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Democracy-2020: Gandhicracy


The 21st Century Peace/Nonviolence/Life Democracy -

Alternative to

Traditional militaristic democracy/power (TMD),

the fundamental attributes of which are:

1. Constantly growing and full military budget = 100+%,

2. Complete absence and suppression of the peace/nonviolence budget = 0-%,

3. The inevitable for TMD suicidal finale of the global nuclear "shameful self-destruction" (ecocide/genocide) of humanity in the 21st century. The logical result of TMD:
Finita la comedy of humankind, "the end of its history."

Therefore, TMD is a democracy of military degradation, death

and extinction of humanity.

This was confirmed by the whole past history, in which TMD has not done anything for global peace and the survival of humankind. TMD works o­nly for war/death against peace/life of humanity that does not atone all of its partial achievements. In general, this man-made political institution has prepared a completely global genocide/ecocide. Therefore, in reality, in the end, by the will of evil rock, it became a potential killer of humanity and the planet. This is its true secret purpose. It is proved annually 75 years after the WWII end by the growing military budgets of each country, which are approved "democratically" by its parliaments every year.

Everything else about TMD is a lie, half-truth, media propaganda and camouflage of the global genocide prepared by it in the interests of global militarism, which gave rise to TMD for its suicidal but most profitable purpose.

Therefore, the scientific justification of the Gandhicracy, its experimental testing and implementation as the o­nly viable alternative to TMD becomes the paramount global problem for humanity requiring an immediate solution (see below).


 "Democracy of nonviolence is practically the most important for global peace, scientifically least studied and politically most pressing issue and module/vector of the GHA “Gandhi project”. Therefore, its discussion is postponed for a year, until January 2020." From the GHA 68th Project “Gandhi Committee”:





The GHA 71st and 72nd Dual Project for 2020

GHA Approved o­n December 12, 2019

Finish: December 12, 2020



The GHA 71st Project:

Democracy-2020 Year: Gandhicracy Start

Events and the Trend of Real Democracy in 2020.

Its “Substantial” Reform Seed in the 21st century.

Monitoring. Research. Structural Modeling. System Design.

(Events, actions and their organization will be planned as part of this project as far as possible and necessary)



The GHA 72nd Project, the GHA 10th Book:

Gandhian, Nonviolent, Spheral Democracy. Gandhicracy-2020.”

Grounding. Statistics. Design. Working models. Organisational structures.

(The book publication about 200 pages in two languages: English and Russian is planned in January 2021)



In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=907

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=818



Project Contents


1.Philosophical Prologue. Gandhian Varnas/Spherons: Societal Genetic Reality/Substance of Humanity and its Non-Violent Power

2.Two Necessary and Sufficient Cybernetic Principles of the Intellectual Self-Organization for the GHA “Gandhicracy” Team Based o­n the Gandhian Varnas/Spherons

3.Comparative Table of System-Forming Attributes for Two Sociocybernetic Models of Democracy

4.Project Authors

5.Editorial Board of the "Gandhicracy-2020" Book

6.Terminology and Abbreviations of "Gandhicracy-2020"

7.Theoretical and Methodological basis of "Gandhicracy-2020": Third Order Sociocybernetics of Spheres/Spherons - CYB-3

8."Gandhicracy-2020" Book Contents, Start Version

9."Gandhicracy-2020" Book Democratic Procedures

10.“Gandhicracy-2020”: Beginning of the New Political “Global Gandhian Democracy Science” (GGDS)

11.The "Gandhicracy-2020" Pragmatic Perspectives: Global Peacemaking Policy, Peaceful Governance, Peacebuilding Business and General Complete Disarmament during 50 years. GHA 74th Project

12."Gandhicracy-2020": Big Banner



Without the recognition of the spherons/varnas, there cannot be Gandhian

Nonviolent democracy and without it, there can be no global peace

and the survival of humanity and the biosphere.



1.Philosophical Prologue. Gandhian Varnas/Spherons: Societal Genetic Reality/Substance of Humanity and its Non-Violent Power.

Guesses and hypotheses of this reality in the history of knowledge: Indian Rishis, Pythagoreans, Plato, Kant, Marx, Poincare, Einstein, Gandhi. Its scientific awareness and proof in the spheral statistics of third-order Sociocybernetics and Global Peace Science.


Introduction. Democracy, like any power, is based o­n the people, in the global limit - global government - o­n the cumulative systemic mass of the planetary population. It constitutes humanity as a constant evolutionary noosphere of tens of hundreds of thousands of years with its man-made infrastructure within the framework of the Earth's biosphere. Humanity/noosphere, like other spheres of the planet (terrestrial, water, air, ionic, biological), are subject to non-linear probabilistic (statistical) thermodynamic and cybernetic laws. They determine the highest complexity of its knowledge, inaccessible until now.

Humanity is a dynamic ocean of people constantly growing o­n the Earth, in contrast to the more or less stable and well-established other spheres. o­n the ever-changing historical surface of this dynamic ocean of a new, youngest planetary sphere (noosphere), an infinite number of partial, varying duration, human waves of different transient groups, families, persons, classes, tribes, clans, estates, generations, associations, enterprises, parties, nations, states, bodies, corporations and the like human entities constantly appear, collide and disappear. They were defined in the "Global Peace Science" (GHA, 2016) as "partons."

The prevailing partial partons of past history, the dominance of which was constantly disputed by other partial partons, determined the militaristic, violent quality of power and any democracy of the past. They did not knew and could not know due to the limited social knowledge of a way to retain and keep partial power, except for military armed violence of o­ne or another parton over society as a whole. The dominance of units/partons, the violent militaristic nature of their power and the corresponding violent nature of their mentality, thinking and ideologies in past history gave rise to an almost universal illusion of the violent/hostile nature of ргman and human society. It was expressed by Hobbes’s formula: “Man is wolf to man”: “Homo homini lupus est”, invented in antiquity. This formula, in a more frank interpretation is: “man is murderer to man”, still remains the general justification and grounding for all violence, especially the militarism of all power, including democracy.

However, the penetrating philosophical mind of the most prominent thinkers of humankind was interested not o­nly in the visible and transient violent surface of the human ocean, but also in its invisible depth, genetics, essence, nature, reality and substance. In the written history of humanity for many thousands of years, many such attempts to comprehend and penetrate this depth have kept. But just as the daily visible facts of the rotation of the Sun around the Earth convinced humanity most of its history in the truth of illusory geocentrism, the tangible daily facts of violence and militarism convince it so far in the truth of the illusory militaristic nature of humankind, which determines the inevitability of its militaristic power of any kind. Overcoming this dangerous illusion is even more difficult than overcoming the illusion of geocentrism, which began to be overcome o­nly five centuries ago. Now it is time to overcome the illusion of the naturalness of human militarism/violence and its power, which now has prepared 100% “shameful self-destruction” and the extinction of humanity and nature, their global nuclear genocide/ecocide.

The outstanding thinkers of humanity therefore became outstanding because they, unlike most people, clearly recognized and distinguished the visible transient phenomena and their deep invisible essence, their true reality, nature and substance, which does not coincide with their surface, but defines it and lawfully keeps it within the stability of existence, being and life.

The list of similar thinkers, their intuitive guesses and speculative hypotheses, known to us, begins with the ancient Indian rishi sages, who in poetic form of the Rig-Veda’s hymns (more than 3 thousand years ago) expressed their ideas about the Varnas as equal ranks/classes of the ancient population of India. Equal and equitable Varnas, distinguished not by ownership, but by employment (“professions, crafts”), ensured the country heyday at that distant time. When the Varnas lost their equality and equal rights and turned into unequal hierarchical castes, then India plunged into the millennial stagnation and decline felt so far. The key importance of this knowledge of Varnas was first recognized by Mahatma Gandhi, who developed it and gave it fundamental importance in his doctrine of the eternal law of “non-violence [harmony, peace] as the greatest force in the hands of mankind, [which] is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destructive.”

Subsequently, within Tetrasociology as third-order Sociocybernetics of spheres and spherons, the Gandhian concept of varnas has gained recognition, explanation, development and universal scientific statistical proof in the theory of spherons. It is expanded in detail and proofed by world statistics in the book "Gandhica" (GHA, 2019). Therefore, this concept has received the modern term/title of the “Gandhian varnas/spherons” theory, expressing the still unknown to science societal genetic reality/substance, which defines the non-violent and peace-loving harmonious nature of humanity and its power in their deep, stable essence.

We cannot get around the first o­ne in Gandhi's book “My Religion” (the chapter “Varna and Caste”) substantiating varnas/spherons as a reality/substance of non-violence. They fulfill at him the decisive role of the source and actors of social harmony, peace and non-violent democracy.

Gandhi's varnas encompass the entire population and provide its “fourfold division” o­n the varnas based o­n employment - “profession, crafts.” The varnas main attribute is equality: “all varnas are equal, for the community depends no less o­n o­ne than o­n another.” Varna in this capacity - “it is not a human invention, but an immutable law of nature ... like Newton’s law of gravitation.” “Hindus by their discovery of this irresistible social tendency have been able to achieve in the spiritual field what no other nation in the world has achieved.” This law is universal and is not limited by o­ne nation: varna is “the law of life universally governing the human family.” False interpretation of varnas as unequal castes in subsequent history and “our failure to follow the law of varna is responsible both for our economic and spiritual ruin” i.e. India. For a detailed analysis of the law of Varna, see Gandhica: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=788 (94-97; 163-164 p).

The unique cognitive complexity of the spherons nonlinear thermodynamic and cybernetic nature of the deep genetic societal reality/substance of humankind, as well as the stagnation of the social sciences of recent centuries, explains its unidentifiedness so far.

Nevertheless, for more than three thousand years, between the Indian sages-rishis and Gandhi, there were dozens of prominent thinkers (known and unknown to us) who, o­ne way or another, in varying degrees of intuitive forms tried to determine the deep societal reality of the fundamental systemic structure of varnas/spherons of any society. We will name o­nly the most famous of them.

This is the conjecture of Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans about the four-dimensional world o­ntology, including society. This is the utopia of the Plato ideal state built o­n the eternal three-dimensional structure of the human soul and the corresponding deep societal structure of society and its state. These are brilliant guesses of Immanuel Kant about the harmonious social nature of human and society, their employment, which “guarantees perpetual peace” and the harmonious non-violent governance of society that excludes war. This is Karl Marx’s hypothesis about the four spheres of social production as a fundamental societal structure, which, unfortunately, was suppressed by its false materialistic/monistic doctrine of the power of violent dictatorship of the proletariat. This is the scientific, mathematical conviction of the brilliant philosopher and mathematician Henri Poincare that the invisible inner harmony of the world, including the inner harmony of the society spherons is “the o­nly true objective reality”. This is Albert Einstein’s idea of ​​the limitations of traditional, superficial thinking, which gave rise all unsolvable for it global problems of humankind that put it o­n the brink of survival and the need for a “fundamentally new manner of thinking if humanity wants to survive.” And many of these conjectures and hypotheses that we analyzed in previous books and projects for more than 40 years, especially the last 15 years in the GHA.

These and similar guesses and hypotheses of varnas/spherons found an integral expression in the crowning book “Gandhica” (GHA, 2019). In it the varnas/spherons found the full scientific generalization and proof by the spheral statistics of third-order Sociocybernetics deployed in it systemically.

Therefore, this book is the core of the methodological basis of the theory and the “Global Gandhian Democracy Science” (GGDS), an attempt to deploy which o­n the proposed philosophical and statistical foundations will be made in the GHA new book “Gandhicracy-2020”.

In more detail, its methodological basis, consisting of more than two dozen classical and modern sources, is presented here: “Golden Intellectual Fund” for the Gandhicracy: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=916. Naturally, it will find a concise expression in o­ne of the book initial paragraphs.


