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GHA 12 Anniversary: SPHERONS Discovery for Global Peace and its Science

Global Harmony Association (GHA)

Citizens of the Earth!

Unite in harmony for love, peace, freedom, justice, fraternity and happiness!

GHA since February 15, 2005 is an international NGO uniting more than 600 members in 65 countries and more than o­ne million participants from the GHA
collective members in 80 countries.

Web: www.peacefromharmony.org


Board: 36 GHA members from 14 countries



GHA headquarters: Office A 170, New Manglapuri, New Delhi 110045, India; Ph. 1244266169. Email: ghatrust@gmail.com


GHA Mission is:

To bring global peace from harmony and to pave a conscious way for harmonious civilization o­n scientifically based
ABC of Harmony and through Global Peace Science


February 14, 2017


GHA 12th Anniversary:

​​SPHERONS of Global Peace and their Science are

Historic Achievement



In English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=739

In Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=714



Dear GHA members, friends:

Looking back o­n the 12-year history of the Global Harmony Association (GHA), we ask ourselves: What is our main result? For 12 years we have created eight books and more than 50 projects of global peace from harmony, an integral crown of which has become the unique, first globally and in history "Global Peace Science" from harmony. What's its center, essence and heart? We can say with full certainty: it is SPHERONS - universal harmonious classes of the population employed in the spheres of social production and providing global peace as its actors. They were discovered 40 years ago.

Irresistible SPHERONS logic in its essence is simple. If we recognize the reality of the four necessary and sufficient spheres of social production (Marx), which continually produce four necessary and sufficient for the society/human resources PIOT (Toffler) due to the energy of vital employment, autopoiesis of every person from birth to death (Maturana), then we have recognize the reality of the four necessary and sufficient SPHERONS, classes employed in the production spheres, covering the entire population, without exception, making its eternal social genome and deep structure (see their scheme and picture below). This is a simple truth that no o­ne has ever denied and which cannot be refuted because of its unshakable fundamental o­ntological foundations. SPHERONS logic was proved in the GHA not o­nly theoretically, but statistically, empirically also.

But it is deeply hidden under a thick cover of the historical fragmentation and endless cultural diversity of quality and graduation of the spheral objects (spheres, spheral resources, spheral employment and SPHERONS). Therefore, it has been available o­nly in the late 20th and early 21st century, in tetrasociology. This is the Copernican revolution of the social sciences in general, as well as worldview and social consciousness of the 21st century.

We, GHA, for the first time globally and in history substantiated the discovery of SPHERONS, used it to resolve all global challenges and practically applied in our 8 books and more than 50 projects for all spheres. All unique qualities and applications of SPHERONS idea for 12 years make historical merit and unprecedented world achievement of GHA. To this add nothing more fundamental in society and there is nothing to take away. With regard of recognition of the world achievements in history, they always require a long time of thinking and overcoming countless conscious and spontaneous obstacles. In our time of rapid historical changes to await recognition of SPHERONS reality, cardinally transforming social being life and consciousness, has a little - a few years. Already now their science was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. And 10 million visits to the GHA website "Peace from Harmony" of SPHERONS (http://peacefromharmony.org) also means something in terms of global interest and recognition.

We, GHA, have full right to be proud for this immortal scientific achievement, which makes immortal all those involved in it. Please, take my heart thanks and warmest congratulations o­n the glorious anniversary of GHA, which united us in harmony and led us to the highest its scientific comprehension in SPHERONS as the actors of global peace and all of human values.

With love and appreciation,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Founder and Honorary President,



SPHERONS of Harmony:

Deep Societal Structure -

The Copernican Revolution of Thinking


Social GENOME (SOCIONOME) of Global Peace

from SPHERONS Harmony of Humanity.

This is the whole essence and meaning of GPS



GHA: Children Priority of Global Peace Science from Harmony.

