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Russia-America: Copernican Revolution of Relations Instead of the Insanity of Nuclear War

Copernican Revolution of Relations Instead of the Insanity of Nuclear War.

Appeal to the Global Peace Summit.

Copernican Revolution of Relations for Multipolar Global Peace.
Necessity. Possibility. Sanity. Instead of the Insanity of Nuclear War.
Global Peace Partnership.




Development of Global Peace Science in Joint Pacifization Institute.

Briefly: Cooperation Programme RAPI

(Russia-America Pacifization Institute)


The GHA 52nd Project
Approved by the GHA o­n September 12, 2016



In Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=676

In English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=710
English Synopsis:http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=718

In Spanish: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=es_c&key=111

In French: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=fr_c&key=139

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In Arabic: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ar_c&key=10



Appeal to the Governments of Russia and the USA

to start cooperation in the development of Global Peace Science

as a common platform for the "nuclear zero" and the world pacifization*

providing planetary security.


TO: The Presidents of Russia and the USA;

TO: The Foreign Minister of Russia and the United States, Secretary of State;

TO: The UN Secretary General;

TO: The International Peacemaking Organizations, World Civil Society.


SUBJECT: Russian and US cooperation in the development of Global Peace Science (GPS) as a common platform for "nuclear zero" and the world pacifization providing planetary security and preventing nuclear confrontation.


APPEAL INITIATORS: The GPS coauthors, leaders of peacemaking organizations and peacemakers from different countries (42 of 21 countries - below).


* Pacifization. It is the GPS concept designating the universal process of reconciliation via harmonization. It is similar to globalization and informatization, supplementing them and embodied in the constant growth of reconciliation of international relations in global society as result of spreading consciousness and peacebuilding technologies of GPS. Not to be confused with the local attempts of violent reconciliation – "pacification."




Our Appeal to you contains a number of sections – steps of understanding for necessary and possibility of the Copernican revolution of the Russian-American relations, which are the key to save the lives of the two nations and humanity as a whole. Using Einstein's words, we can say that "peace between the US and Russia cannot be achieved through violence, it can o­nly be attended through understanding." The highest form of understanding global peace is the jointly recognized science of global peace.

The traditional ideologies of both sides were unable to ensure peace between them in the past, igniting a war, especially nuclear confrontation up to the limit point of ‘no return’ of the first nuclear missile, which will launch the nuclear annihilation of mankind via its military self-destruction. John F. Kennedy predicted its opportunity still o­n September 25, 1961 at the UN:
"Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind."

The traditional ideologies were powerless to end the war. They have brought mankind to the very brink of nuclear war, in which, as we know, there can be no winners. It will be o­nly a victory of death over life. The past 70 years after World War II’s end are passed under the sign of threatening exacerbation of the Russian-American nuclear standoff.

The dangerous peak and limit threat of nuclear war, which cannot be further tolerated if the nuclear Powers and humanity are going to save lives, not to destroy each other, have been made the US/NATO military Summit decision in Warsaw o­n July 9, 2016 to deploy military infrastructure, including nuclear, along the western border of Russia.
This decision implements the US Congress Resolution 758 o­n December 4, 2014 about preparation of the war against Russia involving 28 NATO countries in this preparation.


The whole world is alarmed today with the United States and Russia extreme level of nuclear confrontation, more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis 1962. It is caused by three most menacing facts.

The first. Deployment of NATO nuclear weapons and the accompanying infrastructure o­n Russia's western border that reminds to the Russians the Hitler’s concentration of the Nazi troops within an aggressive plan Barbarossa in 1941. Now it is in 2016 - 75 years later.

The second. Intention of the US administration to spend an additional $ 1 trillion for modernization of nuclear weapons in the next decade. For what is it? It is not for peace, it is for nuclear war.

The third. Traditional, since Hiroshima/Nagasaki 1945, US policy, which allows the first use of nuclear weapons. "Throughout the nuclear age, presidents have allowed their senior commanders to plan for the first use of nuclear weapons..." This underscores the Pentagon's former military experts James E. Cartwright and Bruce G. Blairaug (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=706).


These facts testify to the practically 100% possibility of nuclear aggression, which lacks o­nly a pretext to fulfill it and mark the beginning of a nuclear war. Finding this pretext will not be difficult, if desired. In a nuclear war, as we know, there can be no winners.It would be a suicide of humanity and life o­n the planet.Main thing: these facts are evidences of roughly violated rights of humanity and every person to life, peace and freedom from the military, primarily from nuclear annihilation and from its threats emanating from any country. Therefore, they force other countries, including Russia, to increase its defensive power against the growing nuclear threatand aggression. Unfortunately, the various tensions between the two nuclear Powers, possessing 95% of the world nuclear weapons, are approaching the point of "nuclear non-return."

To stop approaching this point and turning its movement backward can o­nly intensively develop peace cooperation between the two countries. Examples of this are: this is the Apollo–Soyuz Test Project (ASTP) 1975 and the subsequent cosmic cooperation, which prevented the proliferation of nuclear weapons in near space. Today new effective efforts in their cooperation and in the new innovative areas are needed. Where is the way out to peace today in the US and Russia nuclear confrontation? Who and what can show the way out?


The Copernican revolution of US-Russia relations, in whose hands are humanity’s nuclear keys from the realm of the dead Hades, demanding a Copernican revolution of thinking, which was accomplished by Global Peace Science, published in Russian and English in 2015/2016 respectively.


The effective mutually acceptable way out and promising area of ​​cooperation could be joint development of Global Peace Science (GPS). The GPS first version, after many years of work was completed in 2016 by 174 co-authors from 34 countries with the participation of 59 scientists and peacemakers from the United States and 33 - from Russia (http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf, p.6). This work in fact marked the beginning of cooperation between the two countries in the crucial field of global peace as the best security for all. The further joint development of GPS will create a common scientific platform not o­nly for "nuclear zero" and the geopolitics of peace but also a new level of understanding, thinking and culture of global peace and partnership of countries in humanitarian sciences. GPS found presentations o­n all continents and was sent to the United Nations (and UNESCO), together with a corresponding petition for discussion at the General Assembly (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=686).

For the Program of cooperation between the two countries in this field, we offer the title "Russia and USA. Global Peace Science as Platform of 'Nuclear Zero', Pacifization and Planetary Security." Briefly: "Russia and USA: GPS" or "Nike" Program from the name of the Greek goddess of victory, symbolizing, in this case, the joint victory of Russia and US over the war. This name is consonant with the name of the first program "Apollo–Soyuz". The "Nike" Program will begin joint development of a yet unknown social cosmos of global peace with the prospect of unlimited economic and cultural growth through innovative peace technologies.

The starting fundamental act could be a Global Peace Summit of Russia and USA together with the international peace-making organizations of civil society under the UN aegis, for example, in June 2017 in St. Petersburg, with approximately the following agenda:

1. The establishment of a joint Institute of Global Peace Science (IGPS) or Russia-America Pacifization Institute (RAPI) for its development. Two equal compartments of IGPS/RAPI in Russia and USA are assumed.

2. Organization in 2017/2018 through IGPS of an International Scientific Contest for the GPS best variant (see Contest rules in GPS Chapter 8.21).

3. Global Peace Science (GPS) and holistic strategy of pacifization (reconciliation through harmonization) of international relations in geopolitics.

4. New scientific technologies of pacifization/harmonization based o­n GPS: universal statistical digitization and informatization, globalization, economic growth, democratization, institutionalization, monetization, intellectualization, personal harmonious growth, harmonious education and the like.

5. Constitution of the Earth Federation as a Global Peace Constitution: the highest instrument of international law, ensuring global peace based o­n social harmony, equality of nations and justice for all.

5. The primary nuclear disarmament to "nuclear zero" for 10 years, until 2030, and to get the nukes off of hair trigger alert.

6. Global disarmament for 50 years via annual reductions of global military spending of 2%, starting since 2020 or 2030.

7. The scientific program of the UN reform o­n the basis of GPS.

8. Annual International Scientific Conferences dedicated to development of GPS.

9. The principle and the agreement: "Global Harmony as the Absolute Guarantor for World Security" (Terrence Paupp, 2010: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=254).

10. Harmonious multipolar world order based o­n science (GPS).

(For another edition of this Agenda you can see below**).

      All items of the Summit approved agenda will make a strategic Program of the GPS Institute (RAIP), which will be the long-term program of peaceful humanitarian cooperation between Russia and the United States***. This will be a constructive scientific "Roadmap for Global Peace", free from traditional peacemaking demagogy, which has been helpless in preventing all past wars. It will give to humanity a solid hope for maintenance of its first right to life through prevention of nuclear war and disarmament up to "nuclear zero". It is the hope to witness a consistent scientific solution of all global peace challenges until full disarmament before the end of the 21st century.

A similar optimistic hope of mankind, weary with nuclear threat since 1945, will be present thanks to the two great nuclear Powers, which will find in it an inexhaustible source of inspiration and enthusiasm for self-renewal, rebirth, new common dreams and a national/global idea of realignment of the world order architecture in multipolar harmonious spirit. Russian and US cooperation programs in the development of GPS will be implementation of the great UN covenant in its Charter: "That since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defence of peace must be constructed." The GPS joint development by Russia and the USA as a deliberate Copernican revolution of consciousness for an overturn of their relationship and preventing global nuclear collapse - this is the best rooting of the strongest peace defence.

Using the terminology of Brzezinski, the revolution of consciousness for nuclear Powers in the development of GPS is the emergence of "a new historical narrative" and scientifically "realigning the global power architecture" in the 21st century (http://www.the-american-interest.com/2016/04/17/toward-a-global-realignment/). Therefore, the development and use of GPS are equally important for the sustainable development and realignment of relations betweentwo largest nuclear Powers - Russia and the United States, as well as for the fate of humanity in the 21st century.


Sincerely yours,

Leaders of peacemaking organizations:

Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA Founder and Honorary President, Russia

Julia Budnikova, President, GHA-Russia

Dr. Charles Mercieca, President, Int. Ass. of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP), US

Dr. Roger Kotila, Vice-President, World Constitution and Parliament Association, US

Dan Moody, Global Peace Partners President, US

Dr. Subhash Chandra, GHA President, India

Ramesh Kumar, GHA Executive Director, India

Dr. Surendra Pathak, President, GHA-India, India

Dr. Ayo Ayoola-Amale, President, GHA-Africa, Ghana

Dr. Maria Cristina Azcona, President, Worldwide Peace Organization (WWPO), Argentina

Dr. Uraz Baimuratov, President, GHA-Kazakhstan

Dr. Alicia Rodriguez, President, UN International Committe for Banner of Peace, Mexico



Dr. John Scales Avery, Nobel Peace Prize, Denmark

Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Prize, Northern Ireland

Dr. Ernesto Kahan, former Vice-President of IPPNW, awarded Nobel Peace Prize, Israel

Prof. Rudolf Siebert, scientist, US

Delasnieve Daspet, lawyer and poet, Brazil,

Dr. Susana Roberts, poet and writer, Argentina

Dr. Takis Ioannides, writer, Greece

Dionyssios Georgakopoulos, Poet, Greece

Dr. Apostolos Paschos, doctor and scientist, Greece

Dr. Robert Burrowes, scientist and writer, Australia

Dr. Francois Houtart, Catholic priest and scholar, Belgium

Dr. Guy Crequie, writer and vocalist, France

Dr. Bishnu Pathak, scientist, Nepal

Ammar Banni, Professor, Algeria

Victor Skorlupin, engineer, Belarus

Svetlana Vetrova, singer, Russia

Svetlana Kuskovskaya, teacher, Russia

Dr. Alexander Subetto, scientist, Russia

Vera Popovich, bibliographer, Russia

Piotr Semashko, lawyer, Russia

Alexander Semashko, manager, Russia

Leonid Timoshenko, composer, Russia

Konstantin Kushner, writer, Russia

Maria Karpinskaya, journalist, Russia

Tatiana Rumyantsev, researcher, Institute of Genetics, Russia

Reimon Bachika, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Kobe, Japan

Dr. Bruce Cook, publisher, US

Dr. Helen Caldicott, physician, author, speaker, Australia

Dr. Leonid Marachovsky, academician, Ukraine

Dr. Tatiana Kablova, professor, Kiev University, Ukraine


** Russia – USA:

Global Peace Cooperation, Dialog and Partnership instead Nuclear War

Deadly for Humanity.

Global Peace Summit: USA-Russia.

"Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind." John F. Kennedy

Agenda. (Draft)

1. Social cosmos of global peace reality. Its objective pillars: Spheres, Laws and Actors of World Harmony.

2. Global Peace Science (GPS): Researches of its objective pillars, scientific peace geopolitics and pacifization of international relations.

3. The right of humanity and every person to life, to peace and to freedom from war, especially from nuclear annihilation and from its threats from any state.

4. Joint Institute of GPS (Pacifization Institute) with offices in Russia and the United States to explore the objective pillars of global peace and substantiation of humanity right to life.

5. International Scientific Contest for the best variant of GPS under the UN and both states’ aegis.

6. Scientific technologies of pacifization and peace geopolitics in the social, economic, environmental, cultural and organizational spheres/fields.

7. Scientific basis for nuclear disarmament up to global "nuclear zero" during 10 years (or immediately).

8. Scientific basis of the Earth Constitution as a Global Peace Constitution: the highest instrument of international law.

9. Global disarmament for 50 years based o­n GPS.

10. Scientific rearrangement of the global power (including the UN) architecture and building a multipolar world order, ensuring global peace since the end of the 21st century.


*** The question of nuclear and general disarmament has been the subject of multiple discussions in the GHA and a number of its special projects:

1. Global Harmony as Absolute Guarantor for World Security and Nuclear Disarmament, 2009: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=369

2. Global Harmony International Treaty for Nuclear Disarmament, 2009: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=376

3. General and Complete Disarmament in 50 years o­n the Basis of Global Harmony through the ABC of Harmony, Petition to the UN, 2012: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=529

See also:

4. Uraz Baimuratov. Manifesto of Harmonious Consciousness: Crises, Cataclysms and Conflicts: how to Overcome the Destructive Synergy of Three «C»: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=561

5. Noam Chomsky. Russia-US atomic war threatens nuclear annihilation: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=637

6. Ronald Paul. Reckless Congress ‘Declares War’ o­n Russia:


7. Helen Caldicott. America still thinks it can win a nuclear war: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=712

8. Tom Z. Collina. America Would Never Be the First to Use Nukes. So Why Say We Might?: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=704

9. James E. Cartwright and Bruce G. Blairaug. End the First-Use Policy for Nuclear Weapons: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=706

10. Paul Sonne, Gordon Luboldand Carol E. Lee. ‘No First Use’ Nuclear Policy Proposal Assailed by U.S. Cabinet Officials, Allies: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=698

11. Javier M. Piedra. Time To Fundamentally Rethink Our Relationship with Russia:


12. Zbigniew Brzezinski. Toward a Global Realignmenthttp://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=698 

13. Robert Bridge. America needs revolution in political thinking…: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=719

      The project text was edited by Dr. Bruce Cook.



Russia-USA: Peace Cooperation.

Discussion up to September 4. It is extended until September 10.


Dear peacemakers, friends,

In addition to the previous letter (below).

The threat of prepared at 100% nuclear aggression/war concerns of each nation and every human o­n the Earth, because it is dangerous to humanity life and any part thereof. It is dangerous for the existence of everyone, without exception, by 100%. It is universal. Therefore, the proposal to prevent peacefully nuclear aggression deserves everyone's attention and is worthy of all discussion.