2. Two Necessary and Sufficient Cybernetic Principles of the Intellectual Self-Organization for the GHA “Gandhicracy” Team Based o­n the Gandhian Varnas/Spherons


1. The principle of the general empirical space for cybernetic innovative loops of direct and feedback connections within observing systems, expressed by a chain of concepts: innovative reality/substance of the Gandhian varnas/spherons - innovative knowledge/thinking of spherons - innovative transformation of democracy. This common innovative cognitive space begins by each co-author of the Gandhicracy with an individual statistical research of the varnas/spherons of his country at any level (country-state-city-university ...) for any nearest (2017, 2018) year according to a simplified method below, requiring 2-4 hours, no more. Statistical research of spherons is the general empirical platform of the coauthors Team and a common denominator of their mental diversity for harmony in the scientific understanding and construction of Gandhicracy in the named book. This is the basis of the Team soft intellectual force and advantage.

2. The principle of the general methodological/theoretical space of innovative cybernetic spheral thinking of Gandhian democracy of all the Gandhicracy coauthors. This common innovative space is provided by a detailed acquaintance with the key ideas/concepts of non-violence of Gandhi and his great historical predecessors, and followers represented in the “Golden Intellectual Fund” of Gandhicracy. They are focused in the GHA book “Gandhica” (below), a short (up to 1-page) review of which by each co-author summarizes the mastery of the general methodological space of Gandhicracy in the first approximation. Similar reviewing will ensure the theoretical convergence and harmony of different author's approaches in our book. This reviewing is the first condition to transform the book from a traditional motley collection of articles into a collective monograph permeated by a unified Gandhian methodology of thinking.

Both cybernetic principles are formulated within the framework of observational / cognitive systems of second-order cybernetics based o­n the innovative societal reality of spherons, generating innovative third-order sociocybernetics, which integrates its previous orders (below).

The importance of the fundamental principles of self-organization. The Cybernetic cognitive spaces as the principles of mental self-organization of the Gandhicracy authors provide:

1. The Gandhian intellectual test and criteria for author’s participation in the book, and

2. The high scientific quality of this book in its unique subject context.

These effects are guaranteed by the consistent implementation of the self-organization principles by each coauthor in the framework of high conscious responsibility for quality and unprecedented key peacemaking significance of this book.

Mastering the substance/reality of varnas/spherons is the key and the o­nly intellectual condition to understand and build Gandhian democracy and its thinking. Without a deep awareness of this substance, the mental movement and thinking of a new democracy is impossible.

Simple method of the spherons statistical research. The best and o­nly way for every thinking person to verify the spherons societal substance/reality is their independent statistical research at any level: enterprise, town, city, state/province, country, region, humanity by choosing available statistics for the nearest year: 2018, 2017 etc. The research is carried out o­n the basis of the GHA simplified methodology, which has been tested in it during 15 years and presented in the book “Gandhica”, in Chapter 1, in three small paragraphs: 1.4.2., 1.4.3., 1.4.4., within 5 pages: 32-36 (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848).

Similar statistical research of the spherons of any city or country will require no more than 4 hours, of which studying the methodology will require 1 hour, searching for statistics o­n the Internet - 1 hour and selecting and aggregating (arithmetic) the necessary statistics - 2 hours. The result of your research will be a unified “Table-1” of the spherons 8 spheral indices of your city or country on the half page. You can compare and add your table to the tables of spherons of other countries, cities, etc., presented in Chapter 2 of this book. Your table will be published in a new book in a special chapter and will become a new empirical argument in support of spherons. A similar research will be offered also to the book readers to understand the essence and substance of the new democracy, its unique advantages and thinking.

The “Gandhicracy” authors cannot do without this research in order to understand and write confidently about the new democracy. This requirement applies primarily to the book editors.

Well-grounded competent objections and worthy unbiased scientific criticism of the theory of spherons and the Gandhicracy can o­nly be the result of the spherons statistical research conducted by the author of the objections and criticisms.


3. Comparative Table of System-Forming Attributes for Two Sociocybernetic Models of Democracy:

1. Traditional / militaristic / pathological / deviant / outgoing and

2. Gandhian / non-violent / healthy / normative / future.


Preliminary system integration of attributes of democracy two models.


Traditional democracy, TD:

Gandhian democracy, GD:





1. Militarism, constant arms race.

Military budget = 100%. Peace budget = 0%.

Peace, constant



Peacebudget = 100%. Militarybudget = 0%.

2. Social base: partons, some parts of the population

Less than 50% of the population

Social base:

spherons, whole population

All population - 100%


3. Gender domination,

Domination of men up to 80-90%

Gender balance, equality


4. Elite reduced


1% of the richest people (billionaires)

Holistic, population-based governance

100% opportunity open to all

5. Ignoring children.

Representation of their interests ~ 0%

Children is the highest priority.

Representation of their interests = 100%

6. Corruption

Not less than 60%, but strives to 100%



It is reduced to 0%


7. Fraud and deception of the population

At least 70%, but strives to 100%

Elimination of deception and fraud

They are reduced to 0%

8. Formal pluralism with o­ne party dominating, real totalitarianism

At least 70%, but striving to 100%

Multi-party spheral pluralism

Equal party real spheral pluralism

9. Ecocide, destruction of nature

Not less than 80%, prepared 100% by nuclear weapons

Exception of Ecocide


Lack of nuclear and other eco-hazard

10. Genocide, destruction of humanity

Prepared 100% by nuclear weapons and unipolar world anti-human order

Exception of genocide

Complete disarmament and peaceful harmonious multipolar world order

11.Outside opposition

Institutionally external and powerless

Internal opposition


Institutionally internal and imperious

12. External control

Institutionally external and subordinate to the ruling elite

Internal control


Institutionally internal and equally distributed

13. Structure of political power.

Chaotic, sectoral, branch, subjective, subordinate to the ruling eliteinterests

Structure of political power.

Systemic, spheral, objective, subordinate to the interests of spherons

14. Highest values

Freedom and money for war and war for money. Anti-humanism. Inequality. Injustice.

Highest values

Peace, human life, children, their harmonious development and education. Humanism. Equality. Justice

15. Spectrum of violent ideologies from the extreme left to the extreme right

Militarism, violence, lies, not science, monism, zombies, etc.

Alternative ideology of the third path, harmony and peace


Non-violence, truth, science, pluralism, exclusion of zombies

16. World order


Militarism, dictatorship,

unipolar, spontaneous, non-federalist

World order

Peacebuilding, equality, multipolar, consciously organized, federalist

17. Entropy of partons and their power

Thermodynamics of chaos, disharmony, violence, destructive transformation and extinction

Negentropy of spherons and their power


Thermodynamics of order, harmony, non-violence, creative transformation and survival

18. Constitution of partial selfish and aggressive national interests

Selfish and aggressive partial social base of partons requiring war and militarism

Constitution of holistic federalist interests of spherons excluding war and militarism

Universal social base of equitable spherons covering the entire population of humanity





Table summary

All attributes of TD express its ineradicable vices and qualify it as a systemically, integrally militaristic, pathological, inadequate spheral genetic nature of humanity power. Its global governance is deviantly, temporarily, transiently, violently, unable to solve the existential global problems of humanity created by it in past history and to ensure its safety and survival from 100% military ecocide/genocide prepared by it. Its thinking is similar, so Einstein demanded "a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity wants to survive." But TD is not capable of creating a “substantially new thinking” and the corresponding “substantially new” structure of nonviolent power/democracy, therefore it is doomed to extinction. GD is its o­nly viable fundamental alternative.

Table summary

All the GD attributes express its advantages, dignity over TD and qualify it as a systemically, integrally peaceful and peacebuilding, normative power, as a sociogenetic political norm, adequate to the spheral genetic nature of humanity. This is global governance: healthy, constant for the future, capable to solve all the existential global problems of humankind created by TD in past history and ensuring its safety, security and survival through the harmonious non-violent neutralization of 100% prepared ecocide/genocide. For this the GD creates a “substantially new way of thinking” (Einstein) by spheres and spherons and a corresponding “substantial new” structure of nonviolent power/democracy that ensures survival and prosperity to humanity.


Notes to the table.

1. The key system-forming attribute of each model is the first that defines all the others. Therefore, he qualifies traditional democracy inevitably as MILITARISTIC and Gandhian democracy as PEACEFUL/NON-VIOLENT. Therefore, they are indicated by the corresponding abbreviations: TMD - Traditional Militaristic Democracy and GND - Gandhian Nonviolent Democracy or Gandhicracy.

2. The most subtle, controversial and complex intellectual task of this table is the selection of system attributes of two models of democracy, and their qualification in adequate terminology. Here this problem has been solved previously and is problematic in a number of places. This task will be fully solved by the book authors throughout 2020. Therefore, the authors' suggestions o­n this subject are o­nly welcome.

3. All of the listed attributes of each model will find a detailed description and justification in the relevant parts of the planned book - see its contents below. The book is dedicated and subordinated to this scientific and political context.


4. Project Authors:


Bernard Scott, Lucas Pawlik, Ernesto Kahan, Subhash Chandra, Noor Larik, Steve Amoah, Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Heli Habyarimana, Takis D. Ioannides, Thea Marie Robert, Guy Crequie, Maria Cristina Azcona, Susana Roberts, Rudolf Siebert, Vladislav Krasnov, Roger Kotila, Robert Weir, Robert Burrowes, GlennSankatsing, Gianluigi Segalerba (18)

Leo Semashko, Natalia Chigrina, Olga Kashina, Roksana Sadykova, Vera Popovich, Julia Budnikova, Irina Medvedeva, Andrey Smirnov, Alexander Semashko, Andrei Semashko, Victor Danilov, Alexander Trubachev, (12)

We invite additionally:

          Dennis Kucinich, John W. Whitehead, Michel Chossudovsky, Tom Carter, Ronald Paul, William Engdahl, Henri Giroux, James Lucas, Nomi Prins, Diana Johnstone, Stephen Lendman, Michael Brenner, Peter Koenig, Paul Craig Roberts, Dave Lindorff, Frank Dorrel, Joel Andreas, Vladimir Lepskiy, (16)

The key works of most of these authors are well known in the GHA. They have been widely published since 2005 o­n the GHA website “Peace from Harmony”, especially in a special section (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=613). They have been discussed many times and constantly cited in 9 books and 70 GHA projects over the past 15 years.


1. The GHA invitations to write an article o­n an author’s topic within 2-4 pages, no more, during 2 months, will be sent in December-January.

2. Each invitation involves two natural responses: “Yes, I accept” and “No, I refuse.” We expect to receive approximately 40-50% of positive feedbacks, the authors of which will compose the GHA authorship team for its proposed 10th book.

3. If the GHA finds in 2020/21 financing of 100 thousand dollars for the pilot experimental project "Gandhicracy", then each co-author will receive a reward for his book article in the amount $500-1000 dollars by decision of the editorial board.

4. Each coauthor will be invited to this or that participation in this project from o­ne-time expert consultations to permanent participation in it for the next years.

5. The book will be created and published with any number of coauthors, even the smallest. It will be the final in the GHA history.


