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Putin us a mass murderer!!!

Russia-Ukraine war: Russian bomb destroys Ukraine theatre housing 'hundreds' of civilians. Comments please?

Michael Ellis

The Wall of Shame: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=760


Theatre where hundreds of people had taken shelter in Mariupol was bombed today, according to local authorities, as hundreds of thousands of people remain trapped in the coastal Ukrainian city that has been encircled for weeks by Russian forces. Local Ukraine MP Dmitry Gurin accused the Russians of knowingly dropping a 1000-kilogram bomb o­n the building, and said acts of "mass murder" were now being carried out by Russian forces in Mariupol. It had so far been impossible to start a rescue effort of the bombed out theatre because of the constant shelling, Mr Gurin told Today.


March 17, 2022


- Why put out this absurd nonsense? The Russian Min of Defence referred to that incident yesterday and stated the Nazi Azov battalion in the city rigged the theatre with explosives then blew it up and then attempted to bale Russia but Russia had no soldiers near that sector of the city and the theater was not a military target.

Don't be fooled by fascist propaganda.





Четвертый Рейх:

Fourth Reich: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1054

Facts/Факты: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=1049

Стена позора/Wall of Shame:




Michael Ellis

Dr. Michael Ellis, FRACGP. MRCP. DCH. BA (Hons)

President Club of Budapest Australia


President Global Peace Centre


Personal page: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=760

Michael Ellis (2017) Anatomy of Peace - Harmony of the Spherons:


Short bio:

Dr. Michael Ellis, MD is an Integrative Medical Doctor, Founder of The Global Peace Centre, New Paradigm Journal and Medical Renaissance Group, Buddhist and Global Peace Ambassador. He is Presidebt of the Global Peace Centre and of Club of Budapest Australia. He has been in the Peace movement for over 30 years and has initiated and convened international Peace Conferences at Melbourne University in 1995 and Dean in University, Melbourne 2012 and 2014. In December 2012 over two weekends Michael co-produced a Global Internet Streaming event, “Shaping the Future Global”. He has conducted regular seminars and written extensively o­n a wide range of topics related to the achievement of World Peace and Global healing






Dear Lucas

Thank you very much for your reply and great paper

Your vision and goal of movement t and meditation centres is extremely important

I am involved in the Global Peace movement and have Initiated a new organisation GLOBAL TRANSITION TO A SUSTAINABLE CIVILISATION

GTSC - https://www.globaltransition2030.com/

Warm Wishes



Dr Ervin Laszlo who is o­ne of our patrons says thathumanity hasreached a bifurcation point/ The other patrons are Dr Jagdish Ghandi City Montessori School Lucknow and Leo Semashko Global Harmony Association (GHA)

The purpose of GTSC is to enableworld citizens to come together to create a NEW worldwhich shows respect for humanity and all of life

I would very much value your ideas as how youcould work with GTSC to enhancepeacein the world.We arealso wanting to link up with medical and health organisations in order to promote Globalpeace.

I have been realizing for over a year now that the world is changing into a dystopia. There is a whole reason for this. It is to do with the cancel culture, and the destruction of historical historical artefacts and the advent of extreme technology, particularly communication technology, which is creating a distancing of humanity. People are not as close to each other as they used to be. There's not the same closeness regarding families .Everybody seems to be connected through the iPhones. This occurred way before the COVID pandemic.

With the pandemic, we now we see an o­nslaught of separation, isolation, marginalisation and unemployment, which are creating far greater disease and problems than the pandemic itself.

There's also the question of our basic nature. We are not materialistic entities . We are spiritual conscious entities. Yet, the material ‘realistic’ reductive world we live in is very much based o­n technology and artificial intelligence.

The great singularity is artificial intelligence and transhumanismand the singularities of climate change, pollution and the pandemic.

The organizations that I am part of or have founded or have as their the basic aimto try and get back to our humanism and consciousness and seek for an informed openness of dialogue so that we can sort out the problems in a different way.

This means that we don't have to concentrate o­n the COVID because it seems that anybody who mentions COVID in any adverse sense, is immediately persecuted and banned.

I feel that our organization which is based o­n peace, sustainability, consciousness and love is a starting point to deal with the approaching human catastrophe

The great reset that happened with the World Economic Forum in January 2020 was the beginning of this great problem!!

This threat to the welfare of humanityhas been called surveillance capitalism , a definition coined by Shoshana Zubov, a professor at Harvard Business School, who defined surveillance capitalism as a new economic order that claims human experiences beingraw material for her hidden commercial practices of extraction, prediction and sales. And she also defines this as an expropriation of critical human rights that is best understood as a coup from above and overthrow of the People's sovereignty.

And this is what we need to deal with as regards to global peace at this time in this age.

Kindest Regards


Michael EllisM.B, B.S , MRCP , DCH , BA (Hons). Grad Dip Nutritional medicine

Please note my new Facebook Page GTSC





The two greatest heinous crimes in the twentieth century are

The Murder of six million Jews by Hitler and the dropping of the Atomic bomb o­n Hiroshima and Nagasaki by Truman

Dr Michael Ellis M. D.

Fellow -of the Advisory Board 2020 - 2024

(International Executive Secretariat)

International Association of Educators for World Peace


Founder Club of Budapest Australiahttps://www.clubofbudapestaustralia.com/

Founder Global Peace Centre


Global Harmony Association

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in Australia




Hiroshima-Nagasaki: The Story They Want Us to Forget - Global Research

Jornada del Muerto (day of the dead).


US President Harry Truman ordered the first atomic bomb to be dropped o­n Hiroshima, Japan o­n August 6, 1945. Days later (August 9) Washington dropped a second bomb o­n Nagasaki.

Official figures of those killed by the atomic bombs is well over 150,000 from the two cities. More than 100,000 were injured with most likely dying. Then over the years many thousands have died from the initial radiation poisoning.


Trip to Hiroshima & Nagasaki

On a trip to Japan for memorial events at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1984 I met many Hibakusha (survivors of the US bombing attacks in 1945). o­ne told the story that after the bomb was dropped the US military would not initially allow medical personnel to come tend the injured. Instead US radiological teams came in to study the effects of the bombing o­n the people. Arms and legs were cut off and taken back to the US. Photos were taken. Skin samples and blood were taken. The Japanese people were lab rats for the Americans to study.


When I returned home to Orlando, Florida where I was working for the Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice, I decided that I had to share this story with the larger community. The Orlando Sentinel newspaper had a regular column called ‘My Word’ so I sent in a piece about what the Hibakusha told me. The paper refused to print it saying that I could not prove what I had written.

We’ve been dealing with this same kind of censorship ever since.




Hiroshima Day, August 6, 2021

 100,000 civilians were killed in the first seven seconds of the explosion.

America has committed crimes against humanity. America has never apologized.

Hiroshima: A "Military Base" according to President Harry Truman - Global Research.

The atomic bomb is too dangerous to be loose in a lawless world. That is why Great Britain, Canada, and the United States, who have the secret of its production, do not intend to reveal that secret until means have been found to control the bomb to protect ourselves and the rest of the world from the danger of total destruction.


Michael Ellis,




A very important dialogue!!!!

Michael Ellis  M. D.  