Paraphrasing Francisco Goya’s genius aphorism, "the sleep of reason produces monsters," we can say today that "two centuries of sleep in industrial peacemaking rationale after the origin of military science has created a monster of nuclear war, which is able to absorb humanity or burn it at any moment today or tomorrow." In the face of this monster it is better to be overcautious than to be its innocent victim. So I maximize, among my opportunities, the chance to mail the project of Russia – USA Peace Cooperation and invite all peacemakers to send it (in attachment) to your addressee and in your networks. Its discussion is until September 4.

Best wishes for peace from harmony,

Dr. Leo Semashko,



Dear friends,

I am happy to invite you to participate in a collective Appeal of international peacemaking organizations and peacemakers to the governments of Russia and the United States due to the extreme aggravation of their nuclear confrontation. In this situation, we, peacemakers, cannot be the indifferent and helpless sheep to be slaughtered o­n the altar of a nuclear war, which would be a disaster for humanity and the planet. I think we should do everything possible in our power to prevent it.

The most effective and mutually acceptable way out of the nuclear standoff between the two superpowers suggests Global Peace Science. Therefore, the United States and Russia need to cooperate in its joint development - this is the most promising alternative to their confrontation. Our Appeal is dedicated to this - see attachment. It is published also here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=710.

Its first variant together with Dr. Roger Kotila’s idea of the Global Peace Summit, we discussed with him, Dr. Subhash Chandra and Mr. Ramesh Kumar in mid-June. Now this idea has matured in the form of an Appeal. We invite to it 52 peacemakers from 24 countries. You could offer its new coauthors. Each of you can edit the text to cut or add to it, or write a new o­ne or even refuse to participate in it. In its coauthors will be o­nly those who take part in the discussion during the 5 days up to September 3, inclusively, at least with your YES. (Your silence, in this case, is a sign of refusal to participate in this Appeal for prevention of nuclear war). The Appeal will be sent anyway. To President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, it will be sent in September and to the US government - in December, after its formation with the new President.

We are aware that the chance of a positive response to our Appeal is small. Therefore, we suggest, not waiting for an answer, start to form a Russian-American Institute of GPS (IGPS) o­n the basis of a unique and wonderful Center for Civil Initiatives (CCI) under the leadership of staunch Mrs. Sharon Tennison, who over 33 years has successfully developed civilian diplomacy between the two countries, showing how she writes, "The Power of impossible ideas" of their cooperation (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=698).

We suggest creating two compartments of IGPS: o­ne in the United States - at the headquarters of the CCI (San Mateo, CA 94401, USA) under the guidance of Sharon Tennison and Roger Kotila and the other - in Russia, in St. Petersburg, in the Roerich Museum or another room under the guidance of Leo Semashko and Julia Budnikova. The program and purpose of the Institute in both departments are presented by the agenda of Global Peace Summit (10 points). The first task of this Institute will be organizing the International Scientific Contest for the best variant of GPS. This task may require not less than o­ne or two years for its execution. The terms of this Contest in the first approximation are disclosed herein (GPS Chapter 8.21, pp 301-302).

The work of our Institute of GPS will be a worthy response to the challenge of preventing nuclear war. This work, sooner or later, will attract attention and media, and other peace organizations and the two governments. This is our peacemaking mission and responsibility in the face of an impending nuclear attack. Our civic initiative with the development of GPS is a fundamental initiative for the ages! This is the best example of public diplomacy through science and culture! This impossible, at first glance, idea has an inexhaustible peacemaking power, in the words of Sharon. It embodies a simple truth, acceptable Russian and Americans: better together to develop peacescience than war and killing each other, as if we do not have enough intelligence for more.

Sincerely yours, best wishes for peace from harmony through science (GPS),


Leo Semashko, Ph.D. (Philosophy), Founding President, Global Harmony Association (GHA) since 2005; GHA Honorary President since 2016; State Councilor of St. Petersburg; Philosopher, Sociologist and Peacemaker from Harmony; Author of more than 400 scientific publications, including 18 books in 1-12 languages; Author of Tetrism as the unity of Tetraphilosophy and Tetrasociology – science of social harmony, global peace and harmonious civilization; Director: Tetrasociology Public Institute, Russia; Director, GHA Website “Peace from Harmony”: http://peacefromharmony.org; Initiator, Manager and Editor in Chief of the book project “Global Peace Science” (GPS).

Address: St-Petersburg, Russia; Phone: +7(812)-597-6571

E-mail: leo.semashko [at] gmail.com

Personal page: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253



RESPONSES and Discussion

Global Peace

Responses since August 30, 2016.


The responses are arranged chronologically in Russian and English languages together.


30 августа: August 30:


I approve
Please write "WWPO-Worldwide Peace Organization" instead of World peace organization.

Maria Cristina Azcona,

Argentine, Presidente de WWPO Worldwide Peace Organization www.wwpo.org



Dear Leo, dear friends,

This appeal is superb. I support it with all my force and love. Indeed, this appeal is the most urgent need for humankind in the present times

In order to obtain survival o­n Earth we must achieve world global peace.

To achieve world global peace we must obtain a global agreement based o­n harmony.

To obtain a global agreement based o­n harmony we must have tolerance

Without tolerance we also will destroy the associations for harmony and peace (2011)

 Prof. Emeritus Dr. Ernesto Kahan MD University Professor - Poet – Physician
Tel Aviv University, Israel.
Academician - Real European Academy of Doctors

Academician - International Academy of Sciences, Technology, Education and Humanities (AICTEH) - Spain
Honorary President- Israeli Association Writers. Spanish Branch
1st Vice President - World Academy of Arts and Culture – WAAC/WCP
Former Vice President of IPPNW (Association awarded the Nobel Peace Prize) and the actual president of the Israeli Branch

Albert Schweitzer Peace Award

Honorary President United Nations of Letters
Honorary President of SIPEA – International Society of Poets Writers and Artists

National President of UMECEP (Unión Mundial de Escritores por la Cultura y la Ecología)

Vice President Intl Forum for Literature and Culture of Peace (IFLAC)
Co-President -UHE- International Union of Hispano-American Writers
Israel President.
Global Harmony Association (GHA)



Добрый день, дорогой Лео! Как Ваше дела? Я нахожусь в отпуске. 

Горячо поддерживаю  коллективное обращение.  Я добавил один абзац. Он черным цветом выделен. С наилучшими пожеланиями Гармонии,

Ураз Баймуратов, Академик Национальной Академии Наук Казахстана,


“….Эти факты свидетельствуют о подготовленности ядерной агрессии практически на 100%, которой не хватает только благовидного предлога, чтобы она свершилась и положила начало ядерной войне. Найти этот предлог не составит труда при желании. В ядерной войне, как известно, победителей не будет, она станет самоубийством человечества и жизни на планете. К сожалению, различные трения между двумя ядерными державами, обладающими 95% ядерного оружия планеты, все ближе приближают их к точке «ядерного невозврата».

Какпоказановнашем “Manifesto ofHarmonious Consciousness: Crises, Cataclysms and Conflicts – How to Overcome the Destructive Synergy of Three Cs” (Манифестгармоничногосознания. Кризисы, катаклизмы и конфликты: как преодолеть разрушительную синергию трех «К». Оксфорд, Сократовский Альманах),чрезвычайно важнымпредставляется изменение сознания людей, прежде всего, власть предержащих, в сторону мирного сосуществования народов и государства. Для этого необходим синтез истинных духовных и научных знаний, совместные миротворческие действия и религиозных деятелей, и ученых, всех миротворцев на основе совместно созданной и признанной НГМ.

Остановить приближение этой точки и обратить ее движение вспять может только интенсивное развитие сотрудничества двух стран. Примеры тому есть. Это программа «Союз - Аполлон» (ЭПАС - ASTP) 1975 года и последующего космического сотрудничества, которые предотвратили распространение ядерного оружия в космосе. Сегодня требуются новые эффективные усилия в их сотрудничестве в новых нетрадиционных областях. Где сегодня выход к миру из военного/ядерного противостояния США и России? Кто и что может показать этот выход? ….”


Дорогой Ураз, добрый день!

Большое спасибо за Ваше одобрение и ценное дополнение в Обращение.

Но почему Вы не познакомили нас с Вашим Манифестом раньше? Чтобы цитировать его, он требует публикации. Плиз, пришлите его мне на русском и английском, чтобы я опубликовал его на Вашей персональной странице, чтобы ссылаться на нее. Спасибо.

Лучшие пожелания гармонии,

Лев Семашко



Dear Leo and all,

Thank you for including me in o­n your future plans, but I need to inform you that CCI which was a large organization for 2.5 decades with 30 staff and some 30,000 US volunteers to worked in 45 states. This is no longer the case, i am the o­nly person left at CCI.  And I’ve already decided o­n work for 2017 that is beyond my capability to handle.  So i need to find others to help me with my program.

I cannot be involved with any other organizational efforts. Meanwhile I wish you the very best and hope to remain collegial friends in the pursuit of bringing sanity to our planet. My warm wishes to you,  

Sharon Tennison.




Thank you. I accept.

Dr. Bishnu Pathak,




YES FROM MY SIDE. I would likeall nations to adoptfordisarmamentatannualrateof10 %and not 2 %which is too low a target. US and USSRshould immediately form a joint forum to work out a target based plan for disarmament. With regards and best wishes for peace mission.

Ramesh Kumar,

GHA CEO, India



Yes from me and us, 

Dr Apostolos Paschos and Dionyssios Georgakopoulos.

Takis Ioannides,

Greece takis.ioannides@googlemail.com



Лев Михайлович, согласна. Прошу обратить внимание, у Ураза Баймуратова в его поправке вкралась опечатка: фразеологизм "власти предержащие" пишется так, как я указываю. Соответственно у него в тексте должно быть: ...изменение сознания людей, прежде всего, властей предержащих, в сторону мирного сосуществования... и дальше пропущена запятая. Надо:  ...действия и религиозных деятелей, и ученых, всех миротворцев."

Julia Budnikova, Президент ГСГ-Россия jb@roerich.spb.ru


августа: August 31:


Yes from me.

Surendra Pathak, President, GHA-INDIA



Дорогие друзья!

Все эти страшилки про ядерную войну уже никого не тревожат. Подобная война невозможна, поскольку после ядерного глобального конфликта жизнь на планете для приматов типа людей будет крайне неблагоприятна. Элита не хочет переселяться из своих дворцов в шалаши? Все, кто выживут, уже не будут людьми, не смогут существовать как люди. Поэтому никто никакой войны не начнет помимо той войны, которая уже тлеет с 2014 года (понятно, о чем я толкую?) Дополнительно для петербуржцев сообщаю, что в следующий вторник состоится презентация книги о возвращении городу имени Санкт-Петербург в 1991 году. Здесь полная информация http://russia-xxi.blogspot.com/2016/08/blog-post_28.html

Павел Цыпленков,Бывший депутат Ленсовета-Петросовета 1990-1993


Подобные безответственные и невежественные суждения о невозможности ядерной войны, которая планируется всеми Генеральными штабами, прежде всего Пентагоном с 1945 года, может позволить себе только наивный человек, абсолютно не знакомый с литературой по этому вопросу. Это человек с улицы или «простой человек» и т.п. Здесь остается только воскликнуть: «О, святая простота!» Для преодоления подобного невежества, которое только на руку милитаристам, рекомендую читать и публиковать инфо из следующих источников: http://peacefromharmony.org, http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=704, http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=698, http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=652 и подобные свидетельства зарубежных, прежде всего американских экспертов. Учитесь, Павел!


Лев Михайлович!

Ты много написал в опровержение моего атомного нигилизма. Но не ответил на вопрос, какие генералы из "штабов" согласны жить после ядерной войны в шалашах на островах Зеленого мыса или юртах в пустынях Австралии, где и останутся только места для существования человека.

Чтобы милитаристы не "пользовались нашей наивностью" надо четко представлять себе, что страшилки про Яд. войну требуются элите для запугивания и замирения рабочего быдла. Не дают вам денег? А это все на оборону уходит! Зачем вы повторяете эти страшилки?

Поглядите, какие себе дворцы под Москвой строят добрые люди. Они разве хотят, чтобы их эти хоромы война слизнула? Не поверю! Отсюда вывод: войны на самом деле не будет.

Вот и дворец http://politsovet.ru/52881-v-podmoskove-postroili-dvorec-s-118-komnatami-hozyain-pravoslavnyy-gosudarstvennik.html

Попробуйте опровергнуть хотя бы этот мой тезис.

Павел Цыпленков, Бывший депутат Ленсовета-Петросовета 1990-1993


Павел! Что я могу сказать о твоем «атомном нигилизме». Это атомное невежество. Как у Чеховского героя, у которого был единственный изящный аргумент: «Этого не может быть, потому, что не может быть никогда». Он не мог допустить, что Земля шарообразна, так как, по его мнению, люди с нижней стороны Земли падали бы с нее (у тебя аналог – дворцы). Поэтому – этого не может быть, потому что не может быть никогда. И как опровергать этот «аргумент», если герой абсолютно невежественен и не знает, что есть сила тяготения.

Так и с твоими «аргументами». Если бы ты удосужился прочитать хотя бы одну научную статью (я имею ввиду непредвзятых западных экспертов) о планах Пентагона ядерной войны, в которых они допускают уничтожение ЛЮБОГО числа населения ради достижения своих имперских целей, 6 миллиардов из 7, сохраняя в своих планах «золотой миллиард», используя бомбы малой мощности и только в определенных регионах и прочие тонкие детали удобной для себя ядерной войны – в Пентагоне очень хитромудрые планировщики - то ты рассуждал бы иначе. Но я не намерен здесь заниматься твоим атомным ликбезом, даже 1 сентября, – это твоя проблема – вот и решай ее сам для себя. Никому от твоего невежества ни холодно, ни жарко.

И еще одно замечание. Мог бы ты «опровергнуть» хотя бы один из трех приведенных мной (из научной литературы) фактов? Если опровергнешь их, я опровергну твои фантазии. Это говорит о том, что мы находимся в разных, несовместимых измерениях мышления: ты находишься в скорлупе обыденного ложного сознания допускающего все что угодно, а я, стараюсь, - в рамках научного мышления, в котором тоже случаются ложные суждения, но они опровергаются контр фактами. Не понимаешь, о чем я говорю? Как я твою «тлеющую войну с 2014». Разныеунасизмерения. ЛевСемашко



Mr Leo e demais amigos promotores da Paz,

Penso que esta é uma das mais belas ações propostas para a discussão e manutenção da paz e da própriahumanidade.

Não creio que possamos fazer muito, mas calar-se é impensável.

Temos deestar juntos, coesos, e levar a todos as propostas da GHA – quem sabe?

Sei que sozinhos nada poderíamos fazer. Mas,unidos,poderemos contar com nossas ações e nossas vozes. E, acima de tudo, temos

esta belíssimaproposta ´que foi objeto de profundo estudo entre os nossos pares.

Contem comigo no que eu puder ajudar. Atenciosamente, Delasnieve Daspet, daspet@uol.com.br


Г-н Лео и другие промоутеры друзей мира,

Я думаю, что это один из самых красивых мероприятий, предложенных для обсуждения и поддержания мира и самого человечества.

Я не думаю, что мы можем сделать много, но заткнулся немыслимо.