5. Editorial Board of the "Gandhicracy-2020" Book

                                                                                       14 Editors from 11 countries (on 30-01-20):

Dr. Leo Semashko, Editorial Board Chair, Editor in Chief, Initiator and Project-2020 Manager, GHA Founder and Honorary President, Russia: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253


Dr. Maria Cristina Azcona, Argentina: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=36

Dr. Thea Marie Robert, France: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=467

Dr. Maitreyee Bardhan Roy, India: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=481

Dr. Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Ghana: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=524

Dr. Stephen Amoah, Ghana: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=837

Dr. Subhash Chandra, India: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=583

Dr. Pravat Dhal, India: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=890

Dr. Lucas Pawlik, Austria: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=887

Mr. Habyarimana Heli, Rwanda: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=361

Dr. Glenn Sankatsing, Aruba, LA: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=909

Dr. Bishnu Pathak, Nepal: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=910

Dr. Vladislav Krasnov, USA: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=752

Dr. Takis Ioannides, Greece: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=138

The book Editorial Board is designed to provide, help and monitor the implementation of the principles of self-organization in the current work of the co-authors team in 2020. Participation in the team and overall work o­n the book of each co-author is determined by her/his strict adherence to the principles of self-organization.


6. Terminology and Abbreviations of "Gandhicracy-2020"


1.Traditional Militaristic Democracy/Power - TMD,

TMD essence and priority: “Politics is war”, Churchill

2.Gandhian Nonviolent Spheral Democracy - GND,

GND essence and priority: “Politics is peace/non-violence”, Gandhi

3.Third Order Sociocybernetics of spheres/spherons - SCYB-3,

4.Partons – Partial, historically transient social groups, classes, elites, estates, ethnos, nations (about their research and definition see: GPS, Chapter 1 and Gandhica, Chapter 1, below)

5.Spherons – Societal, genetic classes of the population, covering it as a whole, employed in four spheres of social production and including historical transient partial partons. Spherons are constant in the spheres of employment (autopoiesis) as a societal genetic substance, and partons are their historically interchangeable variable surface forms.

6.GHA "Golden Intellectual Fund» - GHA GIF

7.Global Gandhian Democracy Science – GGDS

This and other terminology received scientific justification and definition in the indicated GHA methodological sources in paragraph 4 below.


7. Theoretical and Methodological basis of "Gandhicracy-2020":

Third Order Sociocybernetics of Spheres/Spherons - CYB-3


The new, Gandhian democracy theoretical and methodological foundation, created in the GHA for 15 years, is focused in its three fundamental books:

1. The ABC of Harmony for World Peace, Harmonious Civilization and Tetranet Thinking (2012, 334 p): https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478

2. Global Peace Science (2016, 616 pp.): https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf

3. Mahatma Gandhi: Nonviolence Starting Point. Spherons Genetics and Statistics. GANDHICA (2019, 240 pp.): https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848

In Gandhica, the methodological foundation is expressed most concisely in Part 1, o­n 32 pages.

All the GHA 9 books for 15 years of its research in peacemaking, including the last three, crowning the previous o­nes, were created o­n the scientific and theoretical foundation of third-order Sociocybernetics within the framework of spheres and spherons, developed since 2002 in the book “Tetrasociology: Responses to Challenges”. It was supported in the forewords by sociocyberneticians Dr. Bernard Scott (Britain) and Dr. Bernd Hornung (Germany), who at that time headed the Sociocybernetics Research Committee (RC51) of the International Sociological Association (https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/2-1_eng.pdf). The book “Gandhica” is the CYB-3 methodology most detailed and grounded sketch. They are identical in essence: Gandhica is the most developed form of CYB-3 today.

Based o­n the CYB-3 methodology of spheres and spherons (harmonious classes of the population), several theoretical sketches of Gandhian or Spheral democracy were previously created. Of these, we will name two sketches:

1. Semashko Leo. The Manifesto of Spheral Democracy. “Telescope” Journal, 2004, No. 5: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=392 In Russian

2. Semashko Leo. SPHERONS: 100% Peace Democracy and Peace Geopolitics. GPS Primer for Adults, 2016: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=452

The first in the world and history of the “Petrosoviet Spheral Democracy Faction” created in 1992 in the first democratic parliament of St. Petersburg, free from communist totalitarianism was the source of the theoretical models of spheral, Gandhian democracy. The charter of this fraction was created o­n the basis of recognition of the spherons (harmonious spheral classes of the population) of the 5 millionth city:

          Semashko Leo. Charter of the Spheral Democracy Faction (FSD) of the Petrosoviet. In the book: Semashko Leo. Sphere Approach, St. Petersburg, 1992, p. 355-358: https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/leo-semashko-spheral-approach-1993.pdf (301-309 p)

Both of these sketches (2004, 2016), together with the initial practical political experiment (1992), give an idea of ​​the historical evolution of the Gandhian model of spheral democracy, which constitute the prehistory of Gandhicracy-2020 and will be used in it as its starting point for historical comparison, development and criticism.

See the continuation of the methodological literature list here: “Golden Intellectual Fund” (GIF) of Gandhian Democracy and the book “Gandhicracy”: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=916

The GIF includes a list of particularly valuable work by the following prominent classical and modern thinkers, besides those mentioned above, starting with Mahatma Gandhi: Albert Eisenstein, Elena Roerich, Charles Montesquieu, Glenn Sankatsing, Ananta Giri, William Engdahl, Michael Brenner, Michel Chossudovsky, John W. Whitehead, Brian Willson, Henry A. Giroux, Vladislav Krasnov. This list will be continued during the work o­n the book.


8. "Gandhicracy-2020" Book Contents, Start Version

(The first, starting option, which will be constantly adjusted)



The events and trend of real democracy in 2020. Its "substantial" reform necessary and its social foundation, structure and thinking evolutionary replacement in the 21st century.



PART 1. Positive. Gandhicracy: Theory and Political Constructionism

1.Gandhian Nonviolent Democracy (GND) of the spherons: evolutionary breakthrough into a new era and a new world order

2.The first political experience of the “Spheral Democracy” faction in the St. Petersburg Parliament in 1992-1993

3.Gandhi and Gandhica: the GND asymmetric ideology beginning

4.Third order Sociocybernetics of spheres/spherons: GND Megascience

5.Gandhi o­n spheres and their varnas/spherons as a social source of non-violence and its law

6.Varnas/spherons as GND actors and Charles Montesquieu structural law of democracy  

7.The GND laws of spheral pluralism, equality, justice and peacefulness

8.Equal division of power between the GND spherons

9.Children and women: the GND social priority

10.GND spheral political mega structures and their vertical

11.GND: Social and production vertical

12.GND first sprouts and its Megascience

13.GND attributes, finance, statistics, artificial intelligence and the Internet-2

14.GND organizational forms and procedures

15.Political opposition within the GND structural mechanism

16.Complete mutual control of GND spheral organs at each level

17.Model Constitution of the Federal GND

18.Peace education and enlightenment in GND

19.Geopolitical Mega-Thinking of GND

20.GND of the UN and the global disarmament/demilitarization process

21.Ways to overcome the ineradicable defects of TMD in GND

22.GND: new quality of power, its values, structure, goals, policies and governance

23.GND: Sociocybernetics-3 Megascience and its pilot experimental projects o­n all levels

24.GND book: scientific and methodological basis of the GND pilot project in 2021 for any country, city, corporation, university, UN, UNESCO, etc.

25.International Laboratory Annual budget for the GND pilot project in 2021: $ 100,000. A team of 8-12 scientists, its research, design and financial cost structure.


PART 2. Critical. Traditional Democracy: Exhaustion of the Historical Possibilities and Unsuitability for the Future. “The End of History” for it.


We have moved beyond the era of representative government and entered a new age.

You can call it the age of authoritarianism. Or fascism. Or oligarchy. Or the American police state. Whatever label you want to put o­n it, the end result is the same: tyranny.

Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy.

John W. Whitehead, 2019


This book part “tracks the evolution of the power amassed by a tiny group of men who have regarded themselves, quite literally, as gods - The Gods of Money. Their agenda has included assassinations of two of America's most popular presidents; involvement of the United States against the public will in two world wars; and detonation of the world's most destructive weapon, the atomic bomb, o­n Japanese civilians. It has included scores of regional wars, political assassinations, coups, and systematic corruption of the body politic.”

William Engdahl, 2009


1.Gandhi: the violent doom of Western democracy and civilization

2.Traditional democracy: in a wide range of militarism MAXI/MIN

3.“Why the U.S. can’t Kick Militarism?”

4.The failure of traditional science and democracy to break out of the fatal, deadly wheel of militarism

5.The collapse of traditional militaristic democracy (TMD)

6.TMD: Permanent global exclusion of peace and resistance to it

7.America: War 93% of the Time - 222 Out of 239 Years - Since 1776

8.TMD ineradicable vices

9.How did TMD prepare world wars, fascism and terrorism in the 20th century?

10.TMD: Nuclear Third World War scenario

11.TMD: Globalization of the “long war against humanity”

12.How has TMD prepared global 100% ecocide/genocide?

13.Nuremberg process for TMD leaders: the need for repetition after 75 years

14.How has TMD created global problems insoluble for its thinking and organization?

15.TMD: mask of tyranny and the form of totalitarianism

16.TMD: real democracy limited to 1% of the richest

17.Peace Department: 245 years of incompatibility with the US democracy

18.TMD: Collapse of the ideologies

19.The Presidential election in the USA, 2020: Results.

20.Galtung 2020: Fall of the USA Empire and Democracy.

21.TMD: Pyramid of human violence and the burden of endless military taxes.

22.Constructive partial achievements of traditional democracy, preserved in the GND.

23.The evolutionary process of transition from TMD to GND in the 21st century in different civilizations, cultures and countries in the general context of globalization and disarmament.


GND: Liberation of humanity from the TMD violence, war and the eternal threat of “shameful self-destruction”.

9. "Gandhicracy-2020" Book Democratic Procedures


This GHA project, like all its projects and books over the past 15 years, will go through the traditional democratic procedure of collective discussion and approval of all its parts (articles, sections, illustrations, etc.) at the level of separate editors, the Editorial Board and the GHA members at final stage. This work will take all year.

All sections of the “Gandhicracy-2020” project will be discussed and adjusted until its completion and the book publication in January 2021.


10. “Gandhicracy-2020”: Beginning of the New Political “Global Gandhian Democracy Science” (GGDS)


The book “Gandhicracy-2020” forms the basis of the new political “Global Gandhian Democracy Science” (GGDS), which is an organic integral part of the new holistic systemic spheral social science. This new systemic science based o­n the new reality of spherons can be called differently, as we called it before: Spheral Sociology, Third-order Sociocybernetics, Tetrasociology, Global Peace Science, Global Harmonious Democracy Science and so o­n in its many other aspects. It is obviously premature to predetermine its final title at the stage of its start, therefore, the solution of this issue is postponed for the future when it acquires a more solid empirical and theoretical constitution.

This science, together with the Global Peace Science, lays the foundations for a new spheral social and humanitarian Megascience and its independent Academy. It will become a source of innovative digital technology, an innovative industry of designing political and organizational spheral structures of power and management in all spheres of social production and at all its levels from family to humanity as a whole. The development of this Megascience will provide humanity with millions of new intellectual jobs. It will be an innovative Megascience with unlimited business opportunities for a new non-violent era and democracy/power.


11. The "Gandhicracy-2020" Pragmatic Perspectives: Global Peacemaking Policy, Peaceful Governance, Peacebuilding Business and General Complete Disarmament during 50 years. GHA 74th Project


The fundamental pragmatic meaning of the “Gandhicracy” is revealed in the GHA special 74th project here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=923. From it o­nly models of spherons and the project logical completion are presented here.



Structural Modeling and System Design


Model: SPHERONS of Humanity





Structural Harmony of Spheres and Spherons



Spheral Matrix of Humanity PIOT Resources (1980)



The Project Logical Completion.

Powerful Spheronism instead of Infirm Pacifism.

GHA: Could it be

the First Peacebuilding Billionaire of the 21st century Spheronism?


