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Democracy of Nonviolence

The 5th module / vector of the GHA Gandhi Committee 68th project (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=853)

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Democracy of non-violence is practically the most important, scientifically least studied and politically most pressing issue and module / vector of our Gandhi project. Therefore, its discussion is postponed for a year, until January 2020, in order not to harm or hinder the implementation of our project within the framework of the traditional democracy, although our faith and hope for it are minimal and questioned because of its indifference, helplessness and complete political and intellectual disregard for nonviolence.


1. Traditional democracy is always a democracy of violence


Traditional democracy of any kind has always been and remains a violent, militaristic democracy, i.e. a democracy of violence. Traditional democracy is uncontrolled and beyond the control of the people in their violence. Its key tool - the state, not to mention non-democratic states - is always an institution of institutionalized violence, both in its internal and external functions. The whole story is filled with endless examples of the violence of democratic states. The most striking modern example is the so-called best and richest Western democracy, which without embarrassment spends half of its budget o­n weapons and the army o­n violence, condemning half of its population to service and threatening the survival of humanity. But with this dominance of violence, traditional democracy has come to terms with both the norm and has become accustomed to it as to the inevitability, which paralyzes all thought and political will to an alternative to non-violence, to an alternative non-violent democracy, power, state and science. The best and rich democracy, which does not spare half of its budget (700 billion dollars a year) for violence, war and armament, does not have a single cent for non-violence, for its science and culture. How else can this democracy be defined, except as a "democracy of violence" or "violent democracy." Traditional democracy is doomed to violence.

It is therefore not surprising, but natural, that Gandhi's non-violence in it dies slowly, is betrayed by natural corrosion and inevitable oblivion. Why is traditional democracy condemned to violence? Because it is monistic, because it involves the competition of various political and economic forces, of which o­ne, of course, wins - the strongest economically. Therefore, democracy, as it became almost universally recognized, degenerated into an oligarchy of 1% of billionaires and its elite, which secretly rules any modern democracy, which inevitably turns out to be violent.



Gandhi about democracy and its nonviolence


Nonviolence [harmony, peace] is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man. Nonviolence is not the inheritance of cowardice, it is always heroism. Nonviolence is the law of our life.


Western democracy, as it functions today, is diluted fascism... true democracy cannot be worked by twenty men sitting at the center. (Commentary. Because it is democracy of violence)

Western civilization is mainly based o­n violence. it will be self-destroyed.

Liberty and democracy become unholy when their hands are dyed red with innocent blood.

Democracy and violence can ill go together. States that are considered nominally democratic in our time must either become overtly totalitarian or, if they want to be truly democratic, they will have to find the courage to abandon violence. Blasphemy - to assert that the idea of non-violence can be adhered to o­nly by the individual, but not by the people, just consisting of these individuals.

Democracy and dependence o­n the military and police are incompatible.

In my opinion, democracy is incompatible with the use of physical force to achieve its good goals. Democracy can not be imposed by violent means.

Democracy in its essence must mean the art and science of mobilizing all the physical, economic and spiritual resources of all segments of the population for the common good.

Parliamentary democracy is not immune to corruption.

Any secrecy is contrary to the spirit of true democracy.

-What is really needed to make democracy function is not knowledge of facts, but right education. (Comment. Right education is education in the science of non-violence or Global Peace Science. See below).

-What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?

Corruption and hypocrisy ought not to be inevitable products of democracy, as they undoubtedly are today.

The science of war leads o­ne to dictatorship, pure and simple. The science of non-violence alone can lead o­ne to pure democracy. (Commentary. This science of non-violence for the "pure democracy" of the future will be the "Global Peace Science", created o­n the basis of the theory of structural harmony of Spherons, spheral classes of the population by the 174 GHA co-authors from 34 countries: http://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf)

(Underlining by L. Semashko).



2. Spheral democracy - democracy of non-violence

          Nonviolent can be o­nly that democracy in which the power was initially divided by EQUALLY between the fundamental spheral social classes (SPHERONS), excluding the absolute victory and power in it of any o­ne group or elite of the population. o­ne class (party, elite, leader, etc.) can maintain order and exercise its power and control o­nly by violence / force, and several different and equivalent classes (parties, elites, leaders, etc.) can maintain order and exercise their power and control o­nly non-violence, finding peaceful and harmonious compromises among themselves o­n any issue. Therefore, o­nly spheral democracy, as a democracy of non-violence, is vital the heritage, science and experience of Gandhi's non-violence, its preservation and innovative development in all spheres of society and in all vectors of activity.

            Spheral democracy makes the traditional o­ne controllable and subservient to the people in its violence, by an equal division of power between the four spherons and depriving violence of the prerogatives of the o­nly absolute master of traditional democracy.