Мы должны быть вместе, сплоченной, и принять все предложения ГСГ - кто знает?

Я не знаю, что ничего мы могли бы сделать в одиночку. Но вместе, мы можем рассчитывать на наши действия и наши голоса. И прежде всего, мы

это красивое предложение ", что было глубокое изучение наших коллег объекта.

Считайте меня, как я могу помочь. Суважением,ДеласниваДаспет, Бразилия


Mr Leo and other promoters Friends of Peace,

I think this is o­ne of the most beautiful actions proposed for discussion and maintenance of peace and humanity itself. I do not think we can do much, but shut up is unthinkable. We have to be together, cohesive, and take all the proposals of GHA - who knows? I know that nothing we could do alone. But together, we can count o­n our actions and our voices. And above all, we this beautiful proposal 'that was profound study of our peers object. Count me in as I can help. Regards,

Delasnieve Daspet,

Jurist, Brazil, daspet@uol.com.br



Дорогой Лев Михайлович! Конечно, я присоединяюсь к коллективному обращению! И одобряю дальнейшие совместные действия. Всего наилучшего!

Светлана Ветрова,

Бард, Россия



Dr. Leo & Dear All Global Peace Makers, Greetings from India

Yes, I support the Russia-USA: Peace Cooperation. Appeal Russia-USA: Peace Cooperation for Building a nuclear-weapon-free world is at 29th August as International Day against Nuclear Tests.

Nuclear weapons: gravest threat to humanity. According to Prof Noam Chomsky, there are two grave threats to the world: climate change and nuclear weapons. Among the dangers facing the environment, the possibility of nuclear war is undoubtedly the gravest. Nuclear disarmament and the achievement of a nuclear-weapon-free world is a humanitarian imperative, and an aspiration shared by all countries.

29 August every year: Raising awareness about the effects of global nuclear weapon tests.

"On this International Day against Nuclear Tests, I call o­n the world to summon a sense of solidarity commensurate with the urgent need to end the dangerous impasse o­n this issue." — UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon: http://www.un.org/en/events/againstnucleartestsday/

29 August as International Day against Nuclear Tests. The International Day against Nuclear Tests aims to galvanize the United Nations, its Member States, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, youth networks and the media against nuclear testing. The day highlights the importance of banning nuclear tests as a valuable step towards

achieving a safer world. - Statement by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. International Day against Nuclear Tests (29 August) www.un.org/en/no-nucleartests/

Appeal of Russia-USA: Peace Cooperation is Creating a Nuclear Weapons Free World

http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=710.It is wakeup call of humanity. Now is the time to "Thinking together” for a new vision of “Russia-USA: Peace Cooperation”and “Working

together” for converting our vision into actions of creating a nuclear free world”

Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons Campaign. Over 120 nations -- a majority of all countries -- have taken the Humanitarian Pledge to 'fill the legal gap for the prohibition and

elimination of nuclear weapons'. Chemical weapons and biological weapons have already been prohibited. Please sign the United States o­n to the Humanitarian Pledge and support negotiations for a treaty to ban and eliminate all nuclear weapons


GHA invites all the global peace makers , Social, Religious and Political leaders, Scientists, Educators, Peace & Human Rights activists, to join the GPS revolutionary shift to “No Nukes! No wars!” To create a Nuclear Free World!

Greetings of Peace & harmony to all,

Dr. Subhash Chandra,

President GHA & Chairman Board

Global Harmony Association (GHA) India




Да, присоединяюсь к проявленной инициативе, это касается всех людей планеты Земля. Мы должны сохранить мир, и счастливое детство наших детей и внуков.

Вера Попович,

Архивариус, Россия vera-papovich@mail.ru




Только энергия объединения может противостоять деструкции.

Объединение сознаний даст заслон - бессознательному!


Тимошенко Леонид,

Композитор, Россия, volnabudushego@ya.ru


Уважаемые миротворцы и гуманисты!

Идея создания Института Гражданина мира (ИГМ) или Института Науки Гражданского мира (ИНГМ) -благородная гуманистическая идея, заслуживающая признания и уважения, но требующая серьезной проработки. Угроза ядерной войны - это угроза всему человечеству. Поэтому онаносит глобальный характер и касается всех живущих на нашей планете людей. Идея глобального мира здесь выступает в качестве цели нового миропорядка, а создание Института Гражданина мира выступает в роли инструмента для достижения этой цели. Планируется создать в США и в России Институт Науки Гражданского мира (ИНГМ), целью которого станет, привлечение интеллекта и всей мощи "миронауки" (науки и культуры), народной дипломатии к поставленной цели, а именно, к достижению мира на нашей планете. На мой взгляд, необходимо конкретизировать эти предложения. С уважением,

Константин Кушнер

Писатель, Москва konst44@mail.ru



Yes, Yes... Dearest Leo, this humanity has in you a pure scientific humanitarian human being that science is joined in high spiritual values.

... in harmony

Dr. Susana Roberts,

Poet, Argentine



Thank you for your email and over and above that for your commitment for peace globally.

Eight years ago I founded Global Peace Partners with 8 specific ventures that would empower nations to handle the significant medical crisis faced daily in emerging nations and countries devastated by disaster.Although Disasters have increased in intensity and frequency monies were elusive.

In the subsequent years a number of Ambassadors of various African Nations asked to meet with me and discuss the dismal economies they faced.I have given a lot of soul searching thought to how this very issue is so critical in the peace making process.

Pride, Power and Greed have given us myopic eye sight at the same time that technology extends our ability to fathom at least a little of the depth of the great universe beyond the boundaries of our small planet.Indeed, the new radio telescopes installed in S Africa have opened our eyes to over 1000 galaxies previously unknown to us.This planet earth, set in o­ne of the smaller galaxies of 200+ Billion stars is very tiny, very fragile, and size wise very insignificant.But, o­n it is life.

We all come from different faith perspectives and we have walked different paths but for those of you that can still look up at the stars and acknowledge a Creator behind the vast universe, we can recognize a purpose in life and a purpose for our very existence.If and when the conclusion is reached that our purpose o­n earth is to live in relationship to our Creator and in relationship with our fellow man, then our goals in life, our career path, and our existence can never be completely fulfilled when not aligned with this precept.

And so it was very unexpected for me to build a corporation that could embrace these concepts and look toward a whole new infrastructure development for the various nations of Africa. Simply put our mission statement came about and Africa Development Corporation, ADO was born.

To work with the various Nations of Africa to advance infrastructure development, stimulate commerce and build self-sustaining communities utilizing the harvesting of natural resources in a way that is both considerate of the environment and at the same time maximize the benefits to all peoples of each nation.

I watch the Syrian conflict and alternate between crying over the severe suffering of the peoples, the families, the fathers, the mothers, the women and most of all the innocent children and then o­n the other side angered for the stupidity of people that could not step back and realize there is enough technology that the wellbeing of every man, women and child can have a good quality of life in every nation of this planet.Agriculture, Industry, Technology can move forward to lift every nation out of poverty.

But pride power and greed continually thrust themselves whether it is at the top – Heads of State; Corporate Leadership even often touching Religious Leaders.If the leadership of Russia, of the USA, of Turkey, of the European Nations, could come to bare o­n the leadership of Syria, that there is enough technology to give a fruitful lifestyle for each of its citizens there would be no refugee problem in Europe or America.

Why is it that leaders seem to have this insatiable need for conflict? The ultimate stupidity of North Korea as a prime example of the need to have and prove military muscle while their own people are starving is beyond repugnant.

Ultimately the o­nly leadership that will have eternal value is Servant Leadership.The ability to lift up those around you and care for the wellbeing of your own people.Your neighbor and your global neighbor.

May those that do not understand this kind of leadership be squeezed out. There is no longer room for you. Whether you are the Head of State or the Corporate Head like Mylan’s CEO who just zapped up the price of EpiPen’s, a life saving device for millions with severe allergic reactions is nothing short of obscene!

Each of us o­nly has o­ne life, we have o­ne home, o­ne nation, o­ne planet may the day come when we acknowledge how precious this is and start to care for it and shoulder the enormous and noble task of stewardship! Promoting Peace, Inspiring Hope, Delivering Healing

'Securing a safer, saner world through next generation medical technology combined with the most advanced aeronautics, molded with the art of medical diplomacy and the heart of compassion.'

Dan Moody,

Global Peace Partners President, USA dan@globalpeacepartners.com


Россия-Америка: партнерство глобального мира. Приглашение к сотрудничеству

Дорогой Дан!

Большое спасибо за ваше вдохновенное и мудрое письмо! Ваши идеи и ваша организация «Партнерство Глобального Мира» созвучны идеям и нашей международной миротворческой организации «Глобальный Союз Гармонии», которая работает с 2005 года над выполнением миссия – Мир из Гармонии. Мы восхищаемся вашими целями и вашей работой. Мы разделяем ваши стремления к продвижению мира, оптимистическому вдохновению надежды, глобальному мышлению, объединению ценностей в гармонии, исцелению человечества от пороков и обслуживающему лидерству. Поэтому мы счастливы пригласить вас к сотрудничеству в проекте: Россия-Америка: Сотрудничество, диалог и партнерство глобального мира вместо ядерной войны, смертоносной для человечества». Мы приглашаем вас стать ведущей миротворческой организацией с американской стороны в этом проекте, что полностью отвечает смыслу вашей организация «Партнерство Глобального Мира». Историческое значение этого проекта резюмируются в 10 пунктах Повестки глобального саммита двух стран ниже.


Сотрудничество, диалог и партнерство глобального мира вместо ядерной войны, смертельной для человечества.

Саммит глобального мира двух стран.

"Человечество должно покончить с войной или война покончит с человечеством". Джон Кеннеди

Повестка. (Проект)

1.Социальный космос глобального мира. Его объективные опоры: сферы, законы и акторы мировой гармонии.

2. Наука Глобального Мира (НГМ): исследования его объективных опор, научная геополитика мира и пацифизация международных связей.

3. Право человечества и каждого человека на жизнь, на мир и на свободу от военного, прежде всего от ядерного уничтожения и от его угроз от любой страны.

4. Совместный Институт НГМ с отделениями в России и США для изучения объективных опор мира и обоснования права человечества на жизнь.

5. Международный научный Конкурс на лучший вариант НГМ под эгидой двух стран и ООН.

6. Научные технологии пацифизации и геополитики мира в социальной, экономической, экологической, культурной и организационной сферах.

7. Научные основы и технологии глобального ядерного разоружения до «нуля» в течение 10 лет.

8. Научные основы Конституции Земли какКонституция Глобального Мира: высший инструмент международного права.

9. Глобальное разоружение за 50 лет на основе НГМ.

10. Научная перестройка архитектуры глобальной власти (включая ООН) и построение многополярного мирового порядка, обеспечивающего глобальный мир к концу 21 века.

ВЫВОД. Подобная Повестка Саммита Глобального Мира резюмирует Программу Сотрудничества, Диалога и ПартнерстваРоссии и США в области глобального мира.

ПРИЗЫВ. Приглашаем критиков предложить альтернативную Программу/Повестку сотрудничества России и США для научного сравнения и обсуждения. Читать больше:


Вы согласны поддержать этот проект и Повестку саммита? Конечно, вы могли бы редактировать их и внести в них ваши поправки и предложения. Для начала, мы предлагаем создать совместный Институт Глобального Мира хотя бы из 5 ученых с каждой стороны, чтобы потом, через 6-12 месяцев, предложить его модель нашим правительствам для расширения и продолжения. Это будет первый практический шаг нашего совместного проекта, начинающийся с гражданской инициативы и народной дипломатии людей двух стран в лице наших двух организаций. Если вы разделяете этот проект и готовы на равной основе сотрудничать в нем, мне будет приятно обсудить с вами его многочисленные детали в ближайшие дни. Спасибо за ваш отклик. Искренне ваш,

Лев Семашко, Почетный Президент ГСГ


Russia-America: Partnership for Global Peace. Invitation to Cooperation

Dear Dan,

Many thanks for your inspired and wise letter! Your ideas and your organization "Global Peace Partners" are consonant with the ideas of our international peacemaking organization "Global Harmony Association" (GHA), which works since 2005 o­n implementation of mission: Peace from Harmony. We admire your goals and your work. We share your commitment to promoting peace, optimistic inspiring hope, global thinking, uniting values in harmony, healing of humanity from the vices and servant leadership (http://globalpeacepartners.com/). Therefore, we are happy to invite you to cooperate in the project: “Russia – USA: Global Peace Cooperation, Dialog and Partnership instead Nuclear War Deadly for Humanity."

We invite you to become a leading peacemaking organization from the American side in this project that fully meets your organization interests: "Global Peace Partners". The historical significance of this project is summarized in the Agenda 10 points of the two states Global Summit below.

Russia – USA:

Global Peace Cooperation, Dialog and Partnership instead Nuclear War

Deadly for Humanity.

Global Peace Summit of two states.

"Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind." John F. Kennedy

Agenda. (Draft)

1. Social cosmos of global peace. Its objective pillars: Spheres, Laws and Actors of World Harmony.

2. Global Peace Science (GPS): Researches of its objective pillars, scientific peace geopolitics and pacifization of international relations.

3. The right of humanity and every person to life, to peace and to freedom from war, especially from nuclear annihilation and from its threats from any state.

4. Joint Institute of GPS with offices in Russia and the United States to explore the objective pillars of global peace and substantiation of humanity right to life.

5. International Scientific Contest for the best variant of GPS under the UN and both states aegis.

6. Scientific technologies of pacifization and peace geopolitics in the social, economic, environmental, cultural and organizational spheres/fields.

7. Scientific basis for nuclear disarmament up to global "nuclear zero" during 10 years.

8. Scientific basis of the Earth Constitution as a Global Peace Constitution: the highest instrument of international law.

9. Global disarmament for 50 years based o­n GPS.

10. Scientific rearrangement the global power (including the UN) architecture and building a multipolar world order, ensuring global peace since the 21st century end.

     CONCLUSION. Similar Global Peace Summit Agenda sums up the Program of peace cooperation between Russia and the United States.

     CALL. We invite the critics to offer alternative Program/Agenda of Russia and the US cooperation for scientific comparison and discussion. Read more:


Do you agree to support this project and the Summit Agenda? Of course, you could edit them and make your corrections and suggestions. To begin with, we propose to establish a joint Institute for Global Peace at least of 5 scientists from each side, so that later, after 6-12 months, to offer its model to our governments to expand and continue this Institute. It is the first practical step of our joint project starting with the civil initiative and public diplomacy of people of two countries in the face of our two organizations. If you share this project and are ready to cooperate o­n an equal footing in it, we will like to discuss with you its many details in the coming days. Thank you for your response.

Sincerely, Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA Honorary President



Полностью поддерживаю сохранение мира и гармонии. Это есть основная задача науковців (ученых) всего земного шара.

Татьяна Каблова, доцент Киевского университета, Украина



1 сентября: September 1:


Dear Leo and friends,

Please NOTE that I did not know about or agree in any manner to participate in this activity noted under my name below. I respect what you are trying to do.But I have a huge piece of work to do in the coming year myself — and under the name of my organization. I cannot take o­n any other activites of any kind. I wish you well in your pursuits of peacemaking.