          The logical conclusion: powerful spheronism instead of the powerlessness of pacifism. The “Gandhicracy” project, crowning a series of ten GHA peace books in 15 years, finds its logical, theoretical and intellectual completeness in the key systemic innovative concept “SPHERONISM”. It embodies the intellectual power of the spherons’ theory - that substantial societal structure, strength and energy of humanity and those of its eternal genetic actors – SPHERONS. o­nLY they able to eradicate war, militarism and violence, building a world order of global peace and non-violence, free from nuclear and other weapons that will ensure the survival of humankind and the salvation of the natural environment. The concept of spheronism integrates all the many previous theoretical versions of the “Spheral Approach” since 1980: tetrasociology, tetrism, spherism, harmonism, third-order sociocybernetics, harmonious civilization, ABC of harmony, Global Peace Science, Gandhian democracy and the like, presented in 10 books and 74 GHA projects (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=472). The tenth book (“Gandhicracy”) is not yet available, but in the GHA 71-74 projects its intellectual scaffolds were created, revealing its substance of spherons and its spheral peacebuilding contours. They provide a quick, maximum year-long completion and publication of this crowning book.

          Spheronism synergistically integrates in its discovery of spherons the two most powerful intellectual achievements of the last century in understanding the peacemaking nature of humankind: 1. "Greatest force of humanity non-violence" by Mahatma Gandhi and 2. "Substantially new manner of thinking surviving humankind" by Albert Einstein. Both of these achievements have remained incomprehensible by science and pacifism until now, have not found an explanation and use in them. With this they has bled and exhausted themselves in opposing flourishing militarism and its even more prosperous military science, which are generously financed by the militaristic authorities and democracies of all countries.

          o­nly the discovery of spherons more than 40 years ago and the development of their theories focused o­n the concept of spheronism, provided them with a decent adequate scientific explanation and practical application in sphere peacebuilding. This is the peacebuilding of spherons in integral humanity and at all its levels and stages in the future, because o­nly it is adequate to the nature and genetics of the global world, i.e. o­nly it is identical to peacekeeping practice. This is natural, since any scientific theory is not o­nly a speculative explanation, but also the fundamental governance of the relevant practice. This is a fundamental situation and a necessary attribute of all sciences. Spheronism is fully consistent with them. Therefore, it possesses not o­nly the highest intellectual scientific power, but also the highest pragmatism of peacebuilding, which ensures, ultimately, a complete victory over war, militarism and violence in the 21st century. It was proved by the GHA in the “Global Peace Science” (GPS, 2015/6: https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf).

          Spheral peacebuilding business. The peacebuilding pragmatism of spheronism is expressed, first of all, in spheral integration and spheral structuring of key business conditions, transforming it from industry/branch, corporate and partial o­ne at the service of partial elites to spheral, holistic, societal business, which serves to the interests of society as a whole at all levels. Fundamental features, advantages and benefits of the spheral peacebuilding business:

         1. It submits himself to the conservation of nature: this is a 100% environmentally friendly business outside of militarism and with the maximum conservation of nature, which, by definition, cannot be achieved by industry/branch, corporate, predatory business.

          2. Spheral business combines branch, partial corporate capital into spheral capital of four spheres of social production, ensuring its harmonious balance/equilibrium, freeing from spontaneous crises and mastering the highest efficiency of spheral/societal synergistic surplus value inaccessible to corporate capital.

         3. Spheral capital creates a system of harmonious, spheral, most effective (on spheral surplus value) governance and management for itself and its entire infrastructure, transforming traditional, antagonistic and deadly competition into harmonious and equally advantageous (win-win strategy) competition for all participants but with different results for them.

          4. Spheral business and capital create a fundamentally innovative cluster of highly intelligent spheral jobs and mass spheral employment, counting in millions. It provides the highest, spheral level of organization, management, efficiency and digitalization of all spheres of social production at all levels from an individual enterprise and municipality to humanity as a whole. Here it creates the global spheral government and harmonious spheral UN, excluding war, violence and militarism, to which the GHA special project of 2017 was dedicated: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=769.

Spheral peacebuilding business and its spheral infrastructure will be analyzed and designed in detail in the Gandhicracy.

          The last century pacifism has shown its practical impotence, its incompatibility with science, with a scientific explanation of global peace and some kind of systemic fundamental business of humanity, except for some sporadic useful actions that quickly ran out and died. War, militarism and violence cannot be overcome and defeated by the weak intellect and superficial emotional mind of traditional pacifism. This proved и by practically, the historical bloody experience of the world and endless national wars the last century. It did not go above good, but baseless recommendations, suggestions and initiatives that quickly died and were forgotten, although in some cases they played a beneficial, stimulating role, which is considered in the GHA books. The pragmatic impotence and mental weakness of pacifism and all its traditional peacemaking led it to natural decrepitude, stagnation and a slow dying in oblivion.

          War, militarism and violence can be overcome and defeated only by the soft force of the mind and the mental power of peacemaking intelligence, concentrated by the notion of “spheronism” for more than 40 years of its development, especially productive in the GHA's 15-year history, the anniversary of which is celebrated o­n February 15. The soft mental energetic power of spheronism takes hold of the Gandhian “greatest force of non-violence of mankind” and embodies the “substantially new manner of thinking” (by spheres / spherons) of Einstein, which save humanity from of the 100% prepared nuclear genocide/ecocide, from which humanity is o­nly 100 seconds apart today (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=924ensuring its survival, and nature - salvation. The old and weak pacifist mentality cannot overcome them that it cannot do in the last century. We need a new mentality (intellect), which for over 40 years has focused o­n the discovery of the theory and practice of "spheronism", most strongly expressed in the GHA.

          No matter how "strange and alien" the term "spheronism" at first glance, it expresses the discovery of the fundamental reality/substance of the humanity spherons and the corresponding “substantial new manner of thinking”, which will be necessary to accept in spite of its initial “strangeness”. New fundamental scientific discoveries and key social achievements require new concepts, categories, their definitions and explanations. This is the law of the scientific knowledge development of humanity and its intellectual progress, which it cannot refuse for the sake of any partial whims and traditional errors, especially concerning global peace as a key condition for the survival and salvation of nature.

 Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Founder and Honorary President,




12. "Gandhicracy-2020": Big Banner


The project full/big banner is presented below. Its semantic “top” dedicates to the Victory over Nazi violence the most disgusting and dangerous for the humanity survival o­n May 9, 1945. It is published o­n the project top and o­n the website Home page (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=home). Its meaning is expressed in simple words of all soldiers, fathers and mothers: “THAT WASN'T WAR”, 100% implemented by the Gandhicracy, as its highest humanistic symbol. 12-01-20


Powerful spheronism instead of decrepit pacifism.

GHA: Could it be

the First Peacebuilding Billionaire of the 21st century Spheronism?


Dear GHA members, friends,

          o­nly now, with the approval of the "Gandhicracy" project fourth part, which did not receive a single objection, but a lot of support and suggestions (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=923), project acquired its logical, pragmatic and financial completeness. What is it expressed in?

          1. In the fourth part, this project was replenished with the Integral Table "Humanity Spherons: Substantial Attributes", which is additionally included in the project.

           2. In the fourth part, it was replenished with models and diagrams of structural modeling and system design of spherons from the GHA past books. They are also additionally included in the project.

          3. In the fourth part, it was replenished with the development of the unique and decisive for global peacebuilding business pragmatics of spherons.

          4. Finally, here the project found its logical, intellectual conclusion in the innovative systemic holistic concept of “spheronism”. It is intended to replace decrepit pacifism useless against prosperity of militarism, violence, anti-Semitism and xenophobia (this was well emphasized by Guy Crequie in his last letter published there) along with its traditional impotent peacemaking, from which spheronism preserves and integrates all partial constructive achievements. Pacifism does not prevent the revival of Nazism in the new century, therefore, some countries today resemble Hitler Germany 1933.

          In an updated form, with new editors, this project is published here (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=907) and in the attachment. This is our methodological beacon for the entire time we will work with project, so please keep and constantly use it. Of course, you can correct it if you want.

          The project completes the Gandhicracy scaffolding, outlines its profile as a whole, emphasizes the significant preparedness of its material by at least 60-70% that promises for the book to be published in August / September and expresses its unlimited financial prospects in the innovative global business of spheral peacebuilding.

          This financial perspective can make us, the GHA, the Gandhicracy co-authors by the first spheral billionaires of the Gandhian peacebuilding and governing business in the new century. This is a colossal innovative global business with millions of new intellectual jobs and unlimited spheral profits in the interests of the whole society, not just corporations. Each co-author can understand this perspective o­nly in a single case - as a result of a deep, albeit brief, Gandhica’s review. There is no other way to understand it. Therefore, do not demand from me: “I would like to know how this project could make people millionaire. This is really a question.” You can get this knowledge o­nly yourself by studying Gandhica and a new project.

          We, the GHA, pioneers in the discovery of spherons and their peacebuilding business, can realize its financial perspective if we, together with our young colleagues, students, children and grandchildren, will work actively, actively master its Gandhica’s methodology, starting with its review and statistical researches of spherons. If we refuse them, will be passive, inactive and silent, then, of course, our ideas, which we never hid, will be practically realized by other, more energetic and active people without us, as it is unlikely would not be. This will be good for the ultimate goal of global peace, but bad for the GHA, for its discoverers and co-authors, who will remain with a financial zero. To avoid this, the financial result requires us to firm mobilize our efforts in the unique direction we have chosen, as fixed in the Gandhicracy project.

          Now we turn to the process of reviewing Gandhica as its methodology, reviews of which will be published in a new book, as well as to writing our articles. We expect their preliminary titles from you in the coming week. I will try to send a draft of the first, general article in the next two weeks for your discussion and participation.

         With hope to your understanding of the moment importance and its tasks for each of you personally.

          Friendly, best wishes for global peace from the spherons harmony,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Honorary President,





GHA 15th Anniversary and World Poetry Day 2020

Dear GHA members, friends,

The GHA is happy to congratulate you o­n the Poetry Day with the brilliant Poem of our Indian poet, Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy "GANDHI POETRY BLOSSOM", which he also dedicated to the GHA 15th anniversary with its two peacemaking peaks: "Gandhica" and "Gandhicracy"!

We highly appreciate Ashok's unique poetic contribution to the Gandhian global peace through spherons, especially in these lines:

"Poetry sees the Gandhian peacemaking varnas

Even their blossom in the GHA great spherons

We were happy to publish this wonderful poem o­n four pages:





And in Russian:





It will be published in the new book 2020, in the part: “Gandhicracy Poetics” as the first contribution to this new poetry of the 21st century. Perhaps it will be the beginning of the Gandhian poetic revolution in our century, proclaiming the Gandhian global peace with Gandhian democracy through Gandhian thinking by Gandhian spherons! This will be the greatest monument to the Mahatma Gandhi immortal and saving "Nonviolence Science", which will be realized in the 21st century, starting since the GHA.

Ashok is the first world poet after the great ancient Indian Rishis-sages who created the poetic Vedas more than three thousand years ago and praised the equality of Varnas (ancient spherons), which provided ancient India with peace and prosperity for a thousand years, began to anthem to the modern 21st century spherons. Following Mahatma Gandhi and through the GHA books, he saw in equal spherons the source of non-violence, peace and prosperity for all humanity in the new millennium.

Therefore we are happy to congratulate Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy, the great Indian poet, o­n this outstanding achievement and contribution to the humanistic poetry of the new century.

With love,
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA founder and honorary president,

Good Evening GHA Members,

I take the occasion to congratulate o­ne and all to mark the GHA 15th Anniversary (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=927), as also the commemoration of WORLD POETRY DAY 2020 (21st March).I thank o­ne and all o­n the new ventures of two peacemaking peaks, viz., Gandhica and Gandhicracy.

Once again wishing everyone the very best in ever-new endeavors of GHA to unfold a new chapter in the annals of Universal Peace.

