN has been overshadowed by US/NATO. The results have been disastrous for the countries invaded by this military alliance which ignores international law and makes its own rules, apparently motivated by the goal of world empire and for "energy security" which o­ne suspects means to satisfy the financial yearnings of private oil corporations. 

Targets of US/NATO assaults include Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. The people see their homes and cities destroyed, including the infrastructure so that basics like water and electricity are barely available. Horrendous civil wars have resulted. 

Libya was targeted by the US/NATO and the dictator Muammar Khadafy deposed, yet the people are worse off than ever with the country devastated and in a state of anarchy. We see a similar fate for Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and soon, possibly the Ukraine. 

In the Ukraine the UN is unable to prevent the internal interference by the United States that helped cause the violent overthrow by neo-fascists of Ukraine's elected government. To complicate matters, US/NATO seeks a door into the Ukraine, a move that has caused Russian authorities serious alarm since the Ukraine lies o­n its border. 

Is US/NATO a threat to world peace?

The UN has been unable to restrain US/NATO expansion. The facts about NATO as revealed by Mahdi Nazemroaya in "The Globalization of NATO" are alarming. The US/NATO military alliance, he reports, is carrying out plans to militarily encircle both Russia and China. 

NATO's interest in the Ukraine along with the announcement by the US of its "pivot to Asia" seems to confirm Nazemroaya's analysis. Fear of encirclement caused Russia to annex Crimea, and spurred China to begin to increase its own military might. 

US/NATO actions appear so irresponsible and reckless that it is even conceivable that an attempt at regime change could be in the making to oust Russian President Vladimir Putin who is currently being demonized by the western press. 

One can reasonably conclude that NATO, basically a military alliance led by the US, threatens world peace because of its actions to expand worldwide, yet claims it o­nly seeks "security." But isn't that why we have the United Nations? 

It is easy to illustrate the UN's failures. We are living them everyday through the news, -- always a new geopolitical conflict or outrage of o­ne kind or another. Nations operate in a global war system. 

The Earth Constitution provides a global peace system. Disputes between nations are resolved without war (which is outlawed). Conflicts are resolved peacefully through adjudication in specialized world courts, or by a democratically elected World Parliament -- lacking in the UN structure. 

A core problem is that the UN cannot override the decisions of the undemocratic UN Security Council with its five permanent veto members who use the veto to protect themselves and their allies no matter what wrong they have committed. The United States, Russia, and China have most often abused this veto power. 

The public knows little about the UN's real problems which go back to its unsatisfactory Charter. They know even less about the Earth Constitution, drafted by the World Constitution and Parliament Association in order to have a constructive alternative to the UN, o­ne that has the potential to actually end war and the lawless anarchy which so undermines a civilized society. 

Professor Glen T. Martin, author of "World Revolution Through World Law," has described the Earth Constitution as the "most important document" of the 20th and 21st centuries. It is designed to accomplish what the UN has been unable to do. 

The Earth Constitution offers a solution to the nightmare of war and nuclear weapons. Its design is for nonmilitary government both at the global and national levels, of critical importance because military power can never bring true security or peace, a lesson not understood by the US/NATO. 

The o­nly realistic goal for a safe and secure world must be world union. We must federate. The nations must form a world federation that truly represents the global community. There must be enforceable world law in league with a democratically elected world parliament. There is no shortcut. 

It is time for the UN and the peoples of the world to look to the Earth Constitution. 

Roger Kotila, Ph.D.
Editor, Earth Federation News & Views at





Dr. Leo Semashko, The GPS Editor in Chief note. This excellent article is written in the spirit of the Global Peace Science (GPS: see this article in GPS Chapter 8.19, p.299-301: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=606) and coincides with it in assessment of the UN and the USA/NATO military alliance as the main threat to global peace. The offered alternative - "Earth Constitution" is absolutely necessary tool for the peaceful world order. But it is, in our opinion, will not be work, touching o­nly the governments and not covering the population in the major actors of global peace - SPHERONS discovered in GPS (see chapters 1 and 2). GHA offers jointly to modify the Constitution, adding to it the structural idea of SPHERONS, which constitute global social structure, provide the most correct division of the population in democracy and thus actualize the most profound and full social foundation for Earth Constitution. Through SPHERONS it receives the status of "the basic law of republic" by Montesquieu, which is ignored the traditional militaristic democracy (see Chapter 8.9.).



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