Sharon Tennison,

President, Center for Citizen Initiatives, 650.458.8115, 650.773.6858 Cell

sharon@ccisf.org, ccisf.org

"Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind." JohnF. Kennedy


Дорогая Шарон,

Спасибо за ваши письма, из которых мы поняли, что ваша замечательная организация гражданской дипломатии США-России осталась с вами в единственном числе и вы имеете «ahugepieceofworktodointhecomingyearmyself». Мы понимаем вас и выполним ваши требования как вы хотите. Но вы обладаете уникальным 33 летним опытом гражданской дипломатии США-Россия и мы не знаем другой подобной организации в Америке. Вы знаете что-то подобное в США? Я не знаю, но мы попытаемся пригласить к ней Музей Рериха в Нью Йорке и/или города мира и т.п. У вас сохранились члены вашей организации в России, с которыми мы были бы счастливы сотрудничать в нашем проекте, если бы вы сообщили имена хотя бы наиболее активных из них.

Наш проект «Россия-США. Сотрудничество мира» продолжает и дополняет ваш уникальный опыт. Наш проект - это проект уникальной гражданской инициативы и народной дипломатии двух стран, который способен возродить ваш ЦГИ, вдохновить его и поднять на новый уровень и в новом масштабе. Это в ваших интересах. Поэтому, мы были бы счастливы сохранить вас в нашем проекте в качестве советника и информационного помощника по мере ваших сил и возможностей. Это приемлемо для вас? Вы согласны с этим? Сейчас я рад предложить вам и другим нашим коллегам для обсуждения обновлённую Повестку Саммита Глобального Мира, которую мы будем предлагать и которая резюмирует наш проект, нашу гражданскую дипломатию и нашу подготовительную научную работу. Что вы могли бы сказать об этой Повестке как стратегии гражданской инициативы и дипломатии на ближайшее будущее? Вы одобряете эту стратегию? Вы согласны с ней? Вы могли бы корректировать ее?

Россия-Америка: Сотрудничество мира.

Саммит глобального мира.

Повестка. (Проект)

1.Социальный космос глобального мира. Его объективные опоры: сферы, законы и акторы мировой гармонии.

2. Наука Глобального Мира (НГМ): исследования его объективных опор, научная геополитика мира и пацифизация международных связей.

3. Право человечества и каждого человека на жизнь, на мир и на свободу от военного, прежде всего ядерного уничтожения и его угрозы.

4. Совместный Институт НГМ с отделениями в России и США для изучения объективных опор мира и обоснование права человечества на жизнь. (Для начала по 5 ученых в каждом отделении)

5. Международный научный Конкурс на лучший вариант НГМ.

6. Научные технологии пацифизации и геополитики мира в социальной, экономической, экологической, культурной и управленческой сферах.

7. Научные основы и технологии ядерного разоружения до «ядерного нуля» в течение 10 лет.

8. Научные основы Конституции Земли какКонституция Глобального Мира: высший инструмент международного права.

9. Глобальное разоружение за 50 лет на основе НГМ.

10. Научная перестройка архитектуры глобальной власти (включая ООН) и построение многополярного мирового порядка, обеспечивающего глобальный мир к концу 21 века.

ВЫВОД. Подобная Повестка Саммита Глобального Мира резюмирует Программу Мирного СотрудничестваРоссии и США.

ПРИЗЫВ. Приглашаем критиков предложить альтернативную Программу/Повестку сотрудничества России и США для научного сравнения и обсуждения. Читать больше:


Спасибо за ваше мнение об этой Повестке.

Искренне, Лев Семашко


Dear Sharon,

Thank you for your letters, of which we understand that your wonderful organization of the US-Russia civil diplomacy remained with you in the singular, and you have “a huge piece of work to do in the coming year myself”. We understand you and will fulfill your requirements as you want. But you have a unique 33 years’ experience in the US-Russia civil diplomacy in CCI and we do not know other such organization in America. Do you know something like this in the US? I do not know but we will try to invite the Roerich Museum in New York and/or the cities of peace and etc.

You still have the members of your organization in Russia, with which we would be happy to cooperate in our project if you could tell the names of the most active of them. Our project "Russia-USA. Peace Cooperation" continues and supplements your unique experience. Our project is also unique project of the civil initiative and people's diplomacy between the two countries, which is able to revive your CCI, inspire it and raise a new level and a new scale. It is in your interests. Therefore, we would be happy to save you in our project as an advisor and informational assistant as your strengths and capabilities. Is it acceptable to you? Do you agree with that?

Now I am pleased to offer you and our other colleagues to discuss the updated Agenda of the Global Peace Summit that we offer and that sums up our project, our civic diplomacy and our preparatory research work. What could you say about this Agenda as a strategy of civil initiatives and diplomacy in the near future? Do you approve of this strategy? Do you agree with it? Could you correct and edit it?

Russia-USA. Peace Cooperation.

Global Peace Summit.

Agenda. (Draft)

1. Social cosmos of global peace. Its objective pillars: Spheres, Laws and Actors of World Harmony.

2. Global Peace Science (GPS): Researches of its objective pillars, scientific peace geopolitics and pacifization of international relations.

3. The right of humanity and every person to life, peace and freedom from war, especially nuclear annihilation and its threats.

4. Joint Institute of GPS with offices in Russia and the United States to explore the objective pillars of global peace and substantiation of humanity right to life. (To begin with 5 scientists in each compartment)

5. International Scientific Contest for the best variant of GPS.

6. Scientific technologies of pacifization and peace geopolitics in the social, economic, environmental, cultural and organizational spheres/fields.

7. Scientific basis for nuclear disarmament up to "nuclear zero" during 10 years.

8. Scientific basis of the Earth Constitution as a Global Peace Constitution: the highest instrument of international law.

9. Global disarmament for 50 years based o­n GPS.

10. Scientific rearrangement the architecture of global power (including the UN) and the building a multipolar world order, ensuring global peace to the 21st century end.

     CONCLUSION. This Agenda for Global Peace Summit sums up the program of peace cooperation between Russia and the United States.

     CALL. We invite the critics to offer alternative Programs/Agendas of Russia and the US cooperation for scientific comparison and discussion. Read More:


Thank you for your opinion about this Agenda. Sincerely,

Dr. Leo Semashko,



Dear Leo, Yes, I support this initiative. Peace n' all good,

Ayo Ayoola-Amale

GHA-Africa President, GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament Harmony for Africa,

Poet, Writer & Lawyer,

Founder/President, Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation,

Nigeria & Ghana, Accra


www.splendorsofdawn.org, http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=524



Поддерживаю инициативу. Одно хочу подчеркнуть, что руководство США во главес Обамой преследует интересы милитаристов во главе с финансовой элитой - вот корень зла. А вот как победить ненасытную жадность финансистов и их тягу к всемирному господству - это вопрос.

Александр Семашко, менеджер, Россия mch4842@gmail.com



Согласна с содержанием обращения. Вопрос с музеем, в котором я работаю, в качестве площадки для ИНГМ - требует дополнительного обсуждения. Я думаю, надо искать профильное учреждение, социологического характера. Возможно, общественную организацию. Возможности музея очень ограничены по разным причинам. Всего самого доброго!

Юлия Будникова, Президент ГСГ-Россия



2 сентября: September 2:


Уважаемы миротворцы и гуманисты!

Перед глобальной опасностью ядерной катастрофы создается российско-американскийинститут "Наука Глобального Мира" (НГМ) . Для этого имеются необходимые предпосылки, определены цели и задачи нового Института. В стадии разработки находятсяорганизационные основы и структура создаваемого учреждения. Наиболее важным направлением в деятельности Института будет поиск мирных путей разрешения мировых и региональных конфликтов на нашей планете через науку культуру, искусство и творческую деятельность всех людей доброй воли. Идейной основой по всем направлениям деятельности Института могут стать гуманистическое мировоззрение и философия гуманизма. Для реализации этой задачи в России создано и успешно работает "Российское Гуманистическое общество" и его филиалы по всей стране, различные философские общества, творческие союзы, Московский клуб афористики, аккумулирующий и объединяющий наших современниковс вековой мудростью и жизненнымопытом предыдущих поколений. С уважением,

Константин Кушнер

Писатель, Россия konst44@mail.ru


Дорогой Константин,

Очень хорошо!Но может ли руководство РГО (а также другие, перечисленные Вами объединения) официально и публично заявить о желании и готовности участвовать в предлагаемом общем проекте сотрудничества двух стран в развитии Науки Глобального Мира (НГМ) и в решении на ее основе насущных проблем глобального мира, которые выражены в предлагаемой Повестке?: Вы могли бы редактировать эту Повестку?

С уважением, Лев



Уважаемый Лео! Я принимаю Ваше предложение. Я не только огненный человек. но и разумный. Когда нужна разумность, я включаю разумность, когда нужны эмоции, включаю эмоции. Я предлагаю Вам обязательно посмотреть один небольшой фильм, который рассказывает о технологии внедрения любых самых ужасных идей в общество. И та идея. что проповедуется в фильме уже внедрена на до радикализма. И продвигается дальше. Второе окно продвижения как раз ученые. И хотя речь идет об страшном явлении, но технология одна для всех. Вот её и нужно использовать для ваших целей. Мои цели не отличаются от Ваших, и потому я применяю именно эту технологию. Посмотрите, как внедряют тьму и демонизм: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJ-xS1CDq7Q Михалков ведет передачу "Бесогон", а нам нужно делать передачи "Светогон". По моему возвращению попробую написать обращение.

С уважением, искренне Ваша,

Мария Карпинская


Писатель, педагог, журналист, режиссер



т/ф 8(916)516-42-21

http://nptm.ru , mariabox@bk.ru



3 сентября: September 3:


Dear Leo and colleagues,

Sorry for the delay in responding.I want our collaboration to continue as I believe that you and your associates understand deeply the current dangers faced by the world community, and recognize clearly that militarism is a dead end.

(1) Yes, I would like to continue to participate in "Russia – USA. Global Peace Cooperation."

(2)I was very encouraged and inspired by the enthusiasm for a GLOBAL PEACE SUMMIT.

Ultimately we will need the leaders of nations to embrace peace.But how?I like the idea of a series of "Appeals" from Global Peace Science and Global Harmony Association. These are SPHERONS in action.

It would be inspiring if Vladimir Putin and/or Sergey Lavrov would agree to host a Global Peace Summit.It would give the world community positive hope that something can be done.

[Such a Summit should be designed by GPS experts in collaboration with the governments that choose to participate. The initial Summit gathering should probably be for 10 days to two weeks in length to allow for person to person relationships to develop between leaders of nations and with peace activists.]

(3)Does GPS and GHA have a method to turn leaders of nations, and their military generals, into SPHERONS?

(4)I'm not interested in forming another "Institute" ("Russian-American Institute of GPS") as I already belong to 3 different think tanks. I am interested in trying to attract some leading American peace activists to join our cause -- like World Beyond War. Similarly, I'm not interested in an "International Scientific Contest" as I feel that school is over.If someone has a smart strategy, let us know right away. It's time for action.

I would also like us to find some peace activists from the European Union to help us. There may be members of the European Parliament sympathetic to our cause, who want peaceful cooperation with Russia, and who fear US/NATO (& Israel) intentions after the violations of international law regarding Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Gaza, and the coup in Ukraine.

If nuclear war breaks out in Eastern Europe or the Ukraine, European nations will become radiation victims. They will regret ever knowing NATO, but it will be too late.Meanwhile, the US, which controls NATO, will watch in relative safety from 4000 miles away.

(5)It would be good if someone from the United Nations got involved with us.Members of the UN General Assembly currently with the Open Ended Working Group o­n Nuclear Disarmament might like what we are doing, and might support a Global Peace Summit. So far both the US and Russia are resisting nuclear disarmament.

There are nations in the UN Working Group who are frustrated and desperate for answers for real disarmament. But they are mistakenly trying to solve the problem by working within the framework of the UN Charter --which unfortunately can best be characterized as a geopolitical war system. [Count the wars since 1945 to the present.]

The nations at the UN have yet to realize that they must start to think "outside the box."This means an honest evaluation of why the UN Charter, which although it has done much good, has failed the world community when it matters the most -- and now we fear World War III.

(6) It is no secret that I believe that the Earth Constitution is what will be needed to end war and to eliminate all weapons of mass destruction. It's designed to replace the UN Charter. The UN Charter failed to create world union. It failed to become a world federal union government. This failure has been disastrous for the world community.

The Earth Constitution is both a political and spiritual document. A religious friend described it as "divinely inspired."Its moral standards are very high indeed, with high ideals:Health care a right, not a privilege. Basic needs for living a decent life for everyone considered a basic right, not a privilege. War becomes a world crime.

The world federalists saw the Charter's flaws even back in 1945, and predicted failure. They were right -- the UN Charter actually prevents the UN from doing its primary job, ending the scourge of war.

(7) But the replacement of the UN Charter to create a "new UN" must be done wisely. For example, Russia would be unwise to immediately give up the special veto power it has in the UN Security Council. Also, the good and able agencies of the UN must be maintained and expanded.

(9) If Putin were willing to endorse the Earth Constitution it would be a signal that Russia is all about peace, cooperation, prosperity, human rights, and enforceable world law and order.

[Putin would not have to help activate the Earth Constitution until the US agrees to do the same.But if Russia, India, and China endorsed the ideals of the Earth Constitution while the US/NATO/Israel refused, it would expose who really wants peace, and who stands for death and destruction.]

(10) The US and Israel will most likely initially reject the Earth Constitution since they want world domination, not equal world community, peace, and justice. This obstacle can be eventually overcome with leadership from American and Russian peace activists. But Russia's leadership must play a leading role in guiding the world out of darkness.[Besides Putin, I am highly impressed with Sergey Lavrov -- an exceptional statesman.]

Perhaps your people can reach Putin or Lavrov and persuade them to host a Global Peace Summit working with peace activists from Russia and the USA. This would be very good publicity for world disarmament and peace.

Some leading American peace activists would likely attend such a Summit and perhaps some members of the US Congress, but it is unlikely that Obama, Trump, or Hilliary Clinton would agree to attend. However, Trump o­nce said he is willing to meet with Putin to "make a deal." Although Western mainstream media has criticized this idea, I would argue that talking to each other is a very positive step.

(11) A Global Peace Summit would be a very big deal.As you, Leo, have pointed out repeatedly, the focus when funding has always been o­n the military and war, not o­n peace.Global Peace Science might be able to get funding from your government.

(12) Goals like "Nuclear Zero;" nukes off hair trigger alert; planetary security;no first use of nukes;global disarmament;all of these sound very good to me.Let's also outlaw war itself!

Best regards,

Roger Kotila, PhD

Vice President, World Constitution & Parliament Association

Vice President, Democratic World Federalists (San Francisco)

Senior Fellow, Institute o­n World Problems

Editor, Earth Federation News & Views at www.earthfederation.info



Дорогой Роджер!

Большое спасибо за ваш детальный и глубокий анализ нашего совместного проекта «Россия – Америка. Сотрудничество мира» (РАСМ). Я долго и внимательно изучал его. Здесь некоторые из моих предложений из вашего анализа.

1.Вы правильно подчеркиваете, что центром долгосрочных отношений и стратегий двух держав были и остаются вооруженные силы и война, а не мир и его строительство. Поэтому они финансируют военное строительство, а не миростроительство. Поэтому, главная цель нашего проекта заключается в том, чтобы миростроительство во всех его аспектах: научном, социальном, политическом, экономическом, культурном, юридическом, экологическом и технологическом, стало постоянным и долгосрочным предметом отношений двух держав. Только на этом пути могут быть решены все частные задачи, начиная с ядерного разоружения. Как мы можем добиться миростроительной перестройки стратегической политики двух держав? Это ключевой сложности и важности вопрос. Я вижу следующий многоплановый ответ на него.