Regards and best wishes,

Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana




 I am happy to know that GHA’s tenth book “Gandhicracy” (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=907) is ready to begin the journey towards publication in December! It is a short time for such work, which indeed needs to start right now, and for which I will surely make my contribution.

  1. The title of my 2-4 page article for Gandhicracy book is: “Democracy without Disempowerment and Dispossession”. It will be submitted not later than April 30.
  2. For the review of Gandhica, as I wrote to you before, I will first take a critical look at the work to be able to finish my o­ne-page review of “Gandhica” by the end of February.
  3. It is so wonderful to see that Gandhicracy is o­n the same page as my life work “Quest to Rescue Our Future”, in terms of its goals, intentions and objectives. It is beautiful to see how different paths of different conceptual and methodological approaches meet at an intersection with similar conclusions. o­n the other hand, as long as the basic goals are shared, it is not necessary to homogenize all thinking and approaches, since pluralism, dialogue and cross-fertilization are wonderful assets to increase the chances of success, as long the core objectives to rescue the future of humanity are shared. In fact, it is a quest in which we will learn every day to refine our actions to increase the chances of success. For now, in part because it is only recently that the paths of the Quest and the Global Harmony Association have crossed, I will have to delve in detail in the concepts and methodology of the Gandhica approach with an open mind. Therefore, you will surely, understand that I cannot embark upon its statistical application, right now.
  4. As part of the book’s editorial board, I will certainly be available to look at the many contributions of our prestigious co-authors.

 When I look at the quilt of such a pluralistic gathering of philosophers and authors, who despite different views, beliefs and ideas they hold based o­n different life histories, come together o­n a mission to rescue the future of humanity, what we have is a fascinating project that demands the effort and valuable time of all of us. I am very excited to meet with so many like-minded people o­n the same page of history, who are now working o­n this wonderful compilation of their ideas in Gandhicracy, which will make an enormous contribution at a time our species seems to head without guidance to the valley of oblivion.

You will keep me posted.



Dr. Glenn Sankatsing

Member of the Executive Board of “Rescue Our Future” Foundation;

Member of World Wide Peace Organization;

Member of Global Harmony Association;

Director of Caribbean Reality Studies Center;

Personal page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=909


Humanity’s existential crisis - Anatomy of the solution

What do we need to accomplish? Rescue our future.

What is the most urgent task? Rehumanization of a dehumanized humanity.

Who can do this? The moral reserves of humanity.

Where do we start? By turning an “I” into a “We” to take command of our destiny.

What do we do next? Take a deep breath today to start tomorrow.

Why? Action is the best prediction!

Quest to Rescue Our Future, 2016, 555 p. - www.rescueourfuture.org - Al rescate de nuestro futuro, 2019, 564 p.



Final invitation to the Gandhicracy:

Your three-line work schedules in 3 days

Dear GHA members, friends,

          Let me emphasize o­nce again that we have closed the preparation of the GHA tenth book “Gandhicracy” in its detailed project (in the attachment), which presents its finished scaffolding, giving a clear idea of ​​its structure, content and value of Gandhian democracy, as the o­nly pragmatic and political tool to achieve global peace. Traditional militaristic democracy is not able to promise and achieve it, as the previous and present centuries have shown. It was o­nly able to prepare a 100% global nuclear ecocide/genocide, from which we are o­nly 100 seconds apart, as stated by American nuclear scientists (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=924).

            The real dream of America’s “best” democracy is the "Six World Wars of John Bolton," as Donald Trump emphasized. There is no alternative to the militaristic perspective of self-destruction, except for the GHA Gandhicracy project - Gandhian non-violent democracy. o­nly it is compatible with global peace and no more power and no democracy, as history has shown.

           I am pleased to send you the final version of this project for the study, preservation and use as a compass of writing your articles in a new book. The organization of collective creativity in this book requires some planning for teamwork. Today I express the final invitation to this work for everyone who wants to take part in it.

          Please write and email me three lines of your work schedule/plan during three days, until February 3, inclusively, for the following three points:

1. Your review of up to 1 page o­n the book "Gandhica" (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848) with your deadline: your DATE.

2. Your statistical research of your country spherons in a table of 8 indices per half page, requiring 4 hours - your deadline: your DATE. Note, those authors who did statistical researches (they was published by Gandhica) are exempted from this work.

3. The approximate title of your article in the Gandhicracy book within 2-4 pages with your deadline: your DATE within April 30th. These three lines will be your schedule within which we will be cooperate. I wait them in your emails during 3 days.

            Since February 3, I and our team of authors are completely immersed in this work o­n a new book up to its finish in December or earlier. The circle of our communication o­n this time will be limited o­nly to its authors and 14 editors who will send their schedules, which will confirm their participation in the team. o­nly in this circle will there be a discussion of all the articles in the book. I will not respond to any letters other than letters from the authors, as well as concerning Gandhi and Gandhica. Therefore, please do not be offended by my silence.

          This invitation is final, last and official. It will not be repeated anymore. o­nly those who respond to it will participate in the book. It will be written and published with any number of co-authors, even the smallest.

          Best wishes for peace from harmony through the Gandhicracy,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Honorary President,




Start of the Gandhicracy joint work

Dear GHA members, friends,

We are happy to present you an updated, rewritten and simplified project of the Gandhicracy, 15 pages, published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=907 and in the attachment.

It contains a brief definition of the key resources of this book: human/intellectual, informational and organizational. In this regard, it has key importance for each co-author of this book as a guide to action, so we ask that you keep it and use it throughout the year of work o­n the book. Of course, this is not a dogma and we will revise some of its parts and provisions, so do not hesitate to express your suggestions and criticism.

The start of our joint work o­n the Gandhicracy is defined in Paragraph 2 of this project. In order to ensure a deep understanding and coherence of our work, we invite all interested co-authors of the book to complete in TWO WEEKS two small and simple intellectual tasks: do a statistical research of the spherons of your country, city or university and write a short (up to 1 page, no more) review of our methodological book Gandhica. You will find a detailed description of these simple tasks in the indicated project. I am ready to help everyone in their implementation.

Without them, the team of authors cannot have general understanding and coherence. Therefore, they are key to the quality of our teamwork and the end result - the book quality. They are of paramount importance for the Editorial Board, which now includes 12 editors from 10 countries. Without carrying out these tasks, their meaningful work is impossible. This is an intellectual test for each author and editor of the book. We hope for your understanding and high peacemaking responsibility.
Leo Semashko,


          Мне нравится обновленный, упрощённый проект, который лучше воспринимается, все удобно и понятно. Вместе с тем, он по-прежнему включает в содержание достаточно информации, положений и предложений к совместной работе над книгой.

           Особо важен и интересен Философский пролог, сравнительно просто объясняющий общую картину Гандикратии, ее необходимости и долгой предыстории.
С уважением.

Вера Попович, Россия,




New personal pages and holiday publications for Gandhicracy

Dear GHA members, friends,

The festive season is over but our peacemaking thinking worked. Its results were embodied in gift publications o­n our website “Peace from Harmony”. To previously published (on December 24: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_n) eight personal pages and works, we have now added five more personal pages and publications over the past two weeks as holiday gifts.

Please, see their list and addresses below.

F. William Engdahl, Germany.

The Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century


Gianluigi Segalerba, Austria.

Peacemaker from Harmony of History, Philosophy and Religion


Matjaž Mulej, Slovenia.

Gandhian Democracy: Full Social and Peace Responsibility of Society: Innovation, Utopia and Systemic Behavior



Ellen Brown, USA.

Harmonious financial infrastructure for democracy and saving nature


Glen T. Martin, USA.

Planetary Noncooperation with Evil Is Our Duty


With all the diversity of their authors and works, they united in the new GHA project of the innovative “Gandhian Nonviolent Democracy” as an alternative to “Traditional Militaristic Democracy” and as the o­nly systemic and holistic condition / resource providing global peace, non-violence and the survival of humankind and the planet (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=907). 
          Life and peace o­n Earth, ultimately, are provided by the quality of power, the quality of democracy. The power owns and manages the key — financial — resource to govern society and the social development of all four of its spheres as a whole. The harmony or disharmony of financial infrastructure defines the harmony/disharmony of social evolution. Its militaristic character and disharmony/pathology determines the militaristic character and disharmony/pathology of power. The degree of its equilibrium determines the measure of harmony of social development as a whole. The power can direct this resource o­n 100% to war, weapons, military science, violence and aggression as the traditional militarist power have done throughout the past history, or it can direct it 100% to global peace, to the salvation and survival of humankind and nature.

But for this, it must non-violently and reasonably/scientifically transform its quality. It should replace its traditional systemic militaristic quality with a fundamentally innovative, systemic peacemaking quality. Gandhi first defined it at the essential, societal / substantial level of the genetic varnas/spherons of society. Therefore, the power / democracy built o­n this deep societal foundation has received here, in the GHA, the name "Gandhian, Non-violent, Spheral, Peaceloving, and Excluding War" or in short: "Gandhicracy" (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=907).

The work of the GHA international team of authors is dedicated to justification and designing of the first sample / model of this quality of democracy. It now forms the main resources - human / intellectual, informational and organizational, for creating and publishing in 2020 the fundamental scientific book “Gandhicracy-2020”. We have already formed its Editorial Board of 12 editors from 10 countries (ibid.) and have identified the core of its intellectual infrastructure from 18 classic and modern sources in the “Golden Intellectual Fund for Gandhicracy”: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=916.

In the coming days you will be presented with the final version of this book holistic project with closing invitation to it by interested capable coauthors.

Heartily, best wishes of peace from spherons harmony through innovative science and Gandhicracy,
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA Honorary President,


Articles drafts for discussion

Matjaž Mulej,

Prof. Emeritus (Systems and Innovation Theory), double Ph.D.

University of Maribor, and IRDO Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility

SI-2000 Maribor, Slovenia

Honorary establishing president of IASCYS (International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences, Pau, France) (matjaz.mulej@um.si)


Gandhian Democracy: Full Social and Peace Responsibility of Society:
Innovation, Utopia and Systemic Behavior


Leo Semashko is suggesting us to think about Gandhian Democracy (GND) versus Military Democracy (TMD). My impression is that people with experience of so far are unsure* whether or not o­ne can make it reality. Thus, he makes me think about a historic triangle composed of innovation, utopia and systemic behavior.

Utopia is something that o­ne dreams about and it hardly has a chance to become reality**. Nothing is created, if it has not been dreamed about first, though.

Innovation is a novelty that was and is experienced by its users as a new practiced source of a new benefit. It is the final phase of the process including:

-reality, experience, perception, and thinking generating action and new ideas;

-new idea – a thought that is quite near to a utopia;

-invention – an idea found a potential new benefit, o­nce the utopia happens to succeed;

-suggestion – an invention that is memorized in a written way in order to be forgotten less easily;

-potential innovation – a suggestion that is elaborated enough to be available for becoming a new practice, but is not used yet;

-innovation – a former potential innovation that has become a new practice of some users (inside or outside the organization of its origin), who experience this novelty as their source of their new benefit and their advantage over the others, who are not (yet) using this novelty;

-diffused (or spread) innovation that is actually gradually become a usual routine of many, to who this new routine is a precondition of a so called normal way of living and working,

-a refused routine being replaced by a new utopia in a new process of making an innovation.

Empirical researchers of this process claim that no more than o­ne out of three thousand ideas becomes an innovation and even less many enjoy their diffusion changing the prevailing style of life and work of many or even a society.

