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Rap. Gandhi 2019

Published: Gandhica: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848 p.222

Gandhi 2019.

RAP of the GHA.

In the style of "Tetranet Thinking +".

Leo Semashko.


New Year. 2019.

Gandhi anniversary, 150 years.

The British raj end in India.

70 years ago.

Without a shot. Without blood.

Without millions of innocent victims.

As in Bolshevik Russia.

As in Nazi Germany.

As in communist China.

As in liberal American empire

With 20 million victims after Second World War*.

By "nonviolence greatest force" of Gandhi

Overcomed violence of every color.

How did Gandhi do it?

Why is his nonviolence "the greatest force"?

Stronger than bloody revolutions.

Stronger concentration camps.

He was not a revolutionary.

He was not a fascist.

He was not a nuclear scientist.

He was not a terrorist.

He was not a sadist.

He was not Hercules.

He was physically weak and impoverished.

But why he became stronger than all rapists?

He surpassed all by soft force of truth, mind and honesty.

The force of deep intuition.

He felt "the greatest force of nonviolence"

In depths of humanity.

This power rules the world.

This force dominates violence. This power subdues it.

This force conquers "the mightiest weapon of destruction"!

Energy of this nonviolence greatest force preserves humanity.

Energy of this "greatest force" gives him survival.

Energy of this "greatest force" gives him life.

Every moment. Every hour. Everyday. Every year. Every century. Every millennium!

This force is humanity genome,

Its genetic code from Harmony God.

By ignorance and stupidity in Him,

Peoples and leaders overwhelmed by greed

And desire for world domination,

Break in millions blood

This divine code and genome

To perish self.

Gandhi geniuses are born o­nce a millennium.

And nations and people need to live in nonviolence

Every hour, every day, every year.

In violence pathology they o­nly kill their lives.

Nonviolence truth should be at all

Not o­nly intuition geniuses o­nce a millennium.

It can and should become by property of people and nations.

Only through scientific truth of nonviolence,

Through discovery of its deep sources,

Through their understanding and mastery.

New Year. 2019. Copernican Revolution!

Mind and thinking, science and knowledge revolution,

Knowing yourself in harmony secret.

This is discovery of Gandhi's nonviolence source

In Spherons structural harmony,

Eternal classes for humanity nonviolence,

Providing his eternal life,

Opposing all violence

Where any of it finds own natural end.

How people discovered atomic energy

And learned not o­nly to kill but to build by it,

So in 2019 they discover the greatest soft force/energy

Of Gandhi nonviolence Spherons.

This truth, proven by their statistics,

Saves and preserves humanity from new, nuclear Auschwitz ,

In the 21st century, starting since 2019,

With penetration into mystery of Gandhi "greatest soft force/energy of nonviolence",

In the 150th year of his birth!

Let late than never!

Let after hundreds of millions of victims, but not in vain!

Let after a long plague of violence -

Not without ignorance and mistakes in social genetics!

Not without trampling o­n it as "pseudoscience"!

The dawn of shinning, harmonious vision of peace

And prosperity of all planetary nations rises!"

Said Abdul Kalam, India poet-President

At new millennium beginning,

When he saw this dawn

In "The ABC of Harmony" from Spherons

And in their Global Peace Science,

Created by GHA collective consciousness!

2019 will be Christmas of humanity in Gandhi conscious nonviolence!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year of Nonviolence!


* James A. Lucas (2015) US Has Killed More Than 20 Million In 37 Nations Since WWII: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=641


Translated with Dr. Adolf Shvedchikov help

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