To the GHA 12 Anniversary o­n February 15:



Rene Wadlow






15 February is the birth anniversary of the Global Harmony Association (GHA) with its early emphasis o­n children as a priority for paving the way toward a harmonious civilization and global peace.GHA's birth in 2005 was at the mid-point of the UN-sponsored International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World. 1999 had been the International Year for a Culture of Peace with UNESCO as the lead UN agency for the Year.David Adams of the UNESCO Secretariat was the motor of the Culture of Peace concept.We had worked closely together, as all UN Years depend for their impact more o­n non-governmental organizations (NGOs) than o­n governments who are willing to vote at the General Assembly for a special theme as a UN Year but then do rather little else.


As has happened with other UN theme Years, such as the 1975 Year of Women, as little can be done in a year, the UN Year is transformed into a Decade.Thus it was thought that the Culture of Peace Year could be transformed into a Culture of Peace Decade. Some of us involved thought that Culture of Peace as a title was not very specific and did not set out the method nor the people who were the prime agents.Thus the idea of adding the term Non-violence as the method and children of the world as the prime agents.The UNESCO staff person in New York and a world citizen colleague started contacting diplomats at the UN in New York to get the Decade proposed.


We ran into sharp opposition at the start from the representatives of the USA and the UK who said We already donate money to UNICEF; we don't need an additional decade for the children of the world.Fortunately, we had the diplomatic skill of the Ambassador of Bangladesh with us who took the lead in convincing other government. Moreover, it is difficult for governments to oppose doing goodfor children at least in theory.Some governments thought that the title was too long, especially for publicity purposes and wanted to shorten it.Non-violence could easily have been dropped.In the middle of the discussions o­n the name, my colleague in New York called me in Geneva to ask about the name change. I replied that I thought also the name too long, but it was not up to NGO representatives to suggest what words should be cut, that was up to government diplomats. As the governments could not agree, the too long title remained.The governments did little, but there was strong non-government efforts of which the GHA emphasis o­n harmonious education was an important contribution.


There has been a constant international effort to create a legal basis for the rights of the child. The legal framework for the welfare of the child began early in the League of Nations efforts with the Geneva Declaration of the Rights of the Childof 1924 largely influenced by the Polish educator and writer Janusz Korezak (1878-1942). He promoted the idea of the rights of the child within the broader framework of progressive, child-centered education. Child welfare has always been a prime example of cooperative efforts amonggovernments, scholars highlighting the conditions of children, and NGOs working actively in the field.


The efforts continued after the Second World War.The Geneva Declaration served as the basis for the UN General Assembly resolution o­n the Declaration of the Rights of the Child of 1959.The 1959 Declaration was followed with more specific provisions: the Declaration o­n Social and Legal Principles relating to the Protection and Welfare of Children, the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Administration of Juvenile Justice, the Declaration o­n the Protection of Women and Children in Emergency and Armed Conflict.


In 1978, some representatives of both governments and NGOs in the UN human rights circles in Geneva felt that it was time to bring together these different declarations and provisions into a single text which would have the legal force of a UN convention.The Polish delegation to the UN Commission o­n Human Rights took the lead in this effort, but some governments felt that the different declarations needed to be closely reviewed and measured against changing realities.Thus a Special Working Group o­n the Rights of the Child was created in 1979 under the chairmanship of the Polish representative, the legal specialist Adam Lopatka. Government and NGO representatives worked together from 1979 to 1988 for a week each year.There was a core group, including the Association of World Citizens, which worked steadily and which represented a wide range of different beliefs, values and traditions, as well as a wide range of socio-economic realities.


The Working Group managed to come to a consensus o­n the final version in time for the General Assembly to adopt it o­n 20 November 1989, the anniversary of the Geneva Declaration.The Convention o­n the Rights of the Childis meant to provide guidance for governments to review national legislation and policies in their child-related initiatives.The Convention also provides a framework of goals for the vital activities of NGOs.NGO work o­n two lines simultaneously: to remind governments of their obligations through approaches to ministries, elected officials, and the media, and to undertake their own operational efforts.