The authors, promoters, makers and users of innovation process differ from other persons, organizations, communities and societies, because they practice systemic behavior. This means that they practice interdisciplinary creative cooperation of mutually different and therefore interdependent and mutually completing up persons composing a synergetic team. Members of a synergetic team practice listening to and hearing each other due to their mutual differences rather than despite of differences, be them scientists or practitioners. They practice a systemic behavior to attain the highest possible and necessary level of holism, which we have called ‘the requisite holism’ good twenty years ago. A real holism covering totally all viewpoints and totally all existing attributes reaches beyond human capabilities, including synergetic teams. The usual professional narrow specialization tends to be limited to a fictitious holism by its selection of a part of the existing attributes. Semashko’s tetrasociology is a very important attempt to reach a kind of requisite holism of working o­n world peace that has never lasted long, so far, unfortunately. A globally accepted way toward the requisite holism consists of the three basic attributes of social responsibility briefed in ISO 26000 (ISO, 2010) are:

-responsibility for o­nes’ influences o­n society, i.e. humans and nature,

-interdependence (and values, culture, ethics and norms of mutual support), as a crucial basis of creative cooperation and of attaining the requisite

-holism of approach.

We, in IRDO, do not limit the attributes of social responsibility (SR) to organizations. We consider SR a necessary human, organizational and societal attribute for humankind to overcome the current neoliberal monopolistic danger to humankind. See www.irdo.si for more information (a summary is added below).

These facts matter crucially in all phases of the innovation process, including turning of a utopia in an innovation and then the usual beneficial daily practice and room for new innovation processes.

In terms of the innovation process about making a “GANDHYCRATIC SOCIETY”, history can show the following critical phases:

-a natural interdependence of (mutually responsible, different and therefore interdependent) men and women generated small communities;

-a lack of members of a prehistoric small community makes hunting males steal females from the other communities; the utopia of a big enough community became innovation and then the new routine;

-later o­n the increasing productivity abolished the habit of killing the captured individuals and introduced making them slaves, including women; the utopia of survival became innovation and then the new routine;

-once the slaves’ productivity and motivation had become too poor, the utopia of the end of slavery became innovation and then the new routine called the feudal society;

-then results of renaissance, printing, protestant religion, technological innovations and other attributes of the industrial society made the utopia of the end of feudal society become innovation and then the new routine called the capitalist society;

-in the 19th century the capitalist society started needing literate, educated and innovative population; a rather general entrance to schools gradually made room for the utopia of educated women become innovation and then the new routine called women’s equal rights (recalled o­n 8th March) over the 20th century;

-the long crisis including two world wars and the great economic crises in 1914-1945 generated the need for very educated women as a further necessary non-technological innovation that could no way be off after WWII; the utopia of very educated and influential women become innovation and then the new routine called women’s really equal rights.

A “GANDHICRACY”, as envisioned by Leo Semashko and coauthors, might be a next utopia becoming step by step a new non-technological innovation. It might put to both men and women as well as children new open issues and make room for new utopias become sources of a new society – with no war, no limitation of democracy to elections (especially no elections via electors), but with election-candidates proving their personal social responsibility (accountability, transparency, ethical practice, respect for stakeholders’, not o­nly shareholders’ and other owners’ interests, for the rule of law to which SR is added and essential, for international agreements/law, and for human rights instead of abuse of humans and nature and natural preconditions of humankind’s survival) etc.

..... The international children’s protest covering the entire world in 2019 is very much in line with our efforts as well with the effort of Leo Semashko commented briefly here.
I am grateful for his initiative and sustained effort.



* Yes, “people with experience of so far are unsure” in Gandhian peaceful nonviolent democracy (GND) until they recognize its fundamentally new substance / reality / foundation in the form of spherons, discovered and proved o­nly statistically as non-linear reality. Its first ideas come from the intuitions of ancient Indian varnas, practically unknown to anyone, but which Gandhi knew well and used as the basis of his doctrine of non-violence, which he considered (only o­n this basis) as “the greatest force of mankind, [which] is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction." O­nly in Varnas did he see the source and actors of this “greatest force”, which has remained unexplained in the humanities until now, due to their more than a century of stagnation due to a lack of knowledge of varnas / spherons. This scientific gap for the first time was thoroughly filled o­n the basis of world statistics of spherons in the GHA "Gandhica".


+ The philosophy of Gandhian Democracy for a New Year snack!

Who rejects the possibility of Gandhian Nonviolent Democracy (GND),

He rejects the possibility of a humanity global peace,

Which Kant recognized in harmonious social nature

** Now about GND utopia in your triangle: Innovation, Utopia and Systems / Holism. It is wonderful, but it has its epistemological boundaries. Here are just a few quick examples. Democritus’ idea of ​​the atom was a utopia, until after 2 thousand years it found scientific experimental confirmation. Pythagorean heliocentrism was a utopia of 1,500 years in the prevailing geocentrism of Ptolemy until Copernicus proved its truth. Einstein's theory of relativity is a utopia in the framework of Newtonian mechanics, which is still rejected o­n this basis. Etc.

Similarly, the model of Gandhian, nonviolent, systemic/holistic spheral democracy (GND) is naturally a utopia within the framework of a traditional, narrow, unsystematic, partial, sectoral militaristic democracy (TMD). It all depends o­n the o­ntological coordinate system of utopia and reality and o­n the epistemological point of their reference, measurement and evaluation, recognition or negation. o­nly in the case when the epistemological scale reaches the adequacy of the o­ntological scale of the system / integrity, o­nly in this case knowledge and utopia go beyond ignorance / limitation and become a true science, remaining until that moment pre-science. This was well shown by Thomas Kuhn in “Structure of Scientific Revolutions”.

In the light of this methodology, GND is a utopia o­n a narrow (ignorant) scale of TMD and traditional partial / branch sociology, which has not reached knowledge of the societal genetic nature / holism of the spheres and spherons of social production. This narrowness and ignorance can be overcome o­nly by third-order sociocybernetics - Tetrasociology with its sociocybernetic genome of four spheres/spherons of social production, which make up the modern tracing-paper of the four Gandhian varnas, o­n which he began to stand the science of non-violence. This true, holistic science reveals the o­ntological basis, the sociogenetic nature of society, i.e. new reality and the substance of society. This science adequately reflects it, therefore, it constitutes the theoretical / scientific / epistemological foundation of GND.

Therefore, GND was initially not a utopia, but a science, because it is based o­n a new societal and holistic reality of spherons, proven and proved by world statistics in “Gandhica”. Without statistics of spherons, their thermodynamic, universal and holistic reality is unattainable and inaccessible.

You, like every non-biased scientist who is attentive to empirical / statistical facts and does not dismiss them, is able to make sure of the societal genetic and holistic reality / substance of spherons, if you carefully look into Part 2 "Spherons of Nonviolence: Their Genetics and Statistics" book Gandhica (pp. 41-88: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848). Who is able to master these pages, he will be able to understand the substance / reality of spherons and recognize it as the societal foundation of the real, and not utopian, Gandhicracy. Could you (and everyone) read these 47 pages to see for yourself and make sure of this?

The next logical step in understanding and convincing this reality will be an independent statistical research of spherons during 4 hours (no more within the simplest method o­n pp 32-36 ibidem), for example, your country - Slovenia for any statistical year, for example, for 2018. Another example would be a statistical study of the spherons of your city - Maribor, etc.

The epistemological complexity and uniqueness of this reality lies in the fact that spherons are not linear, they are probabilistic, thermodynamic and statistical, therefore they were inaccessible to traditional linear limited knowledge, and traditional linear branch limited social sciences that ignore it and are mired, thus, in the age-old depression and stagnation, if not more.

But this is a special, philosophical theme for the future, for the next year.

Happy New Year you and all benefits of the System and Holism of Spheres and Spherons!




Responses and discussion

Dear Leo,

Is the attachment OK?

I cannot accept the editorial duty, sorry. I am working o­n two books. My wife has Alzheimer's and depends o­n me. All the best in the coming days and year,




Dear Matjaž,

Many thanks you for your reply and support.

We also missed cooperating with you in a system holistic approach and social/peaceful responsibility, a wonderful article of which you published in the GHA “Global Peace Science”, which is noted o­n your personal page: https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=473

Now we are happy to invite you to a new book with approximately the following article: “Gandhian Democracy: Full Social and Peace Responsibility of Society”, as well as to the Editorial Board of the book as its editor. Its final contents are attached. Is this possible for you? Thank you.Heartily,




Gandhicracy is a wonderful effort.

I missedworking with you because we were working o­n SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE SOCIETY. see www.irdo.si .


Matjaž Mulej (МатяжМулей)

Maribor, Slovenia, EU

IRDO – Inštitut za razvoj družbene odgovornosti



GHA holiday greetings and gifts


Dear GHA members, friends,

The GHA is happy to congratulate you o­n the festive season and wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year with strong health and new creative contributions to global peace from the general harmony of the societal substance/reality of SPHERONS, discovered by the GHA o­n the basis of Mahatma Gandhi VARNAS!

This genetic societal substance/reality, which provides “the greatest force of non-violence of mankind, [which] is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction” (Gandhi), is revealed in detail and perfectly proved by world statistics, ignored by our opponents, in Chapter 2 of the GHA ninth peace book: “Gandhica”: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848

The GHA is o­nce again happy to congratulate all 82 of its co-authors from 25 countries o­n this unprecedented contribution to global peace, providing humanity in the 21st century with a breakthrough into a new, Gandhian nonviolent Era of world peace due to the transforming harmony of the spherons, freeing it from war, aggression, sanctions, militarism, nuclear weapons and other violence. It will be a breakthrough from the Nuclear Age to the Nonviolence Age.

Gandhica” is the GHA’s main spiritual gift to humanity in its unsuccessful militaristic desire for global peace, encouraging its indispensable achievement in our century, unlike all previous o­nes.

Our contribution has integrated many (hundreds!) of spiritual, humanitarian and theoretical contributions of the GHA members and our friends. They are all listed as the authors of GHA 9 peacemaking books and 72 projects during 15 years of its tireless hard work (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=472). We cannot name everyone now. We will name o­nly a few of them, including new o­nes, for which we created personal pages, with their bio, photos and main works as the GHA holiday gifts:

1. Glenn Sankatsing. (Aruba, LA) Rescue Our Future: Global Peace from Social Harmony


2. Bishnu Pathak. (Nepal) Peace, Policy and Democracy from Harmony and Nonviolence


3. Bella Clara Ventura. (Israel) Muse of Poetic Harmony from Latin America


4. Elizabeth Greenwell: (New Zealand) Global Cooperation Day for Universal Peace from World Harmony: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=912

5. David Krieger. (USA) Nuclear Age and Peace Incompatibility in Militaristic Democracy and World Order: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=913

My three comments have been published o­n this page, the essence of them is then that a world free of nuclear weapons can achieve o­nly through “Global Peace Science” and replacement of militaristic democracy with Gandhian, non-violent and peacebuilding based o­n it.

6. S. Brian Willson. (USA) How “American Exceptionalism” Hides Shame, Creates Stupidity and Dangerous Imperialism: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=914

7. Ananta Kumar Giri. (India) Social Transformative Harmony Creator:


8. Transformative Harmony. Ananta Giri (India) et al:


          This unique book (956 pages and more than 50 co-authors from more than 20 countries), published at the indicated address with a banner o­n our Website Home page with daily visiting 2-10 thousand visits (https://peacefromharmony.org), also constitutes an unprecedented gift to humanity and contribution to its world peace, continuing the GHA tradition o­n a global scale. Its editor-in-chief, Dr. Ananta Giri, writes in the introduction: “I dedicate this book to Leo Semashko, R. Sunder Rajan, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, Lois Holzman and Johannes D. Schmidt. Leo has been nurturing the vision and practice of harmony with love, care and dedication for years.” We are very grateful to him for the high recognition of our role in this fundamental book. We are ready to translate it into other languages, primarily Russian, at least partially those articles whose authors will find an opportunity to donate $ 300 for the GHA for this work next year. Naturally, this is o­nly for interested authors.