In more detail: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=424



GHA 14th Gandhian Anniversary:

from Gandhian Spherons to Gandhian Democracy


Dear GHA members, like-minded friends in peace from harmony,

GHA is happy to congratulate you o­n its 14th anniversary, which can rightly be defined in our young history as Gandhian, which coincides both in spirit and in time with the 150th anniversary of the birth of Gandhi, unprecedented in history with his real large-scale non-violence. Its deep social meaning was perfectly revealed by the GHA President Dr. Subhash Chandra in his programmatic article: Gandhian Non-violence Revolution: From Satyagraha to Gandhian Spherons published here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=874 . Here will be published the best greetings also.

It is dedicated to the GHA 14th anniversary. Its deep scientific meaning is revealed by the statistical researches of the Gandhian spherons in more than 60 countries. Of the numerous authors of these studies, 12 of the best and most deserving of the 5 countries were approved yesterday in the GHA Highest Honorary Title World Harmony Gandhian Creator unanimously without an objection. Their names and portraits are published in the Gandhian Gallery here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=513 .
          A complete list of 27 Gandhian Laureates for the GHA 12 years, including some world leaders, is published here:
http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=873 .
          We are happy to congratulate them o­n the appreciation of their dedicated Gandhian research work, which opens a new era of scientific Gandhian nonviolence and harmonious civilization in the history of knowledge and humanity.

The spiritual meaning of the anniversary is revealed in the GHAs latest, 68th project, which is also Gandhian and is dedicated to the rationale of the GHAs International Jubilee Gandhi Committee and the recognition of the 2019 as the Gandhi World Year: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=853 . As can be seen from this cursory list of the GHA achievements, we have more than enough grounds o­n the right of spiritual achievements to call our anniversary Gandhian and be proud of its unique peacemaking, non-violent projects.

It is important to emphasize our historical dynamics. o­nly in the 14th year of life, we, the GHA, have grown to the fundamental, spheral comprehension of a deep secret and the greatest force of non-violence (peace, harmony) Gandhi, to an understanding of the Gandhian sense of Spherons, which is remarkably expressed in Subhash's brilliant article. Gandhi wrote about India: "Our people are by nature opposed to violence." Now, after the discovery of Spherons as the body and the fundamental structure of every nation and humanity as a whole, as a genetic source of non-violence, this can be said about any nation. Violence is necessary and unavoidable o­nly in the conditions of ignorance and complete ignorance of the Spherons by the peoples and their ruling elites - 1% of the population, in order to suppress and exploit the people - 99% of the population.

Therefore, the historical task of the peoples is to comprehend the "greatest force of non-violence" of the Spherons, to train and cultivate the relevant elite in order to change its violent nature to non-violent. The mechanics and essence of violence are elementary simple. Elite (1%) is able to maintain domination and power for themselves o­nly with the help of all means of violence. It always has been. That was the case in Russia / USSR under the terrorist power of the communist leaders who carried out the proletarian dictatorship. So it was in Germany under the Nazi Hitler leaders, who carried out the Aryan racial dictatorship. So there is now in the United States with "democratic" leaders, dutifully fulfilling the dictatorial will of the ruling 1% of billionaires and approving of 50% of the militaristic budgets in their favor, etc.

But history has long proved the transitory, temporary nature of any form of violence that contradicts and is incompatible with the non-violent, spheral nature of humanity. o­nly conscious and non-violent spheral (according to spherons) equal distribution of power can put an end to dominant violence. o­nly the balanced power of Spherons is capable of preserving and keeping it from violence, making it non-violent and harmonious in principle, not militaristic. Therefore, the development perspective of the GHA as well as the necessary historical trend of the 21st century is a fundamental movement from the Gandhian spherons to the Gandhian democracy. This is our historical philosophy, corrected by the Gandhian anniversary.

Once again, please accept our warmest congratulations and best wishes o­n this path of world history.

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Founder and Honorary President, philosopher and sociologist,




Gandhian Laureates: from spherons to true democracy without

war, militarism and violence


Dear GHA members, friends,

Only now I was able to finish (after my illness) the design of the List of Gandhian Laureates, which is published here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=873 and in the attachment.

It was created under our common motto: "From Gandhian Spherons to Gandhian Laureates and to Gandhian nonviolent true democracy." It expresses the GHA movement from the new objective reality of the Gandhian spherons*, confirmed by statistical researches of the Gandhian laureates that open the way for the Gandhian non-violent true democracy, the o­nly o­ne capable of ending the war before the war ends humanity (John Kennedy, 60 years ago) and put an end militarism and violence in society. This is the mission, philosophy, science and statistics of the GHA 14 years.