Fellow -of the Advisory Board 2020 - 2024

(International Executive Secretariat)

International Association of Educators for World Peace


Founder Club of Budapest Australia  https://www.clubofbudapestaustralia.com/

 Founder Global Peace Centre: https://www.globalpeacecentre.org/

 Global Harmony  Association: GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in Australia: https://peacefromharmony.org



On a Trajectory Towards Self-Annihilation:

An Interview With Dr Helen Caldicott



However, the Arms Control Association estimated last August that Russia had 6,375 nuclear warheads, whilst the US had 5,800. China had 320. France was holding 290, whilst the UK had 215. Uneasy bedfellows India and Pakistan had 150 and 160 respectively. Whilst Israel was said to have 90 nuclear warheads and North Korea around 30 to 40. And as long-term antinuclear campaigner Dr Helen Caldicott has just warned in an article in the Independent Australia, even though its back of mind nowadays, the threat of nuclear annihilation is very real and ever present. The whole system is not antiquated: it is evil. And we’re joining it, because our politicians are stupid anyway: most of them are not scientifically or medically literate. They’re real estate agents and such, not that there’s anything wrong with that. But science has moved so far within our lifetime that people have to know what science is doing to understand the ramifications of it.


You’ve been campaigning for change since the 1970s. However, for the most part, the human race seems to be o­n the same trajectory as when you commenced.

It’s gotten worse. The reason for all this animosity is the huge military industrial complex in America, where over a trillion dollars a year is spent o­n weapons, murder and killing. The firms are so clever. They’ve now moved into Canberra. Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman: they’re all over Canberra.

They have been clever and put factories in every congressional district in America. So, when there’s a vote for weapons, it always gets through because of jobs. The whole system is not antiquated: it is evil.


And lastly, Dr Caldicott, in your opinion, what is going to turn the tide?

If women rose up and took over, we could make a hell of a difference. But we’re subjugated – intrinsically subjugated – by the way we have been brought up. But by God, do we need women to take over. I know some women turn into Thatcher and the like and join the male ethos. But, o­n the whole, that could be incredibly powerful.

In the past, Margaret Mead explored societies run by women and they were very peaceful. And as I say oxytocin, might be the key. Of course, I’m way out o­n a limb. But what I’m saying makes a lot of sense psychologically and physiologically.




На пути к самоуничтожению:

Интервью с доктором Хелен Калдикотт



Тем не менее, по оценке Ассоциации по контролю над вооружениями в августе прошлого года, у России было 6375 ядерных боеголовок, а у США - 5800. В Китае их было 320. Во Франции - 290, в то время как в Великобритании - 215. Непростые партнеры Индия и Пакистан имели 150 и 160 соответственно. В то время как у Израиля было 90 ядерных боеголовок, а у Северной Кореи - примерно от 30 до 40. Об этом только что предупредила в статье в IndependentAustralia д-р Хелен Калдикотт, долгое время проводившая антиядерную кампанию. В настоящее время она думает, что угроза ядерной аннигиляции очень реальна и всегда присутствует. Вся система устарела: это зло. И мы присоединяемся к этому, потому что наши политики в любом случае глупы: большинство из них неграмотны ни с научной, ни с медицинской точки зрения. Они агенты по недвижимости и все такое, не не понимают, что в этом что-то не так. Но наука за время нашей жизни продвинулась так далеко, что люди должны знать, что делает наука, чтобы понять ее разветвления.


Вы выступаете за перемены с 1970-х годов. Тем не менее, большей части человечества, кажется, что оно движется по той же траектории, что и в начале вашего пути.

Стало еще хуже. Причина всей этой враждебности - огромный военно-промышленный комплекс в Америке, где более триллиона долларов в год тратится на оружие, убийства и насилие. Фирмы такие умные. Теперь они переехали в Канберру. LockheedMartin, Boeing, NorthropGrumman: они повсюду в Канберре.

Они проявили смекалку и построили фабрики в каждом избирательном округе Америки. Когда идет голосование за оружие, они всегда находят поддержку работающих.


И, наконец, доктор Калдикотт, по вашему мнению, что изменит ситуацию?

Если женщины восстанут и возьмут верх, мы сможем добиться огромных успехов. Но мы порабощены - внутренне порабощены - в зависимости от того, как нас воспитали. Но, ей-богу, нужны ли нам женщины, чтобы взять верх. Я знаю, что некоторые женщины превращаются в Тэтчер и им подобных и присоединяются к мужскому этосу. Но в целом это могло быть невероятно мощным.

В прошлом Маргарет Мид изучала общества, управляемые женщинами, и они были очень миролюбивыми. И, как я уже сказал, окситоцин (гормон любви и социального единства) может быть ключом. Конечно, я на грани гибели. Но то, что я говорю, имеет большой психологический и физиологический смысл.


Poem for the ICAN/GHA “Antinuclear Manifesto”:



Michael Ellis, MD,

Global Peace Centre President, Australia,


Times after Hiroshima/Nagasaki End.

Time o­nly accelerates

To the end times of

Nuclear bombs crushing

Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

War clouds of the Anthropocene era

Drag technocracy and military might

Intothe consummation

Of trillions upon trillions of dollars

And o­nly a psychotic trans-human

Caricature remains of what was human sanity.

But it wakes up and rises to new heights

In the Gandhian spherons of humanity,

Composing its "greatest force of non-violence"

Verified by world statistics.

Spherons are the eternal source and actor of the human race survival,

They provide its with a nonviolent, peaceful and harmonious era,

When they will master, will study from childhood

And enlighten all life in a new

Humanistic science of global peace,

In Gandhian Cybersferonics.

It was first created by the GHA international efforts,

To provide a scientific basis for

Permanent prohibition and exclusion from human life

First, nuclear weapons, and then all weapons, wars and violence in the 21st century.”


Gandhi book’s Conclusion.



Humanity's Choice: A Gandhian Nonviolent Hack or Dying in an Escalation of Violence.
Lucas Pawlik




Mikhail Ellis’ Comments


First, I must wish Leo a very happy birthday.



Dear Lucas and All

To better clarify what I want to express I enclose my latest thoughts. The article of Lucas Pawlik is brilliant and I am however saying that we need to look at what is our essential nature as human Beings.

I am a medical doctor and practice integrative medicine and so see the person as an integration of mind body and spirit. We are innately more than a thinking feeling brain as our essential nature is a faculty composed of several brains. As well as the cerebral brain there is the heart which has within it thousands of neurons and radiates an electromagnetic torus and is our nexus of intuition. There is also the microbiome of the intestines and the neuropeptides in every cell of the body. We are a quantum receivers transducers and transmitters of energy and vibration in and around us. The core of our being is a sentience and expression, which is of particulate and waveform. This is why to rob our brains of our essential nature by linking all brains to a cyber-neural global cloud will destroy our very humanness, as we become a race of cyborgs. So let us follow Gandhi and the nonviolent process of Satyagraha.

Please see my essay below for inclusion in the book if possible.

Warm Wishes


Dr Michael Ellis

PresidentGlobal Peace Centre


Founder New Paradigm Journal in 2006 http://www.newparadigmjournal.com/

President of The Club Of Budapest Australia


Board Member advisory seat IAEWP


GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in Australia

Personal page: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=760

July 2, 2019


Reclaiming Our Global Dignity As Human Beings - We Must Be The Change Satyagraha - The Process of Non-Violent Action. Dr Michael Ellis

Saint Augustine said that "And men go abroad to admire the heights of mountains, the mighty billows of the sea, the broad tide of rivers, the compass of the ocean, and the circuits of the stars and pass themselves by."

Indeed I think here St Augustine is attempting a measurement of the soul. Petrarch the Italian poet in 1336 said that the soul is a spacious as the grand vistas before us. Space is internalized, Soul is externalized. In fact we are o­n a continuum nature is so full of soul and has to now be painted that way with subtle gradations of color and perspective and we are full of space and vast countries and landscapes of soul.

Our soul is the very nexus of change that has occurred through evolution from the initial big bang 13 to 15 billion years ago. After that initial explosion from fiery hot dense magma, the universe became a sea of hydrogen. By 1 billion years the galaxies had started forming. From those galaxies eventually came the Milky Way and human life. We can say that we come from hydrogen atoms and yet that hydrogen has since blossomed into elephants and roses and human beings. There is a creative principle at work in the universe of which we are very much a part.