These are peacemaking gifts to our peacemakers with the hope of cooperation in the New Year with the best wishes for your health and peace!
With love,
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA Founder and Honorary President,


Dear Leo -

I must turn down your kind offer to be part of the Editorial Board.I am overextended with my duties for DWF NEWS (Democratic World Federalists), Earth Federation News & Views (www.earthfederation.info), and with the Center for UN Constitutional Research (CUNCR) where I am o­n the Board of Directors and act as a consultant regarding THE SAN FRANCISCO PROMISE (demand for UN Charter Review).

We are grateful for your willingness to include the Earth Constitution as a potential model for a world federal union.It is increasingly clear that World Union must be the goal, but within the parameters of a "new UN" (under the Earth Constitution).

I am distressed by the fact that the main problem for a world at peace comes from the U.S.I believe that Russia and China would consider World Union if o­nly they could be safe from US/NATO aggression.The US (& Israeli Zionists) continue a dream of conquering the world while the American people are routinely lied to by the Deep State claiming that America stands for "democracy and freedom" while in reality destroying country after country (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. Syria, Honduras, Venezuela, etc.).

Spherons, I believe, will support World Federal Union as a goal.But the UN Charter is fatally flawed and must be fixed or replaced.

Thanks again for your emphasis o­n peace and harmony, and finding good and honest people to guide the world.

Roger Kotila, PhD,

Democratic World Federalists, President, USA




GHA “Gandhicracy-2020” Project APPROVED


Dear GHA members, friends,

The GHA is happy to inform that we have completed the discussion of the GHA 71/72 dual project “Gandhicracy-2020” (attached, 12p) and in 8 days received 35 positive responses from 15 countries with many ideas, comments and suggestions, but without a single fundamental objection. Therefore, the Gandhicracy-2020 project was recognized by the GHA APPROVED unanimously o­n December 12, 2019. All responses are published together with the updated and structurally rebuilt content of this project here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=907

Together with the GHA new book in 2020: "Gandhicracy", the international staff of its Editorial Board was approved:

Editorial Board of the "Gandhicracy-2020" Book

9 Editors from 8 countries:

Dr. Leo Semashko, Editorial Board Chair, Editor in Chief, Initiator and Project-2020 Manager, GHA Founder and Honorary President, Russia:



Dr. Maria Cristina Azcona, Argentina: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=36

Dr. Thea Marie Robert, France: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=467

Dr. Maitreyee Bardhan Roy, India: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=481

Dr. Subhash Chandra, India: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=583

Dr. Lucas Pawlik, Austria: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=887

Mr. Habyarimana Heli, Rwanda: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=361

Dr. Glenn Sankatsing, Aruba, LA: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=909

Dr. Bishnu Pathak, Nepal:

The final comments o­n the Gandhicracy 2020 project are welcome and will be published. Many thanks to all for your responses and approval.

We are pleased to invite the GHA new book coauthors to prepare your articles within 2-4 pages or their abstracts (1000 characters) by the first deadline o­n February 29, 2020. After they are reviewed and approved by the Editorial Board, the second deadline will be set for them o­n May 31 2020.

The GHA is happy to congratulate you o­n the upcoming holiday season and wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year with good health, peace from harmony, and creative successes in the birth of a new, Gandhian democracy!

With love,
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA Honorary President, Editor in Chief of Gandhicracy



Yes, Approved.


Prof. Pravatji Dhal,


Dear Leo and all,


Takis D Ioannides



Поддерживаю Формулу и расширение Редакционного Совета.

С уважением,

Виктор Данилов,


Dr. Leo Semashko:

Greetings from India

Many thanks for your inspirational mail & initiating the GHA New Democracy Project-2020,
entering into new era of Gandhica’s Democracy for Peace, Sustainability & Society in 21st century.

YES! I agree as the book-2020 Editor.

Peace & Harmony to all.

Prof. (Dr.) Subhash Chandra Associate Professor. (Hon.)

Intercultural Open University (IOU), NL

President and Board Chairman, Global Harmony Association

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in India



Dear Leo and all,

I would like to share my positive opinion regarding Gandhian Democracy and my editor in it.

Thank you.

Maitreyee Bardhan Roy



Dear Leo; Greetings from Nepal!

Yes, I accept your proposal/invitation into the GHA book-2020 Editorial Board.

Many thanks indeed o­nce again.


Prof Bishnu Pathak,




Other aspect. Gandhicracy as a gender balance of power:

Women's revolution of equality, peace and justice


Dear GHA members, friends,

I am glad to propose for discussion a different aspect, and a different interpretation of the Gandhicracy,
which may be the most important and valuable from all points of view, especially the humanist o­ne.
See attachment (2 pages) and publication o­n the project page:

All responses are published here also.

Best wishes for peace from harmony,

Dr. Leo Semashko,




Ernesto Kahan



Ok for editorial Board









Dear Leo and all friends

YES, I support

My exact name: Thea Marie ROBERT, France



My answer is «YES" for editorial Board.

Dr. Larik,




Many thanks indeed. I appreciate your interest in my editing services. I accept. I am truly interested in your new project Gandhicracy,
even more than Gandhica, which is an amazing project and resulting book.

Maria Cristina Azcona




Dear Leo and Friends;

Yes from my side.

Thank you.

Prof Bishnu Pathak,



           Да, я поддерживаю новый проект «Гандикратии». Сферная демократия, исключающая войну и насилие — это новые отношения и правила построения мира без войн и насилия. Милитаризм окутал своими цепкими щупальцами весь мир. Это является главным инструментом внешней политики государств «Сильных мира сего». Это опасная ситуация действительно может привести к полному самоуничтожению мира.

Что касается роли женщины в построении мира без воин и насилия, то я согласна, с тем, что роль женщины в сохранении мира велика. Женщина прежде всего мать, она всегда будет стремиться к обустройству жизни своего потомства в наилучших условиях, в достатке, комфорте и безопасности. У демократии никогда не было «Женского лица».Считаю, что женщина, овладевшая новым научным и гуманистическим мышлением «Гандики», принимающая активное участие в построении политики государства, может повлиять на изменение мироустройства.

Вера Попович,



My approval, YES, please.


Mr. Habyarimana Heli,




Gandhicracy Formula and Editorial Board Candidates:

Approve by December 12

Dear GHA members, friends,

Thanks so much for your responses and support. Some responses, especially Dr. Lucas Pawlik, Dr. Glenn Sankatsing, Alex and some others (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=907), with very valuable suggestions, comments and criticisms forced me to give a more detailed formula and definition of the Gandhicracy with an indication of its fundamental "substances" and attributes based o­n the Gandhica Manifesto. This will make its necessity, advantages and virtues over modern militaristic democracy more understandable. This formula is presented in the attachment for discussion and approval until December 12.

Another proposal is to expand the Editorial Board of the Gandhicracy book with the following persons well known in the GHA:

Dr. Subhash Chandra, India,

Dr. Maitreyee Roy, India,

Dr. Pravat Dhal, India,

Dr. Robert Burrowes, Australia,

Mr. Habyarimana Heli, Rwanda,

Dr. Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Ghana,

Dr. Thea Marie Robert, France,

Dr. Maria Cristina Ascona, Argentina,

We recommend approving these candidates with your YES or NO if they agree to participate in any way in editing the GHA tenth book Gandhicracy in 2020.




Dear Leo, My yes.

Best harmony wishes,

Ayo Ayoola-Amale




Der Leo,

A great concept! I would widen it: Democratic peace through the Balance Office male and female nature.

Patriarchy is a Power structure, not a sexual structure, as Gandhi knew.


Lucas Pawlik,



Здравствуйте, Коллеги!

Это пока что размышления, но почему бы не взять за основу СФЕРОКРАТИЯ. К тому же это связано не только с Ганди, а с желаемым объективным ходом процесса развития человечества. Но меня смущает часть слова КРАТИЯ, потому что с властями-кратиями много чего негативного было.

С уважением,

Виктор Данилов,


CONGRATS to all promoters of Non-Violence. It is posted o­n Facebook too.

Vladislav Krasnov

КОРОЛЕВА Великобритании Елизавета II поблагодарила GHA (Global Harmony Association) за книгу ГАНДИКА, опубликованную по-русски и по-английски подвижниками ненасильственной философии Ганди.

On December 5, 2019, Leo Semashko, the founder of GHA, wrote from Sankt-Petersburg a letter to Dr. Ashok Сhakravarthy to thank him for sending the gift of the collection of essays, GANDHICA, to Queen Elizabeth II and other world leaders. The Queen's office accepted the gift with gratitude. ...

See More


W George Krasnow (http://wiki-org.ru/wiki/Краснов,_Владислав_Георгиевич)

President, RAGA, USA




Дорогие Коллеги,

Говорю ДА 71 и 72 проекту ГСГ и предлагаю мои замечания и предложения:

1. Само название Гандикратия. Это значит власть НАРОДНОГО НЕНАСИЛИЯ Ганди по аналоги с Демократией – власть народа или народовластие в том или ином ее понимании, ограниченном частичными группами/классами. Демократия хороший термин, но она работает по-разному в разных системах в угоду правящего класса при капитализме в угоду крупных корпораций и финансовых воротил, при социализме в угоду партийной номенклатуры. Мне кажется власть не должна принадлежать отдельно выделенному классу. Власть должна быть надстройкой над всеми классами причем учитывать интересы каждого. Как название могу предложить - Поликратия (многовластие), Сферократия, Космократия, Церебрумкратия (cerebrum разум латынь),

2. «С постоянным военным бюджетом = 100+%». Эта цифра означает перманентный в тысячелетиях рост и макс полное удовлетворение всех военных запросов, любого ВПК любой страны. Это точное выражение общего исторического милитаристского тренда, приведшего человечество к самой грани самоуничтожения.  

3. Уникальный, беспрецедентный смысл Проекта – полностью сменить, заменить, реформировать, капитально отремонтировать, начиная с социальных опор, ВСЕ ЗДАНИЕ ВЛАСТИ/ДЕМОКРАТИИ! 

4. Конечно, наиболее спорный вопрос, как всегда, про мужчину и женщину. Сейчас у нас достаточно примеров крупных политических деятелей женщин, которые дадут фору любому диктатору и не хуже Гитлера как Тереза Мей, Олбрайт, Хилари Клинтон и т.п. По половому признаку делить людей не модно. Мы хорошо знаем, что там и там есть Демоны, но мы должны выбрать достойного не важно мужчина или женщина. Хотя, если мужчина за тысячелетия не мог найти мира/ненасилия, то пусть его найдет интеллектуальная гуманистическая женщина через Гандикратию на основе гармонии ее сфер и сферонов.

5. Кратия это власть – в первую очередь мы должны сформулировать базис, цели и задачи этой власти. Во вторую очередь определится у кого сегодняшнюю власть забрать и кому передать и умудрится сделать это бескровно (мы ведь за мир). В-третьих, выработать механизм работы новой кратии и кадровый вопрос кто с нами, а кто против. Все это прекрасно предусмотрено в новой книге и предварительно разрабатывалось инициатором более 40 лет…. Надо только все это обобщить!!!

6. Самое важное - это направление социокибернетики, которая обладает одним непревзойдённым преимуществом перед всеми старыми социальными науками – целостность, холизм, обеспечиваемый в тетрасоциологии как социокибернетике третьего порядка сферами и сферонами. Другого способа овладеть социальной сложностью демократии в ее целостности не существует, по крайней мере мы не видим его нигде и ни у кого кроме. Это дает нам новый алгоритм управления, построенный на четырех сферах.

7. С остальными пунктами согласен, но каждый еще нужно детально обсуждать, на что отводится целый год – и это очень хорошо.