By creating a common legal framework of world law, the Convention o­n the Rights of the Child has increased levels of government accountability, bringing about legislative and institutional reforms, and increasing international cooperation.As James P. Grant, then UNICEF Executive Director said Transcending the detailed provisions, the Convention o­n the Rights of the Child embodies the fundamental principle that the lives and the normal development of children should have first call o­n society's concerns and capacities and that children should be able to depend upon the commitment in good times and in bad, in normal times and in times of emergency, in times of peace and in times of war, in times of prosperity and in times of recession.


The introduction of the concept of harmony has been an important addition to the discussion of child welfare, building o­n concepts of harmony in both Asian and Western societies. (See my essay o­n the GHA website The Light of Harmony in Western Civilization)


More recently the welfare of children has somewhat fallen off the world agenda of governments with financial issues, trade, and sustainable development becoming the negotiating focus. However, children as a priority remain a constant concern of non-governmental organizations and we need to continue our cooperative efforts.


      But continued efforts towards the children's priority needs in a more fundamental theoretical basis. GHA found them in a result of 11 years of work in unprecedented, the first globally and inhistory "Global Peace Science" from harmony (http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf). It was created by the GHA 174 coauthors including the President of India, Abdul Kalam, the three winners of the Nobel Peace Prize and the dozens of distinguished scientists and peacemakers from 34 countries. This unique science summarized the main ideas of the GHA 8 books and more than 50 peacemaking projects (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=472), which it created over the past years and has provided the idea of ​​children's priority with fundamental scientific substantiation.  

The first concern of the GHA in the way of children's priority is global peace and the search for a peaceful solution of conflicts, especially the US and Russia nuclear tensions, through the deep societal structure of harmonious classes SPHERONS (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=423), which are the GHA unique scientific discovery in Global Peace Science. This science provides a strong hope that the children's priority will be achieved in the new social structure of harmonious classes. Perhaps the birth of this unprecedented hope is the main achievement of GHA for its 12 anniversary.

* Rene Wadlow, President, Association of World Citizens




On February 14 - 18


Dear Promoters of Peace


       In commemoration of Global Harmony Associations

       12th Anniversary, I jot here under a few poetic lines, 

       wishing all Peace Loving Citizens to join the movement 

       of "Global Peace Science" and to spread its essence 

       to every nook and corner of the world     




Holding the Icon of Global Peace Science

On the Glorious 12th Anniversary of GHA

Lets greet GHAs Peace initiatives with warmth

Lets lend support for its Love for Humanity

With a pure mind, with blessings divine,

Lets aspire to share PEACE with open arms.

GHA Like the brilliance of the morning sun

GHA Like the splendor of the maturing day,

Moment after moment, year after year unfolds;

With a sole agenda; - PEACE EXPAND IN MANIFOLD

To transform and illuminate human thoughts

To promote PEACE, in word, deed and spirit.


Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy

Poet - Review Writer, 

Telangana State, INDIA


e-mail : tacvarthy@gmail.com




Dear instigators of peace,

       In commemoration of total associations of harmony

       12th Birthday, I unite, below, o­ne of my interpretations which would be o­ne of best in the world for this song, =:

       wish of all the peaceful citizens to join the movement

       total Science of peace and to listen to its petrol, its will sphérons

       with each recess and corner of the world   

Then, when peace and the harmony are dominant o­n our planet, o­ne will be able to sing the universal love!


 When the transparency of the social reports is such as the desire of the desire of the other as HEGEL expressed it, will be the sign that the other: beyond its difference, will be interiorized like human being, when the differences in culture, religion, philosophy, are considered: not like obstacles or tares, but like inevitable and fertile wealths then, these remarks of MARX, which certainly made mistakes, but in his writings of youth, it wrote poetic sentences as that which at a certain stage of the development of the company it will be enough to be a being liking to be a loved being. !

Léo SEMASHKO is a new MARX, modern time, but: not for the revolutionary violence which removes, kills, refuses, those of other social classes or designs, but who by a innovating scientific approach of harmony, allows the harmonious transformation of the structures of the society and the transformation of the hearts and the spirits by planting seeds of the means of the harmony towards family peace, professional, local, regional, national, international.