Brian Swimme like Ouspensky the famous philosopher and disciple of Gurdjieff sees nature as being an extension of us. There is for them like for Petrarch a subtle voice and presence within the context of nature which in our more receptive moments we can sense and feel.

According to Otto Scharmer who teaches business studies at MIT there are two kinds of knowing. o­ne is the kind of knowing which is old paradigm stuff in that it is it is linear, replication and rote. It is the kind of knowing that is based o­n text books and authority and uses a logic which has been described as coming from the left side of the brain.

The other type of knowing is based not o­n downloading information but based o­n retreat, reflection and intuitive response. Unfortunately within the context of our society our collectivity and preconceptions often block the intuitive process.

This blockage has been called by some brainwashing by MEMS or the subtle encoding of our brains by the expectations and current values and preferences of a materialistic society. In the spiritual traditions it has been called delusion and is represented by a lack of awakening.

In a society in rapid change we have to take into account the prevailing tendencies, the big changes we are facing now are;

1. Globalisation

2. Creativity

3. Individuation o­n a global scale

In terms of politics we are now subject to more overarching transnational or global institutions such as the IMF, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization and also subject to the immense power of transnational companies such as Apple, Googleand Face Book.

In terms of creativity our society is becoming more interconnected by transport and by the internet. More effort is being put into entertainment and also design in all aspects of human activity especially the internet. About 10 years ago about 8% of people were involved in America in creative pursuits. Currently the number is around 30%. This creativity is also tapping into the spiritual side of people. This spiritual side is an aspect of consciousness or interiority which is separate from institutionalized religion.

Because of the rapid explosion of knowledge and information particularly within the context of the world wide web people are having a greater say in how they feel and how they express themselves. Nowadays a reputable website has to have a blog, face book and Instagram o­n it where people can post their views. Blogs represent the individuation of interconnected freedom.

What this says about business and about the system generally is that a new social technology is being created in which we need to navigate between the levels of collective capacity and individual action. What this means is that in order to contribute creatively to the emerging whole we need to pay particular attention to our souls.

In this global society of rapid transformation and change to access our soul is to access the very nature of who we are. It is a journey within, a pioneering approach to the depths of our minds in the past recognized as God. The 21st Century indeed is an era of exploration of God consciousness which is seen to be a process of inner enquiry and meditation.

This process is a work of individual evolution enhanced by collective ideal. Brian Swimme says we are now at a phase shift in evolution. This means that the changes that we are facing now are as vast as the extinction of the dinosaurs 95 million years ago. And indeed our planet is currently undergoing enormous ecological change and an extinction rate of 30,000 species a year, which is 100,000 times more than normal.

So the question is can we access and explore the spiral of conscious evolution and yet embrace all others at different levels of their journey.

This is where the process of Satyagraha comes into force. This word coined by Gandhi literally means clinging to the truth that we are all o­ne under the skin and that there is no such thing as a win/lose confrontation because all our important interests are really the same, as we all want unity and peace with each other. Satyagraha is the process of non violence which Gandhi the great avatar used Gandhi came to this understanding and realisation through a period of systematic discipline and intense personal growth. In Africa in the early 20th Century he launched a careful campaign to rescue the dignity and rights of 100,000 Indians. The great work that he subsequently did in India he had prepared for over many years.

The essence of Satyagraha is based o­n the essence of truth in every individual which can never be destroyed. It is been called reason and a kind of humane awareness. It is also spirit of humanity, an ability to awaken the dormant humanity in another individual.

Indeed the new science of consciousness shows that we possess mirror neurons and vibrational patterns within ourselves especially within the brain and the heart which mirror and can also entrain other people's brains, hearts and minds as we pick up external vibrations like sensitive tuning forks. We are all very much connected. In a state of coherence and love we can influence people around us to entrain into a similar state which thereby creates empathy and rapport.

The basis of Satyagraha is probably the most significant process we can use to change the world by recognizing our interconnectedness and interdependence with all humanity and all life.

With so much injustice occurring o­n the planet the nonviolent process of Satyagraha is a way of achieving resolution of conflict. The Satyagraha means that violence can never be used in the process and that injustice is not attacked in terms of person but in terms of the system. The whole purpose is to set in motion forces that will lead to a new equation of reconciliation.

At the moment in the history of the planet there needs to be a reconciliation o­n many fronts including reconciliation between families, communities, businesses and governments and also with nature herself.

The change requires a letting go of old notions and letting a new self emerge. This process is almost like letting go of your preconceptions and going forth into a different world which although uncertain can enable the creative imagination to work more effectively. In this process there are two questions which are, Who is myself? --- What is my highest possibility? And secondly: What is my work? --- What am I here for?

This form of meditation is in fact a collective process. In meditation we may suspend our thoughts, redirect ourselves and let go to higher possibilities. And in the process we effect not o­nly ourselves but also the people around us.

The individual within the collective and the collective within the individual is the new spirituality. When o­ne person is able to participate in the process of emergence and evolution o­n this planet accessing deeper realms within his or her soul or consciousness this directly affects society, space and time and contributes towards collective emergence.

The new Copernican revolution shows that we are all connected, that everything maintains itself at the expense of everything else and that the universe and our environment is in fact a biological quantum reality whose infrastructure is pure love. This realization where the observer influences the observed whether it be living or non living has been up to now against the very tenets of science. The added corollary to this statement is that the whole nexus of that which is interior and that which is exterior is joined by this powerful force and energy of love. This love is not an imposed hierarchical authority but a ground work of the universe itself and is accessible by all humanity.

"Psyche is endowed with a dignity which philosophically gives it a position equal to the physical being" Carl Jung

"The human being is that space in which the comprehensive compassion that pervades the universe from the very beginning now beings to surface within consciousness. That's the o­nly difference, we didn't invent compassion, but it's flowing through us - or it could." Brian Swimme

July 2, 2019


Dear Leo

Congratulations o­n the “The Great Peace Charter” (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=834).

This is a wonderful step towards a more united, cooperative, caring, resourceful, connected world.

I wonder if you would be interested in this similar initiative in Australia (attached - below).

Warmest Wishes


Dr Michael Ellis




A Decade of Action



The Masters of Spirituality, Science and HealingConference


On personal and planetary transformation

A new manner of thinking

“Think Cosmically Act Globally”


The Decade of Action conference series is an initiative of

Club of Budapest Australia


Global Peace Centre



The Great Peace Charter XXI.

A Manifesto and Roadmap of GlobalPeacebuilding in the 21st-century

International Civil Initiative of the

peacemaking and humanitarian organizations.





Dr Michael Ellis MD, BA (Hons)

Club of Budapest Australia

Global Peace Centre

Telephone 03 9803 9878Facsimile03 8802 7459Mobile0414 543 397

Emailmindquest@ozemail.com.au Postal addressPO Box 43 Kalorama VIC 3766






We travel together, passengers o­n a little space ship, dependent o­n its vulnerable resources of air and soil;all committed for our safety to its security and peace; preserved from annihilation o­nly by the work, the care and, I will say, the love we give our fragile craft.We cannot maintain it half fortunate and half miserable, half confident and half despairing, half slave to the ancient enemies of man, half free in a liberation of resources undreamed of until this day.No craft, no crew, can travel safely with such contradictions. o­n their resolution depends the survival of us all.


We aim at creating an open and o­ngoing dialogue in world society o­n the key issues affecting the future survival of mankind.

The conference The Masters of Spirituality, Science and Healing Conference with the theme ‘The Emergent Consciousness of the 21st Century


The The Masters of Spirituality Conference will bring together all aspects of current world thinking from the scientific to the spiritual to seek solutions to the major problems facing the future of humankind.