This is our mole of history (Shakespeare). This is our shift of the arms race in to a peace race (Martin Luther King Jr.). This is our substantially new manner of thinking if mankindis to survive (Albert Einstein). It is our Gandhian greatest force of nonviolence that is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction (Gandhi).These are the key social and historical meanings of the spherons and their future Gandhian/nonviolent democracy.

GHA is happy to congratulate again the GHA 12 Gandhian Laureates 2019 and wish them good health and success in preparation of Gandhian democracy as a guarantor and the o­nly instrument for achieving global peace and non-violence from harmony of spherons, primarily from their political harmony. Our first step o­n this path is statistical researches of the spherons of each country and the creation of the National "Gandhi Committees" in them,which already created five.

With love, Dr. Leo Semashko,


* Gandhian/nonviolent democracy of spherons is analyzed in detail and in comparison with the traditional/violent militaristic democracy within Global Peace Science (GPS). GPS Primer for Adults in its section: SPHERONS: 100% Democracy and Peace Geopolitics: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=424



Gandhian Spherons and their Democracy:

The End of Terror and Militarism


Dear GHA members, friends,

Int. GHA fully associates itself with the condolences of the GHA-India in connection with the terrorist killing of 44 Indian soldiers. The GHA condemns all terror, as well as any militarism and every war as a crime against humanity. The GHA sees o­nly o­ne fundamental, true Gandhian way out of many thousands of years of military, violent history, from the traditional militaristic democracy of different colors of the last century. This solution is not able to offer any of the traditional violent ideologies that are false in their fundamental messages and ignore the peacemaking non-violent Gandhian truth.

This way out is to establish the non-violent in principle, democracy of spherons, which are the genetic sources of the Gandhi non-violence inherent in the social nature as the greatest energy of peacemaking and the life of humankind. This spherons energy is available o­nly to them and no longer to any partial, selfish and historically transient classes, parties and their squalid and vicious "democracies." But this energy becomes available to spherons o­nly in the o­nly case of its true, scientific, statistical knowledge. This knowledge in o­ne or two generations will become universal, global, and total spheral ignorance will also disappear as false geocentrism.

The beginning of this true fundamental social knowledge was laid by the GHA with its statistical researches of spherons as genetic sources of non-violence. The path to overcoming any violence, including militarism and its variety of terror, which was opened by the unprecedented historical experience of Gandhi's non-violence, continues in the discovery and scientific research of the Gandhian spherons, which will inevitably lead to the Gandhian non-violent democracy of the spherons, which ends the war before, it will end humanity (John Kennedy, 60 years ago).

The difficulty lies in the non-violent transition from militaristic to non-violent Gandhis democracy, to which womens leaders and their mass non-violence can best and most effectively accomplish. This movement initiates the GHA and many other organizations, for example, Andre Sheldon, leader of the strategy of female nonviolence, etc. But none of them is able to win and achieve the ultimate Gandhian goal of non-violence without the scientific fundamental knowledge of spherons as the genetic source of the greatest force of non-violence.

Therefore, our statistical research of spherons, from which many of our silent people quietly hid, is the best non-violent intellectual way to end violence and terrorismand endorse the worldwide Gandhian nonviolence. Therefore, we, GHA URGE ALL in this case o­nly to the knowledge and exploration of the Gandhian spherons of non-violence, the o­nly o­nes capable of doing away with militarism and terrorism as its appendage. The victory over it is achieved not o­n the field of military battles, but o­n the field of statistical research of spherons: the faster and better they are done in all countries, the faster and more efficiently Gandhian nonviolence through the spherons truth democracy will eliminate violence from the life of society. The GHA mission is just that. Without philosophy and science there is nothing to do in it.

Dr. Leo Semashko,






Reverend Sir,

Thanks very much for your immense contribution to humankind! I learnt philosophy is the root of various creations and remedy of all deformities. Your multifaceted ideas are perhaps based o­n this principle. Science and Mathematics (Statistics) are two creations of Spirituality. Today's man should know this basic idea-from which all the new creations are created. Either 'spherons', or tetra-dimensional Approach, or 'non-violence' are o­ne dimension of Truth meant for unity, mutuality and harmony. These are basic characteristics of spiritual society. Since GHA is a peace based society, it must be illumined with spiritual affluence. Hope this consciousness must be maintained for everlasting the organisation.



Professor and Head

Department of Education

Magadh University, Bodhgaya, India,













Dear Leo,

I am really astonished to observe your tenacity and the capability. Your in depth study o­n the subject is an indication of your deep interest o­n the subject. It is not o­nly Gandhi, in all respect your in depth knowledge is a learning to us. We don`t even make out time for answering a letter. My best wishes and respect to you and your sincere effort to explore knowledge o­n the subject in which you have been involved. All the best and thank you.

Maitreyee Bardhan Roy

Dr. Sociology, former Principal Basanti Devi College

Kolkata, India



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