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To PUTIN: Cooperation with the USA in GPS development to neutralize nuclear war

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July 19, 2016                                             St. Petersburg


TO Russian Federation President

Mr. Putin


Subject: Russia's diplomatic initiative to cooperate with the US in the field of Global Peace Science (GPS) development as a system neutralization of the nuclear war risk.


Dear Mr. Putin!


NATO’s military Summit in Warsaw o­n July 9, 2016 maximized the risk of nuclear war to peak level of the Nazi plan Barbarossa in 1941. The US/NATO are ready to repeat the sad for themselves and all Hitler's aggressive experience. They prepared at 100% a nuclear war, which can happen at any point today or tomorrow.


Russia, because of its peacefulness cannot respond in same way o­n the US borders but it can and should respond by asymmetric active geopolitics of peace initiating the GPS development cooperation as a common coherent platform for world security. Just like geopolitics, rather than passive retaliatory military preparations (even forced and absolutely necessary), is able to prove firm system peacefulness of Russia. The world sees fragmentary peaceful actions of Russia, as in Syria, but it does not see its system peace geopolitics. Where's it? It is not. It nourishes the anti-Russian propagandist accusations in mythical "military threat."


We invite you to initiate system peace geopolitics, which is impossible without science with our proposal www.peacefromharmony.org:

"GHA and the GPS 174 coauthors from 34 countries CALL the US and Russia Governments, possessing 95% of the world nuclear weapons, to create in Sochi a joint Int. Institute for Global Peace Science development and for establishment of the annual Global Peace Summit under aegis of the UN to neutralize the nuclear war risk." This geopolitics will support 90% of the world population.



On behalf of GHA,

Dr. Subhash Chandra, GHA President, India

Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA Honorary President, Russia

Mr. Ramesh Chandra, GHA Executive Director, India



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