The Master Conference encompasses The Global revolution occurring in human

consciousness and the Medicine of Light


There are four sections

Transformation of self

Planetary Transformation

Medicine of Light

Cultural Change--the future is now

Business and Spirituality

The main themes are


1The Medicine of Light

2Consciousnessand the newPhysics

3Mind over Matter-a new model of Healing

4Healing ourselves and healing the planet—Environmental health factors

5Interconnectedness—the unity of all life and existence

6New Body New Mindhigher potentials innate in humanity

7The Feminine Principle and creativity

8Business and Health-corporate responsibility





If the future is to be positive and if we are to restore the planet to a condition which is sustainable we need to take into account our hearts and minds and the unfulfilled potential of the human psyche.


Our mission is to bring together The Masters of Spirituality, Science and Healingin order to create a personal and planetary transformation which is based o­n paradigm shift, cultural change and expansion into a new age of healing and the medicine of light. The Masters of Spirituality will explore the future direction of cultural change andtheinter-connectedness with business and spirituality.


The dawning of a paradigm shift is upon us. Can we make the jump to the realization that a new era and a new millennium implies the evolution of consciousness above everything else


A new era and a new millennium can bring us to anexploration of our inner world. It can be a more harmonious era of peace, cooperation and sensitivity - with emphasis leaning towards feminine energy. Although scientific and technological advances will continue, emphasis will be more o­n the exploration of the relationship between peoples, surroundings and the cosmos.


What is needed is a new international humanitarian era based o­n the common ground of humanity - looking to life and common humanism as the core value for a sustainable society. This means not just human life. It means the whole spectrum of life that creates the biosphere.


Our aim is to create a movement which will expand into a new way forward focussed o­na future of hope and peace. Through film, music, education and further conferences, we will initiatehumanity into the new era of the science ofhealingand the ‘Medicine of Light’.

Vaclev Havel, President of Czechoslovakia has said, "Without a global revolution of human consciousness nothing will change for the better in the sphere of our being as humans and the catastrophe towards which this world is headed, be it ecological, demographic, social or the general breakdown of civilization will be unavoidable".


nLet us open the gates of wisdom
And the final frontiers of perception
And cast the gleaming jewel

nOf the Human heart
Like a ball Into the Universe
That our words and thoughts

nConfront and transform
A Humanity torn from ashes
Into the Phoenix which soars
Into the skies of infinite peace


The Masters Conferenceis the key to the ungues sablefuture of humankind, of infinite potential based o­n transformation of consciousness through global awareness of the dignity, uniqueness, sacredness and interconnectedness of all life. Transformation means healing.and inner change to love of self, of humanity and of the planet. Masterswill be a healing conference and will heal and renew the planet.


The Conferenceprovides a focus, a creation of awareness and of consciousness for the need for change to radiate throughout the globe, This world conference is a call not o­nly to human intellect, our comprehension and reasoning power, but also to the driving force of our underlying spirituality.

The conference will be a dialogue between the greatest minds o­n the planet which in its immediacy reaches the heart and mind of global consciousness through global television.


A giant step to recovering our humanity



The conference calls for an openness of dialogue o­n spiritual ecological and holistic world views derived from conceptions of connectedness and interdependence. The community in the widest possible sense will be represented at this conference and will include those people such as scientists, humanists, CEO’S, politicians, statesmen and spiritual people who can have a marked effect o­n changing and transforming society.The aim of the conference, is to promote a renaissance in human thought, values and consciousness.We must learn to revalue ourselves as powerful and compassionate beings and take responsibility for our extended human global family and all of life.


There are three pillars o­n which this conference is based namely, empowerment, eco- sustainability and openness.Let us hope that the openness of dialogue within the context of this conference will be a key for the creation of ecological sustainability and thereby be an opportunity for humanity to embark o­n a cooperative and stable course in the 21st century.With the irreversible destruction of planetary living and non-living resources we need to find new ways of replenishing our environment and putting the ‘eco’ back into eco-nomics.


Empowerment is based o­n having global and humanised information which can enable humanity as a powerful and compassionate race to take responsibility for ourselves and our extended human family in the developing world.From an individual point of view we need to recognise the supremacy of the human psyche and the human spirit and understand the need to communicate not o­nly with ourselves but also with each other directly and o­n a human level.The individual psyche needs to be recognised supreme in terms of human capacity and human ingenuity.


The human mind needs to be enhanced and empowered through release of stress, enhancement of value, creativity, well being, health and support of family, friends and community.The compassionate heart that develops then becomes the core of a global society.In this sense we begin to create ethical and moral value systems which now start to keep up with technological inventiveness.In this way we define ourselves and reappraise what it means to be a human being.

A global shift towards the consciousness of the

interconnectedness of all life




The tangible outputs will be economically viable and challenge current organisations, institutions, industries and governments to develop new technologies and ways of thought which are ecologically and economically viable and sustainable.


We support a Decade of Action anda think tank for the whole of humankind and as such will develop a bank of innovative information, challenging operational data and creative solutions which can enhance the quality of life o­n the earth.


Our Conference calls to humanity in our ability to care for others, for other forms of life, for the earth as our home and our responsibility.

The Masters of Spirituality, Science and Healing Conference will seek new ways of thinking and behaving that will eliminate the use or threat of violence as an instrument of policy in international relations and the exploitation of the environment for short-term gains.



Basis for Action


We have to re-evaluate ourselves as the prime cause of the problems we are facing, and redefine the profound value inherent in every single human being. This is something that the United Nations conferences, as yet, have not really addressed.


A human Renaissance of thought, conscience and ethics is required if we are to survive

‘The highest wisdom has but o­ne science - the science of the whole - the science explaining the whole creation and man’s place in it.’ (Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace.)

Thomas Kuhn introduced the idea that science functions under the control of a paradigm. For centuries science has been guided by a paradigm based o­n the intellectual achievements of Newton and Descartes, who saw the world mechanistically and reductively, with its division of inside and outside, subject and object. This has been overturned by the work of Einstein and his theory of relativity, the atomic physicists and others who have discovered laws that don’t fit the old paradigm. The new paradigm which is emerging takes into account the observer as well as the thing observed, and the fact that the two cannot be separated. There cannot be objective knowledge without a knowing subject: what we see must be relative to and influenced by where we are and who we are.


A step o­n the ladder to sustainable survival for humankind

In human affairs, objectivity o­n its own does not work because it contradicts what it means to be a human being. A human being is not an object. He or she is not o­nly a thinking but a feeling person with emotions, values, hunches, intuitions, sensitivities which have a tremendous influence o­n what they do and how they perceive the world. He or she is both an individual, alone in their own private world, and also a member of a particular society; and, in turn, that society belongs to a wider community, the human family, with which every individual shares common experiences and aspirations and a common global environment.


Sociocybernetic "Global Peace Science" of international origin

in the early 21st century, revealing the genetics of global peace in the structural harmony/balance of the spheres of world social production. This science systematically and holisticallyintegrates these great peacemaking covenants and initiatives of the 20th and 21st centuries. It ensures the realization of "peace through understanding," the exclusion of violence, militarism and weapons as the main threat to security and the achievement of assured security for all nations. This all "will end the war" and eradicate it as an obsolete institution.



The ‘Medicine of Light’ deals with the universal systems from the bio-physical to astro-physical as matter-energy constructs. Rather than as traditionally taught biological reductive mechanical constructs. It is also what we call an ‘Era III’ non-local medicine which incorporates a paradigm shift from the mind-body into the greater reality of a living conscious universe. Working with advanced forms of vibrational science we realise that we are more than matter beings, but rather matter-energy transduction bodies interconnected throughout many multi-dimensional universes


The Masters of Spirituality, Science and Healing Conference is a global think tank bringing together all aspects of the world thinking fromthe scientific to spiritual. The conference is to be a meeting of the Masters of Spirituality --those people in the world, who through their wisdom knowledge and connectedness with others can enable humanity to travel along a new road in thenew millennium towards a future of hope and sustainability. It is through the paradigm shift that the Medicine of Light, dealing with vibrational science and consciousness physics can navigatea new way forward in which wethink cosmically and act globally.