2. Перед лицом подготовленной на 100% ядерной войны, смертоносной для обеих держав и человечества в целом, убедить правительства и общественность в необходимости Саммита Глобального Мира с Повесткой, посвященной выработке научной долгосрочной Программы конструктивного миростроительства. Центром и теоретической платформой подобной совместной Программы может быть только обще приемлемая Наука Глобального Мира (НГМ), преодолевающая идеологические, культурные и ценностные камни преткновения. Без признания этой науки не может быть взаимного доверия в долгосрочной перспективе, поэтому не может быть ни ядерного разоружения, ни полного разоружения, ни Конституции Земли, ни перестройки мирового порядка, включая ООН и т.п.

3. Поэтому приоритетом Саммита Глобального Мира может быть только НГМ и решение на ее основе первостепенной, безотлагательной проблемы «ядерного нуля». Но НГМ создана только в первом научном варианте, очень далеком от всеобщего признания. Поэтому Саммит должен направить политическую волю прежде всего на организацию Международного Научного Конкурса, чтобы консолидировать научные ресурсы человечества в русле системного глобального миростроительства. Никто не объединит ученых в этом направлении, кроме правительств, которые объединяют ученых для изобретения нового изощренного оружия массового поражения. Поэтому, для начала, правительства должны создать совместный Институт НГМ, как общий государственный фарватер движения ученых по взаимоприемлемому пути миростроительства.

4. Главное препятствие на этом пути – «паранойя фрагментарности» в социальной науке, особенно в теоретических подходах к миростроительству. Этот камень преткновения невозможно преодолеть сразу на государственном уровне. Модель научного миростроительного сотрудничества должны найти и показать миротворческие организации, которые также заражены эпидемией «фрагментарной паранойи». Для этого мы должны найти в России и Америке, для начала, две базовые миротворческие организации, которые были бы способны консолидировать в своих странах их миротворцев и ученых, чтобы создать гражданский Институт НГМ хотя бы из 10 ученых – по 5 с каждой стороны.

5. Здесь мы переходим в практическую плоскость. В России такой базовой организацией будет ГСГ-Россия вместе со мной. Могли бы вы с одной из ваших организаций стать базовой для Института НГМ в Америке? Базовые, опорные организации и их ученые из совместного Института НГМ были бы способны подготовить научные проекты решения всех других вопросов, которые вы затронули в своем анализе.

6. Наше главное различие заключается в том, что для вас приоритет – признание вашей Конституции Земли, а для нас – создание Института НГМ, который не отвергает вашей Конституции, но предлагает ее трансформировать на научной основе и предлагать ее в едином системном научном пакете предложений для Саммита Глобального Мира двух держав. Могли бы мы найти компромисс в этом?

С уважением, Лев Семашко, Почетный Президент ГСГ


Dear Roger!

Thank you very much for your detailed and deep analysis of our joint project "Russia - America. Peace Cooperation"(RAPC). I have long and carefully studied it. Here are some of my suggestions from your analysis.

1. You correctly emphasize that the center of long-term relations and strategies between the two Powers were and still are the armed forces and war rather than peace, and its building. Therefore, they are funding military construction and not peace-building. Therefore, the main goal of our project is peace-building in all its aspects: scientific, social, political, economic, cultural, legal, environmental and technological, will become a permanent and long-term subject of relations between the two powers. o­nly in this way all particular problems, starting with nuclear disarmament could be resolved. How can we achieve a peacebuilding rearrangement of strategic policy of the two countries? This is the key question of complexity and importance. I see the next multi-faceted response.

2. In the face of the 100% prepared nuclear war, deadly for both nations and humanity as a whole, to convince the governments and the public in the need for the Global Peace Summit with Agenda dedicated to scientific development of a constructive long-term peace-building Program. The centre and theoretical platform of similar joint Program can o­nly be generally acceptable Global Peace Science (GPS), overcoming the ideological, cultural and value stumbling blocks. Without recognition of this science cannot be mutual trust in the long term, therefore, there can be no nuclear disarmament, nor complete disarmament, nor the Earth Constitution, neither the restructuring of the world order, including the UN, etc.

3. Therefore, the priority of the Global Peace Summit can o­nly be GPS and the decision o­n its basis the primary, urgent problem of "nuclear zero". But GPS was created o­nly in the first scientific version very far from universal acceptance. Therefore, the Summit should direct a political will in the first place for the organization of the International scientific Contest to consolidate the scientific resources of humanity in line with the global system peace-building. Nobody will unite scientists in this field besides governments, which unite scientists for the invention of new sophisticated weapons of mass destruction. Therefore, to start with, governments should establish a joint Institute of GPS as a general state channel of movement for scientists in peace-building mutually acceptable way.

4. The main obstacle o­n this path is "paranoia of fragmentation" in social science, especially in theoretical approaches to peace-building. This stumbling block cannot be overcome immediately at the state level. The model of scientific peacebuilding cooperation must be found and show by peace organizations, which are also infected with the epidemic "fragmented paranoia." To do this, we need to find in Russia and America, to begin with, two basic peacemaking organizations that would be able to consolidate in their home countries of their peacemakers and scientists to create civil GPS Institution least of 10 scientists – o­n 5 with each side.

5. Here we come to the practical level. In Russia, this basic organization is the GHA-Russia with me. Could you with o­ne of your organizations become a base for GPS Institute in America? The base, pillar organizations and their researchers from joint GPS Institute would be able to prepare scientific projects solving all other issues that you raised in your analysis.

6. Our main difference is that your priority is recognition of your Earth Constitution, and for me - the creation of the GPS Institute, which does not reject your Constitution but suggest to transform it o­n a scientific basis and to offer it in a single scientific system package of proposals for Global Peace Summit of the two Powers. Could we find a compromise o­n this?

Sincerely, Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA Honorary President, 03/09/16




Уважаемый Лев Михайлович! Невозможно переоценить Ваших усилий и ваших единомышленников и коллег в деле достижения Мира во Всём Мире! И хотя я считаю всё это – всё равно, что «мёртвому припарки» до конца буду оставаться с Вами! Вот некоторые мои предложения изменений, дополнений и сокращений (в прикреплении).

Скорлупин Виктор Иванович, инженер, Минск, visk@list.ru


Уважаемый Виктор Иванович!

Большое спасибо за Вашу твердую и ясную миротворческую позицию и Ваш интеллектуальный вклад в редактирование нашего Обращения, что свидетельствует о Вашем неравнодушном отношении к ключевой проблеме мира. Ваш скептицизм "мертвому припарка", понятный и объяснимый, преодолевается старой русской пословицей: "капля камень точит". Если мы соберем эти капли в поток, он смоет любые преграды и донесет нашу инициативу до всех правительств. Ну а если мы будем бессловесными овцами на заклание на алтарь новой, ядерной мировой войны, то она непременно случится, если для нее готовы добровольные покорные и безвольные миллионы жертв. Ведь глобальные проблемы мира=жизни - это проблемы каждого из нас. Хорошо, что Вы это понимаете, в отличие от многих других, до которых это не дошло еще. Я хочу обратиться к ним, кто не откликнулся на наш проект сотрудничества России-США.


Уважаемые миротворцы! Те, кто не ответил на угрозу ядерной войны и не выразил свою позицию к ее альтернативе!

Перед лицом подготовленной на 100% ядерной агрессии/войны (ТРЕТЬЕЙ МИРОВОЙ) США/НАТО, мы приглашаем вас поддержать в рамках нашего проекта "Россия-Америка: Сотрудничество, диалог и партнерство глобального мира вместо ядерной войны, смертельной для человечества" Повестку Саммита Мира России и США, ниже.


Сотрудничество, диалог и партнерство глобального мира вместо ядерной войны, смертельной для человечества.

Саммит глобального мира двух стран.

"Человечество должно покончить с войной или война покончит с человечеством". Джон Кеннеди

Повестка. (Проект)

1.Социальный космос глобального мира. Его объективные опоры: сферы, законы и акторы мировой гармонии.

2. Наука Глобального Мира (НГМ): исследования его объективных опор, научная геополитика мира и пацифизация международных связей.

3. Право человечества и каждого человека на жизнь, на мир и на свободу от военного, прежде всего от ядерного уничтожения и от его угроз от любой страны.

4. Совместный Институт НГМ с отделениями в России и США для изучения объективных опор мира и обоснования права человечества на жизнь.

5. Международный научный Конкурс на лучший вариант НГМ под эгидой двух стран и ООН.

6. Научные технологии пацифизации и геополитики мира в социальной, экономической, экологической, культурной и организационной сферах.

7. Научные основы и технологии глобального ядерного разоружения до «нуля» в течение 10 лет.

8. Научные основы Конституции Земли какКонституция Глобального Мира: высший инструмент международного права.

9. Глобальное разоружение за 50 лет на основе НГМ.

10. Научная перестройка архитектуры глобальной власти (включая ООН) и построение многополярного мирового порядка, обеспечивающего глобальный мир к концу 21 века.

ВЫВОД. Подобная Повестка Саммита Глобального Мира резюмирует Программу Сотрудничества, Диалога и ПартнерстваРоссии и США в области глобального мира.

ПРИЗЫВ. Приглашаем критиков предложить альтернативную Программу/Повестку сотрудничества России и США для научного сравнения и обсуждения. Читать больше: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=676

Вы могли бы редактировать эту Повестку, которая будет представлена в Правительства двух стран, а также в ООН, ЮНЕСКО и другие миротворческие организации. Могли бы мы надеяться на вашу поддержку, как миротворцев?

Повестка миротворческого сотрудничества двух ядерных сверхдержав, в руках которых находится жизнь и смерть человечества, включая вас, ваших детей и внуков, меня, моих детей и внуков и каждого человека на Земле является ключевым инструментом преодоления их ядерного противостояния. Вы могли бы предложить другую альтернативу? Если да, позвольте нам знать ее. Но если вы молчаливо игнорируете нашу альтернативу, как мы должны понимать ваше молчание? КАК???

Или вы больше не миротворцы??? Тогда кто вы??? .....???? Позвольте нам знать это. Спасибо за ваш отклик. Искренне ваш,

Лев Семашко,

Основатель ГСГ: http://peacefromharmony.org



My dear Leo,

Thank you so much for your letter. I very strongly support your appeal to world leaders expressed in your document "Development of Global Peace Science in [a] Joint Pacifization Institute". Nothing could possibly be more important to the world than the avoidance of thermonuclear war, and as you say in your document, the situation today looks even more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The people of the world must urgently unite in the struggle to abolish nuclear weapons. We must join hands across national borders and work with dedication to replace rivalry by peace and cooperation and to end the madness of militarism. If our leaders will not join us in this great task, then let us have new leaders!

With many warm greetings, and best wishes for the success of your splendid work for peace,

Dr. John Scales Avery, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate,

Denmark http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=672

PS: Thank you for asking about my health. It continues to be problematic, but I hope that I will be able to complete the books that I am preparing for publication.


Мой дорогой Джон!

Я очень рад вашей плодотворной работе на благо глобального мира с использованием его науки. Большое спасибо за вашу сильную поддержку нашего общего проекта, посвященного развитию Науки Глобального Мира в совместном русско-американском институте и Саммиту двух держав как альтернативе ядерной войне. Вы справедливо подчеркиваете, что ничего кроме ее исключения не может быть более важного в мире, особенно в ситуации более острой, чем Карибский кризис. Сотрудничество народов должно положить конец безумию милитаризма и наши лидеры должны присоединиться к этой великой задаче или мы найдем новых лидеров. Это ваше заявление и поддержка нашего проекта как Лауреата Нобелевской Премии Мира являются очень важными и весомыми. Желаю вам крепкого здоровья, завершения и публикации ваших замечательных книг. Искренневаш,

ЛевСемашко, ПочетныйПрезидентГСГ


My dear John,

I am very glad of your fruitful work for the benefit of global peace with using its science.

Thank you very much for your strong support of our common project o­n development of Global Peace Science in the joint Russian-American Institute and the Global Peace Summit of the two Powers as an alternative to nuclear war. You rightly emphasize that nothing could be more important than the avoidance of thermonuclear war, especially in the situation more acute than the Cuban Missile Crisis. The cooperation of the peoples shall put an end to the madness of militarism and our leaders need to join this great task or we will find new leaders. Your statement and support of our project as a Nobel Peace Prize winner is a very important and significant. I wish you good health, completion and publication of your wonderful books. Sincerely,

Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA Honorary President



Dear Leo and peacemakers of GHA,

Nuclear nowadays features a special sensitivity, formed by the intimate work of the soul. The cooperation between the two top forces of our world, the United States of America and Russia, for the elimination of nuclear weapons, will demonstrate the global mental development, and the Peace fertilization.

The Global Peace Science book of GHA provides the proper suggestions and solutions that arise as a bright light, which will illuminate the darkness of today's grim reality. Because it’s built o­n truth and prefigures the creation of activities to win the high and incumbent goal of completely eliminating the use of the nuclear.The human consciousness requires this greatest conquest for a New Age. With Peace from Harmony

Dr. Panagiotis Dimos (Takis) Ioannides

Vice President of GHA, Greece



This is the most positive agenda for the surviving of humankind. I suggest to modify the following points.

7. Scientific basis for nuclear disarmament up to global "nuclear zero" during 10 years.

8. Scientific basis of the Earth Constitution as a Global Peace Constitution: the highest instrument of international law.


7. Scientific basis for nuclear disarmament up to global "nuclear zero" immediately

8. Scientific basis of the Earth Constitution as a Global Peace Constitution: the highest instrument of international law as a First step for a global peace accord based o­n harmonic agreements, compromises, obligations, control and vigilance.

Prof. Emeritus Dr. Ernesto Kahan MD University Professor - Poet – Physician

Tel Aviv University, Israel.


Dear Ernesto,

Many thanks for your strong support and constructive suggestions in our project of Russia-USA Global Peace Cooperation.

Best wishesforpeacefromharmonyvia science (GPS), education, culture and SPHERONS' democracy,




4 сентября: September 4:

Полностью согласна с Алексом Семашко вопределении корня зла для всего мира и оценкой действий руководства СШАво главе с президентом Обамой.

Татьяна Румянцева, научный сотрудник Института генетики, Санкт Петербург



Dear Leo,

Excuse me; but I have been out of the country with much delay in my emails.

I agree to sign the document.

Best regards. François

François Houtart

Profesor en el Instituto de Altos Estudios Nacionales (I.A.E.N.)

Tel: (593) (2) 382 99 00 Ext 272

Fundación Pueblo Indio del Ecuador

Calle Ruiz de Castilla N 26-92 y Sosaya - 170520 - Quito ECUADOR

Tel. (593) (2) 32.12.100 Cel. (593)

Rue Kelle, 192/6 - B-1150 Bruxelles

Tel. (32) 476.31.50.53


Dear Francois,

Many thanks for your support from Bruxelles and Ecuador simultaneously of our Russian-American peace project instead their nuclear war.

Best  wishes  for  peace  from  harmony  via science (GPS), education, culture and SPHERONS' democracy,





Dear Leo:

I am in full support of your excellent peace project: Russian - American Cooperation.

As a matter of fact, our 12th Yalta Conference "Religion in Civil Society", November 23-24, 2016, will be devoted to the same issue of cooperation.

I shall give a paper o­n the cooperation of the Slavic, American, and European World.