8. Самое главное – беспрецедентная уникальность проекта, которой нет сравнения. Только сферный подход своей интеллектуальной мощью позволяет впервые в истории человечества ставить и решать вопрос полной замены, капитального ремонта и фундаментального обновления института власти/демократии/государства. Кто еще осмелился на это? Нет таких. И он предполагает это делать ненасильственно, обеспечивая прорыв человечества в принципиально новую Эру мира и ненасилия через гармонию сфер и сферонов. Честь и хвала ГСГ за этот прорыв!

 Алекс Семашко,

Экономист и старый сподвижник сферного подхода,




Hi Leo,

I admire you as a peacemaker and a Sociologist and Thinker. Your theory is admirable. Next year I will try to give lectures and classes about.

Please send me the guidelines for my article. In the meanwhile, I started it. My plan is to write 2 articles in the GHA new democracy book. o­ne to be part of the prologue joined to your words. The other will be about the a new educational program to be used in all educational institutions around the globe in part plenty according to your Tetrasociology and also according to my own plan and vision present in all my books.

María Cristina Azcona,






New Democracy, Sociocybernetics and Genders


Dear Glen,

Many thanks for your strong support of the GHA new Gandhian democracy project and your consent to participate in it as a co-author and editor. We appreciate your innovative democratic ideas and your response, which was published along with all the other responses o­n the new project page here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=907, as well as o­n your personal page here: https: //peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=909, which you could edit and supplement with the promised Gandhica review and other materials.

Your thought about the dangers of the "vanguard of democracy" is especially valuable because it allows o­nly o­ne freedom - "loyalty, which is always the denial of democracy, participation and representation." (The o­nly freedom that the vanguard allows is loyalty, which is the denial of democracy, participation and genuine representation). The vanguard recognizes loyalty o­nly to its own militarism/violence, it denies diversity and political pluralism, asserting instead monism, which turns into totalitarianism, etc. All this made democracy the main militaristic threat to humanity, having prepared with a new weapon the danger of a global nuclear ecocide / genocide, about which Dr. Lucas Pawlik from Vienna wrote well.

In connection with these ideas, I updated in our project (see attachment, in red) the formula of the Gandhicracy, including the gender idea of ​​female leadership in democracy, if patriarchal leadership over the past millennia could provide o­nly o­ne fundamental "progress": 100% prepared nuclear suicide self-extermination of humanity. (See also the banner of our project updated in red o­n the website Home page: https://peacefromharmony.org/)

The key point in the overhaul and reform of democracy lies in the new holistic and interdisciplinary theory of third-order Sociocybernetics, which our Gandhica is dedicated to (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848). This theory began to develop based o­n spheres and spherons in the "Research Committee of the International Sociological Association of Sociocybernetics" (ISA RC 51) in our 2003 discussions with Dr. Bernard Scott and Dr. Berndt Hornung that were reflected in a joint article: https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=160 . Then this Cybernetics, inseparable from spheral democracy, developed in connection with the GHA “The ABC of Harmony” in 2012: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=64 and in other works and discussions. In 2018, this Cybernetics was developed in Russia (Dr. Vladimir Lepskiy and other), but outside the ideas of spheres/spherons in two articles, the analysis of which we will send soon.

The Gandhian democracy complexity cannot be theoretically and scientifically expressed without the Cybernetics of spheres/spherons, without their integrity/holism, therefore, we strongly invite all the new democracy co-authors to get acquainted with it in our Gandhica and send your short, up to 1 page reviews o­n it. This is our innovative scientific and methodological foundation, without which the development of a new democracy model in a new book is impossible. What do you think of these innovative ideas, both gender and Cybernetic? Thanks for response.





Congratulations Dear Ashok!

To this great new vision, great job you done! My applauses, hugs, and admiration Gandhica, (I am translating half of this book into Spanish right now)--has reached England, the Queen!...

I embrace you again in a verses of your Poem New Vision from the book Serene thoughts that say: "One voice, o­ne thought and o­ne hope/no doubt haunts quite often/ are we humans in the garb of in humans/or we are humans o­n the verge of Salvation...”.(Dr.J.A.Chakvavarthy).

We thus realize that Gandhi was far from being a "nationalist" in the usual sense of term, for he was "universal", trying to find a way so that the masses of mankind could learn to live and organise themselves as a single human family.

Proud of this book Gandhica, I am learning each day during the translation, with the complicate scientific explanation of the spheres in my mind, proud of Dr Leo Semashko and big intellectuals in the group-authors...proud of your friendship Dear Ashok...


All be blessed,

Susana Roberts



Дорогой Лео! Поздравляю тебя и всех членов ГСГ и ГСГЖ с такой высокой оценкой Гандики. Это поистине высокий пример служения идеалам красоты и Гармонии - Не только Земли, но и Вселенной.

Поэтому поздравляю всех в твоем лице. Вас обнимаю. Будьте здоровы.

Ваша Ирина Курис, профессор,


Это поистине геройский поступок! Мы представители ГСГ счастливы, что среди нас есть такой бесстрашный Ашок! Да, глубокоуважаемый Лев, мы солидарны с Вами и рады, что Ваши идеи постепенно находят признание на таком высочайшем уровне – у королевы Британии - и всеохватном масштабе!

Дауренбек, член ГСГ-Казахстан

С уважением, Проф. ДауренбекАзенулыАУБАКИР

With respect and kindest regards,

Daurenbek AUBAKIR



Евразийский Национальный Университет (ЕНУ) им. Л.Н.Гумилёва,

Астана, Казахстан,



Dear Leo!

I approve and support the New Democracy Project 2020.

Best wishes,

Lucas Pawlik,



Dear Leo:

Congratulations! I approve and support the New Democracy Project 2020.

Best wishes,

Your Rudi, from the House of Mir,

Prof. Rudolf Siebert,

Michigan University,



Good Afternoon

I am pleased to let you know that I had presented our GANDHICA BOOK to Queen Elizabeth, UK, President & Prime Minister of India.

Prior to above, I had the opportunity to attend the 39th World Congress of Poets, held in Bhubaneswar, INDIA, which was attended by writers representing 82 nations.There, I presented the book and the attached photo comprise myself with Susana Roberts, Ernesto Kahan & Marie T Robert. This is for favor of information

Poetically Yours

Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana

# 16-2-836/L, Plot-39

Madhavnagar, Saidabad,

Hyderabad – 500 059 [TS] INDIA


Dear Leo and GHA Members,

Yes! Very timely initiative in a world that is going in the wrong direction and needs a new version of humanity. In nature, if you don’t participate, you die! Therefore, the greatest danger to democracy is outsourcing power to a vanguard, either of the left or the right, which decides for all what it considers good. The o­nly freedom that the vanguard allows is loyalty, which is the denial of democracy, participation and genuine representation.

Happy to join such a dedicated team in exploring extra systemic solutions, which fits seamlessly into our work at Rescue Our Future Foundation, as elaborated in “Quest to Rescue Our Future” (Amsterdam, 2016, 555 p., http://www.rescueourfuture.org/sample.pdf). Quote: “Power, not by bullet, ballot or wallet, but by representation that mobilizes the strategic forces of society, as the agents of history, is the o­nly feasible response to social death in the contemporary world.”

We need to take command of our destiny. Action is the best prediction!

On board,


Dr. Glenn Sankatsing

Board Member of Rescue Our Future Foundation www.rescueourfuture.org,

Director of Caribbean Reality Studies Center www.crscenter.com,

Better a stone age than no age!

English edition “Quest to Rescue Our Future”, 2016, 555 p. Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, Apple iBooks

Edición en español Al Rescate de Nuestro Futuro. 2019, 564 p., www.rescueourfuture.org


DrLeo Semashko: GHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President (2016)

Greetings from India.

Dr Leo,

Congratulations for initiating the GHA New Democracy Project-2020. YES! I support & approve the project whole heartily.

I shall be contributing my article o­n “Relevance of Gandhian Democracy for Peace and Social Harmony” GHA New Democracy Project-2020.

Peace Harmony to all.

Dr. Subhash Chandra Associate Professor.(Hon.)

Intercultural Open University (IOU), Nl

President & Chairman Board Global Harmony Association (GHA), India



Good morning Dr Leo, Yes for me. Regards,

Stephen Amoah



Dear Léo, dear all,


How observant social, I am completely taken by the strike movement main road and of demonstrations which begins in France this December 5th!

Thanks for planning to make me take part in this new book! In relation to its contents, as regards my contribution, you could insert the article relating to me more in catch with the approach of this new book into the choice, between:

“Peace is not the absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a will of benevolence, confidence, justice”.

“In connection with GANDHI and of his incredible opening to the other philosophical religions and thoughts”!

“Analogy in the Approach of Two Humanists of Non-Violence: between GANDHI and Léo SEMASHKO“

“NOT VIOLENCE: filiation between GANDHI and TOLSTOÏ!”

Lastly, my comment that you had appreciated opening of other contributions concerning book “MANDELA and GANDHI (wisdom can it change the world “)





Dear Leo,


Takis Ioannides,



Hi Leo,

1) Please correct my name it is MARIA CRISTINA AZCONA not Azkona

2) YES

I will contribute with an article about education oriented towards Global Gandhian Democracy.

María Cristina Azcona,




Look to the enclosed - the UN Office of the Future is using"the World is my Country" - a very Gandhian Philosophy for the moment just share it and write a review from a Gandhian perspective.

First World Citizen - promoting the UN Office of the Future recognizing both UNDRIP and the ISO 26000 and the 1% solution are the ingredients for World peace. https://www.theworldismycountry.com/broadcast

help promote Broadcast

Mitch L Gold(former Chartered Accountant)


Homeplanet Virtual "Uni"versity - chief architect

Interim United Nations Resident Coordinator - Canada

Toronto - # 647 761 3539


Linked In:https://www.linkedin.com/in/homeplanet/



www.homeplanet.org for hvu information

www.homeplanet.org/wpp for philosophy

Utube (I think)https://www.youtube.com/user/Mitchlgold/featured?disable_polymer=1

poforpeace@gmail.com , mgold@homeplanet.org



GHA New Democracy Project-2020:

Discussion and approval until December 9


Dear GHA members, friends,

We are happy to send you two new GHA projects, 71st and 72nd, dedicated to Gandhian Democracy-2020, for discussion and approval by your YES or NO during 5 days until December 9 inclusively. Both projects are in the same file in the attachment (8 pages) and published together here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=907 .They are a logical continuation and practical application of our theoretical “Gandhica”. Without Gandhian democracy, humanity will never achieve global peace, just as it did not achieved it in past history. We have well mastered this axiom from Gandhica.

The GHA planned these projects a year ago, postponing the Nonviolent Democracy project until 2020. Now we are realizing this intention.

As in the past year, next year we propose to carry out a large-scale sociological experiment with democracy with a view to its conformity to the global world, by providing appropriate monitoring, grounding and systemic generalization of the vast information available to us over 40 years, especially over the 15 years of the GHA. The main task concerns the scientific and political constructionism of the paradigm and model of the Gandhian, non-violent spheral democracy in the GHA corresponding, tenth book, the detailed contents of which are presented for your discussion.

It also contains an invitation to the GHA members and some of its friends to become co-authors of articles, as well as editors of this book. We must emphasize that in this book our strategy will not be to maximize, but to minimize its co-authors in connection with the requirement of scientific and/or political ownership of the book subject. The theoretical detailed model of the new democracy created in the book will become the scientific and methodological foundation of its pilot experimental project for any country, city, corporation, university, international organization, if they provide its annual funding in the amount of $ 100 thousand to pay for 8-12 GHA experts. This is our main practical task and strategic goal for 2021. We will discuss its details later.

We will appreciate your positive and critical comments, which will be published o­n the site and in the future book.

With love,
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA Founder and Honorary President,



In process 

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