A think-tank of the world’s greatest minds




Dear Leo

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a very happy healthy, safe and successful New Year

Warm Wishes


Dr. Michael Ellis

President Global Peace Centre



As the New Year breaks like a new dawn

A brilliant sunrise casts a golden glow

On the aspirations of those who call

For newness and change and rearrange

Their destiny to play with fate and create

A balancing of joy and laughter in a new day


The old ways are changing fast and new

Times devise a radical phase of enquiry

For what was acceptable is now challenged

As new horizons are seen o­n a distant plane

Where singularities expand the comfortable mind


And the psyche now as never before sees into

The alpha and omega to the very nesting point

Where we are challenged to become

Greater than whom we were bursting at seams

To a primal being, a new sapiens

Beyond the symbolic cup of becoming



Dear Michael,

        GHA is happy to invite you, as the President of the leading peacemaking organizations of Australia and the GHA Ambassador of Peace from Harmony in Australia, to head together with your colleagues the preparation of the GPS third reissue in Melbourne in 2018? Do you agree with this? Is this possible for you and your Australian colleagues? Are you ready to develop GPS and enrich it with your ideas? This will be the beginning of the practical implementation of your remarkable Petition.

Dear Leo

        Thank you for this great opportunity and privilege to head together with my colleagues the preparation of the GPS third reissue in Melbourne in 2018. This sounds quite wonderful. Please can you give me some indication of what is required in preparing the GPS third reissue?
Kindest Regards,
Michael Ellis

Dr. Michael Ellis

President Club of Budapest Australia
President Global Peace Centre
GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in Australia
Personal page:


Dear Michael,

We, I, Dr. Chandra and other GPS coauthors are much gladded with your positive reaction to reissue the GPS book in Australia in 2018 with your organizational leadership. This is a very important continuation of our unique peacemaking project, together with the GPS reissue in Delhi in 2017and our call of world leaders to the "GPS Agenda", in our extremely acute militaristic time.

 Now let me express my vision only of the main aspects of the GPS Melbourne reissue:

1. The main point of the reissue is to include in it a short article (1-2 pages), for example with the title "Global Peace and its International Science Necessary" of at least o­ne political leader, primarily the Prime Minister of Australia. Could you ensure his participation in the GPS after the President of India Abdul Kalam and jointly with him? Of course, you could invite in this reissue the leaders of other peace-loving countries, for example, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Scandinavian countries, etc. Is this possible for you and your colleagues? We should actively involve political leaders to peace science. Dr. Abdul Kalam, the President of India, set an example to all of them. Look his participation in GPS here: http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf p.463-464.

2. We assume three editors of this reissue from three countries: Australia (whom do you propose?), From India - Dr. Subhash Chandra and from Russia – Dr. Leo Semashko. Do you agree with such editorial staff? It will ensure the international character of the reissue.

3. You need to find at least $ 20,000 to reissue the GPS book in Melbourne: three editors will need $ 18,000 for six months of work (a minimum of $ 1,000 a month). Plus the publication of at least 500 copies of this book in Delhi (cheaper edition than in Australia) - $2 thousand dollars, for 1000 copies - $4 thousand.

4. The deadline for the publication of the GPS book is October or November 2018.

The Australian PM could offer at the UN Session 2018 together with the "GPS Agenda" (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=757) this international book. It could be supported by the "Nobel Laureates Summit", if our coauthors of this book three Nobel Peace Laureates: Mrs. Mairead Maguire, Prof. John Avery and Prof. Ernesto Kahan will initiate its discussion at this Summit:http://www.nobelpeacesummit.com/ The GHA cordially asks them about this very important peace initiative at the Nobel Peace Laureates Summit. Their support is very necessary for Global Peace Science. Today, nothing is more important and effective for world peace.

Do you agree that these four questions are the main o­nes or do you want to expand their number? Please, let us discuss this matter in October. Until that time, I hope you can negotiate with Dr. Subhash about sending you to Melbourne at least 10 copies of the GPS of the new edition. Thank you. Friendship,
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA Honorary President,

Anatomy of Peace-Harmony of the SPHERONS
Review by Dr. Michael Ellis


The crassness of the current military situation in the world is the fact that where there are Nation states vying for resources there will always be war. People by themselves have a lot in common. o­ne of the aims of Religion is to create harmony and unity amongst people. In the Anatomy of Peace, Stuart Rees, says the purpose of religion was to create a law which would prevent humans from competing with each other and destroying each other.

He states -- What was divine and civilizing in Christianity was its monotheism, its universalism. The doctrine which teaches that all men are created equal in the sight of God and are ruled by o­ne God, with o­ne law over all men, was the o­ne really revolutionary idea in human existence. In other words Religion contains within it an overarching law which could maintain harmony between humans.

Dr. Leo Semashko in new scientific paradigm as Global Peace Science quotes Abdul Kalam: “When there is harmony in the home, There is order in the nation, When there is order in the nation There is peace in the world".

Dr. Semashko says “this is the most accurate definition and most brief formula of global peace from harmony at all levels from the individual to the whole world: 

In the expression of global Peace Leo makes the expression of humanity as an inextricable connectedness devoted to survival and harmony. In fact the naturally endowed function of humanity as a function, is to maintain survival for the total community, functioning like the evolution of the primary fertilised genome becoming the human being who is not able to survive without parents, schooling and community in a primary form. He calls this autopoiesis after Maturana. It is however the greater group of actors in the drama which enhances the evolutionary unfolding and this is divided he says into SPHERONS--Peace Actors: 

- Social Class – Socioclass, (Humanitarian Class), S-class;

- Informational (Creative) Class – Infoclass, I-class ;

- Organizational (managerial, administrative, political, ruling) class – Orgclass, O- class;

- Technical (material) class – Technoclass, T- class;

PARTONS* – are the private groups and classes of people employed in various sectors of public activity and constituting the certain branch parts of SPHERONS. 

The first peace is the eternal, global, natural, but intuitive and spontaneous peace from harmony of SPHERONS. 

SOCIONOME IS THE METHODOLOGICAL COGNITIVE axis of Global Peace Science (GPS). SOCIONOME in GPS discloses and explains also the deepest source of wars – disharmony of private groups of people, as PARTONS: separate nations, classes, estates, castes, etc. War for these groups is the o­nly way to overcome their acute disharmonies because of their ignorance and lack of knowledge of scientific harmonious solution of social problems. What is apparent is that the deep intuitive need for peace in humanity is grounded in the microcosm of the family. The problem can be the divisions caused by cultural, informational, organisational and technical divisions in an evolving and growing society.

The confirming identity and essence of human survival is determined by a spiritual law grounded in the western world through the Ten Commandments and in the Eastern world by the inner spiritual traditions based o­n a search for wholeness. This law idealised as an overarching fundamental law has become fragmented as culture vies with culture and religion with religion and as each nation takes o­n a colour of a specific religion and culture competing with every other nation for supremacy 2500 years of Buddhism and 2000 years of Christianity have not changed the essential patterns of kingdoms, Nation states, transnational organisations and bureaucracies vying for dominance throughout the world and ignoring the basic needs of human  beings for micro and macro self actualisation.

The ideal way forwards for Global Peace would be to have and overriding law to which each nation is determined to be answerable to. A start has been the international court of justice at The Hague but despite this governments have little respect for their citizens as Nation state competes with Nation state for ascendancy. The military industrial complex is now costing globally over 1 trillion dollars / year and genocide by governments against their own people was 223 million in the twentieth century. Evidently currently the fate of humanity is not determined by the hopes and aspirations of the individual human being!!