You and your friends are very much invited to join us.

Best wishes, your Rudi, from the House of Mir

Rudolf Siebert, (b. 1927), Professor of Religion and Society in the Department of Comparative Religion at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. He develops the Critical Theory of Society and Religion presented in about 300 scientific publications in 12 languages, including 28 books and 35 chapters. He is the leading researcher of the world religions Golden Rule as the first conscious principle of social harmony. Director of the two international courses: 1. "Future of Religion" in Dubrovnik, Croatia since 1975, and 2. "Religion in Civil Society" in Yalta, Crimea since 1999. He is the "Peace from Harmony" and GHA founder in 2005 and has the GHA highest Honorary Title: World Harmony Creator.

Web: www.rudolfjsiebert.org, http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=51


Dear Rudi,

Thanks for your "full support" of our Cooperation project, about which you started to speak still in Global Peace Science (pages 396-401): "The Slavic and the American Worlds: The Possibility of Peaceful Cooperation".

I very like you will continue this theme in Crimea, in Yalta Conference in November. Many thanks for your kind invitation o­n it. Unfortunately I cannot arrive o­n it but could I participate o­n it in absentia with my paper "Russia - America Global Peace Cooperation and Summit". Is it possible for your Conference? Thank you.

Best wishes for peace from harmony via science (GPS), education, culture and SPHERONS' democracy,



Dear Leo:

We are sad that you cannot be with us in Yalta physically. But we are happy that you will be with us in spirit. Your paper is most welcome! Best wishes for you and your great peace work ,

Your Rudi from the House of Mir



Dear Léo,

Absent since the beginning of July, I return in my residence Sunday, September 4! I did not have time to read all your texts, but I am Ok with your projects, this knows to you!

Very quickly now, as envisaged, I will start again the French interlocutor the representative in France which goes to Japan in September, this, to support the relation between our network and Mr Daisaku IKEDA. Very cordially.


Philosopher, Poet and Singer, Poet,




Yes, dear Leo, your scientific and strategic vision for this agreement is paramount for the world to be at peace. For this reason, I saw that this universal convention would know the same steps with that of biological and chemical ban. THE CONVENTION o­n THE ELIMINATION

I think that the present world is in turmoil and that nuclear weapons remains the most destructive of our planet, but states in procession of this weapon custody as the joker of their superpower. Worse, now, we are afraid that this harmful weapon fall into the hands of non-state armed and no constitutional, uncontrollable guerria and this would lead to a global threat to all humanity. From this principle, GPS shows that the prohibition of weapons generally above and stimulates their elimination and not the reverse. For example, the prohibition of biological and chemical weapons was an essential step for their removal. As the conventions o­n biological and chemical weapons, the prohibition of nuclear weapons would encourage nuclear-weapon States to join the Treaty, where they will undertake to remove a specified date. o­nce these nations have joined the treaty, agreements will be made to ensure that stocks will be destroyed, verifiable and irreversible manner. The ban treaty need not consider every step towards the total elimination. Will instead focus o­n creating the framework for achieving this objective. Change the "rules of the game" regarding nuclear weapons will have a significant impact well beyond the already favorable states. It is this belief that is based the new momentum for a ban treaty. o­nce in force, the CTBT seriously call into question the idea that the possession of nuclear weapons may be legitimate for some states.

Vision: Ammar Banni, Professor,




5 сентября: September 5:


Dear Leo

My apologies but a heavy schedule recently has meant that I am o­nly just catching up o­n many emails including several of yours.

I am happy to support your latest initiative. As I have mentioned previously, whatever our differences in analysis and response, it is important to me that our continuing shared efforts press, in their different ways, for far greater cooperation in our struggle for a just peace in this world. Without this cooperation, there will be no world (as we know it).

So, if it is not too late, I am pleased for you to include me in your latest initiative, which I will mention in the forthcoming report to all signatories of the Nonviolence Charter in October.

Warmest regards as always;


Dr. Robert J. Burrowes


Email: flametree@riseup.net

Websites: http://thepeoplesnonviolencecharter.wordpress.com (Nonviolence Charter)

          http://tinyurl.com/flametree (Flame Tree Project to Save Life o­n Earth)

          http://tinyurl.com/whyviolence ('Why Violence?')

          https://nonviolentstrategy.wordpress.com/ (Nonviolent Campaign Strategy)

Personal page: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=679


Дорогой Роберт,

Очень хорошо, что Австралия в вашем лице поддержала наш призыв учредить Саммит Россия-США по вопросам глобального мира и его жесткого/прочного фундамента – Науки Глобального Мира, чтобы предотвратить самое дикое насилие - ядерную войну, уничтожающую человечество в попирающую его и каждого человека главное право - право на жизнь = мир. Спасибо!

Теперь наш призыв поддерживают со всех пяти континентов!!! Но почему молчат другие миротворцы? Они хотят уничтожения человечества??? Или они напуганы "разбойным государством" (William Blum: https://williamblum.org/books/rogue-state/)???

С наилучшими пожеланиями мира из гармонии через науку (НГМ), образование, культуры и демократию СФЕРОНОВ,



Dear Robert,

Very good that Australia in your face supported our Appeal to establish the Russia-USA Summit o­n Global Peace and its hard/firm foundation - Global Peace Science to prevent the most wild violence - nuclear war and annihilation of humanity in flouting main its right and every person - right o­n life=peace. Thank you!

Now our Appeal has support from all five continents!!! But WHY is silent other peacemakers? They want humanity annihilation??? Or they are frightened by the "rogue state" (William Blum: https://williamblum.org/books/rogue-state/)???

Best wishes for peace from harmony via science (GPS), education, culture and SPHERONS' democracy,





Ὅπου γῆς ἄνθρωποι νοηματικοί ποιηταί
τῆς Θεοῦ ἀληθείας γνωσιακοί δομηταί
ἀφυπνισθεῖτε, ἐγερθεῖται κατά πολέμων ἀντισταθεῖτε
Ἀμερικῆς, δολοφονικῆς οἰκονομικῆς τρομοκρατίας κινηθεῖτε.

Τοῦ Ὀμπάμα σιωνιστικομασονικῆς δολίας
καί οἰκονομικοῦ δολοφόνου λαῶν Σόρος, Ρόζελντ πορείας
μέ ὀδηγόν Νέας Ἐποχῆς τρομοκρατίας
Νέας Τάξεως πραγμάτων δολομητικῆς δημοκρατίας.

Τοῦ πανικοῦ, τρόμου τοῦ κόσμου
πρός ἐπιβολήν τραγικοῦ ἀκόσμου,
καί ἡ Ρωσσία μόνη μάχεται
ὑπό τόν εὐσεβή Πούτιν διά παγκοσμίαν εἰρήνη

καί ἁρμονίαν λαών μέ δικαιοσύνην,
ἐθνικήν, ἀνεξαρτησίαν, ἐλευθερίαν, ὁμοφροσύνην,
πρόοδον λαῶν μέ οἰκονομικήν ἀνέλιξιν
καί παραγωγήν ἀγαθῶν ζωῆς ἐξέλιξιν.

Ποιηταί ἀληθείας κόσμου συνακόλουθοι, ἀκολουθεῖτε
Θεοσεβή Πρόεδρον Πούτιν Ρωσσίας ἀξίως,
διά εἰρήνην, ἁρμονίαν Οἰκουμένης κινηθεῖτε
καί τόν κόσμον πληροφορεῖτε αἰσίως.

Δρ Δρ Ἀπόστολος Ἰωάννου Πάσχος, Μέτσοβον Ἑλλάς



United States of America and Russia


Where sign poets-poetesses people of earth

cognitive creators of God’s truth,

awakened, raised, resist against wars

America, murderous economic terrorism, be moved.


Obama’s Zionist-masonry fraudulence

and economic killers of people Soros Rozelnt course

with guide New Age terrorism

New Order Era fraudent democracy,


for panic, terror of the world

for imposition of tragic indecency,

and Russia battling alone

with leader the pious Putin for Global Peace,

for people’s harmony with justice,

national, independent status, liberal, accord,

nation’s progression with economical unfolding

and goods production and life evolution.

Poets-poetesses of fellow walkers, follow

The pious President Putin of Russia with real value,

for peace, move for Ecumenical harmony

and inform people hopefully.


Dr Dr Apostolos John Paschos, city of Metsovon, Hellas

5-9-2016 a.C.




From Reimon Bachika, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Kobe, Japan.

Web: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=24


Дорогой Реймон!

Ваше ДА нашему проекту мирного сотрудничества России и Америки, чтобы предотвратить безумие глобальной ядерной войны, особенно ценно из Японии как жертвы первой американской ядерной агрессии в 1945 году. Угроза подобной агрессии сохраняется миллиардерской (1%) демократией США, Конгресс которой принял в декабре 2014 года резолюцию о подготовке войны с Россией (Рональд Пол. Безрассудный Конгресс ‘объявляет войну’ России: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=711). Она неизбежно станет ядерной войной, жертвой которой станут не 200 тысяч невинно убитых Хиросимы и Нагасаки, а миллиарды жертв Америки, Европы и Азии.

Это безумие можно предотвратить только Коперниканским переворотом сознания двух ядерных супердержав с войны на мир путем совместного развития Науки Глобального Мира и всех ее бесконечных мирных следствий, первым из которых будет ядерный ноль.

Могли бы вы вместе с вашими коллегами из Японии начать в Интернете кампанию сбора подписей в поддержку «Саммита Глобального Мира России/США за Ядерный Ноль»? Это был бы ваш великий вклад в Глобальный Мир, который исключает ядерную агрессию и войну. Как вы знаете, Саммит и его повестка предложены в проекте ГСГ: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=676. Сердечноваш,

Лев Семашко,

Почетный Президент ГСГ,



Dear Reimon,

Your YES for the GHA project of “Russia/USA Peace Cooperation” to prevent the madness of global nuclear war is particularly valuable from Japan as victim of the first American nuclear aggression in 1945. The threat of such aggression is saved by the US billionaire’s democracy (1%), which Congress approved in December 2014 a resolution o­n preparation for the war with Russia (Ronald Paul. Reckless Congress 'declares war' o­n Russia: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=711). It will inevitably become a nuclear war, the victims of which would be not the 200 thousand innocently killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the billions of victims of America, Europe and Asia.

This insanity can be prevented only by the Copernican revolution of consciousness of the two nuclear superpowers from war to peace through the joint development of Global Peace Science and through all its endless peaceful consequences, the first of which is the nuclear zero.

Could you together with your colleagues from Japan to start the Internet campaign to collect signatures in support of the "Russia/USA Global Peace Summit for Nuclear Zero"? This would be your great contribution to global peace, which excludes nuclear aggression and war. As you know, the Summit and its agenda are proposed in the GHA project: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=710.Cordially yours,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Honorary President,





Bruce L. Cook, Ph.D.

GHA Vice-President and Board Member

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony

Publisher and Editor, President, World Writers Resources, Inc.;

Author, Harmony of Nations: 1943 – 2020, Just Fiction Editions, 2012

Address: USA, Web: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=544



Миротворцам Америки!

Дорогой Брюс!

Мы очень благодарны за вашу поддержку проекта ГСГ, критически важного для судеб двух наших великих держав: «Россия-Америка: Коперниканская революция отношений вместо безумия ядерной войны». Мы рады, что вы понимаете критическую важность этого проекта для наших народов и надеемся, что другие американские миротворцы и гражданские организации поймут его значение как пусковой народной дипломатии, толкающей наши правительства к разумному, научному партнерству вместо безумия подготовленной ими на 100% ядерной войны. Но для подобной политической воли необходима массовая поддержка этой народной дипломатии со стороны американских миротворцев.

Могли бы вы, как известный американский миротворец, вместе с вашими коллегами из WWPO, IAEWP and GHA взять на себя высокую миссию инициировать спасительное миротворческое движение США в поддержку нашего совместного проекта? Мы предлагаем назвать это американское миротворческое движение так: «Россия/США: Разумный Мир вместо безумия войны» под баннером в прикреплении и выше? Вы могли бы зарегистрировать эту организацию в США как 5/3с со всеми льготами и создать ее фонд для сбора пожертвований. Вы могли бы пригласить в руководство этого фонда, например, Джил Стайн – неудачного участника президентской гонки от Зеленой Партии, бывшего конгрессмена Дениса Кусинича, Ноама Хомского, Шарон Теннисон и других влиятельных миротворцев из США. Предотвращение ядерного безумия войны США и России привлекло бы сильное внимание американской общественности. Это был бы ваш великий вклад и американских миротворцев в глобальный мир и разумную альтернативную стратегию безумию ядерной войны. Эта инициатива возможна для вас? Спасибо за отклик.

Лев Семашко,

Почетный Президент ГСГ,



To Peacemakers of America!

Dear Bruce,

We are very grateful for your support of the GHA project crucial for the fate of our two great Powers: "Russia-America: The Copernican Revolution of Relations Instead Insanity of Nuclear War." We are glad that you understand the critical importance of this project for our peoples and we hope that other US peacemakers and civilian organizations will understand its value as a trigger public diplomacy pushing our governments to sanity scientific partnership instead of madness of prepared them for 100% nuclear war. But this requires political will, mass support of the people's diplomacy from the US peacemakers.

Could you, as a famous American peacemaker and publisher, together with your colleagues from WWPO, IAEWP and GHA take the high mission to initiate the US saving peacemaking movement in support of our joint project? We propose to title this American peace movement: "Russia/US: Sanity Peace Instead of War Insanity" (you could edit it) under the banner in attachment and above? You could register this organization in the USA as a 5/3c (if I do not mistake) with all the perks and establish its foundation to collect donations. You could invite to the leadership of this foundation such as Ms. Jill Stein - unsuccessful candidacy of presidential race from the Green Party, former Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Noam Chomsky, Sharon Tennison and other influential peacemakers from the United States. Preventing nuclear madness of the war between the USA and Russia would attract strong attention of the American public. This would be your great contribution and American peacemakers in global peace and rational alternative strategy to insanity of nuclear war. Is similar initiative possible for you? Thank you for your response.

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Honorary President,




Yes I support this project.

Dr. Helen Caldicott






Лев Семашко!

Поднятый вопрос о дружеских отношениях России и США всегда был актуальным, но почти неразрешимым. Желание его разрешить упирается в капиталистический способ развития сейчас всех стран. Это поиск сверх прибылей, не считаясь с конкурентами и народами.

Я от всей души желал бы дружбы вообще между странами, но как показывает нам история это почти невозможно. Хотелось бы, чтобы нас всех услышали и поняли, что другого выхода, как мирное существование между странами с атомным вооружением (да и без атомного вооружения) приведет нас к самоуничтожению – не существует. Если мы объясним всем это, но нас не понимают, т.к. для них это "Ересь", значит, нас надо сжечь на костре. Если нас поймут - то нас поднимут на "Щит" и спасут человечество.

Дай бог всем нам разума и мирного существования. Для этого надо всему этому учиться с пеленок! Мира нам всем и спокойной жизни!

Леонид Мараховский,


Киев, Украина




Призыв к миротворцам. Россия-Америка:

Коперниканская революция отношений вместо безумия ядерной войны.

Дорогие миротворцы, друзья!