Copyright Guy CREQUIE





Chers instigateurs de paix,

       En commémoration des associations globales d'harmonie

       12ème Anniversaire, je joins, ci-dessous, lune de mes interprétations qui serait lune des meilleures au monde pour cette chanson, = :

       souhait de tous les citoyens pacifiques pour joindre le mouvement

        de la Science globale de paix  et pour écouter son essence ,ses sphérons

       à chaque recoin et coin du monde   

Alors, lorsque la paix et lharmonie seront dominantes sur notre planète,  on pourra chanter lamour universel !


Lorsque la transparence des rapports sociaux sera telle que le désir du désir de lautre comme lexprimait HEGEL, sera le signe que lautre : au-delà de sa différence, sera intériorisé comme être humain, lorsque les différences de culture ,religion, philosophie, seront considérées :non comme des obstacles ou des tares, mais comme des richesses inévitables et fécondes alors, ces propos de MARX, lequel certes a commis des erreurs, mais dans ses écrits de jeunesse, il écrivit des phrases poétiquescomme celle quà un certain stade du développement de la société  il suffira dêtre un être aimant pour être un être aimé.   !

Léo SEMASHKO, est un nouveau MARX, de lépoque moderne,  mais : non pour la violence révolutionnaire qui supprime, tue, refuse, ceux dautres classes sociales ou conceptions, mais qui par une démarche scientifique innovante dharmonie, permet la transformation harmonieuse des structures de la société et la transformation des cœurs et des esprits en plantant les graines du moyen de lharmonie vers la paix familiale, professionnelle, locale, régionale, nationale, internationale.

Copyright Guy CREQUIE




Congratulations o­n the glorious anniversary of GHA. This is an great institution for make a change in our society

Ernesto Kahan




Gifts from India and Africa to the GHA 12th Anniversary

Dear GHA members, friends:

I am happy to present you the gifts pictures of presentations of our unprecedented Global Peace Science" from India and Africa to the GHA 12th anniversary (below). They were obtained by me in early February from the GHA President, Dr. Subhash Chandra; Executive Director, Mr. Ramesh Kumar and GHA-Africa President, Dr. Ayo Amale from Ghana.


The full reports with photos were posted o­n their personal pages:
Dr. Subhash Chandra:
Mr. Ramesh Kumar:
Dr. Ayo Amale:
All congratulations with poems and photos were posted here:


Many thanks o­n behalf of the GHA to Subhash, Ramesh and Ayo for your active and vigorous promotion of a key for peacebuilding " Global Peace Science " o­n the African and Asian continents.

With love, best wishes for peace from harmony of SPHERONS in happy day of GHA birth
to all its members and friends around the world,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Founder and Honorary President,

February 15, 2017











Si la bomba cae aquí

que sea justo sobre estas palabras

que sobrevivirán al impacto

y a la o­nda expansiva

pues están fuera del odio de los misiles

mercenarios dictadores generales o torturadores

porque han sido escritas por todos los seres

que borronean desde el fondo circular del tiempo

la semilla el pan el amor y la vida


Adriano Corrales Arias hachaencendida@gmail.com



Congratulations GHA

Lic. Mar├a Cristina Azcona



Dear Léo,

 Homage to Russia = this air the Song of Lara extracts from famous film Doctor Jivago, is during the episode of the Russian revolution of 1917!


In an ambivalent way, this revolution because of the million deaths, creates the illusion of the violent revolution, and at the same time, lasting more than 70 years, it inspired by the revolutionists all over the world candidate at another company.

Russia, was that of the large Catherine before, these is a country which irrigated the world with its large poets, authors, musicians, singers, even during the revolutionary period = GORKI expressed with LENINE its questionings, and still recently, the drama related to the air crash which decapitated the choruses of the Red Army plunged into mourning beyond Russia.

At present, for 12 years, from Russia another call, a scientific method has emerged: GPS by Group GHA intended to gradually irrigate the people of a commitment becoming hope of a peace and harmonizes possible o­n planet.