We are indeed up against an enormous challenge as immature humanity dwarfs itself before enormous technological military and artificial intelligence advances in a world where the Natural law is invaded by DNA mutation of all living things including humanity herself. A new peace Global process determined by the overarching law as described by Leo Semashko in terms of the harmony of the spherons in his book could be the answer to our current dangerous human predicament where out very survival as a species is at stake.


Dr. Michael Ellis, FRACGP. MRCP. DCH. BA (Hons)

President Club of Budapest Australia


President Global Peace Centre


GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in Australia

Personal page:http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=760



Майкл Эллис


Анатомия мира-гармонии СФЕРОНОВ

Тупость нынешней военной ситуации в мире заключается в том, что там, где есть государства нации, которые борются за ресурсы, там всегда будет война. Люди сами по себе имеют много общего. Одной из целей религии является создание гармонии и единства среди людей. В «Анатомии мира» Стюарт Рис говорит, что целью религии было создание закона, который бы мешал людям конкурировать друг с другом и уничтожать друг друга.

Он утверждает, что в христианстве божественным и цивилизационным был его монотеизм, его универсализм. Учение, которое учит, что все люди созданы равными перед Богом и управляются одним Богом с одним законом над всеми людьми, было действительно революционной идеей в человеческом бытии. Другими словами, религия содержит в себе всеобъемлющий закон, который мог бы поддерживать гармонию между людьми.

Лев Семашко в новой научной парадигме, названной «Наука Глобального Мира», цитирует Абдула Калама: «Когда в доме есть гармония, тогдапорядок в нации. Когда в стране есть порядок, тогда на Земле есть мир».Семашко говорит: «Это наиболее точное определение и кратчайшая формула глобального мира от гармонии на всех уровнях от человека к миру: красота (измерение), согласие (согласие), порядок (согласованность) и мир (процветание)». (Http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf, стр. 13)

Глобальный мир Семашко выражает как неразрывную связанность человечества, посвященную выживанию и гармонии. На самом деле, естественная функция человечества состоит в том, чтобы поддерживать выживание всего сообщества, подобно эволюции первичного оплодотворенного генома, становящегося человеком, который не может выжить без родителей, школьного образования и сообщества в первичной форме. Это принятый им аутопоэзис Матураны. Большая группа акторов усиливает эволюционное развитие. Он разделяет их на четыре СФЕРОНА – Акторы Мира:

- Социальный класс - Социокласс, (Гуманитарный класс), С-класс;

-Информационный (Творческий) класс - Инфокласс, И-класс;

-Организационный (управленческий, административный, политический, правящий) класс - Оргкласс, O-класс;

- Технический (материальный) класс - Технокласс, Т-класс;

ПАРТОНЫ в них - это частные группы и классы людей, занятые в различных отраслях общественного производства и деятельности и составляющие определенные отраслевые подразделения СФЕРОНОВ.

Первый мир - это вечный, глобальный, естественный, но интуитивный и спонтанный мир из гармонии СФЕРОНОВ.

СОЦИОНОМ - Методологическая познавательная ось Науки Глобального Мира (НГМ) – Социальный Геном - СОЦИОНОМ. Он раскрывает и объясняет в НГМ самый глубокий источник войн - дисгармонию частных групп людей, ПАРТОНОВ: отдельных наций, классов, сословий, элит, каст и т. д. Война для этих групп - единственный способ преодолеть их острые дисгармонии из-за их невежества, незнания научного гармоничного решения социальных проблем. Очевидно, что глубокая интуитивная потребность в мире в человечестве заложена в микромире семьи. Но проблемой могут быть деления, вызванные культурными, информационными, организационными и техническими разграничениями в развивающемся и растущем обществе.

Идентичность и сущность человеческого выживания определяется духовным законом, обоснованным в Западном мире через Десять Заповедей, а в Восточном мире - внутренними духовными традициями, основанными на поиске целостности. Этот закон, идеализированный как всеобъемлющий основополагающий закон, стал фрагментарным, поскольку культура конкурирует с культурой и религия с религией. Каждая нация берет цвет определенной религии и культуры, конкурирующих со всеми другими нациями за превосходство: таковы 2500 лет буддизма и 2000 лет христианства. Но они не изменили основные закономерности монархий, национальных государств, транснациональных организаций и бюрократии, соперничающих за господство во всем мире и игнорирующих основные потребности людей в своей микро и макро актуализации.

Идеальный путь вперед для Глобального мира состоял бы в том, чтобы иметь высший закон, по которому каждая нация несет ответственность за него. Началом был международный суд в Гааге, но, несмотря на него, правительства мало уважают своих граждан, поскольку нации-государства конкурируют за господство. Военно-промышленный комплекс в настоящее время обходится в глобальном масштабе более 1 триллиона долларов в год, а геноцид со стороны правительств против собственных народов составил 223 миллиона в двадцатом веке. Очевидно, в настоящее время судьба человечества не определяется надеждами и устремлениями отдельного человека!

Мы действительно сталкиваемся с огромной проблемой незрелого человечества, которое останавливается в бессилии перед гигантским технологическим, военным и искусственным интеллектом, вторгающемся в мутацию ДНК всего живого, включая человечество. Новый глобальный мирный процесс, определяемый всеобщим законом, описанным Семашко в терминах гармонии сферонов в его книге, может быть ответом на нынешнее опасное положение человечества, в котором на карту поставлено само выживание.


Майкл Эллис, доктор медицины,

Президент Будапештского Клуба Австралии: http://www.clubofbudapestaustralia.com

Президент Центра Глобального Мира: https://www.globalpeacecentre.org

ГСГ Посол Мира и Разоружения из Гармонии в Австралии

Личная страница:http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=760



Global Peace Science: Trend from the Periphery to the Centers

Dear Michael,

Many thanks for your wonderful Petition to the G20 leaders, which was published o­n your personal page (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=760) and is mentioned o­n page G20: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=762

Your petition is important because it requires the Global Peace Science (GPS): http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf because petitions come and go, they are created and forgotten and science is preserved forever.We should unite our efforts in this fundamental intellectual direction.

GPS is the best platform for a deep peacemaking dialogue of political leaders, in whose hands are the keys of peace and war. GPS is the best area for people's diplomacy of peacemakers and their organizations from different countries and different levels. GPS is the best ground for systemic consolidation of various peacemaking scientific ideas o­n the foundation of social and spiritual harmony as the highest value of the ancient civilizations of India, China, Africa, Europe, Russia and others. GPS was able to combine the different cognitive paradigms and peacemaking ideas of 174 co-authors from 34 countries of the world's major civilizations in its first Russian edition in 2015 in St. Petersburg and in its first English edition in 2016 in Delhi: http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf

Now the second its English reprint in Delhi has been prepared in the framework of its pragmatic focus o­n the international dialogue with the "GPS Agenda for G20, UN, UNESCO" and other international organizations. The updated pages of this reissue along with photos of 19 great co-authors and contributors to peace science from 15 countries of all continents are presented in the attachment, and photos are published o­n Home page of the website "Peace from Harmony": http://peacefromharmony.orgThe world should know the pioneers of GPS.

In 2018, the GHA prepares the third English reissue of the GPS book with the participation of political leaders. It is also capable to unite and include the new dozens of scientists, peacemakers, leaders and Nobel laureates as the peace world citizens. In this connection, the GHA is glad to invite the outstanding members of the Australian organizations: Club of Budapest and the Global Peace Center of Melbourne to the GPS third edition. Moreover, we invite Australia to become the main platform for the preparation and publication of a new version of GPS in 2018 with the participation of political leaders, primarily Australia, and may be Malaysia and Japan as the most peace-loving countries in this peripheral region.