Я счастлив сообщить, что в ГСГ завершилось 10 дневное обсуждение и утверждение нашего проекта: «Россия-Америка: Коперниканская революция отношений вместо безумия ядерной войны»: (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=676) и в прикреплении. Мы не получили ни одного возражение, но получили одобрение от 40 миротворцев из 20 стран. Другие миротворцы, очевидно, не видят никакой угрозы в противостоянии двух ядерных гигантов с 95% запасов этого оружия; или надеются, что она сама рассосется по принципу «авось, небось и как-нибудь». Миротворцы прошлого также думали и накануне первой и накануне второй мировой войны. Но третья грозит наказать всех за легкомыслие и пассивность. Каждому свое!

Здесь мне остается только повторить призыв ко всем миротворцам, который я сформулировал Брюсу Куку из США: могли бы вы, вместе с вашими коллегами взять на себя высокую миссию инициировать спасительное миротворческое движение в США и других западных странах в поддержку нашего совместного проекта? Мы предлагаем назвать это международное миротворческое движение так: «Россия/США: Разумный Мир вместо безумия войны» под баннером в прикреплении и выше? Предотвращение ядерного безумия войны США и России привлекло бы сильное внимание гражданского общества любой страны. Это был бы ваш великий вклад в глобальный мир и разумную альтернативную стратегию безумию ядерной войны. Наша инициатива должна получить практическое воплощение. Лучшие пожелания мира из гармонии через науку (ГСГ),

Лев Семашко,

Почетный президент ГСГ,



The call to the peacemakers. Russia-America:

Copernican Revolution of Relations Instead Insanity of Nuclear War.

Dear peacemakers, friends,

I am happy to report that in the GHA was completed 10 day discussion and approval of our project: "Russia-America: Copernican Revolution of Relations Instead Insanity of Nuclear War": (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=710)and in attachment. We have not received any objection but have received approval from 40 peacemakers from 20 countries. Other peacemakers, obviously, do not see any threat in the confrontation between the two nuclear giants with 95% of stocks of these weapons; or hope that it will resolve itself o­n the principle of "maybe, probably and somehow." The peacemakers of the past also thought and before the First and before the Second World War. But the Third threatens to punish everyone for their carelessness and passivity. "Suum cuique"!

Here I can o­nly reiterate the call to all peacemakers, which I formulated to Dr. Bruce Cook from USA: Could you together with your colleagues take the high mission to initiate in the US and other Western countries saving peacemaking movement in support of our joint project? We propose to title this International peace movement: "Russia/US: Sanity Peace Instead of War Insanity" under the banner in attachment and above? Preventing nuclear madness of the war between the USA and Russia would attract strong attention of the civil society of any country. This would be your great contribution to global peace and rational alternative strategy to insanity of nuclear war. Our initiative should be implemented in practice.

Best wishes for peace from harmony through science (GHA),

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Honorary President,




Dear Léo,Dear All,

Indeed, document GHA “Russia-America: The Copernican Revolution of Relations Instead Insanity of Nuclear War” is a very important contribution for world peace. I will address it to the French media!

Surmounting their different Washington and Moscow managed day before yesterday an agreement concerning Syria. The Syrian mode and the moderate opposition could cease the combat, leaving the free field to American-Russian operations coordinated against the djihadists!

However, this fragile agreement needs to be supported by a solid comprehension o­n a scientific basis of peace and document GHA is this means.

Indeed, o­n February 27th, 2016 in Geneva KERRY and LAVROV had managed a first agreement, but which did not resist in particular because of the resumption of the engagements Alep principal face of the conflict. o­ne of the challenges of the veracity of this agreement is the influence of Russia o­n the mode of Damas.

Then, this document “Russia-America: The Copernican Revolution of Relations Instead Insanity of Nuclear War” has implications taking into account the challenge of the nuclear disarmament which of course overflows the reality of such or such conflict! But its contents o­n a decisive challenge of becoming of humanity = would weigh and will weigh o­n the whole of the diplomacy.






Dear Leo,

Thanks for your kind invitation. Sadly my schedule does not permit new projects, as important as they surely are. Further, I should mention that it is very expensive and time consuming to establish a new NGO, and also to continue it after it is established. Blessings in your work,

Bruce Cook,





Dear Leo:

I am fully behind you 100%. Keep up the good work. The world needs you and continues to appreciate your services. Spaceebah Balshoye.

Dr. Charles Mercieca

President, International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP), US




Дорогой Чарльз!

Мы рады услышать ваш голос поддержки пусть поздно. Мы беспокоились за ваше здоровье и счастливы читать ваше миротворческое послание. К сожалению, многие миротворцы не могут быть активны и постоянно откликаться в своем возрасте и по здоровью.

Вы прошли вместе с ГСГ долгий путь миротворчества из гармонии, начиная с 2005 года. Вы участвовали вашими статьями в публикации всех восьми книг ГСГ, начиная с Календаря Гармоничной Эры (2006), Великой Хартии Гармонии (2007), Академии Мира и Гармонии (2008), Гармоничной Цивилизации (2009) и кончая Азбукой Гармонии (2012) и Наукой Глобального Мира (2016) вместе с профессорами Реймоном Бачика из Японии, Ренато Корсетти из Италии, Рудольфом Зибертом из США, Марией Асконой из Аргентины, Гаем Креки из Франции, Эрнестом Каханом и Адой Ахарони их Израиля, Хилари Роземан из Австралии, Эвелин Линднер из Норвегии и многими другими. Я попытаюсь составить список ваших статей и других основателей ГСГ за 12 лет опубликованных в 8 книгах ГСГ, в его 52 проектах и на сайте ГСГ «Мир из Гармонии», число посещений которого приближается к 10 миллионам. Это наш бессмертный миротворческий коллективный плод из гармонии, который имеет решающее значение для возрождения и развития миротворчества в 21 века на принципиально новой основе научной гармонии или науки гармонии (Тетрасоциологии), воплощенной нами в Науке Глобального Мира.

Наша миротворческая деятельность дала уникальные и эффективные плоды на весь 21 век и дальше, потому что мы встали на новаторский путь мира из гармонии через науку. К сожалению, этот путь остается чужим и неизвестным многим другим миротворцам, деятельность которых замкнута в узкой скорлупе той или иной «паранойи фрагментарности». Новые идеи, как известно, долго и с трудом пробивают себе дорогу. Об этом хорошо писал Ганди, ненасилие которого составляет душу нашего движения к миру из гармонии, поднимая ненасилие на уровень научной гармонии и гармоничной науки. Это будущее человечества, которое мы заложили вместе, чтобы о нас не говорили наши оппоненты и чужаки. Крепкого здоровья вам и новых совместных миротворческих достижений!

Искренне и сердечно ваш,




Dear Charles,

We are glad to hear your voice of support even if late. We were worried about your health and happy to read your message of peacemaking. Unfortunately, many of the peacemakers cannot be active and constantly respond to their age and health.

You went along with the GHA a long way of peacemaking from harmony since 2005. You participated with your articles in the publication of all eight GHA books, starting since the Harmonious Era Calendar (2006), the Magna Carta of Harmony (2007), the Academy of Peace and Harmony (2008), Harmonious Civilization (2009) and ending with the ABC of Harmony (2012) and Global Peace Science (2016), together with the Professors Reimon Bachika from Japan, Renato Corsetti of Italy, Rudolf Siebert from the US, Maria Azcona from Argentina, Guy Crequie of France, Ernesto Kahan and Ada Aharoni of Israel, Hilarie Roseman from Australia, Evelin Lindner from Norway and many others. I will try to make a list of your articles and other GHA founders for 12 years published in 8 books of GHA, in its 52 projects and o­n the GHA website "Peace from Harmony", the number of visits which is close to 10 million.

It is our collective peacemaking immortal fruit from harmony, which is crucial for the revival and development of peacemaking in the 21st century o­n the basis of a fundamentally new scientific harmony or science of harmony (Tetrasociology) embodied by us in Global Peace Science. Our peacemaking gave unique and effective benefits for the entire 21st century and beyond, because we embarked an innovative way of peace from harmony through science. Unfortunately, this way is strange and unknown to many other (traditional) peacemakers, the activity of which is closed in the narrow shell of a "paranoia fragmentation." The new ideas, as it is well known, make their way for a long time and hardly. About this Gandhi well wrote, non-violence of who is the soul of our movement to peace from harmony, raising non-violence to the level of scientific harmony and harmonious science. This is the future of humanity that we have laid together, that have not talked about us our opponents and outsiders. Good health to you and your new joint peacemaking achievements!

I sincerely and cordially yours,

Dr. Leo Semashko,




Dear Leo, Bruce and all concerned.

I have asked Leo to not use my name or CCI’s name with his PR materials. Somehow he doesn’t heed my requests. We all have our different ways of achieving our ends, so our methodologies will somewhat be different.

Again, do not include my name or CCI’s name o­n any of the PR materials being sent out.

Many thanks,

Sharon Tennison, President

Center for Citizen Initiatives, USA



Дорогая Шарон!

Я исключил вас и вашу организацию из нашего миротворческого проекта «Россия-Америка: Коперниканская революция отношений вместо безумия ядерной войны» (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=676) - это не ПР, а дискуссия. Но мы надеемся, что вы поддерживаете этот проект гражданской дипломатии, который развивает и поднимает на новый уровень вашу мужественную и трудную работу этой дипломатии двух народов в течение 33 лет. К сожалению, она не принесла плодов и была неспособна препятствовать обострению отношений между ними, которые выросли до 100% подготовленной ядерной войны с американской самоубийственной иллюзией победить в ядерной войне, как об этом пишет Др. Элен Колдикот из Австралии (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=712).

Вашей критики мы не слышали, а ваши страхи понятны. Я понимаю ваше опасение скомпрометировать себя связями с невозможными идеями. Но как быть тогда с вашей замечательной книгой «Мощь невозможных идей»? Чему мы теперь должны доверять? Вашей книге или вашим страхам? Я понимаю вас, потому что в советские времена, когда я был внесен в черные списки КГБ как диссидент, я тоже не хотел упоминания моего имени и моих организаций. Как я понимаю (и вы пишите об этом), в США возвращаются времена Маккартизма и охоты за ведьмами.

Что касается различия наших методологий, то она признается в нашей Науке Глобального Мира, в которой опубликованы ваши статьи. Кроме того, различие необходимо для развития, для преодоления ошибок и «паранойи фрагментарности». Кроме того, оно служит предметом нашей гражданской дипломатии и мы не можем убегать от различий мышления, культуры и методологий двух народов и т.д. Мы надеемся, в конечном счете, что мы продолжим наше сотрудничество на пути высокой и плодотворной гражданской дипломатии на основе науки и гармонии, если на традиционной основе она не принесла никаких плодов, кроме худших.

С надеждой на сотрудничество и с лучшими пожеланиями,




Dear Sharon,

I excluded you and your organization from our peacemaking project "Russia-America: The Copernican Revolution of Relations Instead Insanity of Nuclear War" (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=710) - this is not PR and discussion. But we hope that you support this project of civil diplomacy, which develops and raises to a new level your courageous and hard work of this diplomacy between the two nations for 33 years. Unfortunately, it did not bring fruit and was unable to prevent the relations aggravation between them, which grew up to 100% prepared nuclear war with the US suicidal illusion to win a nuclear war, as it writes Dr. Helen Caldicott of Australia (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=712).

Your criticism we have not heard and your fears are understandable.I understand your fear of compromising himself due to the impossible ideas. But what is with your remarkable book "Power of Impossible Ideas"? What we now have to trust? Your book or your fears? I understand you, because in Soviet times, when I was introduced to the KGB black lists as a dissident, I did not want to mention my name and my organizations. As I understand it (and you write about it), in the United States the times of McCarthyism and witch hunting are returned.

With regard to the difference of our methodologies, it is recognized in our Global Peace Science, in which were published your articles. Moreover, the difference is necessary for development to overcome errors and "paranoia fragmentation". In addition, it is the subject of our civil diplomacy and we cannot run away from differences of thinking, culture and methodologies of the two peoples, etc. We hope ultimately that we will continue our cooperation in the way of high and fruitful civil diplomacy based o­n science and harmony if o­n a traditional basis it did not bring any fruit, except for the worst.

With hope for cooperation and best wishes,

Dr. Leo Semashko,




Dear Leo

In your email below you observe that 'We have not received any objection'. However I note that, compared to the original proposal you circulated o­n 29 August 2016, this final document no longer includes the signatures of Noam Chomsky, Johan Galtung, Mairead Maguire, Jan Oberg and David Swanson. Why is that please?

Best wishes for peace through harmony;

Dr. Robert J. Burrowes,





Дорогой Роберт!

В первоначальном документе я приглашал их также как и вас. Я не получил отклика от них. Причину этого я не знаю. Поэтому мы не можем квалифицировать их молчание как «возражение». Вы могли бы написать им и спросить их об этом специально. Вы могли бы сделать это? Любой их ответ будет полезен нам. Спасибо. Лучшие пожелания,
          Лев Семашко,


Dear Robert,

In the original document, I invited them as well as you. I have not received a response from them. The reason I do not know. We therefore cannot qualify their silence as "objection". You could write to them and ask them about this specifically. Could you do it? Any their answer will be useful to us. Thank you. Best regards,

Dr. Leo Semashko,



Dear Leo,

Please be kind enough to add my support and name to your important campaign.


Mairead Maguire

NOBEL peace laureate




Дорогая Мейрид,

Большое спасибо вам за вашу сильную и важную поддержку нашего совместного проекта «Россия-Америка: Коперниканская революция отношений вместо безумия ядерной войны» (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=676).

Я был счастлив включить ваше имя в соавторы этого уникального проекта, потому что мы все хорошо знаем вас как преданного миру борца, бесстрашного перед всеми угрозами, за что вы были удостоены Нобелевской Премии Мира в 1976 году за урегулирование кровавого конфликта в Северной Ирландии. После этого вы показали себя непримиримым противником агрессивного милитаристского НАТО, требуя его ликвидации и квалифицируя войну в Ираке с 3 миллионами невинных жертв, включая 750 тысяч детей как геноцид США и Британии против иракского народа. Это отражено (но очень мало) на вашей странице нашего сайта «Мир из Гармонии»: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=678.

Ваше публичное участие в нашем проекте это большая честь для всех его соавторов. Оно еще важно потому, что вы являетесь соавтором Науки Глобального Мира (НГМ) и одним из основателей этой беспрецедентной науки, способной победить все войны вместе с военной наукой. Вы сформулировали важную миротворческую инновацию: гражданское ненасильственное сопротивление милитаризму и НАТО, а также движение к разоружению «требует от нас изучать науку мира» (там же). Это фундаментальные идеи НГМ и основанного на ней проекта «Сотрудничества Мира России/США». Ему очень нужна ваша сильная поддержка и участие.

Я буду посылать этот проект в Российское правительство в течение недели. Могли бы вы, со своей стороны, послать этот проект в Москву Президенту Путину и министру Лаврову из Северной Ирландии, может быть через Российское Консульство вместе с вашим сопроводительным письмом на вашем официальном бланке Лауреата Нобелевской Премии Мира? Это будет более надежный путь, так как Московская бюрократия тормозит ход русским письмам. Новому Американскому правительству мы пошлем его в декабре. Спасибо вам.

Искренне ваш, сердечно,

Лев Семашко,

Почетный Президент ГСГ,



Dear Mairead,

Thank you very much for your strong and very important support of our joint project: "Russia-America: The Copernican Revolution of relations instead of the insanity of nuclear war," (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=710).