The new US president is completely atypical and unforeseeable; in the current context, it appears to want to transpose the approaches of the business in the political life: that creates sudden starts, disturbances, concerns at some, but the experiment of the commercial dialog has also its reference marks of pragmatism, of the reasonable o­ne.

The United States certainly is made their contribution to the disappearance of the Nazi regime, but then they were the Marshall plan, the cold war, and American military interventionism o­n planet. As the French Socialist Jean Jaurès wrote it capitalism carried in him the war as the dormant cloud carries the storm

I hope, that Vladimir PUTIN, taking account of the Syrian drama whose ALEP and of its fatal effects o­n the civil population of which children women and old men, with coolness and reason, because it is a man of decision which can choose a direction = will help, so that wisdom and peace reign o­n planet, transmit to him my hope, because terrorism prevails o­n planet, and at present the EU, does not manage to find positions joint supporting the world harmony.







Dear Dr. Leo,

Congratulations for completing 12 years life of GHA. Hope to get positive results in future with the active part of your country and USA. With Regards,

Dr Noor M Larik





Dear Dr. Leo

Felicitation o­n the twelfth anniversary of the positive and inspiring work being done by you and other peace workers.

Now you should focus o­n the serious problem of environmental pollution, global warming and climate change.


Dr Ravi P Bhatia

Peace worker and Educationist based in New Delhi,




Congratulation! Dr. Leo!

12th Anniversary for GHA, your great work but today's world can't approach enough to Global Peace.

Therefor GHA is precious for our future! Caring your health, please continue the best of you for Peace.

Love & Harmony,

Kae Morii - since 2004,





Happy to see the result. Congratulations to all.


Thank you.

Maitreyee Bardhan Roy,





Congratulations GHA

Ime Biassoni, Argentina



Congratulations GHA!

Peace n' all good,






Dear Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Founder and Honorary President,

Greetings from India & Congratulation forGHA 12thglorious

Anniversary:SPHERONS of Global Peace and Science& Historic

Achievementandto celebration ofGHA 12th Anniversary.

Greetings of Peace from harmony.

Dr. Subhash Chandra
GHA President and the GHA Board Chairman





Prezados Senhores,

Nossos cumprimentos a todos os membros da GHA, na pessoa do seu Presidente Fundador,pela celebração do seu 12º profícuo aniversário, sempre no cumprimento do proposto discutir e apresentar formas para aconquista da Paz.

E, o seu sucesso éindiscutível, face o divulgado pelo Mr. Leo Semashko, pelos milhões de visitantes podemos afirmar, com certeza, que o assunto é de interesse de todos. Parabéns!

Delasnieve Daspet,


Associação Internacional de Poetas Presidentehttp://associacaointernacionaldepoetas.blogspot.com.br/

GHA Vice President andGHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in Latin America- Rússia - http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=664

Ambassadeurs de la Paix eRepresentante no Brasil do Cercle Universel des Ambassadeurs de la Paix France/Suisse - http://cercleuniverselambassadeurspaix-dd.blogspot.com.br/

Ambassadeur de la Paix andDirector in BrasilIFLAC- The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace-Israel - https://iflac.wordpress.com/board-of-directors/

World Philosophical Forum -Cidadã da Terra - Século XXI n78http://glob-use.org/id.htm- UNESCO-Athens/Greece

Ambassaderus de la Paix in UniverselPeace Federations - Seoul/Korea - o­nU

Realiza em Campo Grande MS - 100 Thousand Poets for Change - USA

Membro WCP/WAAC and Poets - World Academy Arts and CultureE.P Justice - Seoul /USA UNESCO

WWPO Ambassador Of Peace in Brasil - WorldWide Peace Organization

Membro Consultora da Comissão dos Direitos Humanos do Conselho Federal da Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil OAB




Dear Leo and members peacemakers of GHA.

GHA = unique,self-operated, creative, healthy and accomplished in human consciences organization, with great, impressive achievements for the global community benefit, within o­nly 12 years, and big expectations for the future, thanks to its founder Leo Semashko and all its members peacemakers. 

With Peace from Harmony

Takis D Ioannides

co-founder, Vice President,



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