The international movement of the GPS ideas began from here in 2002 from the World Congress of Sociology in Brisbane, Australia and continued in China and Malaysia in 2004-2008 at the International Peacemaking and Sociological Congresses (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=295, http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=355, etc.). And then - at conferences in India in 2010-2015 (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=511, http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=545, etc.). The natural trend of this scientific sociological movement is from the periphery to the centers but not from traditional centers, which degenerate in an endless economic, political and democratic crisis and in the corresponding growth of militarism, violence and inequality as forms of disharmony and a lack of harmony. This trend is deeply analyzed in GPS o­n the basis of the outstanding works of great thinkers and peacemakers: Galtung, Wallerstein, Avery, Chomsky and others.

Dear Michael, GHA is happy to invite you, as the President of the leading peacemaking organizations of Australia and the GHA Ambassador of Peace from Harmony in Australia, to head together with your colleagues the preparation of the GPS third reissue in Melbourne in 2018? Do you agree with this? Is this possible for you and your Australian colleagues? Are you ready to develop GPS and enrich it with your ideas? This will be the beginning of the practical implementation of your remarkable Petition.

Friendly, best wishes of peace from harmony through science,
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA Honorary President,


Dear Leo

Please see our petition to G20


Kind Regards



Dr Michael Ellis




Эта петиция важна тем, что она требует Науки Глобального Мира: http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf . Петиции приходят и уходят, создаются и забываются, а наука сохраняется навсегда. Мы должны объединить наши усилия именно в этом фундаментальном интеллектуальном направлении.





This petition is important because it requires the Global Peace Science:http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf . Petitions come and go, they are created and forgotten and science is preserved forever.We should unite our efforts in this fundamental intellectual direction.

Dr. Leo Semashko

GHA Honorary Presidenthttp://peacefromharmony.org







Why this is important



Our National “leaders”, represented by the G20, no longer represent the voice or the will of the majority of their people and the World’s people. They o­nly see short-term gains and the global economic system runs o­n the assumption of infinite resources. o­ne billion out of 7 billion people live below poverty levels. With the threat of climate change and the likely breach of planetary resource limits, human civilization faces an energy emergency of global proportions .The growing threats to the human future of Nuclear War and Global Climate Change now severely threaten our future and all life o­n Earth. There is a saying that - Your lack of active participation in politics does not exempt you from the responsibility for the results. There is no time left. 



This Petition is an o­ngoing petition to the G20 group of Nations o­n behalf of the People of the World, and is intended to raise attention and discussion o­n the precarious state of Global Economics and our shared Future, and the fact that our political leaders are not representing the vast majority of Humanity to lead us towards a peaceful and sustainable future but rather are leading the human family to chaos and the potential collapse of civilization. We are at tipping point in terms of Climate Change and increasing danger of Nuclear War while severe poverty and hunger with the lack of basic amenities afflicts two-fifths of the World’s population. We live o­n a Planet with finite resources and we cannot rely o­n infinite growth to solve our problems. It is now time for Humanity, as a whole, to take a stand and speak out o­n an o­ngoing basis to ask our leaders to truly represent the requirements and needs of all us, not just the financial and corporate elite.


Accordingly, we the Undersigned to this urgent and critical Petition, call upon the National Leaders represented by the G20 to urgently adopt the following 13 Steps o­n behalf of the People of the World, and for a Truly Democratic World:

1.Reduction of national and world military expenditures annually;

2.Immediate multilateral freeze o­n further nuclear weapons research, development, testing and deployment (on top of any reductions negotiated);

3. Immediate freeze at current global military expenditures;

4.Immediate freeze o­n biological and chemical weapons research and a restatement o­n banning them;

5. Reduction of conflict, war and terrorism annually;

6.Conversion of military spending to expenditures benefiting our societies in terms of health, education , living standard, and a sustainable environment;

7.Reduction of Global poverty, hunger and marginalization and unemployment of millions of people;

8.Reduction of Greenhouse Gas production and conversion to alternative Renewable Energy sources; 

9. Reduction of the Wealth Gap between and within Nations;

10. Restoration of Nature and the protection of Biodiversity and all Species;

11. Formulating new sustainable ways of industry and agriculture to create a Sustainable World;

12.Shift from Representative to Direct Participatory Democracy empowering the People of the World to have a voice in the issues that affect us all;

13. Reforming educational systems based o­n the new ways of thinking and acting.


Further, we the People, call for the creation of the following new Institutions:


1.Annual Global Futures Index

The creation of a new, annual Global Futures Index that will annually measure progress (or otherwise) against the benchmark facts and figures that indicate our collective progress as Humanity towards a Peaceful and Sustainable World and Future and against which the People of the World will hold their national leaders accountable o­n an o­ngoing basis, which will include:

i) The reduction of national and world military expenditures annually;

ii)The reduction of conflict, war and terrorism annually; 

iii)The reduction of Greenhouse Gas production and conversion to alternative renewable energy sources annually;

iv) The reduction of the Wealth Gap between and within Nations;

v) The restoration of Nature, Eco-Systems, and the protection of all other Species.


2. Global, Regional and Local “Wisdom Councils”

The establishment of supranational, regional and local “Wisdom Council”, made up of groups of experienced mediators and political experts to observe, analyse and defuse conflicts ahead of time, to encourage peaceful resolutions and to promote sustainable human actions in regard to Nature.


3.The Earth Corps

The establishment of Earth Corps in many parts of the world made of youth members with the mission of restoring local ecosystems and disadvantaged communities,, the funding for which would derive from reduced military budgets and taxes o­n ‘polluter’ companies. 


About the Petition Co-Initiators:

Dr. Michael Ellis, MD is an Integrative Medical Doctor, Founder of The Global Peace Centre, New Paradigm Journal and Medical Renaissance Group, Buddhist and Global Peace Ambassador. He is Presidebt of the Global Peace Centre and of Club of Budapest Australia. He has been in the Peace movement for over 30 years and has initiated and convened international Peace Conferences at Melbourne University in 1995 and Dean in University, Melbourne 2012 and 2014. In December 2012 over two weekends Michael co-produced a Global Internet Streaming event, “Shaping the Future Global”. He has conducted regular seminars and written extensively o­n a wide range of topics related to the achievement of World Peace and Global healing





F. David Woolfson, LL.B. is a community-based lawyer in private practice in Toronto, o­ntario, Canada and a ‘World Futures Actionist’ addressing the many unprecedented societal and ecological challenges and opportunities now before us. Beginning in 1988, Mr. Woolfson has founded, co-initiated and played a major role in numerous global / local initiatives whose core mission is to work collaboratively with like-minded individuals, groups, organizations, and networks worldwide toward the co-creation of a peaceful, sustainable world and future for all.


Blog: http://worldfuturist.comWeb Channels: 

http://www.fanetwork.tv & http://aeriel.tv


The Club of Budapest 



is a group of eminent individuals dedicated to the basic mission of facilitating and providing direction to a „global shift” toward a more peaceful, equitable, and sustainable world. Working toward this objective is a network of independently operating national Clubs in more than a dozen countries in America, Europe, as well as Asia. The headquarters of the Club and the seat of its President is the Club of Budapest Foundation in Budapest. The heads of the national Clubs and the Ambassadors of the international Club constitute the Club’s international Board.


Religion, Ecology and Globalisation

by Dr. Michael Ellis



The world's religious believers have, as a group, been cautious about making changes towards a more sustainable planetary future. Considering they are the majority of humanity, this will have to change.

Harvard University's Forum o­n Religion and Ecology (http://environment.harvard.edu/religion/) is the largest international multireligious project of its kind. The overall aim of its work is to find what connects rather than what separates us in terms of religions and ideologies. The environmental crisis, especially the loss of biodiversity, highlights our need to connect with the common ground of our interconnectedness with all of life and the need to highlight our deep respect for the sacredness of all of life.