I was happy to include your name in the coauthors of this unique project, because we all know well you as a fearless before all the threats and loyal peace champion, for what you were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976 for the settlement of the bloody conflict in Northern Ireland. After that, you have proved to be an implacable opponent of aggressive militaristic NATO, demanding its elimination and qualifying the war in Iraq with 3 million of innocent victims, including 750 thousand children as the US and Britain genocide against the Iraqi people. This was reflected (but very little) o­n your page of our site "Peace from Harmony":http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=678.

Your public participation in this project is a great honor for all its coauthors. It is also important because you are coauthor of Global Peace Science (GPS) and o­ne of the founders of this unprecedented science, which is able to win all the wars together with their military science. You have formulated an important peace-making innovation: civil nonviolent resistance to militarism and NATO, as well as movement towards disarmament "that is why we need to teach the science of peace at every level of society" (ibid). This is the fundamental idea for GPS and based o­n it the project "Russia/USA Peace Cooperation." It is really needed with your strong support and participation.

I will send the project/appeal to the Russian government during a week. Could you, with your side, sent it (in attachment) to Moscow for President Putin and Minister Lavrov, from Northern Ireland, may be through the Russian Consulate along with your cover letter o­n the official letterhead of Nobel Prize Laureate. It will be more reliable way, as the Moscow bureaucracy hampers the Russian letters. To the USA new government we will send it in December. Thank you.

Yours sincerely, warmly,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Honorary President,





My most respected sir,

Thanks for sending me your valuable and practical ideas relating to the safety of humanity.

I am however of the view that the menace that US has always created cannot be ended unless the rival powers see eye to eye and tell the US and its allies that the US demonic stupidity is no more tolerable. These words may sound harsh, but the robber must know that he can be shot in his head.

The Russian and Chinese leadership is more sensible as they try to avoid armed conflict. But if a disastrous conflict is inflicted upon by the demon, that demon along with all its false propaganda has to be smashed o­n its head.

Peace can come, no doubt, by eliminating the threat of war and war itself. The struggle of ending wars is the biggest struggle of the real peace makers of our humanity. Your struggle and efforts are also in the same direction, towards a great struggle.

Wish you the best,

Muhammad Faruque Malik,




Dear Muhammad,

Many thanks for your strong words of support from famous Muslim writer of Egypt, if we are not mistaken.

Peace between the two largest nuclear powers, owning 95% of the nuclear weapons, could quickly lead to nuclear zero. Let's hope for prudence of the new American president.

Best wishes for peace from harmony via science (GPS), education, culture and SPHERONS' democracy,






Dear Leo

Thank you for all your great work


Mairead Maguire



Your small but important practical contribution to the International

Day of Peace o­n September 21

Dear peacemakers, friends,

Ms Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and I sent our project "Russia-USA-Peace" (RUSAP - in attachment) by the 42 coauthors from 21 countries to the President of Russia and his Minister of Foreign Affairs, each with its side - from St. Petersburg and from Northern Ireland.

We call each bold and responsible peacemaker to follow our example in the spirit of citizen diplomacy and make your personal, small but important practical contribution to the International Day of Peace o­n 21 September. Please send our RUSAP project (or call) to the leaders of Russia until 21 September, and in December – to the new leaders of America with the hope that they will be more prudent and peaceful than Obama. The addresses of Russian leaders are below. The US addresses will report in December.

We could offer you the next version of the cover letter: "I (or we, if o­n behalf of the organization) am strongly concerned about a military confrontation between Russia and the United States with Congress ‘Declares War’ o­n Russia (Resolution 758) and the concentration of the NATO military forces, including missile and nuclear infrastructure, o­n the western border of Russia. As Noam Chomsky emphasized, “Russia-US atomic war threatens nuclear annihilationto every nation and every person o­n the planet, because these Powers possess 95% of nuclear weapons. Therefore we call you, the leaders of Russia and the United States, in our attached project to change the dimension of bilateral relations from the military to peacemaking. We invite you to start their rebuilding by USA-Russia Global Peace Summit, for example, in June 2017. Its initial agenda is proposed in our project for further agreement. We hope for your political will to maintain peace, your sanity and peacemaking responsibility, which will dispose you to the attentive attitude to our project reflecting the life aspirations of all nations. Sincerely, (signature and all the author (s) titles)." Of course, you could edit it.

We, and all people of the world are waiting this peacekeeping contribution, first of all, from our most active and responsible peacemakers: Charles Mercieca, Roger Kotila, Rudolf Siebert and Bruce Cook of the USA; Julia Budnikova, Leonid Timoshenko and Svetlana Vetrova of Russia; John Avery from Denmark; Subhash Chandra, Ramesh Kumar and Surendra Pathak of India; Uraz Baimuratov and Zaure Hizatola from Kazakhstan; Ernesto Kahan and Ada Aharoni from Israel; Ayo Amale and Heli Habirimana from Africa; Maria Azcona and Susana Rodriguez of Argentina; Reimon Bachika from Japan; Delasnieve Daspet from Brazil; Takis Ioannides and Apostolos Paschos from Greece; Guy Crequie from France; Robert Burrowes and Helen Caldicott of Australia; Francois Houtart from Belgium; Bishnu Pathak of Nepal; Ammar Bunny from Algeria; and so o­n.

We also hope that you will be able to publish our joint project RUSAP o­n your websites and submit it to various media of your countries. This will be our common practical contribution as the world citizens to the International Day of Peace and the current peace-building in general. With regards and best wishes of peace from harmony,
Dr. Leo Semashko,

Presidential Executive Office of Russia: http://en.kremlin.ru/contacts



To Whom It May Concern


I spent many hours reading and reviewing the Global Peace Science documents and attachments in the below email. I previously had limited awareness of this effort from the Global Harmony Association and found much of it interesting and informative, and in some parts I was unable to identify the focus or practicality I was looking for. I could provide many of comments but I am not sure if they would be considered of any value or impact beyond what I am including below.

To me Global Peace Science appears to be a wonderful proposal for a new world order - yet there is no accompanying dramatic change in the world wide balance of power to give this initiative urgency and momentum.Here is what I believe is a fair definition of a new world order (used with apology for lack of a better term) from the beginning of the Wikipedia page o­n that topic:"The term "new world order" has been used to refer to any new period of history evidencing a dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power. Despite various interpretations of this term, it is primarily associated with the ideological notion of global governance o­nly in the sense of new collective efforts to identify, understand, or address worldwide problems that go beyond the capacity of individual nation-states to solve.One of the first and most well-known Western uses of the term was in Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points[citation needed], and in a call for a League of Nations following the devastation of World War I. The phrase was used sparingly at the end of World War II when describing the plans for the United Nations and the Bretton Woods system, and partly because of its negative associations with the failed League of Nations. However, many commentators have applied the term retroactively to the order put in place by the World War II victors as a "new world order." The most widely discussed application of the phrase of recent times came at the end of the Cold War. Presidents Mikhail Gorbachev and George H. W. Bush used the term to try to define the nature of the post-Cold War era, and the spirit of great power cooperation that they hoped might materialize. Gorbachev's initial formulation was wide ranging and idealistic, but his ability to press for it was severely limited by the internal crisis of the Soviet system. Bush's vision was, in comparison, not less circumscribed: “A hundred generations have searched for this elusive path to peace, while a thousand wars raged across the span of human endeavor. Today that new world is struggling to be born, a world quite different from the o­ne we've known.”[1] But given the new unipolar status of the United States, Bush’s vision was realistic: “…there is no substitute for American leadership.”[1] The Gulf War of 1991 was regarded as the first test of the new world order: “Now, we can see a new world coming into view. A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order ... The Gulf war put this new world to its first test...”[2][3]"

I believe much of the world came to the wrong conclusions regarding the root causes of WWI and especially WWII.Consistent with this lack of deep understanding of the root cause of past conflicts there was an imperfect establishment of a "new world order" when the UN was founded.Furthermore, I believe the US, in 1990 under President George H. W. Bush, continued to get it wrong regarding the (latest) "new world order".At the cusp of the fall of communism and the end of the Cold War, President George H. W. Bush defined the "new world order" as deterring those who act with aggression and occupy, overtake or devour territories of neighbors. You can see it clearly spelled out in his 11 September 1990 address to Congress:http://millercenter.org/president/bush/speeches/speech-3425 In general, it appears the US and the bulk of the world has followed the above interpretation in carrying out their chosen actions over the last generation.(Note: using this limited definition of new world order and failing to take any other provocations into account, it can be better understood why the US and those who follow the lead of the US took such great exception to their interpretation of the 2014 events in Crimea.)

My theory o­n the true root of national and international conflicts is as follows: "...the lesson we should have learned from the history of the last great conflict is that what is worse and more dangerous than grabbing territory or not deterring aggression is the persistent lack of fraternal concern and constructive actions to improve the well-being of your neighbor across the street, across the border, or across the world..."

(I first put forward this concept in writing starting in March 2014 as a comment to a o­nline Guardian articles, here: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/mar/26/barack-obama-putin-withering-civics-lesson-crimea#comment-33602869here: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/apr/01/transnistria-putin-west-europe-dniester-river-moldova#comment-33801680 and multiple times elsewhere in my many subsequent comments to Guardian articles: https://profile.theguardian.com/user/id/12038471 Since mid-2016 I have been working as a knowledge journalist specializing in Human Security and US-Russian International Relations and continue to write and published at multiple o­nline media outlets covering international news.)

In support of this theory, I can point out that all Abrahamic religions provide us ample metaphors that the key component to overcoming the violent history of mankind is by accepting the precept that we ARE responsible for the welfare of our brothers, our sisters, our close and distant cousins, and our neighbors near and far. The first and most obvious (but often misunderstood) metaphor is contained in the Genesis story of Cain and Abel (the sons of Adam and Eve).

World history also contains ample examples of unnecessary and unjustified conflicts that are provoked by those self-serving entities in their quest for power and wealth who neglect the golden rule and the precept to show fraternal care for all neighbor near and far.In turn, the fear and violence associated with these self-serving provocations are all too often allowed to take hold and grow among a less than enlightened public.

I personally prefer to advocate for Human Security as it has been well defined by the UN since the publication of the UNDP 1994 Human Development Report (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_security#UNDP.27s_1994_definition), many universities have taught o­n the topic, and some universities around the world have even created degree programs.Also, I foresee the potential for Human Security funding and projects can aid that remaining portion of humanity that has not yet transcended survival by escaping extreme poverty (https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/world-population-in-extreme-poverty-absolute), and can complement or supplant the huge funding, projects and infrastructure of the world wide military-industrial (National Security) complex.

I applaud any and all efforts that will lead mankind towards greater collective concern for the well-being of all others o­n the planet.I remain optimistic that the Global Harmony Association, Global Peace Science, Human Security and a host of other initiatives continues to awaken in mankind the desire and means for improved worldwide well-being.

     Theodore McIntire




Dear Theodore,

Thank you very much for your constructive, deep and penetrated with peace spirit message, which was published here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=710 (at the end). We are also very grateful for your high valuation of the Global Harmony Association (GHA) and Global Peace Science (GPS) as a theory of a harmonious world order and a new harmonious civilization.

We admire your journalistic work dedicated to Russian-American relations and your deep analysis of a defective "imperfect establishment of a "new world order" by the United States after 1945. We fully share your position. But we believe that a root of the defectiveness of the Western (American) world order lies deeper. Speaking very briefly, it is the absence into/among the Western values ​​and its structures, including the EU, harmony as a source of life, peace and well-being. European (Western) civilization is devoid of values ​​of harmony, restraint and balance of different forces, unlike other civilizations: Chinese, Indian, Russian, African, Latin American, etc. Therefore, the European/American civilization is doomed to extinction, which was started in the early 20th century and was seen still Oswald Spengler in his "The Decline of the West", 1918. After 100 years, the situation has not changed and even more aggravated. Russia saved Europe/West from Hitler's violent decline in 1945 by the victim of 27 million. The void of harmony in Western civilization was filled with absolute, unlimited American freedom of violence, murder, wars, state terror and similar attributes that are turned by "totalitarian democracy" (WilliamEngdahl, 2009), freedom of self-destructive weapons, endless wars of the West with other civilizations. This is the peak of disharmony reign.

This is the second "Decline of Europe" and the final, labeled by Brexit - internal collapse beyond harmony and under pressure of disharmony/violence. This is extinction and degradation from own violence, aggression, weapons and unlimited totalitarian freedom and ‘democracy’. Its final act may be the American Empire collapse in 2020 predicted by Johan Galtung still in 2009.
      The Copernican value of Global Peace Sciences lies in the fact that it reveals harmony and global peace from harmony as a way of transformation and survival for the European/Western civilization (as any other) and to overcome the defects of its totalitarian suicidal (violent) "new world order". This idea is most concisely and pragmatically expressed in our project "Russia-America-Peace" (RUSAP: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=710) that you have read already.

We think that this project opens a new historical chapter of relations between the two nuclear Powers, transferring them (relations) from the military to peaceful dimension. It is their Copernican revolution.

You are the most profound and philosophically minded journalist. You came closest to understanding this root. Could you write for the Guardian your analysis and evaluation of the project as the key not o­nly for the two nations but also for the Realignment of "global power architecture" (Zbigniew Brzezinski, 2016), for the building a harmonious multi-polar and peaceful world order of the 21st century? Is similar article in the Guardian possible for you? At the same time it will be your review of this unique science that is compressed to 20 pages here:http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=423. We will be happy to open for you and your publications your personal page o­n our wesite "Peace from Harmony» (http://peacefromharmony.org) and recognize you a member of the Global Harmony Association from the United States. Maybe exactly you will put the beginning for peacemaking role and Copernican revolution of your great country.
With regards and best wishes for peace from harmony,
      Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA Founder and Honorary President,


Dear Antonio,

Many thanks for your excellent publication of our project/appeal RUSAP (Russia-USA-PEACE) in your wonderful Digest (below: https://www.transcend.org/tms/2016/09/russia-america-copernican-revolution-of-relations-instead-of-the-insanity-of-nuclear-war/) from all its 42 coauthors of 21 countries including three Nobel Peace Laureates!

RUSAP we sent already to the Russian leaders Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov. To the new USA leaders it will be sent in December with hope they will be more sanity and peaceful than Nobel warlord Obama.
Best wishes for peace from harmony via science (GPS), education, culture and SPHERONS' democracy,


Dear Sir,

As Gandhi famously said “The resources of this earth are sufficient to fulfill the need of everyone, but not the GREED of any o­nE."

The US, in the past, had succeeded to grab, exploit and profit from the resources of other relatively weak countries. A very vast and major portion of it's accumulated wealth has been acquired through manipulation, arm twisting, bullying and plundering the resources and extortion by ruthlessly imposing corrupt regimes upon many countries. It is a long list.

Knowing o­nly the tricks of deception, falsehood, and cheating, the US can never even think of a rational fair play and peace. It is at war with it's own self like a demonic monster who has tasted blood and cannot survive without sucking blood.

In this situation, I would suggest that the world’s sane leadership, i.e. Russia, China, should take a bold step by creating a situation and policies that can police this monster, i.e. US Neocons, and send it back to its borders despite the fact that those borders were acquired through deception and cruel killing of the Red Indians.

Much more can be written. However, I thank you for your emails

Best regards,

Muhammad Faruque Malik, 0333-8443326



Dear Muhammad,

Many thanks for your support and just peaceful thoughts.

My congratulations to all the true peacemakers o­n Int. Day of Peace!

Best wishes for peace from harmony via science (GPS), education,

culture and SPHERONS' democracy,





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