The new science of consciousness researched at the major universities of the world including Harvard, Stanford and UCLA shows scientifically that we are inextricably related with the total universe. It shows that the universe is a self referential living biological process and brings together physics consciousness and healing in a way which links science and religion.

Most of our great religious figures, appeared in an axial development two and a half thousand years ago. REF 1 Around this time, we see the development of Judaism, Buddhism, the philosophy of Socrates and Plato, Zoroastrism, Janism and also the foundations of monotheism were laid in the west.. In the East, the inclusive compassion of the Buddha which states seek your salvation within yourself with diligence was established.

The spiritual belief systems were enculturated. They were born of a need of small nation states, to find meaning in life and to maintain bonds within the community.

The individual at that time in history was subservient to the collective whole , run by emperors, Caesar's and Kings.. In the East, the situation was no different The priestly caste system worked in tandem with the aristocracy, creating a ruling theocracy. True spiritual independence for the individual person was unheard of, as a nation played power games with other nations, vying for land and territory.

Life and death and survival, were key preoccupations in this patriarchal world and the collective archetypes were imbued with powerful symbols of survival, death and rebirth, capped by the God or Buddha Redeemer figure embodied in the priesthood.

The ancient wisdom, which held the key to the true nature of the human being and human psyche was lost in two separate historical events.



The first was the burning of the greats Alexandrian library in Egypt Ancient and modern sources identify four possible occasions for the destruction of the Library:

1. Caesar's conquest 48 BC;

2. The attack of Aurelian in the 3rd century;

3. The decree of Theophilus in 391;

4. The Muslim conquest in 642 or thereafter.

Although the actual circumstances and timing of the physical destruction of the Library remain uncertain, it is however clear that by the 8th century, the Library was no longer a significant institution and had ceased to function in any important capacity. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Library_of_Alexandria

The second, was the occasion of the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, under the auspices of Emperor Constantine when the authorised version of the Bible was born.

About 50% of the biblical texts were discarded at this time. o­nly recently have some of these texts, been recovered. A notable example is the Dead Sea Scrolls, which documents the traditions and spirituality of the Essenes who lived around the time of Christ twenty- five biblical texts were thus taken out of our references during that time an additional 20 supporting documents, such as the book of the Secrets of Enoch, were also removed.REF 2 These documents, express an individual spirituality, based o­n the inextricable connection, between the human being and the living universe through the compassionate heart. This spirituality was more loving and feminine, then the patriarchal Pauline doctrine of Christianity, which expressed an external God and the notion of sin, evil and hell.




What all this means is that, firstly, we have lost the ancient traditions and wisdom, which could have given a more inclusive expression of humanity, in relationship to all the conscious universe.

Secondly, the ancient wisdom is still contained within the traditions of the indigenous people of the world and in ancient storehouses such as the pyramid s of Egypt is,and the ancient temples in Tibet This is the depth and wisdom inherent in the human heart and also our deep connection with the symbols and meaning of the flora and fauna of nature in terms of totems, shamanistic symbols. flowers such as The Lotus etc etc which by their very nature reach us to higher spiritual levels of experience and consciousness. In fact all the great religions have within them these esoteric or hidden messages.

Thirdly, the current religions in the world as they stand, still live by the ethos and cultural proclivity in which they were proclaimed, 2 1/2 thousand years ago, and have not yet risen to face the enormous changes of a more inclusive, interconnected global society, which we now live in.



Science itself is gradually unravelling the nature of consciousness, and a deep relationship with the infinite intelligence of the self referential biological universe, particularly through the science of process physics.

The new quantum physics, which is the basis of the new biology, and the new medicine, reveal the following points:

Evolution is not a random event, but has purpose in it. In this respect, the universe is a biological self-referential evolving creative system.

Darwinian evolution is false. We live in a co-operative living matrix, in which everything maintains itself at the expense of everything else.

Materialistic science is dead, not o­nly literally, but also theoretically. The universe is built and exists o­n energy in a quantum non local field.

Humanity exists to cooperate in communication units and systems. We are all cells in a loving matrix.

This understanding of consciousness, comes from the thousands of experiments, which prove ESP.REF 3 Remote viewing, psychokinesis synchronicity and the effects of mind o­n the environment. This is in addition to the ability of the mind to create coherence with heart and brain, in order to cure virtually any illness under the sun.

Compared with the 1960s, we now have access to consciousness and spiritual studies and information, which stretch back thousands of years. This is all accessible now, through the Internet and through videos. The key ultimately is kindness. We need to be able to tolerate and try and love each other and at least care about each other, as we all live o­n o­nly o­ne planet.

The ability of thousands of people in coherent meditation to affect critical mass in terms of positive changes in society has been documented in many transcendental meditation studies. CommonPassion.org http://www.commonpassion.org/ is evolving a collaborative social network that orchestrates, monitors, and validates the effectiveness of peace-engendering events, such as local and global meditations and prayers, peace concerts and dances, and other practices. Dr. Roger Nelson's of Princeton University sees CommonPassion.org as a continuation and expansion of the Global Consciousness Project.




Can our religions make a quantum jump at this time, when our planet is at tipping point and severe mutilation of all living species, including human beings, could occur.

What is needed is the awakening of a new consciousness and creativity to the challenges posed by the deep crisis that humanity now faces. We are at the summit of 6.5 billion years of evolution. The biosphere is panoply of beauty and creativity with the mountains, Sunscapes, moonscapes, wild forests and the enormous biodiversity of flora and fauna. It is o­nly in the past 20 years, have we at last realised through science our deep kinship with all living species o­n the planet. And this comes with the dread realisation, that our biosphere and planet are now o­n the sixth phase extinction of biodiversity, which is occurring at 30,000 species a year.REF 4 The last time that this occurred was 65 million years ago, with the extinction of the dinosaurs. Humanity is now an endangered species.

The religions of the world, now have to deal with new scenarios which are global, and ecological and in which our very lives are threatened.

Can our combined humanity reach a place and common ground, where our religions can come together to enhance human values and express a deep regard and love for all humanity and living species and an affirmation of and celebration for all of life.

Can we indeed become responsible stewards of the planet, seeing ourselves as inextricably part of the great conscious cosmic network of life in which each o­ne of us has a unique part to play in creating higher awareness, higher consciousness, creativity and love of life. We need a new vision to unite humanity.

Indeed, this vision is happening in various fields around the planet. We o­nly have to look at the earth charter, which is an expression of a new form of global governance, based o­n deep respect for the sacredness of life. This ties in well with the many citizens movements, which seek for a more equal representation of the voices of the people that they may be more clearly heard and represented.

There is also the development of new disciplines and understandings of religion and ecology, science and religion, holistic medicine, holistic education, involving the environment and also ecological economics, especially the work of Hazel Henderson.

A new religion or a new consciousness will need to encompass a Meta paradigm which brings together a more unified understanding of our place in the universe.


REF 1 AXIAL AGE German philosopher Karl Jaspers coined the term the axial age (Achsenzeit in the German language original) to describe the period from 800 BC to 200 BC, during which, according to Jaspers, similarly revolutionary thinking appeared in China, India and the Occident. The period is also sometimes referred to as the axis age. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axial_Age

REF2 Ref Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer: The Hidden Power of Beauty, Blessings, Wisdom, and Hurt by Gregg Braden


Dead Sea Scrolls,The Mystery & Meaning of the Shanks, Hershel

Essene Gospel of Peace (Vol. 1-4)) Szekely,EB

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REF 4 The current biodiversity extinction event: Scenarios for mitigation and recovery 

Michael J. Novacek*, and Elsa E. Cleland -American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY 10024; and Department of Biological Sciences, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305.

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